The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TTN BLITHEVILIJ5, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Quick Approval Seen for Yugoslav Aid $38 Million Set tt> Battle Big Drought WASHINGTON, Dec. H. t/O—A tta.000.000 drought relief program lor Communist Yugoslavia—a "must" In President Truman's post-election legislative book —appeared headed for quick enactment today. Battered but still substantially Intact, It passed the House late yesterday, 225 to 142, after two days of stormy debate. Before Ihe bill goes to Mr. Truman for his signature,' a compromise between conflicting'Senate- and House versions must be worked out. With no basic difficulties In prospect, this was expected to be done quickly. Many House members were ojx?nly dubious of wooing Communist dic- tator Tilo, but the .nujority went along with the argument that the United Stales must bolster the anti- Soviet Belgrade regime to uve It from Stalin. - • :• • . Move Called "ResHaile" • The attitude of perhaps a majority was summed up by Rep. Riblcoff (D-Conn), who urged help for Tito as a "realistic" mov- In the strug, gle to contain Soviet imperialism. "Nothing has come , before this house In a long lime which has aroused so little enthusiasm as this bill." he told the House. Of the five major "must" Items the President outlined for the "lame duck" session of the dying list Congress, this was Ihe second to be passed by both branches. Rent control extension already has tone to the white House. The Yugoslav aid bill was almost as good as there. Two others probably will pass. Only statehood lor Hawaii and Alaska appeared doomed—talked to death In the Senate. h H=JK K- m °X 7 Mal ?T ln * a 3.5-Inch bazooka post guarding 1Mb Corps head- n Hamhung, Korea Pfc. William H. McCoy of Winona, Miss., takes time ou( to down a cold meal from a fin can. As Chinese Communisl armies thrust toward the tightening UN beachhead, the «rea around Hamhung became one of the "hottest spots" in the Korean war 160 Attend Conference of Jonesboro District of Methodist Church Here A total of 160 churchmen and lay workers from Northeast Arkansas attended a conference of the Jonesboro District of the Methodist Church here yesterday :The Rev. E. B. Williams of Joncs- Morine Reserves With Disabilities To Be Checked WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, (/P)_ Ttii Marine Corps high command I* under orders form a House sub- ew««nltte« to take "proper steps" to •ev^that reservist* who have been •warded veterans' disability • com- pen|ation are thoroughly examined when called-back to active duty. TllU :w« disclosed today with publication of testimony oefor^ an appropriations subcommittee on the • 18,844,000.000 emergency defense money request. Rep. :Scrivner (H-Kas) brought th* matter up in discussion with Gen. Clifton B; Gates. Marine Corps' commandant, and MaJ. Gen. William P. T. Hill, Marine qunrtar- Master. Scrivner said »- "group of men" haiibeen called back Into the Marines with 20 and 30 per cent dls- mbility ratings given them by the Veterans Administration as a result Of World War II service. Dewey to Give. View on Crisis NEW YORK, Dec. 14. CAP)—A speech oh the International situation by New York's Gov. Thomas E. Dewey will be broadcast tonight over three nationwide radio networks. The Columbia Broadcasting .System and the American Broadcasting Company will carry the governor's address from 9-9:30 p.m. The Mutual Broadcasting System will "present a delayed broadcast' of the speech from 10:30 pjn. to 11 )>.rn. The titular GOP leader will outline his ideas on how the U.. S. shculd meet the world crisis boro, district superintendent,' presided over the conference, which was held at the Lake Street Methodist Church. The Rev. Thurslon Masters of Tyronza delivered the sermon at II o'clock services yesterday morning. Work of the Town and County Commission was discussed by the Rev. Albert Gallln of• Conway. He Is executive secretary of the commission and former'district superintendent. Dr. Matt Ellis, president of Hcn- nnx College at Conway. and the Rev. Tra A. Bromley of Conway, executive secretary of the Board of Christian Education, spoke on the work of the college., ; In other action."' the conference licensed-Haskell West of Welner to preach and renewed the licenses of six others. A chicken pie dinner was served the-160 visitors at-'neon bj^ the Women's Society of Christian Service. Noble Gill of Deli presented a vocal solo during the worship hour. The nev. George McGhehey. is pastor of La*,, streH Methodist Church. Postal ^Embargo Possible WASHINGTON. Dec. H. W) — The Post Office Department today considered a partial embargo on parcel post mailings in view of the spreading strike among railroad yard employes. Age of chickens can roughly be determined by pressing (he-breast bone. The more rigid It Is, the older the fowl. New York Orchestra EDINBURGH. Scotland (AP) — The New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra will appear in Europe for the first time in 20 years when it plays at the 1951 Edinburgh Festival, it will be led by Bruno Walter and Dlmitri Mitropoulos— seven performances under each conductor. It Wat Harmless CORNERBROOK. Nfld. (AP) -i. A small snake found when a crate of bananas was unpacked caused much excitement here. It was sent to St. oJlut's and thence