Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana on August 11, 1991 · Page 28
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Great Falls Tribune from Great Falls, Montana · Page 28

Great Falls, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 11, 1991
Page 28
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:2D Great Falls Tribune SCOREBOARD Sunday, August 11, 1991 Sports today PIONIIR LEAOUB SAIIBALL Greet Foils Dodgers vt. Soli Lake City Troppers. Legion Pork, 3 p.m. STATE BIST BALLOOLF Final round ot men's Slate Best Boll tournament, R.O. Speck course, a.m. itorl P.60I0NAL SOFTBALL Men s Clati A Northwest Regional sottboil rournomont, Multi-Sports Comples, 9:15a.m. ilort TV sports Sunday ;ltt,m.ESPN-SpertsCenter. 1:55 a.m. ESPN-Auto Roclnt. Formula Ono. Hunoorlon Grand fill. Prom mo Hungorortag in ' Budapest, Hungary. , 4:Ne.m.CFAC-Sporttat11. 1M o.m. TNN-Eciilnt World of Snood and Boouty. Foaturod: drog rocor Lorl Johns; the world's first . "wor bird" ouctlon in Santa Monica, Colli. ' 7:M o.m. TNN-Trvckln USA. Foaturod: cuitomliod truckl at the Chattanooga Custom Center. IStem. t9S)-Flshlng the West. TNN-Trucks and Tractor Power. Foaturod: mud racing competition at Deorcreek Sports Center in Franklin, Ga. ESPN-Molor League (0100011 Magaiine. IH o.m. (95) -Walt Badorek't Outdoor Mogaiino. TNN-Wlnners. Featured: Dalt Earnhardt. I Port lot 2) ESPN-SporttWeokly. . 9:tt o.m. TNN-lraldo Wlmton Cup Racing. ESPN-Sports Reporters. , TBS PGA Coll. PGA Champion-thio. Final round from the Crooked Stick Golf Club In Cormel, Ind. t ie e.m. CNN-Soorttwook In Review. . TNN-Motortports Magazine. ESPN-SportsCenter. ', PSN-lnsldeGolf. 1t:tt O.m. TNN-Colobrlty Outdoors , 1 USA All-American Wrestling. PSN Women's Tennis. Canadian Open. Flnai Match. From Toronto. 11:11 a.m. (l2l4)-Northwest Angler. - TNN-Bassmoitors. Featured: Randy Bloukat catches bail on man-mode Impoundments. ESPN Auto Racing. I MSA Barber Saob Series. From Laguna Seca, Calif. I):M a.m. TNN-Buckmostors: Whltttoll Mogaiino. ESPN-Auto Racing. NASCAR Winston Cup. Budwelser at the Glen. From Watklns Glen International, N.Y. ' WGN-ThlsWeekln Basoboll. ' 11:10 0.m. (ll3)-PGA Golf. PGA Chomplonshlp. Final round from the Crooked Stick Golf Club in Carmol, Ind. TNN-BIII Oanct Outdoors. Feo-turod: fishing tor bass using spin-norbalts. WGN Malor League Baseball. Chicago White Soa at Baltlmorg Orioles. From Memorial Stadium. 1!:M p.m. (95)-Pon American 1 Games, scneauiea: track field; basketball; baseball; boxing; diving; cycling; gymnastics; volleyball; water polo; Softball; table tennis; wrestling. From Havana Cuba. TNN-Auto Racing. ASA'S AC Dolce Challenge Series . Pen-- nsylvonia 300. From Jennorstown Speedway In Jennorstown, Pa. - PSN-Gvmnastlcs. USAIGC. From Greensboro, N.C. I:JS p.m. (1214)-Out of the Oust. Motorcycles start oft this S00 mile race, lot lowed by two-wheelers and dune buggies. Bill Flemming hosts. ESPN-Auto Racing. SCCA Trans-Amy-.From Watklns Glen International, N.Y. 1:00 p.m. (I214)-Mlner League Baseball. Salt Lake City Trappers of Great Falls Dodgers. PSM-Jet Skiing. Hot Water Tour. From St. Petersburg, Fla. 2:JI o.m. TNN-NHRA Today. ESPN Tennis. ATP Championship Finol. From Cincinnati, Ohio. (Same-day Tape) :N p.m. DlSC-Sportlng Life. I Export photographers ore able to film anything trom free-fall parachutists to hot-air balloons above the Himalovas. TNN-lnsido Winston Cup Racing. PSN Rodeo. Bullridors Only. Jrom San Diego. : J:J0- p.m. DISC-Wlld About "Wheels. Featured: mud racing; hot 1 'eds irr Southern California; Carroll weley and his masterpiece Mus- 1 .TNj-Winners. Featured: Dole -6oordt. (Part 2of 2) (jD- " 4t0t.p.m. CNN-Sportsweek In 4eStMGW a (113)-OutdoorGazette. i TNN-Truckin' USA. Featured: he Country Fest "90 in Cocoa Beach, ,-Fla. TNT Pan American Gomes. .Scheduled: track t field; Dosket-I .boll; boxing; women's diving; .swimming; volleyball; cvcllna; .wrestling. From Havana, Cuba. , PSN-Rugby World. :S p.m. TBS-WCW Main Event 'Wrestling. . 4:lt p.m. TNN-Motorsports Magazine. , ESPN-SportsCenter. 1 i:0S o.m. TNN-Amerlcan Saorts 'Cavolcade. Featured: the NHRA Mopar Ports Mile-High Nationals 'from Denver, Colo. J ESPN-Baseball Tonight. ' PSN-Australlan Rules Football. " .Teams to be announced. 5:30p.m. CNN Sports Sunday. "1 i:N p.m. ESPN Malor League ' Baseball. New York Mets at Chicago Cubs. From Wrlgley Field. , TNT NFL Preseason Football, fhoenix Cardinals at Chicago Bears. , PSN -Arena Football. Playoff Semifinal. Albany Firebirds at Detroit Drive. , 4:2 p.m. TNN-Motorsports Updates. i S:30 p.m. TNN-NHRA Today. V 7:01 p.m. TNN-lnsido Winston Cup Racing. - i:m p.r .m. TNN-BIII Dance Out doors. Featured: fishing for bass using spmnerbalts. ' t:tt p.m. TNN Bassmasters. Seotored: Randy Blaukat catches iss on man-made impoundments. l:M p.m. TNN-Flrehawk Endurance Championship. j PSN-lndyCarWorld. l:40p.m.WGN-lnstant Replay. f:00 p.m. CNN-Sports Tonight. I TNN-RoadTestMagazlng. i ESPN-SportsCenter. : PSN-Motor Sports Hour. : p.m. TNN-Truckln' USA. Featured: customized trucks at the Chattanooga Custom Center. . lt:tt p.m. TNN Trucks and Tractor Power. Featured: mud racing competition at Deorcreek Sports Center in Franklin, Ga. 1 ESPN-Baseball Tonight. PSN-Motorcycle Racing. AMA Motocross Championship. From Ax-Ion, Va. '11:30 p.m. TNN-Inside Winston Cup Racing. '; ll:ttp.fn.TNN NHRAToday. ' ESPN-Bodybulldlna. NPC Women's Nationals amd Mixed Fairs. From Long Beach, Calif. "-CFAC-Sportsatll. " PSN Speedway America. p.m. TNN-Wlnners. Featured: Dole Earnhardt. (Part 2 of 2) 11:44 a.m. TNN-Chamolomhlo Koaeo. prom Mesauito, Texas. ESPN-SportsCenter. PSN Motorcycle Racing. Formula USA. From Heartland Park, Topeka, Kan. 12:Ma.m.CNN-SportsLatenlaht. 1:M a.m. PSN-Women's Tennis. iConadian Open. Final Match. From Toronto. 