The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
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Served by ttte United Press BDTEHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXX—NO. 172 BlytUeviUe D»)!y, New*. Blytbevilta Ooorhr. V»Ue? Leader. HlYttMTllto H«*ld. .K, ARKANSAS, THUHSDAY. OITOHKU f>, 1030 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SENATORS WIN Limits New Yorkers Five Hits While Team 'be sem htre om of .» r*- i r* i c/.'i i» ihLs (ji.sirict Mates find Bats. i ! $50,000 More in Cotton Checks Received Here One hundred checks. representing 1 approximately $50,000. were rn-elv- , td 'at the cltlc-e of J. K. Crii/. county j agricultural agent, here this mtrn- ' Ing for distribution ti> Chicka^wbu district iiirmfrs -ATO plussvd up '-o'_, ton a'jrenye iinder tin- 'iOviTiw.!-!!!'.-; I n-cluullim program. : Heceipt of this morning's group j of checks Ir-ave.s about ;">00 still ;o 1.150 for liirm- o; !.':*• roitjily. Pickets Battle Mine Guards e Displays Mighl of Legion GRIFFITH PAHK, Wasil., Oil rUH)—The Washington S-nuio: 1 :: came back today with a liar-rage of base hits and shut out lire New York Giants 4 to 0 in I :e third game of the 1933 world scries. WhitehlhY star southpaw of the Nals. allowe3 the Giants but live lilt's. First Inning ^—Moore filed out . M'stnia Place Signs ; 'i i, - r £ i n ' • KEY WEST, Fl; Urging Laretul Driving; lrol )| t . a i Kev West Escapes With' Slight Damage But Wind May Hit Miami. Oct. IUI'1—A lillliiK so abnormally in it- cliimioiLs as il MANILA.—In an effort to turlixil i loarfd out of Cuba as to perplex j highway accidents in the vicinity-'. weather observers, lashed the Plor-' to Gos- Crltx grounded om. Terry grounded out. N'o runs, no hits, i-o errors. Senators—Mver singkd between Ryan and Jackson. Goslin doubled off -the right field fence, sending Myer to third. Tt was a terrific "iia'^x vhlcii would have been a Ijome run in most ball parks. Manush filed to Ryan in short left field and the runners were held on thf-ir bases. Cionin was out. Fitz- Hlmmons to Terry, Myer scoring and Goslin going lu third. Schulte doubled 19 right, >corlni; Goslin. Kuhel grounded to Jackson and Schulte was run down between second and third. Two runs, three -hits, no errors. • Second Inning Giants Ott Hied to Manush. Davis singled to left. Davis raced to second on a wild pitch. Jackson walked. Mancuso hit into a r'oubie play. Cionin to Myer to . Kuhel. No runs, one hit. no err- u:s. Senators—Bluege doubled down the third base line. Sewell was nut. Crltz to Terry, > but Bluege went to third. Whltehlll grounded ."• tq Ktzslrriihons. who threw to : .facison': Uj anv-attempt, -to", get 'Biuegef'fiut' both runners were <afe. Myer doubled over first base, scoring Bluege and sending Whitehill! to third. Qoslin filed out to Moore nnd Whltehlll was doubled . at the plate. One run. two hits, no errors. •. . Third Irrnlnp aianls-Ryan flied out lo Mver. PiiMi'mmons singled off Cronin's alove. Moore forced Pitzsimmons. Crltz singled to 'center. Moore going "to"-third: Terry grounded out to -Kuhel. No runs, two hits, no errors. Senators—.-Manush out, Ryan to Terry. Cronin out. Critz to Terry. Schultc singled past first base Kuhel forced Schulte. No runs, one hit. no errors. Fourth Inning Giants—Ott struck out. Davi? grounded oiit. Jackson doubled to left' center. 'Mancuso flied out to Schulte. No runs, one hit, no errors. Senators—Bluege out, Ryan to of Manila, .signs are being erec:eu '• on the highway Hie city. "Don't Kill a Child—Slow Up" anon the sigivs. In tlie past two sveeks there have been four serious accidents In which two men were killed, a child Is In a critical condition at the Bly- Uieville hospital, and another child ! ""-hour velocity. le.