The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1949
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1949 BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MGE THREE Bomber s or Carriers? Armed Services Argue Which is Best for U.S. (Editor'! Note: This is Hie second of • secies or articles summing up and analyzing the armed services controversy.) By Barney LlvlnpUuie WASHINGTON, Oct. 26. Wj—What Is^to be the nation's first line ol defense? The strategic long-range oomber? Or naval carrier avlarlon. This, very much in brief, Is the thorny question which the admirals and Die generals have been airing In all Us lives and cons helovt » perplexed nation in recent weeks. *• On the solution of these differences — strategic versus tactical airpowcr — may rest the course of initial U.S. case o[ war. defense strategy in costly weapon." Regardless, General Vandenberg says the strategic aggression, forces the 'e.nemy to build up costly , de... „> tenses, and permits destruction of The Navy's admirals touched off | the war-making potential after the the explosive dispute with the as- fighting starts, that too much dependence sertion ... . is being laid on unprovevi strategic bombing (the raiding of distant targets as contrasted with air attacks In close support of other fighting forces.) Underlying the whole. dispute is the universally held assumption among our military planners thai the next war—if It comes—will pit t h e United Slates against t li e world's greatest land power. Namely, Soviet Russia. ^ Air Command Is Problem How to command the uir is what is bothering ttie admirals and the generals. Our strategic air planners. In their testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, have stated that the long-range strategic bomlier is: 1. The prime retaliatory weapon upon the outbreak of war. 2. The best weapon to destroy the war-making potential of the enemy. < , 3. And finally, me only weapon by- which we can strike into the heart of Russia—the nat'qn occupying the greatest land mass In the world. , '* Some insight into what these Army anrt Air Froce planners think is furnished by Gen. Omar Bradley, chairman of the jortit chiefs of staff.'He told congress. •"Ultimately . . . we will have to carry the war back to '('he euems by all means at our disposal. ^1 P " am convinced that this will IncUld' strategic air bombartjnieht, and large-scale land operations. •r also predict that large-scale amphibious* operations, such those at Sicily and Normandy, wil never occur again." Gets Second Ttnce This conception relegates th Navy, it says, 'to the "seMind priority'* air role of anti-submarine an'd convoy duty. What, then Is the 'Navy's ap- prjisnl of strategic bombing? The admirals say that hi°;h- flying strategic bombers, .by the. • very inaccuracy of their bomb drops, cannot, constitute a major factor in the war picture. ''In contrast'with tlie precise-tactical bombing or carrier fighters, the Navy says: , 1. The strategic bomber is vulnerable to fighter defense, and must take unacceptable losses- 2. The inaccuracy of high-level bombing serves only the end of civilian mass slaughter. 3. And that strategic air warfare, without'the ability, to secure essential forward fighting bases, can end only in a stalemate and a war of attrition lor both sides- With • the fast carrier, task force —mobile floating airfields—the Navy says it 'holds the -aces of! t mobility and surprise- With these j it contends It can secure forward'; bases and win -strategic ends de- , nied to the unescorted bomber. '( But the Air Force's too, -man, i Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, says | tactical short range Naval air i power—no matter how good it is • —wont get at Russia's heartland. ; Nevertheless. Vice Admiral R. B. ] Carney, the Navy's logistics expert, | calls it "foolhardy- to exclusively I omit the safely of the entire Unit- I ed' States—and possibly the demo- j cratlc world—to one prohibitive!} These are the Issues: On the one band, the intercontinental bomber operating independently against strategic targets On the other, the potent puncl of 9srricr air power operating a the tactical level closer to thi theater of fighting. 3afe Owner, Quick on Draw, Leads To Five Arrests, Recovery of Bonds "IT'S OFF' TO WORK WE GO . , ."