The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 7
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EIi'fIT BU'THEVlU'n, (ARK.) COURIF.R NEWS Oil's Homer Scores First Series' Runs Spaulcling Says Southern California Has All That's deeded to Win. 11V BILL. SPAUI.D1NG Oarh University of California at I.os Angles 'Copyright, (933, NEA Sen-Ice, Jnc.i LOS ANGELES.—Will! personnel, plenty o[ experience and i winning psychology, the. Trojans of • .Southern California look like iv- IxiUcrs to win the Pacific coitsi championship. Practically every school nlong : nc (.oast begins the ISM season with a belter outfit than last year's. And in 1 ? Trojans have kept rlgtu l!iet;p with liie improvement parade. True. Ernte Smith, outstanding tackle of ihe country a year ago, has gone. But Howard Jones hu:i men like Lady and Harper, two of 'ihe ruggedest types of manhood that could be imagined, ready to Jump Into Ernie's sh:es nt right tackle. Bob Erskinc. defensive i-nd and blocking back of a year ago, will take good care of Toy Brown's old tackle position. He ts everything a coach dc-sircs for this position, which is the toughest on any tain. << * * Rosenberg should be iljc best guard of the year and a" All- America «t the end of t:\e season. Stevens is equally good in his position as the other regular guard. Youell is as'good a center as any one could wish for. He is n senior with two years of pivot experience behind him. Southern California is well-fixed for ends, too. will) Captain Palmer at one, and Browning nnd Bescos at Uic other, with u backlickl of Gril- fith, .Warburton. HO'.vard. Clcmons. Clark, McNeish, Bright, Probst, Watkins, Matthews nnil others, it appears now that t!-.e Trojans can't be headed. lixrting briefly over the oilier schools in the conference: CALIFORNIA - Should have one of tiie bc;i seasons In years Ransome, Christie. Carlson and Meek on the line, and a great array of replacement material. Excellent backs, such as Brower, Mcel- ler, Klein, Williams, Kfcefer and Quisling. Despite the defeat by Santa Clara, California Is goinc places. * • • WASHINGTON STATE — Dark horse,':. Babe Holllngbery has any number, or great football men available. Thcodoratus undoubtedly will be one of the season's best tackles. Every position in the line strung and well fortified with subs. Colbum, a smashing fullback nnd should be as good as Schwartz who played on the championship Cougar tenm. Sarboc, an experienced back, fine kicker and passer and dynamite-in the open. WASHINGTON — Belter than in a number of years. THURSDAY, SLIDES SILL BRffUCHEK, Pete Craig Gels Big Manor With Breezy Wynn Out Ms own. He Is fighting it out with: for the Seminoles 1 third game of tt Toby Palmer, n Knoxvllle boy, for the season nnd the jerond game to* Wynn's posjllon but both are cer-1 be played on the local field this toin to see plenty of service In year. Hi? fullback role. Craig Is rated as probably the brat defensive back tn Hie Vol camp while Painter Is said Osceoja has one victory to ter credit nnd has suffered one defeat The Indians lost lo Blythevllle last "It's an 111 wind that Wows no- to have the edge as an offensive! week in the first game the' team ' er ployed under flood lights, but Oul of the Notebook The Red Sox management tccly good" and the of [ "llrcczv" Wynn, •I'PIIIIP.VM-P'S star Is spending a half million improving Kf-nway I'urlc . . . Eddie Collins plans to Itnvo u ix-nnant winner within five years. ... If Diat Cleveland wop, Prnnkie Wallace, hud only Fcntlimvdshi Champion Freddie Miller to btnt, ix 1 world champion . . having Riven Fmlille his r.ceond Round pasting u lt-:x nights Inck. . . . Frankle flglits sou'paw from '' I'lgiif-handed stance . . . jou figure that one out. (. •.