The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, May 8, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXXIV—NO. 44 Blythcvllle Courier Blytheville Hevald Blythcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader HUTHKVIhU'), ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, .MAY 8, 1037 • SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Mama, 13, Pins [[(([[ Papa to a Job Commerce Depart m e n t and German Experts Also Plan Inquiries NAVAL AIR STATION, Lakehurst. N. J.. May 8 (UP)—A naval board of investigation convened today lo begin its own inquiry In- Ui Ihe burning of the German dirigible tlliule'nbiirg as the death toll of the disaster mounted toi :t5. ' Tlie navy department's Investigation preceded two other oflicial studies of the crash. The department of commerce will open hearings Monday and a group of German aviation expcrls, headed by Dr. Hugo Eckencr, wilt invcsti- fiate later. Death I.isl Now 35 All will make a thorough study of every possible cause of the fire and explosion which sent the huge lighter-thnn-nir craft to the ground, a charred mass of twisted Birders nnd debris—including the suggestion of sabotage. William Speck, chief radio operator of the Hindenburg, and Erick Knocher. a German passenger, died today, bringing (he total number of dead to 35. At least two 1 ethers were near death. I 'Hie principal investigation of the catastrophe will be in charge of the commerce department. A , thrcc-nmn board headed by South Trimble jr.; will have the assist-. ance of aides of the Bureau ofj Air Commerce, the navy, senate air safety .committee and the New! Jersey Stjite .Aviation Commission... -..Trimble' arrived-'"today to make his iwh preliminary.:study. '. ' ' Officer Testifies 1 "* 1 '""While"" crew members mourned, the death of their leader--Capt.j Ernst Lehmann, former commander of the airship—Kurt Bauer, senior surviving officer, was called before the navy board to give his version of the accident Testimony of the surviving officers will , be one of the principal phases of the investigation. It was announced that the bodies of members of the crew of the dirigible will be returned lo Germany on Ihe earliest available Hamburg-American liner. The body of Captain Lehmann will not be taken to Germany until after the arrival of Mrs. Lehmann. who is en route on the S. S. Bremen. I Find Shortage In Former Revenue Officer's Accounts j LITTLE ROCK, May 8 (UP)— j A partial audit of the account !of a former employe of Hie rev- uiue department ioday disclosed ,ri shortage ol approximately' $4.000,1 Slate Comptroller James Ciolfj jannounced today. j I Revenue Commissioner D. L. | WES Fvrrri In VX/in FinKl l/>' 1 '' 0 " 1 ' wl>0 rcrils< -'d to name the'p. , IT /-I t-XL-CCt 10 Will light 101 f(rllle , employe, said the man was JClialol-S Urge - ChailffCC Protect Missouri Flood-1! llsch: "' BC(i '" ™>™>y "•• - , ' , ! became evident that his books Bung! Bullitff jNavy Flyers ^^X^ssssmmismimimKst l*jObtJ' J-ilVGS In Pacific Lands i were "not right." Every frilher should kno\v how lo care for th'e baby, contends 13-year-old mother, Florence Kudd of Vallejo, Calif.,. sq_shc pinned her 22-year-old husband, Bill, down to a few fun~ J ctamcntal lessons in the art ol diaper fastening, .ab'ove.. X T •lUllc. lady in liio ci:ib is v bal 1'lorcjicc Ulay Rudcl, -_ three • >- vvccks.,- ,' . CHARLESTON, Mo, May (t. IUP) —Four thousand levee workers at the Wolf Island break in the Bird's Point-New Madrid spillway levee near here were able to keep up with the rise of the river today although only Inches of the protecting ring levee were above waler. Preparations were made for what was expected to be the bi s fight tomorrow and Monday when a crest of about 48.5 feet was predicted for Cairo, III. With the arrival of two more CCC companies. Ihe number of Conservation Corps groups at work was brought to seven. Owners Opposed Work Scvsral families and soms stock remained in the area, the residents apparently believing the light would be won. It was explained that engineers delayed in starting the ring levee —dirt filled and sand bagged board ( siding—because of land owners' op- j position. The owners, whose permission was required for the right , the sand dcposlt- en on their land in the January flood. _ ''One Man Drowned •One was drowned and three persons Injured in accidents attributed to the Southeast Missouri flooris Friday. Othel - Haynes, 23 jrears old, was drowned when ha tell into a flooded drainage ditch In Butler county. Mrs.'