Independent from Long Beach, California on November 10, 1959 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, November 10, 1959
Page 17
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SPORTS MERRY-GO-ROUND Waterfield to Succeed Gillman? ; ' . · */ Unrest SID ' Year GILLMAN to Go, But-- By HANK HOLLLXGWORTH Executive Sports Editor Bob Waterfield, former all-pro quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, may take over the Rams' head coaching post before the current season is completed, The Independent learned Monday. Gillman, whose Ram club just finished a disastrous home stand by dropping three consecutive games, has another season to go on his present contract. However, under a win-or-else policy adopted by the Ram owners. Gillman most certainly won't be back next season ar.d his 1960 pact would be paid off. Waterfield would be a popular choice of the five Ram owners and this corner understands that the job would be his IF he desired. Tfce former t'CLA quarterback was mentioned prominently for the Ram post five seasons back when Hamp Poo! was succeeded by Gillman. However, at that time Waterfield expressed no desire to go into coaching ranks, being actively associated with his wife. Jane Russell, in a motion picture company. Now, however, Waterfield reportedly is very interested in the Ram post, but whether he" would want to take over a staggering club inwnid-season is questionable. The Rams labeled "the most explosive team in pro football history" before the season started, have won only twice in seven games, both wins coming on the road. Their four Coliseum appearances have resulted in defeats. The Ram offense--featuring such outstanding performers as Ollie Matson. Jon Arnett. Del, Red Phillips. Tom Wilson and Billy Wade--has gone to pieces, producing only 44 points in its last three games. · Gillman's answer--and it is a logical one--is thai the Rams have beaten themselves this season, fumbles and interceptions stopping their attack in ever)' game. (A fumble and an interception cost the Rams 10 p o i n t s against the 49ers Sunday.) However, the owners feel a coaching change might correct some of the Ram errors AND lethargy. One reason Waterfield has changed his mind about accepting a coaching berth now is that he has proven to himself that he can handle such a position. Last season Waterfield was a Ram assistant coach whose principal task was to instruct Wade, who had graduated to the No. 1 quarterback post vacated by Norm Van Brocklin. \Vade developed into a top quarterback under Waterfield's tutelage. Waterfield drilled the Vanderbilt graduate incessantly on how to stay within the passer's vital "protective cup." This season, however, with Waterfield no longer an aid. Wade has lost his finesse and confidence. He has be- come so erratic that he has been removed from the last two games in favor of Frank Ryan. Plainly, a major share of the Ram trouble lies in erratic quarterbacking and this is one department Waterfield is expertly qualified to strengthen. Happy 49er Comments: Matt Hazeltine (California)--"The Rams are rTMic stricken just like we were here a few months ago · '-we got clobbered in the exhibition came. They block and tackle just as well as always, but their offense sputters like someone pushed the panic button." Abe Woodson (Illinois)--"That 105-yard run today was my longest run in either high school, college or the pros. Whether you know it or not. it's my first touchdown as a pro. too!" (P. S. We didn't!) Clancy Oiborne (Arizona St.)--"When I was with the Rarr.s at Redlands. I'd have never believed they'd have a 2-5 record. They just had too much talent. Maybe the 49crs don't have as much headline stars, but we work much better as a team than the Rams I don't think the Rams should have cut me--but I'm sure gUd they did now."