- r KBIT'S Boys IllKKiT Andy Ken- hai, n more poiw-r- Tullul team llian las', year's 1111- fullback bids fuir 10 give sas I\'!P" Crnle. Uefoic Wynn .will be nble to return to the Vol line-up several of Tennessee's linrdesl games will he won the season's flret game, played here against Trumann. to uo places with hope. •Ai-hin- lilMory. Included in the E , ul , M , a . ,.>.„.,„,,, hoy. a'H* alJ-imiXM-tanl <-li,sli wfu, Ab-i lftAlK)11L C ,- ' °™ „, vol-' Kama's Criinsti,. Tide o,, on. 21 : °' , " ia " es were fnvomd ulonj! wilh Ala-, which will |n-otiul>ly mnb : n.- break! _'^ u omie.s^gowi iw the soiilh'.s championship • ( ' n;i mpioi».!iip holies o[ on., or the[' l ullivr. Oilng- issued by the in 1932. „ CraiK, who Is a foiiliomoi'o :ct! <;i ' n| B was tin: dynamo of Hly- lie would \ [hf Kiioxvilto stlinnl. uiipan-ntly I Hieviilp hl K h teams for several Frankii-: 1 - too good lo keep off the Vols'i VKlrs - '•vinnlnsf all-state honors :is; ''rt|iiad and has been .shifted ubout| m'lback wilh the local team niutl from fullback to guard :ind hack i '•'-'> winning r.eli'cllon nn tm Al[- i (ignin by the Vol t-oaches who am • AJIUM-II-U prep M'lico! tenm. ! I lying lo find a phici> in tl«!ir! line-up for the Blytheville lx>y. i With Wynn nonerally nitcd ys! oiuj uf the l^'.st fullbacks in thf' iioutliwcslcni confcrt-ni'f the iTEOUiuiini; iTOinc nm lino tlr riuht field nt of .stocky Ntel Oil stnrted Hie New York Giants' march to victory o/er the Washington Senators In (he opening Datlle of the 1933 world's scries al Ihc Polo Grounds. The- Gliinls 1 .»lux8ii>i; right llclder Is .shown liure :« te crossed the platter in (ho first Inning, wllh the cheers of tJO.OOO fflns linwliin In hi.s ears. Joe Moore 1 .scoied ahead of Mel, sending the Ti:rryini-n oil to a '2-0 l>'ad. JGiiint Catcher PrcvtMits Pilfer Push Campaign To Soil Season Sports Tickets Intensive campaign to sell season tickets for Blythevllle high school athletic, events is underway this week. The tickets, offered for a nomin- beaten Col^ute eleven, but ojy-ra I lives say it nisi is it bit more cumbersome . . . and that sj>ccdv Ill- He Hob Smith will be mlsf.ed al I (itiard. . . . K«T IIILS been build- i in« an offense of the same tyi>e as last year . . . double spinners. evuriiCK, (luadruple lateral:, <-lc. . . .irnl .speclallxlng in deception vim mow lliiin last year when some nf me si'id sfribef sized m) Kerr's viginaro'.c as "the football; of ilic fiilurc" ... if the club; to lo™ r.!!ain it will be be-1 Kerr spoeds 'cm up. 1'unchrs Iln It Misfortune came swiftly to the sinble of Johnny Buckley . . . first his McCarthy wus ruined by Charley Hetzlaff ... Ernie Kchaaf was killed . . . Jack Stint-key was knocked out of tho title . . . i.ou Broulllnrd smashed Adolf Heuscr out of the picture. Il'« An Olil CMsloni Detroit, going iu tiie race"; after a lapse of years, had trouble with tipsters right off the but . . . ii seems some of the liovs were waiting until after the fifth race . . . (hen 'printing :i handbill with the names of the first five winners. vol. .mentors decided some time ago to. j . l hil'L Cralji to % I U'ynn out lor si? | us thi' result ol a Crai I"*"' Luxora Team Tomorrow . Bllt '^fUs or mor,- ' '" Jm ' y suslanl '"" y co ""'" uo OSECOLA. Ark.. Ol. :>.~-Tne Osceola Indians will meet the l/.:xora high school team on the Ir.cul field at 3:IS o'clock itimorrow ufu-nioun Bur-Ming at the last two races and pursing out their selections to the .customers after Ihu races . . . with the cry. "You can't go wron? with Sharpshooter Soandso — five al nmount, nllow the holder en- trdiice to four football games, two basketball games, two track .meet? nnd two baseball games. While one has nlitady allowance. ,,: u dividual ticket sellers. The paste- p., ')?, S } g ^"f 1 "™ 1 - : • boar<ls are on sn,c at several dowtt- ^'tteV'S „»'• * %%*%& "Three-Finger" Brown of the old Cub day s