The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1946
Page 6
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MOB 8U BI,YTIIKVH,I,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .MONDAY, APRII, 1, 19<K> 'Mazi'ispds Agents Smash Attempt To^Organin Hew 4Hifler' Regime Early Crop from Onion Sets Will End .Scarcity FBAWKFURT, .April .1. (UP) —j A»««*can and 'British counter-'' iaKUigTae* »g*nts held 200 sus- pe«t*d fpo«twfir" Nazis :for .ques-l tioaiag today after a.surprise;mid-' nlfht roundup /which ^smashed an attempt to form a new Hitler-type government In Germany. American authorities said the 200 suspects . were picked up "without a hitch' mnd that 80 p*r cent of! the ^'targets" had been arrested in the raids. • Army officials said tactical troops were; riot used. Most of suspects were,- arrested .at .their .homes Ij'y counter-intelligence men, It wus. announced. Four thousand r American and British' agents 'todK part In Hie roun'dup.-which was dubbed "Opern- tlon; Nursery!" fThey: struck, at roi.1-: night .Saturday • throughout the American.and .British zones. Suspected members of the*.Nazi organization were routed from their beds";in-seVeral'Cill«s:' American officers, said :the roperfitiorr "was carried out'without unusual incident." None.-; Was' reported injured." .One spolcesthan ssld no shots were fired In the Ahierican. zone. . Arrests continued until.early-Sun- day'morning. 'Most of the suspects were under 30. Some were eirls »ho t belonged to the Bund Dcutches Maedel (League of German Ghlsl. Although "Operation Nursery" was ;primarily an Anglo-American move, Russian authorities were tipped .off concerning suspects in the Soviet ,»rie. , I/i the American zone, arrests were>made in-'Prankfurt,'Stuttgart. Bad Hauheiin andimahy other cities and 'Tiueges, , including -Bamberg. »hteh is in the'heart of the "Werewolf "f country. • :Ew41d'FrItz, a former Hitler Youth leader, was one'-of -the'first-persons seized. ,He .denied thai he was a menier i of :any subversive organization. " /Arthur Axmar.n, chief of the Hitler Youth movement, was among 200 k»y : Nazi supixulers captured last December by counter-intelligence officers. .'•Trtlde Somtner, n 30-year-old bru- rwfte; refused to open her door when agents called tit her, home it: Frankfurt. An American officer smashed Ihe door .with .his .shoulder, however, and the scantlly- ctad woman surrendered, she admitted later that. she'had been u nwmber of the League of German Girls. IShorlly after midnight, the jal atjnearby Hoeseht was Jammed with suspected members of the movemen .Who were brouiht'ln from a 30-mile ai*a for questioning. /'Agents said the octopus-like un , derground organization extended even into remote Bavarian villages M»tnre'Onions Can be Grown from Sets hi '1'itrec Sltnths. ; Negro Girls in their 9th to 14th years, usually are taller Uian boy of n- corresponding age. ;H«kl Courier News Want ,Ad£ In. three weeks from planting, c.iipn sots, produce -sprinjj onions for the table. 'This sprina'finds a most unusual situation,in Ihe onion market. Mature onions .ire.dinicult to -buy, but sets tire -plentiful and prices much reduced from the wartime peak. - During the winter, large sets were being purchased to use in cooking, so plentiful and cheap v/ere they. Amateur gardeners can easily insure themselves against a repetition of the onion shortage next v/inter by planting sets to grow ma- it'jre onions, which will take three •months. From 15 to 30 .pounds of large onions can be grown-from a pound •fjf'Onlon sets which do not average 1 over -thrce-ciuarlcrs of an inch in Oiamctcr. To grow large onions, •use the -smallest sets, -planted an inch.deep. To .grow spring onions, select the larger sets and place them two or three inchc deep. The smaller sets do not make seed stalks, but devote their energy to maturing a bulb, which will keep well in storage, even in a warm basement. The larger sets send up an edible stalk in quick lime, and tbe deeper they are planted, the longer will he the slalk. Bermuda and Spanish onion plants are sown in the southern states during-the winter, and when Judge Lists 21 Ways You Can Make A Child Delinquent; Try The Reverse Ashcrdft's Condition Is Slightly Improved as large as n pencil are shipped iiorlli to be planted in Hardens. They should be 'fresh and green when yon n!nnt them, and should not be set out .for a week or'two 1 :iflcr your garden soil has been prepared. Sixicc them four incho» pnrt ii\ ihe row. Onion plants cart be grown easily in on.Indoor seed box, and set out In the garden when the .soil Is ready, and the plants:ara large cnouuh to handle. ; •Green onion:! may be grown from seeds, sown with the first crops. It takes much longer to prcduoe_.el« tiier green or mature onions'from seeds than from sets. Sow fairly (liickly. cover half an inch, and thin out the young plants early. are gro\ving for-green onions, space •them on inch apart. As .they attain .1 usable size, they can uc used, and