The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1935
Page 2
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WUJE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lias Dance. IJoyd Wise Jr. s|x>iisored a danc- Ing party last evening at the country club for the Red Razzoo Boys club of the city high school who invited their girl friends. Each boy took refreshments and a supper menu was served the 40 present. • * * Club Entertained. Mrs. J. F. Lent! entertained tlie Thursday Contract club this week with a Valentine party. The tallies were in (his motif anrt a molded cherry salad was served with cake, olives and coffee after the live progressions. Tile prize, a pair of pictures, went to Mrs. Carrol Blakemore. • " -' * » I '':'''• Chib Has Guest. Mrs. Baker Wilson was guest of Mrs. c. W. Aflilck when she hatl the Thursday Luncheon club. A crystal blown glass centerpiece decorated the dining (able arranged for the three course menu. In the bridge games the prize, a potterj' vase, went to Mrs. A. G. Little. Club Has Guests Members of the Thursday Bridge club played cards with Mines. C. H. Willcy, Doyle Henderson, W. D. McClurkin and Hiram Wylic when Mrs. N. B. Mcnard was hostess ihls week. Mrs. Fred Rutherford and Mrs. Henderson won hosiery for tlie high score prizes. Mrs .Mcnard served an oyster salad wilh cheese straws. nlcklcs, individual lemon pies and coffee. Armorcl Club Meets ' The Armorel Home Demonstration club met Wednesday attcr- noon wiih Mrs. E. c. Plckcns. There were fourteen present. The bushiess meeting was presided over by Mrs, E. C. Plckens, Uio president. Plans were discussed lor a new canning kitchen. The following commmee was appointed lo collect funds for the building ol the canning kitchen: Mrs. Carrie Pruiit, Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. Drown Baker, Mrs. Emmett Picxcns, Mrs. 'J. G..;Maries, and. Mrs. Tom Lyon. After the ''business session the club engaged in a thirty minute peilod'cf singing. : The hostess served a piatc - lunch and the meeting was closed by tlie read- Ing of the collect. • . -* * * Bcm'ouetratlpn.. ':' '.. Club'Has Meeting"' : - ; The-. "Home-iDemonstration -club of 40 and 8 held a call meeting jcsterday afternoon at the Community -Kitchen for (he purpose of seeing : the 4-H.clab girls moke a cotton mattress. nfrs. R. L. A<1- kisFon presided at a brief business meeting in which n treasurer's report was given, it was decided to put flye "dollars Into a fund for a stove for tlie kitchen. Mrs Adkisson has been asked be Canning Supervisor kitchen this 'season: . — lo for, . the Entertain Club. Mrs. A. .B. pairlield had lunch and played bridge with members of the Mid-Week club yesterday at the home of Mrs. W. L. Homer. fahe used pink roses in her living loom which was arranged for the two small luncheon tables. In tJie bridge games H waffle set • By Helen Welshlmcr c lemc, ' - l; ' •--"--- showed luck of common sense! maidens fed ",' ' ' t 's a I rifiiil-l>ul Icl Ihe " !M ,, « i, ,' -> c e maens e Uciu-nlh Iht crcam-pulT vvoomas you'n n-se^l ;, J wi -r of . IITO "' V ' 1 ' 1 ""l 1 ' 11 ^ 1 "' <l<ws, llurc is no reason '', OV V',° n " H ', elI B L ' of «"-<»>o<"'<l l«'»i'ls v«« l.nv. Will nn .1^1 " >C ' Sl , 10 k "T " %i '"t' 11 -' "ovc it. |>la«-; ttillioiil tie added l.unJ™ of}>crnn K lng il willi Im-l •V" 0 " '. ll ! SU1r ..... al [ '". v , v ™'- "'I' ^l-nu,," 1, ' J ulsspi'cw] on iimfd love lliul'.s ainali-urishlj. pale / ^, oj Neics Mostly PcrSOlia' Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Johnson hud as their guests yesterday Mr, ami and Mrs. F. T. White of Bcrt'rami! Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis have moved to the house owned by T 11. Van Bibber on Highway 18. Mr. and Mrs. M. Fltzslmmons and Mrs. 1. o. Weslbrook spent yesterday In Halls, Tenn. Mrs. u B. Hnynes is ill at her home on Lake stvect. A. C. flail, who has been seri ously in for some, time, is now ton vnleschijt. F. H. Stewart, of Litile Rock representative of the Georgia Blylheville National Week Will Boy Observe Scout National Boy Scout week will be observed In this ,clty !ie.\i week ivllli special services Sunday in which the local churches will co operate. Plans jirc being made Uj Stuart II. Salmon, court 98 Students Make Perfect School Attendance Records PRIDAy, FEBRUARY' 8, 1986 Artificial Feeding c Injurious to Animals Jon the scouting committee set uni piu " Sllll >erland. Billy Schmncki flic chamber of commerce. ' | Bill Tom Stewart, Eima Hopp?r, T*tif» flhrlcl roi» r.1...;:.. i. . DilVlfJ Ti(w:nr» .Tnij/>nli m^nr. «• i There were 71 students iu the cilys elementary schools and ->7 In the Junior high Ech ool wlio made petfect attendance records in the lirst semester of this school year. Those in the Sudbury school are- Jack Marsh, Mamie Jean Smith', Doris Pipkin, Monroe Beshenrae Clinton Fisher, Philip Reed Kenneth Marr, George Mulr, Bcrnice Adams, Jo Ei-sly), Uisinge,-, A |, lm Marelibanks, Betty Rodgers, Marjory Wallace, Roland Davis, Edward Fisher, Alvin Marehbanks Paul Sutherland. Billy Schmncki The Christian church will have .1 special service for its own troop of which J. A. Puckelt is scout-! Jiiasler. This is (o be at (i o'clock i the vesper hour. David Boouc, Joseph McCiwe Syl c <**. Uirii Dayl 5l Sherlcy ers, Evelyn Shibley/ w H miming, JE. T. Landon, 'Tom The troop sponsored by the Am- Legion post will worship at j Slate Building and Loan ,,.^^, l 'tion, Is attending to business here. Mrs. J. H. Baker, of Nashville Tenn., arrived today for a brief stay with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips. | tlie First Presbyterian church with its scoutmaster, Joe E. Alexander 'at 7:M o'clock. A specially arranged ,— *o, ^- *. u<uiuuti, xon IHcedsr, George Boyctte, Jack Foster, Bill Lam-ly, Jack McCuislon, Fred Perry, Edward Webster, Alice , Joe McFall and Nelson. arc: R. Calhoun, of (roop ociist church given for Ihe Sudbury Hi the Langc school they u ,- u; Philip Bishop, Raymond Crawford iOcraldine Ellis, Betty Joe Har' program 8CU , j cw ell Washam, Billie Jar- at the First Mellf- »(. 11 a. m. . 37, of. the Sudbury school, will also Imve a memorial service Wednesday, al the regular meet- deceas Mrs George . , , .... -~ _..... ^ lt » tl , „ ,„..„„ s ca Nashville, Tenn., will arrive today [member of the troop Members will lo spend two. weeks with her [repeat the scout oath and law be daughter Mrs. Russell Phillips, i'oro standing in silence ior one •"W.nim y. tinlnute and then taps will he Miss Vircmia Toinphius, who is sounded. Keep the Men in Circulation to Make a Dance Successful So By "KUKN" many questions have been , ior Billy Br Jon for appendicitis at ili'c Men"-| hW° Vcn'^cbuuSoi* 8 «nr* l.h.s Baptist hospital and i s ,, ow *„ of 192a . Since That time74" boys have held membership in the troop. Of the , , e ar rett, Vernoii Sanders, Gregory At kins, Verim Wheat, Ella Jo Ed- mistcn, Frentis Edward Holder and Fi'nnk Lancaster. In the Central Ward school they • ' iccding of animals Is a hindrance are: Betty Lou Phillip, ],.,„„ n, lc ">Uic>' than a help, Ihe Wild Life Martha May Randall, Cheric P"- Dlvil>ion ° r llle National Park Ser- vosl. Johnnln r m,H,,,,,,,,, rt ,. '... vice believes. WASHINGTON IUP) feeding of animals is rather than a help. - >..., W11V11V. I ic- vost Johnnis Lendeiinie, Dhcstei CakUvell, Ruth Saliba, Altcne Dallas, Dorothy Crawford, Mamie Grace Youngc, liwUs Green, Hobble Bradlay.'Mary Catherine Wosley, Betsy B. Buchanan, Flowl Blnmeyer, """- - B. Buchanan, Billie Brown, Dorothy Carley, Dorothy Jean Ellis ami Clara Rail'. Allcy ; Jean Shcpard, McMiillin, Pearlciijic Mosley. Jill Burton wen honors in jun- or high school for being nelthe. tardy, nor absent in the twc years He recently was promoted to the ninth grade Other students making perfect attendance for the first seim-si-i were: Edward Workman, Corrim ^r'^ 01 ' 1 !?. L^'eluce. sett; Saliba, Wilson. Nathan Odle Rice, Lc« -Marie Rosenthtt], Mary Ellis, Haroli -- ---->1.>1LI1UJ, iVirtl Robinson, Billy U'-eett Wocd, Malcolm Flake' Alexander, Marion Mary Adal: Camlet — Gene vt _ 1r , itl , • " Caldwell, Ger- aiaine I'lccman, Ruth Franc! Sutherland, Billy Wooten, Ruvsel Fair, Jew-311 R ic(!| Jen ' c he Mary Hosteller, Katherine Lavelt U. W. Moore,-Jtinnltn Sample, Je'- sle Miller, Alice Saliba and jtV Bm-ton. Today's Markets New York Cotton convalescing at her home at Bin-- dette before returning, to school. Miss Blossom Christopher, who asked "the Etiquette Editor" and so much said about lioiv to have a rood time at a dance Unit we hnvc delved Into nil the latest books on etiquette and found Interesting revelations which, the books ^ay, will uakc a good dance. In a city the size of Blytlicvlllc where "slags" are not hvcr plentiful it is sometimes A dlfllc'iiU mat- ] nice. Now, I'll put you back In cir- ctilntlon." | If this was done by every girl at ^he end oi two dances there would be no more getting "stuck." Every man could iisk most everyone to dance and everyone, could have a Brand - time. It is easier where there arc tables or "niyht club" style, as Is now Ihe case almost good e.r for everyone lo have ttie'f>l a dance because o. b ^..,., b •stuck." Buf the same situation px- ste'in-tJew'York and'other large cllfe, we are told, so the same ifies should apply everywhere. It is suicidal for a girl to make my man dance and dance willi her. !I at the end of two .dunces, no one nas broken, and she can't signal her husband or escort, she should •M>y, "I enjoyed dancing .\i-lth 'you. low I'll go to my table,"''o'r if'cv- eryone knows each other well she nay say, "that was nice. Now, I'll has been in St. Louis for several weeks, ha:; returned here. James Hasson, who had been attending Columbia Military Academy at Columbia, Tenn., entered Arkansas Siale college at Joiics- horo for Ihe parents, Mr. aitrt Mrs. Hasson, accompanied Jonesboro Tuesday. The condition of Mrs. ed last Martin, Mack boys wlia were register- year, Joe Wolfort, Glenn and sccond semester. His ui;i. Morse Dcc ----- -w.u.., oilM lVlUli][i Kochiitzky have moved away Wolfort, and Kochtltzky have become aiembers of troops In other citiss Mil Martin and Elrter have starl- J. Ernest lilin to ed new' troops where they no\v ill, James is mi- D. Hushes ' The boys or the troop have acquired some property through the years. Including sood boat. Hill Jr., wlio Is quite cliangcd loday. Mr. and Mrs, Ross spent yesterday in Memphis! Mrs. Charles L. Stnbbs and son Charles A. stubbs, have moved nt B1 B ' ' "°"^ on Lake St.,|. Personnel of the troop commit- . , - --*-•' --». live. Homer smtUi, Ewart Terry a Mai McEIwain are in prepare- Charles Bright recently presented Ihcjroop a lease on a log cabin everywhere. no one lias to (lance and yet no one feels like a wall .flower. A hew practice which is fast becoming popular for large alTalrs'-is to Imve several "ushers" at each ,, . 