The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JULY 17, 19'7 Senator Assails 'Pendergaslism' Kem of Missouri Wonts Do-Nothing Committee 'Fired' WASHINGTON, July 17. (UP) Sen, Jainci5 p. Kcm. ](.. Mu.. ;usk- «l Dip Senile yesterday to vote ngainsl "Pcndci'KusllKHi" ami to force an investigation of Justice' OeixtrtmeiU action im'c:vln<; Kansas City, Mo., vote frauds. He mule Uie apixnl as hn <ii>- ene<i debate on 'his motion to ilU- oharge tlic Judiciary Committee from further tonsklmil.ioit of Ills investigation proposal. The coin- oniitcc voted. 7 to (j. si^ainst, -411 •Jt aligns itself \MiUi tho?e who substitute PenderKastisni. violence and oppression," Kein said. "•A second issue involved is whether t-he adminLstrafion of jus- lice in this country snail lie im- pavtnl oi« political." Kem has charged AUorncv General Tom alark and the "Justice Department \7it-h •'whitewashin"," alleged frauds in the Aug. 0, IB-tii. Missouri primary nnlil prodded by demand for an investigition. 'A federal grand jury rcturnort five indictments last week. The alleged frauds involved Uie Fifth 'Congressional District in which ^President Truman had endorsed Eno.s Ax-tell against th.> then incumbent Rep. Roger C. S'aughter. Axtell won the "Democratic nomination, but lost to a Republican in the November cie"- tion. Kem reiterated his charge t!ia. v . the Jtisticc iDcpartmenl had restricted an FBI preliminary invcs- tignt.jc-n so as "lo lie the hands of the-.'PBt and to whitewash the incident." The Justice Department dropw.l the c.ise after the preliminary FBI ir.miiry on grounds that no federal the (AHK.) COURIER NEWS Marshall Plan Gets Backing Of Governors SALT LAKE CITY. July 11. <UP) — A resohitkins committee iT.pit'seuting Atnorica's Kovernon; yi-.sterday nr.imiinously endorsed | "in bread nrincip'e" the Mavshnll Plan for rehabililalin« Europe. The resolution was '.improved 31; hour;; after Secretary of state (icin'tie C. Marshall made a personal appearance at the 39th in-1 mini governors' conference 'here to I American foreign ro'altons. | Much of iMarsli.iM's disciusior.s with the Kovei'ncrs was off the', record, but Ins talks impressed, them with the necessity or soine-1 thin;? being done to quiet Europe's current turmaii. ,,i ,. .•nlfieieiilly informed to in-ake a det'iiled recoininencSition on America's course in Kurope. went into action. Number of Polio Cases Far Be!ow Figures for 1946 ATLANTA. Oa. July 17. (UP) Infantile paralysis is giving the n.vtion u bi>; brenDipt- this siuiuner compared .to last but public health officials are not cheering.-they're worrying about next year. This time last Summer the de- vHstatins duscate had reached epidemic proportions in sevciuj slates r^iid the national total was 1.852 (ases. Now the count is hardly two-thirds thai figure, of 1,200 The 1947 and 184s figures' by Mnle.s are Alabaiui 23 and 07, Ar- I ksnsns 23 and 27. Florida 48 ami S32. GeoiKia 10 and 49, Louisiana 23 :mcl 72. Mississippi 22 and 38, North Cai-olina 21 and 32. South I i'.nrt 27. Schwelienbach Just Resting, Not Resigning WASHINGTON. July 17. (UPI Secretary ol Uiuor I.evvLs I), Sehwellenbach put recurring rti- mcr.s at rest toduy when ne ati- nonnced that he intended to remain In President Truman's eaij- Frimds r< porledlv have been ad- visinx him lo res'i;n in |>rcie.u ugainst the TU't-ilurlley net which ,slr:p;:ed l:is department, ol the