The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, APKII, i, 1010 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGBFIV1 Bug Fighters Have Big Project At Capitol, Othman Discovers BY FREDERICK C. OTHMAN United 1'ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 1. (UP) — If you customers kindly will ignore vliul day this is and presume lhat his Is a sober dispatch about a | while coatitig on Ihe mahogany Probe Involves Navy Personnel Honolulu Advertiser Reveals Sordid Story Of Irregularities HONOLULU. April 1. (UP)—A five-month investigation of alleged gambling, black market and embezzlement activities hi the 14th Naval District has turned up what an authoritative source termed the "most sordid chapter in the Navy's wartime history." the Honolulu advertiser said today. Tlie Advertiser's informant, whose name can not now be revealed, said sensational evidence of the asserted irregularities has been sent to Washington following an investigation conducted by Rear Adtn. A. K. Doyle, of the Navy Inspector's division. The investigation was touched off by Col. Ivan C. Stickney. USMC. who in February 194-1, discovered 1.400 pounds of meat and 520 pounds or Navy butler in a locker at Marine barracks al the Oahu Naval Air IJepol, the Advertiser said. The foodstuffs were labelled with a navul oificoi's name und the mark"do not lake." the papi'r add- weekend finding out; here is the (.(I. | result of this research: The investigation includes at | Rep. Miumsco was telling his least five major allegations, the postage stamp trouble to his fellow Alabaman, Rep. John J. Spavk- man and his missus. Manasco .said the bugs ate the sltckum off his stamps. Mrs. spark- 'em and (hey Just keei> mining back," Me said the bun fighters began usinj; 1XD.T. spray as soon as II was available, but that it left a Irmly, Wheat Champion ;crious problem, I will tell you ibout pests in tlie capitol. It is jusl plnin awful what- they !o In the halls of Congress. Their effect upon the 1 peace of mind of congressman is Incalculable. How'd foil like to be Hep. Carter Manns- co of Ala., about lo lick a stamp for a letter to a constituent and discover thai there wa.s nothing lo lick? How would you feel? I'd belter be frank aboul il and report lhat the capitol of the U. S. buggy. Bugs all over the Place, ealiug the glue off the pos tagc stamps ithls is partly the fault of the treasury department), chewing up tlie binding of books including the 1 congressional record and giving the ladies at work Hie willies. ' Killer Miller, however, is here with 1.000 pounds of patent bug poison, 100,000 bug traps, '25 assistants, official federal blessings. an< hope for pcsliferated congressmen HOA- this happened i spent th ables. This would not <lo. The bus lieu turned then lo D. U. T. pow- ler Insldo the drawers of congressional desks. This has not done Hie ob. "These bugs cut off the glue [lie stamps and [he envelopes." South said. "They relish the bind inc of books. They jusl seem to love glue." The treasury's responsibility Is indirect; as you know, it manufactures postage stamps. Kicks against the flavor of the federal stickmn were so numerous n while back lhat the experts turned to n pleasant-tasting and nourishing Blue mad,, of sweet potatoes. Tin. complaints stopped; the bugs !' purlieular were gratified. This caused a vicious circle, which the kille said he confidently expected to break, or al Icnsl lo dent. Advertiser said. First was gambling, in civin'an and nav;'l areas at I'earl Harbor of with rakeoffs lo naval men many thousand of dollars. Property misappropriation was band's secretary, said she hud dis- sccoml on the list. An instance covered in her desk a mysterious man. who functions her u'as given, the paper said, of one high-ranking navy officer us'iny "thousands of feet of Navy lumber for private housing and construction." Illegal purchasing and selling whlte powder, she later identified as bug poison. She did not like the idea. '•I personally have not seen any bugs." Rep. Sparkman told me. J. D. Miller, the killer from Brooklyn. transactions such as the alleged was working on a little job in .sale of Navy potatoes to a Hono- I Atlanta. Oa.. la any event, when lulu firm which then resold them n c heard by devious means Hi is to the Navy as potato chips at a hard to keep any conversation se- hugc profit, was third. Some potatoes were resold without undergoing .^ any sort of reprocessing, it was i alleged. The illegal disposition of Navy meat and butler, involving bluck- cret in the capitoH of the Manasco-Sparkman bug troubles. He got in touch immediately with •John C. Page, the capiiol cuslodian. and South Trimble, the clerk of (he House of Representatives, who markcting to Honolulu restaurants. ! invited him lo prove his contention wa.s listed next. Finally, the investigation wns said to embrace embezzlement of "thousands of dollars" of ships stores and .merchandise, notably from tlie submarine base at Pearl Harbor. It was not known how long the investigation will continue, but I lie Advertiser said it also would involve other aspects which can not now be revealed. Manila Society— Persona! ill the European Theater. Franklin Threlkeld has Ijcen dls- Kii'ged from the armed forces, und will enter Arknnsiis School of Medicine ut Little Hock uru-r n brief visit with relatives [n Manila, • • • Kills 1). Homer, radio man third class, has been discharged from the Nnvy »l Memphis Separation Center. Muckey Joe McCulloniih. More- kcciHT second chiss, hns gone lo Memphis for lOKsstuninciu nflor sucndlnK 11 SO-diiy leave with Ills imrcnts, Mr. und Mrs. Rhnblln Sergt. Dan White, who is sla- lioncd at Fort Sam Houston, Tc.x., spent last week wilh his family. Dchnus Stutts is spending a 'iO- day leave wilh his parents. Mi', and Mrs. will Stult.s. Following the leave he will report lo San Francisco lor furlher assignment. Joe l.ulhcr !