The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1950
Page 11
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, PECFMBE* 14, UM» Nation to Need More Food in Next 10 Yearc .Adolescents to tut , ^American Consumer* Ar High Total . ' I'V Koing \f> t*ke considerably «ore meat and potatoes and milk »nd vegetables to feed America ten Wtt .fr9m now than It takes to- i M, * Women '' Division of" trie Institute of Life Insurance «ys to<«?. And the reason—or at least °" e -/>' 'he reasons—^111 be that by ine time 19«0 corner around, »e »i]l I've more adolescent muncJilnr »*»y at our dining room tables than America hai eier had before. The appetite of healthy teen"*'*« is something for parents and other adults to watch with awe and 'or. .grocery stores to watcli with "flight. As a group they probably "t more than any other age In our Population. The : National. Research of'l'u"' h f ° r tx ** 1 J l1 *' S|13W * ln one 12 ?nd IS needs 2.800 calories of foori energy a day. almost- as much "A-* m ° do ™ tcl S' Rct " r e grown ninn. ia<M b . OJ '. betw «» '6 and 20 needs •1.800 raloriK. which i is ' more '.'than any other person at any other age Sf>?,* excc Pl 'or someone engaged lifer. heaviest kind of physical il«ie are .'more than a third «eain as many boys and'' gl'flj 'f n America under ten years of age . than there;'are' older" children-! be* dm'" U '"El?- '^ y°«n8£ e h |,: jiren—war babies and post-war ba'-' nies—have pushed up the consump lion ^ of baby foods in the United States to new high levels aiid have accounted for vast 'quantities of such other special food .products as cort-hvcr and the other Vitamin D First- Cousins Of Crepes Suzette Unusual Hoi-cakes SANTA CAME EARLY—Santa. Clans made'a special, early »isit rare fibrocysfte disease which .attacks the, |ung«'and for which, doctors say there'is no knownft-ure.' .'Their' sis(er,Carol; 4, right, it is (eared, may also have caVight the .di^ase. Parents'are'Mr. and Mrs.,CMoe I-Jidfon. ' ' " • Fruit Bread with Hbt Chocolate Or Coffee Makes a Tasty "Snack Through the holidays the ovm* is kept busy baking those good foods' ready bo be enjoyvd'.by the familjt and friciids^who dri); by tl)e home. What is moTe enjoyable with a hot cup pi coffee or cnccojate thart Miln slices or quick 'bVea'd filled with ' " ea e w fruiLv.a.nd nut« .and, touched-' will)" seas •••'•'• .. seasonal spices? Ail assortment'' of :'n'ut and fruit Mirf.that the pancacke is s'trlctlj iin^Arnerican^ln orlgjn-that -:;{rie ancient. .Egyptians, baked arid' en .Joyed the griddle cake much as we Ho today. The grain and water bat- was spread on not stones to b«*e; the cakes'were turned with » wooden paddle resembling oat •patula and were sened with sv- rup of palm Whatever their oririn pancakes are the spec,,! menu favorite of sever.! nations Russian Bhnl with,r and sour cream «re something to be reckoned with in Ireland and Germany too. potai to pancake,, are frequently «rr«| arm Drench Crepes Burette are i^sidered very top drawer by American eafe ««ety> Plain grid- rile cak« are the choice of many for cold weather leisurely Sunday .breakfast* and a-, equally „ popular m the rol. of