The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1999 Committee Named To Seek Successor t * To Happy Chandler By JOG BKIOHI.KR ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec.'14. (AP)—Major league dub owners appointed a four-man committee today to search lor a new commissioner to replace A. H. (Happy) Chandler, who again vowed that he would not resign 1 The 'commlttte, composed of two men from the National and two from the-American League, was Instructed lo begin screening candidate*'Immediately and endeavor to bring bick * report to the own • r« at, the! meeting next , February. The committee I ajto hu been «mpowe red' to 1 Oder » riS.OOu a' year salary to! Chandler's successor. That amounts to a tlO.OOO : increase a\er the salary Hlppy chandler paid: to the present commissioner. A club president who asked his name not be used, said the majority or the club owners voiced their preference for a man having no connection with baseball. That man »1»6 muit;be a "universally respected person • .possessing a judicial mind," he added. This irould tend to eliminate auch heretofore outstanding candidates as Ford Prick, president of the : ,-Nat tonal League; George Trautman, head of the minors, and Warren'Giles, president of the Clu- cfnnatl Reds. ,-»in't Want BaKfcall Man Although neither league has niade'public its: committee, it Is believed that Del Webb, vice president • of the New Yorlc Yankees, and Billy -Evan*, general manager of; the Detroit Tigers, are the American League pair while Lou Perini, Boston Braves president, and Giles represent the-National. "The owners do. not want a baseball-man for commissioner," the Informant said, "fthey -fear that a man inside the baseball family might be more frlendy to some than -others and therefore might tend' to be prejudiced. They want a man with a judicial mind who is not ; directly connected with politics." 'in the meantime, Chandler a^eadfastecUy. sticks .to his vow to keep hit job "until the final sec ond~of my tenure." It wai learned-Chandler was 'offered a cash-payment of J100.000 at Tuesday's joint session 11 he would resign. That represents (15,000 more than the amount he would make at Ills $65.000 a year salary ir he :tayed on the remaining jfU4 months. His contract expires May 1, 1952. Chandler refused. He Insisted he had a creditable Job for baseball and Its owners and rteved » new term. The owners, who Monday night voted not to renew l^is contract, disagreed. Porkers Boast Scoring Balance Ambler Leads Pack With 10.5 Average; Toar Hester Second FAYETTEVILLE.. Ark., Dec. 14 ,_•>)—If there's anything the University of Arkansas basketball (cancan boast besides height, it certainly Is scoring balance. Going into tonight's game here with Oklahoma A. fc M., no Porker has averaged more than 10.5 points per game. That highest mark belongs to Bob Ambler, who has a total of 42 for four games. And all but one of the'11 Porkers who' have seen action this season have broken into the scaring column. . Billy (Toar) Hester, the seven- foot'sophomore who has been understudying Ambler at center. !'s the second top scorer in average wllh 10 points a game. However, he didn't see action in one game, nml his 30-poiht total Isjthe No. 3 high. Walter Kearns, sophomore forward, is second to Ambler In total points with 32 in four : games. Other top scoring Rnzorbacks are Jack Hess. 29; . L. Miller.