The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE S'li. PIEFFJTS IN •510 TILT Visiloi's Trounce 39 to IB; Mrs. Hoy Here Local's, Jones' nv j. i>. F(tii:s ; n Welm-r High, school dciuon.slmi- rrt to Hip. complete sniisfiie.tfon of a largo crowd at the National Guard urinary lost, night just why they tire occupying the top rung' in Northeast Arkansas basketball ludihi hy .administering « thor- i.ugh licking to the lilyllicvlllo .'Chicles In n fiul ami exciting bus- kettatl game. The score was 3918. It marked the twenty third consecutive victory ror 'the poln- M-lfm, mid the tribe's third ( |e- feat In twelve slavl.y Aside from the Hi st tei v.'hen the Ciitckasiuvs led. 1-0, the . Old Stare fn Mew (ARK.) COURI7TO Champions were the complete tuns ters of the situation, 'lliey out- ••hol, outplayed, nnd oiilinanuveied ihe locals In every department of Die same, pulling farther awny as tbe- contest prosresseil. The half ended wjth them Ic-aillni!, 179, nnd enpoj'lng «. 25-14 margin going into the nnnl period. Clilc-ks Itollle MrCullry Perhfijis ihe only redeeming feature of the Maroon and While play vus the manner in which they botlleil up oily MeCiuiley. chief vcaiing threat who upset them over at Werner. Herehcl Mosley stayed right on his trail allowing him but- precious few oijen shots. He made the (list two he bad. After that It wan toned ."ailing. On the other hand, Floyd Jones, macaroni model center, human , • couklii't mlsx. •Employing hts height (he just scales C feet 4 inches iln his bare feel) to a de- ciiled 'advantage lhc brilliant baskciecr sank flvn field goals and reins E o: s, Dmbbiugs English Grca Iaking Lately May |j f :l, is Country When It comes to competition, Virginia van Wle gets her Hck out of solf. n Kflmo nt .„,,„,,„ sllf cx<x]!t '^ womcn , s cham o|j [n . ' stnte - "'""••''- I'Mkor, Uiwicncevillc Academy youth, gel Bui, wjfen It.coinw; to conditioning.for! thr-l United Ms thrill oi,l of tennis. i " •-"•«!'..t it* <-v±jui tnji mil* i or respective sports, both ehiuige llielr log.v. Here's Virginia left ing tennis at Ormond Beach, Pla.. and Frankle all set to shoot fo the basket as gunrd on his New Jersey school's cage team. make but one field uonl but lip was kept busy tossing thorn from the 17 foot lino after cither holding, hacking, or the like by the locals In fighting lhc ball. His mates utilized his height' repeatedly, especially under the hoop Verlfc Gibson, MrCultey's running Fight to Rescue 'Farm Anarchist' . ----- ..... , ............ B added six extra tosses for sixteen lmllc ' lirt cr n silent 'first half, ran points and leadership* in that, dc- l ' lnt ' ro1 ' a rew minutes to make his partment He was . the . vlcllm of l >res e»<:e felt, He sank three from sit fouls, most of (hem coming In an attempt, of (he local sentinels I ocmb his scoring under the bns- ket He mmle good six out-of/nine tries ;' . H was a good night for Ihe centers, ns far as making•• points was concerned, for Herman Koehler, Caincy Leslie's big tapper, set the scoitng pice for the losers. He iceorded three field goals and a flee chunk. Despite a sprained wrist badly Ii gave him plenty of pain, Koehler. played a good game. He favored/the tnjur- lhc floor in rapid succession. The Chicks were getting plenty of shots nt, the basket but they from difficult uncles' Piirllc, and 'iCochler were were either forced lo shoot in a hurry Mosley, _*...... able to innkc but one ench 'ln"tiie half. Hershel made a free throw and Dick Tiplon two. The flnnl period completed the riot of the Irlbe, Jones, McCulley Hnrt. Olbson, and Huffmnn, iiiid Ollmore substitutes, having a hand In the thirteen point parade. Tipton's two free throws and n ed member, , though, n)id it no B 0!tl b >' Kochler constiiiitel (lie tloubt handicapped him In his ohl1 "-""I* for Iho home club, cffoits to.' check Jones. Hej J - w - Purllc, in addition lo ring- out ..on personal fouls inE l 'l> six pnlnls, performed well for the Chicks. nielmrrt Hart, half pint Riinrd, wns sensational defensively and offensively lie moiel enily In Hie flnni period, w.i-, lelltvcd by Russelj Kfoslev. Purllo gohif; lo-center.!