The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
Page 7
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MAY 7, 103V lEALiZE your CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING I INFORMATION Daily rale per line for consecutive insertions: One time I'.cr line Two times per line ...IOC " 'COUU r lEiiTNl4\V3 i" nvlatlon model plnnl will turn out this year several thousand mlnin- tiiro Ijcm.inp aviation motors (01 (lying alrnlnhc 'riioilcls. Hitch mo- *AflE FIVE- lor of Ihk type can be placed'oii.,",' ,lhe pahmof the hniid A test lias « cliowii'tlilsH'iiglnc worked P hourf " without llilciTiiptlbn, ' "* WALNUT AT FIFTH ST. The Snitirl liuyer fiulde for Qua'-! ity Lisr,i cars — Kcmemlter, We | — Mainofoxi Soy Beans 1!. M. I-TKKMAN •> MANILA, AUK. . llrcoiulitioii livery tlsril Car. When er day OSclVoti Select A Until Car Here It Is re::^ Koa,iy To do. try One ol Those Six times ncr line per day ....05c <:«rs Iislcil On Our \Uitlcn Month rate per lino Cards of Thanks 50e & 76c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered foi 1 ilirec or six times and stopped More expira- lion will be charged for the number of limes the add appeared and adjustment, of till made., All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must he accompanied by cash. Rates nmy be easily computed from above iable. Advertising, ordered for : Irregular insertions lakes the time rate. No; responsibility" will' be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion ol any classified ad. Jlcncy-llai'h (hurinlte. You Tali" 1 No Bus. Opportunities Beauty Culture 1C THE COMING PROFESSION Le-m this pleasant, work which pays well. New class r>pcniiH*--sUvte supervise! Reasonable VJitlon Mrs, ",Villiain Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop I'O't!) V-S TIIDOIt TOlllt- 1N(!. Trunk, ':!! License .. $!«:> 'IS tt)ill> V-8 FOKD'OJl. Wllli 'S7 License ! S •34 FO It I) V-8 Til DO !<• Color Green S 31 GMI IS V H O I. !•: T COACH. Ituus Good ! '3C I)i: L11XK PLYMOUTH C'OUPK. Itadio S •:«; IM> ill) f/-» TIJDOIC. Clean Car • rOUllOK SEDAN. res- I'arl COTTON SEED Half ,t Half big boll I'lantmi; Heed Grown and ginned exdusivdy 1 year from Crook Bios. SCO per Ion Slillman Gin Co. I'eadi Orchard, Mo. I . Half ci Half Collon Sued 1st. yrar Irom breeder Fred Fluvnciu CALL 201 WANTED ! ! • Ball Players Between ages ii and 75 To See Our New Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Henry Hdvv. Co. J. Wi Sliouse Wilson Hcurs Business Directory NO EXfRA~COST for Monitc Process inoth-proof cleanltiy. Insured for 0 months. BAND BOX CLEANERS Phone 171 — 411 W. Main For Expert Beauty Service Modern Beauty Shop lir 6. 2nd Phone 2-19 \Vc Have- Many Oihers To S l-'roni -; - Drive By - - Vour ent Car May Make All or cf 1'ifsl Payment. Phillips Used Car Lot Phone 810 ' Kay Calvin, MET. Used Car Dcjil. Call U8J. tiirniv'.K'tl -.l.mis('.ilv;i lu;i w.-:.t lli'iuueky. HKDKUOM, ,1017 W: Walinu. N:rs. Kil lliintln. Nii'e I arpe ikxlnxiin. 