.Otto Lynch, UUL.II I L. ,UHMj'32, was critically hurt wii (? n-an.B..« Lawyers Seek Disciplinary Measures to Standards Maintain HOT SPRINGS. Ark. -Tile Bar Association of Arkansas Friday afternoon asked the Arkansas supreme court to take regulatory and disciplinary action against unethical lawyers. The bar failed twice to have an integral bar bill enacted Veteran of World War Suicides At El Dorado FJ., DORADO. Ark., May 8 (UP) —A verdict of suicide was returned today by Corontr Forice Hall in the death of Davis Frasier, 44- year-old World War veteran. Frnzlcrs body v\as found in a bedroom of his home this morning by members of with a shotgun nearby. •Hall, in his report, said family, that , Ihe veteran, in bad health for fomc time, evidently had used hlr toes pull the trigger. by the legislature. '- through loaded with' WPA lives" 'workers, collided at poplar BluII. Mrs. Mar- jorii King, 27, and her 4-year-old son. with Mrs. Lynch, were less seriously injured. what was declared to be the "inherent power" of the court, it is sought to achieve the same objectives. The resolution was oflered by Gene Warren. Little Rock, retiring chairman of the junior bar. He said the ..object was to have the supreme court realize that it. was vested | f° •••«•- """ m municipal court with authority to set up more strin- i i:crc °n Monday, Mav 17, on a mis- gent rules and regulations'for the Demeanor charge of failing to remit impose of "cleaning up the prac-' "'°ney accepted by him "for court '.Ice of law in this state." I c °s*s or bond. The authority of the supreme i Evans Is alleged to have received court to regulate more stringently [ 55-10 from Jake Bernstein, Caruth- the practice of law in the state' ersville. Mo., merchant, while fudge Enters Mistrial After Jury Reports Hopeless Deadlock 'barged .With Failing to Remit Money Given Him as Cash Bond Dick Evans of Whit county is face Irial in municipal court LITTLE ROCK.-Ark., May 8-A mistrial was entered at 5:10 P. M. yesterday in the case of Ed F. McDonald, former secretary of stnte, charged with false pretense In connection with Issuance of a slate warrant for $43fl In August, 1935, for janitors' supplies. Judge McGehee dismissed the jury which hart bEcn deliberating the case since 8:3'$.' P. M. Thursday, after Foreman R,«' s. Hunt reported that Its members were hopelessly deadlocked. ' .; .The vote \yas. eight to four for conviction after continued balloti Ing, reports^ indicated. .j Frcsecutlng Attorney .Fred A" Donhain, who directed the; slate's' case, said . in Hot Springs "l!>wnj ry him again,"- when' inhumed 'f the ."mistrial. ;: ' 1 .... Faces Oilier Indictments ..V i»'_Tne indictment "on whichiiilvf.cjj Duridul ; WiW~ tri?d v . was; .vreturijea' |n ' connection with 'a $480 Warrant payable to Ihe Fidelity Chemical company for four barrels of soap August 6, 1935. I. L. Ziebart. soap salesman was indicted jointly with McDonald but severance was granted. McDonald faces three olhcr Indictments charging false pretense in connection with issuance of warrants for janitor supplies. He was indicted also on six charges of bribery. Sam Robinson,, chief defense lawyer, issued the following statement immediately after Judge McGehee declared a mistrial: "Ed McDonald was not only tried on the particular indictment involved in this case but all the evidence pertaining to very indictment pending against lira was submitted to Ihe jury. The fact that after a great amount Policy as Budget Balancing Expedient WASHINGTON. May 8 (UP)-Strong sentiment developed in the seiiale ludny to return administration of relief lo slates and locul communities In 1111 effort to balance the federal budget. Leaders of the movement were two so-cnlled "conservative" Democrats. Senator Josiah Bailey of North Carolina and Senator William H. King of Utah. Several other southern and conservative northern' Democratic senators admittedly were Inclined toward Ihe plan but still wore "studying It." Klnj introduced a bill provid- In? for administration of relief solely by stales witli federal con- Iribiitlons. | Whether the plan would be enacted into law was viewed as doubtful. The administration h opposed to relinquishing administration of relief funds. Relief officials