1:31 a.m. ESPN Auto Racing. .NASCAR Winston Cup . Budweiser at .the Glen. From Watklns Glen International, N.Y. , 2:04 a.m. TBS-WCW Main Event Wrestling. : 2:3a.m.TNT-SportsShorts. . 3:o0o.m.CNN-SportsLatenight. ' T8S-Wrestling. 1 PSN PGA Golf. European Tour 'Highlights. Scandinavian Masters. 3:34a.m. ESPN-SportsCenter. -Baseball NL leaders BATTING-Pendleton, Atlanta, ,.334; TGwynn, San Diego, .334; Mor-- ris, Cincinnati, J10; Nixon, Atlanta, '.310; Jose, St. Louis, .317; Biggio, 'Houston, .304; WCIark, San Franc-'Isca. 3r2; Sand berg, Chicaaa .302. v RONS-Butler. Lot Angeles, 77; -Sandbars. Chicoga 75; Johnson, -New York, 73; Gant, Atlanta, 70; -Pendleton, Atlanta, ; OSmifh, St. -Louis, 40; Nixon, Atlanta, 64. . RBI-WCIark, San Francisco, 13; Bonds, Pittsburgh, 71; Johnson, New .York, 77; Dawson, Chicago, 74; Gant, Atlanta, 70; Bonllla Pittsburgh, 49; CBell, Chicago, 49. HITS TGwynn, San Diego, 147; Butler, Los Angtles, 127; Grace, Chicago, 124; Jose, St. Louis, 122; Pendleton, Atlanta, 122; Sand berg, Chicago, 122; Samuel, Los Angeles, 121. DOVBLES-Jose, St. Louis. 34; Bonitta, Pittsburgh, 27; McRey-noidsi New York, 27; Morris, Cincinnati 24; Gant, Atlanta, 25; Pendleton, Atlanta 24; 5 ore tied with 23. TRIPLES-Lanklord, St. Louis, 10; TGwynn, San Diega 10; L Gonial ei, Houston, t; Finlev, Houston, 7; Von Slyke, Pittsburgh. 7; Kruk, Philadelphia, 4; Condaele, Houston, t; Petder, Son Francisco, 4. HOME RUNS-Gant, Atlanta, 24; MoWJHIams, Son Francisca 24; , Johnson, New York, 24; WCIark, San f rancuKo, 22; KvMltchell, San I Francisco, Mi O'Neill, Cincinnati, Ki McGrlH, Son Dieea Mi land-berg, Chicoga, M; GBellf Chicago, STOLEN BASES-Nlion. Atlanta, S3; Grlssom, Montreal, ei; 0,5-Molds, Montreal, 43; Coleman, Now York, 37; Bonds. Pittsburgh, 14; Butler, Los Angeles, 31; Lankford, St. Louis, 29. PITCHING (II Declllonsl-Rlio. Cincinnati, M, 100. 3.9t; Hurst, San Olega. 14-S, .717, 1.23; Avery, At-lonto, 11-3, .712, 1.41; Osuna, Houston, 71, .700, 3.11; Corponter, St. Louis, 7-3, .700, 0 org lied with 447. STRIKEOUTS-Cono, New York, IS); Glavlno, Atlanta, 137; G Maddux, Chicago, 134; Good en, New York, 114; Hornlscn, Houston, 1311 Hurst, San Diego, 109; Bones, San Diego, tot. SAVES-LeSmlth, St. Louis, Hi Dibble, Cincinnati, 14; Franca New York, 22; MIWIIHoms, Philadelphia 20; Rlghottl, Son Francisco, II; Le-Iferts, Son Dlega 17; DoSmlth, Chicago, It; Berenguer, Atlanta, 14. AL leaders BATTINO-Polmolra, Texas, .355; Boggs, Boston, Mil Franca Texas, .334; TartoouTl, Kansas City, .335; Molltor, Milwaukee, .329; Puckett, Minnesota, .324; C Ripken, Baltimore, .323. RUNS-Molltor, Milwaukee, 15; Palmeiro, Texas, 13; Canseco, Oakland, 02; Thomas, Chicoga 77; White, Toronto, 74; Franca Texas, 75; Sierra, Texos, 74. RBI-Fielder, Detroit, 93, Canseco, Ookland, 17; Thomas, Chicaaa 13; Carter, Toronto, 12; Sierra, Texas, 00; CDovls, Minnesota 77; CRIPkon, Baltimore, 74. HITS-Polmelro, Texas, 152; Molltor, Milwaukee, 147; CRIpken, Baltimore, 141; Puckett, Minnesota 139; Franco, Texas, 134; Sierra Texas, 135; RAIomar, Toronto. 130. OOUBLES-PolmeIra Texas, 32; RAIomar, Toronto, 31; Boggs, Boston, 31; Carter, Toronto, 30; CRIpken, Boltlmore, 10; White, Toronto, 29; Slerrov Texas. 21; Brett, Konsas City, 21. TRIPLES-Molltor, Milwaukee, 10; RAIomar, Toronto, 7; De vereaux, Baltimore, 7; Poionla California, 7; White, Toronto, 7; McRoe, Kansas City, 4; Whiten, Cleveland, 4; Puckett, Minnesota l Raines. Chicago, 4. HOME RUNS-Flelder, Detroit, 12; Conseco, Oakland, 31; Carter, Toronta 24; CDovls, Mlnnesoto, 24; CRIpken, Boltlmore, 24; Tartabull, Kansas City, 23; O Henderson, Oakland, 23. STOLEN BASES Raines, Chicoga 37; RHenderson, Oakland, 37; RAIomar, Toronta 34; Poionla California, 11; Cuvler, Detroit, 29; White, Toronta 24; Franca Texas, 22. PITCHING (10 Declslons)-Erl-ckson, Minnesota. 15-3, .033, 1.34; Henneman, Detroit, 4-2, Jit, 1.45; Longston, California 14-S, .737, 3.45; Klink, Oakland, 1-3, .727, 1.07; McDowell, Chicoga 144, .700, 1.10; Thlgpen, Chicoga 7-3, .700, 1.11; Finlev. California, 144, .700, 4.04; Gulllckson, Detroit, 144, .700, 4.02. STRIKEOUTS-RJohnson, Seattle, 143; Clemens, Boston, 151; Ryan, Texas, 145; McDowell, Chicago, 131; Swindell, Cleveland, IX; Candlottl, Toronta 129; Longston, California 127. SAVES-Eckorsley, Oakland, 11; Aguilera Minnesota, 30; Thigpen, Chicoga 24; Roardon, Boston, 24; Harvey, California, 25; Henka Toronto, 25; Olson, Boltlmora 24. Postseason play All Times MDT PLAYOFFS Notional League Wednesdoy.Oct.t NL West winner at NL East winner, 4:25 p.m. Thursday, Oct. It NL West at NL East, 4:25 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12 NL East at NL West, 12:10 P.m. or 1:10p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11 NL East at NL West, 4 : 25 p.m. Monday, Oct. 14 NL East at NL West, 12:40 p.m. or 2:10p.m., if necessary Wednesday, Oct. It NL West ot NL East, 12:40 p.m. or 1:10p.m., If necessary Thursday, Oct. 17 NL West at NL East, 4:25 p.m.. If necessary American League Tuesday, Oct. t AL East winner at AL West winner, 4:25 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 9 AL East at AL West, 12:40 p.m. or 2:10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 11 AL West at AL East, 4: 25 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 12 AL West at AL East, 4:25 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 11 AL West at AL East, 2:10 p.m., If necessary Tuesday, Oct. IS AL East at AL West, 6:25 p.m., If necessary Wednesday Oct. 14 AL East at AL West, 4:25 P.m., If necessary WORLDSERIES Saturday, Oct. 19 National League champion at American League champion, 4:35 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 2t NLatAL6:35p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21 ALatNL 4:35 P.