The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1935
Page 3
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Auociite Ejltott: MISS L003SE DKON MBS. HOTH CAMPBELL HHS. BERTHA M. HARRIS BUS. EDNA R. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M, FERGUSON MODERN-HOME Conducted (or <hi, n.w.p.p.Hn <h. i al .r«l of it wo Miss Edna Ferguson Gives Menus, Recipes and Useful Suggestions Dear Friends in Hlytheville: The mid-winter holidays are no sooner out of the way, with pine and holly swept up and burned in the furnace, than \vc meet another holiday month. February offers three excuses for entertaining: St. Valentine's day and the presidents' birthdays, with the former the • inosi festive because it Is in celebration of an old feasl of pagan beliefs, which today has Ijecn interpreted in lace paper valentines, flowers, hearts, cupids and bowknots. These lend amusement and gaiety to any party and they somehow adapt themselves lo the afternoon tea parly more than to a luncheon or dinner where sitting down at the table demands a certain formality. New Accessories The tea may be served from the dining room in buffet style, using the dining table, or from a small table in the living room. At the big tea, the silver tea service consisting, of Iray, tea pot, hot water pot, cream, pitcher, sugar bowl, and silver accessories such as • candy compotes, platters for cakes and sandwiches, gives an air of luxurious enjoynient. This service is arranged at one end of the dining table and the hostess or a friend of the hostess .pours; sandwiches, cakes, sweets and nuUs are arranged on suitable piates and compotes elsewhere on the table Small Cakes for February Tea Parties . MRS. NANCY ROTE MR3. GEORGE TITUHN MRS. EMILY M. LAUTZ MRS. J. WATSON SHOCKI.EY MR3.KATHARINE lUr.DRinCE Valentine's Dav is a good time to imre some friends in for ten. • •—- -•' •'"-'- — •• !."•«• "me- iu iiuvc some incnns in tor ceil. Mane (lie centerpiece of the ten (able a platter of delicious little cake.s, some in heart, shapes, and colored In pink. Hcclpes for such cakes given elsewhere on the page. in white icing with coconut and chocolate covered cakes for contrast make interesting Irays. These chocolate valentines lire cs delicious na they are decorative: Chocolate Valentines Two squares, or ounces, of unsweetened chocolate; one lialf tea- These Salad Pointers Help Inexperienced Housekeeper Those may be servo as main dishes for « Mmi ]| luncheon, or an entree at a more elaborate luncheon or a buffet supper Uoll one half cup rice until tender; drain, add one tablespoon Imtti-r; one fourlh ivappoon salt- one fourth teaspoon cayenne- one li teaspoon cnyeiuiu nulineg; one lialf ciiii canned mushrooms imcly chopped; two ijealcn CKV yolks. Mis nil toijellicr. I'atm Into small crotiuetlcs. Dip | n uoatcn (lien i« crumbs. Pry In dot>p hut fat. servo with mushroom sauce. 'lo make this smice, inaku u rich while snuci; inul to cncli cup of while sauce add four i.nbli>- suooiis Dnrty minced, cnniu-O mushrooms. Heat thoroughly si'rvt \ S)la K l,i.|li Cullcls Two cups cooked spaghetti; two tablespoons butter; three tablespoons (lour; one and one fourth cups thick (ornate, sauce; one third ciip grated cheese; two tablespoons finely minced cniuiert plmlcnto- one fourth lo one half teaspoon salt; one fourth teaspoon cnycnnc Cook the butter and flour, add the tomato sauce, cheese pimiento and seasonings. Mix well with tlio cooked spaghetti. Turn Into a shallow pan or dish, rubbed wHIi Miortenlng. chill, when cold line jli-ni. cut Inlo cutlet shapes. Dip h- beaten egg, cnimbs and egg am try in deep hot fui. Dellcloiu ivitl' cheese sauci; or tomato sauce With ii salad these cutlcls innl-c a luncheon. Cream Tomato Saiirc Make one cup of wlnic sauce ble.sjKion choppi'd A salad illustrated on this page , - "" "-—"**-, ""•» i Jin i ic.i- /i Milini HlUhl! Hll'd On LUIS UilgC oh™ a . Iv.ifr'w'''!, T tc fl joon hi | spcon vanilla; one tablespoon hoil- is so simple that it will lie an ideal place, small folded ten. napkins, and|:ng water; one and one third cups choice for the bride's menu H is tea plates are also grouped near or one can sweetened condensed composed of tenderly cooked as- !,"^f" ...?.. ' ,. 