to Toros- to, where a museum expert has found "It was a small type boa constrictor, harmless except for its sharp teeth. ' CONTEMPT Continued from Page 1 .wnger. train service on eight lines serving the nations capital. Freight traffic was disrupted In St. Louis and Chicago. Passenger, mall and express service were affected In Washington. Pa««en»er Servler Curtailed The rardworkerx' work stopple curtailed passenger service, on eight rail lines serving Ihe nation's capital. A similar walkout has tied no c"Msid-r?ble. freight anrt hit some passenger traffic In Chicago, ' rt n crossroads of the nation. There had been a hint from chiefs of the railroad brotherhood, that the strike mitht spread. The first walkout. In Chicago, took 10 000 men out of Ihe yards yesterday A federal judge last night ordered the Brotherhood of Railroad trainmen to end the one-day strike. The government, which seized the na- I on's carriers last August after a strike threat stemming from a ware hour dispute, said the stoppage was "seriously interfering with the war effort. freight Mgrement Hailed The walkout, which the union termed unauthorined. virtually halted freight movement. It calsed some - passenger train cancellations »nd disrupted other industries. Continuation of the stoppage threaten-' ed a major delay In the Christmas mails In Chicago, which L, a major mails P °' nt l<)r trans<:ont ln«ntal The steel Industry waj hit almost immediately. Some blast furnaces were banked. There were shutdowns and curtailment of operation, area"" '*" chic »*° industrial At the same; time, presidents of .1 r £S^ atin * r!v " uni om. Including rivir?. , S ,*J d '" w * snl "*t°n the w f,.*« '*' W " y 5pr " d unle " White Mouse and government med- Ution effort* are stepped up to settle the wage T hour dispute They blamed the delay'in reaching an agreement on John R Steelman. President Truman's assistant who has been conducting the nego- liations. They said the White Home has been told of the "unrest" among rail yard workers. New Sedition Law KHARTOUM. Sudan (API-The Sudan Legislative Assembly haa 'amended the Sudan penal code section dealing with sedition. The new section reads: "Whoever arouses or attempts to arouse illegal opposition to the Sudan government, or feelings of hatred -or contempt, agalmt that government or against the government.-; of Egypt or of Great Britain, shall be punished with imprison- met for a term extending to three years, or with a fine or both." King George ft 55 LONDON. Dec. 14. (API-King George VI is »S years old today. NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 we. sttkw, WILKEN v \Vhai j u-ondcrful gift! What a low, low- price! Nothing 1/J.-C U'illcen for saying "Season's Grccungs." Only \Vi]lccn has the mellow, country •tylc flavor thai nukes every drink txtra enjoyable. Give U'ilkcn in the colorful gift carton. And be •urc to treat yourself to this •ilkcn-smoo\h favonic. f^n-r WH.K.LN. FA.MILV COMCANV, LAWRENCEBURG, IN'D. i Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, rll Dec. 14. (/P1-(USDA)-HO S S 14.500;' weights under 220,Ibs weak to 10 lower than average Wednesday- heavier weight* 10 to 20 lower; sows 35 >o 50 lower; bulk good and choice no-220 Ins U.25-SO; top 18.50: 230-300 Ibs 17.65-18,25- 140160 Ins 17.00-18,00; few 110-130 Ibs 15.50-16,30; good and choice sows «K> Ibs down U.75-17.00: heavier sows 15.00-50; stags 12.00-1450' boars 3.50- 1,7.00. Cattle 2500; calves 900; several loads and loU medium and Rood steers and heiters about steady al 28,50-32.00; medium and good 24.5026.50; cutter and common 21.0023.00; vealers not established. (AS. Rise In Korean War WASHINGTON. D«. 14. CAP) Announced American casualtiee In the Korean War rcjie to tStlt today .an increase of 1.4341 In a week. Today's weekly summary, issued by the Defense Department, reported S.370 deaths, of which 52M were killed in action, 607 died of wounds, and five are now known lo be dead alter previously being reported mining In action. It listed the wounded- at 23.477 (including the «07 wlio later died). Missing: in action: 5,143. The new totals are biased on notification: to next-of-ltin through Dec. I. but probably reflect few ot the losses suffered when United Nations forces were hit by the hug' Chinese Communist, offensive. Surqeon-Generol Of Poseboll Dies ST. LOUIS. Dec. 14. Wi—Dr. Robert F. Hylancl. baseball's "surgeon- general," died today of * liver Ailment complicated by uremia. He was 64 year* old. Dr. HylMid had been ailing since last Noi'. 32. He was medical director' of the St. Louis Public service Company but his name was a by-word in baseball, whose stars he attended for 35 years. He was club surgeon of the St. Louis Cardinals and Browns, although he freo'iently treated players of other teams. GOP Still Seeks Policy Agreement WASHINGTON. Dec. 14. (,TI— A four-man Senate Republican policy subcommittee decided to make a last-ditch effort today to agree on a foreign policy declaration for the Republicans. The'fourtn meeting for the group set up a week ago to draft a' foreign policy statement for the presentation to the Senate's 43 GOP lawmakers, appeared" to have only « SO-.iO clunce of emfinjc in any .agreement. No hour wai set for the session. • . Burmoni Charge Torture RANGOON (AP)—A peace mk- sion committee at Katha. north Burma I r raw-add, town, lias