The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1950
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14,1950 I lews of Ijour City Sc/ioo/i— Behind the Blackboard "Christn By KUTH LEE ' (School Cfmtfoadtni) coma but once a ens' "Christmas Carol" "The Lit- n j *V— ,_U».~1_ A _^l IT-.-* t _ '__ »»«• . a-M*-— Ty*ar, ect.,". and the schools are making the most o( their opportunities (or celebrating a Christian holiday In a free nation—an opportunity many peoples of the world would consider a privilege. SanU Claus has been a significant figure In the Christmas picture so far, especially in the elementary schools, 'but other, more fundamental aspects of the. yule season, have been emphasized in all grades . :Tra<Jitlon marked a holiday program presented at the High School Tuesday morning. The assembly opened with group singing of "Silent Night" led by Mrs. Wilson Henry. Following a prayer lecl by Juanlta Oglesby, Mary Lou Sawyer read the story of the birth of Christ from the Gospel of Luke. The remainder of. the program included the telling of Dickens' "Christmas Carol" by Murray Smart ,one selection by (he girls' trio, and a medley of. Christmas music by Mrs. c. M. Smart. The assembly closed with a poem read by i Hale with a musical back- Aground. Donald Rice was master of ceremonies. • o • "The Langs School News" staff -will print the Christmas issue of the paper this week with Santa displayed on the cover page, and with original Christmas • scenes on every page by Benny Williams. Th« edition will carry original stories and poems by Patricia Hanley. Anita Alexander. David Warren. Donna King, Wayne Holbrook, James Helen Godwin, Marilyn Branscum, Betty Human, Guthere, Julie Mitchell, Lewis Mathis. Bobby Spurlock, Betty Gunn, Sylvia Ladd, Mary Droke, D. L. Webster and Rut hie Cooper. In the meantime, all rooms at • Lang* are decorated and each Is planning a party for next Tuesday afternoon, m addition, students in Miss Mary Outlaw's and Mrs. Iris Cooper'a rooms are rehearsing plays to be presented at that time. Miss Outlaw's third graders will fir* "Grandmother's Christmas" with Billy Boone, Nancy Trinu*. Gary Sparks, James Yancy. Carrie Jean Rueker, Lynnwood Craig and Olenda McDade taking part. Jteurth graders'In Mm. Cooper's ; room win present "David's Toyland Adventure' 'with Earl Smith; Dale Cullins, Byron Moore, Faith Penny, Tommy Oodwin, Larry Charles and - Lawrence Taylor forming the cast. Mrs. Julia Penn's surth grade i children presented an original play IpSy Barbara Graves entitled "SanU At School" last Friday. Second Angel." "The Small One," and 'Why the Chimes Rang." The room's ree was given by Marvin McMa. han, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Q. O. Alexander, have received a not* of thanks from-the children. The class has also written to mothers of Mike Terry and Sandra Yates for the room parties. Sixth trade naif* (ram Central: The room is decorated with a M" '« 72" copy of a Grandma Moses scene copied by Glenn Dallas and with dolls representing characters from books the children have read. . . . The class has received its first three books from its membership In the Junior Literary Guild; They are "Benjamin Franklin/ 1 • "The Picture Story of lhe Philippines," and "Partners United Nations and Youth." The children mike their selections from a list sent out by the Literary Guild. . . . Individuals will mske reports on various phases of Christmas this week. Beth Johnson will tell the class about candles; Melba Jones, star; David earner, bells; Eddie Perry. Christmas tree; Anita McWaters, holly; Delia Mae Vemon. mistletoe: and Sally Mcculchen, polnseltias. Patricia Hurley, Paula Palmer, Nelia Woods. Lavada Crlm, Joyce Squires. Carole Pillows. Elsie Webster, Pat Wllllngham and Herman Jordan will tell the class how Christmas is celebrated In other countries. ... Room mothers Mrs. Leonsrd Johnson and Mrs. Alvin Huffman have planned a Christmas parly for next Tuesday afternoon. They will be assisted by other mothers from the room. . . . Eddie Perry. Albert