-26; Norm Price, 19, and Qene Lambert, 17. Coach Presley ^skew has indicated that'he may use Hester and Ambler together for the first time tonight by shifting Ambler to n forward position. He feels control of the rebounds might be the key to a victory which would avenge a two- point loss to the Aggies last week. HK1SMAN TKOrilY WINNER—Vic JaiiowicK, Ohio Slate University halfback, poses with the Helsman trophy at New York a.few hours before being formally presented with the trophy 'which is emblematic of Die outstanding college football player of the year. Tills picture was made at an afternoon rehearsal Tuesday. No pictures were iiermlttet! at Ihe actual presentation. (AP Wlrephoto). Wil ford White Was Nation's Top College Ground Gainer NEW YORK, Dec. 14. (AP)—Wilford (Whlzzer) While, crack all- around athlete at Arizona Slate College at Tempo, was the No. ball carrier In college football during the hist season. ~~ + The hard-working halfback pile; up a total of. 1,502 yards In hi. team's, ten games, giving him n 160-yard overall edge over Bobbj Reynolds, Nebraska's spsctauuia: sophomore climax runner. The National Collegiate Athletic Bureau, which keep track of sucl things, announced that white thu became the second plnyer In thi history, of-the sport to lug the bai more than 1,500 yards In a sh season. The record Is-held by Fred Wend of Texas mines',-.who registered 1.57i Players Are Surprised At Firing of Chandler YORK, Dec. 14 (AP)—Most of the major league baseball players, it *eem«, were surprised and disappointed Hint major league, ownen failed to renew the contract of Commissioner A. B. Chandlerr Some,of the leading stars were yesterday what they thought' about the recent startling developments.'in St. Petersburg. To the man, they said they thought Chandler had done a good Job u commissioner. Most of them expressed • surprise. Several said they'were sorry the commLfsioner •was being fired. Typical comment came from Ralph ' Klner, Pittsburgh's home run king, and Stan Musial, outfield •tar of the St.- Louis Cardinals. Klrier declared:' "AU i can .say ic that i was surprised, really surprised. ; P e r s o n a.l 1 y, I thought Chandler was a wonderful guy. He was always fair lo me." Muslal, an .employe .of Fred Baigh,'" one of-the anti-Chandler faction, asserted Chandler "was doing a very good Job' and we in baseball will miss him." ' . "Hvtthlnton Liked Hap Comment from other players: Freddie Hutchlnson, Detroit pitcher and American League player represcntatie: "I was sorry to see/the Chandler thing come up. I know Chandler personally and like him very much. I'm sorry to see It happen. I think Chandler has done some good things for ''aseball. 1 ' Cliff Chambers, pirate pitcher: "He was a distinct credit lo the game. I thought he was very'cap- able. He did a great Job for the players .on the pension plan and on television rights. I was surprised the owners let him go." ! Pat Mullen, Detroit outfielder: "He was » very, very nice guy. He'd always go out of his way to say hello IQ you. The first time I met him he called me by name from a box seat at Detroit. I thought he did a fine Job as commissioner, and hated to see him go." ^id a Grt»t Job" Pele Castigllone, Pirate intleUicr: "He did a great Job. I thought. He got a lot of publicity for .baseball. He did a lot for semi-pro baseball and that, of course, helped the major league game indirectly. He served Ihe game well and he served the players well." Pete Slider, Athletics inflcldcr: "It WAS a surprise to me. All the players liked him and thought he «»s a good commissioner. He did a great Job for the players with the pension plan. Frank oustlne, Pirate coach: "I WM »ma»ed to hear he had been dropped. He did a very commendable Job as commissioner the past couple of years." All Koiar, White Sox Infielder: "It was « big surprise. He always treated the players well, and I hated to ses him go." . Joe Page. Yaniccw' 'pitcher: "I •thought he was doing a red! nice job ks (Ar-M everybody in biweball WM concerned. Everything h« did WM open and abovt bo»rd." College Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Bradley 88, Purdue 73 Hamllne .82, Utah Slntc 64 Detroit 62, Michigan Normal 54 Bowling Green <O> 7-i, Arkansas Stale 51 Illinois Wesleyan 64, McPhcrson (Kns) 37 Culver-Stockton (Mo) Teachers 