The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1947 (*nb Needed I Some Areas IDry Weather Helps (Cotton and Helps in ^Sections Growing Hay t (By Unlttd Press) Weather was favorable for farming' last week In Arkansas although much of the state Is in need of rain, according to the Arkansas weekly we|ther and ciop bulletin. The Southwestern counties are drier than other areas. The growth ol corn and other feed crops, hay and pastures Is-being retarded in tli^sc. counties with some damaet ;ln )ocal areas. I in general, the report said, the 'recent dry weather has been a boon to-cotton which is fruiting profusely, jlnsect damage Is "°t .serious 01 Extensive In the main areas bu' considerable damage has been don 'locally In some of the minor cotton counties. •;•- Unfavorable for Insect pests, th f dry weather also helped make coi [i trol measures more effective. Mos H of the cotton In the low spots Is »o\ £ growing and' has taken on good color. Acreage in local areas which had '. not been chopped and was grassy a couple of weeks ago has | keen- cleaned out af.d is mnktni: gaqd growth. - '. A limited acreage of cotton which drowned out has been planted lo , corn 'and'other crops. Nights have] heen too cool for best development of .cotton but otherwise condition i haye been favorable. pther_crop conditions at a glnncc: Rice "continues very promising in '.most areas.' 1 Some riant la(c Soybeans Soybeans arc making fine growth; '• many early fields are "blooming, j Some' iate'plantlng continues. Corn . IE doing . well in Northern 1 ' and Eastern counties with many areas • having the best prospect In several years. The crop is in need of rain In central and Southwestern counties. Cutting and combining of small 5 grain crops is practically finished, and threshing is underway. Some ; farmers are following oats with grain .sorghums and other late feed crops. . The week was favorable for haying, enabling farmers to put<'up' a large amount of feood quality hay. Harvest of early snap beans aiul cucumbers is. hearing completion. . The green wrap tomato deal !s about over In the Southern ceun- ties. A good crop of In prospect, in other'areas although many fields are beginning to need rain. .-••'•' Watermelons are' being picked with 'the harvesj:, expected to be well underway by July 21. Cantaloupes soon will be ready. Early piefaches and npplcs are. being harvested. Tn.elmain crop, if Elbertas should be ready In nnuilicr week or 10 days. Grape prospects continue good. hfoover ToSp&cial Com/pissipn .WASHINGTON, July -17. (UP)Speaker Joseph W^ Martin," Jr today named formed . President Hprijert Hoover as a member of a special conmiission to study oper- ^ I'tions of the executive branch o the government. ..Brothers Saw Killer Near Body Work Begins On Program For Europe TAIflS, July .1C. (UP)—France rop^'jd ye.slerda'y that an ecu- cm:;. <im-.s!lcnii:iii'e lie .submitted lu tlic 10 nations particijxit- ini! in the European economic co- 0;'u'ration committee. Tiie CLueslipjmnlru wou!<l provide j :>1c fails :if;d liijures necessary fur .driuvlii!: i;p ':m Integrated ve- 1 construction pvin to be .submitted! lo (lie U. li. i-,y Sept. 1. Hoi'VO /•. phaml. cL-onotnit; dirci:- tor of the Fren:-h Foreign Office ''.lid II 1 :? questionnaire- before the. ccrr-':nitt( e ;il ,its lir.'it mectinK in U»; Quia D'Or.s. Olsni':sk-n of .the questions was Hit: only nusinos.s of the two find LIU- h:ill hour M'ssiou. Further iiistn:.'