The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1935
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Served by Me United Press VOL. XXXF—NO. 27!) Blylhevllle Courier Blytheville Dully News niythevillo Herald Mississippi Valley Waiter THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI™,™ T „ , T,V, .*,,-,., THFA'II.LE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, FERRUARY 0", 1035 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' TRIAL TESTIMONY IS Voles Down Pioposal lo Have Him Address Arkansas Legisiatuie LITTLE -KOCK-:nFr:b> 0 (UP) — The bouse 'of yeprrsciilnlivcs today "voted Almost.unanimously to defeat n resolution L T» Rep O E Gates, Cleveland cou'nly, la invite Senator, iiuf.y .Long of I.imlsinnu to address tiir Iwly The house also' defeated a resolution asking for ii: constitutional amendment which would allow liie state to tak? n change of venue In fatany : coses.;, The vole, Gl U) 22. was' readied/ after two hours debate. .To'ney Offers • l.liiiior Jiill A new : incasurs wa.s presented in (he house yesl'e'nlny by Toncy of Jefferson, which he termed "the governor's liquor bill." It Is similar to a bill introduced in tile senate by Evans of Baonp. It provides for a system of stale-owned and state-opera ted stores, nnd provide* llmt the stale shall have a monopoly on the liquor business. Only package soods would be sold. The:bill was rend twice and referred to the committee on tc-m- perVnco, "' : ' ' : In the senate Senator Cole's hill (S. B. 218) to provide that sale or donation of lands forfeited to lhe stale for .nonpayment) of faxes cannot be set aside because minor 'u I'ois in the records of assessment.: collection,' notice of sale, elc.. :.viis passed 23 to 0. S. B; 140 (.Gregg) lo levy a- U,\ of .10 cEtK-s a-'.pound on oleomar- .garine in which-Imnnrted fats' and ^-.oili'.arc'-use'(l''VaSi < -passe"d.- -.:It. is: claimed that the tax .would cause a large consumption of cottonseed oil and other American vegetable and animal fats in the manufacture of margarine. Proceeds from the tax would go into the stale general reveniie ;fiuid ' With mily one' member-, dteeiit- i)W, tlin .ho.iise Judiciary committee: last night recommended 'favorably House Bill 2J1 by.Warfield. ainentt- Ing Section' r,l of the ; refi.nrtirig fief, -with an amcndmenlito. provide that highway revenue'iii 'excess of $10.000,000 .shall;.-be. divided with 25 • per cent, going to the hlBhway maintenance fund and."7i> per con lo tli'a county highway fund for reliirn to the counties.^' .':•• • 1EIIS Enlists Aid of Alabama Governor iii ; Arranging Grid Contest " MONTGOMERY, Ala.. Feb. 9. (UP) -Senaloi Huey P Long of Louisiana, in a long distance lele- -"^ VM«.-I oun. mui, i-iurujnuin plipnp conveisafion, lonav asked John Foster (railed the motorUt — ' -' '' .... , Gov. Bibb Dimes of Alahima t aid him in piomotlng a football verity of Alabama colncidentallv Dr. ^^.^ „. _ Denny, piesldcnl of the UnUcnity damage. of Alabama, was in confeience Long I o Dr. Dcnnv e .would'.refer the mattci Denny 'Immediately. Dr. assured the senator i.ncl r that tho matter would Jl Dncc Wields Sword of Italy In addition to figuranveh rattling the moid me. Europe Mussn- ">., Italian dictalo,. uields „ Mfeial one in his favorite sport of Here's IIDucr- In; h is fencing clothes, hi his may, recent . and nne of his most, striking portraits. • . larnes Away Pail o( Porch from Bouvlancl Apartment No prosecution will bo asked for motorist whose car crashed into .lie Bourlimcl duplex -apartment n't Chickasawba Avenue nnd Sixth street (on Highway fil) some time last night. Police Chief Eci nice said today. Chief .Rice said that while" the motorist fr.iled to tarry after the accident, and was caught later in the vicinity of tire Blylheville country club, nboul a mile north (if Blytheville on Highway Gt, no action would be iristilutetl. The chief said ' Patrolman out of town and found the car with part of a porch railing