'nicse_wcll known, popular be' kind and let the other girls Jliarc you," .01- some other phrase. A popular one at present, which is slang, hut complete, is "lhat was men are asked by the hostesses or sponsors"- to spend their evening making the -wall flowers have n Good time. They lake turns at this and help each other oiit and the result'Is (he sacrifice of one evening, which olten turns out not, to be a sacrifice at all, makes all dances bellcr. 'Another "somelhiii"" iniisl important is that .„,„ •,„*,= the responsibility about asking vo- •vvhlch is men take a few minor .' complete except details. for . Mrs. Paid Huckens hi ill a I her home at the Noble hotel. Miss Zola Cralton and brother, Jim. have rotimiixt from an c.\- Icnrtcd. slay. in Hot Springs. Their mother, who lias alto been there, will arrive later. Mrs. W. L. Horncr was in Memphis Wednesday. master. Exams Given in Hospital COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—Being in the hospital is no cxcus;: for taking vci-sily examinations nt tlie of Missouri. Every not Uni- stu- sary. Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen and Mr and Mrs. W. E. Scwell were guests Hector, Sunday nf- in Son Burn. A son. -\vcighitig of friends teniooii. Mrs. D. A. Rnffin was given a surprise birthday parly at her home Saturday night when twelve ' Horiiersville Society — Personal G ' Copc , -"is. P. Keimctt, shopped m Kcnnett Tuesday . Mrs - M ««'in Haire, who is taking a course in beauty culture al a men to dnncc. Unforlti | weaker sex mus " '' ' and ij ^j lcl wait to bo asked men who stand |5 " CCCM "' ey wa " L dent patient who was able lo write took exams at the end of Ihc first semester anyway. ' Prof. J. Stoklasa of the Slovakia!! agricultural school „„ Prague says' that, to attain long ; line hie, a-person should live as com- prc- plelely as possible on those foods. Plenty of 'iodine. ' which contain tee includes R. F. Kir s lmcr7ci;au-- man, James L. Guard, Frank o pouglas and Byron Mor?c who hove served six and a half years, falter w. Bock, new teacher in tlie school, is now assistant tc out- March May July Oct Dcc Jan Spots clcsed steady 10. \ movement for friends, laden gifts and . . , ...... an dainty refreshments gathered there In a body. Games were played. ID!- | -jwj. vruiuva \M:IE: piayco. lol- lowcd with the serving of rcfrc.sli- Forced Into Slam Bid, This Declarer Makes-It Anyway ° a P% Gi 7 ir < ! < !; »<. spent Saturday and Sunday here wltlf" band and son. Miss : Lila Brlgcrton and her lius- SolulioH to Previous. Contract Problem nv M'H. fc'. WcKE.VNfiV ^Scrrctary, American l!rid;c l^ajuc ] It's great lo be a champion. Yes j — at times! But sometimes the (tame that pieccdes you is costly i v; ... innd cmlMin-asslng. Partners think I Weddings O! Dl'aeoaaocio l""' sc rhnniplons can turn deuces v D i A ! 