dessert These dessert pancakes are first cousins of the Crepe*, Suzefte You will en- Joy trying thm V • Griddle Cak. K»ll. l'/4 eupa'afrted flour 1 tablespoon baking poirrter «i teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar ^ I egg, slightly beaten IW; cups milk. I tablespoon's melted shortenAf W cup ready to-eat bra* , -, , Sift^together ftour, bakin? ponder; salt and sugar "combine egg »nd milk, add to dry ingredient's stirring until partially mixed Add shortening and bran; stir until batter Is fairly amooth. Bake at once on hot griddle turning only once A* soon u baked, remove from] griddle .pread with softened but-' ter, sprinkle with brown sugar Roll up like jelly roll. Yield t (rriddle cak« roll« (»% Inches in diameter) ~ "•• oo^v/, Liiicut 01 nirt ana iruil> bread brightens' lunch, -or dinner as well''as snack' ^time, or, carefully' wrapped In Christmas trimmings, is, happily given to friends and shuti? ins. According to Reba Staggs. home ec<pu>rnj.jt, nut bread.,.made with': lard, will keep temptingly'fresh nncl mrast ready /or any holiday occasion. • ? Nul Bread 2 cups sifted enriched flour . 1 teaspoon!!- baking, powder. •S ..teaspoon salt' ." '''•/ i !4 cup sugar .> •" '"' : S cup chopped huta '' '- '" l ««fr . : 1 cup milk 3 iabiespopn* melled lArd or dripping 'Une bottom of a loaf pan 1x9 inche'i with wax paper Sift flour .baking powder alt and »ugar to •gether Add nuts Beat egg sdd milk • ndfat Add (o dry ingredient "our jn loal pan and male in a. -node rat« 0 \en (J5o degrees Pi for 1 hour Yield 1 loaf Diocese Bishop 1 Dies in Missouri ,'i KANSAS' 'eitv. kos'.,'" Dec."14 (AP)—-The Mast Reverend Georae :J. poifnelljv bishop bf "the ' blocese Of; Kansas Cily | n Kansa^ died yesterday. ' ' • ...•.': .: Jiishpp Donnelly, bn'd bcefl Yll and 'hospUaljud part.of.'the time in the pa.s^, twq .months. His condition took a turn lor the ;wocse last ThufscUy' - The-... ^Irj-ear-old. churchman,.. a naMve'of..St.'Louis'became.the seventh bishop of the .Diocese-Jan 8 1947. Flavor Touch . : . ,. .. Give frankfurters and sauerkraut a new touch/ A'dd chili sauce, caraway, seeds.ror browri sugar to : the sauerkraut,-during- cooking. IN klOIOHS Of HOMEt St.Joseph ASPIRIN Dried B««f *n Control* jberes a cawerole for quick eon iftfferatiDn Arrange sliced cooke poUtoes in th'e bottom of a grease casserole. Top with shredded 'drie beef und cooked peas combined 1 In medium white saute:- Sprinkle -»1t fine bread crumbs. Heat the cas -•erole lor la to JO minutes in a 300 degree F. oven. Concrete Ciilverr f ili Slie. ap u S* In., _ Corrugated Metal Culverts S'nt* mp I. |< in. A.Um.11. riMd Gate* Concrele Septic Tinks ' Met«| Septic Tanks Sewer Tile ' A. H WEBB Relieves Mitery for fi\nt IB tock, |as paloa, bad tairte* la "»"lh, atkj. tired feetlnr ami .rlhrili. due In s|it£|i»h bftlrel*. 11.50 A Bottle OWENS , DRUG IS-THE 'BEST KNOWN •N*MC IN ' Mommy, I want some!" ^ Aik Your Grocer for B.^B. SAUSAGE country sfyfc ptfrVnork . ceasoned jiwl right to bring out (he finest flavor. Try it • .-thi« week. ...v.-.r-..-.