still .......... „. „ ,„,,, ....... ill5 „„. (:imc next aiilmnn tetween Loulsi- hanging on it, chief Rice didn't ana State unhcislty and ths Unl-. recall, lhe name of the driver but that, a local automobile deal- Geoise II. er had pledged payment for tlv: The t,,.traveling cast on Fees There, However, Arc Lower Than Those Proposed for Arkansas; LITTLE HOCK, Ark. (UP)— Approach of u vote on a racing 1 bill in the Arkansas legislature has focused attention on Texas' experiment with a .year of legalized Hie- ing. ' •The Texas Racing commission reported $553905 in taxes and license feejs from operation of horse racing tracks during 1934 after tlieir law became effective January II. It collected $22,450 y on licensing trainers and Jockeys and $574 from Interest, on funds. Tile revenue was taken .principally from the famous Arlington Downs at Pott Worth, EjBom Downs at Houston, Alamo Downs at San Antonio and Galveston Downs' at Galvcslon. nets Total $21,007,625 ', Bettors pushed $21,OG7,G25 through the parl-niutuel windows during 1034, the Texns commission reported, in 152 days o! raclri nt eight major meetings and 137 days of racing at county fairs' and other small meetihgs. A tenth of all the pari-rm.tiiel bets were taken out by the tracks and a fourth or that tenth, or 2 1-2 per cent of the total purses, went to Ihe stale. An admission tax brought In sonic of the revenue. After paying for atlministraflon costs the state divided the racing fund: 25 per cent to free school fund, 25. per cent to llic commissioner of agriculture, to legislative appropriations', and UK> remainder divided, -equally.vamong counties .of fhe state;-• •' •'--•• : - : i • • Maintenance of the Texas racing commission cost $20,000, "the available school fund received $132,042, the jack and stallion fund $99,45G, maintenance of the department -of agriculture $in,R40~Ieaylng an excess of ?183,2SD to be divided among the cniiiiMiv).- '.•'••-*'' In Texas the commisslqn of three —commissioner /of agriculture, tax commissioner, and'an appointee of tlie governor—receives applications for licenses to operate a track. They publish the application in the couii- Ten NegroKs and Two While Persons Victims of Windstorm Last Night DALLAS, Tex., Feb. n (UP) — Al least 12 persons were , dead to- lay as the result (l f lt urnnito and iciivy windstorm which swept mass .-.oiiilimi nnd cnst Texas' asl night. He|x>r(.s from isolated Mew . Commission, However, Has as Yet No Funds • to Administer LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Personnel of the new Public Welfare Commission, create! to administer state relief to unemployable, was announced following passage yesterday by thc senate of the bill establishing it, Senate.amendments lo (he measure were withdrawn and it was passed following an agreement under which Governor Fulrell permitted the senate to designate the commission's members. Creation of the commission Is as yet nothing more lhan v. gesture, inasmuch as thc legislature has provided no money for. 1 Us work. Whether its establishment will result in renewal of federal aid for unemployables, who were dropped from PER A rolls February 1, is un- IEUE LIKES II THIS early today said 10 negroes were taid in Ito.isian guilty and a vhile woman and her 18-nioiilhs >ld bnby were crushed when Iheir 'mine In I'olk county was destroy- 1 At the Raynanl community, five ulles west of Orapeland, 10 ne- groes were killed and 40 more In- iuretl when a tornado struck their shacks on tlie Joe Murray farm. At Livingston Mis.. Kay Parker, about 40, mill lira 1 18-tnontlis old baby were killed when the storm wrecked Uielr home. Morgairof Carutlv ; ersville Ij'ouhcljGhilty by 'New Madrich'Juiy . OARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Pell 0 puunsn me application in the couh- ""'" Don<ls lor exchange. If is —Parker Morgan, slayer of Carlos ty where the track would operate exceedingly'doubtful it holders or Adkins, Caruthersvtlle -madhouse and If Ihere Is any opposition., a thc district bonds, which will soon operator and former resident of hearing is held. Tlie commission ^ ( ' ue ni!