The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 10
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T11URSDAV, QCTOHKK 5, 1033 BLYJfflBVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED SECTION - * .?*«?** ADVK'KTiSirNG INFORMATION 1 \iily late per line for contecu- il-'ivc average word.; to a hue) One lime per line ^ '1 ',YO limes per line per day .. UEc •nice times per line per day .. Wc| bis times per lino per day — 05t' Month rale per line 60c Minimum charge Me KOK SALB RKKll rc drinking IH'»of 20e klO-'iO in br said rules ami regulations for ot the health of the UHAL KS'l'ATH feme !]•„ list ^oul real rstitc .Set- what «c have lo sell 1-:. M. Ti-rry. Licensed Dealer, Tciry-Worthinston Title Co. Uijlheville rhonc cn Ads ordered three or M>: limes and siopprd bcfo;e t'xpiia- (•mi v ill be Lhar^cc'i lor the imm- Ln uf limes tl c".ul apjiearcd and ;;ojusuiu j nl 01 biil muao. All Classilied Advertising copy ft.iiMiiillcd by I'orEons refilling out- Lid': ot the city must be siccom- I anieii by caih. Kates may be I'lsily computed from a'jove table. No rcs-pon;:iiilily nill be taken for inoiv then one incorrect i:i- sc.uon ul anv classified ad. Advcitisitv.j crucrcd tor ii'M'^ii- lar insertions '.akt liie or.'j tune rate. Phone 306 or 307 WANT LAND-We have buyers for Ws, 8Q's auc. larger tracts. Can H'!l QJO tiacl. Sec THOMAS LAND COMPANY. (he people of the City ot Blythevllle, it is hereby found to be necessary to lix. and charge the inspection (ee^ hereinafter outlined, the same to jbo paid into the Milk Inspection 1-lmO and to be used only in paying salary and expenses of the Health Officer or his deputy who makes tlic Inspections; and it Is further found that the fees hereinafter set forth are Just and equitable and thai they are the minimum tecs required to enable the tliat particular iwrtol Hie Mayor shall reduce I lie tecs Umnx>rarlly and proportionately. 5. Any person, firm or corporation violating any term ot tills ordinance shall be guilty of i\ misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall lie fined In any sum no', cx- Y:.n can Uuy a home in Blylhc- ville on n.uiillily installments ,'CK (Man it )•> renting for. I'd l» ijkul 10 tell you how. t. M. TEKKV. Acenl Phone BIT or 3-1IJ FOll SALE iO Acres rislu at town, on hard road, nice irMilcncc, cleclricallj lighted. Price £75.00 acre, terms THOMAS LAND COMPANY 30c U1KHCTOKY FOR RKNT TWO Buildings on W. Main acros street from Lansjc School suit able for residence or business. \Vil repair to suit renter. Also nc\ store building on S. Franklin. L blovci ixi Alvin li:n tly "Jlapyy 'lays " U,vl licer. .'£cd 1'urniture and KuUi red— Any make -ill W. As 11 ^Op Kllt-iU are here a«ain." , Wi'S uf bol ~ »h' K|U -- (J Fowler, call 450-J. 4ckt front rooii), veek tree. 914 Ilcarn St. 30p k OWE BEDROOM lor rent, unfnr nishcd, icaso.'iaHe. Call 516. 