The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 4
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Old Feudal Farm Plan ! Working in Britain LAXTON, England. (UP)-ABii- culture in this Nottinghamshire village Is still carried cm in tlio old feudal system ol COO yens ago. The only parish in Britain where this system still is continued, it is divided into throe great fields, owned by Lord Manvers. and 'the tenants plou', snw and reap scattered strips of land in each fi?M exactly as their forefathers did In the 13lli and Htli ctni^i-ifs. A man u'bo drives the cattle on and off t:e coininw l3iic! Is the Finder, elected |)rriod!ca!ly--ai] office lhai dales ruck to the 12t!i century. A family living in the village until a lew yesis as-a hie actually acquired the fiirname o'. Finder. The village was first nipntlono: 1 in (he Dori'.csday no:!;, all.-.oin;!) its establishment dales trom Six- . on times, when Hie ihieMickti system of farming is thoii'.i!i to • have been Introduced lo ihis conn-! ivy. President C;mio lo Their Wedding Houston Mayor May Use i Plane to Cul Expense! HOUSTON. Tex. rUPl- Mayor! Dfcar P. Holcomb's frequent trips, U> other cities have led to a suggestion that ihc city buy him an airplane ns an cxpciisc-suvlng measure. Tl'.o proposal was made at a council meeting nflor the inaytir j icUirncd from the Lower Rlo: A l> !l 'iiue Kenneth Walker and his unite, the foi-m?r Alicia Douglas: S. Unsun and Ihe non-rcsitlonl mi- Grande Vnlley, where he helped; Robinson, will want lo keep Tor pcbtoiily Ls ihls one showing tlicin :or.5,1'anl Vltlcr Masau an:l Horoth; organize hurricane relief, nndj K -ltii the President o[ the United St:i'e.s lol.owin;; their marrlaue Itij 11 ™ 1 M"™ 11 arc Hereby warned ir>: turned in a $4CO expense account. ,,.,,. , <005 ,... 0]1 . s ,i,., r , h .,, „,..,., .-..„,. M Y .,.,.„ ,.,.,.,., ', aPI»"r >'i the chancery Court for I Holcomb traveled the 350 miles • c - 1 " 0 " 1 "oosneii* imircn al m,l. I.iU.. N. 1. Ilic bilde, n (hc clli(:kiuiawb:i District of Missis-: against th« delendanls and the sale of the lands ordered to sulls- ly fame, will, pursuant to the di- recllons of said deerclnl order, offer for .sale to the highest bidder "lion a credit of three months i^iui good and approved .security, ;•.( tlu: front door of the court- huiifv In Blylhi't-lllc. Arkansas, !>•-'en the hours of nine o'clock in I lie moriilny and three o'clock In afternoon, on the 3rd day ol N'nmnlicr. IOM. Hie [olluwlni: de- lbeil landc located in the Chlck- vawua District of Mississippi C'jtinly. Arkansas: I ci.s One tl> and Two ('2> In : in Block "O" i>[ ths liarron : ,'.: Lilly Addition lo the City of ' I'lylhcvlllc, as shown bv the ] uunlcd plat of .vild aciilitlon. Pu:cltascr vlll he re«iuiivd lo !'.\f bond \villi u ( >t"l and approved urui'ily on the day of the .sale. filven under my hand and .seal -f Ihe roml on thi:; r> day of Oc- R. L 5-12-10 CiAINES, CoimiiissiimcT. IN THE CHANClSiiY COURT FOR ! I THE CMICKA3AWBA DI3-]I •rnic'i 1 OP Mississii'i'i COUN-'IT, ARKANSAS. , K. L. Rractby, as lioceiver ftv J.'ivj! i National Hank ol Biylh?vi!l<<,'• Ark., and A. Ci. l-l'.lte. as Ti".islvc. I [ piainiirrs, NO. sriio vs. C. S. Lemons. Kxrcnlor o[ i.