66, Missouri Valley 54 Baker (Baldwin Kas) 74, Rockhurst (Mo) 58 - Pittsburgh (Kas) State 60,' Indiana Stale 56 Texas Tech 62, Washington (St. Louis) 48 • Southern Methodist 70, Centenary 52 Louisiana Tech 40, Southeastern Oklahoma 30 : Arkansas Tech 53, Northeastern Slate (Okla) 51 ' New Mexico 75, Texas Western 65 AICCagers Win and Lose To Outsiders By The Associated Press Two Arkansas collegiate basketball powers won and lost in encounters with out-or-stnte foes last night. Defending Ale champion Arkansas Tech had a rough time wllh Northeastern State College of Tah- lermah, Okla., and only nosed out a 53-51 victory through a lost minute field p-inl hy Gene Wnlllck. Tech's lillly Bert. Bflkcr made 20 iroints to lead the scoring. Dewarri Dopson. who didn't start the game, marie 16. The game was played at Russellville/, , ,. \ • ;' Bowling Oreo-n Stale University defeated Arkansas Slate,, 74-51. at Bowling Green, o. It was State's first loss In three games. Bawling Green led throughout nnd was .ahead 30-21 at Imlfllmc. Bowling Green's Jim Gcrber and George Beck were first nnd second In scoring with 27 and 17 points, respectively. liny ScolL scored 15 points nnd D. E. Conner, 14, for Arkansas State. Marriage Licenses The . following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe county clerk: Donnlil Lee Prnsuhn nnd Miss Thclirm Elizabeth Kroener, both cf Nashville. 111. Roy Huff and Mrs. Bessie E Dauner, both of Canton, 111. Gustafson Signs 10-Year Contract MIAMI, Fin., lice. 14.,(iT>)—Andy Gustafsou, who coached Ihe University of Miami Hurricanes througli their first undefeated football season since 1933, lias agreed to a ncv 10-year contract. He also signed n new 10-year pact to coach the south team in the annual North-South collefic nil-star game in the Orange Bowl. Terms of the contracts were not disclosed but It was believed the university agreement will exceed S175.0CK) and the Shrine pact will ndd at least S2S.OOO in the 10-year period. yards'ln 1048. . Reynolds carried the ball for 1.34 yards to place third on tlie all time list. His achievement was re mnrkabtc because it was made a gainst major opposition wlierea Tempo played largely a minor schc dulc. The work horse of college footba ilurliij; the past campaign was By Townscnd of Texas, who wa handed the ball 228 times auti to], to gel going. This topped the pre vious record of Hardin-Slminons Rudy Mobjoy., .who participated 227 rushing plays in: 1040. Here football's top fi rushers: Games Rushes Yard 1. White. Ariz. St.. 10 19S 150 2. Reynolds, Nebraska 9 193 3. Smith, Texas A.&M. 10 193 130 4. Dright. Drake 9 183 123 5. Stlnson, Kansas . 10 107 112 Cooter Wins Pair COOTEB. Mo., Dec. 1-1 — Cootc HlRh Scbool's boys and girls has kctljall Learns won a doubleheadi. from Hroggatloclo Tuesday nigl wilh the boys winning 44-37 the girls victorious 30-23. Next Tuesday night the Coote teams meet Stcclc at Cooler. Sports Roundup ' Bj BUGH FDUJCETON J«- Chick Bees Win at Wilson WILSON, Dec. 14.—The -Blylheville Chicks' "B',' cagei's advanced to the semi-finals f Wilson High School's invitational tournament lust night but the Squaws were eliminated. NEW YORK, pec. 14. (API-It oesu't make sense .... Footl/ill caches' everywhere are quitting or clng fired because of ulcerii. in iclr stomachs or won-and-iosl re- ords—and Frank Leahy gets a pay nlse after his worst season.. ..Ami e's a guy who probably needs a cou- 'le of good ends more than the lough,...In the course of their slap happy" meeting, the major eaguc baseball guys didn't do much bout that radio-television.proble'O hat was supposed to be such a hot wtato. It won't help the minors mich merely to suggest that big Ica- juc clubs shouldn't increase their oo-blg networks...