0 £_? e ,-' ab . le - , Ir tlle 1 milk; . plaln rollnd so:ia "-ackers; paragus and carefully cleaned shrimus. Even high grade canned sin-imps have to be cleaned by tile housekeeper. With n"slmrp, pointed paring knife remove the vein MH..J icjitji tuv jiuxuire nucleus, which circles the outside of each Remove from the heat, acid Uic shrimp, wash the shrimps quickly vanilla and waler. Spread on top U1 >der lhe cold water faucet, drain party is very large, for twelve or | coconut, more women coffee may also be | MM lhe cnO co!at ? in the clou- served in a simitar service at the blc b oil e ,-, Bdd thc opposite end of the table. Forks arc not needed unless layer cake or a salad is served. At a Small Table At a small table in (he living room the tea service is less formal;; it .may be china, pottery, silver, chromium, glass or some other a novel material.-* -The "essential pieces are grouped on a tray and as at the dining table, the' cups and saucers with spoons in place arc 'near the pouring end of the tray; a plaie of small sandwiches or cakes, or both, with napkins, nuts, candies and any other small tidbit are also on the (able. The hostess may pour the cups but a friend, may hand them about to the seated gifts', pjates may or may not be used according lo Hie menu. ; in either- case.the immediate accessories of the tea tray are, besides equipment, good tea; sube sugar or. the coarse rock candy sugar preferred by some hostesses; thin half-slices of lemon stuck with a few clove.*; pitcher of light, not heavy, cream (the English - prefer milk to cream and many Americans have aermh-ert this taste). Either type of, tea service may be used following bridge, and tally-cards may be slipped inside dainty lace paper valentines, prizes may be small heart shaped .nilk ovcr the boiling water live minutes until the mixture thickens. of tile cracke with coconut or, until TS, sprinkle thickly anti l )la(;c in " ' and hake ten min- j rri gcrator to chill. howl In the boxes of candy, or each with lace trimmed handkerchief ; in or some other • — . ••••— delicately browned, I For added navor marinate them m a motlerate oven, 350 degrees E. : In French dressing. Marinate shape of a heart chocolate spread two dozen. on top cracker. in '. the means to moisten them with the of the | dressing, enough to thoroughly wet them, and let them absorb Olicrry Mammons One halt cup cream; one cup coconut; one half cup candied , the flavors way. of the dressing that If fresh asparagus • is available, - — ...... — - ..~.i vi, j/ vmiuiL-.i w'tish, cut off the white, cherries finely chopped; two clips j st cm' end, and' boil the tips in corn flakes. Thoroughly blend the 'enough water to cover until ten- cream, shredded coconut, cherries <l«'- Drain, • chill, marinate in Drop by spoonfuls French dressing. When ready to one fourth cup whipped cream. A Nourishing Salad Combination (^yyyyv^-rgKwai*^^ •••••»»M^»—i—_—^_; . . for this iiiHisiinl and delicious seafood and vegetable Hlwn on this 'j)nj,'e. 'sflllKl ii meringue. Garnish meringue K'Kh thin strips of candied grnpo- frult |X.-cl. nr<)\vn meringue. 1'rllllL- nnd l);lli! l'li> Vo cups prunes, soukcd and stoned; one ImU cup dates cut hi blis; grated rind and Juice on? lemon; three tablespoons sugar; prune Juice lo soften. Pill mi unbaked crust, sprinkle lightly with Hour, nnd dot with butter.' Cover with an upper crust. Uake In n hot oven. 450 degrees, twenty-five lo thirty minutes, A Luncheon Enlree ..j.iiw ujiu eiip 01 wnile fiaurp »., j . ' Cook one cup tomatoes- one in- , ,[ ' ls " B ° 011 recipe r °'' " sl "B blesixion narslov «,,„ ',„,,,„.