.i'ii will b:' resumed today. Driving luimo f>''«n wort: at a a. in. Hiiny yc:iKi-r, Icl'l. and Ills DroUii-v Charles, ciiiis;. .'iioUftl a matt acling .siispk'ioiusly In a Miincn. Oliio, chin In ml Ni ^ Uirs *•*>» l woman's form on llm firoiiml. 'Ilioy left lo Mi-phone .Slui'ifi' l.rioy HcUerer. rli'lil, und when Ilicy ridiuncd the man luul ili-iatipruri'd, lint the r:ivi.s)wil, almost iiiulr. bmly of Mrs 7ri i Iks-. ( i I) s u is disuni lid. Sin 1 luid Ix'cn slraiiKlcd will) tin tlotliosliiv.' lu-lil hy rfu'iill lit plinto nbovi-. Murder i-lKirjjo lias linen lilixl against Kdnu'Mi) i). Young. M^-ycLU'-oliI truck driver, KoiiLshl m um- nection wnii ^Inyiiu'. (NBA Toloplioio.i Three Miners Die In Indiana Pit When Roof Foils 101 Anti-Fuse lists Sentenced in Contempt Gases WASHINGTON, July 17. I UP) — Federal .nidge Richmond B. Keech today sentenced Dr. Kdward K. Uac- aky. chairman of the joint Ant.i- Fasclst liefii'jee Connnittee to nix months In jail and fined him $500 for contempt o! Congress. Kccch .sentenced 100 other lead- tr.s of the ori! animation, including novelist Howard Fas!, to three months each and lined them $500 piece. The court assessed $r>GO Ones a- ainst live remaining defendants, idlnj; Herman Sluiinlin. Hollywood ;uul IJrr>adway theatrical pro- lucer, and Leveretl aicason, putt- tslier of the magazine "Readers' Scope," after they said they wish•d to purf;e themselves of (ronteusp Read Courier News Want Ads. Niti'o«e!i. phosphorous, aiv.1 po- tlissium, the throe prii'.npal ok'- ilrcptomj'clii, earth mold chcm- is effective tlissium, the throe prii'.npal ok'- 1 i t . a ! is effective at'Jfnst |Voguo, limits of jcrli!!is:r, are im;;o:tanfc |) ie "Black Death" of the Middle- Inyi'cdienls of munitions. ' A"es. iA new method of revealing the aije of prehistoric bone.} by chemical analysis lias toon pei'lcctecl, anthropologists say. Scientists Now Want World Made Safe for Atomic Energy WASHINGTON. July 17. (UP) — T\vo vents a^o yc.sterday, on a veinolp Ki'cllon <;f the New Mexico ilcsi-rt. mar\ - L ;i'l oil his lirst atom In sc:le!i)n connnemotuUon of i hut event, I'ryf. 'Albeit Einstein and otlvr s-.-ie:; \vho made the Lxxnb po-jsihle soimcled n warning "Iminiin leonrity ean never assut'ed ontil the world has been Hindi' siie for atomic en- r.!i^iU'<!i we knew from the l>«- inj. lh" r t the. task woisld he :nll-. 'ft'.f lack of pvo^reKs lo (hue lias bren (ilscouraglnB," Ilioj 1 d in a stateincnt issuetl hy the ilri'atK'm of Aaiericun Seler^lisls •Some penjik-, '.i\ lac.t, have ac- 3U'<1 <lofc-n'., i.nul have nefually sugge.stefl 'hut Uuil^d Nations ncgntiatioiw be nlxindoiietl. We, en the o'her li^nd, affirm our belief that ihe coa^mon Interests wli'.ch ltd lo (he establishment of te UN are more compelling than ever." nicians won't have to "rough it" nuieli jon^er. T'liy Atomic. Energy Conunission s:iid Ihe crude huts and harrack;; u) Hie "mystery town" of fOOO soon will he replaced hy modern apartment buildings. IfAUl'E. f.ucl... July 17 (U] J J- '['iirei- miners irere killct. ye.slel'nay v/hen a -slate roof col- lapred at l.he Victory ntiiifi of tlu ] J it;iijiid Co:U Corpanxlloti- clijh miles e:ist t»f 'I't-rre Haute. More 11 LIU 'Mn workers report. edly '.v*.