1ilto accs - loung rcople Announced! Hcnr v s. Dinkcispfci, Jr., one or I Ihe Nnlional Tcam-of-Fonr chain- BRAGGADOCIO, Mo — Friends ' lion5 ' rcccnlly sat down at a <lu- TCrc surprised to learn of the imir- nage or Miss Mary Ruth Mav mcnts by M re . Rowland .fucksoti Mrs. C. B. Watson, and Mrs Vcr- nie Hatcher. Mrs. Alma Houston, ol Para- gculd, was a gnesl ol Mr. and Mis. w. E. Hayes over the week end. . n an Miss fclma Duperret visited Miss Edger• ton's 4>arents, Mr. and Mrs C D Bdgerlon. m Carutlieravilfe over the week end. Mrs. T.' A. Ray and Mrs. R E Anderson, were in sucic Sunday guesb Of Rev. aii d Mrs. M. A . f . Mr.. and. Mrs: D. w. Snider ami Misses Naltakue Maria Mr. atives Shepherd Campbell, and Mr. Raymond Long. p?rl'ornit:d at Kcnnett January 25 \,y the Rev. Mr. Morgan. Mrs. Long is tlie rlaugh- tcr of Mr. and MrS. Tom May. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd day visiting Lou- . - ,.-. v- - ••• • . ?"^j^i. -i^LHry jjOll- ise Fields, and Jewell Mcdcalf. ell mcmbm^oPlha local^aculty'^m visit!r.g ,-thchv respective parent. ' Mr. and Mrs. '0. L. Rose and Daughters, Mrs, Bertha KinsolMng and Lpuisc : Hyde, visited relatives In Leachvllle Saturday: The P. T. A. tUH'giie a pla, "Everybody's* 'Birthday" at the "tarinasium Thursday afternoon ana evening, February u Decorated tables for each Long is the son ot c. A. Long "They were attended by Mks Nina Huck- pnd Mr. Milliard Ptettcr. Mr. Long is employed al the shoe factory in Caruthersville. Mrs. Long is at the home of her parents. i Another recent marriage which' came as a surprise was thnt of Miss - Chrixleen Gallaher, dnughter of Mr i .n,,H MI-S. J. c. Gallaher, and Mr! i B. Michie, son of~Mv. and Mrs ' :r M!chle, of Mtcola.' The 'cer-1 crnoiiy was performed at Blylhc-! vule Saturday, February 2. Mr, and ' Mrs. Mtchic arc now in Memphis but plan to make their home at Ml- i cola. f plicate game with a friend and I" 11 ' 1 ™ 1 "- a »<l Sou can sec from the) bidding Mint Ilic purlncr (hoimht ! there was nothing impossible [c.i i Kcnr.v. «IK, held the North ham! i Tlir Iliildini; After Ilic spade hid. the two- clubs is natural. The showiiiE ol: Girl Away 13 Years Must [ i-eam English Over Again PHILADELPHIA. (UP) -Anna prcgos, ID, has returned 10 her in C/e- of iuvivu iwi cauil IIIOIHU 01 the year xvill be presided over by two )«ies al, each table. An ap- propnj.te number viju be given on choslovekla—and must Icani -..« iiiuol. nuw Itillll the English language all over a=aln Arriving at- a railway station, no one was on hand to greet her. It ^ , £ ^"»1 minutes More Anna was able to make known her 'iden- -Today's Conlracl Problem Veil opens the sis of clubs against a six lieart coulract. Lu;i von make tbe contract even though the club .suit docs' »"t break and ttic diamond 'ting is wrong'; In a Elatement loday Mi- Slubbs said: "The Boy Scout movci s one of the nation's hopes ihc building of character and foi Uio training of-young men for citizenship, it is expected to help :»eet tiie challenge of manhood that lies In the coming years." Services Here Tomorrow for Brickey Resident Dick Giirnow, 53, of Brickey, Ark oied last night at st. Joseph's hospital in. Memphis. Funeral services will be held at the home of w. D. Keith, -m North Sixth street, here tomorrow morn- ins and interment will be made at Manila cemetery. Tile Rev Mrs.' Eupna Beaslcy will olBciate The L. o. Moss Undertaking company i s in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his widow, Mrs. Edna Ournow two sons. Oliver and Cecil, and a daughter, asneva, and three brothers and onc sister. May Jiilv V « 9 7 5 * A.I •?. Q i o s : y s i w n s Dealer A i 'i s n;; V A :; ', K 7 r, A -l»71 A A Q 1 •» K .1 i ii r, • * > Q I * A K r. Solution in next is jtover. and It held, 'ib played—:mri it held ;d,-o. ten was the four I [of hearts came next and n re was finessed. Declarer Ihcn«j |. :s j a!) |_ (rump, (he ace ol hcaii.