<1 cfl rry sis per cent in- nivihoviiin i.aro \.. c,. _....... may Issue licenses for three years tcfost, will exchange Ihem for 10 and may at Its discretion limit the >car 3 upr ccllt bonds. tlllllllinv nr infOm !„ _—_ . .. , Thf nfllfl- />nm-on (irill Im l« !•/»!' ahyjj^vfifi Good hyp .JQ Flomington llaiiplmaiin after epic slay In Flemlngloii which the jury saw him enlor the Jail to visit Ills father. Mrs. Antni gocd-by to lie'r son, who nceis from (lie- rear window of lhe car. Injuries Prove Fatal to Hayti School Girl Lois McMcnns, 16-ycnr-olu^llay- U school stntlenl, died early (his morning at lhe Blytheville hosuluil of Injuries received Monday when she fell beneath a rear wheel of a school bus. Miss McMeans was Injured In- Icrnnlly when the wheel passed over her lower abdomen after she had fallen from the cab of the bus when-a donr sirun; open iin- Vxpcclcdly. : Fiincral arrangements were not known here today. ., , , , .GET 5T§ DUDS Receive $43,000 in Secur- tiies m Payment for . Highway Continuations C, M. Buck, attorney for Paving District - No. One and Curb,Gutter and Storm Sewer District No. One of Dly|Jieville,~ returned last, night from Little Rock with' $43,000,111 slate highway refund- Ing bonds, representing payment to'the districts for'stale highway continuations, ' The district, which has never defaulted' in any bond" paymen and will;retire Us entire Issue .Ii about foun years, will projxibjy try Uo 'dispose of llic :.lxmds. by one of two methods, maybe bolh. It will probably offer the refunding bonds lo holders of dls- ^.^mui, aw reu a H*L,S ^"""T: "' !s . 7%*™ j"**?"'. *«m. of Carlos OH RELIEF HIS Seventh of Nation's Population Depericlem Upon Government Help WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 IUP)-- More than one-out of every seven persons are dependent on the government, for the necessities of life Relief Administrator Harold L Hopkins said today. m- Dlytheville, here In « „ .. , cas n WS tt " en the C!llc!t « sa «'ba, failed,lo negotiate ' . ;' ihn turn into; Sixth: street, over wonr^V lol f Srafltor «»^ Highway.- route?'and crashed wo ' - Frank be submitted to Coach" rhomos for consideration. - — - — Socialist Leader Denies Union WillCommunists MEMPHIS, (Up)-Pormal dental tho Socialist party has loin- ea witn Communists in into" lhe "hoiiser, oh, lhe northeast, corner. The porclV \vas. caved in mul lhe : building 'proper slightly damaged. ... v .->'-, Courthouse Record Room Will Be Put in Order The first floor record room In the county courthouse, wlicre thousands of closed court files and county records are now kept nmld Appointees in the congressional districts arc: First, Elgan C.' Roberlson, Marl- nna. Second. J. C. Hall, Bntcsvillp. Third. Garner Kraser, O.linlo:i. Fourth, Ben p. Smith, Texar ana. Fifth, ClisneeilOr J. B, Chambers, Danville. Sixth, E. A. Howell, Pine. Bluff Seventh. C. E. Portis. Smack- ver. Members at large are: Lieut. Gov. Lee Cazort. Henry Armslron«. Fort Smilh. Claud Mann, Malvern. .lames L. niand,' walnut Rldgc -" ••"" •-"- <"•" m six)ii.sorlng t""»w lucurns are now Kept nnifd he Southern Tenant Farmers Un- dust- nnti disorder, is to bo pre- lon was maflc here today by p 0 w- l wrc(l properly for such use ' •••-••-*•- ..--.