The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS jonesboro District Meeting at Osccola Will Be Concluded Today CECEOLA, Ark.— Two hundred delegates and visitors from the 20 Methodist churches in the Jonpxboro district conference nnd from oilier |iarts of the state were registered for llic seventy-first, conference session, which convened here yesterday morning. Dr. E. W. Potter. Jonosboro, presiding elder, presided at Hie opening sc.sslon and conducted ilui devotional. Tlie Hcv. .tames T Handle, Luxora pastor, was rc- fleclcd secretary with the Rev. W/ P, CooU'y, Joiner, us his as- fclstaiU."-' The liev. II. M. Cook, pastor' Madison !!t>l|;h(x church In Memphis, preached at ' n o'clock yesterday morning and thu • afternoon devotionnl was 'given'by Ibe Rev. Don C. Hplmnn of lily- Tennis Vetera'n HORIZONTAli i Well-known tennis player 12 Johnnycoke. 13 Play. 14 God of love, 16 Instrument. 17 Pheasant. 18 Although past' 40, lie is still 19 Smells. 21 Dover properly. 22 To renovate. 23 Northeast. 24 Before. 25Kilher. 2ti Dominions. 30 Chest bony :!2 Karlier. 34 ClKlOS. 35 Cessation of .' • ' 10 Ireland, • 11 Not any. 12 He is now a performer. 15 Stitches. 20 Calm. • ' . J7 Wftllcisjn.'.' 31 \Yay£<do hotel. ?x Austerity;. . , ' 40 Freer from pollution. 47Kasy canter. 51 lie won tfic • tennis title many times. ; 'actions (pl.V M Aul ° l )al ' 1 30 Ovum, !ir ' Gibbon. 3!) Verbal. ritiUinjjlels. : 43 Sleeper's 57 Wralh. noise, VKKTICAli 401!wk of neck. 1 [<'orcsl. 2 In. . . 3 Scholarship. •I Distinctive theory, 5 Group of soft-finned fishes. C Inferior in importance.' 7 One who leases. n Hick, t) To [lostpone. 37 Female? ogre. 40 Incarnation < of Vishnu. 41 Armadillo. 42 Tp rent. 43 Horseman's "14 Sea eagle. •57 Pound. 4H Kimono snsh, '.'J By. (.0 lieforc. 52 And, M You and me. . .•V fcniure of tlie ntUTiirxm Iri'?' was, Hie paijcaiit, "Suve America," directed by Mrs. C. I! AMiatarnnner of Manila, 'porlvny- liil!' Hie \viirk of the women ami vumy people of llic denomination. Tlie cast was made up of Manila young people. The spiritual aspects of the ]Ji.sho;i's Crusade were dueiissrd by ni-. O. E. Goddnrd, pnxlor of ll's First Mstliodisl Cliureli, Hales- Mile, nnd former general secretary of Foreign Missions. In reviewing the year's work of Die Methodist Hospital In Memphis, Dr. Henry Hedden. snperln- >' tendenl. urged the churches ;.ri foster the Golden Cross eiirolln.enl duriiii! the weel: sot aside ti)f that inii'ixise. beglnnluu May _.b. Dr. Hcdden .stated thaty'oYeY three times as mucli rlij^ty work hud brai done by i>« luxspltnl as f Is received fmm the churches for tliat yu^jftc would have nl-1 lowed, Dr. J. M. Williams, former president of Oiilioway Collei;e and _,.r,wv vice-president nnd field rcp- ' reiciHattve for Hcndrix College. Cpnwny, announced that Hendrlx would Issue new diplomas to nil graduates of Galloway College, Scarcy, and Henderson-Brown Colleye, Arkadelpliia, wlio desire them. The .schools were merged with r:emirlx within the past few years. Tile layman's church was presented by Smith A. Johnson of Mnrlon; He recoiu- . Keiser News The Keiser Hnrinqnlzcrs, under the;' d|rcc(.)giV .o't.'^bliji, P.. Keiser, nHd<lhe:glris,';lfl6 l: ]>lnycaV at,' Elo- wah Tuesday -nt a barbecue nnd ool iiroBinm, The Kel.scr Imll tenm, with C. O. Gurretl as coach, were to play ball but forced posl- iioneinent. ,}, I). Hiijlilower .spent several days .of the ; weck. In Snrdis, Missy where he wSs called (if Hie of his nephew. ''Miss Mary Sue 'Woods and six sludeiits will leave Saturday' lo attend the Arkuisas Stale Home J-^oiioinics -' Club Association in I.iltlc Rock, Tlie meeting Is for Iitiin liiyh . l *hool and college, stu- ilcnts. 'Hie puny will lie tucMs one niBlit of Mr. and Mrs. It. K. Woods. |j!irenl.s of Miss Woods, in Mrs. J, T. I'ollc was (juesl at u brl(lK<i ixnty ulvcn in Wilson \Vedtiesday afternoon. Mrs. l-Veil Crockett attended the last iiii'i'ting of the proiji-cssive club in Osceola Tuesday afttnioon- i/Hss Alriui Key.s, llic stale supervisor of home economies, visited anil Inspected the department In KHsrr Wednesday afternoon. Miss Disll Anderson was n gu.cs!, ut H party given at the home of Ihc president of Grenada l.oiicgc over Hie week end. V/orld War Prisoner Finally Readies Home DLUDKNZ, Austria iUI';—A man who was taken prisoner at (he be* ginning of llic World War has just returned lo his home here. • In October, 1314, Josef Malcr wns raptured by llusslun troops. U wns not'Mil last August, hi says, thai, lie was able to escape from FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1937 two other Austrian Midlers, he made his way