The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1935
Page 3
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Firm Understanding With Eastern Neighbor -Is Goal of Germany hV MiiA'pN B'RONNF.R NKA Servli* Staff Correspondent , LONDON. — Hermann Goering, PooliTBah in Ihe Na?.l ndminislra- lioti of Germany,' Lord HiRli This and That, has spent a holiday in Bialowelza Porosl. as Urn guest lit d hVinllng parly thrown by Pi-esl- d<!iit ,'Mbselckl of Poland. . It was given out that the much-" uniformed Hermann spent his timft limiting hc-nr. Hut Ills real game 'was lo lighten up Germany's relations willi Poland, to strengthen Its resistance to French plans for the pacification of Europe, mid to arrange for n later mcetlnc be- tv;e<m Hitler, boss of Germany, and Pilsudskl, boss of Poland. A very important expedition. Just about a year ago the world in general and the I'rench, in particular, read the. astounding new."; that a pact of friendship had been sealed between Germany and Po- lan'd. The two dictators had brought It about. Up lo now, It has teen Hitler's only success In foreign |x>llt!cs. Countries Formerly at Odds It was all the more unexpected because, for years after the World War, Germany and Poland were had neighbors. Danfzig had been torn away, made into a free city under a certain amount of Polish tutelage and control, as a Polish Baltic' Sea port. .The Polish corridor had been driven as a. wedge right through Germany, separating East Prussia from tiic rest of the Reich, and had become Polish ter- Herman Wilhelm Goering Goes Hunting '-'.- )£ L " iiwi '"&&' f $ . ^ Y tf «yn fl^" u r f^iflpf : All dressed up, and with plenty political hunting lo do, Hermann WJIhehn OOP-ring, "The Sword of Hitler," here is pictured, together with n diagram of the scene of ritory. In Upper Silesia, despite the fact lhal in the whole terri- 1 1017 Ihe Germans got a majority j changed in the plebiscite, the best parts, ' ' with the iron, coal and zinc mines, had been given to Poland. All these things Poland owed nminlv Iff Ihe good offices of fils latest prowllugs. The slum's why centrally-located Poland inevitably would become :i vital factor in any" 1 Cenlml European turmoil, Baltic states and the Little En- tent all approve. Germany Is opposed and wants Poland to stand with her. Poland has come lo the parting of ihc ways. Now she will have la choose itcfinilely between Germany and the rest of Europe. Markets New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9 (UP)— The coltbn market was quiet and sleady loday. Trading was moslly of an evening up character and was well divided between sales and purchases. open hiyh low close Mar i2:jg jy-jo )23<J 1239 May 1215 1248 1243 1245 July 12J5 1249 1245 124Q Oct. 1239 1241 1234 ' 1234 Dec 12J4 !24fi- 1244 1239b Jan i239b closed sleady a I 1200, un- Prance. With a view lo enclrcle- menl of Cermany, France signed a- military alliance with, Poland. French money-bags financed Polish undertakings. But as time sped, the Poles became tired of being lowed in the wake of France. There came nn eslrange- menl. Poland considered ilself n great power, lls sudden pad with Germany was 'designed to show this. P.icl Against Russia Feared ' The pact had, an .immediate effect. The two countries agreed for len years lo forego war as a means of settlements of disputes, 'flint meant that, Danlzig, the Polish- corridor and Upper Silesia wej-e pul .In abeyance German papers ceased'sniping at Poland and Polish papers ceased sniping at Germany. Trade arrangements were enlored into, and each country raised, ils legation in the other to (he dignity of an embassy. There were other effects, too. Poland, like Germany, refused to sign a Locarno Pact for eastern Europe. Also, the French have suspected some secret clauses, in the pact between Germany and Poland. It is still believed they New York Cotton NEVV YORK, Feb". 5 (UP)— Collon closed steady. open high low close 1241 1«2 1237 ISM 1246 1247 12-13 1244 ,1245 1248 1244 1244 Mar May July Oct Dec I23B 1240 123S 1231! 1245 !247 1240 1230 Jim ...... 12-Jfi !24fi I2-I.-J |243 Snots closed steady at laiiU. oil' 5. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Feb. 0 (UP)— The stock market held yesterday's fiiiins fairly well in today's short session. In n few instances changes ceeded a point but in the main list fluctuations were narrow meaningless. and have aii understanding in case plv ,,., _ . Russia became Involved in n war IJ:' wllh Japan. The rumor is that then Germany and Poland might A. T. and T. '.........'.. ..104 1-4 Anaconda Copper ... ...... 103-4 Beth. Steel ............. ; 23 3-4 Chrysler . . ...... Cities Service . . Gen. Am. Tank ......... 313 Gen. Electric ............ 231-3 ... 31 1-2 ... 40 ... 77-8 ... 26 3-4 ... 17 1-4 4 5-8 Int. Harvester McKessoii-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard ntlack on the western Russian 1 frontier, the Ukraine being the objective.' Tliis belief was strengthened not Ions ago when high Japanese military officials visited Poland and were shown everything the Polish army had. Polish Second-Thoiishts Recently Iherc occurred the first anniversary of the signing of the Polish-German pact.~By order, all German papers celebrated the event with laudatory articles. The Polish press was not, quite, so enthusiastic. Second thoughts arc beginning to have their effect. After nil. there is lib good .German .substitute for .French money bag.?. • ' '• ' • " - : ' •' ; • '• ' France has effected some sort of alliance wllh Russia". ' Prance also hns sealed a friendship with Italy, and Italy is estranged from Germany over the Nazi, efforts lo.'up- 15 51-8 St. L.-S. P 11-4 Simmons Beds Standard of N. j. Texas Co. 40 1-4 19 7-8 U. S. Smelting ...... .....113 5-8 S. Slcel Zonite 36 3-8 4 1-4 set Ihc cart in Austria. Press and opposition political parlies in Poland hnve more liberty than is 'even dreamed of in Germany. Opposition speakers in the Polish parliament have been voicing misgivings over the pact. They fear that if France is finally and totally estranged from Poland, the latter may some day find itself isolated and friendless, nnd up against a' Germany ready to demand Ihe return of the Corridor nnd much else that goes with il Parting of ihc Ways Until recently nil German news- Jaoer comment on Poland had a soft-lighls-nnd-sweet - music quality. But just the other day the oR- sequlous Deutsche AllgemeinG Zettting blared out with a new time, it would not have dared do It unless permission had been given. It pointed out that while German minorities in Polish Op- .t>er Silesia were still being "oppressed," Ihe reverse vvns true of the Polish mlnorilies In German Upper Silesia. So that's the ttar Gocring has been after. He wants to know where Poland stands and how Ion? she Is going to stand there Prince, for the appeasement or Europe, again has demanded a tocarno pact, for Eastern Europe Great Britain, Italy, Russia the Chicago Wheat open high low close May 90 3-4 91 5-8 flB 3-4 07 3-8 July 83 1-8 00 1-2 89 1-4 DO D-a Chicago Corn open high low close May 84 7-8 85 3-8 84 3-4 BS 1-8 July 80 1-4 8(1 5-8 80 1-8 8U :i-B Prison Jlcnn HALIFAX, N. S, (UP)—The Halifax city prison menu has been changed. The change was ordered by the city Council after convicts threatened'lhat if porridge was served for breakfast and supper much longer they would "throw It right back in the faces of the guards." Henr^i Harrison, O^PVes* the United States, elected President of the Confederacy. cancels air mail officials to <toupj'a the air, /...k *i'fc* f ~~\ NC\T WEEK at Blythevilles Theatres I 117 All the charm and whimsical romance of Frank Capra's "It Happened One Night" have been recaptured in "Broadway Bill, 1 '- to be shown at Ihe Ritz Sunday and Monday Deftly and with'Ihe artistry thai is singularly iiis own, Capra has woven nboui Ihe simple story, of a man and n girl who forsake Ihe luxuries of life for the freedom of a nomad's existence, a delightful, heart-satisfying romantic drama. Particularly edifying are Ihe portrayals by Warner Baxter and My run lay In Hie co-starring roles. The large and Imposing cast ac- quils Itself admirably under Capra's inspired direction. Walter Connolly turns-!» -a grand- flawless portrayal; Helen VJnson is .superb as the social-climbing wife; clar- ence Muse Is his usual comic self, and Margaret Hamilton, Raymond Wnlburn, Lyime