^ iWUitJ' UV I'OW" ers Hapgood. Socialist party national executive cominittecmaii Hapgood. here for an sddress tonight, said the Socialist party had declined "united action with he Communist party" i n scckln o better sharecropper condllloits because ll, e national exec u T committee was not convinced "the actions and policies ot the Com- tnSnlst parly will not operate to discredit the cause • for which united action Is proposed." Hapgood was scheduled to address a meeting of farm tenants at Lepanto, Ark., .this afternoon can be seen by our eyes. through an ERA project, It has been announced. Shelving is to be constructed to care for all records now in the room and for some time in the future. After thc room Is ready all records nrc to be dusted, cleaned and placed in numbered shelves nnd Indexed so Hint they may be easily examined. The disorder of Ihe room has caused many a county official, ab- slraclor and attorney lo give up a search for an ancient document or closed file. Max B. Reid, attorney, Byron Morse and E. M. Terry, abstrac Imltlec to supervise the work. Hauptmann Invited to Dance at Blytheville An Associated Press dispatch wflich appeared recently in papers throughout the country Is believed number of tracks to one per county. Tracks arc charged for licenses according to the size of the city they are in, ranging- from $100 to $2 00 for each meeting Arkansas Rates Higher The Hampton bill sent to tlie ngrosstng committee of the Arkanas legislature sets np a commission if seven, all appointed by the gov- ;inor. It would issue franchises for each county to Hie highest bidder for 10 years. The license to operate would cost $SOO per day for each meeting'— considerably more than the highest, paid in Texas with 52,000 for an entire 30-day meeting. . Under the Hamplon bill Arkansas race track operators would lake 10 per cent of ihe pari-nuituel purses and the state would get its 4 per cent of the total bettings out of the operators' share. There would be a 10 per cent tax on admissions on charges of $1 or more and nj cents straight on charges less than $1. Revenue from lhe single Irack in Hot Spring.; has been estimated variously from $100,000 to $200.000 annually, it is understood plans are underway for a $700.000 track at West Memphis If the racing bill is passed. The big Arlington Downs plant al Port Worth cost $3,000,000. Division of the revenue from the Arkansas tracks would be a third 'or old age pensions and the remainder to a general charities fund Schooner Is Weathering South Pacific Storm . The other course wjll be lo sell tale refunding bonds and use the irocecds to retire district bonds, t it doubtful If they will bring nore lhan 75 per cent to 80 per Chamber of Commerce Report Shows Substantial Advance Since 1932 WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 (UP)Business activity during 1934 showed a 25 per cent gain over he low year of 1932. the Chani- Dcr of Commerce of the United States said today. "The Increase in production,' the chamber said, "has been accompanied by a corresponding im- SAN FRANCfSCO. Feb. 9 (UP, —A south Pacific storm which for 24 hours had lashed and batterct the schooner Seth Parker, relaxec ry *••- "^"vuucr at'in ryrtver, ru-taxea lo have referred to a dance at thc Its grip on the round the worlt American Legion 1ml here In slat- ehl " '"•-•• Ing that In Bruno Richard Haupl ' mann's'volumnlons "fan" mall was an Invitation to an Arkansas "barn dance." it is believed here that the press writer had In mind a "hut dance" here. Some members .of one of the younger sets are known to have sent such an invitation recently' to Haiiptmann, conditioned, as thc Associated Press dispatch stated, on his being absolved of the crime with which he Is charged. ship today. A message from Phillips Lord American radio enterlalner, corn manding the 187-foot wooden vcs sel, Indicated that she Is coming safely through the high seas which for n llnie had threatened to cap size her. - Cactus Checks Soil Erosion WASHINGTON (UP)-Cactt gar dens planted in Carlsbad Cavern National park are said to be sue In checking soil erosion. ent of Iheir face value narket. on the - ' ------ •" .J,i.|JH,jiiui.-i , 933, must serve 10 years for lhe Killing, n. Jury, In New Madrid county circuit . court decided lo- -iay. The Irlal was held In New Mad- •itl county on a change of venue roin Pemtscot. county. Judge James M. Reeves of •*. ivci:>i.-.