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23 ALatNU6:15p.m. Thursday, Oct. M ALat NL, 6:35 p.m., if necessary Saturday, Oct. 24 NLatAL,6:35p.m., If necessary Sunday, Oct. 27 NLat AL 6:35 p.m., If necessary Today in the majors Sunday, Aug. 11 SCOREBOARD New York at Chicago (6:05 p.m. MDT). In the ESPN Sunday night game, Sid Fernandez (0-2) opposes Rick Sutcliffe (2-4) In a matchup of pitchers who have missed most of the season with Inlurles. STATS Houston left-hander Jim Desha les has allowed 25 flrst-lnnlng runs and only four in the second. ... Kirk Mc-Casklll of the California Angels Is 2-10 In his last 13 starts. STREAKS Philadelphia won Its 10 straight game Friday night to mutch its longest winning streak since 1964. ... Kansas City's Brian McRae had two singles, stretching his hitting streak to a career-best II games Friday night and matching Texas' Ruben Sierra for the longest streak In the American League this season. ... San Diego's Dennis Rasmussen has lost nine straight decisions. SWINGS After a 5-1 loss to St. Louis on Friday, the Pittsburgh Pirates had slipped from 24 games over .500 on July 27 (40-34) to 17 games over at 42-45. SLUGGERS Philadelphia right-hander Tommy Greene, who no-hit Montreal on May 23, hit a home run against the Expos on Friday night. STARTERS Bryn Smith of the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5-1 Friday night for his 100th career victory. STARTING OUT Mo Sonford gave up one run, two hits and struck out eight In his maior-league debut Friday as Cincinnati beat San Diego 5-1. SLUMPS New York Mets right fielder Hubie Brooks has only 27 hits In his last 137 at-bats. STATUS Brad Brink, continuing his comeback trom rotator-cuff suraerv. pitched six strong innings Friday night as Reading beat the Canton-Akron 2-1 in the Eastern League. Brink. 24. missed almost two full seasons after undergoing surgery May 30, 1989. He was the Phillies' first-round draft choice out of Southern California In 1984. Fernando Valeniuela allowed five runs and eight hits in seven innings and took the loss as Calgary beat Edmonton 10-3 In a Pacific Coast League game on Friday. SIDELINED The Seattle Mariners have placed outfielder Henry Cotto on the 15-day disabled list. STANDINGS The Philadelphia Phillies went from 2014 games behind the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 29, to 121s bock as of Aug. 9. STARS Friday Carlos Qulntana drove in four runs with two homers and a pair of singles to a pace a 21-hit attack and Jack Clark reached base six straight times as Boston beat Toronto 12-7 on Friday night. SWAPS The Milwaukee Brewers traded outfielder Candy Maldonado to the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday for a minor-league pitcher and a player to be named later. Maldonado, 30, missed more than two months earlier this season with a broken bone In his right foot. In 34 games, he batted .207 with five homers and 20 RB Is. SPEAKING "We've got to start hitting better, pitching better, running the bases better, managing better and coaching better. Until we da we're going to keep struggling. It's not any of those things. It's oil of those things." Pittsburgh manager Jim Lev land. SEASONS Aug. II 1907 In the second game of 0 doubleheader, shortened by agreement, Ed Karger of the St. Louis Cardinals pitched a seven-Inning perfect game, beating the Boston Braves 4-0. 1924- Trls Speaker of Cleveland hit Ms 700th corner double but the Indians lost to the Chicago White Sox 7- t. The double came In the third Inning off Joe Edwards. 1929 - Babe Ruth hit Ms 500th career home run In the second Inning olf Willis Hudiin at Cleveland's League Park. The homer wos Ruth's Xth of the year but It wasn't enough os the Indians won 4-5. 1951 - Robin Roberts ot the Phi-lodelphla Phillies beat the New York Giants 44b dropping the Giants 1114 games behind the first-place Brooklyn Dodgers. 1941 - Warren Soahn ol the Milwaukee Braves scattered six hits to beat the Chicago Cubs M lor his 300th career victory. 1970 - Philadelphia right-hander Jim Burning beat Houston 4-5 to become the first pitcher to win 100 games In both leagues since Cy Young. 1964 - Pete Rose, the Cincinnati Reds' 45-v ear old piaver-monoeer, singled four times and doubled to set 0 Notlonol League record with the loth five-hit game of his career. Rose drove In three runs In 0 13-4 loss to the Son Francisco Giants, to move one ahead of Max Carey tor the record. 1917 - Mark McGwire of the At-nettles broke Al Rosen's American League rookie record by hitting his Urn home run In Oakland's 4-2 loss to the Seattle Mariners. Today's Birthdays: Bryn Smith 3s, Vada Plnson S3, Carlos Marline! 24. Disabled lists NEW YORK (AP) - Plovers on the disdbled list by team, as released by the American and National Leagues with player, position and gflectlvedate: All players on IS-dav disabled list unless otherwise noted Through Aug. I AMERICAN LIAOUI Boltlmore Brian DuBols, p. 40-day, March 21; Glenn Davis, lb, April 25; Jeff McKnight, 3D, efrday, June 4; Billy Ripken, 2b, July 17. Boston John Dopson, p, April S; Mike Miller, a April S; Tim Noehrlng, ss, May It; Danny Darwin, p, July 5; Tom Bolton, p, July 21; Jeff Gray, p, July 29; Dorrvl Irvine, p, Aug. 1. California Bert Blyleven, p. March 26; Jeff Richardson, p, March 26; Junior Felix, ot, June 20. Chicago Brian Harrison, p, 60-dav, March 14; Bo Jackson, of, 4C-dav, April 3. Cleveland Keith Hernondez, lb, May, April 5; John Farrell, p, 40-dav, April 5; Rudy Seanez, p, July 11; Sandy Alomar, c Aug. 4. Detroit Alan Trommel!, ss, July 17; Pete lncavlgllaof,Julv22. Kansas City Steve Crawford, p, July 14; Mike Moctarlane, C July 14; Kurt Still-well, It, Aug. 5) Gary Thurman, of, Aug. 4. Milwaukee Ron Robinson, p, 40-day, April 11; Ted Hlguera, p, July 5; James Austin, p, July 10; Gary Shellleld, If, July 24. Minnesota Denny Neagle, p, July 3D, New York Pascual Perez, p, June 1; Mike Witt, p, June 14; Roberto Kelly, of, July 6; Jesse Barfield, of, July 29; Scott Kamienleckl, p, Aug. 1, Oaklond War) Weiss, ss, 60-dav, June 7; Carney Lonsford, 