The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 1, IMC BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.): COURIER NEWS "i* PAGE' CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOR SAL! r*t« per line for tonteeutlv* !•• 9 room apartment house close in. Price |l750. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 446 or 2930 titcw v«t line 15e [ lEuiei per line p er d»y 12« ~T~ 8-30-ck-<U ttuie* per Hue ner d»T """" g fl ,40 Arrps, % milvs west o( Holland, «» tiniBA per line per day I""III 7c roile^roid, ichuol bus eljmlc' ami (fine* per line tier Jay 'fie If l«?|ihojie JIHOK. n I'll Ur&hu'd. Uiio MOBIII ptr Hne „„:..::..:::: to* ^*v. v 0 . '«""• S ar M» llir ....'ri!: five average wordi to tfc« HB«. Ld» ordered /or.three or ilx time* "and (j^JtJ before ex[iirattoEi will li« cbarK«d tb« n tinier of lime* the id »pveareJ id ftdjusljiivrit ul bill m&Je. All Classified AilverlUti.g e«py tab* t«d Ly iJ ere on 3 rt-sidinj; outside of tt» ly until It ACL'oiujjKiit^d by cftsb. Rale* y be easily coiuiJuUJ Iroin the abov* Itier- Advertising order *or Irregul in* !•!:?» i he one time rale. No responsibility ivill be taten tar wor* on« [iKorrcct iiiBtrilou of »uy clai- boust:, mro lj*rjis. 1/artiaLI Non-n i BSJeiil fay a et-ll lor 1* of Vi:iO ^.T tivro. 1940 rom uf *50O gup* with jilate or owner will ivJiu-* I, 19 IT. Terms !& rust, iii1anr« ."< years m & per cfiit. Shown by up- liointment only, " f.ulhtr Gray, s'*'* 1 Klioil. .p. »50. Red Clievrolcl, cl.'Bo, run* ; rti«-a»>- ,liaby Chicks 4-A Grade, AUS rorSaf* j approved, Several breeds . • and ages at store, North ;.'""• ' llltl ' > | i '"-, I Fourth St., Blytheville Elevator Feed Store. Phone i 2112. 3-27-ck-4-i5 Trnruir. 1'lik'l nlr? 40 acre /amis, well linprov.-*. l-ipliis, running w»ti^r. Lntli. ()n«. 1 i'j nu Eouib. of Hlyllicville on k r r:ivi>l. One, on c«ncrrie U1gUw*r, 3 ml. from , h]yt>icvilte. :i:.10. l-|iV-s Ten urrvs '2 Vi ml. lOUtlr of lilylheville ijii UiuTiwny til. Nice pUre. to, tull'l, ti 'acre* of fllliiHa. ^" fi'iicrj. l.ullicr A. *l-.i- | (iray. R^*l tiflkt* Broker, I'lioti.- ns, m.-1:it r..|,lin^ ,-l.uii 11,1111 MOI.U. I'lHNU- '.iV'V I ' bouie/ Korlb iecliou.of towu. Owuer occul«^d ' or call M&« J.OKBD. flone S(i^ \HTIC1,K.S mn(nimi<ifnl wlOi H Dry ch-niiiiif; I'atino i . FoeKtnt l-l'l<-l 1 lirilroojn anil IJ roniil fnrjiiRTit 1 inrnl. lM«iiii> ailill. •' ,II,,V. ll.'ll, ]liLlj'l>nnl Uanlvi'.ir.; Cn ino.J. I I 2 room (nr/ii^Tirtl. a|inrtm furniiiirr Apjily l.t i:. W. .Maiu i 111) j)k-l,:t j iviiui.iw fan; man's |m-.«-iir liii-y^lc in KOoil roinlilinn. J [/•dro^ui.'-iOl N.'Klflh, I'Hvaie ETI C.'tth 2414 h([er *». i)0 li^n htdroom. Men only. OKI Walnut- J'hoii,; -J4:*rJ. flO t |»T;- I'»i WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD / Bring Your Car to PHILLIPS for A tf COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What We'/J Do.— 9 Check Compression ' • Test, Clean and Space Spark Plugs • Clean and Adjust Distributor • Check Coil and Condenser • Check Generator and Voltage Regulator 0 Clean, Adjust Carburetor and Clean Kuel- 1'uniji • Service Air Cleaner 0 Tighten Hose Connections » Test and Service ISattery and Battery Connections if See Us for Expert Body-Fender llcpuirs • We can give immediate Service on the installation of New Windshields and Windows if Just Received—a Complete Stock of Seat Covers for All Makes and Models New Day! New Time! Great Entertainment! THE FORD BOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesdny Nlulit, 9:30-10:01) 1S3T on the CHS Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—154 