<s seriously Injured. • A freakish Uvisltng Countty Reemploymenl ida keys today and Ihen apparently moved out to sea again. A 55-mile wind struck Key. West at 2:30 a. m. today, uproot- • ing Iree.s mid doinp a little dam- ngr? to small buildings, but after that the bnromrler licgfin to climb and the wind lulled lo :i V5-mtle- : velncltv. i wind did I damage at Hollywood us it; i :1»ped through the town early to-1 Committee Appointed j ^'^t^ph Announcemeni was made scattering lumber, damaging' tearing dov.n lines. 'Die-, • city water supply was lou- as em- L Lit- J ergency crews worked lo install new power circuits. Storm Shifts Course The naval station said thai the center of the slot m was about 55. miles southeast of Key West. Ap-' parently the storm was moving on • to the Bahamas. : • Reports several hours later un-; 'officially estimated the comer ol !e Rock yesterday by w. A. HoDks berry, state director of reemployment, of the appointment of a county reemployment committee frji- Mississippi county, constsiing of j. F. Tompklns, Burdette, E. M Wood turd, Uell, A. F. Spiese, Osceola. M. A. McClcndon, WhittOii. and Johii, Bearden. Leachville. The committee will be part of a the disturbance DS being app-ox- j state wide reemployment service imntely 35 mile.'; at .sea, moving j which will cooperate wit'r.- the state | slightly northeast. highway commission and oth"r public officials in an effort to create employnu&t through wort- of a CUb- lt- - in _.• -»_. ^ If the storm continues on It.-.! In a blaze of tlazzllns color, to present course the center will pass j in the most spectacular paradu''- in cast, of Miami but that city may I lni|)m>sivc p roc p.-^ lcl j. This view. FT, ASHES KKI.I.VS I'l.KAH NOT (irll.TV OKLAHOMA CITV. Oct. .1. tlll'l— (ifOljt- "Muvlltllr dun" Kelly and Ills v\it KiiUicrlnc Kelly, ptrudtMl net K^Hty tmlaj Ahi-n urr.ilgtivcl uu a fcdcnd tn- j ilUtnifi\t t-hari;fii^ thrni us vuji- i Called, to WIU.1AM VHKCK I>IE« ; CIIK;A«O, o<'i. 5. tiM'i— wii- i liani li. Vrlh-k. president uf tin 1 I Chiiaco Cul;s and our llnii- basf- ! ball wrllrr. illril tcid^y of inMu- I tin/a tompllcaUoru. Suppress Coal Miners. 200 Punishment of Communists, Tighter Curb on Immigration. lie officials in an effort to create | expect winds from 55 to 15 employment throusr. work of alP c '" nour later in the day. public and private" nature. ' The shifting nature of the hur-, ricane could result in the. wlndj increasing in velocity here, naval station said, but it was lievefJ 1 that- was -rather 'imjrfobable. Communication was., maintained Tnn ~>c.- r >. from Ke V West Ic) Miami, although! Tne petition of Mrs. Jessie F.| ehe scrv .; c - iras not of the ^^ a t| LCKianimlrc's nmidicci Chltago's history. A half million six^ctnlors lined the route ot Si r.ortli from the Art Institute, shous tho paradcrs on Mlthisan Avvnuc. CHICAGO, Oct. American Legion today launched u strong campaign against cornniun- HARRISHUHG. 111.. Oct. S (UP) —Heavily armed Progressive pickets, deployed 'aboi:l the Pcabodv Coal company's mine No.- 43, svouiulcil' twelve of the 25 guavdi In a renewal of mine factional wuv- (are here loday. The miners, nrmed wljh f*nh powered rifles and mat-hliie guns, refused to surrender their pojillohs. although -200 national gusrdsmen were rushing to the bailie scono. \V. c. .Craig, supei-lnteiident of the mine, was trapped wltli guards ut Ihc slmlt early today when almost 200 Progressive miners surrounded Ihc entrance and began i firlni;. j Craig said by telephone thai "12 5. (UP)— The of his men had been wounded and Ism and crime. The Legion's 1933 convention Witlflraws Suit for 1 Driver Gin Rfteivfer Driver for a receiver for the Dri-! imr-q ver Gin company of Osceola of! "!££, '!! e _f...Pr 8 !'"