3b, July 25. Seattle Ken Griffey, Sr., of, 60-day, June 1; Scott Bankhead, p, 40-dav, June 12; Henry Cotto, of, Aug. 2; Russ Swan, p, Aug. Si Keltn Comstock, p, Aug. o. Texas Mark Parent, c, 60-dav, March 9; JeH Kunkel, if, 60-dav, April t; Scott Chlamporina, p, May 26; Jack Dougherty, of, June 23; John Russell, c, July 29; Nolan Ryan, p, Aug. 1; Brad Arnsberg, p, Aug. 2; John Barfield, p, Aug. 2; Jetf Huson, if, Aug. I. Toronto Al Lelter, p, April 22; Dave Stieb, p. May 23; Ken Dayley, p, June 12; Mike Timlin, p, Aug.l. NATIONAL LEAGUE Atlanta Mark Grant, p, 60-day, March 28; Nick Esasky, lb, March 30; Doug Sisk, p, May 24; Dave Justice, of, June 27; Mike Heath, c, July 13. Chicago Mike Harkev, p, April 27; Dove Smith, p, July 23. Cincinnati Scott Scudder, p, June 27; Chris Hammond, p, July 27; Eric Davis, of, July 31; Mariano Duncan, 2b, Aug. 7. Houston Mike Scott, p, 60-day, April 14; Mark Portugal, p, July 11; Scott Se-rvois, c, Aug. 3. Las Angeles Jeff Hamilton, 3b, June 19; Alfredo Griffin, ss, Aug. 5. Montreal Molses Alou, of, 60-day, March 19; Greg McCarthy, p, 60-day, March 29; Darren Reed, of, 40-day, April S. New York Wally Whltehurst, p, July 26. Philadelphia Ken Howell, P, 604ay, March 19; Steve Ontiveros, p, March 29; Jason GrJmsley, p, June 4; Von Hayes, of, 60-day, June IS; Pat Combs, p, June 27. Pittsburgh Jeff King, 3b, June 14; Don Slauaht, c, July 23; Bob Walk, p, July 27; Vicente Palaclos, p, Aug. I. St. Louis Joe Magrane, p, 60-day, March 19; Frank DIPina P, 60-dav, March 25; Todd Worrell, p, 60-dav, April 4; Pedro Guerrero, If, July 8. San Diego Pat Clements, p, April 25; Atlee Hammaker, p, June 14; Ed Whltsan, p, July 6. San Francisco Scott Garrelts, R, 60-day, June 11 . Tennis Player's Challenge TORONTO (AP) - Results Sot-urday from the 1600,000 U.S. Player's Ltd. Challenge women's tennis tournament at the National Tennis Center (seedlngs in parentheses) : Singles Semifinals ' JennlferCapriatt(3),Saddlebrook, Fla., def. Gabrlela Sabatlnl (1), Argentina, 44, 2-3, retired. Katerina Maleeva (4), Bulgaria, def. Manuela Maleeva-Fragnlere (2), Switzerland, 4-4, 1-0, retired. Czechoslovak Open PRAGUE, Ciechoslovoklo (AP) -Results Saturday from the S350.000 Ciechoslovok Open men's tennis tournament: Singles Semifinals Magnus Gustafsson, Sweden, def. Gulllermo Perez-Raldaa Argentina 7-5, 4-7(5-7), 4-2. Karel Novocek, Czechoslovakia, def. Thomas Muster, Austria 4-1, 2-4,7-S. ATP Championship MASON, Ohio (AP) - Results Saturday In the SI .3 million Thrift-way ATP Championship at the Jack Nicklaus Sports Center (seedlngs in parentheses). Singles Semifinals Pete Sampras (7), Bradenton, Flo., def. Jim Courier (4), Dade City, Fla.,6-Z7-S. Guy Forget (6), Switzerland, def. Boris Becker (1), Germany, 74 (7-1), 44,4-1. Doubles Quarterfinals ' Ken Flach, St. Louis, and Robert Seguso, Boca Raton, Fla., def. John Fitzgerald, Newport Beach, Calif., and Anders Jarryd, Sweden (1), 4-4, 4-1. Neil Borwick ond Simon Youl, .Australia, def. Steve DeVries, Sul-san, Calif., ond David MacPherson, Australia, 4-4, 4-4. Grant Conned and Glenn Ml-chibota, Canadd (3), def. Wayne Ferrelra and Plot Norval, South Africa, 6-3, 6-4. Scott Davis, Newport Beach, Calif., and David Pate, Las Vegas (2), def. Rick Leach, Laguna Beach, Calif., and Jim Pugh, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. (8), 5-7, 74, 74. Semifinals Ken Flach, St. Louis, and Robert Segusa Boca Roton, Fla., def. Neil Borwick and Simon Youl, Australia, 3-2, ret. due to Youi's bock injury. Slims ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -Results Saturday In the Jl 50,000 Virginia Slims of Albuaueraue women's tennis too moment (seedlngs in parentheses): Singles Semifinals Julle'Halard (1), France, def. Etna Relnach (4), South Alrlca, 4-3, 34, e-4. Deals BASEBALL American League CHICAGO WHITE SOX-ReCdlled Wilson Alvarez, pitcher, from Birmingham of the Southern League. TEXAS RANGERS Recalled Terry Mathews, pitcher, from Oklahoma City of the American Association. Placed Rich Gossage, Pitcher, on the 15-dav disabled list. National League NEW YORK METS-Acttvoted Wally Whltehurst, pitcher, from the 15-day disabled list. PITTSBURGH PIRATES Designated Jose Gonzalez, outfielder, for assignment. American Association OKLAHOMA CITY I9ers-Slgned Gary Mielke, pitcher. FOOTBALL National Football League DALLAS COWBOYS-Wolved John Javls and Ricky Martin, wide receivers; Ouane Miller, ol tensive tackle, ond Lance Zone ond Sean Love, eltenslve guards. COLLlOi SOUTHERN CAL-Slgned Lorry Smith, football coach, to a multlyear contract extension. Pan Am Games Saturday's action Capsules of Saturday's events on the eighth doy of the Pan American Gomes: ARCHIRY The United Stotes won the gold ond the silver In both the men's ond women's archery finals. Dorrotl Pace ot Hamilton, Ohio, garnered the gold with 1,315 points, eight more than Edwin Ellason of ttansbury Park, Utah. In the women's events, Denlse Porker of South Jordan, Utah, was first with 1,321 points. Jennifer O'Connell of Formlngton Hills, Mich., wos next with 1,294 points, BASHBALL Cuba pounded Aruba 30-1 m 0 tuneup for Its gome Sunday with the United States, ond the Dominican Republic defeated Mexico 4-1 In the Mexicans' first game since their fight-marred contest with Canada on Thursday. Canada fell to Nicaragua to. BASKITBALL Besides Cuba's enormous upset of the United States' women's team, Brazil beat Canada 17-71 to set up a battle with the Cubans for the gold medal, the first since 1979 that wont go to the Americans. In men's action, Mexico nipped Uruguay 74-71, Argentina beat Venezuela 10045, and Brazil beat Puerto Rico 7942. BOWLINO Patrick Healy of Wichita Kan., took a 13-pln lead over countryman Jon Juneua of Baton Rouge, La., In the second day of men's round-robbing bowling. Julie Gardner of Huntington Beach, Calif., grabbed a 17-pln lead over Mexico's Eddd