>. ;>:; '-i ,. i( t k . cd up - West's king. l>,.i r .~ ^nM to discard a spade from 'cnmmiy. Now Ihc live club ,,nks wore two Soulli \\T,-.t > 1'nss 2 4 Pans 3 N T. Pass 6 ^ Pass Opening lead r.iss Tnss T'ass -+ S. 8 I cashed, dummy , spades. West was rcrcni |,> |, ar ;clown lo the ki,, B -j a , :k Ol , iLiid-lhc kins or dl.uim, K |, ix'.'Ar cr then led a i!iam,,nrt lorrinc West to v,in u-iih die ; mf , Wcs , [hart to leart away from (]„',' M " }«-k of spades, into the ,i um ,,^\- ara-nuccn, nnd the ;il m fiblc contract ol Ms l marie. the second suit Ity North. Is all I Positive Bnli^f right, but the Jump lo six hearts u:)1 *IVC KellCf the pN.Wtor e'ach w 6 onth. A «5. ^en ^ I WJT^K m? silver .offering will | be taken, tt he me-other father, S <3 rE got ! he a is just a vote of confidence lo the new champion. The flay When East opened the diamond eight, the trick was won in chmr- my with the ace. Now the Jack of hearts was led, West refused to Itchy Skin (Violing ,ind soolbioc Blue <;t» Omltmm melts on II,,. -.tin. cn di,f tcslctl medicines tlccplv inin '" whcr r.isli, etc. J ickly kills' ji'fi,' , foot iu-li, rinVwo ink It first j ar r a ji NEW YORK, Feb. C Cotton closed steady. open high (UP) — March May ' July Ocl Jan 1229 1237 1237 1228 1234 1237 124C 1249 1242 1248 1248 low 1229 123 7 122!) 1235 123S SpoU closed steady at 1265, close 1242 124C 124U 1V39 1247 1243 up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 8 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low 122D 1242 1223 1239 1248 1237 1240 1250 1230 1229 J241 1229 1238 1246 123U at close 1245 12« 1248 1240 1245 — 1245 12UO, lip Chicago Wheat open" 95 5-0 88 1-8 "high ' low 90 5-8 .35 1-2 89 3-8 88 1-8 close 98 1-2 88 7-8 Chicago Corn Closing Stock Price; A. T. and T. ~.. )(j! Anaconda Copper ....'. to s- Bcthlehem steel ... 09 3.4 Chrysler '.'.'." ~ 3K 7 _. Cilk's Service ( j_, Coca Cola '_' General American Tank General Electric General Motors ...,.." . International Harvester 172 35 3-4 23 3-! 31 3-1 40 1-2 Montgomery .Ward New York Central '.'.'.'." Packard Phillips Petroleum'..'.'.'.' Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N. j Texas Co '."'." U. s_ Smelting U. S. steel .. Zoiiite 26 S-S 17 1-4 4 1-2 15 1-4 5 1-8 1 3-8 8 7-8 "PILE SUFFERBKS TAKE HOPE A generation of almost miraculous success In overcoming me oldest, most hopeless appearing cases of all forms of Piles is responsible for Cross ^alvc's honest guarantee, to either (:1!rc ynu or . c y the most grateful relief you ever cspcncnccd in your life, or your money returned without a question being asked. 30c & 5Qc at all dealers. The Cross Salve Co Inc., Marion, Kentucky." Nebraska Plans New Third Political Pariy NELIGH, Neb. fUP)-A third party, designed on lines similar to the Fanner-Labor organization of Minnesota, is being formulated in northeast Nebraska. A scries of conferences at strategic points i, t the slate to (me opinion into mi articulate demand lot' (lie new party have been plan- nee for this spring by Dr. r. M Hall of Noligh. Hall claims lo linvc extensive! support from ;ill quarters ol the .ilate for the new movement. fo plans to form county units of farmers dissatisfied with efforts being tnaric by major parties .inci later weld these into a state organization. "Many pfjpic i,, lllc - western section of the stole are satisfied omething must be done and we pluii to Marl immediately," said TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY KOOM i. IIOAIU) Excellent Jxmie cooked MEALS reasonable. Large fro;,,' bedroom for w U|> »? ? r mc "' M1ss Bcss H'»- '« 11 W. Main.' Call 280. 