McManus and Herman Jordan are working on posters to enter in the Tuberculosis Association's annual contest The sixth grade room is losing two members, Donald ^Wilson^and Billy Glenn this ' News from clear l*k« School By ERA THOMPSON Students in grades six, seven and eight have written letters to the Yukon Mill and Grain Co., thank- Ing the company for pencils received . . . Third, fourth and fifth grade children will present a play entitled "On the Way Christmas", m the auditorium next Thursdiy The cast will Include Mitchell Harvey, Elijah Boaton, Willie Mae Orr Decola Elliott, Emma Lee Ray Edna M»e Ford, Lena Harvey, Carrie Mae Ray, Robert Broadwater, jim- mie Le« Elliott and Tommle Broadwater . . Second graders have written letters to Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, thanking her for » picture jhe gave the room, and for the new books. , ,,Sodimrj New*: Pupils and'teachers* at Sudbury av» alcn K*«v,in *_ .<«__,_ A. .. / mas and scholarship in a unique way. Each child contributed a Christmas tree, constructed from green paper, to tht fries* in the room, and far-Men perfect lesson, the student puts another gold star en hi* free. M«w« tnm Clear late: Jesse T. Simpson has announced that there will b* an old fashioned box and pi« supper Tuesday at 7:15 p,m..»t the school. Everyone is invited.:. '. An thre room s . were -, decora t*d for Christmas last Monday afternoon. .' . . The first and second grade room has a new bulletin board which Is displaying Christmas 'materials. . ':-..:. ; New* from Cntnl fin'Miss Ernestine French's second grade room, Sammle Jo* Jewell, Robert Hallman, Carolyn Bynum, David Seymore. Tex Autry . Turney. Johnna Claire Wilson, Richard Dates, Oren t/lm, Jr., Fatsy Ann- Gurho. Edna 8ue Davis, arid. Judy Smothermon dramatized a story entitled "Santa Claus" this', week... The: other 'children pretended they were''asleep while Santa delivered toys to them. f . ... Marsha Nail, Patricia Fowl- «t«m. and Nancy Newcomb hav« brought som«. Christmas records to school, and .'the ! entire group has been singing carols. . . The children also 1. ire made miniature snowmen to border their blackboard -and have decorated their bookshelf with a miniature - Christmas tree arid S» n ta Claus complete with reindeer. .'~ : • -. • ^ ; Mrs. W. 8. Rader's third grade room Is all fixed for Christmas with holly and red berries brought By Jesse Taylor, a tree decorated by Janet Young, Charles'Bilbrey. Ruby Chandler, Harding Cure, Marshall Aycock and Martha Shelby and with scenes of the three wise men. Christmas wreaths and bells which the children have made from construction paper. ».T!" e , hol J?,* y s ? irltp !?_ ? ej "y ^ vi - lourth t0 Dy * rsbur «' Tenn - f*v cHjiivnji laair jmaay. oeconu , J •— - ««.nci»- MI, QUQDUT graders In Mrs. France* T. War- have « l5 ° begun to "Deck the Halls- ren's room are combining Christ- """Hug to Mn. olive kirksey, . rsey news reporter. tor that school. Mrs Kirksey report* the following news: Miss Mary Hubler's first graders .iTi * , llfe - 5[2 « l s » n *« with his eight reindeer soaring across the front of their room, and have decorated their door with a festive candy cane." Miss Beatrlc* Hargett's first grade ™°mfeature« a Santa face-light on ™. » ind ° w '«!««. The children are m »""n«-0hristm«» charts and free hand drawings of Santa. Miss Blllie sue Burks' board ~u - ™vere Christmas cards and drawings. * cnlldren •" featuring red green bells, and trees They «s- s«ond jrad. . t~=t«l in thet Santa s workshop and a Jlre- ' They h »^'»I» made a dent in Miss Mary Hall's grade room where the boys and girls are displaying their original Christ- cards. A fireplace with real stock- mgs ready f or Santa, colorful » n <i Polnsettias bordering . f b l oue:nt " n ° tr « "hlch was given U> the O. r. Byrd. father of Don ni1 s "« Byrd. The children en J°i'ing Christmas stor- '•MJ.OT~V£. ? no * m «n and a silvery _Merry Christmas" greets all com'" to Mi " Mildred Meador's sec- Md grade room; A fireplace with s*nta close by occupies the back of the room, and the bulletin boards on either side of the fireplace display Individual children's portraits 'ramed with wreaths and aluminum 'oil. • . Miss Polly Stewart's room i> dec- " j, f" h *" ver bells centred pictures of the children, free N~Z, J/T5* 5 °' Rudol f 'the Red- Nosed Reindeer) n n the blackboard and a tiny sugar plum tree on one window sill. • sey's third grade room have decorated their front bulletin board to •L'SILV 1 '."">!: " rt ?»