„„„., 1 e'lovcr calf's liver, Use one am parsley: one tablespoon .. .. celery; one tablespoon chopped onion; two whole cloves- two iwppcrcorns, together for thlr- bollcd or cooked liver cut In dice; one cup canned mushrooms cut In thin " Heat the vinegar In an enamel- ty minutes, stewing slowly When ed saucepan with the .seasoning.?.'ready to serve, blend (lie hot Cream the butler and add with white sauce and 'tomato mixture the egg yolks to Hie Hot'vinegar .adding one half teaspoon •iimai- mixture, adding slowly and beat-'and one foiirlh ' lenipuon 'soda ing all the tune, then slowly add j Strain,'keep hot over hot wal-r ' the beaten egg while. Remove' from ihe heat, beat until cold, nnd place in the refrigerator In n'cov- ered jtu- until ready tor use. At cup liver slock; one half clip beef bouillon (or one and that time add the whipped cream. Delicious on fruit mixtures. . or vegetable Freneh Dressing- fourth one i Grapefruit Pie Delicious One cup sugar; lour laWespoo.ns cornstarch; one teaspoon Ijiittcr; two beaten egg yolks; juice; and grated rind of one orange; juice otic small grapefruit; one cup hot Cook in an cnameleil don- tcr; slices; two tablespoons but two tablespoons flour; one cu]is bomilbn); one worceslcrslilre sauce; one half tablespoon one lablc- arid corn flakes ,. ^ _ r = on n . baking sheet ' rubbed with combine, arrang'c- a lettuceTe'af oil ,„„„-, -,..—;shortening. Leave about one inch..each snlad, plate, • having the leaf • lul(1cd - blcspoons olive oil; two tablespoons tarragon vinegar. Rub the salad bowl with lhe garlic. and remove- then place the salt, pepper nnd paprika in the bowl, add Ihe oil and vinegar and a small piece of ice. Stir .with .n fork- until the mixture is thick. A. little mustard of space between, cut some addi- , - tional candied .cherries in heaH . shape, and place on top of macaroon. Unke in a - mode oven, 315 degrees p.. until lllu macaroon is a delicate brown. Remove from, the pan at once. Make? two dozen. Hrown Sugar Hearts One half cup shortening; one cup brown sugar; two beaten eggs- one half teaspoon soda dissolved" in two tablespoons water; one cup flour sifted with one teaspoon bakin» powder; enough additional Hour to make a soft dough. Mix by blending the shortening and sugar, then clean anil crispy cold. -Lay a few of asparagus on . that arid stalks . | " - e> •••••• IIU^IM . m it, i adding eggs, soda and flour. Pla it stays near Uic .-Valentine tradition of red and white or pink nntl white; or follows Spring flower combinations. Red roses in a silver flower basket, with sprays of white frcesia, red candles on th° table, a lace-edged - tea cloth, with matching lace edged napkins all suggest ths spirit.of the St. Valentine's day. Or for a pink and white table, pink tulips, while narcissus, white baby's breath, arranged in a crystal flower dish; with a pale pink linen cloth and matching napkins !>,„„ „_,-.,:._ cnilra B or ' plnk Pink and „"• "••»• mint 1:1 Him, ur piiiK glassware would complete the color scheme for this table. Hccipcs A fc ' v dr <>Ps of pink coloring shaped cutter, sprinkle with granulated .sugar and finally minced English walnuts. Bake in a quick oven. 459 degrees, six to eight min- ntcs. Very BI round par suited to Two Gem Hearts t shaped teas. garnish each side with the shrimp «itC| as shown. Then add a spoonful of Hie mayonnaise or cooked - dressing. Conked Dressing Three tablespoons vinegar; one half teaspoon each salt, mustard, - s ugar; one fourth tcas|x>on paprika; one. fourth cup. butter; three egg yolks; one beaten egg white; first cup or flour, Ihen slowly enough additional sifted flour to make a rather stiff bailer- this may not call for the entire amount Of the three clips. Pour in hot Win pans and bake in a moderate oven. 350 degrees P.. twenty to twenty-rive minutes. Surprise'Cakes . Bake your