The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE '(ASK.J 1 COURIER NEWS "S DEFECT ISJTD •;ll FIRST Fiye-Rvin Rally In Eighth Wins For Locals; Large Crowd Attends Opener second on the' play. Bcnmsek singled, scoring Jnmcs and Bcol- Inos, Bernasek' vent "out trying (o slenl to' cl6so' :r the "Inning. The box score niylhevlllc- Favleli, Miller. II) Byrket, cf Bobo, 3I> . Mtmcmo, ( xl.anek ... Pullls, P . •Organized baseball returned to Blyllicvllle yesterday after move than 10 years' absence, witli the Blytheville Giants (owned by the Novi York Glains) defeating the Osciola Indians (St. Louis Browns' form), 8 to (i before n large and, O |, lllt ei(!huslastic crowd. (The clubs' are; In Uiu Class 1) Northeast Av- fc a lisas league. n was tlie kind of a game to delight Ihe home folks, the Giants .staying a remarkable comeback to snatch victory away from the" Indians just when it a'p" 1 pcaml Dial the Osccolans were to spoil the opener for Jily- bnll the Inst two Innings. John Miller, Osccold side nrm hurler, was finally batted from the box in the eighth Inning uprising, being succeeded by Barnelt. Miller was Manager Elmer Klrchofl's last-mtniit? choice, titles having previously been nominated to start, i Stewart. 2b 5 ihe opener. He will probably hurl pmlt, If 4 this afternoon when the Indians nnd Giants open (it Osceola with Kelly due to pitch for the Giants. Williams Makes I'lnc Slop The Giants onthll their opponents, collecting 11 blows Including two triples and two doubles, while (he Indians garnered 9 blows, in- clildliii; a pair of doubles. Each (cam was credited with a couple of errors. Williams, Osceola shoit- stoi), pulled the most sensational fielding stunt of the i;ame In the sixth inning. Pratt was on second by virtue of u musing i double t<> deej) left when Miller, rsl sflckcr and leading hit- tcr ol the'day. cracked u hunt grounder over iiecond base. Williams racing dt'.speialcly lo his left, made a (living leap t(» block and grab the ball, throwing hur- ijedl'y lo Cntson, second baseman in 'time to. keip Pratt Irom advancing beyond third base. Mnnager Iferschcl' Bolm's nntis- follows: All R II 0 A Pilots Open At Home Sunday Southern l.caguc Memphis W. I/. PcU Home Clubs Win Around N.E.A. Loop flsietl double;-, play Jn llu! second innijiir was inosi thncly for the siipportcrs] (i(.,| ltSi W KH tho bases Illlrd am: yiio out he" took a liner an( i-KSlly doubled i Kireholf oif third to retire (lie side. lilylhcvllle started the scoring Bailey tasscdjln tlic fust liming when Pnvlch 'Hie Ginnls: leadlnj,' olf, drew a base on balls tlicvillc. And the Indians nave the large number of from tl-e southern Mississippi county metropolis present something to cheer about for awhile, even though H was shortlived, Governor Carl E. out. the first ball. ftnd Browns lined up for tliei Stewart popped out but throw and the governor's toss [who had stolen second, ..!. I'avlel seorei went into Ihe Giant line-up. Byrket getting the ball after scramble. Other notables present when Miller cracked a line sing] over second base. No further scoring occurred un included Floyd Sharp, slate WPA til the fourth Inning when th administrator. Joe Berltg. leaciie Glant.s counted again. Byrke president/and Kenneth UUUile, l walked, stole second, went to thir< league secretary. -The official paid admlssbn for yesterday's gnni? was reported as slightly in excess of 1,100, but II was generally agreed that the total-attendance was at least 1.80u tq~2,000. Taking to (he road with today's game at Osceola Die Glanta do not return hers until next Ttiur«dny0vhen they play the fivsl ~' ~ iwojgaine series here with i|r|yillc Pilots. Hodman, urljr from the Green- tsirm of the New York ue to join the local. y|r<Sl'ald Attendance Alioul 1,100 r Despite frequent rains earlier in Ihe week and its late as Wednesday night the tnfletd was In fine condition and the outfield i forth, being tugged out. \vlil en a pa.sscd ball am! scored 01 Hcl.