7-ck-lf Put M.-nllvolalurt, In »he« 0 ,i r ib fo relieve oiid promgle All Perfect Cosfumc Colors Available In Your Favorite Archer Stocking o NAVY BLUE We refer particularly lo Navy Blue if you're wearing blue. SI. $1.23' am! S1.50 grades. No. 1M) Extremely sheer. 2 thread, ringless stocking. $1.50. No. M ;( thread, a tiiily Iwuu- tlful stocking that wears. 51.25. No. 200 3 thread, in neiv clear, clashing Spring shades. 51.00. No. 1050 Luce toy walking chiffon, all colors. Sl.OO. No. 650 3 thread chiffon, satisfaction In its superior • • wearing qualities. TOe. Remember Our HqsifU'.y Club Plan Gives You Every lltli Pair PRKE! Good Shoes and Hosiery Artificial of tlie Division said artificial feeding is expensive, re duccs the physical stamina 'or (lie animals, and rc.sults In abnormal concentration which, in turn, crc- iles range problems. Division experts consequently liave recommended an immediate reduction in the nmmml of foot! furnished at the corrals so u la t the victims of man's misijuklcrt phUanlliropy will be re-educated :o ficlf-tlcpcndcnce." 'Get Those Robbers!' Girl Orders— Motorist Does! CLEVELAND (Ul')-Wlien two robbers forced her to the basement while they took $50 from the lill of an Ice cream company where she works and then ran to the street, Evelyn "Vinucan 's clerk, ran after them. ' " ' "Get those men," she -screamed at a motorist just starting his carl Obligingly, he sped down the street in the direction of the men. As he pulled alongside the fleein- robbers, he swung open a car door" Both hopped in. Miss Finucan suddenly realized she had sought aid of the "look- °ut'' man. I ' Bee owners along the Nils place Heir hives on boats and flout them 10 regions where flowers arc abun- CLOCCID •wu... ~__^ -^^Aua^v^vL^-j^j^i Get Relief from CONSTIPATION INDIGESTION - HEADACHE^* LOSS OF APPETITE '" ' Don't let poisons and waste mat- your system and -. , the Weal Tonic and Liquid Laxative, help cleanse your cntira system, wake up your lazy liver and gall bladder, purify the blood, restore appetite and weight and give relief to stomach and constipation troubles. PURATONE helps tiing back energy and builds up run-down systems. If has been proven bv thousands of satisfied users as the ideal • fomc, hotly buiMor and system cleanser. Read Special Offer PBRATOHE Tpnic & Liquid Laxative Buy one bottle o£ P U H A T 0 N E for Price 51,25) an S, 1 "-/" 11 size bottle ABSOLUTELY FREE. Your money will be refunded iipon return of the FCCC empty bottle ami the full bottle if you are not completely satisfied. q,, VALUABLE COUPON is COUPON . REGULAR $1.25 PURATONE •« 1 THIS OP'FEIl EXPIRES FOR SAI.I-; 1IY l!lyttie\illc, Ark. Bell Pharmacy Corner Main & Division Borum's Drug store 205 West, Main Fowler Drug Store Corner Miiin & First Kitby Bios. Drug Store Corner Main & Broadway Kirby Drug Store Corner Main & Second Robinson Drug store Corner Main & Railroad Robinson Pharmacy 310 K. Main St. Francis Drug store 417 W. Ash Luxora, Ark. Wilktns Drug Store Bogali's" Drug, Store Osccola, Ark. City Drug store MasscnGilt Drug Store Wclboru Drug Store Davis Drug Store Bell, Ark. Neel . Drug store Manila, Ark. People's Drug Store I.eachville, Ark. Eblin's Drug store Armorcl, Ark. Armorel Drug Store Sicele, MO. . Highway Drug Store City Drue store Cooler, Bio. Cooper's Pharmacy Holland, Mo. Cooper's Pharmacy r

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