* Bob St Clair (L'SF--"We've got the best team play I've seen in seven seasons with the 49ers. The reporters all say we're due to hit the skids soon--but I think they all said that about the Dodgers, too. didn't they?" We did, Mr. St. Clair, we did--and it looks like we're wrong again! Interest BOB WATERFIELD New Ram Coach? LSU COACH BEEFS ' B A T O N R O U G E, La. (LT1) -- Louisiana State football coach Paul Dietzel .Monday night pointed out three rules infractions he said Tennessee made as the Vols scored a second touchdown Saturday to upset LSU, 14-1J. Dietrel said Volunteer fullback Glenn Glass "was clearly in motion" as he took the snap on th Ti- gers' 33 and passed 19 yards to Don Leake on the 14. A Tennessee l i n e m a n was offside on the same play, Dietzel said. He said on the next play a blocking back practically tackled" a Louisiana State linebacker who was in the line to stop the winning TD. Owe Ky Mil 1HHS fiTiluf *'Xo Heat on Coaches, Say Ram Owners" heralded a headline in a Los Angeles newspaper Monday. However, one of the great miracles of our age will unfold if Sid Gillman holds onto his job as coach of the Rams past the final game of the season even though it would require buying up the final year of his contract to get rid of him. The whole Ram "family" is acting like it is sitting on a powder keg. Everyone is edgy, everyone is ready to deny something. It all adds up to the fact that something is going to have to give in the awkward situation ... and that usually means the coach has got to go. Any vote of confidence at this time: other than a new contract, would be the final "kiss of death.' One anti-Gillman group has been attempting for the past two weeks to get a "Draft Bob Waterfield' movement under way to replace Gi'.Iman before the season progresses much further. However, it is unlikely "Waterbuckets" would want to step in at the tailend of a miserable season . . . even if he has decided he would like to take a crack at the head coaching job. * * * MEANWHILE, Gillman is not helping his own cause with an increasingly nasty attitude in press interviews. At least a half-dozen writers have complained recently of receiving "cutting' Clark Doesn't Care About No. 3 Ranking * * * * * * i SID'S CONTRIBUTION: Bl ' uins Illlsh , /T1 . 7 T7 T jKcpt Norman L ticket tO MOVICS 'off Balance By JEROME HALL SC coach Don Clark isn't FANCV-STEPPLNG CAHOI.IMAN Halfback Pete Seese of North Carolina State displays running ability which he hopes to demonstrate successfully Friday night when his team takes on UCLA in the Coliseum. By HANK HOLLLXGWORTH Executive Sports Editor A dejected Sid Gillman, obviously distraught at con ^' ra ^"y^ "*"", , . , , , . , ,,. * . . . .rankings and LCLA coach L..I the plight of his fumbling Rams, was something less Barnes rfa ],zes fully his than a fount of information at the weekly Football]Bruins are not 42 points bet- Writers Assn. luncheon Monday. He answered theater than the team that almost questions tossed at him with less enthusiasm and ex- upset the Trojans, planation than usual, which is a classic feat even for! Those w e r e t h e revelations Gi ,, man | . at Monday's weekly luncheon Here's the sum of Sid's 'hat you are out of title con- J contribution Monday: ,tention? 'at the Sheraton West Hotel in Q--What do you think ol A--Yes. to win the next i^ Angeles. th; Rams'pass protection? igame. j ciark said neither he nor A--Oh. I think it's pretty Q--Did anybody make an'his players care about the gbod. effort to get Bob Waterfield |C urrent No. 3 ranking--"ex- Q--What's happened to the to hel P coach the quarter- C ept it means we're having a Rams' winning attitude you backs --_V our trouble s p o t -- p r e t t y good winning year"-talked about a few weeks^S 1 '" 'h' 5 season? . :anc j he is much more co-i- WILLS OUT FOIt SEASON Bears to Pass Against Wash. ago? A--Well, our folks want to BILL WADE He Won't Answer OAKLAND (L'PI) -- Pete a broken bone in his foot and Elliott, a nice guy finishing'will miss the last two games last as coach of the flounder-|of the season, ing California B e a r s , said; j ac k Curtice, whose Stan, * f,, ..Monday that his team would f o r d Indians wpn rarV-r-d hv and uncalled for remarks from Gillman m answer to ques-| use the fonvard ^ against UCLA? 55 H s a V that the' tlons - , ... ' . powerful Washington even if came '"al«i rlpan'prf us n-n"' When a writer asks a silly question he must expect^ ; , E ,_, esh , s !,,,,.,. ? a TM also cleaned us ojt , such things. But when a legitimate question is asked con-'"*!!?