™ 1 - "». dl *-|- t«otm Ordered Killed , missed on motion of the petitioner In ye HAVANA. Cuba, Oct. 5 (UP)— , -- -••- ' v.w^.v,. HAVANA, uuoa, vtb. a tut-/— l.prt, ry COWt at Joiiesbora ! footers roamed Havana loday as rwrn,.!' , *, i hurricane winds diminished and Counsel for Mrs;- Driver Drat | cuizens lier vcs, frayed by storm asked that the pjhtlon be grant-] ana DaU , 0i awfl i tec ; the nest de- ^,rJ'' e ,.^ S l 0 L?' 00 , f ,.^ vd , i ":velopment in Cuba's political crl- anolhcr suit by Mrs. Driver gin. This was court. Counsel ' Movlns dl for Mrs. Driver then announced that inasmuch as cue of the principal points at is- t orc jer, the government ordered sol- anyone caught steal (j ic , s to ing in the post hurricane turmoil. Two negro looters were retried siie between Mrs. Driver and the ,, ]0l lo d * alh last ' llis lu. James A. Smith Indicted for Forgery of .Road Warrants. HARRISBURQ. Ark- Oct. 5 <UP) —James A. Smith, county court clerk and former pugilist, was under Indefinite suspension from office today following indictment on charges of forging road warrants. T!-.c grand jury returned tV.e inannger of the gin company. A. " Cnlpn . WeA |,, a 'dowmown: dlctmcnt's 'nicsdny. basing I-. Spiese. .had been settled! S t 1 . c(; t. n member of the ABC rad-' charges on testimony of two auc:i- HOLLYWOOD, CM., Oct. 5 (UP) —Rene Adoree, motion picture actress, long 111 with tuberculosis, died today In a sanitarium at Snnlnn.d. [ asked even strlcler punishment for all agitators advocating overthrow of tr.c government. R approved n resolution condemning recognition of Russia and extension of credit to that nation. i Efforts of supporters of this Hlt- | ler regime in Germany to organize a similar movement In the United States \feie d,lsapprpved. . The Legion "also votjd to restrict Immigration sharply/ suggesting ti reduction of 10 per cent of the that "if help doesn't come quickly they'll probably get us 'all." Leaders of the attack dtsreijard-. €d warnings tliat national guardsmen were en route here. Sherltl Eugene ChOlsser of Saline county s-ild he feared that the miners might attempt to fight the guardsmen. "The situation icoks awfully bad," the sheriff said, "and I 'fear additional bloodshed If. the pickets." refuse to surrender, to guardsmen." Reports that U'b Progressives had * . been killed and- .several' winded' ,4 coiild -not -fe^incd^ :-v u |S3^f 3f - ; i.- tariums for three yeais. Miss Adoree was boru ii 1 . France. Her father and mother Mere circus troopers, she herself nude her first public appearance as a circus dancer. She first began work in films here In 19X0. Her most successful role was ihe feminine lead In TSe Big Parade. 3be had been in various sanl- [ 1U2 Is Bringing Antarctic Expedition Vessel Into Port. j quotas allowed under the 1924 law Allen cMiimmiists and any persons subscribing to revolutionary be Ilefs would be barred. A floor flglit developed over part of-this resolution. A phrase limiting non-r|i'iota countries lo 10 per cent of the number of 1030 was in- CAPE FEAR. N. C., Oct. 8. (UP) mlral Richard Byrd's supply . throngh the leasing of the com-', oany's gin at Joiner to other parties, the petitioner was willing to accept dismissal of the petition I rather than put on proof. Mrs. Drver had based her petition In part on the action of the ical organization which supports tors. le government. I A dols for Smith's trial will be A few persons were Injured here announced later. the winds which whipped The Indictments alleged that by Terry. Sewell filed out to Davis. Whltehlll fouled out to Mnncnso. No runs, no hits, no errors. Fifth Irrnlni Giants—Ryan grounded out. Fitzsimmons grounded out. Moore bunted out. No" runs, no hits, no errors. Senators—Myer was called out on strikes. Goslin nled out to Davis. Manu.sU tiled out to Ott No runs, ho hits, no errors. Sixth Inning Giants— Critz grounded out. Terry grounded out. Olt fanned. No runs, no hits, no errors. Senators—Cronin singled to short right