—Dressed like'fugitives from the Land ot Oz, these underwater demolition experts head into action during "Operation Miki," joint Army-Navy maneuvers off the Hawaiian Islands. The "frogmen" are highly trained swimmers who scouted enemy beaches from Norroanrfy to Anzta and from New Guin ea to Japan prior to invasions ID World War II. > aragould t 41 Housing Units From U.S. Agency FOB WORTH, Tex., Oct. J 2S— (/7» —The Public Housing Administra ion said today 24 Southwest cltie and towns will become owners No 1 of 1,815 temporary emergent veterans' housing units built aftc 1919. B. P. Vtiuon, field office directo said the list includes 41 in Para lould. Ark. . Authority for the transfer was voted by Congress. ; / Most units were .built on city oivncd or city-controlled land. Rent has ranged froin 520 to $40 per month. The cities will now receive the rent income. A S15 per unit payment which has' bsini made to cities only in lieu of taxes ivill cease, Vinson said. The uirit cost of construction for the housing was estimated at s3,000. Vinson said the only string attached to the transfer is that in accepting the projects, the cities must now be responsible for deciding when the units will be demolished. Demolition was a clause in the Lanham act which provided the units. Twenty, additional applications for transfer are in the area office Jurors Quickly Reject Loan Theory In $5>OCO Contribution to McMath LITTLE ROCK, -Oct. 2G—<«V-A. Circuit Court jury- decided quickly yesterday that Governor MeMiuh did not" welsh, on a $5,000 itcbt. The jury of eight men and four women was out only, ten 'minutes before returning a verdict for Mc- Maih in a suit against him by Bert .Conner, Hot Springs used car dealer.- Conner sought t° recover the $5,000 he said he had loaned McMalh. ...•.•- I McMath testified Vi e fetclvcd' 52,000 from Conner during the 1946 cfinrpah'n in \vhieh McMMh-led forces overthrew a long dominant Garland county political organization. Cornier, the governor said, delivered another 51,000 to Clyde Bro'.v, Hot Springs, now circuit judge, and S2.COO to another McMath associate—the governor said he believed it was Arthur Jcff:rson r ' But, said McMath, : the total ol . the S5.000 Svas an outright campaign contribution. '. - ' "I have never recognized it a debt." McMath said. "I have never promised to pay." 3,700 Arkansans Lost Job's During September LITTLE ROCK, Oct! 2fi. (AP) — An estimated 3,100 workers in non agricultural employment lost thel McMath said a Hot Springs at-1 Jobs in Arkansas during Scptem toruey visited him between summer's first-Democratic primary and the preferential primary at •A'hich he was nominated governor. "He told me thai .Bert (Conner) was mad at me, which I knew, ami that he had been carrying gun and what not." ijer, the Employment Security Div sion said yesterday. In its mnolhly report, the rlH'sioon said the general work slowdown in the state was due to the Missouri- Pacific strike. The report estimated that there were 258,709 . persons employed in TULSA, okla,, Oct. 26. W) — A aie owner's quick draw witli Iris mi against a would-be holdup girl cslcrday let to the discovery ol H.OOO In bonds carried by her cum. unions, Police Chief J. W. Hol- ingswoitli disclosed. The girl, identified as 19-ycnr-oki arthii Loraln Quinlln of Chicago, was arrested after the cafe pro- >rlctor telephoned police he was inlding her at pistol point. Officers said they found on her ill unloaded gun. The Blrl declared lie "didn't want to shoot anyone, Mil just wanted their money," DC ccllve Lt, M. Leavell said. Her two companions, two men and two women, later were iincsled near the cafe, Hniiingswort said tho bonds were registered to John Frederick ker of Chicago. They were found by tetective who was Itemizing jewelry, clothing .and other merchandise in ten suitcases taken fiom the five. . .. ;. The police chief said Chicago of ficcrs informed him all five were wanted there for questioning in tu i«Kl jewelry brviglnrlcs. Two o them are wanted also by Los An geles officers, Leavell disclosed. Officers said cafe owner, A. n niifirell. totu them she had cntcrc his place, ordered coffee and cig arcttcs and nmde a nrclcnsc of In quiring for employment. He said she then reached in he pocket for a pistol ftt about th same time he was fingering h revolver under the cash register. "They both drew about the same time,'' the officers said, "but Russell tolcl her she had better drop her gun aild drink her coffee or she light not see another cup." Her companions apprehended lat- r were listed us Robert Ware, 28, "iicson, Ariz.; his wife. Gladys, 31; 'atsy Kantora. 