-e fs- late o[ Addie M. Mason, dttea';?! VI. H. Mason, 1'anl Victor M: and Dorothy Ji'tui Miisiui. (endanls. WAHNJSO ORDER 'I'lie non-resident defcnri.iiK W. on a special Red Cross train. Reproduction of Clinton Train Finished in 10 Mos. . MILFORU, N. H. (Ui j l—A faithful reproduction of the famous De Witt Clinton train of 1831 hns been completed by John Calvelli. Rep- rt-senting 10 months' \vork. Ihe model is a fool Ions and of wood and brass construction, complete to the last detail. The original of the tviiin was Ihat which went from Albany 10 Schenectady, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1831— the first train drawn by a steam locomotive in the United States. grandr.icce ul Tliecrtovc Roosrvelt. I- tho UiuiBhli;!- ol Theodore I), .slppi county, Ail:., within l/.iirly i liobinson. former atalslatil vjcri'Uin (if (lie navy. days and answer Hie complaint Q--- — .. , the iilalntlfl, K. L. Ura<lley as KI- could ;:ill Unit number of jack Cliani'cry Cmirl tor the Chlcka- i celvcr of the First. National Dank and, rendered in favor ol Hie pluintiffs'of Blythcville. Ark., and A. G. I,il- ;tii'vba Dhlricl of Mississippi Conn- lie. as Truslcc. rabbits without much effort began to tjrinf in Hie cars. XOTICi: hereby uivm Hint Iliei l : J(Tir d. i« roamilssioner, pur- : and T. II. Keilli i Iv, AikiinMb, M cnderetl on Scptem- l:cr -'5. Wi. in wlileh Clifford D. al. inutce, was plalnlltf et al were de- suanl lo the decretal order of the •. fcndanU in which judgment, was L Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thcrcaf on this 28 day of Sept. 1033. R. L. GAINES, Clerk. 28-5-12-19 Jack Rabbit Ear Bounty Swamps Woman Clerk TULIA, Texas (UP)—Mrs. Umis G. -Davis. Swlslier County i-lcrl; isn't' collecllng jack rabbit cars but she f.oan will tinve 10.0CO pairs on hand. Tlit county commissioners announced they could pay one cent a pair up to 10.0DO pairs and ordered tile .ears to be delivered lo Mrs. Davis. Furmer.s snld llicy Stomach Trouble Ended M to 35' Years Suffering "I Feel Like Gly-Ciis Saved My Life," Local I.aiiy Hays; Could Hardly Eat, ,So Nervous She Couldn't Sleep — 1? 11 f No w Feels Fine SEE THE NEW V-8 TRUCK 131V1' STAKK "Never have I seen n medicine b!r lo give the icMills of till; »w Gly-Cas. i h . is acUiuliy nston- sliins," said Mis: Alice Hester, P; W. Cherry St., Blythcu!!c. MRS. ALICE iiliS ''Nearly nil rr.y life I'li.iv, i^irt .•^omach lrouh!e. the j;ai. : 35 years il \«s av.i\:!. Was imd- ly able lo eal anything, blr/uro; so I could Iiirdly S"'- my breaih.' heart palpitnlcd nnd I really Ih'.ught I h!ia hesri trouble, i; TiOtjld vomit ai:d v/as so nervous^ 1 couldn't sleep. 1 uou!ci g\.'t • clear do-in a^d bo confined ij iny bad (or r, wed: at a lime those attacks. Then to mak; neuters worse here of late luin- Inr.o and kidrey trouKc added (u ray mhciaWe condition, was hurd- lv abb to wDil: and in caiutant !a:n. Absolutely cvcryihing 1 uifd failed t; help rr,c—an'il I \TOT finally persuaded lo s'l'.c Ihi 1 ni.-v Gly-Car, a irial. \Vny i! :i was magic il would hardly have given me bitter result:—in no lime at all I was fcclim? like a r.f\v person. ] can cat most any- IMiig I r.-onl now mid never nni bu'hered witsi lhat av.-ful MirTcr- >i'.3 aftcruards, nc:vcs riuietcd. iictp good, klt : ncys rcjulalctl. lum- l:i?o has Icli me oncl I can tittthfully say Gly-Cas has gjven lie far belter results than I ever .(>.}tcUd and rgain I am up and mound and frtlirig like my real rc!£ again." -. Gly-Cas K told by Kirby Bros. Urug Co., ar.ri by all leading drug: iio-cs In surro'jr.ding to«i:.s. ; :• '-'••.. ! — Adv.! •^;tt$feBs^^* -*^is_^_^r-.