ac the Polish lln-y made frontier. From tliera I'nelr way homeward across Poland and Germain' with ' a free ticket, •picture slice," of body tissue at any depth, was demonstrated for the first time here before the American College of Physicians. Dadioloulsis termed the invention the greatest diagnostic uld' since discovery of X-rays. Honeymoon Trailer Ituill AMBJIIDGK, Pa. iUP>-A hontc- made ti-ajier will carry Ivun Gra- dlsar and his bride, on n honeymoon trip to the Coast this summer. Gradlsar, young mechanical engineering instructor in . the, University of Pittsburgh, built his de-luxe "honeymoon trailer" in six months, at-n cost .of SliOO. . i Tlicuater May lie Saved .M-« X-ltay IJcinoiislnilcd I liOONVII.LE, Mo. (UP)-Civic .SI. I.OUIS (UPJA laiiiinagnipli, i leaders have a.sked the Mate le»is- i device lo take accurate X-ray' lalure lor aid in preserviii" -plies- Ca ru llicrsville Society — Personal work of the! \v.' H. Foster. Uimmul Wltli Dinner Members of the urade school faculty cnlcrtnliiecl with a dinner evening In honor of prilicijlill of Ihc; school, al Hie home of Mrs. Erni st. Hazel on Deekwllh avenue. nirndcd claw coopcralion be- T j, c | Cnc | im presented Mr. and Uvccn ths Inymen and the clergy M V . S F<lstL>1 . wm> „„ cU , cl ,., c mid ui-gecl that laymen relieve the c()l a Un . ,, m , C xpres,scd their np- pastors of the rcsiionsibilllles of raising finances. C. J. Perry, Buy; Noble pill, Dell and Alev Sllru- walt, Gllmore were eiecled nssoci- nte district la.v leadei-s. The women's' work of the churches was reviewed by Mrs. Ilinklc Pervctt, Joncslioro, conference presldenl v ,,nnd Mrs. A. P. I'atlon, district' secretary, also nl Jonesuoro. Tlie summer, program for the Western Methodist Assembly to be held at Ml. Sequoia was described by Mrs. E. W. Potter of Jonesboro. Contributions to tlie hctievolcn- ecs of the' church from the district amount to SG018, and an additional S1220 was given in the Bishop crusade for the reduction of the indebtedness on the General Board of Missions. Three hundred and thirty-five members have been added to the churches in the first, six months of the conference year with Blythcville leading and Jonesboro and Osceola ranking second and third. pr:ciation of the cooperation given them by Mr. Foster in his work as school principal. They expressed their regret at his leaving Ihe :ystr>m 'and wished him success In ills work mi supL'iiiHendenl ut .»LUC'C.| next year. V. I'.':, liaiK|iicl \\VII Attended The Young People's banquet of Hie Poplar lifnff District, wlilcli was held nl the Methodist Church Here, was intended by more than lot). Peary Currell of Kcnnelt, Young People's Dislrlcl Director, wns loastmnsler. Bobby Rhodes, a member of the local Young People's organization, gave the wci- .cme address, which was followed ay the response by Miss May liohneukamp. president of the Young People's Department ut Greenville. Mrs. Vallte Hess Wallace of Coaler, secretary of the St. Louis Young !\'ople's Conference, made nil Interesting talk. Another Interesting feature of Ihc program, was a (alk by Miss Helen Mnys Dodcl, Social director of the Orphans Iloaie,at St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Gill returned. Tuesday from Truxton, Mo., where they had spent about ten days visiting Mrs. dill's mother nnd' other relatives. Ksv. Lynn Wade of Blylhevllie was hero Wednesday attending the Poplar Uluff District conference at the Methodist church. Miss Dorothy French and Mrs. j Hess Roberts spent last week end I in Jackson, Tcini.. visiting relatives of-Miss French. They were accompanied home Sunday byi Mrs. R. It. French, who had been visiting In Jackson. Mrs. N. C. Hawkins returned Wednesday from Jopliu, Mo,, where she attended the Stale P. E. O. convention. Mrs. p. IJ. Wat.son of Maiden, Mrs. Henry Slnnkard, Mrs. Les Hopkins and Mrs. Eskell Wyntt of Campbell, Mo., spent Wed- W'jrkers (jet Free Gardens I-'HEEPOllT. Tex. (UP)—Development of n community project .(ere, in which an Industrial firm lurnlshcs space for gardens and prepares ground for planting, is jeing studied uy civic icaticis dse- .vhere. The gardens were furnished by the Frceport Sulphur Company foe its employes acid u.ei, neighbors. Hoy, 11, Wizard ill Figures FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — Wllllnm Bonder, 14, is a human adding machine. In a public test, lie added a column of lo three- digit figures In 13 seconds, one second above his own record. In another test, he added a column of figures correctly two seconds faster than they could be computed on an adding machine. 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