argue lhat absolute control of the funds should remain with the agency advancing the money—(he federal government. -Senator Rush D. Holt (Demi. W. Va.) supported turning administration of relief funds back to Hie stales but differed wllh Bailey over elimination of federal funds for aid to the needy.' Livln' a good straight life has set forth by Joe C. Barrett. Jonesboro, in his paper, "Integrated Bar by Rule ol Court.' He cited more than 200 authorities. He said that for many years the Arkansas Bar Association had been "trying t a find some adequate means for a more effective method of disciplining the unethical practitioner. Bench and bar. he said, "have tak- judicial knowledge . ., , duty at. the Arkansas stats revenue department's permit statio-i several weeks ago. Bernstein claim? he posted the money with Evans to cover fine or cosls in connection with a revenue department rc»u- lation he was said to have violated. The state claims that Evans never turned the money over to court officials and that he told nn- -je of the less- othcr revenue officer that h> had enin 3 prestige of the judiciary." I released Bernstein on the posting g sge o e ucary." I e ernsen "There Is no earthly reason whv of a S50 cash bond. the legislative branch should bc< Evans, it is understood, denies called upon to wash our dirty linen If the 'power to operate the laun- dry'may ( be found in the judicial branch' of the government," he said/ Closing Stock Prices that he accepted any money from the Caruthersvillc man. saying he only gave him a notice to -armear in court. The matter has been under investigation for some time. NEW. .YORK. -May 8 (UP) — Trading on the stock exchange fell )f( to Ihe lightest levels of the year today, rounding out the smallest week since early June 193G. • Prices drifted lower 'after a' firm start NEW YORK, May 8 (UP)-Cotton closed steady. open high low close May ., Jul .. Oct .. A. T. and T ., - o Anaconda Copper you a clear cosncience, and then Beth. Steel it's niigli>y handy to be able lo Chrysler point at'your clean record in cns£ Citie.s Service the question ever comes up. Out! Coca Cola here in Hollywood where there arc so many rich homes, the servant problem has become pretty risky on account of a lot'ta crooks have been known lo forge their letter;; of recommendation Jest to Gen. Electric Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ... McKc.sson-Robbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard When my Cousin Perdy was out] Phillips Pet. here not long ago, she took a [ Radio jcb in one of them big homes (is n cook. One day she out ivorkin' in the garden and she come In nnd started to set the table without washiii' her hands. The lady of the house says "Perdy, do you know wou're leavln 1 your fingerprints all over them plates?"-and Perdy says "Oh don't worry about them fingerprints— I ain't gol nothln' lo hide!" (Copyiight, 1937, Esquire Features, Inc.) 161 , 53 1-8 I J ?" 80 1-4 115 1-4 31-2 160 53 1-4 59 1-2 108 3-4 14 3-8 S3 3-8 48 9 3-1 55 1-4 95-8 45 1-4 67 1-4 . 60 5-8 1307 1309 1287 1283 1286 1291 Spots closed steady at 1358. 1307 1310 1288 !285 1299 1304 1282 1279 1289 1284 1291 1288 unchanged 1303 13ns 1288 1284 1289 1291 am E DELEGIITES ABOARD U. H. S. 1 ,' PENNSYLVANIA, Mld-I'rtclflc, May «. (iji't —Li. Com. John Francis Olllon. M. anil Uadfb Operator Cilti'n M. Hciil were killed Friday when their scouting plum- dived Into the Pu- clllc ocean during tlcct nmnciivers ol f I in wall. It was announce;! oln- clally luilny, The accident wus wllnessed by scores of other livers '.mil . but they were unable to give assistance. Cash Return to Pioduceis Should de Best Siuco 1929 -,,.,.....^. ,j t | HUT Olllon had been in command ol I growing .'jcoutlnj; Sipmdron 2-IS ami was re-' turning to the aircraft carrier Bar- WASHINGTON. May 8 (UP) — Department of agriculture reports showing ,rising prices, favorable weather and .substantially Incrcas- d fiirm Income today Indicated STUQt OFFER OF Grcal Britain and Prance May Accept Insurgent Leader s Proposal farm prosperity PARIS. 