Overman, Frankie Darro and Edmund Brcesc contribute lo Ihc film's general excellence. : Cary Grant, who was one of the slars of "the Eagle and The Ilavk," returns again to, a role In an aviation film. Paramount'^ "Wings in the Dark." The pic-' lure, starring Grant wkh Myrhii Loy, comes Tuesday and Wednesday to the Rilz thealer. Although "The Eagle and The Hawk" was a picture of war avia- lion, "Wings In Ihe Dark" is de- volcd lo depleting Ihe thrills and romance In . Ihe development of peace-time aviation. Grant plays the role of a scientific explorer of the air, a moil who strives to make nviatlon safe by perfecting blind-flying. When he is blinded in nn ncci- o'cnl, Myrna Loy, Ihc girl who loves him, helps him to carry on his work with, money she earns in speclncnlur slimt flylnjr. Aclminislrntion L i 1) e rals Discouraged by of Evcnls reiu Grant learns how she has been helping him; he leaver her rather than accept charity. But fate intervenes, and Grant, in'a gripping dramalic climax, goes on a fllgHt lhat saves Miss Loy's life and unites Ihe lovcis. Paul Muni is liookcti for the nv .RODNEY IHlTCIlJiR WASHINCVTON. - New U e a I inj-alB Is- nearer Ixiltom than It vi'i- was before. A fogsy. iere feeling afflicts an unpre- ccdonled number of high officials mid smuioi.s who can't, llml miy- tnij lo cheer iibrjiu. Administration liberals, opllmls- U« lo the lusl after others succumbed lo pessimism, have now been completely llooreil by Ihe dismissal ot Cieneral Counsel Jerome Frank of AAA and a ijroup nf tmb- orilhmios-plus demotion of Coni Cmmsel l ; 'rod C. Howe, appointed lo project consumers from liralUeerfui! under iho AAA program and now uelni; punliihed for trying. Howe, Prank, Gardner Jackson, and others Irleil lo persuade AAA Ailrninbilratoi- Chester Davis Unit fair prices paid to farmers and charged to consumers were heller for Ihe country and the AAA program limn big proflUi for packers, milk corporations, and other "middlemen." But food processors, who bro.ught lerrlfic yive.vsuie nnd packed AAA ranks wllh their friends, are now completely In ascendancy after a long period during which the Uavls group sabotaged and suppressed efforts fin- the consumer. More Dark Clouds Iliu the sensational AAA purge Is only pare, of I lie picture. Here's the rest: Congressional grumbling drowns r.ny cheers over Ihc work relief anil social Insurance bills, now ih-uuging slowly nnd wllh difficulty. The sole Capitol Hill achievement to dale has been negative— defeat of Ihe ndmliilslrnlloii on the World Court. Downtown, PWA, PERA, nml Champagne! And Does It Make Papa Dionne Joyous! 'Ihere's nothing like Oils up In CulJaiictcr, On(., and while Pupa Dionne looks its if ho wished tlieie wcie, Mama Dionne's expression hints UiiU,she's glud there Isn't. One of Die fe* persons who evei lecelvcd c free bottle of champagne in a night club, llio father or Ihc nulniuplols Is shown fondling it whl$s the bcaulcoiis 1,-lojul I'lilertalum in u Chicago nlijlil club dhplny ilieir test smiles ns limy cheer litm on x theater Thursctay and-Friday NRA all worry over wlnl happens in "BordcrtoH'ii," a Warner Bras, production that is said to be the most colorful and the most powerful drama in which he has yet appeared. The picture, .suggested by cnr- roll Graham's best selling iiovbl. Is set for the most part In a resort (own ,011 [he United Slates border, a picturesque rendezvous of rogues, gamblers, outcasts, adventuresses, and also the trysling place of American millionaires and bored society women. • . In "Borderlown," Muni has Ihe role of a foreign youth fired with Inordinate ambition, who drudges at hard labor 1 nil day and studies law at night."only to l;c disbarred for attacking • an opposing lawyer. ''Dauntless, he goes lo n border town, where, he .rises lo riches and power in .Ihe community as th; proprietor of the most fashionable night club and gambling resort. •Two women play'n vital part In his life, one a fiery adventuress, the wife of his irartner. The role is played by Bette. Davis, who is so much In love with the hnndsoatc youth she murders her husband in the hope of winning his affections Margaret Llndsny hns (lie other leading feminine role, as a rich and bored American society woman who takes n passing fancy to him. Buck Jones will be featured in the "Rider of Crimson Trail," a rip-roaring western. The cartoon "Buddy of the Legion" and the serial "Rustlers of Dcd Dog" w John Mack Brown shown. n Iso bu THE 'Charity Milk' Offer Protested in Cincinnati CINCINNATI (UP)—An offer lo sell charily milk at eight cents a quart, three cents under the regular store price and four cent.