™ U^n t Clear - Christmas Ian above the o h 7« ° Tin . "T 1 ^* 10 "' " A Christmas for Jl and T 0mm y.» Mr5 o g Cronel a room mother, has ordered four films. "A Visit to St Nick" "Christmas Around the World " "A Christmas Dmm." and •'Thr '<ur, la Claus Story." to be shW.fthe" room s Christmas parly Tuesdav Miss Sunshine Swift's fifth irr'ad- ers have spent a tot 'of time™, Christmas activities, Including miking of nilnlatore frees, poinsettfas, and a of the three wUe men. utilized St. Luke's story o livlty during the month of ecm- her, and have studied some of the The children have studied Christmas customs of other lands, and th« origins of various caroU They have also htaid, on records, "Dick- hiiltiJ, j n ' P' acM above the b Kkboard, and Santa Claus land is »HK f !*' ured - Th" <f°«r Is decorated with red streamers and Christmas caras. : A gay SanU, wearing a red top- nat, adorns the door lo Mrs. George WIggs fourth grade room. Freehand drawings are displayed representing various aspects of Christmas such ™,i . N ' Bht Bcfore Christmas" anci two songs. "Jingle Bells" and Away In a Manger." ™Jf^ Florence Moore's fourth Barters have finished their book- ets on Holland | n time to have their colorful covers Join the Christmas decorations. Santa, on his famous.Journey, Is the central In* .1" decorations scheme, and other winter and Christmas scenes are featursd In Miss Betty Black's filth grade room free-hand drawings occupy the front of the room, poinsettias. Christmas wreaths and bells hive been arranged on the side boards and the bulletin board depicts the scene of the three wise m«n crowing the desert. A silver theme has been carried out in Mrs. E, f. Fry's room where a large bulletin board at the back of the room shows the end oj Journey tor the thrtt wiic men. Beau- llful fret hand drawings are displayed at the front and side of the room. Miss Alma p e te.- S ' sixth grade children have decorate their room with large potnsettlas arranged over UM blackboards and with ChrlsUna* card arrangements on their bulletin boards. exigent Joiner hu drawn a beau- Uful Nativity seen* on UM blackboard In Mrs. D. C. McLean's sixth «r»4t room. The Star of Bethlehem shine* from a dark background In the back of the room. The room is also displaying several of the most famous Madonnas. • * • H««ifrn»ai •**« fra. Jwter HUh: Members of Mrs. B«*sie Darby's room have drawn names to exchange gifts. at their Christmas party Tuesday. Nancy Est«s, Kay Jobe, Imogene Owens and Loretta Mables are bringing decorations for the room and the tree. . . . Billy Bradley, president of Miss Lillian Shaver's homeroom, has announced a list of students who art plan- BLYTHEVTLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ning th» Christmas parly. They are Glenda Lewi,, Pl t p»rti OW| Sue Jobe, Julia Trlnue, Gail WhlUitt and Jack Jackson. . . Girls of Miss Avis Howard's seventh grade homeroom are doing Christmas decorations. Room mothers will be guests at the room's Christmas parly, , . The seventh grade homerooms have been .singing Christmas songs together, with Emily Damon as piano accompanist. Jan Mullins, Linda White and Joan Decker have served as leaders lor the song sessions. . . Mrs, Kathleen Thompson's and Miss Connie Parker's homerooms are decorating a Christmas tree given by Sarah Bob Stilwell. A committee In charge of decorations Includes Dick Fouler, Haj's Sullvan, Dora Bernlce Wylie and Davis Cobb. A joint program planned by these rooms will (•».. lure "A Christmas Carol," read by Emily Damon, "History of SanU Clans" by Mary Jane White, "Sleigh Ride", ,a piano selection