-naL^E<O-i--^^--f' Er ~ JTATKJN V.'.'.t.O.V Al! j.rii'oi j.o.l,. !),.-;.-,; . •,; lODAY'S Foul truck brings new transportation economy to every industry. Never before lias such a high degree of utility been offered for so tittle money. The new Ford is the product of painstnkiny design, finest materials and thoroughgoing workmanship. E-XPiiHiliNCiiD truck buyers vecogniie it ns an oulst.intiing lrnns]-ort .«• lion v;il:ii. It is economical. to operate and C03is ii::lc to :;rvice. "HlTANEt " ""-MK >.Kliiro:.ji ^.r. uivii,.^ nc-.v r , .. ,,,.!!,„,. , w> « r _ nii ,,.|. lr „.,, c .,. J ,i il , E ,,,, i-»i llj.uinBre.uavl.-. mmintt.l Most Powerful, Fastest, Most Economical Trucks On the Road Call Or 1 e/ep/?one For A Demonstration PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. i Authorized Dealer Opposite Hospital Blytheville, Avk. EFIES RISING PRICES BRINGING \OUTBIS-- DARING .E NOW I'm- miinthx we havo been planning this Kigali u c siiie'. . . \Vc iinliripalt'd price:* rising and Lcmihl IhouMimls of dollars worth uf desirable Kail and Winter mwhumlisc ahead of (he rises . . . Nuv; we are pavsinK all uf these savings on lu you, our ciisdmitrs ami frit-nils . . . Come l>roj>;;rttl (o Imy the (jri'iiU-sl values of all HrrK'H fur never will you SL-C such yrires ait'iun. Imported While they last STARTING Nigh* SATU OCT. 7 Ladies Flannelette 49c Dozens of Beautifully Furred Priced Exceptionally Low The Furs Mamiink Wiilf Ciuaiul SItuUli I OS Ma;li; of all v.i;ol IVi'ii'lc- m- smooth iiiul roujfli v.Tiivi's, lniii'iliful tailoi'ini!i part siik and nil siik i-roi'i' linings . . . Truly a vvo'iilerl'i:.! ^l-uwini; of li'i^-' Ciial.-': for ivosni'ii ;'iu! misses. IBS HI New Tdl iincl SO V Ounce Feather f ,, Ticking " 4 19c Pillow Cases Hoys' Work 25 c l.atlits I'olt ALL SHOES ually Low Priced But t in Quality and Style 98 j [House Slippers Jk •n's Collon Sox Mon's Shirts •ess Shoes. VICKY DKSIRAHLK I- OK S'lKKKT AND 1UJSI- NKSS \VKAR, STITCHED AN!) SOFT KOI.U-JU COI.LAUS. $12.9 B\ k) wrt m Specially Priced for Winter Wear & Sporl Oxfoids Lov.- and Cuban heels, bro'.vn, black :Vj lu 9. Special IB, Pumps and I, Ties. All neat 1 g styles. Widths AAA lo D. Ladies' $4 Shoes For s|jorl, .slrccl 'and dress wear P:imps. Tie£ and Slraps, \vi(itl!s AAA lo D. \K\V i'luvrs \i:w HI.ACKS \KW UllOWNS ;;>-•'••.• P'.:it ,:i;i^r-.. ,hcn dotlbl;. ippi~:i;::::;. .Srv ll-.ini l;c!av: (raiiive nu\v Fitll Orc.-sson. Valtiu.i t(. SG. T>r;!!!lifiil <i s .sorl- in i 1 I! I of crepes, satii:< a n d satin liaok crepe. Urcsscs fur .-troot, dress anil evening \vcaV. Vahu'.i to Sl-1.75. New Fall N'nv Cl\ss-',ii) tints in .saliu-. irrp'js and fir,. Hriip. and Turban SlVlC;:. All lleois and Styles 198 On- sniiin S:i value Sliurs sev- n;il stvles. • l.nW: prk'C'il at $"198 BLANKE KNX Double, i 1 x t prclly plaid lilankois. 39 Single plaid Klan- kets, mill run. I'art Wool l?lank«ls I'arl Wind Ulanktls l,arffc doiihlu si/o, ™>- 1 ,'' :iv ^ r ' 1 ' satin hound, pretty ^M^L ranRe of colors. sl ,iin bindinir. :'-nil ningc 3 ineh 59c 2.39 2.98 MEN'S BOYS' Prices lhat Can't Be Duplicated OCT. We will give away Absolutely FUEK S250 in stiiri 1 money, jiooil for any purchase OCTOU THE GCT YOUU SHAKE National Fivn Shi'es A S5 Shoe value for men anil young men in tlic latest- toe.s. Leather and rubber' liecls in kids, cnlf a nil Scotch grains. Black, bvown and Lan ... A f=tyle for the old as well us the young. lj:"> value (he store SATURD lh. UK HER DOOHS SWINf.; OI' AY, HEN AND DOORS OI'EN S A. M. NATIONAL HROKERA(iE CO. National* $4 Shoes,' marie s| lally for (is by a leading maim- tnclu r e :'. Your choics Oeiiuiii(> (ioo;!year \\' e I d Oxfords. 