plants may he left standing four inches apart to mature. When 'the onion 'tops : .grow .limp and fall over, it is a sign tbat the bulbs arc mature. They need not be pulled at once, but \vhen they are harvested they should be dried several days in the sun.and stored in a well ventilated place. . -• A rich soil is 'required to jgrow- large onions from seed. A balanced plant food should be applied at the rate of a pint to 25 feet of row, raked well into the top soil before planting. By KOSCOK IXKMING NBA Special Oorri's|H>inli/nt DENVER. Mur. 22. <NBA'-Ju- venile Judge Philip n. .Clllliati), who has l)ccn reversing the Bib- Heal order ami visiting the .sins of children u|>on delinquent pnmiU whenever the luw permits, is convinced (hat parental action Is responsible for most, children'runnln:; afoul the law. Sg Ihe judge hn<> drawn up a few rules for mothers and fathers lor "the promotion of juvenile delinquency." "Just follow these rules," lie assures parents, "and yon can hn sure your children will end up in juvenile court." And. he adds, if tile child Is not found drlinrjiii'nt on Ihe first, try, "we shall be; glad tu return him to you parrnts for further training, because we are certain to K&- him eventually." lli.s "rules" follow: ' 1. Don'/- [i' vc your sun any religious .or spiritual training. Just lake care of ills bodily nrals. 2. in Ills presence don't be respectful of womanhood, or of hi.v or government. licliUt c "dames" and courts, the police, public ol- flclals, Ihe school, Ihe church, the business. It's nil nickel! 3. Never look for the real cause of iLntruthfulness in your children. You might find he learned the art of lying from yon. I. Never try lo'answer the endless "whys" and "hows" of your child ifn 5. Be sure to humiliate your child In the presence of his friends. It iidds to his respect for you. Whatever action he UNO Com- C. If a conflict in wills uriscs foe- .luvniilr .IlidKC rhilllp I!, (illliam of Denver holds parents respon- silili. for their children. i| e ||,ts ?A sine »-avs lo rliuke a juvenile diliiniiicnl — an,i lets Ihe parents ilrau- Ilieir own conclusions. twi-en you try to rcitM him dinni. 7. Don't and your child, 'don't M with Iihn—just knock lisive any constructive Condition of Ahncr Ashcraft, city marshal ,of Coctcr, Mo., critically son for commands laid upon him. '"Ju'^d In -a 'Highway fli accident I>et hlui guess. Tuesday iifgiu. Is slightly hn- 10. Oon't consider hl.s education 1'i'oved. He is at Walls Hospital. and emotional development a par- His condition l s such however ental responslljllity. What are . (hat he will not be able to have schools forv j any company for some time, be- 11. Dwt' lei him discuss Ills i caulic of llis suffering from shock. plans, problems, or pleasures with I JIC wl " undergo en operation you. Just be too busy. | tomorrow because of the six frac- 12. Be sure to be loudly Intel- j tuml llbs an<t ''Is puncturctl lung. erant of other than your own. 13. Don't open your home to his I Head Courier News Want Ads companions;- they will muss up the place. M. 'Don't, Blvc him an allowance, because he might learn how to save or spend. 15. Don,'!, be calm or poised. Be' shocked and explode- when he tells races and creeds SUoseph ASPIRIN 100 TABLETS 35t WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER Ar.lOt II. Hi 1 sure io crlcllizc in Ihe presence i-hilil. 9. Never departed of your Hive your cliild a yon he has done something .wrdn,,. Then lie won't confide in you the next lime. 10. Don't make a pal of him. 17. Never let your child forget thai, hut for you. he would nol liiiv e a roof over his head. 18. lie sure to forgot the promises you make to your child, because he will forget, the promises he makes to you later. 19. Mother, always accuse your daughter of being promiscuous with every "date" she makes, so she will be impressed wllh the fact that yon were a "good girl" when ycu went out with boys. 20. Never give your child affection, and never tell him lio-.v much you love him. 21. If you forget all the a.bovc. just remember this one: Be a poor example yourself. You know: "Do ns I say; it's no one's business rea- what I do." THE BEAUTY CUNIC Margaret l>c«-n Smith, Owner Ingram Bliljr. Phont 3274 I Mrs. Frame President Of Stee/e PTA Group Mrs. Conrad Frame will ucntl U\c j Steele Parent Teacher Association She . wns elected n[. n meeliiiK Thursdny afternoon nl Hie High Scliool gymnasium, other officers to serve arc: Mrs. Elwood Scotl. vice president; Mrs. Ralph Hull, seoretary-tronsuror. nml Mrs. Ocorgc Speiice, historian. The-next' to be April 21 n[ night with Hie Itonic Kco- •uomics dcpnrliiicnt. Music depart- meiit and Agricultural department of the school in charge of the entertainment. ! ,int <Hi' lightning Cash Buyers for Property!" •Old yon er«r notkt that in rajr ads I not only elvc r»o the DOWN PAYMENT on tlie property, but also ln « «*»ct »moant you are to pay. You know Hie price before yen consult me. A good way lo adver- UM. Ust