* ^r,*^ \ n the £ uard s P° ts ' Shelved ctrning .vital play, that's a d i f f e r e n t matter. | ?vT v / u * ' "* b3 ' anCe ° f t h e C a r ' It's a time honored custom for losing coaches as 1 We have to keep the de-Curtice said, are Don Peter well as the winners to talk with the press following a jf««e honest and well throw and Tom Walsh. le. For that matter, whenever they are available. i t h e J^ 11 - EIllou told the The same trouble persists We sympathize with Gillman's plight. It's exceptionally; WcekI ' meeting of the North- at College of the Pacific, hard to ta'lk about a tough defeat. Other coaches manage ern California Football Wnt-j w hcre coach Jack Myers de- to do it. though, with only a few exceptions. Gillman has ersAssn. · scribed Dick Bass as "only always been tough to pry anything out of even when he's^ The Bears, who now have half a man" this year. He's playing on one leg." game. been'on a winning streak. In fact. I've received few straight- lost seven out of ci Sht. face; - t TICK BALDWIN AS LliNEMAiX OF THE WEEK SAN FRANCISCO «·)-- Harry Baldwin, UCLA's big junior center, Monday was named the Big Five's lineman of the w eek. Baldwin, first Bruin to win a Big Five award, led the UCLA defense that held Stanford to 29 yards rushing in the L'CLA 55-13 victory last Saturday. The conference's back of the week is Walt Arnold of California, who tallied two touchdowns in Cal's 20-18 loss to Oregon. Arnold gained 123 yards rushing, more than the entire Oregon backfield. win. but we make mistakes. That's the story of our lives. Q--Will you start Frank Ryan or Bill Wade at quarterback against Detroit? A--III m a k e t h a t a n noun cement Friday. Q--Is there any trouble on the team? A--Oh, yes, loads. Why. it takes me 45 minutes to fight my way onto the field. Q--What about Hugh McElhenny's statement on the radio Sunday that he was black-and-blue from Don Burroughs' ribs and knees? A--Well, McFJhenny was carrying the ball, wasn't he? Q--Do you have a goal for the rest of the season, now A--Oh. yes. but he was too cerned with getting star guard busy with other things to M,k e McKeever out from un- help us. 'der "that magnifying glass." Q--Do you plan any lineup * * » · changes for the next game?, THE TROJAN' coach, a bit A--Ml have to view the touchy about the McKeever game movies before answer-Vase, said he carefully ex. ing that question. [plained the situation to the That, also, is the story of hyper-active twin before the Gillman's life! 35-0 decision over West Virginia "and I think (his kind of football) withstood the close inspection of those 35,000 people in the stands. He played a great game." Clark quickly reversed his field and plunged into the future. "I think we're going to come along with a passing ai- tack." he said. "We've got to t-;ainst a team like Bayloi" (the Coliseum foe Saturday). |a tough Husky team which is Myers said, while reviewing forward and satisfactory answers from him. He was extremely flip again Sunday to writers on a '"' °n t h e u y " r * nd heir his team's 18-13 close shave couple of occasions and I personally thought he made him- apparent^to the Pasadena trip. Wl[h p resno State. "The self look ridiculous with his answers ... just as he has ~,, r-rivtm rWr\ , other done several other times this season. CAL COMPLETED o..e out * * * Sport* on Railio-TV S'tf Giil^an Ran H. li-fs Ja: A'*,, KH Snc*. K T L A (SI 7 K T L A . J 5 1 . 7.X t m 1 in. I pn. l!i« Tic Party LONDON if)--Britain's defeated Ryder Cup golfers complained Monday they had' to spend too much lime traveling, wining and dining across America before getting 1 down to practice on the! match course. I ANGFLO COIA Will He be Sprung? WHY HE IS SXAPPLVG AT THE PRESS I don't know. They've been very fair to him . . Ram organization. A couple of 49er players they've heard there is a group of Ram players J e f i n i t e I y l of eight passes last Saturday aggravated it walking around while taking a 20-1S clipping the campus." as well as 'to the w'r^ f rom Ore S on and three ° f the ! San Jose State ' s ** Tltch ^heaves were intercepted. In- enal warned that his Spartans the way for must ^ -tentr aga : nst ] owa Southland ties state than we w e r e »e nearu incrie is a