The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1950
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.J COURIER NEWS Y«tf A4«y to Act fefor* March 15— Taxpayers to Have New Headaches As U. S. Harvest Begins Tomorrow By CHARLES MOLONV WASHINGTON, Dec. J4. W/—The government, faced with mounting 'defense costs, starts Its biggest tax harvest season tomorrow. Expectations are for an Intake of $l«,000,Opp.OOO or more—about 40 per cent ofV'finnual revenue—over the next three months. The government can use It. Since this fiscal'year began last July 1, it has run about In the redraft expects to b« twice as bad off -by. next June 30. The big vtax season begins with the deadline tomorrow for corporations loT-.make final tax payments on 1949:ihcome. It will mark their last payments at the old 30 per cent maximum rate. A 45 per cent top will prevail on 1950's record-size profits..: • , After tomorrow, the tax s|x>tlieht «-lll shift"'to individuals. They finished 1949 Income lax payments last March bub In many Instances will have something to do about 1850 income taxes ahead of (lie general deadline for paying them next March 15 Calendar of Hutes A calendar of dates to remember: Jan. 1—rime for housewives to begin withholding Social security taxes from the pay of servants fand farmers withhold from their workers!'• if they arc going to make the servant pay her half of the three percent-of-pay tax. The employing ^housewife can skip withholding .and pay the entire three per cent' It she prefers. • Jan. 1 also opens the season for getting refunds on overpayment of 1950 Income tax through withholding. Around 30,000.000 taxpayers usually qualify for refunds averaging out to about $50 each. The orily way to gel a refund will be to file.: a final 1950 Income tax return, establishing how much of a refund is due. The quicker the filial return is filed, the faster the refund is likely to come. Jan. 15— Last day for tillnR 1950 Income. :tax declaration* festl- 1 mates),-or amending declaration* filed earlier to avert a penalty In rase the .original estimate erred hy more «han 2» per cent. BecauK of the hike in Income tax rates made effective last Oct. 1, an unusually lane number of amended declarations are'expected. Tax collectors' office* iwlll furnish forms with the new^.daU required foe refiff- urinf taxea due. For farmers, who occupy a unique position among taxpayers, this will be the first contract with 1950 Income taxes. All farmers whose 1950 income exceeded $600 will be required to'declare the amount they look in. DIVIDED COMMAND—Map above shows how almort iropuublc mountain rang* down tht center of North Korea fence* ofl LL Gen. Walton Walker's Eighth Army in the west (rom Ma) c«n. Edward Almond's 10th Corps. Liaison between tht two armies is sketchy and maneuvers for mutual aid difficult. Coordination of Ih* two forcw Ii directed from Gen MacArthur'» hemdquarten in Tolcvcx The farmers dors not have to pay the Indicated lax until nrxl March IS. The law permits farmers, however, to skip the Jan. 15 declaration if they make a final return and payment hy Jan. 31, cleaning up their 1950 income taxes. . Non-farmer groups required to make declarations Include doctors, lawyers, other professionals, persons owning their own businesses, and higher-bracket salaried workers who pay outside or in addition to Uixcs regularly withheld from pay. Jan. 31—Deadline for employers to- furnish their workers with the tax form IW-2) showing each worker how much Income tax hns been withheld from him during 1950. "Information Returns" Feb. 15—Deadline for "Information returns." which Up the lax collector to various income payments not covered by withholding taxes, such as: Rent paymenLs of over sflOO during 1950 which were made to an individual landlord (no return Is required on payments to » corporate landlord or a landlord's agent); wages to house servants which totaled over SGOO in 1050 and weren't covered by withholding; corporation payments of over $100 in dividends to Individuals, and similar payments for interest or other obligations—a doctor's bill, for example—In excess of 5500. The government checks this Information against the Income lax returns of those who get the payments. In this way. it can catch chlselers who tried to hide out Income on their tax returns. March 15—The deadline not only for 1050 individual Income tax payments, but also for initial 1951 Income declarations and first lax payments by individuals subject to declaration requirements. Also, for corporations, the beginning of 1950 Income tax payments, with an Instal- ment of 30 per cent of the total ta.x due for 1950. Sparkling glass Mads, mixed with paint which they Impart a luminous glow after the paint wears down, cire being used for traffic markers. FBI Nabs ,Top Criminal in •" Drug Store SAUNA, Kas., Dec. H. Wt—Glen Roy Wright. 