Plcclnl. Mondy Wilson of Dayton, Ohio, moved up to third, 59 pins back of Gardner. FIELD HOCKEY Argentina remained unbeaten In men's play and bonded Guyana Its fourth successive loss, 9-0, and Canada shut out Cuba 4-0. ROWINO Ten finals wort held. Jooauln Gomez ot Mexico won the men's single sculls and teamed with Joes Gomez to win the double sculls. Cuban won the pairs and the pairs with cox, the lightweight auadruple and the auadruple. The United States got silvers in the latter two events. The lightweight quod consisted of Pieter Beckman, New Market, N.H.i Nell Fltchy, Exeter, N.H.t Graham Duncan, Durham, N.H.t and Barry Klein, Grand Rapids, Mich. In the other auod were William Serad, Philadelphia; Shone Petersen, Pendleton, Ore.; Raoul Rodemacher, West Hertford, Conn.; ond Will Porter, New Haven, Conn. Mexico took the lightweight pairs. The Americans fared better in women's action. In lightweight single sculls, Peggy Johnston of Berkeley, Calif., took the gold. The women's quadruple (Bonnie Baker, Weston, Mass.; Sue Charles; Anaheim, Calif.; Catrlona Fallon, Burlingame, Calif.; Katie Young, Concord, Mass.) got silver. And, In pairs, Mexico was victorious, with the U.S. team of Linda Muri, South Kllllngly, Conn., and Molly Hoylo, Akron, Ohio, finishing second. SHOOTINO In air rifle, David Johnson of Hampton, Va and Bob Foth of Clarence, N.Y., finished 1-2 ond helped the American team too silver medal behind Canada. The American women won the team gold, with Debra Sinclair of Tigard, Ore., getting the individual title ahead of Launi Meili ot Cheney, Wash. Elizabeth Bourland of Wichita Falls, Texas, was the other team member. SOFTBALL Cuba's women beat Puerto Rico 4-0, and on Sunday will face Canada, which lost 4-2 to the United Stotes when Sheila Cornell hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the seventh. The Canada-Cuba winner will face the United States Sunday night for the gold. The U.S. men Improved to 7-1 with a 4-2 decision over Cuba, scoring twice In the second and twice in the fifth. Peter Sandman of Sioux City, Iowa, won his third straight gome. In eight Innings, the Bahamas edged Netherlands Antilles 5-4. Panama then routed Aruba 14-1. TENNIS Pam Shrlver, whom locals art calling the "Tennis Queen," moved Into the singles finals with a 6-3, 4-3 victory over Claudia Chabalgolty of Brazil. She will face Dominican Joelie Schad for the gold on Sunday. Schad beat Andrea Vlelra, also of Brazil, 7-5, 24, 4-4. In men's play, Luis Herrera of Mexico beat Marcelo Saliola of Brazil 4-2, 4-2 and David Dilucia of Nor-ristown, Pa., downed Juan Antonio Pino of Cuba 24,4-1,4-3. Mexicans Oliver Fernandez and Gerardo Martinez won the men's doubles title, 44, 4-1 against Patrick Baumeler and Tupac Venero of Peru. VOLLEYBALL The American got off quickly with a 1-1 victory over Canada. After winning the first two games 15-13 and 14-14, the Americans stumbled 13-15 before finishing off the Canadians 1S-10. Canada also lost In women's play, to Brazil 3-0 (154, 154, 15-2), and Cuba beat Argentina 3-0 05-5,15-1,15-3). WRESTLING Americans went 7-1 in the first round of freestyle competition. Only Tim Vannl of Phoenix lost, to Aldo Martinez of Cuba, the world champion at lOSVi pounds. U.S. winners were Zeke Jones (1141s) of Bloomsburg, Pa.; Brad Penrith (125M) of Phoenix; John Smith (13614) of Stillwater, Okla.t Townsend Saunders (149Vt) of Tempo, Ariz.; Kenny Monday (143), also of Stillwater; Chris Campbell (198) of Fayettevllle, N.Y.; and Bruce Baumgartner of Cambridge Springs, Pa., atsuperheavyweight. Medals table (171 of Its total medals) GOB United States Cuba Canada Mexico Brazil Colombia Venezuela Argentina Jamaica Dominican Rep Nicaragua Trinidad Chile Bahamas Ecuador Puerto Rico Panama Peru Uruguay Guatemala Haiti Surinam 83 38 24 147 9 15 28 I I 21 1 3 13 2 10 11 1 10 12 0 7 12 1 1 2 1 3 1 2 1 0 0 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 0 Sunday's action All Times MDT Archery Men's and Women's team semifinals, I o.m. Men's and Women's team finals, 11:30 a.m. Baseball Canadd vs. Aruba, 8a.m. Cuba vs. United States, 11 p.m. Antilles vt. Mexlca 1 P.m. Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Re-publlc4p.m. Basketball Men Ninth Ploce Canada vs. Bahamas, 4 p.m. Quarterfinals Brazil vs. Cuba, 4:30p.m. Bronze Medal Canada vs. United States, II a.m. Gold Medal Brazil vs. Cuba, 1 :30 p.m. Boxing Preliminaries, 1 p.m. Golf PGA Cham CARMEL, Ind. AP) - Oraded scores Saturday after the third round of the 11.4 million 73rd PGA Championship, played on the 7,219-yard, por-72 Crooked Slick Golf Club course: John Daly 494749-101 Kenny Knox 47-71-70-201 Craig Stodler 44-7149-201 Bruce Lletzkt 4849-72-209 NIckFolda 7049-71-110 BobOllder 73-7047-110 Andrew Moget 49-7341-310 John Huston 70-72-70-313 Ken Green 64-71-71-212 Fred Funk 7149-71-211 Wayne Grody 72-70-71-111 Hal Sutton 7447-71-211 Steven Richardson 70-71-71-214 SeveBallestorot 71-72-71-214 Sandy Lvle 44-75-71-214 JlmGallogher.Jr. 70-72-72-214 Rick Fehr 70-73-71-114 Ed Dougherty 75-7049-314 lonWoosnom 47-72-74-215 Steve Pate 70-75-70-215 DanForsmon 73-741-215 Billy Androde 73-7448-315 MorkMcNulty 75-7149-315 Payne Stewart 74-70-71-211 Raymond Floyd 49-74-73-215 Rocco Mediate 71-71-73-315 Gil Morgan 70-71-74-215 Steve Eikinoton 7444-74-214 Howord Twltty 70-71-75-314 Greg Norman 70-74-73314 Jock Nicklaus 71-72-73-214 ilmHallet 49-74-73-314 loyne Levi 73-71-73-314 Davis Love III 73-72-72-214 Chip Beck 71-73-70-214 GeneSouers 75-71-70-214 David Feherty 71-74-71-314 TomPurtzer 49-74-71-314 Corey Pavln 73-71-71-314 Fred Couples 7447-74-217 Joy Don Bloke 75-70-73-317 LannyWadklns 71-74-73-317 Mor McC umber 74-73-71-117 Davk) Edwards 71-75-71-117 MarkCalcavecchia 70-74-71-117 MlkoHulbert 72-72-73-217 Scott Hoch 71-75-71-llt DanPoolev 71-74-71-118 Loren Roberts 72-74-71-318 JoevSlndelar 74-73-71-118 David Graham 72-71-71-211 