< under the wagon delivery rale, made recently by a large chain slorc concern here, was protested by the Cincinnati milt control board. "The sale of "charily milk 1 through the stores would decrease route sales, cause Increased distribution cast, fewer routes nnc unemployment, the conlrol com- . „ „ ^,, „„. „_ mlltce of the board said. drama, (o be shown at. the Rosy.devil speedsters battle for racing The company answered buck "H Sunday and Monday. I honors, and two of them fight at > s only fair that Ihe poor peo- Since thc Red Revolution in the same time for Ihe hand of n Pie of Ihe city should receive this 1917, when the Czarist regime was.Beautiful girl. IbpnefH," A. H. Morrill, president scattered lo the four winds, "count-i Brcath-laking- racln" scenes' or thc cha ' n - said - "We can do this Itss thousands of erstwhile mill- were taken at the American Le^ ! bectlllsc st° r e distribution of char- tary and royal dignilaries have gton Ascot'Speedway in Los Ari- ity mill! is cne ai'er than door-|o—' ••-"-• •--'-- -- ....... ' "» ~i ( , oor distl . ib , lllon nn( , a , cl . c wonla be a substanllal saving to The trials and tribulations of former Russian aristocrats who become refugees In America, is one Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Based on a story by Tiistam , _______ ..... „,„ ........ 111M1 of the many interesting highlights Tupper, the plctiiVc' J is"a dynamic it: the plot of "Strange Wives." j love drama that blossoms durin° Unlvcrsal's absorbing comedy- .thrilling auto races In which dare- Park Development Plan Adds 500,000 Acres WASHINGTON. (UP) — Approximately 600,000 acres have been added to state park areas throughout the country us a result of the Civilian Conservation Corps' park development program, reports Director : nobert rvchncr. 1'igures, complin! by Ihe Na- llonnl Resources Uonrrl shoivcd lhat 32 states added a total ol :m.MO acres or recreational hinds to .Ihelr park Incilllle.'i during 1M3 and the firsl nine months of 1931 Since Dint survey was completed, more llian 100.000 (additional acres have been added to stale park properties in various sections Of the country. At present, Fechncr said, aboiil 70,000 men ate engaged In stale pnrk development nwl Improvement work. Turner nutlillng Fast rhiie 'CLEVELAND. lUPt — Colonel Hoscoe, Turner, famous ulr-raclng I pilot, Is bulld'liu! H new rnclriy plane, which he expects 10 develop lop speed of 400 miles per hour, for lisa In Ihe NiiLlnnnl Air Races, he -levealed during 4. ;,top al Cleveland airport. •Out' nave Fire Ala mi NFAV BRITAIN, Conn. (UP) — When (lie bioke out at Arthur Knlljcrg's Iiomc. tha howling of' the family cat aroused .sleepers and saved their Ihes The watchdog slept peacefully tluough Ills commotion nnd liul lo be icspiird Com ier News Want A<K Pays lo them next. NRA, along wllh Ihe A. P. of L.. liles to recover from the sock it got when Itoose- velt turned down NRA recommendations on the automobile code. Morale at the Nallomd I,a- bnr Itelallons Uoard is shot, • lo pieces and you tun Imagine what (he supreme couil oil decision did lo Ihe oil administration. Rumors Cct Nasty Senate munitions revelations In- v'olve higher and higher personages. Evidence of White House wire-pulling by battleship builders —InvolvlnR Jim Farley, •Sci.