Political Announcements The Courier New b«t been Uwrlzed to announce th» lollow- c c*ndld»U», iubject to th« Democratic primary: BHEKIFF AND COLLBCTOK JACK FINJJET ROBINSON WILLIAM BERHYMAN COUNTY JDDOE GENE E. BRADUET ROLAND OREEN rOR TAX A8SKB8OE DOYLK HENDER8ON \V. W. "WINK" WATSON OIKOU1T Cl.EKK HARVEY MORUI8 COUNTY COUHT CLKBK ELIZABETH BLYTI1B COUNTY TRKA8UKU DELIA PUUTIJB STATH KKl'KFSKNTATIVK ALENB WORD E. C. FLEEMAN LESLIE "DU1CIB" SPECK L. H. AUTUY STATB SKNATO* J. LEE DEAUDEN Order Your New Electrolux Cleaner Today For Preferred Delivery It's the New Cleaner that dooi everything easily and efficiently. You've wKited for IL Now you c«n tct it. Just Phone 2650 K. M. Crave*, L<x»l Mutte i j V or 100 acri'R ot ROn^l 'luiil I'an [urnish Lrftrlor ur i.lulf.s fit. .1 ('. Klliv. l.lionp GI4. Nicely furniBtifd fconl bedrcoro. ritean | r > rooms and balh. Price $2,-1 I.H.I, lot w.ier • ' 850. Cash $1,050. $20 perl month. Possession today. | H. C. CAMI'llEl,!, Phone 44 (i or 2!i:JO. 3-28-pk-4-4 |2 nice lots. Close in. One on Franklin and one Sycamore, l*rice $50(1 and $400. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 44(i or 2930 HOUSP llOYJDK and Po'unJji'lion Repair Call 4H2. Frant' (Vorketl. IrJlb and Vine SI. |A wniE-r syslnn ,'\ncMy Jikc (lit- City of ike farm hayitiu cloclricity 'it will ?n]ij>lv C)i4> liousc anil voter all nlooV kfep^ on the farm. Wurks tuitmuBllc. iiaf: Isvu ]iuni|rs. • Innk nnd filter. 1 ,i&vt ; jnst ( ]jui iii 'city w;iter, but for any tine not close etiouch ti> cily waior Ilii-. uulfii ctui't b^ beat. CJipRp. K. O. -\d:iius. Hwy. Cl, North of l)lvlh«- |i'urnlture for 6-room Ltust be ;u|il Ijofore Ajiril 3rd. na W. Dkvln. i! other will cji liorriK day or James Haul well. e for obitifri-n in nii:Ul. JtofercurpF. >tra 1 19 Kam 4'hcrry. 5 ^^-ok-41^: Save on repairs. ^ii«rit.liie in Ibe re pair »( vacuum rle.iner.v tiring ; it t< 10-1". Ash. Any make cleaner. 2-1 lioui oil iloie rfpairlnB call 2G2? William II. Overton, acting Counl Kurrpyor l.&nil Hnrveys nnd drag Jius farm .IHche.*, tin* and ImK S«Vtfetl Ibis area for :iO y*ara. 13-pk'4;iti Wanted li mil.' Mr.^ll.f ii rilnro. 7.. M. Hie yonr. Miclieliiuui wii.s n wontlior observt'f and roivcn.ster in tilt Army. Tlie following are candMntea for nfdco In the IllythevUle Eloctlon to be lieM April 2: CITY OI.KKK FRANK WHIT WORTH CITY ATTORNEY PERCY A. WRIGHT (For Re-elrelton) HOWARD N. MOORE WAIll) ONE AIDEKMAN JE^SSK M. WHITE ALDERMAN WARD TWO JODIE L. NABERS AtDKKMAN WARD THREE RUI'EIIT OEAFFON FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. (il at State Line For Prompt Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VKTEIUNA1UAN I SixK'iuli'/.e in TrcnlhiK All Kohiix of Swamp Kcvor D'l.vliine— Pliono. 48-1 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. I'honc— 21 ! Conio Hotel. K. Main St. Read Court'r News Want A(!K. Gets Satlier rroressni.slil|> BERKELEY. Cnl. (UP>—Dr. M. L. W. Lnlslncr, iirofessar of hislory at Cornell University, hxs been appointed to the Slither professorship In classical lltemture [or 194U lit the University of Cnlitovnin cnm- pus In Berkeley. Prof. Ijaistiier was born in London and was (jni<luntc<l from CIUD- bridge Unlversitj'. He prcvlouslj taught at Queen's University. Mnn- cliester. and ut tlJe Unlversitj 1 ' London. ll'HOI'KHTY OWNKHS: I will Ijring ycm & I'flslt buy if yuu Rre ready lt> 'sbll yntir liorne, fttnu. fir 1msmess proper- .V>. T r»n si-ll dud fiimtire Uiwn |iro|i- ftny IHH] I:.n n ]:ni.t M Imv ratt of Vrtii lire EnviU'il ID ciill iinytiine. lailb- 'ft drjy,' Keal Ksiato liruker, 5'tiftiic 5)3. ai^7-iik-l!27 I F-lertric r*-frig<>nilor; 1IV cu. ft. Parm hnme or <-af,-. f'rin-.] rljfl'l.. II; JJ. Cr>.)iltii:iti. ]'!u>ne 'JS:i'^ Jllyihi'villc or Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith .work. Delta Implement Co. Phone I (tamhfirTAnrl Blaclt raspberry plants. )945 model Cushman Motor Scooter. Good condition. Call 4G,% or 3501) and 8439 after § p. m.. . 