-o's Infield out. Osceola tied it up In the • flft! when White was .snfe at Ihs when 1'avleh booted his yromidi* lo short. Pitcher Miller prompt! dcutlcd lo deep center, Whit ]:ulliiiij up at third, > White scor ed a mouunt later on a ball and Miller, who went t third, counted cm Mills' long fl to center. The Gianls broke the deadlot- In the sixth. Pratt was on thlr having doubled and reached th far corner on Miller's single tha Williams stopped so well, liyrkc struck o 1 .-, and Catcher Will threw (o second as Miller slurU do;vn. Miilcr shuincd fair due to the work, since daylight Thursday morning, of WPA ground crews. Clarence Hine and Frank Mancuso collaborated to turn the. game in Ihe Giants' favor in an cightli- innii(j raily^ nine crashing a triple to deep left to drive in two runs, tying the score, and Mancuso followed with a blast over Mills' head in center for another triple to score Hine nnd pill (he winning run across the plate. The Giants went ahead to add anothe.i "ijK.t. U v really didn't matter. Both triples came with two men out. Neither of the starting pltcheq finished the came. Harrington, Glg'nt speedball hurler, was removed in the seventh for a pinch Pratt sold out for home and cross cd safely. .33 8 1! 27 II AH It II O A Jills, cf . nni'.s. If chcllnos, (:l IKIM'k. (li'chok, a arson. 21 Vi'Hairis. : ite, c llllcr. |> CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., May 7. — Leemard Llmbaugli, chairman 1 Little 0 ojof llu.' Carulhersvlllc Junior! 3 2 Chamber of Commerce committee, 0 2 which Is s|>oiisorlnjj opening Day 0 O'for the Carulhersville Pilots first 0 | iflt-liumc- 1937 game, here Sunday May 'Mi. with Ihe JBlylhevlllc, Ark., Giants, today announced that Ilia program had been com- o'pleted. OJ Participating will be. the Car- iithersvljlc Band, directed by R. Rock Nashville lli'mlngbam Chattanooga New Orleans ... <noxvllle x—Night game. 0 !-. Morris; officers of the Oarnth- ^ ersvlllf .Baseball Club; officers of 0 the American Legion. Rotary Club, 4 : Juy.Sces. and a unit of Boy Scouts. MayoiM of Steele, Ifaytl, Bly- Ihi'vlllu and Curulhersvllle, will take pail, serving as batter, pltch- •Hitals :« G 0 25 IS Osccnln ..000 toll) -100—« Jlyllievlllii 100 101 05x—8 Summary— Errors—Pavlch, Miler. Cursiin '2. Runs baited In—Mills. caly.'Jier, and umpire, on the llrsi pltrhcd ball. •Uoyd itogers president of the JayKces, , will present Harrison Wlckel, Pilots' manager, wllli floral "iiooil luck" horseshoe, at home |Tklule following the Jtimc.s, Bwmisek 'i. Miller, Slew-ialslne. rl. Ilyrket. Mancuso. nine 2. [>ul- LlinUungli will introduce visit- Is. 'I\vo-l):i.'.e hits— Ecollnos. (!. na notubles, among them expect- cl to b& Jos. Bertlg, League Prcsl- lent. aiil also tlic Blytheville und "Jariithersvllle players as the; come to- but. Both teams are to .ake part In Ihe parade and oilier ceremonies. Wlckel announced hi starting lineup for the opening day game here as follows: Heath, second base; Myers, cen- Mlller, rnilt, !•'. Miller. Three-base •ills—Hlnc. Mancuso. Stolen buses -Pavlch. Pratt. Byrket. Double plays—UiurliiBlon to Pavlch to P. Wilier; Bobo lunajKlsled); White lo Carson to Seolinos. Left on bases—Osceola !>. Blytheville C. Inning.'; pitched—By Harrington ^ with G runs 8 hits; by I'ullig 2 with runs 1 lilt; by Miller. 