-» ui me remiscol bench ll;m:l UIILII -Jiny, rjju. ft.ier ina disqualified himself' and Judge dale he hopes his oragivhintlon ca. provemcnt employment. Our iiiaiiu/ncttiring industries alone In Decebcr, 193-1. gave employment to 1,300,000 more wage earners than In December, 1932." Pemlscot bencl 600,060" -fa'iniiles* 'tofanng" _, men, \Vbtnon and children! ...„ 7V5.00D Individuals—a ' total of al most . 21,000,000 -persons—are 01 fe'derdl relief rolls. Tlie nation' 1 population Is"ab6u't 129,000,000^ •' Hopkins has only ,$60,000,000 left, ill Ills' relief funii-enoiigh to fee; and clothe the needy 'until Febrrf- 'aryiSO.j Their fa'le' after that dat hinges;on congressional action 01 President Roosevelt's $4,880,000,000 work relief bill. /The Administration conslructlpt program, if approval by the sen ate p.nd house as it now stands was expected lo provide at leas part; .lime Jobs for 7,000,000 mei case lhe relief load'after Apr! The measure would give Hop. kins $880.000,000, minus the $50. 000,000 he owes PWA for an -advance this month, to use in dircc relief until July, 103G. After Ilia James V. Billings of Kennett Dunklln county, presided at the trial. Adkins was fatally sliot by Mor;an while he was going to a mlg- istralc's court hero to answer a charge Browing out of a disturbance In which Morgan am! Ad- Wus were involved al. Adklns 1 roadhouse. Henry Morgan, father of Parker grappled with Adkins and while they were scuffling Parker rushed out of a building and shot Adkins In the presence of officers who '(1 Adkins in their custody at thc time. The elder Morgan lotcr was acciullled In a trial growing oul of the shooting. >e either disbanded or assigned . part In administering the prcsl dent's new program. Dr. Calvin Bryce Hoover New Consumers Counsel WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 (UP)— Dr. Calvin Bryce Hoover, farmer, soldier, economist, author and "brain trustcr." will lake over duties as consumers counsel of the AAA immediately, Chester 0. Davis, AAA administrator, said today. Hoover will succeed Dr. Fred- crick C. Howe. Missouri Horse Thieves Sentenced to Two Years POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., Feb. 9 1UW — ,lnck Foster and Henry Isaacs^ young farmers, today faced two year prison terms on their pleas of guilty to.charges of stealing horses from Jack Roe, a neighbor. They were arrcsled Sunday at nuiigould. Ark. It was the first horse thefl senlence here in more than'a decade. Drops Prclzels for Office LEETONfA, o. (UP) — Conrad Berg, "pretzel king" of eastern Ohio, who Is also a Columbians County Commissioner, has sold Ills pretzel factory lo devote full time lo his public office. SUEDD, Ore. (UP)—Three eggs, all weighing more than llirce and one-eighth ounces each, were laid recently by hens owned by Harvey Thorp. The largest weighed three aiid five-eighths ounces, TS FIIE IS 111 REST MiDV'n jrandmothev of Slain Chile Us! Rcbullal Witness ioj- Piosecution FLEMING ION, N J reb , 1 UI>)™-Tlie lust piece of the le'fiU -iiony Dial will determine ihi> gulli or innocciKj of Biiiim Rlehar< HauiHniann \sns given, lodny auc the Jury will gel the CUT carl' next week. 'MIS, D'.iigJit w. Moirow, Binnd mother of Hie nundeicU Llndb;igr baby, was the last rr>bnttal Mlji ness for the state She mine'in to the comf to sveai that, till late Violet Sltirpe, hei senim maid, could not have been Impll catcd In the crime After Mii Morrow more thai Violet Shaipe wni in the MorrS estate at Englewood until abou 7:45 o'clock on the night, of 'thi kidnaping and returned aiound.l P.m., tho state resto<l its rebutfo testimony The defensexhas tiled to ptoy .that Miss Shiupe was Involved 11 the crime, and pioduceU a 'w^t ness who swore he saw hci getttni on. a New York stieot car wit) n baby in her arms fh the ear) morning of Maich 2, 1033 Tlie defense called no vltnesse In, sub-rebuttal lnjU,eid Egbet nosecrhns of defense counsel mdv cd foi^ a directed icidlct of ac qulttal on the ground? that (h stale had no* pia\ed Its case Th mollon was denied. Mrs. Anno Lindbergh, her 