3-22-dh-tf | fi room residence near high school. Now renting for |G5 a month. Price $5000 Has one side now vacant H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 446 or 2930. 8-26-pk-4-3 I Mju 1 19<17 Hutlifnn. Fair tiros and tn *i ^,Motor fuixi. Call y-0. 2G-plt Wonted to Rent fir 4 nn>m furnipbpd a pi. or liLiili-i' Hwifi an.i Vn. Snte^rnnn. IVrmmionlly ln,-a|r,l C'ftll ->. W. Uii^c-is, H'JUT nf- ler l "IMII.V. ' ; " l-l'^-» or. 4-rnom unfarnbl^p^ apfirlmenl house. No '. chiMren. - Permanent re ilcnls. Mrs. Floyd H:irg€tt. vbn ^US&' nnlil' V p.Tii. 3C'.J9 nigliti. ' • ' • • .. We Specialize in ; ' Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blythevillc Curb Market 130 E.;Main Phone 973 Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nafl. Pe«t Control 115 U. Third St. Phone Z151 "It Pays to AdTtrtiM" SCOTT ALLEY Klndi. M. FntnkliB Bl Phone; , lllylheyille 714 I.< I Mr l-rn-l Ynur 1'rvfnl.rU'iitcd House Fire Ksllm:drs—No Oblljatlon O. W. FARUlN(;Tt)N 41HiSu. Lilly Blytnevllle, Ark.' CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUR SERVICE" Phon. 2241 I'rrfect repalrhig for totlay's [jiilsLtr footvifur ussurrtl whfii built In our modern shup. . HflLT JUflUTY SHO€ SKO 1 II W. M R I N ST. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Dellvet Just Received! Electric Phonographs With Automatic Itecord Changer. 12 Ten Inch Records. Ten \'i Inch Records. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR 'I'U Eusl Mutn . rii«ne Z4» WANTED Late Model Cars and Trucks We Still Pay the Highest Prices Bring Your Car or Truck to the Largest Car Dealer in Mississippi County Take Home the Money or Credit on a New Car \f LO Y El CH CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gai & Oil* . . 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 PRESCRIPTIONS Fre«h«M Block Guaranteed Beat PrieM Kirby Drug Stores ^ or 6 room 'hntisp. C»ll .F.rnei iileton. Phone 36X ' 0 or 7 room ooiarolsked koai«. 1'kone 2H35. ' Found Il.s. i ml.'of Honip 'Cin. Konn-1 n wtV '•B°.t.' : '<->'fH to Tr ode | Mooro's rirrulaliny heater, cost ?125 nvv.. Usvit ^ nvmtti^. Un!•„:«.in. Banl'Lo ami sin fit- hrd s[«rinj: ^nrl jn.Mtress. (inf>il rouilition. Call 230 A. 2y-pk--ljii WiH trade 41-42 itiodel cars for" ! 38 (: ot, 39 models! Good deals. 'Phillip's Motor Co.; 5th and Wajn^t. 3-27-ck-tf " pin willi puard. ".llo'wiinl. " Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GJVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespedeza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Phone 85*> H!ythevllle t Ark. FUR HALF. CONCRETE STORM SEWH3R ALL SIZES Cbempcr Than Bridie Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. fhonc «9i Osceola, Ark. Dr. J. L Guarc^ Optometrist ';t'/_ GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main '. DON EDWARDS Th* TjK»ilt«r Mu" ri OORONA. AND REWPNQTOH ^ORTABUII •A'ZfKWtU'^'fl Un -i yi'.ir olit 15 liRTids high. -, almul 1000 pyunds. Gray, ^lecle, M«>., Kl, 1" un Oak KiUice. l .Icsirahla rrsidcncc lots i.riced. J. Jl. Junta, iihwne gooJ Elcclric Vncuum Cleaner i at 1045 AsL, y-2l-pk-4-21 Choice liatlcry fryers, aimut 2 IVs. Plant- erA Oil To., .Manila, 20-iik-4|3 Two Moline Z Tractors and equipmeui. One practically new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 b»by chicks, kTAllAtle all tka ti Heavy brei'd^. Mrs. Uuck M«barg, 304 K. Miin, |ihon« 918. i |,V-i;il &lr«wb«rr7 plKQU. Blkfcemorfr. MftTie Ilaraisli. 