23u ~ V.'ali-r-lViiuf T.:i [uiitins "iii $2.1"j; 3>:!U »3.3>: 9x12 $!.'J5; Uxlo SG.03, olhcr nz:s and weights 1 m:'dc to ordci. Carney Awning Co., 113 S. Firr.t SI. 18p kid-la E-iPERT Tyum'Jllns '•'•'" i •Machii.e Kcjxiirms. U. S. Blrm- r.cnship, ll(i £• Kosc. Call 1«5-J. Uegistered Spencer Corselierc Mrs. J. 1. Uavi.i Phone K 20c klO I k10-21 F I' UNIT I; Hi: .New mnl Used K. i. Hudson K. Man ?M: k 10-21 !,. C. Muss I'.h thmih-'s rut tali- Undertaker lOp 1:10-1 CLEANEitS, TAILORS for Quality denning Harm's NtiWa Cleaners I'lc klU-1 I'.dern 3 rco'-.i luruishcd or furnished up., itments, newly dc v.itcd, over K'rby Ding Co. Als .ere Iniildtnr adjoining Ro ticati-e. P.- Simon, 120 W. Dav :iil 7Q4. 21c klO- rURNlSHED Bedroom, prclcrab :or man, fiirraci: hent. 514 Main, 'hone 38. 5o klO-5 City to carry on the inspection work; therefore, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BL.YTHEV1LLE, AllANSAS: 1. The llenUh Ollleer or Ills au- orizcd rciirc-ocntallvc shall inspect •cry dairy, dairy larin and milk lant prodtichiK milk or ini'.k livo- ucts for constnnptlon within the ity ol Blythevllle, or its police jur- sdiclion, and shall test and grade :ie milk and milk products of such airy, dairy, farm or milk plant, nd shall do and perform such oth- r duties as arc required ot him y said Ordinance No. 308. 2. Every dairy, dairy farm or illk plant, before being permitted 0 dispose of Its milk or milk products within the city limits of Blytheville, shall pay into the Milk Fund of the City Treasurer the following lees for the Inspections hereinbefore set out and as set out in said Ordinance No. 3G8: Each milk plant $25.00 Each dairy or dairy 1 farm, with 10 cows or less 10.00 Each dairy or dairy farm with more than 10 cows $1.00 per cow. In determining the nnmucr o cows, every cow giving milk <lur ing the pericd for which such fc Is required shall uc counted. 3. one-hall of the.. Inspeciioi Ices as liercinbcforc outlined bha be paid lor the remainder of th year 1D33; thereafter, such inspcc , tion fees shall be-annual, wilh one- I cowling $50.00 and each day of 1 1 "» immediate ciilurcn such violation sliall constitute a »' ! cs and regulations w; separale offense. lo handling milk is reqi G. Misunderstandings have arts- i health of the lulinbltanls of tlic JKcllogK narrowly en concerning the milk ordinance; I City; an emergency OUR BOARDING HOUSE •'URNISHED Bedroom. Call after •! o'clock. Wrs. Ed Hardin, 1017 21c klO-21 UMlnut. Ailractivc Bcc'rcom. 018 W. Main. Mrs McMullins Phone G27-W. 21c klO-21 WANTED TO KENT .MODERN RESIDENCE, 6 or more rooms, permanent, reliable — or v,nl exchange cheap rental Bly- tlvville. Reply to P. O. Box 231,1 P'ythcville. ' 27c ko ELEEPINC ROOM, 2 men, 2 beds. Apply 118 South Railroad St. 2p k8 Mat;. Blo:'Kcd I/.KJ!: Like New PiTilC I'll v^ tleaiiing Svrvicc Ai'.-..-!i:'.tions. Very ncaMis: Louise Cr.uic. I'honc GOODS i'r are rontiiining »ur Uulf ' ball' OOrr— Comp. in and i' : 'T»re itboui it. Jiiiljlairt Hardware WANTED TO KUY C.OOD SECOND HAND Chevrolet r Ford C-och or Sedan. Ad- du'ss "S" Courier News. 30i:k5 HIGHEST PRICES paid for tires, inner lubes, iron, metals, maga- rjfp, hicic5. rfirs to wreck. Wolf Amu, 128 E. Main, rhonc )16. 