charged the police of the district with excesses against the townsfolk It has told the , district commissioner that the plocie responsible for state- property use Japanese Xempeitai methods to force confessions from suspects. These police are known ' as thi four P's. Their official title is preservation of Public Property Police. State property includes everything THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 19M Truman to Get Christmas Gift of Autographs ' ^ AB'TUtltB I »•«•«.. ....... ' ' "• "^ ' •* AMTHUE L. EtMOK WABH1N3TON, Dee.: 14. (*>)_ President Truman, a. famous fa. I her of a famoiia daughter, knows •hat he's going to g*t for Chritt- mas. He's going to let th* auto- raphs of more than KO daughter! of member! of the National preca Club. Mr. Truman asked for them himself. p ' He and Margaret were guests at the club's annual father-daughter dinner last night, jjjl through the meal tht glrl» kept , up a steady parade to Mr. Truman's table, getting his auto- graph. The traffic was so heavy, that ai one point the press club president. Eadford Mobley, uked would the kids stop coming, please, w (hat the President could eat? At Ihe end of the program, Mr. Truman sot up and ,sald: "As usual, it's been a wonderful evening." He then ran through the entertainers, who Included everyone from the comedian, Jimmy Savo, to a bunch of kids. "Juvenile Jury." He said he lilted them all. "It was well worih the^rice of admission," he said, "and It didn't cost me any- Collision Results In Minor Damage TVo cars received minor front- end damage in i collision at Main And Division Streets at 5:05 p.m yesterday. The dinijge resulted when a car driven by Earl Barters of McHane; Driie collided with a taxi 'driven b.v Richard Pugh of North Sixth Street. Mr. Pugh was traveling norlh on-Division when the cars crashed under a traffic light. Mr Sorters was driving south. . City officers Pied Hodge and B. If, Vastbinder investigated. Ne, charges have been filed. Shin Bonks Sought By Plastic Surgeon AUCKLAND. New Zealand UP> —Dr. K. p; Piclierill, a plastic sur- jeon of Wellington, thinks •"skin bunks" should .be established in readiness for atomic warfare. He said, in a speech at Auckland, that (here would be thousands of burn cases in future wars, yet nothing was being done about it. Dr. Pickerill said American medical houses should be persuaded to take up the idea at producing skin. With their big laboratories and highly-paid scientists, he said., they were, the only/.people who could tackle the problem. Dr. Pickerill expressed the opinion that human skin of a universal donor type might .be cultured and grown like penicillin in laboratories. from government treasure to state- controlled forest lands. motion of Public"Property"poiitV. National Koad Transport KARACHI, Pakistan (AP)—The central government fias decided to nationalize road transport throughout the country. Provincial governments have suggested that income from such operation be spent oh improvement and construction of roads. Theoretically an electric H K ht bulb could be designed that would burn continuously for 1.000 years— but it. would ,ive less light than a firefly. The poppy Is the state flower of California. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Giiannieed Best iianneed Best Priem Kirby Drug Stores Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR Phone 3170 ^ «15 Chickasawba You Reach More People Through the Want Adt Ad» placed before 9 a.m. will appeal »ame day. All classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS thing. 1 Then he had ( special message for the youngsters: "I want every one of you young ladies lo aend me a Christmas card, and I wtn». you to wriU on It. 'I was at the Presa Club father-daughter dinner— here j aij autograph." " ',-: _ . . . "It's been a wonderful even- Ing,", he tald, "and I haven't h»d many lere lately." It was the Hraf• public appearance of the President and Martaret together Islnce the publica- tion of a letUr he wroU to Paul Hunw, music critic of the Wuh . Ington Post. That'« the letter r n which Mr. T. said unkind thin,, about Hume for the unkind things Hume had talci about Margaret'* Nojine referred to the Incident. Maybe that's the reason Mr.'Truman thoughf It was a wonderful evening, , There had been rumora Mri Truman might play the piano while Margaret 'sang, but they didn't. i HAVING TROUBLE with your 9 ift list? Check These Suggestions: I. W. HARPER DECANTER. . . $7.56 2. Kentucky Tavern Decanter ... $6.57 3. HARVEY'S BRISTOL CREAM SHERRY esteemed as the world's finest $6.85 4. DRY SACK SHERRY. . ____ . . $4.47 Your gift selections beautifully wrapped without extra charge. • I FOSTER'S Broadway Liquor Store f III Iff SUIT 711 TII TUT nmi m •««. •( perfedmi fra. <mr ikin to ye*. i-eroAaHe 1^ A, BewSHTRT ?AX—ei*» . t *.***Ii T«« aim armji mtn tl a ikirt jtn «• w«t wfek rnb. ' *" *•" Mrritt «t fa W*-4M r*«M BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4418 Flower* for Ire/r Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NfW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN . |>H(,,\E 6002 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CAR OWNERS Bring Vour Car Horn* for < S«rvice — Anrt Be Sure! T. I. Seoy Motor Co. (21 E«s( Alain flnm* 2122

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