310 Walnut. I'.U-c Mrs. i\'ol:-n. 2'lc klr I'oom I'uuushnl Aprutmrnt, iitirdi-n, EJH lli'iirn. '.!ll|i k5-20 Nirc-ly llllllMtrd \V. Main, fall MKUIKIOM. Oil ^>0, Ues.s Hall. . I2c kit k'cly I'nrnlshed STLAMMKATCU IlKDItOOM, lialll. Cull 6(iP. •1C lifl-i HUH. NAHCIKSUBKS. Ml.V Ol''i VAI,I,EV plants. $1 ju'f hundred. Mrs. C. M. Gray, 10^8 W. Main. Shoe COMMISNlONUt'S HALF. UP 11 rterre'.: t>f - the' !•.) n.Tiy Court nt Mils cuiinly. rai- 'lf I on April n. 1937, in thci'cnse of ll[>m-> owners,' 1,01111 Corpora!l::i vs. Myrllti M. Itnl.siiKul, nt-al. 1'v.lll. uiDiin lawful iioiirs on May 'J2. MM 1 ), sell at tlio front. , door of the cuinl Imit'e ai nlythcvllle. Ar- k'unsas. tn ih;. IHijhesL birtder, on n oiT;ll( of thne inontli'i, the follow- In; <!i's:-;-ll)r;l [ii;iiieity: liu number 0, In. Illot'lt "M. of llic ulythi- Addition to till) i'iU- in HlylHcvillc. Arkaiisrjs. 'I'h; 1 iniivhassi 1 will be reiinlrM lo t'M"-' bn! 1 :! with uppvuvc-d security tl) : M'lll/ jKiyini'iil. is| his bid, lltld a' Ihn will also IK rrlainc:'! mi Hie [jroiu-riy ihi'ri'for. llils ;t(Kh day of April, 1KJ7. • .':. P. fiMlTIl r:"riiiuis.',U>niH' |t\ Chancery. ' l>. t ' Real Estate ••'OK KALE: MY HOMI-;, 1015 W. Walnut. 4 bedioonis. all enii- vcnienci's. Bargain if sold at once. P. E. Cooley, phone liV. 'i-i'k-tf Farm Loans! Ixnv Hales - Slight Terry Ahslrad & Ueallv CM. 213 \V. Walnut Plume 017 tm\<' il'iLii mud. 1 lik n;i!i; iti.i'i; snore KHOr - - :)!<> ii't be fixed, new at- the ,v IIAKNI'SS !•:. Main SHOE SHOP e slrlvi 1 to do 'the To I'lciisc tfvei y nil. i ; i!!-:i:MAN' * '.; \ Duor.s East of r n. IIOI.T y.i for I'liihilltl. I will, \vlllilu lawful limirfi oh 22fuJ drtj- of May, Hi37 ( Sell lit the from il(i«r of the foint htniW «t' lilytliovllle, Arkaiisa.-). to Iho lilijli- csl bidder, on a I'mltl ol tbrji months, ihe lollowlllg descrlbcil properly: Lot 10, In block 3, of ttic I'ark Addition lo the. city of nlylhc- vllle, Arkansas. The purchaser will bn requital In (j'vc bond wan apprnvcd W- curlty to siTiiKi payment of Ills <( mid :i lU-ti \rtll also be re- ilneii 'in tin- properly Ihcrelor. IJat^.l ihiti Mill day of April. lO'.n. A. R UM1T1I Connnls^ioroi 1 In Oliutu-ery. eiil ,V Kvrnril, Altoi'itpyii for PlalnlllT. 'JU-7 UlirliiB IWi, Canada exported •esli apples to llit> value, of $tt,- 21.000. Tennis 1ms been plnyed seven centuries, according to ' or<ls ot the yniiic. ' for Phone 700 HI VTHf.Vlll-K Superior Coal & Mining Co. 30-1 's SAI.I: ; Tit innl t<i a decrc<! of I lie Cliniii :-iy Court nf this county, ivn- ilrrrd KM April 1-1. I'JXl. In the HIS; o! H:)ine Otti'.n-s' Loan Corpanition vs. Win. l!is.>h, Kvn I'orler, et-nl Hiivc You Visikil Otif New 'Moili'rn Serviirt! For Sale Three fine Jersey tnilch eo\vs. Good milkers. Mrs. j. F. Smith's farm Armorcl Road. S-pk-C-S Let Us Oi-lnel Your Real Estate ! Buyers' & Sellers' Exchange Terry. Abstract & Really Co. 213 W. Walnut Phone Gl r i WALL TENTS for .sale at veason- able prices. Phono G43. CAKNEY AWNINO CO. 113 S. First St. Wauled To Buy WH PAY CASH KOU 2ND HAND Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Phone 1031 24 Hour Wrecker Service Host 1'rices Joyner Motor Sates Piloiii'. 