conciliation servic'e mid United Slates Kmploynient Service. U'.it Ech\vcllenb:u-h toM report- oeen a |;.:tient in Uethesda -Nava Hospital iincloriioliit; treatment fo a ncrraus i-tmdilion result.inur fron '.i. s])li!iil injury suffered » vea ""°- i ' .; Argentine President's Wire to Visit Europe I'<OMK, July 11. tUP) — The Argentine embassy announced today thai Senora KVH 1'cron, wife of the Argentine president, will visit Paris next week us nn official Kuesl of the French Kovcrnmenl. A spokesiniin said Senora Pcron expected (a ivmaln In Purls "at. least one week," and that she Intended lo do extensive shopping. She »ill leave for Paris nfler n short stay in Portugal as Ihe euest of the government there. The embassy .spokesman suld nolhini; huii been decided con- cernlni; Scnoia Peron's reiwrted Intention to visit London, but that there still was "a possibility s.he will KO to Kimliind alter Paris." name. 1 Diiviu ( ' ]| Widntu bn. he-aid the I: bus in to ccrner. An e'.dcily paKsciH'.cr arose slow- PAGE ELEVEN Ills riiiiU' thryujjh the iisliii'ss district. 1'liish IHIIWI- and pulleil Hie ilw curb '.it llie next ly mid ,wMk«H leisurely to the, "He jiist shlficd l)ic.|ilug to .th«? cr » «• doorway, instead or stepping oul.lother check and, kept, 'on riding land, lie expectorated u nenoi CUB amount llll(l e-hcwing," Plash sold. 'to 0 ol lobuceo Juke, turned around, bones of lobuceo Juke, turned around, nodded jiolllt'lv to the driver, and slowly returned to his r,eii. 'He just shifted Uio.tilug to.thu.eri ol hit-time Henrv ill ot fna"•'"' •or _ check and kepi on riding | l and ° . d£o^'4?er2[ "our/ S& »1 this art.' , A ; gmin; skull iijiid ^ ~-.ies )vag designed .on the co %s '•» ol ull his bovks to Indicate his grief over the loss of his lady love Itix il llookblnilcr One of the foremost, bookblnd Read Courier News Want Ads. Civil Rights Law Invoked in Home Town Of Great Emancipator \ SPRINGFIELD. 111., July 17. lUPI —A drugstore here in Abraham Lincoln's home town paid a SI fine today after a county court found it Kiiilty of violating the civil rights statute by . refusing to serve a Negro woman. Lawyers said it was the first time in Illinois legal history n jury had found a business concern guiltv in n case of that type. I Booby Trap Functions; [ But Maker is Victim CHARLESTON, s. C., July 17. <UPt -— Felix Kovalek fixed a booby trap at his home here for burglars. Ho strung a wire across the windows and doors and connected it with a .12 "iiage shotgun. Yes. you guessed it. Last night Kpvalek. tripped on the wire, suffered pain-, r\]l wounds in both legs. Re.-.d Courier News Want Ads. Tobacco-Chewing Rider Stops Bus Just to Spit WICHITA. Kan. (UP)..--Nonchalance. 11 taicl Uus Driver II. E. Plash, -was the old man's middle. FVAW<3 GROCERY r.v/iiN£> MARKET 211 So. First St. Free Delivery Plenty of Parking Space HKI) POTATOES £24 KKKSir IIOMK CROWN PEAS '""^ KKESH ON-COH CORN , 13 PURI'LK Hill, I, PEAS ... CERTO lto(ile 23 HOMINY JACK SI'KA'l', 'l'I'"l'l,KY TEA LEMONS vL 10 JAC:K SPRAT K;I<; CKKAM miX ' n K '' WASH " TUBS N ; VINEGAR White, gal 59c Red. Gal 32c FRYERS LIVE OR v' ,', ^T^'Cy^sS^w • i^. h . &."._. £*t* e &£Z%43& ??&• ••£•••"••'••>'•' T-> t t 'W* tor ••; Better^Breg^^p ••A :: "' ' — ^ '• for Better Kroger Bread Made with twisted dough for finer, lighter texture Buy 2-Double Your Savings DRESSED ORADE A CHUCK ALL ME\T ROAST ,, 49 BOLOGNA , t) 33 T-Bone or Loin Grade A Ib. 73* we> awtjee, the cab, fh The cnh is l-'I.KXl-MOXJNTKIl—cushioned on rubber against ro.