8.,(UP)_Grcat Bri- . . tain and France today reconsidered tl'c oiler of Gen. Francisco Franco, Spanish Insurgent leader, to grant safe conduct of women nnd children war refu»c?s through his troo refugees through his f deliberation the jury stood ibout evenly divided certainly hows the state was unable to ustain the charge, although Ihe tale used some 45 witnesses and lot a single witness was put on the land by the defendant. And there s no doubt the state tried him on "Is strongest case." Collected $9,198 Zicbart testified he left about il.500 worth of janitor supplies at he capitol In 1931 and received 29 warrants for $9,193 f rom the slate from 1931 through 1935. He said he gave McDonald from S5C to $100. on all but 10 of the warrants, repaying loans of $300 and $590. lawyers contended In cross examination of Zicbart and final arguments thai the sales man representated that the mer cbandisc had' been delivered whet: he presented invoices to secure issuance of the warrants. The state charged the warrant was issued when an 'invoice was presented with the notallon "O K. Ed F. McDonald." Defense lawyers argued Hie voucher for the warrant was Issued by a deput; and the notation was nol necc-s sary for issuance. Former stal Auditor Charley Parker tcstiflei there was nothing to Indicate Me Donald had direct knowledge of it existence. Vlethoclists of Jonesboro Distncl Finish Session At Osceola OSCEOLA, 'Ark.— Twelve lay delegates to the annual conference at Fort Smith ncjft October and six alternates were elected /estcrday at the closing day's session of the Jonesboro district conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The delegates arc:" Mrs. A. p. Patton, p. E. cooley. C. A. Stuck, 1. J. Perry, Mrs. H. Prewctt, A. 3. Hudson, Z. B. Ballew, Mrs. C. H. Ashabranner, Mrs. O. E. Dycrle, 3. A. Freeze, C. J. Chiipin and N'ob's Gill. The alternates arc: r. G. O. Campbell, Carl Hludoii, ynian Gargor, H. K. Farrar, Mrs. M. Harwell and C|aude Grain. Tire committee on admissions esented the name of the Rev. When William C. rUillil!, U. S. ambassador lo France, tupped a barrel of wine '\vif/i a bung- sli'irlcr, ns shown aunvc, he be. came an onicial jraiiri ofliccr in (he Brotherhood of the Cheva drcn troops encircling Bilbao. AUhoniih it appeared likely lhat further evacuations of the refugees from Hie liiismic capital might be delayed while Franco's proposals were being studied, reports Irom St. Jean de- Lire said the French steamship Carantaro left for Bilbao loday, convoyed by .three French warships. II was to epibnrk 1.000 refugees. Under Franco's plan it would be unnecessary lo continue the difficult nud costly task of evacuating Ihe uoncomlmlants by sea which ' Prices of principal farm products are (he highest In nearly (en years and cash Income Is al n rate unemialcd since 1929. Cash lanh Income during the first quarter of tills year totaled $1,912,000,000. lucerne from marketing totaled $1,735.000,000 and government benefit payments were $2f/7,GOO.OOO this year as against $10.000,000 In the same three months of last year. Marketing Income was 10 pei- cent above the first quarter of last ycnr. Prices Are Un Corn, cotton, and wheat, —.the Hiri'a principal "money" crops- prices are the highest since :thc late 1920s. Cultlc, hogs, and sheep prices are near high points of several years. Supplies'of nearly all farm commodities are low. Secretary of Agriculture .Henry A. Wallace said prospects, tor-"a ?ood crop year In all but a' few scattered areas are "excellent. Abundant rains apparently have Hers 1 clu Tastcvin—in other | wolll dJje'come Increasingly danger- words, n connoisseur of wine. The initiation look plficc in I'no cellar of a famous French wine firm. r. New Orleans Cotton Two From This County Will Get U. of A. Degree Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. ..'. Texas Co U. s. Smelting ".'".'.'.'.'.'.'.'. RG 3.4 U .S. Steel 103 3.4 Zonite g ]_2 Chicago Coni~~ open .high ' close Mliy 133 1-4, 133 3-4 132 3-4 133 K8 NEW ORLEANS. May 8 (UP) — , A government forecast of nnfaypr-' able weather in the cotton "belt' next week lifted cotton futures three (o four points nt the close today. open high low close 1290b 1295 1295 1290 • 1297 13CO 1293 1300 Oct 1283 1287 1279 1236 1290 1294 1287 1294 Jan ....... 1292 12.16 1292 1286 Mar 1295 1299 1295 1299 Spots closed steady at 1340, up 2.' ,. Chicafio Wheat open. .high low , close May 125. 1-2 126; M 125 . 