MarkWIebe 73-73-71-318 TomSleckmann 48-74-74-318 Craig Parry 73-70-74-219 BrodFaxon 72-71-74-219 Jodie Mudd 74-71-74-219 Lonnle Nielsen 74-71-74-219 Nolan Henke 74-70-75-319 David Frost 74-70-75-219 Keith Clearwater 73-72-74-220 Jeff Sluman 73-73-74-220 Hole Irwin 70-74-74-220 Eduardo Romero 72-75-73320 DlllordPruItt 72-75-73-220 Tom Kite 73-73-75-220 DoutTewell 75-72-74-221 Denny Hepler 71-75-75-321 Llndy Miller 72-72-77-221 Bob T way 73-71-74222 David Peoples 74-73-75-222 Scott Williams 70-77-74-223 Dave Barr 75-72-74-223 Billy Ray Brown 49-75-79-223 BobWolCOtt 73-71-79-22 Blaine McCallltter 71-74-77-224 Kenny Perry 72-73-79224 PhilBlackmar 73-7242-227 PGA pairings CARMEL, Ind. (AP) - Pairings and starting times (EOT) for Sunday's final round of the 73rd PGA Championship, being ployed on the 7,289-yard, par-72 Crooked Stick Golf Club course (54hole scores In parentheses): 1:25 a.m. - Phil Bloc lunar (327) and Marker. 8:33 a.m. - Blaine McCalllster (224) ond Kenny Perry (224). 1:41 o.m. - Billy Ray Brown (223) and BobWolcott (223). 1:49 a.m. - Scott Williams (223) and Dave Barr (223). 1:57 a.m. - David Peoples (222) ond Bob T way (222). 9:05 a.m. Denny Hepler (231) and Llndy Miller (221). 9:13a.m. - Keith Clearwater (220) and Doug Tewell (221). 9:21 a.m. - Hale Irwin (220) and Tom Kite (220). 9:29 a.m. - Dlllord Prultt (220) and Jeff Sluman (220). 9:37 a.m. Brad Faxon (219) and Eduardo Romero (220). 9:45 a.m. - David Frost (219) and Craig Parry (219). 9:53 a.m. - Jodie Mudd (219) and Nolan Henke (219). 10:01 a.m. Tom Sleckmann (218) and Lonnle Nielsen (219). 10:09 o.m. David Graham (218) and MarkWIebe (218). 10:17 a.m. Don Pooley (218) and Loren Roberts (318). 10:33 a.m. - Joey Slndelar (318) and Scott Hoch (218). 10:41 o.m. - Mike Hulbert (217) and Fred Couples (217). 10:49 a.m. - Lanny Wodklns (217) and Mark Calcaveccla (21 7) . 10:57 a.m. - David Edwards (217) and Jay Don Blake (217). 11:05 o.m. - Howord Twltty (214) and Mark mcCumber (217). 11:13 a.m. - Jim Hallet (216) and Steve Elklngton (316). 11:21 a.m. - Greg Norman (216) and Jack Nicklaus (214). 11:29 o.m. - Wayne Levi (316) ond Davis Love III (214). 11:37 a.m. Tom Purtzer (216) and Corey Pavln (214). 11 :45a.m. - Gene Sauers (316) and David Feherty (214). 11 :53 a.m. - Ian Woosnam (215) and Chip Beck (214). 12:01 p.m. - Rocco Mediate (215) and Gil Morgan (215). 12:09 p.m. Payne Stewart (215) and Raymond Floyd (215). 12:25 p.m. - Mark McNulty (215) and Steve Pate (215). 13:33 p.m. - Dan Forsman (215) ond Billy Androde (215). 12:41 p.m. - Rick Fehr (214) ond Steven Rlchrdson (214). 12:49 p.m. - Sandy Lvle (214) and Jim Gallagher Jr. (214). 12:57 p.m. - Ed Dougherty (214) and Seve Ballesteros (214). 1:05 p.m. - Wayne Grady (213) ond Hal Sutton (213). 1:13 p.m. - Ken Green (212) and Fred Funk (212). 1:21 p.m. - Nick Faldo (210) ond John Huston (212). 1:29 p.m. - Bob Gilder (210) and Andrew Magee (210). 1:37 p.m. - Craig Stodler (208) ond Bruce Lietzke (209). 1:45 p.m. - John Daly (205) and Kenny Knox (208). LPGAStratton STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt. (AP) Scores Saturday after the third round of the LPGA's $450,000 Stratton Mountain Classic on the par-72, 4,219-vard Stratton Mountain Country Club course (a-amateur) : Patty Sheehon 7147-70-208 MellssoMcNamora 71-7047-208 Deb Richard 68-70-72-210 Pat Bradley 69-72-70-211 Rosle Jones 68-72-73213 Mlssle Berteottl 71-7349-213 EloineCrosby 71-71-72-214 Cindy Figg-Currler 71-72-71-214 Cathy Gerrlng 7147-74-214 Nancy Scranton 49-73-73215 Cindy Mackey 72-7449-215 Sue Thomas 71-70-74-215 Marcl Bozorth 71-71-74-214 Laura Baugh 68-76-72-216 KrlsMonaghan 7547-74-214 NlnaFOUSt 74-71-71-216 AllceMlller 74-70-73-217 Sally Little 73-7549-217 Mlssle McGeorae 76-71-71-218 Sherrl Stelnhauer 72-74-72-218 Potty Jordan 74-70-74-218 Barb Bunkowsky 71-74-73218 Down Cos 74-72-70-218 Pamela Wright 7449-75-218 Chris Johnson 7549-75-219 Laurie Rlnker 73-73-73-219 Martha Nause 73-74-72-219 Michelle Estill 72-73-74-219 Debbie Massey 74-46-76-220 Michelle McGonn 75-74-71 1-220 Deborah McHaftie 74-72-74-220 Page Dunlap 74-75-71-220 Mitzl Edge 70-77-73-220 Amy Benz 72-75-73220 Joan Pitcock 73-73-74-220 DaleEggeling 73-75-73-221 KlmShlpmon 74-72-75-221 Caroline Keggl 76-72-71-221 Katie Peterson 76-72-73-221 Pam Allen 74-71-74-221 Karen Davles 75-72-74-221 Lynn Adams 75-75-71-221 Linda Hunt 7849-75-222 Lynn Connelly 72-77-73222 Jennifer Wyott 72-74-74-222 MoggleWIII 75-71-74-222 Patti Llsclo 78-71-73-222 Terry-Jo Myers 80-70-72-222 Nancy Ramsbottom 74-74-74-222 Ok-Hee Ku 73-75-74-222 Donna Andrews 74-75-73- 222 Pearl Sinn 76-73-73-222 Mary Murphy 73-76-73-222 Penny Pull 73-77-72-222 Susie Bernlng 74-75-74-22 Lisa Walters 73-74-74-223 Donna White 74-71-78-223 Susie Redman 73-77-74224 Caroline Gowan 72-75-77224 Cheryl Stacy 74-73-75-224 Jenny Lldback 73-75-74-224 Laura Hurlbut 76-75-73-224 Tina Purtzer 71-79-74-224 JoyneThobols 74-74-74-224 Lauri Morten 77-74-73-224 Cindy Schreyer 71-78-76-225 Gall Graham 77-74-74-225 KothyWhltworth 77-73-75-225 TaniTotum 79-72-75-224 Stephanie Forwlg 75-74-75-224 Sarah McGuIre 78-71-71-227 Jerllyn Brltz 78-72-77-227 Nancy Taylor 71-79-77-227 DottieMochrkt 75-74-77-228 Am Walsh 75-7244-231 Mary Arm Kllnchock 714041-232 Hogan Tulsa Open BROKEN ARROW, Oklo. (AP) -Scores Saturday after the second round ot the S12S,0M Ben Hogan Tulsa Open played at the 7,0o6-yord, par 34-16-71 Golf Club of Oklahoma (0-amoteur): WebbHeintzelmon 7041-138 JoeyRossett 7049-131 7141-139 7149-140 7444-140 7341-141 49-72-141 49-73-141 70-71-141 70- 71-141 7441-141 7349-141 7547-143 72- 71-141 7447-143 71- 71-141 71-73-141 71-73-141 71-71-141 71- 70-141 75-41-141 7541-141 73- 73-144 49-75-144 72- 73-144 7549-144 73- 71-144 71-73-144 73- 71-144 74- 70-144 7549-144 71-73-144 71- 71-144 49-75-144 75- 70-145 73-73-145 70- 75-145 7449-145 73-73-145 73-72-145 72- 73-145 73- 74-144 