fleW. Schulte fouled out to Terry. Kuhel'forced Cronin. Kuhel vas out trying to steal second. No runs, one hit. no errors. Seventh Inning GlanU—Davis out, Whitehall to Kuhel. Jackson filed out to Manush. Mancuso grounded out. No runs, no hits, no errors. Senators—Bluege ' Hied to Terry. Sewell singled and stole second. - Whltehlll out. Crltz to Terry, Sewell going to third. Myer singled to riaht center, scoring Sewell. Goslin struck out. One run. two hits, no errors. Eighth Inning Gtuits—Ryan Hied out to Ooslin Peel, batting for razslmmons. sin gled. Moore grounded to Cronlr who Juggled the ball and Peel \va safe at second and Moore at first It was an error for Cronin. Crlt was out. Whltehill to Kuhel. Pee and Moore advancing. Terry pop ped out to sewell. No runs, on hit. one error. Senators—Bell became the ai ants' pitcher. Manush flled I Moore. Cronin was out. Ryan t Terry. Schulte fl!ed out to Davl No runs, no hits, no errors. Ninth Innrng Glanls—Ott walked. Davis wa out but Oft went to second. Jack son was out, Bluege to Kuhel, 0 going to third. Mancuso filed Manush. No runs, no r.lts, no cr >(*«. company management in -closing the Joiner gin. Difficulty on point tins been eliminated leasing of the gin. this bvl Bee Sting Delivers K. 0. Punch to i through the" capital. There was Smilh issued two road warrants tor ' heavy dama?f In the provinces. S48D and-$250 and placed them in where the storm hit harder. i circulation. The warrants wereir. . . ,-, r-. ., • punti um. nu.- <-^K . ; found In circulation by the nutii-l examining LOUl'l rails to toward Wilmington. tors, officials charged. Later, it was r- i r • i «:,,((;,.;»,„* Fcnr rlver from Soulhport. j charged. Smith cancelled the wr.r- ' Ina rJVlCience JUHK-iem -pho dlslress call was sent off rants on his books and redeemed: (n Holrl Mis'; Hawll i Pr ^"", Pan shoals, on the North | iu tiuiu mis* iirtbarii. | Carolina coast, a danger point for ship, the Bear, In tow off here at 11 a.m. today and headed for Wilmington. while the coast guard cutter Mottoc passed the bur. rushing to the Bear's aid. The Bear, a rebuilt const guard cutter bound for Little America in Antarctic, base of the Byrd south polar expedition, sent out nn . SOS call cnrly today. ! The Dear was first headed for j Southport harbor under Its own 1 power but the lug was towing It up tiie Cape Wilson Pastor to Speik 1 ' at Student Conference WILSON. Ark.—The Rev. H. M. odlst church, wlli address the opening banquet of tris second Arkansas ' Tha conference, held under the auspices of the general board of ed- i ncatlon of the Methodist church Supporters of the psllcy" explained that 1(, pas intended ID apply to Canada 'nnd Mexico rather than China and 1 Japan. nskcd preferred treatment under the Immigration laws of honorably Arkansas and nearby slates. Dele- vl r _„_. ' I txpCCt Driver Will Recover jt ),en>. Bantist Leader Miss Opal Hassell. 20-year-old | I unwed mother of a baby girl whose j ; resets. discharged veteraiv; of Chinese extraction. , nett Mo., truck PALLS CITY. Neb. (UP)-W. P. | badly Injured In i owcry i-esix>cts the power of the Hl«hwav 61 near wly bee. Tuesday While in his garden recently, he in were killed. driver w'::o an accident on i Luxcr.x enrlv which Will Speak at Luxora | "^ ;ro ' uo ^ j __ _ LepantO Terrapin Derby I daughter of^Mr!" and" Mrs. Ma-kj The box car home of a nigM * 3 \ Lucas of Amiorel, died early Wed-! watchman nt the Coiton Belt, depfct LUXORA. Ark.—Plaiu for three persons ! District Baptist W. ^t. U. meeting tern [his afternoon, j to be held here Tuesday, October! ( ;cnee InsuIIlclsiil as stung above the Ireart by a I sowell was the driver of the truck to. have been announced'. ee, He brushed the offending in:ct aside laughingly. Ten minutes later lie fell to the round unconscious. A physician as called. No pulse beat could be elected. After administration of a strong cart stimulant. Howeiy wns re- ived. which was damaged wr.en tt struck The program will nt 10 'hrvllle hospital, was released by the | Municipal Juri-Te C. A. Cnnnljis- He found evt- to hold her Ihs grand Jury. gates from each college in the state will attend. „ ,„,„.,!,. » , i Mr. Lewis planned and promoted ?