9c klO-9 AI.IJ KINDS Men. Women and Children's iifcd clothing and sixes. Highest cash price. Lctgli- lon's. 320 E. Main. Oc klO-9 WANTED rrumpl r-altcry Srrvirp S Ben Clime Ford L : '.i'.lcnrs ::"- & I'ATTERV .SIVM10N •Joe fclO-25 WANTED . . . Local agent to scl Wonder Bread and Hostess Cake in Blythcville. Musi have truck. Iiilicral commissions, lifetime job fo: 1 right iiian. Sec H. II. Sims. Hutcl 'koijlc'. between 'i and o p. m. Drink ll:r. litst for file same |irk-c. HLmwKISEIl king of bottled IJCLT. 20eklO-20 I'nv llr.iltliy lln S :i 1ml iri's Uatir.ii -V tjitick l.imi-l HAKDWAIM: ('<>. lie klO-ll i»MI,IHN<: MA \VA i.i/ PA Hill,:'.'.' • o:r, -ols ••'(in inl'i. rilfl iMlf . I MAVTI.OWKI'. 111!' C. iiOIJIi^ON IM-IU SI. 00 ' 20(Id!' t' JjUMBKK CO. 29c :<10--1> COAL cV: WOOD Srr H-Jirr B' r r:i- veil buy j.r •-• i> U:T"'. . U-jLic/.ui ;•"( Cn. -You nn. o. Man wi'.li vehicle lo unload coal. Apply Fifhcr Coal Co. 3pk1 SAI.ICSJIEN WANTED HioiTtrs^Y'o" u K "cnANCK TO 1!K INnKriOMDKNT— Experienced .^ales in c n declare Copper 1 .-; nu'.v sales plan the best evrr developed. Wi 1 are hirinj, 1 lc-.v i-invv inaiiagcr.s. experienced fi'l^snirn. and men \vlio o'.vn cars :ind an •,uHin-; to u,?\. -A pornian- LI". job Unit, pays well. Kciercnccf irci'iiiril. \Viiiu II. K. Piqman •*,lni) Cnpiirr nkli^.. Toiiehi. Kans. ANNOUNCEMENTS I liavi: hlili?lll tbi Nicklr l.linrl :uul |::IVP taken charifr. I have II ^ninr c'llTer, eowc in and try ii Gi;0. WIXIUHT. 3pkl STRAYED iS'iii', rd i> muics. 1 year-old. a'no'J \i'T()>'OTlVl-; ! ir/hanrjs high. il?rk bi«c. ixatrh " ... i rrf. wnslil nlwiit nflO. Strayed frui Culrna;- <;:i:-.!if | il;-;liliH pasture on Ughway Gl. No- Mrrhinii-r-Wr.rk tiuaMiili-nl i ufy Highl'ill M"lc Uarn or J. Jack- I'ri"-s Ilijlil ! :-cn, 1510 V.'ctt Ash. 3pko tap kin-IS' 1 ]AK(;V:.ST SI (UK I'SK.ll VAKTS H..-V. ,-.-, Mri-iplH.. :ir.:l V. lnu::. Al••> rtiil'i C!;i:v. - E'liosr.- li'J .l.\< IvSON AU'JO 1'AItTS «.'(>. A'ltn ( .Ml Kir its Imkillnl 'll'i 1 Ark-.^Io I.umlMT (ji. l .ill ::'iR—Itcd's ri.xir lisii. Main IVr Anlo l'.iiiilini; ^>|'d^ and I't lulrr Smirc ,',,,,,,rrly uill, Slnusc-IJUIe L'n. ,,„„,, .,„„ lcsUngs ollumc ' '"'- I the rule:, and vcsnlalions of I.KGAI, NOTICES NO. .101 AN OHDINANCE TO PROVIDE FOR THE INSPECTION OF I>AIK1K«. DAIRY FARMS, MILK AND AIIfcK PRODUCTS AS OUTLINED IN ORDINANCE NO. MS OF THE CITY OF BLYTHE- VILI.E PROVIDING FOR INSPECTION FEES. AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. On ins to the depleted revenues of ll-.e Cily of Blythcville and its inability, financially, to pay lor the '•tious and testings outlined iui Uic' ijiiy k. Nic;iil fcervicc Htalion Compute Line aboil Piodiicl-s Iiei»!i W"rk at Any Tisni- Pl-.'inr GO.") 13 ; State Board ol Health, County | Board of Health and Board of Health of ll-.c City