-Now that Kanas u, has shown what can be ac- ompllshed by waiving personal fouls basketball, how about a similar Mscball rule to let a batter waive n intentional pass? He could make he pitcher keep throwing until he lad a chance to connect. Psychology Student Dutch Meyer, the Texas Chris- Han U. coach, l» felting a few laughs on the banquet circuit tell- inj; I his one.... When Sammv Baugh was playing for TCU, colorful Krnle Qiilgley refereed . an Important game.., .Sam called for a plunge from the one-yard line and I lie, TCU boys all thought they had scored, but Quig said no... HauKli quickly silenced complains by saying: "Boys, Mr. Qute> ley is the best referee In the game. If he sail! we didn't'get ovfr, we didn't get over." Then Sammy called for another plunge; the fullback was stopped at about the lamp, spol and without hesitating, Quiglcy signalled a touchdown. One-Mlmile Sports Page Story from the south Is (hat Wallace Wade won over a few Southern Conference members who were doubtful about electing him com ml.s5lo.ncr by saying _he wouldn't ex pect them to take the. financial rnp if they cnn't play football next fall ...Western Up on tonight's gardei basketball: "Washington state hasn't .anything but the two-platqoi system Jack Friel has used for 23 years." u. of New Hampshire students have begun n campus fundraising drive lo buy Jackets or sweaters for the university's first undefeated and untied- football team And stfmo .folks still claim all toot ball Is "professional."!-,. .Texas Tech which once boastea the tallest bas- kelball team on earth, .has a good C-10 and a good 6-7 player this season and doesn't consider It umisua New York D., which already has dedicated its new gym ami new basketball floor, will' dedicate the swimming jjoor Saturday. Next wil be the men's shower, room. Cleaning ihe' Cuff Farly line makes the Browns and Ibe Itams seven-point favorites in the two National Football league playoffs Sunday. Tills corner is more, inclined lo string »lnn B with the better defensive coaches, Steve." Owrn and George Hulas. . . The 1950 world scries movie will he previewed (with sleak) hy the press Dec. ZO. . . . Hill Blair. Michigan .Sliite hockey co-captain, has won the Margate City (N. J.) beach patrol rowing race for two straight years.:.. Bob Hall. Yale's progressive new athletic director, plans to open 20 out-of-town ticket outlets ne\t fall lo hrlp fill those v&rant snacej In the bowl.. He also hopes lo sell the Idea to the rest of the Ivy League which, he says, "still is opernling on 13%$ irtras." Uranium ore has been- found i two countries In New Mexico. « V V v 9 w _ K » 9 X y FOOTBALL & BASKETBALL^ - ! ^«-^^^x^^^^^___^^_ ^*^-^-^^**^fe^, CHRISTMAS CLEARANCE SALE! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY! FOOTBALLS Rowlings FOOTBALL 7.95 J 1 Basketball --11.95 I 11.95 Value Wilson's Charley Trippi FOOTBALL - 3.95 4.50 Value Fast Break Artist Returns to Prison WALLA WALLA, Wash., Dec. 14 W)—Ralph Burns Egan. exponent of the "fast break" in basketball, was back in the state penitentiary today. Tuesday night Egnn, a reserve 6 guard on the prison's city league 1 y hoop team, scored six- points before " coming up missing at the Y.M.C.A. Last night >ie returned to the 'Y" and telephoned tlie prison, provided him with gratis service back lo his "quarters." he did not explain his absence. Prison 'officials today said the team would not be penalized for Egan's A.W.O.L. activity, Hie first breach In five years of "outside" athletic participation at the pen. The oldest Mission churches ore in New Mexico, the first permanent church being built in 159B. Wilson's Collegiate FOOTBALL Z.2S Value (Roys Model) 1.85 BASKETBALLS Rowlings' Molded 12.95 Value McGregor-Goldsmith Basketball--15.95 11.35 Value (Second B«t) Wilson's Second Best FOOTBALL 10.50 12.50 Value which "taxi Wilson's Rubber FOOTBALL 6.9S Value 5.95 (All Weather) Wilson's Rubber . Basketball ---7.35 8.9.1 Value (All Weather) Wilson's Husky Basketball -- 4.95 5.95 V.ihic | Many Others to Choose \ From. All Models & ? Prices. Arkansas Sporting Goods 421 W. Main—Bill Godwin, Mgr.