125 7-8 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — T W residents of Mississippi count are among the 3C1 candidates fo degrees at the June commence ment of the University of Ark ansas. Members of the class c 1937 will receive their diplomas o Monday. .lunc 7. Dr. Charlc Turck. Philadelphia, will deliver in 1938. the commencement address. The Mississippi .county candidates for degrees . are Thomas ynian Barger, young pastor' at Hyess Colony and a recent gradu- te of Emory University, and Ihe ous If Gen: Einlllo Moln's army should capture the heights of Sol- luve am] bring Ihe mouth of the Ncrvlon river leading to Bilbao under artillery lire. Franco .suggested thai- o. neutral safety be created for Ihe women. children and oilier noncom- batanta at Bilbao but in the haste lo start evacuations Ihe two gov- crnmcnls originally plan. rejected ths Zalts All Italian Correspondents Home From London ROME, May 8. (UP)—Premier Benlto Mussolini opened a two- day celebration of the first anniversary of the "Italian empire" to- erased the effects of last mer's droulh, he said. The bureau Unllcd slates described oaily weather growing onference voled lo recommend day with announcement of a ban 1m' tf the annual conference for I against all except thrc^ English r ' 1 " 1 "'"" "" '- r "' newspapers and the recall of' all Italian correspondents in London. I dmission on trial. Dr. E. 1 \y. Potter, presiding el' Arkansas Counly Farmers Lose'$40,000 in Sudden Onslaught cr, read the places and dates of II Duce. consolidating Ilalian'na-l -V'TOTTO"' , .' — ---- is third [[uartsr conferences. He! tionalism on the anniversary of his i., STUTTGAET ' Ark " Mny 8 (U -ill speak at Blytheville Sunday conquest of Ethiopia revived the airplane trailed clouds of iglit and at Osceola the night controversy with the 'British whirl, I pmson <hlst ovcr 2 ' 500 " crcs ° r iglit and at Osccola the night f May 23. A training class in every church, controversy with the British which i • , , . - .- , ---a year ago threatened peace in ths i P tS a " d vh . fni . ",' so'" 1 '"" Ar- eastern Mediterranean. kansas county today as farmers increase In Vacation Bible] The government order officially' ml<l "Sricullurnl leaders sought to Schools, observance of Hendrlx banned the sale and distribution College Day offering and Mission- of all British.newspapers except the .... „„. „.,.... ,. c: Ixnidon Daily Mall, the Evening News ai!d ths Sunday Observer, two former, Hothermere pa..... in London, and the latter. :, Litlle Rock.} controlled by Viscount Aslor. havs r Arkansas Anti-|been favorable toward Fascist Itnly Saloon League, in reviewing the and Nazi Germany.) n-y Day every fourth Sunday verc urged in the report on ..., u Vlf:; ^, (IJ . m v ^usjm-t. Christian Education by P. E. j (The two former, Hothermere pa- Dr. W. B. Gl superintendent iccomplfshmeiits since its organiz- Ulon In 1892 at Calvary Baptist church in Washington and Ihc The action against the British press was taken because of its al- 'nactment of itic Eighteenth! tent months: amendment twenty-seven years legod anti-Fascist campaign in re- atcr, staled that the past legls-: alurc passed every bill presented :hat^was favorable to the tcm- lerance question. He urged members to pay the poll tax and vote dry' and commended Governor Bailey for his veto of Ihe County •'"air racing bill. Due to (he large amount of business lo be transacted and at his Insistence the sermon scheduled to have been preached by Mrs l "'S- stop the advance of, 'army worms en growing crops. ' ."','. ' The worms first wvtje .noticed late Thursday on a .farm; in, the WlvJ; . river chute aiYa „ „. / ; 1U " L "";"' filling their Has oigned for Picture «ppr»i was HOLLYWOOD, Cal. - Warner Brothers studio termed as "Immature" the reports lhat prelty Riibyc Zioncheck, widow of Representative Marlon Zioncheck of Washington, was signed to a movie contract. Mrs. Zioncheck supposedly hail of DeWltl. By Friday night the worms had cleared 1,500 acres of growing wheat and oals Initial section and'^were *,'p'ikihg''r'tr.'cir woy northward.i Fanners, working under'the dl- 1'cclion of County Agent J.^H. Dean, were unsuccessful in their efforts to stop the advance ot the worms by digging ditches and them with water''and an was made for the- plane last night to an aircraft firm in Memphis. Tcday. with the plane dusting the growing crops, farmers continued to dig ditches and nil them with kerosene, to be ignited when they become tilled with worms. Loss to farmers for the two.,, „ : • ; • ^ „, n . . .-...'. ^IUILVIIS:I;K supposed v nac evm Cy - ' r"' ! '" ?'