17la €hick«j«wb». 7-jik llacV tipP'''" - con I pining 2 rr. «Vd. 10'2:» Walnut. ' ^kiu purse losl ti^twe.-n •»n,l IMl: Hc«>ni: K. • M. Wonted To 0uy will p»r casli (or 41 or *2 vrolrl nr i'lymoiilh. -\o ilealer^ Silver service in good condi tion. Write P. O. Box 380 Blytheville. 3-12-ck-t Wp ii^y r^.»h' for used furniliirc. 1 *JIT or a )i no** lull. Call 2301:. Alvin Hnnl t'urniUM Cc. 'J :8-<-k-l HelpWonieJ B«ly cliicVs. AWtitnl yariellei. Also ponllry and poullry feetls. Chester l.cwis, I'ouUry, 413 E. Main. 7-vk-4|7 Don'tAworry about hard wat- f er it your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-2C-pk-4-2G Photoslats — Let P'Steen make a photostattc copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-tf sir day lianas. Can hmi lior.,t f>rtnln« canililiun \f\-i . . fnmilips rily onlv. l.ihrrAl pay. ^". ' MrCallnm. C.ntl Ilnlcl. '• l«.m. 1-l'k Man for yard nn<l rnrt> of pbrp. XV nisn (rtr pan- tilflo hfHIPrwi>rk. (i'T t.oiire »il!> lislit. frcK. "wl r«! ' rixtil r«npK'. >'. 11. Klrlclifr. riil'- ^^ 9 ix~«~^--~3ii!^ Agents Wanted iu N. »>a muarr irHotn 3^$ APPHOVBD .ISERVICE ><j\, /A Sec t:;i iilirtut your mechanical trouhle. Our expert mechanics working with modern,. lonls and .eqt.iipment^ran^put^J your ear in top condition. Wo i;lso liiive a : piiint and ; Ixxly shop repiitr .service. We will fix your cur or buy'your car KOK CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Catnplelc Stocks of I'jrt'i I'nr Chrysler Proilucls 121 K. Mala . ' . . . . Phone : BOOTS AND HER_BUpDIES ?W?PV • s^t. VOO PvCQOSS Home BY lODGAR MARTIN; Man or NVoman with sraf'' »' nlft '' our Fnnil ahrl H.nisi'l.,.1,1 Trn witliont fnst. st horns »t"l ^ of "riiM-Mzr W»il"*lj Krro. V. O. 1>. Tory. Hl.AlU, lli'pt. 3^30. V a. 1 '|fk-- PUEBLO, Colo. (U.P.)—Willion O. McCec,.drove'.his car Into 01 abutment of a'bridge here. Two three-by-elght-lnch planks plercei the car through its entire length escaped unhurt. Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles are another Year Older!! SO... it's lime to come in for thai Spring checkup. Here are jvist a few of the Utility Uml >'«ur war-weary car needs: • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. ring Us Your 1'aint and Hoily Needs . . . We Are Equipped to Handle Them See Your Studebofcer Dealer First. We Buy and Sell Good Used Car* CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex Cbunbta •• «. * A* Ma BOI I SIM WtVCOMt —i l -i V\_V WtT NOUO I,. Vi ov SOW9W3t.i VXO'DO - 1 fxov^t^svi OV\.<oVit.V.V'. V n HNC)t P\ If you / W> FRECKLES AND HIS FKFENDS K- IM HJLL SWIMG IM GIMDYS1DE • TO COPE 1.VITM IT. THE ! G'PIA" i RESOLVED To THEV.SELVES IRRESISTIBLE Simple Justice .Y":.T»S BY MERRILL BLOSSEH [E I.OOKEQ i'A WOM-'M; fffif*^ g::^ ME'9 ENTITLED To A \ABOvC ALL.lT MUST I FA'R. 1*?IAL. MEW/ I FAIR! j-—. ,r- •a?;-: -si> i ''toitl^B-. ' ""' V CQPR 1»^ BT M^ SERVICE. INC. T. K. ><C&. U. 5. PAT. QfF.^ less HIM IN ----;! AND ip HIS,8OOY,1 EVER dbMBS."fo' I THE SURFACE |T K A SIGN OF GUILT;. ALLEY OOP There They Arc , POL, BECAUSE WE MA.Y "^ VVAWT TO BE HAU'-EP OUT OF= \VHEFJEVHR WE LAND IM AWFUL HUdRV GOOD LUCt', BCVS. ANP REMEMBER WE'RE BY TO VOU OUT NM I CASE OF TROUBLE.' THEIR TIME-SETT(W& !•=> BXRELY POST- GL/XOAL AS WE KNCVV IT, AND COULP BY V. T. HAMILTON. ATLANT

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