6yt .downcasj, sat in the coiirtrooi while liei mothei testified There lias Lcen 28 dajs of te; ' Geri Davdd' iiehstrd -.frid ^aid in a Jo 'calm voice, 'Yoiir honor, the stal Ozark Peach Crop Hit by Severe Weather POPLAR. BLUFF. Mo., Feb. 0 (UP)—An extremely short peach crop* in south Missouri and north Arkansas Oznrks was Indicated today by T. J. Mathls. large orch- ardlst, who pointed out that re cent zero weather following two!" 1 robberies of weeks of bright warm weather willfo «l Mayes MITfVl n VM-Antn t II i« n.. 41, « tVPpt. killed a premature growth on thc trees. SET fll $5,1 Jones, Widner and Humbert Waive Hearings In Municipal Court Jimmle Jones, Doyle Widner and Leonard Humbert, alleged participants in attempted robberies nnd burglaries here this week, were bound over to await aclion of lhe spring grand jury under heavy bond by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham when they waived preliminary hearing this afternoon. Unable to make bond they were returned (o jail. Jones' bond was set at $5,000. Wldner's at $4.000 and Humbert's at $2,000. Jones wns bound over on'charg- es of burglary and possession of burglary tools growing out ,of the I A. S. Barboro and company safe attempt early Friday morning in which Jones and Widner were allegedly caught "red-handed." Wtd- ncr was bound over on -charges similar lo those against Jones and also two robbery charges. Humbert was bound over on two robbery charges. Humbert and Widner are alleged to have par- 'paled In robberies or attempt- robberies of Maryii Nunn nnd " ' -•" In the FERA Meat Canning Program in Arkansas Completed Today LITTLE HOCK, Ark - Because all available cattle have been slaughtered and canned, beef canning plants at Fort Smith and Wilson, opeiated l>v the FERA were closed jcsterciuy and the plant nt Lime Hock will be closed today. Edgar A Hortson, assistant rural administrator of the Rellcl Administration, t announced yester- rtny. Plants nt Morillton Arkadel- phla and Russellvllle pre\ioush had been closed Thc Little Rock plant was opened August 29 and at its peak employed 1000 - p»ople, working four sis-hour shifts dally. At present there are 400 employed nric ipproxiinately 100 of these, mostlj women, will be retained for several days to label cans. Through January 29, the plan! here had turned out 2,100,337 cahi of beef. The Fort Smith plant which was started previously, • Jia« turned out 2.832,519 cans thrdugl the same date. Total output, of.'al tho plants was 5,860,434. The entire output will be distributed t( relief clients, A lolal of 97425 head of ,calt|i had been, slaughtered for tlii plants through February 4. Slayer of Four Under Observation at Hospita LITTLE HOCK, Feb. 9 (TJP)- Karry TxHi-tcr, -15, slayer of foil persons, is under observation' a lhe state hospital for nervous dlsi eases. / • Charges in the siayings will de pend on outcome of the observa tion, officials said. Lewter killed .four members „ tho Charles Evarts family at thel farm home 12 miles from He Springs yesterday. Mark Twain's Friend Dead CINCINNATI. (UP) - The Rev. Philippe Briol, Presbyterian minister and teacher, friend of Ufark Twain, is dead here. He became acquainted with lhe famous au- tlior while preaching in Spenwr, Mass. He was S3. Antelope Rcfujc Planned BEND, Ore. (UP)—A vast antelope refuge of 814.000 acres, capable of harboring 10,000 antelopes, Is being planned in ths Hart mountain country under federal,supervision. Tlie prong -horns now lii- liabit the country by the thousand. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly ciotidy, coldc In south and east portions tonigh Sunday generally fair. - ,: -, Memphis p.nd vicinity — Clone to partly cloudy, somewhat 'colds tonight. Sunday fair. The maximum temperature hei yesterday was : S5, minimum -/4 cloudy with .65i,pf an Inch rain fall last night, 'according to Sam ucl F. N'orrts, oftfcial weather ob server ' '

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