The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
Page 6
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'- a--__' '• ''.. .___rr=— -.. ; ——r^=—_ IjJ-VTHK VTU,!? (A111? ) rOlflUEft NFWS >>« • 1 '~ ~"~ — •-•-__• — ------ •=—..:....;... '.. -~-=^--^=^.^r==-^^=^ s= ^ ==== ^_ =r ^ ==r _wmNRsnAV, orTflnR!^.!, ma Chickasaws To Meet Piggott Here, Friday Night 11 E?,,, r*\ It<8Robert8 '^! ngtBatchelOT .iL-iiClllS 'BRUsiN<nJi^ORTS~77. By Laufer !E FDR IEFOT IN Blyllievillc Gviddcrs Anxious To Rub Out Mem-1 ory .of Loss Last Year. Pucb!-,' n ie.ini that bent them bst year th<; niytht-vilie hij:h. trhool Chlckasnws will hike on (lie 1 l'ig,!<itt hl|ih eleven Friday nlghl at Haley Field lu-re. The (.-aim- will ly called at 7:-ts o'clock. While the Chicks scored a V, to 7 vK-iory ever tho Orrnla Seinin- nles in their opt-nlng Itisl v.-iH'l: lilythcvillc: coaches lire ipilck lo admit that the locals will have to. more Friday than they displayed last week if they are lo trounce the Clay county 'agiira;n- . tic n. Though the lop-sided triumph oicr the O.sceolans was licarlcnlnt: even in vlccory (he Chicks sho«edi ihai they needed considerable grooming in certain derailments 'nf the game. The Maroon and White warriors nere particularly weak against a nasslns; attack last week nnd Ihc Blvtheville mentor* have set out to adjust their defense to cope with •the ueiial game. However rcpoil.s rrom Piggott indicate that the visitors, usually known for their .-peed will display a crashing power attack this year centering around n heavy fullback and a heavy tackle who o|»n s up hole.s for the back. IL was this rame i.icklo u-ho dealt the Chirks so much misery by breaking through the line and smearing their plays before the Chick backs could get .started last year. The locals are planning their attack to cope with this brawny lineman Friday. ;Heavy scriininafiing will be In order ot Hnley Field Ihis afternoon as tlie locals prep for the Piggott tussle. The PigKott team defeated New Madrid. Mo., by two touchdowns last week while the Chicks were taking Osceola. Last year they beat the Blytiievlllc eleven by one touchdown. Today's :ci!mmage follows a similar session Tuesday. All of the Chicks arc In -fair Will Get Chance to Show SlufI When Their Clash Saturday. IIV JI.M.MV DOXAIIlii: XllA Service Spurt-, Wrilrr When At!:eil.i Saturday. »;••.. 7. t ulsters may f.l-al tiie : Irrjtn tin.- oilier t,i-,nly b:i\:; there on the cridlron. F<i.- tin..- t"','o will be br.L'A'lin^ fo: th'- l.on' Of Alt-Anieiie;i :;rlir!ilil]. l-'Ioyd "Ijitlc I'leac.-er" U ,ben S|)e('iiil!st in syncopated hlili will bf there [•iinsiiii" lor 111? Wave—a IK 1 (nil- "f ilu- (uuKheit-lo-i;rt-ln has ever Coacli If Floyd C-eoru, ••Little Preacher' Ifjberts. l; ,eal TuUinr buck. left, can i;et by fii.ihn,,, rleht K man. hell probably rate All-Aineiua honors. If lie doesn't, maylr Hate-hclnr will.' ' :-rmpc for the Piggott battle which will probably 'witness the return of Charley Brocjdon to the line-up. Morse has been favoring a bad ankle thi s week but 'should be ready for action. He dlsaiayc:! i neat change of pace in MIC run last week and played a sond all around 'game. ''•(! Cox's bif 'ii'i- . was tilt- b'::; of i-n All-Ame:- ic:i b:iek. l")<ni Zimmoi-nKin. and the lack of talent enmil to Don's «li- her. Uut uji bobbed tliv little Jen- con boy. brother ol Lloyd 'Trracll- er" fiohu-rls, cap'.uin and star «f that B ri-at 1031 Green Wave Babe Ruth Hurls Win jam) fitted rinht into the liu!". ' ':Ls brother, is captain. Horned Frogs Have Won Seven Out of Nine i Games From Porkers, j FORT WORTH. Tex.—Out ol a J total of nine meetings on the yitd- Iron of the Univcisity of Arkansas and Texas Christian University, the Horned Progs from Fort Worth have come nfl victorious SLIDES V BKHUCHER llirtt Luck! • 'A routine dispatch from Urbana. Ill, the other day read a s follows"University or Illinois freshmen gave the varsity stiff competition in a practice game. One of the first casualties of the season was Douglas Monsson, a junior from Chicago, -who sustained a broken ankle in- the scrimmage. Two bones in the ankle were -fractured and It is believed Monsson will be out all season." ~But" that isn't all the story. Here's a bit of background that ought to be added lo the siory: Hf Wanled a Letter Something like nine years ago a young man named Charles Douglas Monsson. just turned 21. matriculated at the University of Illinois. Football was his n.ission He wanted to wear a letter earned Playing under Bob Zuppke He went out for lite freshman (earn P!ayed hard and earned the commendation of coaches. '-., . Then nc was called home Dons had to work to help support the family. One (hing and another came up, this form of hard luck and that, to prevent his returning letter t0 CCt