-retai'y Mclntyrc, 'and the Admiral Peoples who is United as No. I Man in the four-blllton dollar work relief pro- gram—basn'l been a refreshing Ionic to ideallsls. New Dealers whisper lhat Roosevelt is "slipping" in prestige. A sympathetic senatorial secretary from a large slalc remarks that whereas 00 per cent of congressional mall a year ago demanded support of Roosevelt, few such letters now arp received. The administration's own economists insist that Ihere \vns no genuine improvement in 1931 nnd fail lo sec bright skies ahead. scorc of ,,-,11011- ally famous drivers participate. Lyle Talbot and Gavin Cordon enact the roles of racing demons, rivals on the track and rivals for the love of Ihe beautiful dau'ghler Of an auto manufacturer. Gordon, plays Ihe iwrt of a crooked driver and Talbot warns him, in tho hearing of witnesses lhat if he docs any dirty work, it will be his lost race. emigrated to this country. Many of these arc now .residing In Hollywood, America's film capilal, feeling lhat their knowledge of their native counlry will find a place lor some of them in thc production of motion pictures. Tills has been true in many instances, where technical direction on Russian pictures has been necessary. During thc filming of "Strange Wives," such technical knowledge was supplied by Nicholas Koblian- Gordon crowds Talbot In a race sky, a former provost-marshal in their cars clash and the former Moscow. When the call for ex- is killed. The threat is remembering went out on the picture, sev- ed and Talbot is arrested and cral hundred titled Russians, bolh sent to the penltenllary on a men and women, responded. Of charge of manslaughter. His swcct- Ihcse about a hundred were actu- heart gets evidence thai he Is not ally used in Ihc picture, which fiuilly, but Ijcfore she can present deals with the problems of a young ithe pardon the Governor has American business man, who mar- granted, he makes a sensational rics a beautiful Russian girl, only escape from Jail to discover he has lo provide for nil her relatives. It is one of the most amusing screenplays of thc year, with Roger Pryor and June clayworlh in 'lie leading roles. "Red Hot Tires," First Nallori- al's romance of Ih'e automobile racing tracks, Is scheduled as the fealure at traction at Ihc noxy Roaring around the motor ovals at flashing speed, Tim McCoy puts Plenly of thrills and excitement inio Ins latest Columbia action drama. "Straightaway," on the bill at the Roxy Friday and Saturday. When Tim gels orders to throw a race, he resigns his job and goes to work for a rival manufacturer welfare department." the Earharl lo Build hi Wyoming- CODY. Wyo. (UP)—Amelia Eiir- linrt Putnam, the famous nvialrix, and George Palmer Putnam, her publisher-husband, plan (<j build a summer home in Park County and make it Ihcir legal residence, it is unricrslood here. They spent several weeks here last summer on a fishing trip., Munitions ale up most of the 5250,000,000,000 c'x]icmted during the World War. JUlldcr of speedy cars, who is Bringing out what promises to be :he fastest car on the iracks. As caplain of the racing team, Tim nslsts that his young brother Irivc the car. Tim's ex-employer, seeing In the lew car a menace to Iiis continued prosperity, bribes Ills own driver to "get" Tim, and to put the new car "through the fence." Their at•empt on Tim falls, and when Ihey ; ry to wTeck his brother's car, he nterposes his own between and akes the crash himself. MR. MIC A beautiful budaet "My other piece of advice, Coppeiiield," said Mr. Mi- cawbev, "you know. Annual income twenty pounds'/''' annual expenditure- nineteen "six, result - happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds, aught and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the God of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and—and in 'sliort you are for ever floored. As T am!" # -Is- •£ Take it from Mr. Mica\vbcr, or from any one of thousands who know it for the truth, there's no friend like cash! And there's no way to be so certain of cash as to spend within your budget. Begin today! Say to yourself—so much will go for food, so much for rent, so much for fuel, so much for charity. Stick within your budget and you'll' find it bountiful enough to leave you something over! One of the best ways to budget as you go is to rearl the advertisements in this newspaper. Daily, as in a parade, the good values of the good stores march before you. Roast beef or chops for Sunday dinners, a special style in men's shirts, new drapes for the living-room ... the advertisements will help you choose them all, and pften at a saving!

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