«r te r£«^ lano ' Fye ^ __ . and local churches. . . ' Baby Dies, Mother 111 In Hos P'at Memphis Frances Lucas. slx-months-ol:l a steel bridge ami beside which j o'clock with the \V. M. U. sonp. three members of a Hillhouse. Mis- • "Jesus Calls Us." after which Mr sissippi. family who had been rl:l- j R. A. Klmbrousrh will conduct Hi ing in Sowell's Uuck were standing i devotional. Mrs. R. H. Jones of I wien a Orear freight truck crash-! Osceola, the Asscclatlonal W. M. U. — ed Into the group, killing W. R. | superlntendant. will Introduce the FUZZies reach LEPANTO Ark - Congressman ! n»sda>" morning at the Baptist hos- i ° n ?°" th fpjm street was damaged lo ;W.J. Driver of Osceola will be the iP"*l >" ^mphls where the baby j ^ «« ™\ fvlas: night when a lnw;> i principal rncr-l-er nt, the American i and h « r mother, both seriously 111", name ignited the car. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ^ 0 ^Tefr^in n r f s Ivte. ^d been carried n few hours ear- The damaje was estimated nt Her [about $30. City firemen were call- Pniltt. are held on murder ' rs - | charges in conr.cctloi " li> : iVnth of th? baby. i with the <egro Gin Worker Suffers Loss of Hand John Mathls, negro the Jalte Ungar gin. rmploye at suffered R rushed hand early this moraine. The negro's arm became causht n gin machinery and he was un- ibte to remove it until Ihe rand ind part of tlie arm had been mangled. Amputation of the arm be- on' the elbou- was necessary. Roper, Mrs. G. A. Roper, his moth- j guest • speakeY. Miss Margaret er. and an Infant. Sowcll was j Hutchinson. Baptist State Youivj | conveyed lo the local hospital In People's Leader, who will speak 0:11 an unconscious condition. Physi- W. M. U. work nnd mission news, j clans said lodav he v:as greatly Ini- Following her talk members of the j nienl of n "fnz/less" peach which provw ) ' [ local W. M. U. and Y. W. A. will j may be enten v;lthout the cus- Wednesdav. October U. sponsored bv the Willie Lamb Post nnd auxiliary, trlbuted to acldosis. Leelonnntrcs from posts all over I The mother Is seriously ill of I _____ . . Northeast Arkansas are expected i complications resulting from blood j r. »•;. I A t to partlclnnte in the Derby fesliv- poteonlng, which set ill after she I vOnalllOn Ol Auto dropped a skillet on fool. \ VirUm Ilrrhnnffprl Funeral services were held for VlCHm UncnangCfJ the Infant yesterday aftprnoon nt! four o'clock nt North Sawba cemc-J , tery. Tlie cobb Undertaking com- PerfectlOn On Coast | I'Jrs .which will culminate In dance in the iUnrcom store bttlld- BOISE. Idaho iUP) - Develop- j m * an Ma! " slrcct - The death of tlie babv was al- C(I lo tllc ;ccn(> nnd lhc flrc imme ' cllately checked. condition of Harry Gordon. 10-year-old sou of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Elliott Fletcher Chapter Sponsors Library Week •as the '"Cnndofcn poach." Is deepldrcd and twenty mugs, bousht bv| — : red In color, resombline. somewhat • a Robinson minister to be " setl |Heart Attack Fatli hss been In an unconscious condition since the accident. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 120 1-3 Anaconda Copper — 16 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 34 1-2 Chrysler 441-8 Cities Service 23-8 Coca - Cola 31 3-4 General American Tank 32 General Electrc 20 i-a General Motors 30 1-2 Montgomery Ward ... 21 . New York Central ... 38 . Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum ... 