±h b ° en Cnst for R P' ct "« w '«> ™<* 'neville was dispensed wilh. Powell and Ruby Keelcr but i The most colorful figure «mon,: publicity spokesman slid she had ie conference visitors was the;not bccn signed nor has she tak- 6v. J. c. Jeriiigati. 815. supcran- len a j crcon ( cs [ -. ""ate and former pastor of "" Orceoia church. invasion of the. worms estimated by Dean at 540,000. cupied a .-. box with Govi * Bailey aijd'guests of the local club at the Blytheville-Osceola 'game here. Friday lie attended the Osceola-Blytheville game - at Osceola. ; • •-..••• Sunday Mayor Williams will be one of four mayors who, will par- licipate in opening day ceremonies at Caruthersvllle, Mo., when the Blytheville Giants play the Caruthersville Pilots. Mayors of Canithersville. Hayll. and Steele,Mo., will also be> gucsfs. Incidentally Mayor Williams opes that his luck runs true and that he will witness a third straight opening day victory for Blylheville. the 'Mrs. Zioncheck' was simply having lunch with Hus'bv Berkeley - was seiect.-ci as the whm ]ie [ nvlte( , hcr ( •, . . meeting place lor ll;o conference' ln onc of his pictures later this '" 1n-> ° summer." ! Berkeley Ls the studio's dance j di"":lor Jlll 119 1-4 113 3-4 Ha 1-8 119 5-8 Jul' 116 1-8 117 1-8 115 7-8 11? Brj'ant Johnson, of Osceola. who Will receive the degree of bachelor of .laws,. and Edward- Walker Ree.vcs, of Kelser, who, will ro tiolfcrs Swlnp tl'ics ' COQUILLE, ore.''UPi~Subs.ll- 1 Mrs. Zioncheck has vceurned to luting grubbing axes ami roes for Seattle, mashies and "mid-irons, members | Negro Shop Lifters Assessed $25 Each Wll'.lc Williams and Andrew -Atkins, negro shop lifters, were fined $25 each in municipal court this morning on charges of petit larceny. Cash bonds posted by T. L. Thomas and W. H. Forbes on public drunkenness charges and R. L, WEATHER Arkansas—Probably showers lo- night and Sunday. Cooler in cost portion Sunday. Memphis nnd vicinity — Increasing . cloudiness tonight and, Sunday. Probably local thundershow- crs Sunday afternoon.. Not much change in temperature. ™iv» n -. ;. """ • •: ~' u " uunnca oia cioiimu .»•« i»=-!',""•• " "lui-ij mr. n scea to lorm, cnarge were ordered forfeited. I yesterday was 78, minimum. '50, cehe .the. degree of master of Ml--1 pared • for spring oixiiirs of the the pollen of iv flower must'touch'I Ira Mays was found'not guilty clear, according lo Samuel r ence. • Conr-^p tlio nvnln. - «r ....t.ti- ^ i . * T ,_ -»,-,_. ' ....._ conditions as "highly favbmble. Rainfall has been ' above, normal over the major. crop., .belts and ample ,mdis(uro Is'-licking only In sections'of the southwest. The department has unofficially predicted a cotton crop of 13,400,OCO bales this year If weather conditions are favorable. If a price of around 12 cents a pound Is maintained this crop will bflnK farmers $800,000,000. Urge Penalty -Tax ^ NEW ORLEANS, May. 8 (UP) — Parity payments and a process- Ing tax to stabilize farm Incomes were demanded today by representatives of cotton farmers from. • nine .southern states. Under the long range plan demanded, taxes would be levied as a penalty Whenever the worlti',' supply, in any year exceeded the * normal 25 per cent. Parity payments would come from both"Ihe processing tax and from a gem eral lariff revenue of up to 30- per cent. Resolutions adopted at a conference called by N. C. Williamson, chairman of a farmers planning committee, proposed con- " gressional appropriations if the processing tax and payments proved inadequate. The resolutions call, for n tax- to be applied at the gins on surplus cotton or that in excess of each farmer's quota. The tax ivoulri be designed lo' check over- -• production of the staple. . ' Mayor Hopes "Opening Day" Luck Holds Good Mayor Marion Williams of Bly- thevlllc for the third time in four 'days will watch an opening day game in the Northeast Arkansas league as a .special guest Sunday.- ' Thursday Mayor. Willi.ams" ,oc- ,..,* , , , ,. , .. . i i in. uiu,mciLiic33 tliaigfA H1IU n. Lr, « the Comulle Valley Country wot until 1632 "was 1 It 'discovered , George on a disturbing the peace I The'maximum temperature here Club^donned old clolliln; and prs-M "it. fi order; Kr * seed to form, .charge were ordered, forfeited. I yesterday was 78, minimum ^50, O f public drunkenness. Norris. official weather observer.

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