Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 8
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MUSLIN DAY T = S P E C I A O - D A Y ....$ t "T • ,; 7J> pieces Lonsdale Bleached Muslin 50 pieces Barker Bleached Muslin | 50 pieces Hill Bleached Muslin * 1 3 Bales Lawence L. L • • • • ^ '; . (yard wide and extra heavy unbleached) 3" Extra weight Unbleached Muslin : • °t I (this is usually sold for 8£ cents.) J It will pay you to visit us to-day. Respectfully fSCHMITT&HEFFLEY. THE MURDER TRIAL, TJic Trial of Martin Sliuffcr 1'or Uic MnrdtT of Edward lowrv 1" Intercut Taken In tlie Ca*c— A arsc Attendance In Court. , • -:-; CALL AND SEE ME :-: Harry G. Tucker, The Pearl Street Tailor. BEN FISHER, The Druggist. f-Keepsa lull line ol Trusses. :-: ;,31l Fourth Street. :-: Dally Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING, JAN'. 28. LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes, CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER& RAUCH, 42O Broadway. | Type Writer Supplies. * little's New Serrated Edge Type Writer Ribbons for all Machines Blue Semi Carbon Paper, £ Purple Semi Carbon Paper, Black Semi Cavbon Paper. Type Writer Stands, . Type Writer Paper, Typewriter OH. Letter Presses, Letter Press Stands, Blotter Bath, Blotter Pads, Cloth Pads. Wilson, Humphreys & Co. Opdsite Court House. For the Next Four Weeks V I will sell you an elegant suit for $22.0O CASH «i> . , * • | ? £ do this to make room for the 'finest line of Spring Goods ' ever brought to this city P. J. HOOLEY, Tlie Pearl Street. Trv Hoosier Cough Cure, eod&w To Mr. and Mrs. John llcthermel— a daughter. Mrs. C. N. Graffls is lying seriously ill at her home on the West Side. Patterson, the Haberdasher, can shirt you in good style for a little motley. "Buck" Stanley began a series of temperance meetings at Rensselaer last night. Professor Ouster's dancing; class meets Thursday evening at the G. A, K. hall. Bertie Stewart, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. MeConnoll, is quite ill. Patterson, the Haberdasher, is a, way in it, and his prices^ are right, you depend on it. Mr. McShephcrd, of Chicago, has accepted a position .as floor walker at the Trade Palace. Mrs. W. A. Parks and Mrs. Lou Wilson Of Peru, are visiting Mrs. D. W. Jones of Bast Spear street. A humorous fact about Hood's Sar- sarsaparilla—it expels bad humor and creates £ ood humor. Be sure to get Hood's. ' " 10 .,. : The Painters and Decorators' dance, February '10, promises, to be one. of the nicest dances of the season at the rink. ' Shirts to suit the fat, lean, tall, short, wide and narrow people, at a popular price.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. John Gray claims to have the cleanest stock of dry goods in the State of Indiana; quality, of goods he handles and the length of time he has been in business. Mr. R. 6- Heikt? passed through the city yesterday en roius for Chicago from Dayton, 0. He spent Sunday with his sister Mrs. J. M. Justice, jr. and family oa North street. John Gray says, the reason why he has the cleanest stock in the. State is because of careful buying. Good selection, buying for cash, having fresh goods coming in every day and selling all the time at uniform low prices. Members of the .Trades Assembly commend the card of James W. Shinn in Saturday's Pharos in its reference to the Trades Union. There is intended no interference with the political or religious freedom of the members. Yesterday Will Kraut erected an' elegant new barber pole in front of -his nearly completed tonsorial. parlors on Market street. • He expects to move his shop in a few days and when the establishment is equipped throughout according to plans it will be one of the very finest in the State. Lafayette Courier, Monday—John Dewenter.'of Logansport, and Frank Dowenter, of Bloomington, 111., were in the city to-day Rev. E. P. Walters was at Logansport yesterday, and last evening, at St. Bridget's church there, conducted the ceremony of blessing the American flag, presented to St. Bridget's Council, C. B. L., by the Ladies 1 Auxiliary. Miss Nellie .Goring, daughter, of John Goring, formerly a well- known resident of this city, now agent of the Wabasb at Huntington, was married to Mr. Ellis Searles, _city editor Of the.Huntington Democrat Sunday evening. •.. The wedding was a quiet affair .and" was performed at the residence of the 'bride-groom by a Protestant minister although the bride -is a Catholic. It has created somewhat of a sensation in the Catholic church at-that place and it is understood that the .marriage will be again solemnized, -the priest, officiating. The bride has many friends in this city who wish har joy. Yesterday morning before Judge McConnell in'the circuit court began the trial of Martin Shaffer for the murder of Edward Lowry at Walton on the 29th of September last. The case attracted much attention and the court room was crowded, all day, a great many spectators from Walton being present. A large number of witnesses have been subpcened and the case will probably consume an entire week. After some little delay the rollow- ing jury was impannelleil: Henry Long, Le*vi Burton, Wm. R. Kin/ic, Wm. F. May, Jesse Loser, L. H. McKaig, Herman Pranke, James P. Conrad, John W. Snell, Robert Foust, Joseph DeMoss.and Robert Shields. The defendant is represented by Dykeman, Wilson & Taber, and a vigorous defense will be made. The State is assisted by M. D. Fansler. ' The first witness was Ransom Ice, the proprietor of the saloon in whose door the fatal affray took place. Ice recounted the difficulty between Shaffer and Lowry proceeding the fatal meeting in the door-way. Witness stated that the men met in the saloon in the morning, and both being some- somewhat muddled with drink, began a quarrel which terminated in a passage of blows, but no damage to either. The trouble was renewed later in the day, and the two men grew so boisterous that they were ordered out of the place; both had been drinking steadily all day and were decidedly under the influence of liquor. About 7 o'clock in the evening they were put out of the saloon. Shaffer shortly returned and said to witness excitedly, "I've give him hell this time." Witness saw something bulging from Shaffer's coat pocket resembling a slung shot or ( stone tied up in a handkerchief. Lowry was carried into the saloon in an unconscious condition and did not rally, ' Witness saw no blows struck. The evidence of Mrs. Bell who with little Gertie Doran was approaching the saloon " when the fatal blow was struck was largely circumstantial. GENUINE Red Letter Sale. It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our entire Stock of Scarlet Shirts and Drawers and fancy .striped- Underwear, ONE-THIRD OFF 1-3 From Original Price. Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear, we make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here. (SELLING PRICES) NOW. Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers .$1 50, Fine all wool scarlet .shirt and drawers • 1 25 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers. -. 1 00 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 75 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 50 Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers 1 00 Heavy white and mixed shirt and drawers 50 $1 13, ; . A 00" ' 75 57 " 38 -" 75 ••'"" 25 And all other lines in proportion : This is less than Manufacturers prices and less than you can buy them at Auction for its done to make room for Spring purchases, Buy now, for never will you buy as cheap >agajn. This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Price Clothier Harry Frank, Our grand distribution of Presents takes place next month, all are entitled to it, come and see us. ; Yj >., City Orders bought and 'sold. • She beard a crashing blow and saw a body fall from the step onto the pavement: she then saw a man spring' upon the prostrate form and strike several .blows. It was almost dark and she could not recognize the men at that distance in the dusk: could not tell whether- the person delivering blows held a stone, or club, or merely struck with naked hand. On closer approach recognised Ed Lowry as the prostrate man; did not recognize the assailant. Little Gertie Doran is thirteen years of age and gave her testimony in a remarkably straightforward manner, being- neither affected by the strange court scene with its crowd of people nor the perplexing cross examination. , She related what she saw on that evening in the straightforward, simple manner of a child and 'Dykemati's most skilful cross questioning could not make her deviate from her original story or falter in her narration. She was with Mrs. Bell walking along the street; when about forty feet from Ice's saloon she heard the sound of a blow struck and saw a man fall ia front of the saloon and another man fall upon him and strike him two or three times: could not recognize either of the men; the assailant might have had a rock in his hand, but in the dusk she could not see it; plain-, ly saw the blows struck; heard no noise or loud talking proceeding the blow; was frightened by the occurrence; when they reached the body it was alone; the man who did the striking had disappeared. Dr. Arthur Hermann who conducted the autopsy on the body of Edward Lowry introduced expert technical evidence as to -the cause of the man's death. • With the ghastly upper part of the broken skull, with its gaping fracture, in his hand, the doctor pointed out to the jury the effect of the crushing blow. When the brain was exposed at the autopsy a large clot of blood was discovered on the brain produced by the rupture of the .meningeal artery and about one-fourth of an inch of skull was imbedded in the brain, causing' hemorhage and disentegration of brain tissue. From the appearance of the wound witness concluded that it must have been caused by a heavy blow with some blunt instrument, the end of a club or stone; in his opinion the fracture could not have been caused by a blow, with a man's fist; men have dealt deadly blows with fist, but such a feat would be impossible by a man of Shaffers size a ad weight; nor was it probable that such a terrific wound could result from a fall on the pavement;,a fall from'a height could produce such a fracture, but falling from one's feet could not cause it. Witness stated the skull present in court was one of the thinnest that he had ever seen; had seen others as thin, .but none thinner, it . being .below the average in point of thickness. At the close of this evidence the 'court adjourned/until this morning at .nine o'clock, when further evidence will be presented. W.D. PRATT•*•• FINE JOB PRINTING • 217 5 219 FOURTH ST. QUEENSWEAR * . ,.".'• Costs you 20 per cent more elsewhere than McCaffrey ask you. Is not this statement worth the i proving? One dollar out of every five you spend for'( vQueenswear it will pay you, and investigation may give/you^pointers on other of McCaffrey's prices/ Our QueeBisware embraces every grade and style, and 'tis honestly repre. sented. ; :: • ' TINWARE 1 Is more plentiful at McCaffrey's, and cheaper thaft ariy-^ where else within your reach. Plenty, means much for it is certain to give you just what will please,,you best. Price means more tor everything that is made of tin embraces a large share of household expense. This statement is worth investigating, too. , , WOO DEN WARE" At McCaffrey's offers all in it's line that a housekeeper needs from a washboard to a churn. The best, ..and largest, the cheapest and smallest, and all at just • tte lowest prices that can be made on them. There's many another lines of ours we'll mention later, but what is true of one is true of all, and bottom price is one thing true about them. M. McCafirey & Co. kt'Ntol. .

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