The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 1, 19-16 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIKtt NEWS Steamboat Days May Come Again Arkansas River 'May Carry Much Commerce •If Plan 'Is Approved BY BOB 1IROWN United Press SI-.lTf Oorrrsiwrnlfnt LITTLE ROCK. April \. (UP) — At 10 o'clock otrllie nigl't of March 31. 1820—exactly 120'years ago Insl night—the -sleepy little village of Arkansas Post turned oul to a inun, ''notwithstanding the latenesj of the hour" and w«lchi'<| The Comet, steam majestically to th , Clouds of black smoke billowing from .»'ci p stacks. The Cotnta was ] th,, first steamboat to navigate'the 1 Arkansas. 'River and chug Us way- far ns Arkansas, then the territorial capital. Until then, navel hail been-perilous and back-breaking. 'River travel by keel boat. Land travel by foot or horseback. Hut when The Cornet touched at Arkansas Post-twice in '1820. and The -Maid of Orleans—just 13 clays' out of N«w Orleans—arrived at .the. Post .Arkansas was off to a wave' of prosperity, romance and adventure. Steamboat trflvel bvoufcht to isolated communities such .as Van Buren the luxuries of store whiskey; wheat flcjn;, dressed leather shoes. Eastern planters, reluctant to brave the wil<lernes.s. moved in ease and settled in Arkansas. Little Riick merchants received lai'Re quantities of goods and shipped out-their coUon, co'.ton seed and fruit. OUir er (owns along .the river enjoyed a new vxve of prosperity. Operating a steamboat line offered great profits, but It was rIPS from tb« imoutli<o( tile White ttvtr, venturing as 'far 'West us Fort Smith. "Oi;.- citizens liuve witnessed four mssages Into the Interlor'by steain- xmt.s," wrote a : coiil*inj>orary of .lie'times, "-and In tlie future wlll- ook'for their'return with t)ii> same regularity of the seasons." And return trtey'dki. Steuinboating prospered modestly until i It was interrupted'by the war between the states. -'After the war and for 30 years,-transportation on the Arkansas splraled to its' greatest • development-.. Htver travel became a'personal luxury, and the'eorrtmtree of tiie state moved by water. However, at the turn of the century, rullnnids encroached upon the river -packet'u business, nnd sleaniboating -faded gradually Into oblivion.'Only the oldtimers refused .to .eivc up and cljniB to the romance.>o< iiver'lUe. Ajid now the so-.callecl multiple purpftse .plan of the Arkansas'BlV.i er'Survey Board Is to be heard -In Congress next week. The -plan calls for.a nine-loot-channel .from the .mouth of the Arkansas to, within :I5 .miles of Tulsa, .Ok la. .if Jt Is, adopted, the Arkansas may teem again with commerce, .and ghost 'towns along its bank bustle again, into prosperity. Mukden: 'City Bled Dry By Russians 1 * • • • • • ' Industrial Center Is Grim Picture Of Desolation may lo supply the'City's ( wuter iiliiiHi. : • j u Jupunwe Army Ijiuruclts, which the Ohlneso -wovlld like to have -used 'Wr.Uht'lr own Iroops. have been blown up. All III si I'liiss Miiiiclmrliin rail i'<liilpnk'iit has bf«n taken >ov»r by (he liusKlans. The cit;' Itself Ls mi armed camp eilveloiiCd In 'fear. Hu-lun HIU| Chlni'se. pillboxes dot i'very 'corner. iKu.sslun lanks and Iroops armed wltli'Uniimy-Bims are everywhere. Chinese troojis art seldom seen except as guards foi (or Chinese headqiunters and olh er olTifUU biilldlugK. A rigidly enforced 8 p.m. to 0 nan. curlew shuts (he cily down Unlit every nlKhl. -Business,-wild. the exccpllon :of (he black market, | Is at • a slundstUl wllh (he local i Chinese nnd jA|>»ue'tit> pdpulallon living• .iln loiilpleti' terror of the, Kusslans. 