51, listed by the FBI BmonK tile ten most wanted criminals, was nabbed here last ntght by Far agents. WriRlit, former associate o( Aivln Karpls, Pretly Boy Ploytl and Fred Barker, had escaped Sept. 14, 1943. from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary where he v as serving a life term lor armed robbery. It was his second prison break. He had just stepped into • drug store on Sallna's Nfain Street and was looking at magazines when FBI agents grabbed him before he had a chance to us a .45 caliber automatic stuck In his belt. Twice in his long career, Wright, had fought gun battles with officers In Kansas and Arkansas, the FBI said. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1»M Dislikes Pressure SASKATOON, Sask. M>> _ Th e Saskatoon and District Labor Council at a recent meeting said school children are being "pressurized" Into giving money to charitable or- ennlzntlons because the donations are made public. It passed a resolution urging all donations to be anonymous. S/io«s for Pakistan KARACHI, Pakistan <fr> _ The government has sanctioned establishment Of 20 foot-wear factories throughout the country with a production capacity of pairs a day. Pakistan's requirements in shoes for 1050-51 are estimated in the neighborhood of 20.COO.OOO pairs while annual production from existing establishment l s 12500000 pairs. Daylight Saving Time waj first Introduced by the Germans in 1916 when they turned back the clock to give them more daylight hours to fight World War I. BIDS ACCEPTABLE General Service.* Administration. Public Buildings Service, sealed bids for furnishing materials .and performing the work for finishing second floor of fee*, etc., at Ca- rulhersville. Missouri. P.O. will be received, in triplicate until 3 P.M.. Jan. «. 1851 at office of Regional Director. 2100 Fidelity Building. Kai«as City «. Missouri and then publicly opened. Specifications, etc., >-ay be had from Public Buildings Service. Room 1304, General Services Building. Washington 25. D. C.. Custodian of building or Regional Director. 12112-13-H Max Reirer Dies In Hospital SAN ANTONIO, Tex., D«c. 14. —Max Reiter. who played • 'shoestring Into one of the nation's foremost symphony orchestras, Is dead The little man who came to the United Slates In 1938 with »40. a letter from Artuio Toscarilnl and a burning desire to have his own orchestra left as a monument two— the one here and one at Waco. He died late yesterday In the hospital where he had Iwn under treatment since a heart attack last Wednesday. Arkansas Diocese To Hold Meeting LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 14. </P)_The 79th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese uf Arkansas will be held Jan. 25-25 at Christ Episcopal Church here. The 55th annual meeting of the women's auxllitary also will be held on those dales. Average house lighting circuits function satisfactorily on 15-ampere fuses, while circuits working appliances may require 20-amperes New Manager of Kemp Whisenhunt- Co. Mr. Donald J. Bngley has Just been named manager o» Kemp Whisenhunt fr Co. in Blytheville. Mr. Bagley came to Blytheville with the E. I. du Pont de Nemours Co. His 12 years experience In the paint, wallpaper and interior decorating business explain his recent appointment to this new managership. Consider this your invitation to drop in and meet Mr. Bagley. Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. Is located at 109 East Main Street in Blytheville. Adv. Blue, Red or Black Leather Spending hS< evening by hS« hearth ... or television set ... do KJ fn these lovely tlippers! Pretty enough if company drops in ... and youn at a Buikent value price. Easiyour shopping just kj At rht Gordon tounttr btrt Pliaii ikl (atfiti m jaxr &ifr //'}/ With a tax tf GtrJm Shuri.. Chomi /ram many tlytii ittj color} ForjriinJs attract, short, or itil Tttn chick jour Hit tnd know you vt fraught Tht nistsl £tftt if til. In fashion.harmonizing) shades like MELODY, CAPRICE, SONATA, RHAPSODY, OVERTURE ind LYRIC Family Shoe Store 312 W. Main Dial 2342 Black Royal Blue FAMILY SHOE STORE --ORDER BY MAIL OR PHONE I •."" ...•" I Pleait tend mt poirYof BUSKENS c' *' /. j Name - ^ I Street _...;... j Cit Y : ~ Zone Slat* | Encloisd find ; GRABER'S PRICE ARE Shop and Compare Grabers Great Christmas Selection-You Be The Judge LOWEST IN TOWN! Every Uble \r\ GRABER'S To.viown Is chock-full of wonderful savings In toys and yif1s for ill the kiddies. Nowhere in town will you find such jreat selections and »»rieliw at Buch lr,w prices as In GFABER'S, When you shop at GRABER'S jon save more, ihere- fore yea can give more ([ifts this Christmas. * Shop Graber's TOYTOWN And Save * HI-BABE DOLL WITH PLASTIC CHAIR A -drlnklng-ftnd-wtttlng doll In hlghchalr vllto rnyon pimMcs, rub- 1 39 PATTIE PLASTIC BABY DOLL Ptastln head nnd body, mnvtiable legs, open month, underwear. 