The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 18, 1940
Page 3
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, II e 1940 BTA'THEVILLE (ARK.) COURIEH NEWS Warclell, Micola Farmers Capture Plant To Prosper Honors ^CAJUJTHERSVILLE, Mo., Nov. lo.—Wuinei-s in the Pemiscot County Plant to Prosper contest were announced Thursday by the . local extension office. A total of 45 Pemi- s^oi families were entered in the two divisions, .Umly-iwo being in uie Tenant Division, and thirteen entered in the Landowners Division. - ; Mr. and Mrs. J, O. Cheek of Warden were first place winners in tnr? Landowner Division.. No other : '-vimiers'" were, announced in this division. • Mr. and Mrs. E. M.' Preffer of MJ'jola were first in the Tenant Division; Mr. and Mrs. R; Y. Sanderson 01' Bakervllle, second; and , Mr. an'd Mrs. Joe Keith of Ingram ^Wge, third. The first place winner in the ; Landowner Division and the first and second place winners in the Tenant Division will compete in the. statewide contest, with cash prizes of $100 for first, $75 for second H aiKi $50 for'third, to be'award- ed the winners. Winners in the state contest will compete with other state winners for Tennessee, Mississippi and - Arkansas for a grand prize of $500, and a, number of other prizes. In connection with the Plant to Prosper contest, the Warden Rotary Club sponsored a gardening contest, with prisses for the winners who raised and canned the most vegetables for a half-acre plot. Winners were Mr. and Mrs. P. J. 'Hickey who produced vegetables that would have cost • $557.74 if [bought at retail prices, and. Mr. and Mrs. Avon Knight, second, whose production would have cost [$221.56 at retail prices. 'hew of. Siteslon, Lowery Miller of | Capo Girardeuu, Herb' Moore of Poplar Bluff, and Thdron Stnlilngf of Sikcston. Meet dates were selected as fol- ; lows: - .." , .: .• • . ' ' - - ! Basket/ball Tounrament— February 18, 19, -20, 21, at Cariuhersville." Dramatic. Meet—March 14, at Ca- • ruthersville. Band Meet— March 28, at Holland. BOKO Meei-Marci, 28, at Holland, i Rficl Cr ° SS R °" Cal1 M^ 1 ' Muslo and Literary Meet—April i ing Success In Osceola a and 4, "at Warden. Track Meet—April 17 and 18, a 1 Hayti. Tennis Meet— May 1 and 2 at Warden. Announces Dates Of Pemiscot School Events - CARUTHERSVILLE, MO., NOV 18.—Harold S. Jones, county superintendent of schools and secretary of the Pemiscot County High School Association',..'Thursday announced selection "of dates for va-. nous county high 'school meets and activities for the 1940-41 schoo! year. The rates and places were picked at a meeting of the association, with the-following schools having':, representatives present at the meeting: ."Holland, J, Ward ell I Cooter, -Deerhig^Bi-aggadocio, Bragg City^-KaytiY r and. Carufchersyille. Jiidges foi^y'aiJujLis-; meefcs^; were namedT as follows? ' 'Jack " HopkeT Cai-uthersville, aridv;- Carl Hughes I Cooter, for the track meet; Dr. Paul McCutchen, .Steele, and Hughes' Cooter, for .the tennis . meet. Five district basketball "officials were placed 'on the list from among orn two will be later named to officiate during the county basketball meet, to be held in Carutii- ersvilie. The five named are: Doc Ford of Cape Girarcleau, Peg Ma- Mrs. Worsley To Head Clubs In Osceola. Section OSCEOLA. Ark., Nov. 16.—Mrs j Harry Worsley of Double Bridges 'community was elected president of the South Mississippi County Council of . Home Demonstration Clubs, at their annual Pall meeting here this week, succeeding Mrs. C. E. Lynch of. Victoria. Chosen to serve with her were Mrs.- Tom Hollis, Milligan Ridge; Mrs." Homer Clifton, Dyes.s, secretary-treasurer; and Mrs. N. N. Speaks,, Etowah, historian.' The 24 clubs i'n the south end of Che county have 540, members. To the'Milligan Ridge club, Mrs Tom Hollis, president, went the honor of being voted the outstanding club'-during the past year. Achievements on which the honor was given included participation in community activities, two play; to assist the fanners in the community in erection of a community club "house, . 100..mattresses made! 'six refrigerators and six new ranges bought. Other improvement in home equipment included two power washing machines, one electric sewing machine, four homes wired seven closers built, two electric pumps installed, running water in four homes/six kitchen cabinets: built, five rooms added, 44 roomr papered, 23 pieces of furniture re- .finished, three pressure cookers one sealer and eight commercial -mattresses .bought. : The year's scrap book of thr Etowah club prepared by Mrs. Ear] Wildy, Mrs. E. S. Wildy,'Mrs. R. H. Wilmoth and Mrs. Lecna Forrester was voted first place. WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY District OSCEOLA, Ark.. Nov. 18.