The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 3
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•THURSDAY. BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Woman Wilh Tour Children Seeks to Hold Her Family Together. Figuring Oat Distribution Helps to Stop Strong Hand Today's Contract Problem I S' ilic following hand, East anil WPM have ilono no bld- cllnir. Tlie mniraci Is f»ur lie-am liy Somli. West oinina the kliic or rlulif. H looks as tlmiiKli ltii> declarer must lose a ritib :iinl possibly three ilia- inuuls. llov,- can ho play the liiMul in make III* contract* A K S ft 2 A J K O'-lind) : 4, t 2 AK S « I *, A 2 • K S ? Wi'M: Oil UK!) Sr.luiioji In nr-xl issue. .I no honor. Therefore, he covered the jack of dl»monds with tlie queen and Norlh allowed him to hold the trick. But Mr. Schenken nan- rclurncd a spade which knocks out dummy's ace. The declarer returns the sevsn Hayti Society — Personal icssw, who Iws been visiting In the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Grooms, left for his home Monday mom Ing. Among those who attended the Divisional Women's Missionary union meeting of the Bap'.lsl church at Kcnnctl Tuesday were Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Compere, ]{cv. J. \V. Cunningham, Missionary J. V of diamonds bill all lie can do Is cash liis diamond siili and i::e ace of hearts. And tnc contract lia; ttocn defeated one trick. 'Copyright, 1933, NBA Servic?. Inc.j Services Held Sunday Two. eaws of special inlcresi lo| meinb-rs of ihe local emergency1 relief commlltrc are t:r-!nB passed! on lo c1il/.eiiM of this <ity and sin-1 loundiny community in Ihe hoiH. 1 1 thai EOtnc'.hinp can I'o done. i A mother, with three little licys : ;,nd another lG-year-i!l son. has been cndeavoiuiB '.o keen ncr humc Intact since Her hasband died two years ago. !lm her courage K sone afu-r reni-au-d failures rind she has aikcd the local olfk-e lo put the children in au .-irphtiii- 'RljC so lliey won't IK hurijny any longer. The commission is anlicipa'.iii'-; to help her by obiainin;; a small piece of land where she mlghi .-hi) i' era;) ntu year after having picked ration (his season. Her oldest .son can t!o much r.f :he worit. : Tlie cfl*e is one which should i.'.a.-lejn. :; one of ihe out-standing ho worked out according lo Mrs.ideals in the rccr-nt National Mas- Haiinon Seford, who ato tha 1 . anvjters Individual Tournament at Nt«-1 ~» iiHfrc'Jtcd land owner got in touch j vork. In it, Mr. Howard Sriien-, e> with her. i ken made an exceptionally brilliant- Ano"her ease is not so difficult'.defensive play. r 7" „ rTi ij io solve. TWO elderly women, who, -nit Bidding -funeral SefVlCCS Held came lo Elylheville when It \vas> south opened the bidding with but a small "village and who until j one heart. West passed and Nort.i! this year had never asked lor _»ld., bid i wo diamonds. So;.th bid ihrec ! Dawes, and Me.sdnuies Mablc Burie?s, H. I,. Gilbert. Winnie Clwln I). B. Hayes, A. G. Sanders, M, Pry, l. U. Brasher. John Sturm am 1 Mln Hraden. Services for Ihe Day of AlonO' ! merit were held at the huim- of Mr , und Mrs. lliaman Kohn. Frldaj for Mrs. Sarah Pate lining a »d Saturday, wlih forty ];eopli: from Slcele, Cavulh rdt-ll and ,1 Lepanto Couple Wed LEPANTO, Ark. - Miss Lottie Brown and Clyde Williams were narrled Tuesday evening, October 3, wlih the Rev! A. T. Willis, pas-| lor of Hie Firs.1 Bnpi.isi church ofi I.epiinto. offlcinlinv. i 'Hie bride Ls the niece of Mr.l nnd Mr::. Os'-ar Mi-yi-is. of l.epan- l<). wiih whom Mil' made her home. Tho Breoni Is llu- .son of Mr. und Mrs. C. h\ Williams of l.epnuto and i^ employed by the Lepaiilo Lumbf-r company. TheStoveSeason Is Here From the Stove Store Head Courier ,i Want Ads. Solution to Previous Contract Problem STEELE, MO.