59 styles to i.'lioosu frniii. §8 value $1.98 55 Nashua Blankets GROWING GIRl STR4PS, OXFORDS Nlilch - '1'nvn firo'.viir; Girls hisl: .-he--;, ir. Oxfords, low hliieli. inn ::!iti liceis. in blncl: pmcnt Icatj- and combina- ir.i. tion colors "ws si yj Kvcry pair a IT, •:, •'. 1 veal va:«e. '.!'.-KA («><J fl» -i f\Q f a ,o n V" J^i.yO" C; i r 1 K dressy Growing Girls looking Siraps. Oxfords,shown medium height jn b , ack an(] heels. A K'JC'.l I serviceable bl "°'™- blzcs slice at a very 2 1 .- lo 7, '.nd- ]')<x price. ths AA to E. $2.48 $3.48 70x80, 25 percent wool, extra li c a v y double blankets. Pure white tot-, ton double blankets. Hoys' Sweat Shirts 49 c R% iiff •\ 9000 At Prices that mothers who sew Piece Goods K. Overalls Si:e.s U to 1C. Boys' and Men's Winter UNDERWEAR ^Men'S h ea vy Jlen's 1G LI). i-iblictl Union- Union Suits, Suits wiiito iind ecru 79c li o y s' ribbed Union Suits 59c 79c ]joy.<' lltcce lined Union SviiU 40 in. Flat Cyepcs | If pag you to buy now Wide Prints 50c Dress Goods s MENS WORK SHIRTS 2autiful' ^attorns. i mother a n (! I r. Finnlv woven, b o i f proof, nrc-slrnmk, liiL- est patterns. Yard GIRLS ? COATS Sport or Dress Styles Sixtv t'cr Hie Tiliy Tut or ihe irrcixvn up .u'iris. iti all •.vi'il twci.ds, I'nlo cloths i'lid' l'aiU'. v \vi a\'i •=. |ilai iint! I'ur tninineii collar.-. 5c 25c \\%n. m\ r "-rn Men's Covert coat s t y1e ; Work Shirts 1% Yank SI Shirts in Covert and Oxer Cloth .Men's $1.50 Flannel Shirt, \\ ii n d c r f u value at 59e 79c Outing Fianl Light aiul Dork Colors and Fancy Patterns, per yard Washable Flannels 6 All Wool Washable Flannels, C $1.49 yard value, Special, yd. fa 3C 36-in. Prints All fasl colors,' -SO ncv.' paiterns lo select from Per varti Men's 19c ROKERAGE NEW DIXIE STORE CO. MEN'S TROUSERS BOOTS 8 inch KmUiide Hools, don- 18 inch S8.50 Dcol value. !c full vamp, plain toe. iwo solirl leather thioushoiu. nil Icalher .soles, leather ^uaniiHecd. A line service- icrl. Goodyear Wells. S10 able boo; you'll like al only aluc 'JflO pairs lx>ys' Hi-Toj) lluois. S5 hi Inch Boots, full srain Jus: the thing each young- oalher. cflinpotlllon soles Her v-a.ns. A guarantee" ind hee>. marvelous value for boot for S2.98 GUARANTEED WORK SHOES Men's Sturdy Built Won; Shoos. All lealh- cr lop. conniostlion lice: and hole. S2-50 value. Full 'jrain slock u;>- )xrs. extra . heavy Ica- Ihcr soles. A shoe for .service iinci comfuit al $S Work Shoes value. Made of the best leather, double oat leather sole. Goodyear Weil, nib'xr and leather heels. .\ v.onderful assorl- m^nl of fiue wool !>nnt'i In no*' weaves anf 1 . patterns . . . ;i r.uiiju of siyles ihpt will app'ir.l in T.IIO voiin; man o:' Ihr- more eor.stiv.i- uve ntnn. IB to '22 jncli botionis. 1,69 1.98 2.98 BOYS' DURABLE SHOES Lace-Leg PANTS Priced Low boys' Qxfnr;!:'. Ccr .Sl.^iS slylcs, made jus-l -like Si/cs ty, to li. ARKANSAS $3.50 \vhlpcord. molebkln and coi ciu roy and k li a k S rid i n y pants. While tlioy last. $2 .25 .HOYS' SMUIvS \lioul 200 pair of hoys 0 \fords 55 McCoy and icl nibbcr lircls. \i-f\

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