—Seven hundred dollars, or over one third of the total quota of $2000 for the annual Red Cross Roll Call for South Mississippi County,: wju turned in.-in the first four days of the drive, according to Carroll Watson, chairman of the roll call for this .section. , ; Steve 'Ralph, chairman ; of the drive in Osceola, was given n gdfil of $500'and turned in $400 of the amount Friday; the remaining $100 will come in this week, Mr- Ralph said. . Assisting.Mr. Ralph in the.-Osceola: em-oHment are Nathan Weinberg, Q. E. Massengill, E. M. Jaffee. S. G. Lockhart and Everett Retf among" the business firms; in th« residential district, workers are Mrs Hale'Jackson, Mrs. Bruce Ivy, Mrs George .Adams, Mrs. c. B. Driver Mrs.'D.'S. Laney and Mrs. H. C Davidson. Among the colored persons are ,W. S. Borabin, George Pugh, Stev< Anderson, Phillip Boyd, Ho\va,re Thomas, Thomas Haywood, Herman Young, W. L. Currie ol: Carson Lake, and Dr. Sam Currie of Evadale. The town of Wilson was the first to report "over the top" of the south Mississippi county communities with their quota of $300 turned in Saturday morning by tlieir chairman, W. F. (Hy) Wilson .Appealing for greater' membership; George Doyle, chairman of the Osceola Red . Cross chapter declared the success of the national enrollment of members will hinge upon the individual success, of chapters attaining their membership goals.-He urged every person who can to become a Red,-Cross member to insure the "cliaptei meeting its share. ; In 1938, South Mississippi County Was seventy-first among Arkansrr counties to secure their quota; in 1939 they .climbed to forty-third Expect 100 To Attend School For Legislators FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. Nov. 18-Veteran members of the Arkansas legislature will be members of the staff for the third annual institute of legislative Poecdure, which will be held in the House chamber of the State Capitol tit Little Rock Nov. 25 and 20 and will be attended by about 100 members of the '1941 General Assembly. The Institute is sponsored by the University of Arkansas to help the new leglsiiuor.s to familiarize themselves with parliamentary procedure, Dc-an A. M. Harding of the General Extension Service said in announcing; the program. • ;, Dean J. S. Waterman and Robert A. Leflar of the University Law School faculty will be in charge. The staff will be composed of Lieut. Gov. Bob Bailey. State Senator J. Wesley Sampler or Rogers, and Reps J. R, Campbell of Hot Springs, C. c. Hollensworth of Warren, ike Murray of Fordyce, Forrest Ro^.ell of Little Rock, iind H, K.-Toney of Jine ' Bluff. Mr. HollenswortlVs "Rules of the House of Representatives of Arkansas" will be used as a textbook. • Governor-Elect, Homer Adkins has announced that he will discuss his plans for highway bond refunding in his address to the legislative dinner, which will be held at the Marion Hotel the night olV Nov. 25 and will be open to the public a,s well as members of the legislature. The first session of the iusticute will be devoted to proceedings..."of ;x day in the House of Representatives, and the afternoon session will consider a day in the Senate. Constitutional and statutory provisions on legislation will be the subject of the Tuesday morning meeting, at which' Dean J. S. Waterman.- will lead a discussion, and Robert Leflar of the Law School faculty will discuss legislative research' and bill drafting.-.The Institute staff will give an analysis of State ;.revenues and finances at the afternoon session. The secretary's record book of'P lace ." '"V 1940 Mr. Watson plans the Dyess-No. 6 club, kept 'by'Mrs. Sam Bass, secretary, was voted the first aware} on the basis of complete coverage of all meetings neatness, legibility, complete chairmen's reports and accurate attendance record. This club, of which Mrs. C. L. White is president, made 37 mattresses, 116 dresses" an<? canned 11,499 quarts of food. to be among the first. It is expected that England's birth-rate will show an increase of 25,0,00 over last year's totals this year. of Etowah on "The Farm "Woman in National Defense." .Other neatures of the counciM - Musical numbers were furnished ..nxeetmg ./arranged by Miss Inez, by Miss Jean Chiles and Mis.- Kincaid, _home demonstration agent Jsarah Pearl Boland. 'included ''- address .by, County! — -Agenfe'B-MH.' Bum's "on "Wha t"pn mi? "•• /What Farm Women. Should Know About AAA"; a talk' ! by Charles R. Coleman''. - _„,,....,, „».,„*,,»_., president of the Mississippi Cr/inty i and discomfort helped*bv*the anti- Farm 'Bureau, on the ''Value of Sfc P si « of Black and \Vhite Oint- Organization to the Farnv Family"- !P ent ~. Soothing—effective. First try —- • . *J ;- firvP^ it" f\Y* \tr\\*** wirv»-»n^r V*« j-»l»- W3* T/^i-^i PSORIASIC • : SCALES REMOVED ^ Pemiscot .County To Furnish One Draftee CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. ( Nov. t 15 —Pemiscot County will be required to furnish only one man in Missouri's first draft quota of 437, according to announcement Thuts- dny by Cliief Draft Clark Jim 'Hie Pemiscot draftee will go to Jefferson Barhxcksi-'.