The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER M, 194f BLTTHEVTLLK (ARK.) COURIER KEWB PAGE NINE Army Surgeon General Weighs Chances of Surviving Attack In Which Atom Bomb is Used MEXICO CrTY, Oct. X. .(*)— You do have E chance against the atomic bomb. ilaj. Albert J. Bluer, of the U. s. Army surgeon general's office, i»yi tt'i » much belter chanct th*n most people think. If you »r* four mll«» or more from the center of an atomic expio- ilon, your ch«nc«< ot •scaping without injury arc almost perfect, the rfftc«r report*. From th«r« on toward the center your chance* drop off aharply. From t half mile out to a mile and a half from the atomic blast it ]»• about 60-80 you will come out alive. At dittance le«« than a half mile there ti no hope. "In tht are* within one-half mile raaiut from the center ot th* blast 4i there will be almost complete de- "ilruetlsn, Bauer »ayi. "Fatalities will run very close to 100 per cent. Ma). Bauer presented hU report before the 12th International Con- »resa of Military Medicine mid Pharmacy meeting here. It Is based on the atomic explosions »t Hiro- ihima, Nagasaki and Bikini. Poxible Vm for Bomb. Cited The report say« the atom bomb probably will be used against industrial and communications centers and civilian populations far behind military line*. The Bauer report tries to get rlt of some fear of the unknown, th "atomic neurosis," produced by de relopment and use of the atom! bomb. "Trie mass of the public as we as the military must be made t realize that an atomic explosion I not the end for all concerned. There are definite limits to the radiation and blast elfect. A compromise between genuine healthy respect for the power of the bomb and yet Uck ot unreasoning fear of the unknown, must be effected." Besides the blast effects common to other explosives there are two others: Flash burns from the longer wave length rays released by the explosion, and radiation illness from the shorter rays. The above-ground explosion Is the worst In blast and radiation. v Results In Japan showed the bomb, exploded over a city of 250,000, produced 100.000 casualties. M H'l« of these died. The • report <jf blames the high death rate on the downtown location of hospitals. At Hiroshima, the report says, nine- tenths of the doctors and nurses were bomb casualties. Ciiiea Should Provide Defenses The report further points out that of all deaths, only 15 in 100 came from the mysterious and much feared radiation sickness. The great majority were from causes common to any other bombardment, burns, fractures, contusions and lacerations. Radiation sickness is described as characterized by nausea and vomiting, fever, diarrhea, shock, bleeding tendencies, sterility, and loss SHOEMAKER WANTED— Photographs taken at the opening of Philadelphia's Community Chest drive—with a loud-speaker "message" by William Penn, atop City Hall—revealed that the founder of the Commonwealth has a poorly shod right foot (see inset). The toe was removed two years ago to strengthen the statue, and will be reolaced. Dick Powell and Wife To Take Hawaiian Trip HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 26. (/[•>—Actor Dick Powell and his wife, June Allyson, are going to Hawaii next month for a three or four weeks vacation. They are leaving Nov. 26, shortly after they finish a picture they .are. making together at MOM stu- oVhiiir.In"th« severe cases, death :di6:' ' usually comes before six weeks, "We've never been In Hawaii, " when there Is recovery, it is at I Powell said. "We've promised present believed to be complete, | friends for three years we'd come though experts still are searching I over, but we never could get away from our picture work at the same for proof ofrwhat Is called "chronic radiation Illness." Widespread fire and-severe burns are regarded by the report as the greatest hazards of the atomic bomb. The Intense flash of the Wast 'lends out heat waves -which can Ignite Inflammable materials a mile and a half away, and painfully burn anyone exposed to them. i The defenses urged against the possibility of atom bombardment I t are the kind to be undertaken by gum will contain diabasic ammon time." They will go with Justin Dart, drug chain executive, nnd his wife and plan to be, back home fo Christmas with their adoptee daughter, Pamela. There are about 651.600 steel workers in the United. States. - whole cities rather than by Individuals. They are not much different from measures liken to re- due* casualties. »nd deaths from any other sort of bombing. New Chewing Gum Said To Be Good for Teeth PALM SPRINGS, Calif , Oct. 26 —'£*)—A gum chew a day will keep the dentist away. Tills may be th* slogan of new chewing gums which will be on the market within a month, says Dr. Robert G. Kesel, professor of dentistry at the university of Illinois and developer of ammonlat- ed dentifrices. Dr. Kesel told 200 fellow dentists At the sixth annual Dental Medicine Seminar here that the new ium phosphate and urea. They are t h e bacteria killing ingredients found In many new tooth pastes and powders. ^ 'SB' SORt. . . women «Vio Uk» Cnrtlul know how simple functional monthly periodic paing and nenotisnesj can be southed and CAlmed. Cardni has been woman's ally for 67 years. •TodavCarduI is bettered by accurate LABORATORY CONTROL Modern research provides A check on every bottle of Cardul. Th.\L'R wliy millions or women prefer Cardui. It acts two ways: (I) take as directed to reduce pain due to sra-°'"ie °' functional organ; also Aids ii ,-^Ji SOOTHING ntrvou "~\S tenia up. e ct bv sympathetic re• >d( action: <3> lakcn repilarljr 11 \f helps builtl resistance to lessen " I functional monthly distress. Buy ^7 Cardui by name from your dniE- / gist, today. Warehouse Clearance We !***« » jrrovp of slightly.irare^iousc-worn Oil Healers Uiat we are Mcrinclnjr. al lOTr to 2 <^t under regular price. These are foot bo5« with loti »f service kfl. Come In and look (hem over. 4-Burner Oil Range, Reg. 49.95.. .reduced 31.88 5-Burner Oil Range, Reg. 89.95.. .reduced 69.95 2-Room Oil Heater, Reg. 39.95.. .reduced 29.S8 4-Room Circulating Heater, Reg. 97.50.. .reduced 8-1.95 3 Coleman Oil Healers, Reg. 28.00. . .reduced... 15.00 Used Oil Heater, Reg. 64.95. . .reduced 49.95 SALEM O.M SIAT COVIRS Wordt bsftar quality priced few for Word Week only! 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