--' Chirks/Score Kirst Koehler broke the scoring ice by making good a foul by Senlcnej MjCullcy retaliated by nipping one o\fr his; lie-Bit •'. for a goal. - In- n wimble under!'the basket Koph-. In fndtU buck'and': snnk'one, lol- loped'by a-bfiauUfijl'plny by-Mori-' ley and Ptiri;e, llie'MiittcrUco'rii!'' Joncsj started' his spree with Ja ^... , puoti shot innd Mcpulleyv added Jones 'c another''to 'send them Into the Hart ' g lead,'6-5 Just-as Ihc first.-.quarter sentenev "g' closed Koehler pulled another of ipllmore" f H VUVS a 1 tough LUnlni, 101 I31y theUlle teams us the hinlon diop ped a hard fought bailie to Ar n 1-) in n prellmlnnij Pickois of Ai morel wns (lie shooting star with, nine points. The lineup for the varsity grime: Weinrr Me C nl ley, f Gibson. I .. his pets and the Clucks Ic(l.i7,o. , Theirjsllni margin'was short lived, however, for this Incl Jones mmig frjlo the picture, and hq'wl The scoring went 'something like this- Jones, Hnrt (n foul shot), Jones (two fouls), Jones, Jones (same member of the Jones family), Purtle. and Hart. Score- Welner 17, Blythevllle 9. Mama, Thai" Mai), Again! After the intermission the Chicks wtre hopeful that :i change 'hi baskets would niter Jonc's hick, Bright, Huffman, g . 'lllyllicvllle H. Mosley, f Pllltlc, f-c .. Kochler, c Tipton, g .., TJlnckwell g R. Jlosley, f I'd 3 3 5 3 0 1 0 0 15 a. G '30 FO FT TK TP 1 4 H 18 . i- •i--~i.t\'i\iii i/| iy,i,>. Vines collapsed In his match with Perry on the red clay of stndc Roland Garros in France where Vmerlcn engaged England for (he r Kht to meet the trl-color in the ihnlleng-e round. With the exception of the vlc- lory of George Lott and Johnny Van Ryn In the doubles, the show- ng of the Yankee squad was ra- .her pathetic. I'lncs Had Klghl slant It wns pointed out that the Haycrs had overtrained after''hav- ug been 'overworked. There A mllon -wide campaign Ii Ho iag'wageil by liberals on behalf of Wirnl II Hodgors nbo\c, Benleiiccil at Marker! Tree Afk to nix tnontlis'ln Jail anil ftued $r.OO on conviction. ot nnafcliy. Koilgera, now- free on appeal' bond, was arrested' for organizing teimnt farmers, nstilnst Hi-' ^e™\l«)»sllco .of .lamllords am! as FEJiA educational Inslructor. 30 Btlow Didn't' Halt Him : S A S K A TOON, &isk. (UP)- AmoiHj the-prize winners at Uhc recent secil fair here was James WlMtehcacl. who '"was forced : to wtilk three miles Ip 30-below 5 weather to reach the- cxhlbi- , '• He curried his prize potatoes wrapped In wool lo keep', theiti from freezing, i ALLEY .OOP The dnddy-long-legs, or harvest- nan, has legs that often grow 20 limes ns Ion.; us its body ' DOWN AM) OUT! ; ':-By Hamlin • MY NKA Service Sjioics Writer CrnMord beaUi Perryl McGrntl mis Pcrryl cjutst l>caU Peny! fiose roporta, COI.HIIB fr'oij Australia, Indicate'.u m t Pred Per y. world's No. 1 iimnteur tennl layer, Is learning ij, c le.sson Ibri iJIsworlh Vines nbsorhcd ( hirin, the winter of lfm-33. 'lluiy lilvc Jipiic to a patient, A.nerk-i l '"I tlin Davis cup might pill :!»-• rjradfgiil son net this year H Is plnln, fro,,, i,| s shmv |, lg |, •" l( '"»il ilnwn under, thai p wv s ovci-.tennlscd. Two solid y ,,,, r , if coniiiellHvc volleying, with )m / time out for lea, luivc taken lot from the bounding net-turn Ing nrlton. J V/nes ,,n,i ot | l(!1 . American luminaries took a long trip shortly af- er UK; end of Ihe IM2 season The toys wound up in Australia 'iron where i-cpori., cmn , ml(u , lhui ' vln then hulled as one of ihn E rent- est payers, hud dropped tm. nf . ler lilt to Jack Crawford mid l f .