giuuy ui ivaui y;.»ci uciniiieijr. _ . , , Mate man we w e r e against trying to put the skids to Gillman. They've had enough of I £'«'^ ' st Sf£t looming or stay home." him. Could this explain the many more mistakes the team pojs piaea tr.e nnest loot- t is committing this season? i ba " ' ve ** n since ' v e **«! -Gillman doesn't have the respect of his players like our own Red Hickey or some ot the other pro coaches," declared one 49er who has close friends on the Ram squad. And another said that Gillman "is very moody ar. it is typical of him to 'junk* players for not performing to his likir.g. He is knpw-n to take dislikes over incidents and doesn't get over them soon." * * * AS WE POLVTED OUT IX SEVERAL columns recently, it is common talk around the league that personality clashes between Gilman and his players have led to the trading of several topgrade performers who would be of great help to the Rams right now. The feeling also is growing that the OHie Matson trade at California." Elliott said. He revealed that Bob Wills,! who started at right half against the Ducks, Tmliv'e ' °' · S Hjmm i*eirn -- Hollywood wjrer ?o!i--Long e*»di C^ C 'Junior Rose Bowl Tickets Go on Sale Sale of tickets for the" 14th same: box scats, $3.50; re- annual Jr. Rose Bowl Gamee"«J seats, $3; general ad- is the real reason behind the Rams' "el foldo" this season. Dec. There are many ramifications to the deal, we are told. Meanwhile, Ram officials admit that the Ram players have held two more meetings in the past few days to iron .out the situation. It's still another indication that something ii wrong. Billy Wade, who insists "I feel I'm just as good 12 in Pasadena's Rose mission. $1.50. and children _ , . , , , , , under 12 ar.d servicemen, 50 Bowl will be opened to the cen[s public today. ' · - j Following are some of the The Jr. Rose Bowl Game area outlets for tickets: annually brings together the! Proctor's Sporting Goods. junior college teams] 123 W. Broadway, Harris not better than I was last year," was asked Sunday "do" in the east and the west in a ( Frank stores in Lakewood you feel there is a lack of team cohesion this year?" [clash which determines the and Santa Ana, Chapman |JF\MI.\(» TWOSOME - · ·'I'd rather not answer that." Billy said. · [national championship. An-.Moore. 1701 E. · Compton " r ~ /,. D ^. cl .' ". . , , ... . . . . ,. . .. . . In our opinion he confirmed all of the report, and nouncement of the partici-JBlvd.. When Hotel, and Hill's Comedian Red Skelton has look of exh.laration as he purchases first tickets rumors Ram officials have been trying to ( y when he pants will be made Nov. 29,'lnc.. 505 N. Main St. Santa or 14th annuaMumor Rose Bowl Game from lovely Miss Junior Rose Bowl, didn't come right back with a Hat ''no!" I Ticket prices remain the 'Ana. Kathy Kcrsh. The game will be played in the Rose Bowl, Dec. .12. "Just a little mistake here or there is our big problem." he continued, "but we're going to work hard .his week to eliminate them. We're going to concentrate on springing (Angelo) Coia." * 4 * * COIA, WHO hasn't lived up to his east ern-earned reputation, has gained only 51 yards in seven games. The Baylor advance man. George (Gabby) Wright, warned his team is much better than its three wins in seven games indicates. "We feel our little ball club --green and sophorr.orish--is coming fast." he said. Last week Baylor was edged'by top-IO ranked Texas 13-12 on a late TD pass. Barnes said "Stanford mace the mistakes we've been making all season" in UCLA's 5313 romp. » « * t THE GENIAL Bruin boss had to delve deep into his notes to find any flaws in the startling performance. He ran through a long list of fellows w'ho turned in praiseworthy performances. He expained the a.-nbush of pass wizzard Dick Norman as a case of "always havi-j some kind of rush on him. It kept him off balance ar.d he never knew- where the rush w a s coming from." Norman, the Lynwood lad who has been the national passing and total offense leader all season, was held to 39 yards gained. · Barnes called North Carolina .State. Friday right'l jCoIiscum opponent, "a team '(Cintinued Page C-3, CoL 6)

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