-id shocks, torsion and vibration! . . . Driver's compartment i* wider, with more leg room. The seal is hilly adjustable, liii-cer and more comfortable. Wider, deeper windshield and windows increase visibiliiv by •>•>'\\ CD lands am] pick-ups | mv( . ixcni-Asii I.O.M) .SPACK-slake and hi(;li rack liwlies mure cllicienl l, Ku li,, s . . . . \, ;1 v, stronm-r. sturdier FKAMK.S arc ,lesi K ,i,-d I,, carry Ereati-r loads sreatcr distuncea f»r ioiiju-i- tune! The Cab that "Breathes I ; rcsh nirisf/ra;™ in from tlic outside— hc.i (X>lll i ami is forced out!* l VA ';Vi;.|N.,, FAD .S, arc worUI's mr>st ccorlornica | for TRICK BRixVi "T rC arC »VI>«AUI.IC I RUCK BRAKES ncl.Mntly designed for Ereatcr brakc-lmmg conlacl-for positive America's First Advance-Design Trucks ... acclaimed from coast to coast! Everywhere . . . wherever you go ... truck users arc praising the sensational new line of Advance-Design Chevrolet trucks. Reason? They're really new, realty different, introducing the unique cab that "breathes"-that almost literally "inhales" fresh air and "exhales" used air,* plus scores of other new features and innovations long-awaited-Iong-wanted! Built to be^r^, and built to last, they're big-looking, big-loading powerful yet economical trucks to do a more profitable job for you. See them now. •Fresh-air healing and ivntilaling system optional at extra cr,st.] CHEVROLET TRUCKS U. S. (iOV'T. (iUAI)H "A" SIRLOIN STEAK ,75 IJONIOMOSS ROI.I.KI) WEAL ROAST , t , 53 11. S. (JOVMKNiVIRNT (JHADK "A" CHUCK ROAST u 55 BW1K.T OK1QI.K or AHMOUR DKXTKK SLICED BACON > 63 3\VII'T SMOKKO PiCKICHAMS M 46 THKY'RE SURK TO UK TKNUKR STAR SKBKLESS FRANKS ,„ 45 A I'MNE SKA FOOD RBVERCARP ,„ 17 r.AI,ll-\ SWEET '.HI ICY SEEDLESS l> - Mesh VINE (Ml']'; .IUIMIIO CA1LK CANTALOUPES 10 (illAUANTHKn I<B1) KII'K AND SWEPT WATERMELONS ,.„. 2i c VINK Hirii CDAKANTKKI) TO l l l,EASE HONEY DEWS Lb 10 C I'ltlOK-Itll'ENKI) ,OQM)KN JUKILKE FREESTONE PEACHES ,29 -IWIOIOT Illi'I! CAl.II' 1 - KKEOMOSS . GRAPES SWEET (;OM)KN .>n.YI)ltll> TEar.s "7? l\IKI,I,O-'/EST I''1,AV()R KROGES5 SALAD DRESS 1:32 FLOUR A VON DA I, E fl,A)N OK S-RIS1N(; 5f)-I,h. .•f.'li) WHITE CORN 25 LI) -7!t -| * 10 Lb. FOR SALADS OR COOKING WESSON OIL ',1 KROCER STRAWKERRY PRESERVES EXTRA STANDARD (II. 7Q< fiiM.I.J* 1 Lb. .liir. 3S KEMXXJC'S CORN FLAKES 2 FOR COOKINd AND TAHI.E USE DELTA SYRUP I'U,I.SI!URY MIX FOR P!E RUST 2 ,C 35 2 No. 2 OK<' Cans V«l No. 1 Vi Si?.« !c 33 17 Hnl Diilt-d li'i-ushly Rousted, Freshly (Jronnd SPiTLSGHT COFFEE U 1 T "(iOOD TO THE LAST DROP" COFFEE MM WELL HOUSE ^ KIUXaOR—-2J OUNCE MOTTLES COLA OR ROOT BEER 2 X KROCiER ^7 Vt Lb. 1'kirOI 48 •\(\ Of.. Can 4 No. 2 27 1Q Cans I* 27 •Hi O/. Can 4 Tall 4Cc • PI •CO Q' LOY E1CH CHEVROLET CO. Phone, 578301 W. Walnut Wall or Kcrr—Qls-.l)o7. 7!)e FRUIT JARS ^ 67 Rul>!:er JAR RINGS 3 „ 13 KIOUK JAR LIDS ,12 A Rciil Scaling fur Canning PARAWAX „, 15 For Jellies and I'rc.serves SURE-JELL ,, 12 I'urc Cane SUGAR 10 £ 93 KROGER'S SNOWY, WHITE, LIGHTS, FLUFFY 22- oz. Size An Ideal Dessert for Any Meal! .'! TAl.I, CANS PETWILK 37 Kraft's PARKAY OLEC , 42 Dorkce's WONDERNUT OLEO Ib 35 c Eufmorc OLEOMARG. ,,35 Kraft VELVEETA •&» Chcvcl C88EESE 2 i American Daisy HOOP CKEESE ,45 73°

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