11 inches tall 13 in. BABY DOLL Organdy dress, flnnnel coal and bonntt, shoes and socks. 25 in. Hug-Mc STUFFED RABBIT Made of *UifI«d chinchilla mat era It, unbreakable plastic face. 19 in. STUFFED SITTING DOLL Polka-dot dr«5, rayon plush hnt and trimming. 98 159 198 198 Large Oversize STUFFED DOLL Unbreakable plnalle: face. Full 33 Inches tn.ll, Pin id drcaa with j/Liiih trimming, Large 22 in. BABY DOLL OrKRnriy dross nncl hai with Uncy Incc trimming. Lutes jmm *ml Legs Shoes, sock* nnu rubber punt.v Un- 24 in. Big MAMA DOLL With cither brown, rrd or brunette hnlr Ninon dress nn<1 hat with lace Irlnimlng Yoke luid [miry stllcMnst. Lntex arms And legs, Shoes nnd socks 3 98 498 All Plastic U K E L E L E l.nrse li'i Inch size nil plarttc %-tth pick. A Inr&rr variety of color- (til deMvns lo choose from. MUSICAL TOPS£E nil metal musical lops hum n tune wh*-n tlicy nrc Vtry colorfully Otcoralcd In colors. Ihitl •pun V.Tld Fururland Grand TOY PIANO hlnrk uarlet Kltcftlly tuned with real Jet- kcyT (hat actually play. A ot colors to choose from Blondes, Brunettes, Red Heods Large 26 in. BABY DOLL Ti\Xe me homr for I uni n bli? on by doll." Fin* quality nlnon dress «nd hat with face trim «nri Insertion. Will not break Resu- T $7.98 vahie. 6 98 New Born BABY DOLL 16 Inchfft utl. vinyl head, Ipatures of a new-born baby. Wrapped In blanket, und tle^ with large talfetn ribbon 2 98 Sleeping, Crying BABY DOLL Tafleta dresa and cap with fancy lace Ulmmlng. Rubber jinnl*. slip. Shoe* find socks, she cries, un- breaVnlili! plastic head, late* arms »nd legt. IT Inches lall. 2 98 26 in. Sleeping BABY DOLL Fine quality hlnon dress wltD pprol tdge trim. BtnuilfnUy drr.vird with hair, tarpe [till size hal, Ktn &rrtlK *nd I«g5. Shoei and socks Sh« sleeps and cries. Bran ti Ml (aclat featxirr* with eye Isshps. Full 28 in. Toll • BOY DOLL Looks \\Kt a real lite-sized byo "I am dressed In overalls. Jfrtoy shir and cap to malch. Regular thofs And socks. My nAtur 15 Bab^ Oitrgle* Rqi'rr?' 4 me now. i S [ R y, «nd I sob," UnbrenltAble ptaMlc lirnd with Ifttcx borir. arms and 15 pc. to 31 pc. TEA SETS A lartrc selection of unhrrak^ble tea sew In nil metsl. nhimlmirn and onj-.x. Very colorfully decorated Official Size FOOTBALLS Moldfd lai-e. hole,. » n » p .| n bladder and in.tfft valre. Hunt to last (or many long hours ot piny. 7 12 98 69 C 19 C *39' 939 49° tol/9 139 1 ANTI 198 •Large 15 in. Delux PICKUP TRUCK A colorful well con»trur.iirj pick-up truck with rubber tires, built to list r. Ions, toni time. Children'i All Metal . R O C K V E R S A 21 Inch well" cormrucled rocker llnlshrrt In red and yellow enamel. 20 pc. Aluminum Cooking & Baking Set Made of sanHnryq rust-proof aluminum, corner. In a companion readf-made stovi. 1 98 •J 59 16-ln. All Metal Hiway Express TOY TRUCK Red and yellow enamel rinlsh with chromt 1m. plated trim and rubber tires Large 20!/j ox. BASKET BALL Official size iMJkfthall with molrtrd lace holes, touch rovers and snsp. m bladder. Insert air valves 298 It Smokes! Frontier SMOKf R PISTOL Sllrer plaled with « n b r . » k « b 1 « hundt. When sun Ii Ilred. smoke ahoou from barrel Four eura smote r>acK« s « with each pistol. 10 Inehw 'ong. Pocket Type 1 79 G-MAN SIREN 98 Single & Double HOLSTER SETS A lar«fl 5elcrilon or both Rlnsrli and doob*^ hol^frr sets u-Ufi til leather consiniciion. j-llvrr Murls anrt 5tone ln,<fls n 0 th 501d silver plnted pistol*, repeater lion, with 79 C to 498 Very colorful All m« ilren with * h r soundlnj lont. f\sU Gniber'n Tnj-Und ,inK sre hundreds and hundreds o( other lo>s. New, Imported GIFT SETS An unusually - large selection oT trn- ported sUvcrpl^ted gilt gets, tnritvLd.U-- : " ally packed. Take advantage of th«e~ unusually "low prlcw - In- thl» biit> : J standing collection of glffwrti' -/ • Grape Leaf, 35c «R. 3 for |'«T ASHTRAYS ! 3-Pe. Sugar and CreRm $149 980 490 TRAY SET Salt and Pepper SHAKER SET Teak-Wood Lined Cigarette Box Horseshoe & Boot Ash Troy Set 4 Ash Trays and ' set Cigarette Bowl -**- Men's Large 7-pc. SHAVING SET 3et Include* r*ror. turor blsdts, tulctim powrter. hair cream, nfter-sniiTe lotion, brtubleu »hiir« creim Hyplln pencil. An o\itst*ndlns gut (or men M«n't 5 Pitct SHAVING SET C ( Set ,C S*rf BRING THE KIDDIES TO SEE SANTA NOW! IN PERSON

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