—Services were held i ' Sunday for Mrs. Sarah J. Pate, wife ' of J. F. Pate, who died Saturday i Mr. and Mrs. lllainnn Kohn en at. her hoine near 'IVler after a.U'ilatned us their gui-sl.-, lor ilu-, i lingering lllnes.s. Burial «»•.; i.ia-.le Holidays Mr. and Mrs. M. Frankel ;ai Ml. Zion cemetery. ;-<»d hOns.__James nnd_ Monls.__and SUFHing With FftVef I Shivering with Chills Mrs. Pate was torn April 21. 1865. Mr ' and Mrs - J " lills Kc " 11 cf Kc '"- i at llutluian. Ark. In I8b3 she was married to Robert Uogies, and to i UK- fo3]owing year Mrs. Bogles b2- ; came ilr* wift of J:imt-j F. Pal?, had one c--.i!(l, Mw. J. I,. Clinton. (or Little Steele Child Mrs. Charley llubbard of Charles-1 ton and son. Charles Hubbard of : St. Louis were gw-sls of Mr. and' 01 ' Mrs. T. A. McNall Tui-sdny evening. Mr. and Mis. Arch Russell of Sikeston were the weekend yiiests of Mr. and Mrs. W. N T . Rankin and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bur! Kaybuck were in Memphis Wednesday un busl- .ess. R. M. Grooms attended lo husi- Sure Relief foj Malaria! ENTERPRISE $ CABINET HEATERS liuim i:i:ids treatment.'.. (' n inr-d:e.s! Tnke llmL; i.. CM! old Cirmi-s 'l'asiele.v< Chill! 'IV'iiie. Scon ><iu will t»- ycuir- :ili ugiiln. l»r <ircivi!'.s T'usU'less CJ'ili Tonic nm only relieves the. ->!upto:ns oi Malaria, but de- . nre df-slHiiic. They insist they don't l diamonds and North went to thrte. chance lo ! want, charily but 101 work. Two weekly washings would | support them in their meager wny.j ihey say. ! Beeause (here are so many I tlothes to be washed in Dlytheville I Mrs. Seford is asking thai any] cue who cares to help these worth-, while women be Independent can 304. I no (minp. STEELE, Mo.— Services were held at tlie Methodist, church last ness in .Memphis Wednesday. Paul Grooms or Ihuuboldl. Ten- Negro Woman Fined $25 i for Assault With Weapon! Elhel Nichols, ncgress. was fined : £25 for assault with a deadly weap- | _ 4 K J 7 G 2 V K t) 7 4 None + QJ S7 The Plav \ Thursday for Patricia Anne, 15- I months-old daughter of Mr. and ' Mrs. Ed Marsh, who d!ed of burns . received in an accident. Tne Rev. ! George Tucker, assisted by the ! Methodist pastor, the "Rev. H. W. j Doss, conducted the services, and ! burial was mnde at .Ml. Zion cemetery. ! The little £irl is survived by her ' parents, a sister, Naomi, and iv;c brothers, Tommie and Hubert, her •j grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. C. E j Davis of Stcele, and a grandd.ius;i- ', ter, Mrs.Tennie. Marsh of Nablc. Ill POISONS ABSORBED DURING CONSTIPATION When regular bowel movements U.SJ. *«. »-l "l HI »r BLAC mllre syj'.tm. Wlitn lou f«l ' t,'o " '"«<">••"• "k= Thtdford-i -DRAUOIIT (o B « rid ot CODSU- Htlrtsliicc rtlicl Mtawj. arms the infection Itself, i The '.iihicli-ss qulnlni! in Grove'; 'I HMiilf'.ss Chill Tonic kills thnti Malurii.l infection In the blood i -.vhlle the iron It roinains builds ;\\, the bloo;! to overcome l!'.e.| i-tlocls of the di-.eav.' and fortify | uV'tinst I ml to r allui-k. Tlie two-! !i;iii clfect Ls absolutely nectssary -^' llu- overcoming of Mahiria. He- i ;.ic!cs belns a d'.-pendabli: remedy tu:- Malaria. Oro-.e's Tasleles.i Chill Tnnic is also an excellent tonic ! o: general Pleasant to take ! i'iid absolutely Snfe to 1 S-'.ve children. Get « l»ttlc to- I tt.iy in any siorr. -—Adv. 1 HEATROLAS $< Till 1 nuts! tamOtH hcsilcr in ill it ht'iiiililttl \Viilnul C':ili- ini'l. Alt Sizes Up to$12(>.