— Phone 6762' In the first round games last ight the Chick "Bees" had little oublc in getting by Tyronza 45-29 ut Coach Donna Johnson's Squa'ws ew a 14-polnt halftlme lead arid ere knocked out of the tourna- lent by the Wilson glrl-s '44-27, In other names last night the Wilon hoys defeated Dell 51-19; nml Dell girls won over Tyronza 1-24. At halftlme Intermission the quaws had a comfortable 31-7 lead ut they, folded in the last half -hlle Wilson rallied and managed o score only six points. - ' Blllic Prronell. Blythevllle's long liootlng forward, paced tlie Squaws' oint-making with 17 points while rice led Wilson with 25. The loss •as the third straight tor the }uaws this season. Holland Scores 19 The Chick "Bees" were never ser- ously threatened In their game, 'hey took the lead early and then >ited In the points in the late stages or their margin. Montroe Holland, the Bees' giant culer. swished through 19 points to cad Blytheville's attack. Most of ils points were made on re-bound hol.s. Donald Gentry was runner- ip for Blytheville with nine count- Jim Deer paced Wilson's boys to their victory. Deer, a center, whipped through 13-points .while .Coach Roy Stobaugh's tourney-host Bulldogs won going away. Perkins led Dell with 11. - - .' By.virtue of their whis last night Ihe Chick "Bees" and Wilson will clash In the semi-finals Friday night. It will be the first, time in a number of years that the Blylheville and Wilson boys teams have met. -. Dell's girls had very little .trouble with Tyronza. They jumped to an early lead, built up a sale margin and then coasted through the final quarters. -.. . . . Hrown I.«ads Dell Brown led. Dell's scoring with 27 points and Justice was high - for Tyronza with 10, First round play In the tournament continues tonight with' four more games. Seml-finnl games be- Ktn tomorrow night and will be completed Friday night. Finals In the, tournament are scheduled for Saturday night. Tonight's schedule pits GooiieU's girls against Luxora at 6 o'clock; Gosnell's boys with Luxora at T; Osceola's girls with Shawnee at 8 and Osceola's boys with Shawnee at «, : ' . . -....- Blytheville lineup*: • Glrh- Came Wilson (44) Po«. Blr'vllle.'(«) . Price <25) F (4) ParrS« Bowen. (18) P. (17) Presneir Greeriwell (1) ...P.... («) Phillips Bird .;.,:..,.:.: G......... H0 dg« Andrews G........ Sirtton Peeper .....;... .O.'.... Jones -• substitution's: Wilson—CIssell and Davis,' Blytheville —. Rhodes, Thaxton and -Keller. ' - ' . . ; . Bays' Game -. Blylheville (45) Vai, Tyranxa (») Hays (4) O'Brien (4) . . Holland (19) Biirnham (3) Crafton (6) . .-. 1 Substitutions: ..p.: ..p.. . c.. ..o.. (9) Blvens (3) Norcross .. (6) Wilson Watson U . GUI Blytheville—Gentry (9), Hlggeiison, Droke, Halstead, and Privett. Tyronza' _ H Blvens, Young (4), Lewis, Davis and Williams. • • . - With the Courts Chancery: Linda Fern Bashers vs. Carl Oliver Bashers, suit for divorce. TRU-VAL SHIRTS Fairflex 1 long life 'collar. More value, per dollar .'tKari; any shirt on earth.- Looks ' better . .'.-fits'better 1 '.'.1 i~ . wears longer.. .Sa'nforized, •;: guaranteed-by Good Housekeeping. Whites, solids,-fart, ties and pastels. : ' "' $2.65 & $3.50 TRU-VAL TIES Real "Conversation ,Ties". Graceful patterns and new-. est colors. Made in patented drapestitch dimple knot . construction to insure a perfectly tied. knot.' 100 % . pure wool lined. . . $1 and $1.50 • Compare and ^ vou II Wear iS * STEVENS Once yon see, fed and compare them,-you'll always insist on a Ster vens . . . The hat that outshines them all. Exclusively al Hays. $5 - $7.50, $10 Gire Convenient GIFT CERTIFICATES From Hoyj Store 200 E. MAIN ST.

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