'When will (he 'Hnsslans withdraw n Miinehurlu In uecordunce with' (lie Khio-Hovlet pact of last Au- Negro Janitor • To Have Funeral At 'His' Church inning'ULs 30 y«ftr» ttnure'.iil First -Baptist church "Uncle John" Wlnslow. Negro Janitor always ilreaiucd of hnvlnp. This funeral 'at Ills church.". ' ' ' Thi> "bO plus" ywr - old retired custodian clleil .yujll'i'Uiy afUriwon nml his requusL will l*> grunted. Ills body will l)« nt the Home Vunerul Home until TlmrMta momhiK when ««rvlte» will b« held at the audlloilnin of Flm Iliiptlsl Church. | The Kcjv. K. C. Drown, pastor will conduct the service o'clock. IX'ncons of First Church .will «er»« M 'honorary Durillr the ' ytut he cared for VnOt' John" lived, to se« two htilldina tod an <«ttt» addition cncled to «*m the' con- .sturifly growui* eoriir*t*tlon. U)d " to view photographs for the mod- * ern n*w jtdUitortUjn ipianned • III twalUi. prevented hii jurying the chroh ret*ntly and he had tUriied'-hls -duties-6V«r ! -to ihls a»s l«ta i it but he . and Kin -wife oon- tijiued to make their hime in their IIOUM at the rear'of'the protj«rty. Read CbUH*r :.»«*•' Want Ads. Keplliid Miijor Cifilcmi Atuln'l KuvtuM~£tiiMkuvlteti vuniiiiniitU'r or thf HOviet foive In MuVdi'ii: "Wlien will .Ainvrlruii Murlni'S l*'U\'i; North Chltui'^"- Ethnologists are compiling a viordlMs dKllonary, which-is meant at 10 lo preseiv? be »l«n language of Bal>Ust Hit North Amerclan Itidlans Glub Mernt)ers At .'Shady iGrpye Meet Qh .Friday • The -Shady Grove Home .Demonstration 'Club- met at the >school. Friday w>!i .Mrs. -:Esile Davis and: Miss Ruth McGormlck as hostesses.- Mrs. K. S.-Loveless, president,'presided.. -. ., : ' ! Miss Cora :Lee 'Coleman. home. ilemoiistfaUon .agent, 'gave. -Uie devotional, Mrs. Essie Davis'led the community singing. , Mrs. John Williams., secretary, called Uv roll and each member told of the -spring ifcarden that Tlie bodies of 10 Japanese soldiers sllll. iniluurlirtl after exi'i'ulion are iilspl I'leil by rliliifsc soldiers :-amld wrrkujie uf Mululen bullcllnss, where Russian Army units raiilrollril Hie <-lt> prim l» >i*|iurti'<l tvarliultali. How Japanese ini'l death was not explained, hut they wti'i- Uellci-eil to have brn UIIIOUK ' fonvs usil Ify Russians f«r Inbur In removiiis nuiellincrj from Ml.v's faelories. hazardous trade. Boiler eNplosions, fires, snags and .sand bars con-1she had. Gardening bulletins instantly menaced'the boats, which eluding "Hints to Gardeners" and led -one -writer to observe 'that, the life oC the average four years. one Cap- In 'the Sprii-.g .of 1822, tain :Mo:vs tied The'Eagle'to 'the', landing .In 'Little Rock—by :theiv th e terltorial .capital.-So'.early ;in the morning had the Captain arrived thai he fired a salute to rouse the drowsy people of 'Little Reck. In-the same yenv, onu ^Rob-, ei't Thompson ; maile three round ,, 'Garden . boat was, ptsiined \ f .Miss Coleman. During the social .hour several games -Mre'played'an'd enjoyed b> the «roiip. :' ' Present .were two 'Visitors from, Mrs. W. W. Caery'anil Mrs. Raymond 'Scott. It is-believed that the community club'house will'be repaired : by the time for."tile uiext- club meeting they .may Miieet.there. '. The fuUowing ilhi>ateli liy an NEA-Acme. correspimdeilt-photo- grapher was written prior to the Hiissian withdrawal 'rum Mukden us rrporlcit by the Chinese Ceii- 'Iral News Agency. Chinese circles declare that the reported Mukilcn Vviicuutiun does .not necessarily imlieate a E clleru l KussUn withdrawal from .Manchuria. BY IIARLOW M. -OIlltKCII' NKA Staff Corre.siwlulcnl MUkDEN. Manchuria. Mar. 14. (NEA)—This PlltsbiH'Bh of tlic 1>'nr East, once the industrml heart of Japan's mainland Asiatic empire, presents a-Brim picture of savage desolation and Hieless vulns. IL 1 ; factories liu like skeletons invaded by buzzards. Mukden's arteries have been cut and the city bled dry by the Hus- sians during their occupation ami domination of Uu- area. Without exception, factories have been cleared of machinery and equipment right down to the electrical wlriivg an'il window sashes. Even door.s have -been removvd- I Gaping holes cun- be seen in 1 every wall wlu'i'e the Russians blasted to expedite the moving of lame machinery and equipment. Some factories have been completely destroyed by demolition chargi'S sifter all desirable equipment hrul been removed. ' .Japanese 'soldlccrs.