favorite sponge cake '» a flat pan or in very small gem Pans. It the former, when cool, cut with small cutter, then cut a piece c t0p of rountt ' .custa - cups maple sugar shaved fine: one half cup cream; two beaten eggs; one half cup shortening; ihrce teaspoons baking pow- ^L'i 1 ™.,™ 1 * flo ". r : »•<* com pans uiM TT'/ 0 ™ r thq top """ sl * 5 with boiled icing. Do the same' if you bake the cake in small gem pans. Different filings may be used; mixed nuts and whipped cream; coconut jel iy and whipped cream; thl Other variations are a-few drops Worcestershire sauce; using lemon juice . instead o( vinegar, shake well before using. It may be made in quantity and kept in thc rerri- gcralor, mxl shaken before each use. •Chiffonailc Dressing Add Id Prcncn dressing one hard cooked egg finely gralcrt- one teaspoon chives finely chopped; one iablespoon chipped, cook- P«l; one tablespoon chopped cooked beets; one tablespoon' Mix well, or endive Ri® the Genuine 1 Walker's AUSTEX Beans, anij' Satidwch Spread Ingredients of Vfcks VapoRub in Convenient Candy Form VICKS COUGH DROP sicrole with biillcrcil cnimb'u Swodlm'ait Ciunucllfs 'i'his is also nUiacllvc us n luncheon dish for guest.--. ')'\vo cups cooked sweetbreads- ir one Imir cup mimed thicken nid canned iniishrooins ond one cnp sweetbreads; lno tnMe<,pooiis juttcr; four tablespoons .flour; )ii« cup cream; one- fourth tea- i))oon still; one eighth teaspoon cuycnne; one tablespoon mixed ot chopped parsley, onion and chives- one tcasjiooi) lemon -'juice. Melt butter, sth in flour nnrt creiim, then mix with the finely niwd or ground sweelbrradf, uid chicken, seasonings and leni- )" Juice. Shapo li\lo small croquettes. Pry in deep, liol servo u'illi mushroom .sauce. poon lemon juice; one, fourlh caspoon sail; one fourth teaspoon laprlka; one eighth lcas|joon nut- nc'K; one half cup cream, Melt lhe Miller, add flour and seasonings md when smooth the bouillon. Jolt Iheii add . Worcestershire and cmon Juice, then slowly stir in the ciciim. Add the IK-ei- and musli- rooms, nil mile ramekin dishes cover with buttered crumbs, und brown in .the oven. Or heat In a To-Night's Milk delivered wh'le it's FRESH in time for your Breakfast CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 Sunday TFiirtl French Rolls lc, Each Cherry Pies iCronin Pull's 4e Each Honey-topped • Coffee Cnkc.s Orange Layers (iMndo with Fresli Oranges) BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. chopped green pepiwr. servo 0:1 plain Jcttiice salad. Serve cold. Don't TnflTlVitirCoiighs Don't let them get n strangle hold. Fight. ihem quickly, crcomnl- sion combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmless, pleasant lo take. No narcotics. Your own drug- Sist is authorized to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is not relieved by Creo- mulslon. _ A(IV _ 8 Governnrjent-rnspeaei th,e Faraoys /? WALKEfftAUSTEXOMECO, AUSTIM,THAS'T : " ^j^j^vs;^ ssr ; "issj-rssa"^ UNIVERSAL QUALITY ELECTRIC IRONS t ADJUSTABLE AUTOMATIC V WR1NKLT--PROOF IRON The La«t Word in Electric Irons. Finger-tip Control of adjustable temperature. Wrinkle-Proof Round Heel. Tapered Point and Beveled Edgtt, Chromium Plate. $4.95 HOUSEHOLD I&ON An exceptionally well constructed Iron for gcncrnl household purposes. Finely tnpercd point nnd bevclcil edges. Nickel Plated. $2.75 Hubbard Hardware Co. Hotpoint's NEW 1935 QUIET WASHERS Small Dov/n Payment Easy.Terms if Desired Sensational features of H o t point's year-ahead washers include: ACTIVATOR. Quiet gears. G-E Motor, requires no oiling. Special HEAVY-DUTY WRINGER with INSTANT SAFETY RELEASE. Gravity Drain Hose. PORCELAIN-ENAMELED TUB. Simplified Mechanism—only four moving parts. Convenient Terms A PRODUCT Qr GENERAL ELECTRIC AW-41 Hull from Your Dealer or Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service 1 '

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