«- er \\B\ilK. Kchnes of timt trip rcverbernled dLirlng the ninsco.that occurred It: Uavls Cuj) competition O f I93;t, EFEnT GBOTFJ IN BIG UPSET Favorites Trail All Way In ' Finals Mocf of Tn'-Connly «V ;\FAX STlJltlU - - - -, Mo., Feb. () —Upsetting tlie dope, cooler, r n( ' f, J' |R ' C '" f'c Tri-coiinty Ls liaskctlralj Tonrmnneni plnv- hero the last three nlghls' lost W Scnnllr In u, n ehampionshi,, jiime last night by a score of Hnytl took third p] n ce by to as. . tlefeatlnif I'orlagcvllle, - , lumors mro »,„,, Cooter's crack forwards, D nar- lelt .iiHl A . W j)t.s«n, ivho led t/iclr ^'''i 1 ' 0 nr «t two gome's of the ',, ', y '_ collitl »ol nml iheir ii Me Oji i), e nl\ m lran,| c Cn- wcr. Sniinlli forward, went, inlo :\ mT"i g .•1 tl ' (1 ' lk ™>ly in the eaine 1)1(1 '"*l It until the linnl i H. hren » o break It. Tile entir coached ,,y M £ n ,„, e/r re „,„, at no till lid Center threaten In the Huyll-Portngoville gam iss Jasmync Sanded. Portage ''He coach, rcvnn.nwi lit r line-u eve a llmcs ,„ ^^ ^ I V," '""« combination. Her sistei IIE.S Virginia Sanders. wilh (l llof packatw „ _ Essenfiai^l lo Persons On Rdieil CLEVELAND *llff IIPPA ?/) nt lll.l 11I.HI W Kl-.^nl Jl| rt as other people, believe the Ciiyahosn County ministration. "In inmiy «TKCS, a :, wr . K7f t clgareis will do more g( ,6d thai food of equal value." said M«IT Gmssmnn, CCRA clialnnan m ,'„, iiounclng he ivouW ask stii'te i-,->ii r .« aiilhorlties to give relief clienK "a< wide latitude as possible In ih»li' piireliases." ' CCnA oinelals had henni a r* ; port that state auditors were re' i: tolng to approve grocery remilst- tlons whleh included more [Ji im \ per cent meat or luxuries inr-lnd 1 smokes." ; Other excuses alk of disscnslo 'ere udvanced. Experts were inclined -to dis- rcdlt most of the reasons for ailurc. lint (he flop of Periy in Mistrnlln lends to prove the stnle- ent. of Vines, that the team Hud miyed loo much tennis before the up clashes, was correct. Wilmcr Allison, after America's eient In 1933, sujmnccl a,,' (lie Uimtion with Hie ~i rac declara- Nineteen months of tournament ennls Is too much." •Perry lias had more than Hint Slai-tlne wllh Ihe winning of he U. S. singles title in '33,: the '-nglir.h liitnlntirr toiu-ed Anstralln «)k part In the Pi-encli champion-' hps of lM4,'.woiiHr.e"Wh!il)le t loir nlgles last year, trained 'asslilu- iwly for the -34 Davis Cup unties, repeated, his'ivicWry .In u, n I. S. singles, campaigned on the •est consl. where he'-laU lo Gone inko-and then; vwiit,. i )n el ; f,, r lore In Australia. '•'',-• \, I • f -I ' • \'; : -, 'Picks Auslralla ' L .' . Nenrly -two'yea'rs of heavy coin-! etlllon in- a game thnt draws' very ounce of energy from ] n layer mode him a comparatively asy mark for Crawford, who »ave " " S. singles play tast' season ,n v i' s . ;,S1" >Ilr<!nt over-tennis is coinmcndable. Sm-azen should iit in the he •"'- -. ,"|-|'"'».iii* UV omiltlon leads not- a few veteran, bservcrs to, predict that thc Davis' cup is due to leave England Oils' •ear. M OS( , of them believe that \ustrnha. with Crawford back tu he .shnpe that mailc hiai world No. 1 man i,, 1BJ3, will annex the rophy. Australia also has Vivian Mcdralh nnd 'Adrian : Quist Henri Coehct: (bnncr member of he Fi-ench team, expresses the iplmon that Crawford nml Mc• rath will score a clean-cut vic- oi-j' for the Anztvcs. Coehct has-'been wrong, before ioweye.r.: Last year h c predicted' hat- the United States would brin" -ie cup home. ' ' . " -ft may be that the Frenchman's >rcdictlon of-1034 was intended for 935. The American array, as full f life ns n 2-year-old now thnt he young blood of Frankie Parker lako. and Don Budge has been njectcd. may. possibly be able to urn the tables if that aw . ful j Max Baer cnn fight Primo , --'! ,, lhc , Insl Kf «t-string euard, foulc, Portagcville. trailing b\ .