- who did the bulk of ih,c heavy labor inkier Soviet tjuldnnce. have disappeared. Some were sent as slijvf labor to lUissin nnd Siberia- some never left ij scene or their labors. The bodies of 10 Japanese soldiers were found In the ruins of one factory, lying where they fcl after being executed by persons unknown. Tile sound of rifle rip: and occasional machine gun bursts car be heard hreaklni! the cemetery like stillness or graveyard. Russian soldiers loading machinery .stripped factovies> trucks. this industrla can from lulu be st^ei still un .Atuerical 'This sy.slciir.illc iilestnictlon i-ovifliwrt lo •fovnitv .Jdimti iu' |;liuHs nlono. The l>»Bi' Milk- on C.HS Coinptiny, wliicli suplilloil s tar cooking iicid heating \\\ Ihi? lly. Is cuinjilcti'ly -om of opiT- iis. It's holk'r.s. -liifili'inucnls ntul BCS liiive been rcmoviW. llru'il Musi or UiC'nci'L'i-utoi's In Hie city iow*v |jli\nt. have bt'*'n 1'XiinnM'H^il nil ihrei- Hmt vc'imin only porntllc service, ofti'n not cnonBli ACTS ON THE KIDNEYS To increase now cf urine tad relieve irriUtton of the bladder, from cxceii acidity In ike irint Ar* JTMI »uN*rtnK uHn»<««kBry i'diotr*tfi bnckachr, nm-down tttting mid dUcom* f«rt trmm *KC*«» •etrfity In (he urlf)*? 'Arft •OH dlilurbrd nlfHt* by • lr«quenl ilcttt* o pan w*ltr> Thtn you (boutd hnttw ibout that f»mouB donor 1 1 ,'dUc*v«ry — DR. KH.MKR'S .SWAMP, HOOT—1«at IhoiiKKiidi ntyglvt-a. 1>lr«*«d rcH*f. Sw*uip Root I* » tarcltilly blend«4 C9mb|n«llon of 16 herb*,' root*. .v«MtAk]*i^b«U*ta». 'Dr. ' ' ' ' Phone •When You're in a Hurry for That • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR We Have 3 Service Trucks and 4 Tire Man at Your'Service Hours— 6 •to 6—7, Days We iii'i 1 lumpy ,lo,unn«u.»c'e thut .we are iititlioitmi ilintrliiu'tor , for the Known , - ' • • •• '•' .»f for We liiive 'jliKl received u iheso TlUKfi und 'l;UHKK— il. - Curs ami Trucks. sizew If it's Tires you 'rt««d— we hov« .them. See u* 'today for ; your"Tire 'Needs. T. I. Seay Motor Company AUTO SERVICE Aah at S«cwd Street Lawnmowers 'Phono Kxpcrtly sharpened and repaired. We pick tip and deliver. Immediate service 'and guaranteed satisfaction We also specialize in 'gas nnd electrical welding. F. L. WICKER MACHINE SHOP 215 N. Second IMstrilnitor 1 ,r Approved Service 'DA'YI'ON V Business Opportunity! I Due to the'fact :that we !haVe no one to miintiBeunir AppHance .slore we offer to s*H the Ijusiiness and-leawe'the bulldinitpor w\H sell an 'interest in It to person ; that is capable of managing and operating it. TOM LITTLE REAUnT CO. Phone 861 - Approved Avery Sales qnd Service. Let us repair and service your Avery equip- men. FOR SALE Funk's G Hybrid Seed Corn Cotton Hpes Cultivator Sweeps OWENS TRACTOR GO. A. C. OWENS, Owner & Mgr. 112 N. Franklin Phone 3617 For Your Horfie Springfield iCouches, )t^ounge Chairs with Ottoman, Chiffrobes, Bedroom Suites, Springs, Mattrease*, 6, piece Break fast Seta. Just Received: 'Metal Trunki 't 'Lockers Alvin Hardy 301 East Main St. New Phone 2302 Foundations-Sidewoiks-Drlyewayi-Porches Call 517 for cslimtrtmt PRIDE COAL and CONSTRUCTION CO. Approved FHA Contractors The farmers Bank AND TRUST COMPANY AMERICANS USE FOUR TIMES ASMUCH COTTON AS ALL OTHER FIBERS COMBINED •Y o v Ui» Mor«~CcM«n l»cau«« Gallon Giv»> You Wort BY LESLIE -TURNER WASH TUBES 60 K6£P SWAY VTHEY IET YOU OW TOO SOON.; 3/i.u at ana a 1 THIS CONrRACf IS .WJRD6R! YtJU ASKIN' rH 1 UW END OF AIN'T-ER-SPOrt-ESS, I AIL I EARN AFTER I DIDN'T WORK OUT THIS Sgr-UP JUST TO\ EXeRCIS£-(W BRAW5,'KID! :THE* TERMS '•] ARE FWMtNOW «r GCWS! FRO* MOW/ ON. ITS UP TO YOU MDM' CUE'TOA LITTLE SWSSISSBACIC GROUND.' BY FRED HARMAK Another Suronse too BAD TO StolU-YOUR A BT DUCK IN IUKE.' TriE^V SELVE5, RED LAUSCH.E-5 A SURPRISE A1TACK-

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