74- 70-145 48-78-144 71- 75-144 73- 73-144 71- 71-144 74- 71-147 72- 75-147 72- 75-147 74- 71-147 75- 72-147 73- 74-147 7S-71-147 75-71-147 73- 74-147 74- 73-147 75- 71-147 74- 71-147 75- 71-147 71-74-147 Seniors Showdown JEREMY RANCH, Utah (AP) -Scores Saturday after the second round of the 8350,000 U.S. West Showdown Classic being played on the 7,103-yard, par-72 Jeremy Ranch Course: Charles Coody 4549-134 Dale Douglass 7147-138 Bobby Nichols 46-72-138 BobWvnn 44-72-118 George Archer 7049-139 Lloyd Moody 47-72-139 Bob Bet ley 47-73-139 Lorry Laorettl 49-71-140 DIckHendrlckson 71-70-141 Ben Smith 71-70-141 Rocky Thompson 71-70141 AIGelberger 7349-142 Billy Casper 72-70-142 Bruce Devlin 72-70-142 Terry Dill 70-72-142 Don BIOS 7541-141 Orvllle Moody 73-71-143 Dewltt Weaver 71-72-14 Gene Littler 70-73-143 Mike Hill 49-74-143 John Brodlt 49-74-14 BaboHlskey 7448-144 Gary Cowan 73-71144 Walter Morgan 73-71-144 Rolf Doming 71-71-144 Don January 71-71 144 Paul Moron 70-74-144 Jimmy Powell 71-72-145 JockKlefer 71-74-145 Ray Beallo 70-75-145 BruceCrampton 74-72144 Homero Blancat 73-73144 Robert Gaona 73-73-144 Chi Chi Rodriguez 72-74-144 DIckRhyon 70-74-144 ArtWall 74-71-147 Don Massengalt ' 75-72147 Steve Sprov 74-73-147 Dudley Wysong 74-73-147 . 1 mn'MArn . JimO'Hern 73-74-147 73- 74-147 71-74-147 71- 74-147 49-71-147 69-78-147 0048-148 78- 70-141 74- 74-141 72- 74-148 72-74-148 72-74-148 76- 73-149 75- 74-149 75-74-149 72-77-149 72- 77-149 71-78-149 77- 73-150 74-76-150 73- 77-150 73- 77-150 77-74-151 77- 74-151 74- 75-151 75- 76-151 80-72-152 75- 77-152 74-78-152 79- 74-153 78- 75-153 76- 77-153 77- 77-154 77-77-154 79- 74-155 84-73-154 82-74-158 79-79-158 042-162 Larry Zieoler Bob Rawlins Joe Jimenez Ted Naff Simon Hobday J.C.Goosle Bill Collins Bob Reith Tom Shaw Chick Evans Bert Yancey Frank Beard George Johnson R.H.Sikes Butch Baird Dan Morgan Al Kelley Mike Joyce Fred Hawkins Bill Wright Rives McBee Jim Cochran Mike Fetchlck Bill Garrett Phil Rodgers Steve Reid Lanny Nielsen John Paul Cain Chuck Workman Billy Maxwell Jesus Rodriguez Howie Johnson Miller Barber Jerry Barber Bob Erlckson Bob Rosburg Jack Fleck Doug Ford Auto racing Glen NASCAR WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (AP) -Top 30 qualifiers for Sunday's Budweiser ot the Glen NASCAR stock car race, with hometown, type of car and lap speed In mph: 1. Terry Labonte, Archdale, N.C, Oldsmoblle Cutlass, 121.652 (breaks track qualifying record of 121.190 set In August, 1990 by Dale Earnhardt). 2. Mark Martin, Jamestown, N.C, Ford Thunderbird, 121.397. 1. Ernie Irvan, Rockwell, N.C., Chevrolet Lumlna 121 .099. , 4. Geoff Bodine, Julian. N.C, Ford Thunderbird, 121.087. 5. Wally Dallenbach Jr., Basalt, Colo., Ford Thunderbird, 120.484. 6. Ken Schroder, Concord, N.C, Chevrolet Lumlna, 120.244. 7. Darrell Waltrlp, Franklin, Tenn., Chevrolet Lumlna, 120.104. 8. Dale Earnhardt, Doolie, N.C, Chevrolet Lumina, 119.508. 9. Davey Allison, Hueytown, Ala., Ford Thunderbird, 119.201. 10. Lake Speed, Jackson, Miss., Pontine Grand Prix, 119.145. Football NFL exhibitions All Times MOT AMERICAN CONFERENCI East W L T Pet. PP PA Buffalo 2 1 0 .467 55 52 Miami 2 1 0 .667 48 34 Indiana 0 1 0 .000 10 27 New Engl 0 2 0 .000 13 55 N.Y. Jets 0 1 0 .000 30 43 Central Cleveland 1 1 0 300 26 33 Plttsbh 1 1 0 J00 40 41 Clnclnl 0 2 0 .000 44 53 Houston 0 2 0 .000 34 47 West San Diego 1 0 0 1.000 31 29 Kan City 1 1 0 .500 3) 34 Seattle 1 1 0 300 10 38 Denver I 2 0 J33 19 41 Raiders 0 3 0 .000 34 43 NATIONAL CONFERENCE W L T Pet. PF PA Dallas 1 0 1.000 24 14 Phoenix 1 0 0 1.000 31 13 Philo 2 1 0 .667 66 51 Giants 1 1 0 .500 33 33 Washl 1 1 0 300 34 22 Control Detroit 2 1 0 .667 54 44 Chicago 1 1 0 .500 13 21 Green Bay 1 1 0 300 41 38 Minnesota 1 1 0 .500 37 42 Tampa Bay 1 1 0 300 34 39 West San Fran ) 0 0 1.000 49 30 Atlanta 2 0 0 1.000 74 24 NewOrl 2 0 0 1.000 49 23 LA. Rams 0 1 0 .000 17 38 Wednesday's Same Son Francisco24, Denver 4 Friday's Game Atlanta 36, Houston 7 Saturday's Games Buffalo 21, Detroit 16 Miami 29, Tampa Bay 11 Philadelphia 29, Cincinnati 24 Washington 27, New England 4 Seattle 17, Indlonaoolls 7 Konsas City 19, New York Jets 10 New Orleans 31, Green Boy 20 Cleveland 14, New York Giants It Minnesota 34, Pittsburgh 24 Sunday's Games Phoenix at Chicago, 4 p.m. Monday's Games Los Angeles Raiders at Dallas, t p.m. San Diego at Los Angeles Rams, I p.m. CFL standings Eastern Division W L T PF PA Pis Toronto 4 1 t 184 139 Winnipeg 1 I 119 125 4 Ottawa 1 4 t 139 140 2 Hamilton ISO 47 175 ( Western Division Calgary 5 0 t Its 1)1 It Edmonton 4 1 t 203 1 27 BrltCImb 1 2 I 179 173 t Sasktchwn 1 4 t 144 119 1 NOTE: Two points ore awarded for g victory and one for a tie. Saturday's Oome Edmonton 38, Hamilton 13 Wednesday's Game Saskatchewan at Toronto ErnleElt Mike Jc hue hart Tom Eubank Dove Elcheiberger Geoffrey Sisk Tom Lehman Brian Montgomery Lee Chill F red Wods worth Eric Hons Doug Martin E.J.Ptlster RIckDalpos Jeff Woodland Gary Rusnok Dennis Trlxler Beau Bough Jim Nel lord Tom Comer Frank Conner Jerry Foltz Mike Miles Kel Devlin Jerry Anderson Ron Streck Steve Hoskint John R logger GusUlrlch JohnBltlk Kelly Gibson Ricky Smollrldge R W. Eaks Kevin Sutherland Mitch Adcock Bart Bryant Ernie Gonzalez Olin Browne Jeff Cook Tommy Tolles Chris Dlmorco Carlos Esplnasa Ray Pearce John Haves Esteban Toledo Mark Fuller Jetf Leonard Peter Jordan Greg Kraft David Whltt Kurt Beck Timothy Robyn Paul Govdos Tommy Moorg David Ogrln Mike Holland John Ross Greg Powers Russell Belersdorf Mike Ore East wins FROM ID He finished with 169 yards of total offense. JJ. Lamb of Helena Capital led the West In rushing with 99 yards on 13 carries. Fifty-four of those yards came on a 73-yard scoring drive In the third quarter. The West marched 69 yards in 13 plays early in the fourth quarter to pull within seven points, at 39-28. Quarterback Benji Robinson, of