<, AVE on your coal belli nn'by'Municioal Judge C. A. Cim-j East's opc-ning ]ead was the sey- M r$ Jj j^ AutfCV nin?ham yesterday ! en of ciubs which Mr. Scnenken, in I ma »jac nuiicy Tv-o men forfeited SIC cosh bonds! the West, won with the-ace, return-1 Buried in TennCSSCC ! on charges of gaming when theyjinj a -'"^ "--"• — "" •"" fai'ecl to aniKor in court. ' kmg. A plea of guilty was entered by j holdln; Brcnzie McDermott to a charge oi assault and battery and a plea of i"it guilty to a charge of dis- tnrrj £ the peace by Bob Line- i .^.. ' v-n ofiinn w^s taken. STEELE. Mo.—Services were held no hk ouccn and jack. i Jj he , r former home in Tennessee The" declarer "next led a small i JI ond , a >' f °''.^ l . da Ma . e Autrey. diamond an<l, when East showed i •' out, he went up with the ace in i dummy. Mr. Sciienken played the i 'NO artinn was taken. j six spot. The jack was no-.v ltd: "A charge of failure to work city I from the dummy. near New Survey after a brief illness. streets was docketed in-tt McDowell. against Ev- Trials of George Duncan, accused of assault and battery, and Shep-Bunch. charged with carrying • Aulrey. and three small children. A number of friends from here accompanied the body to Tennessee. Which diamond would you play; from Ihe West, hand? If you cover! with ihe queen the declarer will j „ -, ur-ii refuse to win; so that he may UoM 1 B. I. P. U. UrOUpS Will --„ the king, nine —over your ten, eight. n concealer] -iweapon, have been j Therefore it looked as if the prop- po'-tponc-d until Saturday. icr play would be a small diamond. ' the suit for the New Libertii News Meet at Luxora Sunday LUXOHA. Avk.—The Junior and Intermediate B. Y. F. U. organizations ot the county will be the Mr. Stevens, manager of the Acme gin. has returned from West Point, Miss., where lie visited relatives. ?.frs. Hunter Crook returned home-Monday rollov.-inc a tonsil- ectomy at'the ulytheville hospital Saturday. Mrs Pearl Hill, Miss t>ois Hill and Misses Willie and Alice Marthai! spent Saturday in Memphis. . Mr. O'.id Mrs. J. F. Epperson. Mr. mid Mrs. Logan Pevkins spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs L. L. Bear- ' Mr ail d Mrs. Wheeler Epperson spent. Saturday 111 Blythevillc with friends. The home demonstration club met Friday aUernoon with Mrs. D. Gariett. The 12 members and three visitors present heard a talk by Miss Cora Lee Colemnn. home demonstration assent, on how members can help each other by exchanging patterns and demonstrating new items learned. In the contest during the social hour Mrs. Evans won the prize Refreshments of chicken salat sandwiches, doughnuls. candy ani corree was served by the hosted and her daughter. Muss Demetra K Mrs. J. M. Ayccck will enterlait fc-the group on Friday. Ocloebr 13. thereby blockiii; declarer. All North could do then would I guests of the Luxora organization be to play the seven of diamonds Sunday, October 8. This meeting from dummy When tlie ten is played by West, North would have to wlu with the king and the balance of Ihe diamonds would be lost. However, Mr. Schenken figured otherwise. He reasoned that if he d not cover the diamond, the de.- arer would probably lead another amond and (hen start the heart lit which Mr. Schenken knew t>uld establish easily as he he!d will he .held at the Baptist church at 2:30 p. m. Help Kidneys » If i-oarlf funct;ODir.