by Davis Cobb, selections by a quartet composed-of Dick Foster, D«an Dougherty, Davis Cobb and Jimmy Linn, a flute duet by Nancy Karris and Lon Owens, a duet by Betty Crocker and Joan Decker, and a poem read by Nancy Perm. More new» from Junior'High: A five-mitiule radio program was presented at 2:10 p.m. today over statioti KLCN by the third period eighth grade English class. Taking part In lhe broadcast were Jimmy Ooforth, Cleo Pope, Roseroari* CUmpitt a*d Pat Partial . . Tbt fourthperiod "Frt.Nooa Dispatch" will bt published aooteUm* this «*k with th* folkwrlue staff: Cl*r«n« Hall, «Jitor; Jtrry Hall, •«l»l»nt «utoc; Richard Bailey, circulation manager; Roland Howard and Earl Hyd«, printers; and Norbert Blankenshlp, artist. . . The seventh period eighth trade Enjllih class will prewnt t ilre- mlnutt radio program tomorrow. P*rUclpatln» nil) be Kay BUckard, Douglas Oraham, Monya Bianken- •hlp. and Condon Bush. The Radio Cit, Music-Hall in New York Is the larcest Indoor theater in tha world and teats «JOO people. Michigan Politics Finally Settled GOP'* Kelly Concede! To Gov. Williams After Long Recount DETROIT, D«c. U (/n_Mlchl- «"!;' Politics returned tolt/hctc normalcy .today .rter five weeks of special seimtlon. v .j" lc . lcc ™»' of nearly 1.900.000 u Nov ' 7 B'UKrnatorlal had been called off with Republican H»rry r. Kelly eme*e. ing » traditlon-inatlerlBJ OOF fe. Kelly, once' declared rieter, (*«• up late yes'erdiy to th« Dwnocratk Incumbent, G. Mennen Williams Williams, 39-year-old mp f w . tune heir, thus will b* inaugurated Jan. i as Michigan'! first rc-«l*ct*4 Democratic governor • in M The GOP quit a a wiUlam count Margin reached 4,243 *,. About three-quarters of UM original vote had been mounted. u;£?, r lhe of(lcial "cord, how«Y«. Williams' original canvasa marfta of 1.154 will S l,nd to mark tht closest governorship fight la Itkhl. Ban's 113-year history. ^^ PS'/'* k< '' ^ FOR A GIFT OF SHEER PERFECTION quality |ach jpa^r perfect! :|ou cainHhink of! May We Suggest .; . SOFT KID SLIPPER So comfortable . . . with a alrong steel shank, foot- Buppor(ing counter . . .low rubber heel, leather sole. Sanitized quilted lininz. In black kid. ¥ Longer wear! * Better fit! * Newest colors! Gift-worthy Gtymodei «re the (lockings you're proud fo Rive... first quality always, perfect to the last stitch! She'll lore their iheer -flattery ... their imooih fit... the way they wear and «xw. Their Hat narrow seams never pucker. They're carefully sized for perfect fit. Choose herg from lovely shade*... Mist, Dawn, Dusk, Shadow... _8'/ 2 to 11. RAYON KNIT PANTIES "Adonna" panties in comfortable circular knit . . . medium length, flare leg, with band front, elastic back. Pink, white, blue or maize.. .32-50. 54 Gauge 15 Denier Gaymodei —Fir»t quality always 1.25 60 Gauge 15 Denier Gaymodei —Th« sheerest of sheers . 1.35 MEN'S PLAID BEACON ROBE Warm double woven colton blanket cioth. Sharp clear plaids. Handsomely styled and full cut for comfort. iMaroon, brown or blue plaids. S. M. M.L. MNWALE CORDUROY SPORT COATS MEN'S RAYON SLACK SOX Nylon reinforced at the heel and toe. Snug mercerized cotton tops. Fancy clock design with stripes or on solid rayon background. Sizes 10-J3. NYLON GOWNS Filmy sheer erepe, or trieert knit . . . Shirred waist... Lovely nylon net trim... Soft pastel sh*d«B. See (hese beautiful gvinm tomorrow. , ~ • GIRL'S RAYON KNIT GOWNS 1.98 They're reaUy long-wearing, made of • 2-bar rayon tricot knit, and styled jwt like mom's. Comfortable shirred elastic waist. Pink, blue, maize, white. Size* 2-14. GIRL'S RAYON TAFFETA DRESSES 3.98 Shimmering rayon taffeUa dressed up just right with dainly bows, ribbons, flowers, or lace. They have full skirls, rfcep ruffles. Beautiful colors. 7-1-1. 13.75 No. 1 sport coal favorite! And no wonder! The corduroy is fine ribbed narrow wale. The coat is luxuriously rayon lined, remarkably well tailored. Ma- won, frreen, gray, brown. 3146. Only SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS

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