-]-e hi the ^ilrip mine a the time.- of Hie ijolluptiP. Tlu Ihree un-n weri.- hurictl in th 1 slute t'.ill lor morn thnit three hour; before their cl usheci bodies wor reached by rescue workers. The er.lirc- .slate roof of on otio'; of the mine )i:nj to b ckt'il u;> befure the bodies \ver cxtrit-ateti. Read Courier News Want Ads. l^irst I'risoncr l!dsr.>r M. illa!yl)urton, 'Taylor.^ville, N. -C.. wns the American cvjplined in World War I af- U'l 1 the United Stiiles' deo'ai'ation WASH1NGON, July 17. (UP) — Government officials conceded on the second bifthcluy oi the atom bon:^ that a'.omic research is here to slay. They announced :\ nnilti- milHon. dollur improvement pro- Bram for Die (own of I«s i.Vamcs. N. M... chief sssfinbly center for Ilio A-lwmh. .'.intUcii of EcicT.ttsts and tech- Hybrid Seed Cora GROWN FOR ARKANSAS See Your Dealer* OWENS TKACTOR CO. Blythcville R. A. CHILOUESS Leach ville 1IAUVF.Y SISTEHS K.F.I)., Lcuohvlllc MISSCO IMri,K,>fENT CO. O.sceoLi I.F.E WILSON CO. Wilson m ELECTRIC DISPOSALL JUGT SCRAPE IT DOWN THE DRAIN The electrically operated Disposal! shreds all food waste—including boner,—into fine panicles, which are carried down the drain and out of the house— imaieiliiHely. Your sink is always cleanl / NO MORE GARBAGE There are no garbage containers or garbage odou in the Disposall equipped kitchen. The food v/astc is gone before it can spoil. lianceCo. Your G.F. Store in BlytheviHe HODIL FA-3ER DISPOSAL! $124.50 Prlc» Include* F*<f«ral Excfse Tax HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR Carnal-ion or Pe! 3 Toll Cans Prepared Quarts FOR YOU IN EVERY 50 LB. SACK! That's i-iyhl! You'll find n coupon, worth lOc in every SO Ib. sack . . . niul one worth 20c in every 100 II). suck! Good for cnsh or mcclmmlise ................ PurAsnow ENRICHED FLOUR One Pound Box Monarch White Cream Mo. 2 Can No. 1 Can Pinto 3 for Btiby Beef Short Cut Found IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY A cranky, troublesome car can rnin a perfect vacation. Make sure your car is in A-l condition before you start off for vacalionlaml. Drive in today and - let our expert staff check your rnr from bumpei lo bumper. Tune up t!ie motor, adjust I hi! brakes, change oil—do everything so important to yovir car's "health" and your happiness and safely. Evcrgood May rose Brookfieid 1 l.b. Rolls Fresh Ground Pound Dried Blackoyed Pound Happy Hour Red Kidney No. 2 Can Armour's 101/2 Oz. Jar CMC TRUCKS LEE PHONE 519 OLDSMOBILE SALES INCORPORATED I SAUCE Hunt's 8 Oz. Can No. 2'/2 Can No. 21/2 Can One Lb. Can Mothers Small Skinless •Pound "A" Grade Pound Young, Tender .Pound Farm House Extra Sifted Can Armour's With Beans 1 Lb. Can 8 Oz. Cake IVORY Large Box Smnll Box 12* HAPPY HOUR FOR QUALITY HAPPY HOUR I * lA GROCERY " ili MARKET 108 E. Main St. Phone 814 iM'i.. Sal. & Mon., July 11, 12. II Happy Hour for Delivery B BARS - LAST WEEK'S WINNERS: PHONE NO. MRS. T. J. BARNES CAR TAG NONE CAR TAG NO. 148-715 FREE—If you find your car tag number .or your phone num- ber on this ad, while ad is in effect, one case drinks, your choice, .by paying deposit on bottles. TELEPHONE NO. 266$ I O c 73

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