-.'St. Louis, on November 29. f No dUnculty '.will 1 '.bo encountered In selecting the;'mHn ( CU-rk sisk stnted, since ten' men who 'were signed within, the draft age have already volunteered ant) asked for immediate induction into service. QuoUis for other Southeast Missouri counties -.ire:'Bellinger. Miuli- son and Perry, one each; New Mud- rid, tour; Mississippi, Cape CJir- tinieuu, Butler, Scott and Slotldnvt! five tsich; Dunklin, .six. sessions" or municipuli court during the' piist two weeks were ieatured with cases of public drunkenness, disturbing tin; l»nc(» and vagrancy as is typical of tfn.s seuson. v-There were 27 caso.s of public <lrunkenm\s.s .settled during the past two weeks. • lJi tlisLurblng the peace charges the docket ran like this: 'Estes L-iine, forfeited bond of $U0.25- Preston Jone.s, Hued $10 with costs HU.spentU-d; .Essie Davidson, fined *10 after plcadlnu guilty; wilt wnyhL. flnecl $15 with co.sUs .suspended; Erltis Ausiln,-iJned $10.' ••• V.iernncy ; 'charges' were locigctl against these: A. J. Martin. lined $10 niter pleading «ullty; Burren Kjlgore, Aned .$10 after pleading guilty witil fine suspended; L. D. '.same; Edward Newton, same; Dewer Thomas, same; Homer Schtitx, same. . A charge of assault with' intent to kill caused Dennis "Flowers' io be bound over to Circuit Court; , Alex Wrlghl pleaded guilty ,to: a charge of reckless driving and was fined $25. •\ In the "assault and battery" list Women Get "Build-up" : A good way to relieve periodic discomfort from functional dysmen- ;orrhea, due to malnutrition, such as headaches, nervousness, cramp- like pain, many women find is by using CARDUI. It usually sharpens appetite,.increases How of gastric Juices, and so aids digestion, helps build resistance to periodic distress. Another , way . CARDUI may help you: Take it a few days before and during "the time." CARDUI lias been popular .for 50 years. uvre: Joe. Poi', plea,of. guilty, lined $10;, James PranUliny same!; Jnh'y.. Smith, ;saw>. ;, , : , Charges of overloading were locltf"-' ed -agnJiiiit Freeman niuckwell,' riol- lis Howcil urid, Williml A.-Oeuc! who each forfeited bonds 'of $12.75. J. C.' Mason pleaded guilty to it charge 1 of-petit larceny And was fined $15. A similar plea cost 1'iruce Armstrong the .sumo amount. A bond of $2.75 was forfeited by E. Chancy on .a charge of violu"- Uon of the game uncl tlsh, laws. Floyd Whiteholm and Elbert Alley were each lined $5 on charges of speeding. v A charge of driving while under the innuiwce of liquor resulted In Jeff Jackson beiny fined $25; He uppotiled the case. . Dan Jones was lined $50 on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.rile appealed. • A charge,'of burglary uncl, lurciiny placed a«ixlnst Cleve Dubbs rcsiiHecl in hl.s bein'K held'.to circuit court. /.-• PAGE THREE Continental Army Had A $3,000,000 Budget .WILMINGTON, Del. (UP)—With Congress'-appropriating billions of dollni's for national' defense and the upkeep of the Army, Navy and Marine ' 'Corps, few recall that America's first Continental Army luul ti budget of only $3,000,000. When n .group of Massachusetts farmens defied the BrltbJi at Lexington, .George' Head, Continental Congressman • from Delaware,'blueprinted a budget lor an army" of 27,00<J inch iuul iho necessary of- 'fleers.; .His e.slimiite ol the army'»s Expense amounted to $3,000,000, with $2,270.000 for salaries and main- FREE BOQK EXPLAINS ALL ABOUT PILES A new edition of. ftii (ilitslint'e^ book hn« just ; been irtiblishexl ^ the Thornton & Minor Clinic—Urn world's oldest known 'Institution; •HK' hi the treatment of piles' und other roctul :\[ nations. This book" explains' why - rectal disorders frequently* cause, such common till-1 menUs tus headacheK, nurvoustiess,' stomach and liver troubles, It points out the (lunger of neglcctUiii cvt-n iV minor case'of piles , . . .showK IKHV mnljgntmt uncl incurable conditions mny result.'The-mUd' trout- meut ut Thornton '& Minor Clinic; by which more thfm 51,000 men unti women have Deen rcileved- during v the pnst'03 years, and which requires no hospltali'/atlon or the use of radical , surgery, Is fully explained. It; you arc afflicted, send for u copy of this frank and Informative book which will be sei.t you In plain wrapper absolutely free. Address Thornton & Minor Olinle, Suite 1019, 920 McOee Si,, Kinsas City, Missouri. lenunce .of , men and a the remainder*"for warvsuppliekr The Read ; plan-, ly-as adopted by the Continental 'Congress in Nov-~ ember, 1T?5, • ••iv ' " ^ -Rend drew--his budget *5n'both sides,of a piece^of<paper.measur- ing only .7 3/4 by -,12 inches. 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