£r KWr.eyi tiy} 9 Bkxider nuke you i uffer from Getting Up Niiht*. Nervou !:>«•, Rheu rattle ^ Faint, Burning Smtrtinf. B ItcMuz. cr Acidity STT tb« fru*rant«cd TJoc tor's F«script!onCyiter(SiM-t«> ~Uuit fix you up twck. 0_lj75/ at Announcement Of the NEW DKAI, plmi this si ore lilts mlojiltd, \v]\t.'rc- by cacli antl every customer receives 2'. of every dollar spent hove. '['lit. plan is simple. Have il is. Savi; our-c-iisli register jSlip.s that we five with Ciieh cash xiile. When you have accumulated S25 or more, brinjj them in and redeem them in merchandise or cash. Start sharing our profits wiUi «.s today! Rite Price Grocery &!Vlkt. T. H. Viin Bihhcr, Owner & Operator I'hone 233 Corner First & ,M:iin MOORE'S CABINET HEATERS The. Stoves that Save l-'l to 1-2 on Your Coal Kill Ywtb«ru this in the trttbiary hr.ittr KAYSER Gloves-Hosiery- Underwear GLOVES... P. T. A. at Luxora Will Start Course of Study LUXORA. Ark.—The Luxora T. A. will begin a course of stud Wednesday. October 11. Mr Spencer McIIenry will DD the lead er for the study, the subject which will be "Child Develop ment." Each second Wednesday o the month \vill be set aside for tlv .study course. Si'ARTA. Mich. (OP)—An albil quail was reported in a covr-y (lushed near Enjjiisl-ville by S. A Verwcy. Take Lydia E, Pfnkham'a Vegetable Compound Cftfl toythlnft b« more VMrloA M wom*n thia the c«*»«Ie«* round ot hoUMBOld duties? You hifc no time to b« Hck . . . you vt llr«d . . . ailing • • • T** ctnnot itop. There come* • time wfcm torncthlnft *nip« ind you find ^ovncB *lm,ilr worn out. LydU E. Pinkhira'i Vf««flble Com- pouad will help you. Iti tonic mctlon will *h« you renew«] ttrtnath, and will oukc fwr d*Uy t«,k» »«tn «Mler tarou. 96 out of crery 1*0 women who report | lo ui MX that ihpy rnn benefited by thli mtdlclne. Buy • bottle from your dtuft- |Ht today • • . and watch the n*uli». Experlly tailored in the approved styles for Fall and Winter, I93'J. . [,eilheretle. Onmoisttte. Vfl- vcl Crepe ar>d 69c 10 $1.25 5c - 15c UNDERWEAR... —Bloomers —Step-ins —Combinations —lirassiercs —Slips —Gowns —Shorts A complete slio^ins; of non-run Rayon and Clove-Silk, lailoml as only Kaysrr can. 59c to S3.95 SHOES NOW HOSIER Y ... Several new sljlei and weaves •hewn In all Ihe ilolr c d Autumn color ings . . . Ehwresl chilfon or wml-scrvicc • fights. VALUE? Nothing lilce it ever before? N'el- tlelons as low as $8.50 are beyond question the bisgest shoe value you will find dnywher?. Fldt botlorr.s—the unlailir-.g irark of really fine shoemdUng—prove that N'eltleton Qu<i! : ty is d—yet, in Ji: the world! 1 10 $1.95 Jack Applebaum Smart Oxfords $ 6 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. Moore's Walnut Finish 5-Room Moore's Walnut Finish 7-Room Moore's $1 Combination W ood and Coal Rntcr prise Heater Open Door -Knler prise Coal Oak Hcatei'R \'f>ft i/on't fi.tyfor tbit whtn in// have a MOORE'S Airtiaht HEATER Ki-eitt hfalthjul £cjt in tvery neat — all ortr tbt room! Enterprise Open Door Cast Iron 95 up 22 Inch, $1.95 COOK STOVES AND RANGES PORCELAIN mm Full 6 Eye $34.75 Thi- new S-bnrni-r. huill in oven Kant;e, m;t(iu by Florence, weight. The new f>-l>uv..iT. built in oven Hanije, i'torcnte best raiiftL 1 . $39.95 $59.75 FURNITURE MATTRESSES, 45 Lb. All Cotton, our Banner - - $4.45 MATTRESSES. 50 Lb. All Cotton, our Banner - - $4.95 CANE CHAIRS, Best Grade 80c 3-Piece BEDROOM SUITES J8.75 2-Piece LIVING ROOM SUITES - - - - $39.75 Kitchen Cabinets, Green and Ivory, marbleized - $19.95 SIMMONS BEDS, 2 Inch Posts - - - - $3.95

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