has been working at an Latin scholar to play foolball at ! Amhcrst any more . . . the requirement hns been lifted. . Dogs In London are reputed to "'road sense" to good ends! Well balanced line. Some of the best backs on the coast. Sulkosky, the best fullback since Tcs- reau. Ahonro, .fine in the open Held. Mucznskl, performer. fhw all-around OREGON—Had stean- al the end of last, year and may keep right „. on going. Mikulak. be:,', defensive fullback on the coast last year. CalUson's line heavier uid faster, though lacking experience. OREGON STATE—Great possibilities. Held tiie Trojans to 10 points last year, the. coming from a long forward. Fine triple-threat play expected from Franklin. Coach Urn Slinev probably will surprise several opponents. STANFORD — Under a new coach, Tiny ThornMll. is ready to go places. More good 'backs than have appeared In n number of years. Grayson, the most talked of back in the conference. Mullcr, fine center, and Corbus, an All-America guard of known ability. Hamilton, Maentz, Hill and Sim as good backs as can be found. Great spirit on campus. IDAHO and MONTANA—Lack the material of other teams. Smith, of Idaho, probably Is the best open field runner in the conference outside of Warburton. leo Calland's Vandals always put up n great fight. At Montani, Bunny will have a fairly heavy team, bill lacking speed. • + * U. C. L. A.—We should be bcltci than In any other year with added weight in tr.e line. Much depends on tackles, McOue and Rafferty. Mulier, at right end, should be one of the best on the coast with Lott presslrg him for position. Boyer consts ently good at left guard, and Coats an outstanding center. BackneW Is experienced with Keeble, Ciark, Uvesay and Frankovich. losing Decker and Bergdahl. Sophw.iore Murphy making strong bid for Quarterback. ST. MARY'S - Slip Madlgan saw he has the biggest team St. Mary's ever had When Gaels meet Trojans Oct. 14, there will be more than U-o tons 1C football human- Ij Ity on trie gildi-on at one time. This should of St. Mary's best seasons. Many s-jfcs probably iriil beat out Jtgulars. SAN.FRANCISCO U. —Building gradually. Surely will be a force in cotst football -before- long. - SANTA CLARA '—' Under Clipper Smith was an excellent team l«t year, and their defeat of California this year means no good to the others. — Shore every evi- .»C .belni out nt the j »ix>d bn town stores. The Blythevllle Chicks play Piggott hlgll Friday night in one of the foo'.ball games that may be altendcd at the oplion of the season ticket holder. Canadian Births Do™ ^rO^rTREAL. <UP) —Births ill anada during Hie first three months of 1033 totaled 55.048. Dur- ng Ihe same iwriod last year 50.- the point where they look both "27 babies were bom. ways before crossing a street. Fred Schulte hits the dirt, on an attempted steal, but too laie to bent GIIS Mnncuso's throw YOURSELF PROTECTION Senator center fielder second Inning of the world's series opener. teams of the west this fall. Tom Easley, Claude Shaw. and has Ihe material. Lynch. Eflis Ringer, Nelson Gray and Bouchard, a couple of the fast- Harold Porter, T. L. Strectcr, Maest backs on the coast. Dermoily rlon Etisley, Cleveland Porter and and O'Brien can hold their own with any of the best wing men. The American Legion has King Victor Emmanuel of llaly as an honorary member, Wilson Expects Tough Battle at Paragould WILSON, Ark.— The Wilson Bulldogs, coaelicd by Gene Harris, will It will be the Initial game of the season for Ihe local tea gonld showed strength last week by The following Wilson players will make the trip: Paul Blnke, Gilbert Lynch. Richard Weslbrook. Charles Last Time Today j.MAT. and NiTK—lOc - 25c ..ioiid Uarrymore in 'LOOKING FORWARD' i FOX NEWS - - COMKDY Friday & Saturday MAT. am! 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