886 d 24 Hour Wrecker Service Anil Gnrnge Worlc HIM])' ,v rentiers . A Specialty BARRETT AUTO SALES FOR SALE SOY aii.iv 'HAY t'l.ANTINC, KEUIK, : KTONIvVII.I.I: JA ' 1st year from titouevllli: Htnllon We hiivf on nnhd several ions of Slonevlllo No. 1-A olio year from breeder, slate lasted. A ew Ions of I), p. I,. NO. Hcans, Laredo, Virginia, Dclstn, .uu! Miiinmnlh Drown.. [>e!is— nlsi'il. Siisw K.ra, and Whips. l=nis nnd Hcans recletincrl Find •••-'.. :radrd by u.. v/itl trade lor L. R. Matthews Gin Co. <;ollrii, Ciidnn Seed and Coal. Telqilsonr (."ill-I'-^, i'iirliru, /Irk. FUNERAL HOME |.,, A beautiful and sympiithctit > ! service nt mock'iatc cost. '>? • ' A Trial is All Wo Ask Blytheville Machiiic Shop I'HONES 808 fc 818 .,)o;..- . CIGARETTE^ 2 packages tor 25c Gond Whiskey IS to 2!4 jcars old 50c per half pint Good Baseball Game Every Sini HARRY BAILEY Al tii't rilalc Line Caiu hi connection — Fresh Itivcr Catlisli BARGAINS ! ! ! I0:«i I ] i Ton ciicvrolct Truck 1935 Chevrolet IMck-Up 1920 Chevrolet Coach 1031 Chevrolet Sedan 19M l»j Ton International Truck 1923 I'.i Ton International Truck and Trailer Three. 193G International Pick-Ups :. '1834 1',-j Ton Dodge Truck All Eciuipment in A-l Mechanical Condition and with Good Tires. Delta Implements, Inc. FOR SALE—Pair good farm mules Also want to sell several hundred bushels Delstiv soybeans St.f- bushel. Stock peas $2.75 bushel. PAUL BYRUM 27c klf Sporting Goods of all kinds Uniforms & equipment lor base- Kill, handball, Softball, soccer ball, tohiils, track « boxing. Best Hybbard Hdw, Co. Poultry & Eggs Six room House, with bath, servant house and clouhlc garage 102 East Kentucky. $500 eash, balance like rent. Phone 543-J. 9p k5-9 Good lieavy 4 wheel trailer. Buchanan Coal yar-'j. Phone 107. 3-c-ti Five-burner Perfection Oil Stove. Cheap. 810 Chickasawha. Vi'n Pay ('ash lor Poultry & Eggs Jilcoil Tcslcil Haliy Cliicks For Sale Kcasonahlc Prices The Goodwin Co. 151 - - Call Us I'OUI.TIty WANTED We pay highest market prices lor all kinds poultry. Fisher & Oainc.s at Galncs Grocery & Market, 11 W. Main. We have some especially good har- ;ains in cars, trucks nnd pick-ups. See Our's Before You Buy! IMG Chevrolet IK Ton Truck 1M4 Chevrolet Redan And Other Bargains Delta Implements, Inc. Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEJtfENtS, INC. GOI.imSH MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main Prr.ctically new Automatic Delco Light Plant. With radio, fan anil Iron. Will sell for halt price. Delta Implements. Incorporated. Personal BABY CHICKS ALL VARIETIES Custom Hatching MAtllLYN HATCHERY Hwy, 01 North, Blylhcvliio Kirby's Tiislelcss Contains More Quioinc—More Ircr The HccOLLitncnd^il Treatment lor MALARIAL CH1M»S and FKYKU SWAMP FEVKIl—AGUE I'lvVEIC At AH