16 1-2 Rndlo 13-4 Simmons Beds 22 l-a Standard of N. J 41 l-S Texas Co 21 1-8 U. S. Steel .:,,, i « »•« llott Fletcher chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Efforts will be made to obtain icoks. through gltts of local friends, to be presented to the Blythevlllc hospital. Books for children and young people are especially wanted along with bco'xs on southern history and literature. NEW ORLEANS (UP) — When Sidney Monttctno saw nn automobile rim over a dog. so scrltialy Injuring the animal tt could not drss Itself from the path of other vr- hlclcs. he ran out and picked up to Wilbur Bowles. 64: piles Divorce Suit Bflston Discusses Plan . T C- I'f 0. »t I C«r,ICd the muga uui-s. HJ me aivit lo Simplify Street Names; where the purchase was made and ncral exchanged them for glasses. Wilbur BowlK, 64, died suddenly! 'Mrs. .1. W. Bader is in cSargc of j Ihe <!og to carry it to the side ; wnlk. i nn npplc. It Incks down nnd may! for serving water at a rev— Dpcruev ' bc ripened on the tree for ship- • meeting, were returned to the se!J** ca ment. j er Ijccause they resembled mugs j used In serving beer. ! The minister apologized to the . _.„_, » ,,, V "T"™'I aveiyn u. wnite, -lormcny 01 oftjectlnir revival committee nnd : ^ 7°^ ta , ! at |l ls tomc ? Bl? ] Washrngton, D. C.. has filed suit In J _!"_T.. b . ac J c .! 0 _ t l 1 L s !. 0 . r ° nersl wrvi™" 8 .^ S "M"M,^£"" i i*sncery court here under Arkansas' 90-day divorce statute, seeking 1 a divorce from Richard K. White, m sets forth that the Svclyn D. White, • formerly of Its at Charity Hospital. The dog waS killed. Two Toanw of I.cllernifn EUGENE, Ore. iUP) —Two full] Road Grader Theft Charged learns, wllh lettcnncn at all posts,] BATTLE CHEEK. Mich. (UP)— are playing foolball nndor Coach | Theft with which Francis Ho™ Prince Calllson of University of was charged consisted of an an'.! Oregon this fall. Callison cxcepts I to use all his experienced men In games tills year, alternating each quarter at the 11 positions. His sqiwd consist! o[ 50 men. To Get Mixing Course b BOSTON (UP)—Boston, with crooked, winding streets, is iradi- r , . ., _ , tionaiiy a pii^ie to out-of-town-j bmorvonic Neifro. Butlers ers. One reason for the dtfflcul-l ties strnneers have finding their! way around Is the multiplicity of| street names. ' [ ST. LOUIS (UP) — A course In Boston has six Washington: mixing fancy drinks Is offered to Streets, thi-ce Warren Streets, • negroes seeking training as but- Running over a traffic policeman's Ihree Tremont Streels, five Park lers at tho Vocational School fori foot Is not were held this afternoon at Box Elder. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Bowles. Ihree sons and « | whltC3 - mTC marrlctl ,„ W14 , t .. I Waterloo, ill., and separated In 1932 I T1;c flc[ | 0n n : as nled through It Isn't Rtckless Drivlnj Holland and Barham. local law COTONSVILLE. Md. (UP) — flrjl , necessarily reckless Streets, and many other diipllca-! Negroca operated by the St. Louts] driving, says Pollco Court Magis„ .... ,t!o;is. The suburban city of'New- Board of Education. I tmte H, C. Andreac. Corporal Ar- quated. horse-drawn road grader, i ion has undertaken « program dc-l Students will be taught how to thur Plummer, whose foot It was which officials said had been towed | rlgncd to rlcl that community of mix cockulls, highballs and other that suffored the Indtgrilty.thought by automobile iwarly 20 miles from, such confusion, and there Is a drinks to prepare them for Jobs It should be .and charged R. W. It was sold as Junk glowing sentiment In favor of Bos- when the 18lh Amendment 13 re-.Hooper with thnt offense. Hooper Ion inking similar action, i pealed^ was fresd by Andreas WEATHER Arkansas—Pair tonight, Friday partly cloudy. Memphis and Vicinity—Pair lo- ntght »nd Prtd»y.

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