Helena High, capped the drive with a 15-yard run. , But the East, with Dickenson at the controls, responded with a 10-play, 80-yard scoring march. Dickenson completed five of six passes for 86 yards, his final strike a 3-yard TD pass to wide receiver Kenny Big Back of Colstrlp. Jacobson kept the drive alive with two fine catches, a diving grab for 31 yards and a leaping stab for 28 that gave the East a first down on the West 23-yard line. Mike Kowalski of Cut Bank added his fifth extra point of the game, giving the East a 42-28 lead with 7:02 left to play. The West took the ensuing kickoff and marched 52 yards in 13 plays to the East 18-yard line. But the drive stalled when Grovom was sacked at the 30 by Manzanarez. The East took possession and marched 70 yards in 13 plays to score its seventh and final touchdown of the game. Gear passed five yards to fullback David Booth of Colstrip for the score. The East gained 529 yards in total offense while racking up 29 first downs. It rushed 39 times for 268 yards and completed 22 of 34 passes for 261 markers. "We played well on both sides of the ball. I was proud of our kids," said Peoples. "But the East just had too many offensive tools. That was an impressive offensive unit" "It was a good game, more fun to watch than ususal (for Shrine games)," Johnson concluded. "Both teams played well" West 14 tf 7-2 east It 8 7 13-44 First Ouarter East-Kenny Bit Back past from Dave Dickenson (Mlkt Kowalski kick) West-Kypp Hansen ot pass from Ryan Grovom (Dan Walsh kick) East-Jeff McElroyl pass from Dickenson (Kowalski kick) East-Jeff Ellis 40 Interception return (kick foiled) West-Grovom47run (Walsh kick) Second Quarter Edst-McElrsy 9 pass from Troy Gear (Scott Spraoglns run) Third Quarter West-Grovom9run (Walsh kick) East Spragglns 72 run (Kowalski kick) Fourth Quarter West-Benll Robinson IS run (Walsh kick) East-Big Bock 3 pass from Dickenson (Kowalski kick) East Ddvld Booths pan from First dawns Rushes-yards Passing Return Yards Comp-Att-Int Punts Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards INDIVIDUAL RUSHING-West, J.J. Lamb 13-99, Benll Robinson 15-37, Ryan Grovom 9-36. Kelly Stensrud 4-32, Dan Walsh 4-14. East, Scott Spragglns 13-153, Dave Dickenson 449, Mlkt Kowalski 11-16, Tray Gear 4-15, Jamer Bartell 1-13, David Booth 2-1 PASSING-West, Ryan Grovom 4-154-132, Benll Robinson 1-5-1-14. East, Dave Dickenson 13-194-174, Troy Gear 9-154-87. RECEIVING-West, Kypp Hansen 342, Kelly Stensrud 2-29, Marc Weishar 1-14, Dan Walsh 14. East, Jeff McElroy 11-111, Dave Jacobson 347, Kenny Big Back 3-25, David Booth 2-22, Desl Torres 2-2l,RobSkawlnskll4. Salt Lake: FROM ID and 1 1 in his last game. He was one pitch away from a no-no." The Dodgers were off-balance at the plate all night, and Great Falls manager Glenn Hoffman had an answer why. "(McDonald) must have been making some really good pitches," Hoffman said. "He moved the bail around well and had good velocity from start to finish. He pitched a helluva game." Dodgers' starter and loser Rick Gorecki, 0-2, didn't allow a hit through the first three innings, but the Trappers reached the 17-year-old for two runs in the top of the fourth. Benny Castillo led off the Inning with a walk, and Theoron Todd followed with a triple over the head of Dodgers' centerfielder Erik Zammarchi. With one out and the infield playing back, Carlos Estevez hit a ground ball to second, scoring Todd. Salt Lake scored its final three runs in the sixth. Rick Hirtensteiner led off the inning with a double down the right-field line. A left-handed batter and one of the league's top hitters, Hirtensteiner hit what would have normally been a routine fly, but Dodgers' left fielder Patrick Reed was playing Hirtensteiner to pull, and the ball fell in-After a ground ball moved Hirtensteiner to third, Mike Walkden replaced Gorecki on the mound. He didn't fare well. . Walkden walked Todd, and then three straight hits, a single by Dave Rolls, double by Estevez and single by Steve Cuhna scored the three runs. Belmonte, whose team is fighting with Idaho Falls for the Southern Division lead, was thrilled to get a win in Great Falls. "It's a big win for us, because we're in a pennant race," Belmonte said. "We have to win against everybody, but we know this club is always the toughest in the league." Combined with Billings' 9-5 win over Idaho Falls Saturday, the Trappers are now in first place ail alone by a game in the Southern Division. "We haven't been playing all that great," Belmonte said. "We're about .500 our last four games. We still have a job to do (Sunday)." Part of the reason Saturday's win was so important to Salt Lake is because the Trappers don't play Idaho Falls again this season. "Our last game against Idaho Falls was July 29," Belmonte said. "We don't see them, so we're all scoreboard watching." Great Falls closes out the homestand Sunday at 2 p.m. against tne i rappers. SALT LAKE obrhbl Hrtnstelnrcf 5 110 Castillo rf 4100 Toddlf 3211 Rolls c 1 1 1 Estevez lb 3012 Edwards dh 2 0 0 0 Cunhadh 2 0 2 1 Shaw 3b 4 0 0 1 Ortega 2b 40 10 Stefanss 4 0 11 GREAT FALLS Zmmrchl cf Castro 2b Smith rf Klrkpatrlckdh Williams 3b Otanezss Blanco 3b Browne Puchalesph Taylor e Reed If Totals Totals Mill Salt Lake Great Foils DP-Salt Lake 1. LOB -Salt take Estevez, Ortega. JB-Todd. SB Cunha. SsftUke McDonald W.S-I Great Falls Gorecki L0-2 Walkden Broyles T-2:3I.A-l.2o4 Gear (kick failed) WEST 23 49-311 146 EAST 29 39-264 261 3 40 7-20-1 22-344 343 3-41.5 24 04 3-4S 5-50 STATISTICS ab r h bl 3 0 0 0 1000 0 1 0 ) 0 1 1 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 )0tt 3010 lOtt 0 00 0 3 0 0 1 27 I 1 t Mt 042-5 4. Great Falls 1. 2B-Hlrtensteiner, IP H R ER BB SO 1 t t 2 13 5v) 1 m 4 i i ' - ,'.-Ji...j,1,fn-n-f-----ffj-rAT-' nnTirnnirtir-n-,diiii'"''r,"-'J-"--","''inr-'',-

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