*« "We to pick up '.L, polnt « bef « r e «'c same ™!°! vi "? " re " <! -v. S ooCT Senath-R. Hemlnoway II- rf; G . Canee tc : B ' 0. Cancel-, n . ' ' *•*• IstHlt'tH' (f>- ft -"SSi^-sss-^i^ INvebsiir.^r--'-'^ k hr °° kS ' . ry Graysonl ____ Gene Sarnzcn's stand In regard a ";, n "!f' Iel bcttln e ln co ""«with the Aguii callcnlc Open not SJMM£f!,-rflADEr> To -Rf FoR AU-W Sibilf, frtcHBR rz^-p | J. .! mt-1 -^ lDC_ us, the National Boxing A-ssocIa- craft. ion caught <he fever. The latest and craziest regula- . John H. Geisse, chief or Bureau's Development section, the ahd his manager, Ancil "I may not be champion, bul I'm ic guy who licked Max Baer.". -.,—.— ,1.,^. tl lvw jtaiA iipncc Dill It does show sufficient, promise to merit. a f a j r trial." nee a; enl, 11 loffman, realize just where the utteifly Butcher Boy would stand Gclss<! sa 'd Its simple construc- •ith another heavyweight, strut- '. wollld m " k e the craft more ng up and down Broadway e<c- reRdlI >' adaptable to quantity nro- aiminf;: ' Auction than cthei- types.' if n proves equally efficient,' lie added "this adaptability to volume pro rtnction methods will be nn Im 'ailless Airplanes Soon to Make Bow WASHINGTON (UP) _ Tailless rplanes soon may make their have been jbow. • " •. . src he felt | Eugene L. Vidal, Director of Air j rroin the' Commerce. Commerce Department Associnlloir'iim, : ,M i" 1 ' c \ olr -' has Announced-plans for pnrchas-' tat s ^.ilj 1 :'! 0 ^ ^:n"dteUns n t«,mc« plane de- when!it wu.s first . The honesty of golf i, ns never been doubted, and why rive the nore .vlelous: m P< f HieV slightest •cason •fori'.Qj.estlonlneHl? H Oambtinu nns:t[onc,no spofl. any good will, the exception ;iS f l., 1 ' whlslrc ^ - signed, especially for private niers. . The-plane-js -' M,? h " S , 1WDn wi >Bcrlne on golt dies and fll conneclion with golf tournaments since time immemorial. However, there is „ v£t difference between Calcutta pools in which nren interested. In the . -- --avc'rcc-e considcrable 'atteiitlo'n 1 In Engla. Prance and Germany. Tlie united States;- however, thus far has accomplished little with the niiiiiue ViAIttiWC. •'ORhER' I^f -. THE - CHANCERY COUI1T CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI .'COUNTY ARKANSAS. J. H. Elkins, j. H. Smart, Uzzell Branson, Board of Commissioners of Pnving District No City of Blythevllle. aix J. H. "- v " "'n-**,^Lt.-u. in tne 'Jivy o he p,avr"'to^' f< i r C ''' anC( ' S 0f l Elk ' 11S ' J ' "' a»«fnnd Uucll <ml own be Hn^ cl ' at "P""'s»S|W. sa "- Board of Commissioners of >IHI UIHII uetting on their chances "•"•'•'"- "•••• ---- lo lend the field for a day In it-self lhc s ystcm introduced . Agun Cahcntc may not be so bad. The three leaders of each round receive 10 per cent of the nay, with the remainder going to the lucky ticket.holders The clanger lies in its belli? the "pcnlng wedge for fla C ,f,nt abuse, 'J n game in winch there ts no place for- gambling. "0««-«'c-WelBht» Heavyweiehls With all lhc silly, rulings made by the New York Boxing Commission one would suspect that it reached MIC maximum in nbnir- The latest is "ovcr-thc-wclghf matches for the heavyweight shamplon. Try to figure that one .oeyman. Perry, isn't. Skulf in Death Valley"" May Tangle Scientists WASHINGTON. (UP)-DVovery if the skull of a Tilanolhorc In that . animal nera, Steve Hummus. i\fax ouiiiu-i- "iR, Art Lasky—anybody so lonp as the opponent, is not recognized by thc board ns the tophole chnl- h ?I 'TK S f n "" y ns 12 rounds . B "'l ,H, P S SlUvcly OKiurc<1 lhal - ho will still be champion no matter what Happens. A decision would