1 2-3 with » runs II hits; by Barnett 2-3 with no runs no hits. Winning pitcher—Pulllg. Passed balls—\Vhlte 2, Mancnso 2. Bases on balls—Olf Harrington •>; off Miller d; oft Barnett none. Struck out—By Hnr rington 1; by Miller 5; by Pullig 1. Umpires—Tony McDonald W. II. Glover. Time—2:25. and Itoolbluck!; lust on Kuuduy POUTLAND, Ore. IUP) — The 5-cent shoe shine has had its day, officials of the bootblack union announced. A union regulation decrees no shines on Sundays and holidays and henceforth, shines will be offered for 10 and lf> cent premiums. TICON15EROGA. N. Y. (UP) — Tho. famous ".silver bullet" used bj Urilish spies during the Revolution to transmit military inlclli- j gence. mentioned in many lils- " 10 10 8 10 I 7 n r> 14 .C2S .550 .52(1 Ml .38!) .203 National League 'iltsbiirgh ............ <J St. Ixjuls ............. 8 Chicago ....... , ....... 7 'lew York ............ 7 Boston ................ 7 'lillndelpliiu .......... (i Brooklyn .............. 5 indnnati ............ ;j W. I.. 1'ct. .750 American Detroit New York League W. a 8 Philadelphia .......... li Cleveland • ............ 5 Washington St. l/Mits . Chicago ... Yesterday day for the home jrcal opening folks in Hires .500 AW .250 .(Jtil .tiliT .067 .000 ,f)00 .333 .300 .'fit Northeast Arkansas league cities, Blythcvillo, I'aragould, and jonei- boro winning games iilayed In Uitu parks. The Jonesboro Giants came tram behind to defeat the Newport Cardinals last night. 10 to 1, with an eighth inning rally. Ciov. Carl E Bailey was In the stands at Jonesboro. The strikeout pitching of Lefly Grimes of Jmiesborr/ was sensatioiiiil. He fanned 15 batters Jonesboro nicked the ofljrlngs of Walk and Waters tor 10 satcti.'s. A ninth-inning single by Gl:ut)|>, third baseman, sent the winning run across the plate yesterday afternoon and gave (lit- Pitmgonld Rebels a 1 to 0 triumph over the Caruther.sville Pilots, ISKjti league cliamplons. Haeger and Grantham of the Rebels and Hoivison and McGowan of tile Pilots hit for the circuit. Mrs, Puilig:Sacs'- Son Star As Relief Pitcher Perhaps tho' most interested spectator in ihe grandstand ai the Glarils' opening turns Jur? yes'erday was Mrs. Thomas C Pnlll 3 of McNeil, Ark , who came hera c«|Kclally to >eo her only :on, Thomas I'lililj. pitchsr, nar- tlcipatt; hi his first jirofssvional insttall uam;. Yoi-n:; Pullig did an able Job of vc-lltrf pitehirr, when hu was seiu 10 (!u- iinuiU tj replace Hurrinjion at tiis beginning of iha rijlitli. selliuj iln> o.scepta Injiiiiij do«;i willi only one lui hi (hi 1 last two mnin»s aiul re- cslving cIPcHil i-i-i'dii inr w ln- iiinj t::e (Hants' first game. "I vas uio/e jilniscd than any- nir- th-^re," Mrs. Pulli;,' said. Blytheville t). Paragould '/. Jonesboro 10, riliLiis'is I.e:i£uc Osceola U. Catuther.s'ville G. Newport 7. An)erii-:m l^'Mf't 1 • Wasbiuglon ,aL Detroit. New York at Clevetand. I'^ist; n nt Chicago. ' ' PhiUidclptiia-nl .St. I .puts., lilylbevillc at Osceola. - ' •! Cni'iithersville :it PaiajonW.- Ucwport ut .luiu'shnrn. _ Reari Cnuricr News \v:int Ads FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1937 Today's Games ! Southern T-cague- Memphis at Nashville, Atlanta at Birmingham. Little Roc;k at Knoxville, Ciiattaiiooga at New Orleans. National League "ittsburuli at PhiladelpliL'i. Cincinnati at Boston, Chicago lit Brooklyn. , St. Louis at -New York. Road Courier News Want Ads trange But True Norlhcasl Arkansas Loague lerlleld;!, third base; LeonhanH. first base; Alexander, right field; Wlckel, shortstop; Howison,' left field; Turner, catch- FIctiter and Koewlng. pitch- Blytheville 1 Paragould 1 Jollesboro 1 i.sccola o ianithersville 0 lewport 0 L. Pet. 0 1.000 0 1.080 0 1.000 sition, is from recent acqui- Kirksvlllc Teachers College. Clifford Urengard, Louis, is an outfielder. Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis li. Nashville 2. Little Rock 4. Knoxville 0. Birmingham 4, Atlanta 1. Chattanooga at New Orleans night game. Then came the Osceola deluge lories, has been acquired by Fort In Ihe seventh that had (he Giant fans all tut ready to go home. Williams opened by bouncing one through Bobo. It was scored it lilt. He raced to second on a passed ball, While went out. Harrington to Miller. Williams holding second. Pi'.cher Miller singled to vlglil, scoring Williams. Mills grounded out lo Miller. Giant first saeker. unassisUd, ami the strain lessened. But with two out James .singled, scoring John Miller from second wllli the second run of'the inning. Scollnos followed with another single am James moved ovtr to second. James iconeleroga, historic fortress that as been restored ns a museum. National League Cincinnati 4. New York 0. Brooklyn 9, Pittsburgh 5. Chicago 1. Philadelphia 0. innings, rain). St. Louis at Boston, rain. hitter and Fulllg- hurled scoreless stole third and Scoltnos went MfCnrmii'k-Dcoriujj :t-Uo\v notary Hoes At ihe First Sign o oi Weeds or Crusts— Go* into your fields with a 2 or 3-row JMcCorniick- Dccrinjr Rotary Hoc and end llic tlanijcv of stunted crops due to u smothering crust or strangling weeds. The McCormick-Deering Uo- lavy Hoe will do young corn, beets, mini, beans, soybeans, etc., more good than any other implement yet invented. The No. 6-A Kolary Hoe cultivates and mulches a strip; 81 inches wide. See it at our store. '- • ' h«"King'« Crown" Ujijier portion of t)ic — crown high, tvidc at temples, am! well rounded. Great Ixitwcen the eyebrow ami tlit eye al the' outer edge. Th»"Jndg«'»J«w" J.lw wide below cars, linn, .completion* for its heavy Eplttlily. Jaw presents angular ajiprar- ance,o^iutr (o tease muscles ms,f-t?*ir2 "c^^ ^•^z/it-^t^" ~-^^^^~~- ^$£r&-%^^-}$ The No. 6 Three Row is built in 3 Sections. Each section is independent, flexibly connected to conform to contour of ground. Easy lift. No tongue truck needed. Ask for details. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Next to Armory Phone 802 •^nxCftwa-UO Y-::>- A royal treat for you who have a taste for regal luxury. It's the "doybk-ricti Kentucky straight Bourbon Be sure to ask for it...soon! .000 .000 .000 American f.eaeue Detroit 12, New York 0. Philadelphia 3. Chicago 1. Cleveland 4, Washington 2. Boston 2, St. Louis 1.' BROADWAY SALES Inc. Phone 111 one PWR. OF W1 UULTlPUtD IMTO i,a5o,opo (.'&>* 'i Put on' (Jests are certain In lie biglier, m r blltlil nuu 1 \vliili: [irici's are and \slhle yuu tan KC| tbe lils ill LI j^ovi'DCDt nl loan...Co si;[l uilh our planning depurtitu ...^'c can fnrnkh cvc-rythinjj fr< MIL' |~l::n.s lo tlnr paint. EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. CIGARETTE LIGHTKK EXHAUST PIPE EXTENSIONS Fils - over end of exhaust pip lias Frosli'd glnss spares for tiavi-l anil Ki-rxlrr rct-iinl, pencil incliult'd. POLISH rs t >n cs llic 53c Screens eSfe? § P^cms Jn >ss rr,, m ^ ?rt riming ladi.-Kor, a |. \\ ?~\ '•°oi s '" ol " r '" ''"" y. Fils 11)3.'5 lo Standard lUodel Chevrolets.. RADIO Single unit — (i lube Supe hctrodyne, (> inch speaker. GLARE SHIELDS Kills sun glare 98c Each r«seo! Screens They nrp (he vcnli-pnnrs of 1 hr 110- (\TA ft TO n ( iln I ion sys- Uni. 1'rotccts ;i g:\ hecx niul olhrr insects. From S9c WE 1NV1TK YOU TO VISIT 1J1,YTHEVI1.I.K\S AIOST AIODKUX I'ARTS AND ACCESSORIES STORE YOU WILL FIND A VICHY COMl'I.ETK LINK OF ACCESSORIES 1'OR ALL MAKES OF CAKS. PARTS 301 W. Walnut. A. H. Wallace. M«r. Phone

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