•'. Givens of Sterling, Colo., is pictured in Chicago, holding 11 slical of his hard, red winter wheat which svas judged Ihe best wheat in the VJ. S. in Ihe annual Philip W. Pillsbury nmk'sl. It was the. fourth con- s'.vulive lime lhal the Colorado product had won Ihe award over wheat from 15 other stales. after being discharged from 111' Army. He spent three years in th Edwards has relumed home Army, of which 18 months wer St«ele-Cooter Society—Perseus! John Smith has arrived home af- ler Ihree months service at Forl worth, Tex., following his discharge from the Army at San Au- lonio. Mrs. Smith has been making her home wilh her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Smith, while he was } in service. Pfc. Ralph Dodd has left for St. Louis after spending a month's furlough with Mrs. Docld and son. and his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dodd. Pfc. Dodd was accom- paniCii to St. Louis by his wife and son. He will report to Fort Leavenworth for reassignment. Mrs. Helen Rice and grandson. Billy Purtlc. of Mounds, 111., arc spending a few weeks with her sister, Mrs. Jim Ray and family. that h c . could free the scat of American laws from bugs. His preliminary survey, he said, indicatcc , he'd never seen a bulgier place. He. said he'd have to do a $10,000 job. but that in the interest of | better law-making (unperturbed by igs) he would do it fore free. He now is doing it/ congress is providing the assistants. Custodian 'flge was busy, at what you easily can guess, when I called. His assistant. \v. H. South, however, confirmed my worst fears. "It is a constanl fight against bugs." South said. "We eliminate FOR SALE! 10 fial. CorriiKiitcil Steel Culverts in 1C" tis wilh ConnccUns Hands. They're Lighter than Concrete, lOiisicr to Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. 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Mich., ure vlslllng Mrs. l-orenc liorsley und family. Mr. aijd Mrs. nean Pierce und SOD, Joe IXian. spent Inst week in Hot Springs with Mr. und Mrs. A. T. 1'lerce. Mrs. O. O. filuurl lins rcltirnod lo her home In Mint. Mich., nflcr a visit with Mr, and Mis. Mike Slimri and friends. » • • Mr. nnd Mrs. Akin TlpUm mid daughters have returned home ul- tcr spending two weeks In Hot The North American bull snake, makes n loud bellowing sound like distant thunder.i. . Millions., of «W-srl«*» in are leu th» n 15 ye»r»df »««. A fUmtj locust: : found la Airk* catches mic«. .. . ... .r. We havft fresh (round nwal and thicken rl liuy und mixed ground feedii. yUs* ctulom We ure now buying pouisry. LANGLEY& South tirrond On OM BerUc Ota IM '• POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Diivi.s is connected with the country's largest poultry buyers :md offers highest iirices at all times. FRIDAY and SATURDAY PRICES— Hens — 25c Cox — 16c HHING YOUR I'OUI/rUY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Blytheville Prlcn Subject la Clmnje Without Notice Radio Service "fit* Am* Refrigerator Service fni. Lawler Washer, I rone r and Gas Engine Service fhilip Fral Vacuum Gleaners. Fans. Irons and Small Appliances He- paired. Strollers — Swings Presto '\ (liini'1 Cookers Premium Vacuum Cleaners Phonograph Heconls ami Accessories Fans—attic, window, pedestal, and table types.. Adams Appliance Co. r Inc. J. W. Adam*. MIT. Successora <o Hardaway Appliance Co., /nc. Phone 2071 206-08 West Main FROM THE UTTER OF A PROMININT PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: "Boer U legally told in thrc« o( the (iv« count'*! in my Judicial District, the other two counties have voted out U?*! sales. It has been my privilege to work directly with your Committee in ill enforcement program, end I knew from actual case records that your organization has materially auiitcd the enforcement officers o? time three couirtiM by helping to eliminate practically all undesirable retail outteti. In the two countiei wnich have voted out legal tales w* nave a serious problem of enforcement, because the ballot alone does not make them dry. The supervision over licensed out- loh is easier for enforcement officers than the responsibility of enforcing prohibition. Officers all over my district highly appreciate your valuable assistance." The vigilance of the Foundation In conducting th« Self- Regulation Program assure! your Community of reputable boor retailer), who tell beer In wholesome surrounding* and who cooperate with law-inforcement officers. UNITED STATES BREWERS FOUNDATION J. HUGH WHAHTON, STATI OIRICTO1 401 PYRAMID »LPa., LITTLI ROCK Just A Reminder About WIDE, TOUGH TREAD DESIGN FOR »* SAFER YEAR-ROUND DRIVING STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY HUDSON'S TEN-IN-ONE ; SERVICE • "' •%.. .' - '-'v. 1. Army Store. Insignia. Officers Uniforms, Battle and Trench Coats 2. Men's Store. Hats, Suits, Shirts, Shoes, Underwear, Ties, and Work Slacks and Shirts. - v.s- • . . 3. Merchant Tailor. Suits Made to Order, for Men and Ladies. - - 4. Cleaning. The Finest Evening Gowns, on Request 8 Hours Service. 5. Alteration. Makes Suits Here in Our Shop; Alter, Restyle, Make Over and Re-Fit 6. Hat Re-Modeling, Cleaning and Blocking . 7. Dye Work. Suits, Coat Suits, Coats and Dresses 8. Moth Proofing. Guaranteed 10 Year Government Approved Methods 9. Storage, with Insurance Protection 10. Furs Cleaned, Altered, Re-Made, Re-Styled HUDSON CLEANER 320 West Main St. CLOTHIER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR Phone 2612

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