•"- B. & B. SAU$AGE GO. Blythtville,Urk. You Should Read This! B« T onr speedometer hi worklna ro H r -, r d f e in i ° T - ••»«»«°"' Co. anri let ns check it. One d> T «rr- SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS vv Sooth. Bro.dw,y Tin Shop Phon. 2651 "IS|el|Thot Sfiiff" PUEL OIL! 6. a POETZ OIL CO. Offke .ri .Bulk Plant 1 _Bl/yTHKVTLLE, (ARKj^COURfER NEWS ri Must Supply 7,95(5 January Quota _, OI ^*' "*«'• M:'''(ip) tween -—Missouri must mpply 1*56 ,draf- •— to'the Arm and , 928 in february, Adj. C3en. John A. Harri* report*<l today ' ; «electiVe' jervtce chief lof ^ cal.vp;e,vi6u'v were *W.'*,Jiinu,.ry ,and .50.000', /or ' - 19 and » years of age In January and 1,193 In February. : General Oencral Hafrlj 'safd county" by 'unty quotas' for the 'lirst"''tW6 ontljs of next year'w'gn'id^b'e' on' the fame ba^h^as' the pas^—UK ratio of the >)"'»% qi (Irartable nien in e.ach county In.cpinparUoii to (he s|,a(e .total. ,. "''' v ... .' He said there niJeht be minor art.' Justments to keep »nch comity, quota about on a par, according to it* draft lists. yesterday to Jp.ppO /«• ea / 'tn« Vuiier ouat« Mi' t «^,,H , P ?" r * ™ eBr S V 11| P flavored with 'hU Karasf as? ^r^-coft 1 cS' ? n * Durfni th« Chrlilma. ruih there'll be no dlsappoinUn. your '» ; mily at mealtime when you brim oh - indlvldiui casseroles of hot Serve wjih hit .assorted (tushes, dessert and beverage .for your, complete meal. rW Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Mora Comfort HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Folger't Mountain Grow COFFEE - - - - - it bag 79c Pure Can* Domino Fresh Hunr'rln' Heavy iyrup '' 'B^b. ^^ •«'-'.':-^— ^ - • I CARROTS Ii£l9|i 1 .«!....••.•, -: v • .-.;,, ) ..- ,:„.: , \ •• -"' °'Wofei-iB2' ; 29(i: sii "* r --"' '• '• ' " f '• ' ' :' ' f .-'.•• f RuUbagiis - - •- "''•' IfKWiPS t Emperor ' •'I GRAPES SUGAR - -- 10ibbag95c - - - 4 No. 2 Cans 1.00 •No. 2 ican35c - - No.2can|9c 8i r Cqn . . L ; ? II ; j I > h i f *JMliGUJ-No,2can15c Blue .Brand .:• - ..<-,.•• -V- '.'.. '. . ' ' ' •" TUNA FISH light meal canj 9c 93c For Baking Orange SLICES,...... Lb 250 s4 S:-?. I! M f! i! IT 9 1 .»- BMIlM ,,,250 JeH.v . DROPS ,,,250 Chofnlate OROPS u ,290 ,Xmas Hard Mixed CANDY U) 290 Ch'owlale Covered Stock up now •«f old price 3|b. con All Brandt '-..•. -Wilson Certified Cigarettes Ctn. 1.92 iiSsf^ ,,, y iMixed ' * NUTS y » For Cooking Fresh Sliced J 590 ror \-ooning •» 1 -" ll - cu . Wesson Oil ql.69c SSt*' f WALNUTS * •-"• '••'"'' » [Milliter's Alixed I NUTS Prince Albert TOBACCO Chi.' 1.20 BACON •\-07.. Can 350 iiilj,!,^,.;, Liberty Cash i b 490 590 Sliclfed ™- 0z - [ar ' Chocolate Covered CHERRIES tb:Bo.;49c I No. 1 Paper Shell Stewart's PECANS Lb.49c Cr.amy Mine. c,,l, I)*t,ml*r It, ' - • -' g Turn on o», n ; « M v«rr hot (450') j ^ pre«t mine. m«>t into f>Hc«. P», I IT , "V° ""«P«n »i[h »»i«r. Coot *n * r« of'r rf^** ""•''* moot!l 'H' 1 ' S P* """ m! *- B " Ve 10*1111™. ™ f. *>««t lo 330* • • • un.,1 . b'.t« 30 ^^ ? [Ur* l S;iS t , Sljrv "••«»• I in • • • JMorrell's Baked HAMS Whole Hog SAUSAGE 1.00 Krcsh Dressed HENS u 390 5 Lb. FJox SHRIMP $ 2 69 iMinule STEAK ib /90 Select OYSTERS ,,890 Siill Mackeral FILLETS i Lb. 490 I

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