of Bljthcvillc :.J lorlli in Ordinance 3t»8 uf U'.c oidinances of said City, and owing j klO-13l to tlie ateolu.e necessity ot cnforc I car broke off, nnd lolled 300 feet lopped ' alter demollslilng a chair dared and this ordinance shall bo u great ninny ]X?opk! arc selling nwtl to the couch on which she and elti'tt Iroiu ami milk and milk products in Hlyihe- vllle cOiiM-ary to the, rules nnd Jalioiis of tin: various Hoards Pasted ami approved this the City Is llimnclnlly un- 13. Mi. CKC1I, SHANK, Muyoi 1 . THIS CURIOUS WORLD without collecting tlic necessary in- Attest: S. C. CIIAKI, spection tecs liei'elnbetorc set. out; rinenl of tbe with reference llfii-rk Wlii'fl Mlssnl woman S1IKL11V, Mich. (Ul'l—Mrs. Kiln to handling milk is required for the AN AREA SMALLER THAN THE UNITED STATES, MAS 4O DIFFERENT y Is liercbydc- when (he rear —AN IT n WkSNT TOR W Pmttcn ' OUT, TH V ^l^rAES OF OF TH" ^PteOTTV G/XN&.W&D KNEW- WHO THtX <SOT COOUHD OUT \N TH' HOSV1TAL " TA\U<?—1H" "PARROT A TtT OT- W\S, IN HIS MOB SOUD \T TO THIS RE YOU TOOK TWEtT TVs/BET V is A LIVING Foss/L,.. A LIVING REPRESElvlTATIVE OF A CREATURE- THAT LIVED IN PREHISTORIC DAYS' IT IS A VERTEBRA-IE, VET HAS NO Ll//as, NO JAWS, ANO NO TEETH, AND ITS SKULL IS ONLY A PUWFORA\ ON \WH1CH THE 'BRAIN RESTS/ OUHCRFUGS GWE OFF A VAREFV OF ODORS RESEAISLIMG THF. PRAGFSANCE. OF FUJWERS? RED C1SVER, VIOLETS, /W6NONETTE, AT-ID SANOALWOOO ALL HAVE THEIR , FIV6RANCE WliTATEO BY 6UTTERFLIES/_rj o Without Russia, BUI-OIK is consldcrfthly smaller thnn the Uniie<l Slates, yet this area less tlnu 40 distinct languages. This docs not include local dialects, which are innumerable, bul separate nnd definite' lanqup.scs llial arc tr.usht In schools used In liuoks nnd pai>crs.' • half due January 1st and tlic remainder July 1st. 4. If during any period the in- 1 spection fees become or NEXT: Wliat useful purpose do worms perform ior man? more than is necessary to carry on the inspection service, then during Of'AI, HAS HER OWN OI'INION! \ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES HOW ? VNW6V,'WhOT W W. ? HOR?-Ct& TUKV.'SEE • VK> IWTlSMOVi tt^'b B'ttM TO 6O &OOW WEUV TMt HE WtMlO .Ofl, VW.MJD PLEMTV TO COME KlKTis'(\\_ TO ACICS MAKES l'I,ANS! WASH TUBES THW S -fH' STUFF STAND JP FE SET VOUR P0t<e T WILL; MO OH! ATpU&H GUV, EH? W£il-,THEV DONT COME TOO TOUCH FOR ME. HOT AC6S Z WNT GOIMCiTO LEI. AMVBOOV GEM ME OUT OF Ml RlfiilTS, AM I 60V S? HE SURE SOCKED S6U,-THQ. VOU BlM OUT I? MiWUTES. 1 RECKOKl, AC£5. I HORM GWU WEBSTER PICKED UP. STEAl-MY GIRL! iyHAT'0 HE HIT ME WITH, BY BLOSSEE KASY COM K, EASY (J01 SALESMAN SAM j COHftTeR-UJE DO WVTU DOUG-H? 1 TAtIS CUT To ft SOG£U_ FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS :. T,'- ip-l- ;»T IT, '^H.? V!uLL,L 'A VERY j LE SSEO AT THE VW YOU VE ,' S/.'Eul. 9UPPE2, MO AMD >IO« TO BOYOBOY.'-S'.D^E A STIFF wowouT TODAY. COACrl H.\D U? ON OUfi. MIMUT5 STuCK TO YOUR H

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