be rendered, but the title would not be at stake unless the contest was of 15 rounds duration. Hare, Violin Sal« Allied ]ff m , . MILWAUKEE. lUP)_ wiHIin Peter Stofiel, who lost hi? job is a real estate agent when'the clc prcxstoii came,-has built i,,, a pra f. . le and enjoyable Uislne.s.'; bnv- ;"B and selling , n rc violin., t je slit one violin Tor $« iflKim I solif it for $1,800. . ',' Many Skating Rinks (,'nslly UOTR01T. (UP) -Dctroif.s municipal Ice-skating rinks, hy approximately 80,000 skatei's daily, arc costing the elLy approval mately one-fourth cent i», " day. it w ,s estimated in to, lei . c. 1C. — Schools KbnA- 0' the _Head Courier News Want Ads. 1IPITUJ portant factor.In Its favor " Friday & Saturday ; AIAT. ;« KITE— IOc7A 25c .-'•' with : •'•' OR ANT rMITCIIELL LUCIAN LITTLEPIEF.D RUG AR KENNEDY {;RAOY BUTTON ' Cartoon Serial— "Ulystcrj' Sfjuadron ] of the J. jr. El- Smart and Ur.zell Curbing. Cluttering- and storm Sewering District No. i of the City of Blythevllle, Arkansas, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5918 J. W. Trieschman, ct nl nnd certain Inncts, Defendant: The defendant. Aaron Thomas, W. D. Cole. Illinois standard Mortgage Company, S.>L. Thorans Mrs. R. c. Ford ntid Franklin Bond and M^ortgnge Co., arc wnrn- ed; to appear iritliin thirty daj-s in! the court named in the cap lion hereof and answer the complaint of 'ther.plaintifl, j ;r. Elkins, J. 'II. Smart and Uzell Branson,- Board of • Commissioners of Paving District No. I, of the Cits' of Blythevllle, Arkansas, and J. H Elkins, J. HV Smart and Uzcll Branson, Board of Commissioners of Curbing, Guttering nnd Storm Sewering District No. 1 of the city of Blylheville, Arkansas. Dated !|hl£ 7 ilny of February, H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Roddy, D C. Sam Manatl, Ally, ad lliein. Sunday-Monday MAT. & NITE-LlQc - 25c From rha clever pen of th» inimitable Edith Wharton, one of America'! most popular authors, comet Ihit Death Valley has proved cientisls may be wrong. Noted scientists had predicted I With such a regulation in ef lOhTvaHe- ""e'™ 1 '" ^ (oimd i fccl ' Jcss Wlllar<1 ™«1<1 hare rc- jlganUc " rhin«eros^'ikc" 0t -~' C> " '-•" i "" 1 f- 0 --!-*" 1 '" Cl1tho "8'i belonged (o n eocene >r oligocene period. group •overy. Shortly nfterwnrd of scienlisls from nu, ' c nslltutc of Technology uncinnpn mother skull of the same l™ nf mammal. •' U marked the nrst time n m , hc «ill of a TiUuiothcre ha« been found west of the Rockies hi .ton. but once • • . u .., Ll . i,. t - i.iukni annough he de- cllned lo come tip [or thc follrth round with Jack Dempscy at Toledo, and Gene Tvinney? skill- fnl shmTKhooting would hnvc been ^ tCdw Sl.^ h . ta . lll » w "» De"'P- Of English Invention is an -iulo malic plow which can be ,^ ,o l>low a certain size field inrt ,S fhc work wlthoui b» m ™\™ a "° , :V " (I Dem Psey were to RO only 12 rounds, while Timney won and retained the royal robes In lo-round engagements. Notlobe out.lonc In the ridlcul- FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. IN8CBANCK DEFT. NOR Located »t 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor »1I-makesofreballlTypewriter!, Udta* BUcbUmw>dCkkoUton Hoot* PRYO* JUNI CLAYWOKTH tSTHID It ALSTON Hugh O'Connell Ralph Forbn Ctiar Romtro VaUrl* Hfibton 1 Francll Sullivon Uiltl Flnlonl Dirtcttd kf RICHARD tHORPE A STANltY SfRCERMAN PRODUCTION '; ADiAL—JIAtlNEE anil NIGHT— lOc - 25c RANDOLPH SCOTT ami CHIC SALES ^ . in • .-WHY MOUNTAIN MYSTERY' ; Cartoon - . Serial I Sunday • Monday MAT, & NITE—lOc - 35o M Y R N A • LOYv A FRANK CAPRA .Production. Frtn i urtMl ttary, "8it«4 Ufott llx Ruth Ettinff Musical Novelty — "New Deal Rhythm" Melody Short— "A and I' GYPSIES" With Harry Horlick

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