yonr propeHy with me. My commission to 5% H.C CAMPBELL S. 2nd St. Phones 44ft or 2930 en for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Read Courier News Want Ada. Fort Smith Giants Open Spring Drills FORT SMITH, Ark.. April I. !UPi —Picking up where they left off three vrars ago when war shut down ihe 'Western Association, (he Port Smith Giants opened spring train- B here this morning. [ The -Giants are sharing their! training Held with the Oshkosh,' Wis.. nine of the Class D Wlscon- I sin Slate Lcatjuc. I Ilueli WllllnBhain, new manager, led 7C players, coaclie.s and scouts into town Sunday. He .said IB play- ers, nil property of the Giants, reported, along with u Oshkosh plnyt-rs and 2S or 30 unsigned pros- ])ecls from the area. Chester Owen, promising Little Rock Lxjgion outfielder, notified Williiuilinni lie will not report be- CAiise he plans to enter college. Marty Purt.ell. New York Giant Sfuiit, is direclinr; the training camp. Formers make up about 23 pel- cent of Ihe Population of the United States. Head courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Delfntcd, Cercsan Treated. Germination 80 to 90 per cent. Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 90'/{i, (Jorminalion '- ' '\ Lloyd Stickmon RADIO 1 and 2 day Service on any make or mo^el Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for an'd Deliver'. Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Kadlo Sales and Service 106 So. First St. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grove 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End 6f Bushy Avc. CARUTHERSyiLLE, MO. FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS rianUd from Stale Certified Seed 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. «, P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Oell, Arfcamas Pnone 635 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials o» Hit total Contract, including .labor. WAtfOLE tLECTRIC CO. Phone 3371 Insurance of every kind Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glcncoe Hotel Bldg. * DON'T WAIT!!! We Will Pay You The TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR Drive In Today —Get the Cash? Helped- \ BRINS IN We Arc Approved HiyHteville Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS lind carry a complete stock of Genuine Chrysler atul Packard I'arta SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SKY MORE—Owner For Prompt Service On Repairs HriiiC Your Car (<> Our Ne\v Location Corner Franklin and Walnut Phone 886 or 3524 npms. country'is short of in- lL dustrial fats, mighty short. The supply is so low that the .government must decide how much fat can be released to make soap; how much for other peacetime goods. The shortage would be even worse without the wonderful help American housewives are giving by turn- j ing in used fats. Keep saving to tide us over this emergency. It wi!l help YOU get more soaps and other products you want so much. ti Oft. MANY GOOD £>AYSAT?£ , UNCLE SAM. IF SAVING U6EP ' FATS HELPS MAKE MOKE SCWPS , COONr ME IH / Did you ever know a \vhou there were enough t;ood days for Inlying? 'Hut's \vliy it's :\ good idea to have your hay machines in smooth running condition before it's time to cut. then, when you can get out in the J field, there will he no breakdowns to delay you. ',' So order your jwrts early . . . while you're thinking ot it. We'll see that you get original III parts, in 'plenty of time for haying. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blyrhevillc, Ark. HaCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE / ME OUST AS SOOH f3 'KWEACAHFUL. \ LOTS MOKE FAT SOWS J OIMW, HOW Trie SAWAOE CAN RU.S -4? or THESE mvs / ) ^ A Sale! Thousands A3XMTID HEAVlfS CHICKS Hiavy »i (Po*fhV«fy No l*f hfrnt) UVE DUIVEir GUARANTEED 6 90 ptr 100 « 1000-SM.SO W . fo ^f. a .,. CHICK CO. Dipt <>l Something New ON YOUR RADIO "SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS" Around the World Broadcast Church of the Nazarene Heard Sunday Morning 8:30-9-00 Over K. L. C. N. Tills Space Compliments of OSCAR ALEXANDER •HEAL ESTATE BROKER Phone 838 107 W. Main AND 24-Hour INSURED SERVICE CALL Railroad Street 968 Bill Wundcrlich — - . Rtar Kobinson's Drue Store Refrigeration Service! Phone 415 We have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; aly Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. • 105 West Main St, Blytheville, Ark. Dream Home for Sale . . . Completely furnished modern home in choice location with Attic fan, electric refrigerator and hot water heater. Butane bottle gas cooking stove. Equipped with Sheetrock walls. Will sell furnished or unfurnished Don't buy until you see this fine home. See or call Gordon Herrick 1025 W. Main St. ,> ho]10 2 2<)0 THE BOTCHER, GIVES ME 4* FOR. EVER/ TOONP I sotrp KEEP TURNING IN USED FATS TO HEIP MAKE MORE SOAP SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 Larkin Service Station

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