23, Chicago, and nmcs Perry, 25, address unknown. ire Equipment Shown FORT SMITH, Ark., O;t. 26. (AP) —Members o! the Arkansas Fire- 'tens Association sa\v demorustra- lons of new tools and tecnnlnues at heir annual convention here yes- erday. The convention will claw tomor- ow with election of of/leers. NOW CAN M i BE ATM I nrw, tclrattfic treatment now otffr* r**1 relief to {he million* whoaujler (roin ibcnud- iloninit rectal Itch and other mi0crit4 eau*#d hy I'in-Woruia. And ctpciim report that it leaat OM out of tttry (hue p*r»ons it Infected with Ihfjo utfly put*, Wbole ftmllff* m»jr bave Pin-Worm* ami never even know It. Bui now you can and «fiou!d do *j»etttn» • houl Ibb common coudilEon. t»tf*'t f-W VMmHuft« contains a (pcciaT, tnedlcally-ap* , [uovcd LnKtcdirnt thai attack* Pin-V/Omu IB . Vlay [I tafai At the firat«Ien ol Pin-Worm*; ' uk your drugtUl for F-W, the »rB»l), M«y-tOf liL.t tal'!cO» [le/frcled by tho fitoou* Jayn* Co., •pefialbla [n worm rcrnedi« forcvc/ 109 ytars. Ucsttoy the** Fio-Wcns»., .itUtv* ' ( Jutl (UrnvMUn P-W ® for Plfl.W«fml . - NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS ' Phone 4474 He said the visitor lolci him J non-agnculUiral jobs in the state that Conner had .some "sinister a n.d slanderous cartoons, \vliidi had no relation to the campaign" which were to be circulated before the run-off election unless McMath paid the $5,COO. As the trial .opciied Judye J. Mitchell Cockrill warned attorneys to avoid politics arid confine themselves to the issues. Conner testified he loaned McMath the money., through intermediaries about, June 1. 1945, and hud not been repaid. as of Sept: 15. The figure does not include coH.struuLEun.'employment. here. Another , 40 cities In the southwest are eligible which have not filed applications lor such transfer. , " Carp which have long been netted from Minnesota lakes as a nuisance, have been, foxmd to make tasty food when canned. ltM£/Tf^£. Womicrful! It's so eaay la get,youngsters to take Syrup of Black-Draught ! for it has a pleasant sweet spicy ; taste! And It's wonderful how mild and prompt Syrup of Stack -Draught usually acts to relieve occasional constipation. Syrup of Black- Draught taken as directed is a fine laxative for children. It's pure* H/a made by a manufacturer of quality preparations for /our generationa. Next time, buy, Syrup of Black- Draught Just say to your druggist— Syrup of Black-Draught, 1847 ROGERS BROS. LAYAWAY Silverplate 2,000,000 Motorists To Be Stuck in Mud or Snow For Christmas ACoREIFUS ITS PiaURE-TAKING TIME ...ITS • EXTRA COMFORT • EXTRA SCENIC IEAUTY • EXTRA CONVENIENCE by GREYHOUND Autumn-painted icenery ( . . mild, crisp weather . . uncroVdfd hotels and re- forta *- all combine to make Fall the ideal Tik«»-Trip Time. And it's «o eaiy, so convenient, to low in cost by comfortable Greyhound SuperCoach. EXTRA UYlKGi, TOO! St. Louis .'.$1.35 Memphis ; 1.55 Padncah. Ky 3.65 Kv.-nsvllle. Ind. 580 •Jnckson. Tcnn 3.05 Nashville, .'cnn 535 O'mUauooga, T«nn ., 6.80 iimlnghnm 6.40 Jackson, Miss. 5.40 Greyhound Terminal 101 North .Mil Phone 4441 GREYHOUND Community Port f fit ftMstJ nn AntfrieJtn Automobile Alto* 't 1918 rtfort of mplortttt ituck m mudf tef T/i/s B.f.Goodrich Jire Keep You Rolling All Winter You can avoid being one of the millions stuck in rpitd or snow thii year •— get m pair of B. F. Gooti- rich Mud-Snow tires and keep rolling all winter. BFG Mud-Snowi hiv« extra deep, self-cleaning clean that dig in—giv* you tractor-like pull in forward or reverse. Get BFG Mud-Snow* today. ^' ! ^4;y^ ^^ DREIFUS MRR| UrniFns . . . AVnar Biamonils IIH \\rirr \\\\\ ST. *TO»t$ IN M.TTNIVU.U, MOIWMIS ANB DTflWMM* 6.00-16 Plui Tex CHANGEBACK Yours For Solid Comfort It. F. (iootlrich Deluxe Heater DOWN * A WHK Deliver! 224 cu. (I. hilled «ir per minul* Oillen Uoiai T/me to 'Prep' Yovr Car Antl-Fr«M>/,e Keep your car warm this winter, install this extra large Super Deluxe H. F. Goodrich hot water heater. Directs plenty of heat toall throughout car, and to defroster outlet. ,„.„ Saves you money. 20^o more protection than regular alcohol. OAUON ............ ...... It.a* Rig. I.Sf rVkiag LigMl. Reg. 2.75 Sicl-Up LigU 11.50 ft. Fog LI 9 Mi Reg. 1.29 M.rUr LI<jM R. 9 , <.5? Trur.V Su.rd... R.?. 3.?B Glen DelfoiUr. 4.S5 DefroiCrg fan R. 9 1.50 Req. 28.«S.»f Cover New B. F. Goodrich lialleries Goo</ricfi Spnrk Plugs IcSALE Or, A. Lov. M Your car geU renewed vitality — surefire starts with powerful performance from a new B. F. Goodrich battery. Save 12.56 on I «et of «i(rht. Buy one at the regular prico of fac. Get another -{or on« cent. InsUlhlion extra. '417 W. Main Only $1.65 Down $1.25 a Week "*i. -• "~, 4 j'C'r>K'r'"\>-* EGUIAR TIRES , 'I Phone 6331

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