Klrby Drug Stores Automotive Goodrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Balteries Homo, Farm nnd Auto Radios \ BUFE JONES-TIRES I ~~ Coal & Wood "MV COAL IS BLACK— 1JT t TKEAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay Hest Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 M PiY' OKT V1GOB AT ° NCE! llj J_<»> • j^ tw oslrcx Tonic Tah- Icl.s contain raw oyster invigorators and other stimulanls. One dose peps up organs, glands. II •not deli»hted. maker refunds few cents paid. Call, write Kirby Bros. Onig stores. BOYS WANTED—Ages 12 to 15— to rlo pleasant, educational v aflcrnoons and .Saturdays. Gold pay. Apply by Idler to "J. T." care Cornier News. Wauled To Employ i Alabama. llliiioK Kenlnrky C 0 A I, Shaver-Foster Gin Co. Phono 278 ChlcknMwba&R.n.i WANTED TO EMPLOY: T of a^c Imuvcen 23 and 35 yoars. Must have at least ^ years ~Hish School, nral. .sober nnd "sabs ab'ii- j itv. Weekly rtrawinz account- \vilii commission. Wrile fully about youv- s:ld to P. O. iiox 921, Blythsville G-ck-8 fl UOK. PURE KOOK- Ambulancf. c • DCl'V'lCC 1U N. 1st I'ho Call 10CO Sturaye Cnoilyrar Tiros AVIIIard Naileries '! On - - Tires - Wrecks :M HOOK si:itvici> Call lj:ci I'nr I'nmiiil I'Tcsh llclfci'i ivith Gtnall Culvcs H. C. KnappcnliCrgcr uamnieretl. I r urniltno lepnired, re- Batteries Tom Litlle Chevrolet Co, HATTKUY SKKVKII-: Call J. Ben Clnne riione I] at Tom Jank.-.on's Now Located at 101 Korlt Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU ' DON FWVAltnS, Proprietor AH mnfera of Hcbiiilt Tyiicivrllcrs, AdJInr l<):ienlun Calculators— VAItNS INSTRUCTIONS Nc\v ,spriti«j and summer yarns Latest Styles Classes, Friday. ii:30 l>. M. iioori:i£ HOU Chlcknsawbn I'honb TO2 Scrap Iron Blytlieville. Iron fc Mela! Co. Phone 44H Cherry f.: R. R. ALLKY OO JUAItUIT (HIT OP AllAI'l W7E WHEREVA LEFT ' WE BELIEVEDVOOJUjAKt IT HE COMES-C'MON; DINNV, VOU 0[}\ SKrUWWAG// THAT / ALL RlbHf, BUT 1 BO/5. \] ADMIT HE'S \ MCTi A MOtOSIER (I'M 60W ) A SIGHT, LlltETHAT'N.' V AVVAV ( 6UT COM'T FROM I BE ALARMED HERE !/i HE'S QUITE VALLRIGI-n.'i crtwEe -iiDE OF THO5E TREES- IHft'S WMEEE LEFT '1M .' AROUND HEIiE- LOOtn THEM HOOTS AND HEU HI!DIMES SOJ1K OK HKH OWN- MJJDICIN'l!! V I WAMMPU V. VOO OOti WMT 1 . !/'',_. WH'LV. | GO AY.OM6 MORE VOW 10 C«.OV/OO'. WASH TUIiBS TUB GtlKST' KOOM! Ut»*«O.T 3SOC»r WHAR'LL V,* PUT THiM HO HOM! ALMOST SUMDOVM. "TIME PER THE MEN FO..KS ~ IT TER BED. TH.6NA BO 1 * ARE WNOEK HI&H-FALOOTIN,THO. I At^D THIM CORN. AINT FIVE PcOPi.fc ON A COT KINDER UNCOMFORTABLE?/ THEM | ONTO(> \. IT AINT. FRIENDS OF LULER'B6Llt?yTH6YC r D SLEEP OM.lrf 'N' LUHE'W'Sa. IJECKUJ' WE BETTER ROOT THE HAWGS OUTcijyCOBSLL MAKE THE SMED 'N' Fl* 'tM A RVLLET TO _ ^/ ELE6ANtT kAATTSES'.' FKKCKI.KS AM) HIS FU1KNDS I'OWEIt OIM)RAJIA! rerAH.THio 10 THE: SCENE: V.'HERtS HE" 1£T SUPPOSED "TO HIS SWOEiD THRU WHO DiES IMMF£D1ATEL.V WEPSE COMES THE CUE PD« IT ' OFF SCABBARD! CtiT THE HAWDLE ..

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