lt1!U c " crishe " But the desire persisted. Dong Monsson often sat in the stands to watch his team play and hope for the day when he could be dowi there with the boys. After sfvei years the wish still burned nn d.mmed. So he went back u school and announced he was ready • • « The Conquering Spirit - Zupp looked him over and studied his record. A RUJ- who stuck to his youthful ambition after seven years must be ready to go places, Doug was. In the Ion? arduous practice sessions, his spirit helped to.make the squad forget Its weariness. This old man Man- tson had It I Monsson had the kind of spirit that never has failed to captivate Zupp. so the coach put him In »t guard against the trosh. with the command, "Show 'em how an old man can go, Dougl" Old Man Monsson went as hard as he could, a little loo hard, perhaps, for after one of the fierce charges, there he was. spread out on the grass, racked by pain. Zupp went out and bent over .... Monsson looked up. ."I couldn't help It, Zupp." That w»s his ftrewell to the gridiron. C*un«. news Want Ads) times. The football rivalry between the two schools started back in 1920 with a score of 17 to 2 in favor of T. C. V. The Arkansas victories came in 192-I (20 to 0) and Ifr 1 ! (10 to 3). Coach Francis Schmidt has taken his Frogs . to Fayetteville but once since he madi the tr,insr»v from Arkansas to'T. c. U. Thnl was t.w'o years a«o at the t-nie of Arkansas' Homecoming. Tnn l-Yo^s just manapcd to win. ih» score b'- i"8 7 ,o 0 in their furor. In the nine sanies "that the t-.vo schools have played. T. c. U." has rolled up a total ol 133 points to ... | Arkansas 1 65. The greatest margin Of that lime was In 1CHO when the Frogs dedicated their new stadium by swamping the Porkers 40 to 0. The records for the individual years nre: 1020—Arkansas. 2; T. C. U.. 17. 1921—Arkansas. 14; T. C U 19 1924—Arkansas. 20: T. C. U.. 0. 1025—Arkansas. 0; T. c. U.. 3 1920—Arkansas, 7; T. c. U.. 10. 1927—Arkansas. 10; T. c. U.. 3 1930—Arkansas. 0; T. C. U. -K)' 1031— Arkansas. 0; T. c. U.. 7 1032—Arkansas, 12; .T. C Cannda ind have ' ° Babe Ruth's in there. That's I-'lovd, like .._. -.- _.,, "LSUlo Preacher" runs like frightened Jack rabbits you can see around his home town of Stiglcr. Okla. He. \w-ishs 17(1 pounds, whirl: isn't loo inucli !o drag down Vis [speed, nor too mile to hamper his j line hammering I No matter ho*- good Roberts i.s. ! he'll have to be at his best to got I by Batchelor. Tins !•; the Georgia I slai-'s last year. Weighing aofl ' pounds and in the bcbt, condition of his three years on the squad. Balclielor lias an even chance to stop Roberts. I ... At the start of the fall training season Coach Harry Mehre was asked to name hi.s probable ssar:- ing lineup. '"I'll name liatchelor for the regular team, and you sports writers cnn pick the rest of (lie (eam from the smia:l." he .said. Yv.-ich loaves little to be explained as to the status of Graham in Mehre's mind. The end lias, had plenty of op- ixjrtunity to improve his plav of last year. Meiire has had Chijk Shiver. All-America end of o°or- Bia in 1927. and "Catfish" Smith. All-Southern star of 1931. to gi\v the boy pointers. Bntclielor. nf l\v stinton, Texas Batchtliirs. i.s a track star as well as a football player Hr I'onslslently won first plates in broad jump, javelin, dlscuj and Hul you may not pick him out (he first time | S . 1 ' OI 1 )IU (Hiring ILe track seaso:i iNSWERS localise Ihe tiiinous Yankee "lugger is throwing them instea:! of batting them. Deserting the outfield. Hie -10-year-old veteran Ditched his team lo a 0-5 victory over the Boston Red Sox in the final gnnie of Ihe season at Yankee Stadium. Noy York. U marked Ihc completion of his 20th ycur in baseball. i r ' i(i(lv atlerncon. The Paragouln ParagOll'.d Seeks Revenge . IT I i Wl T biand of canines are anxious to TOr LOSS tO WliSOn 1 eam ; nvcnge n deteul. suffered last yen: i the outstanding fight- an Oklahoma hoy. If Roberts gets by Batchelor. he's an All-America | back; If B-itc'rclor stops Roberts he's an All-America end---biit if iff n. tie. well, we'll make 'em belli PARAGOULD. Ark.—Tile Para- high school Bulldogs under Tjy the score of 13 to 0. The gravitational pull of the new — —- ' Ccacli Jack Dale are prepariiiR for pl.incl.'rhHo. which was wfccovcr- tnc untcd Slates their nnnunl clash with n, c Wilson : cd in lOro, was noted IOUK before ,,,m?r- m'i l'- S ° " iB l' EchMl Bllll[1 °*: s - ! the planet was ever seen bv tclr- imuls in 1012 cities.' The game will be played here' scope. TEST YOUR FOOTBAIL KNOWLEDGE , All-Americas. CAMI: Tcsas-Ntbraska Tulanf-r.enrcla »Hn!i-U. 0. 1,. A. Tfx C'hristlan-Ark. VanilerfciH-N. ( aro. Titt-W. V.i. nartm,, u ih-V.T. Slanfonl-S, C lani Alabama-*, s. Brown-I!h .k- Island MlKiir.ot.vlndUn.1 Mich.-Mirli. Slate f'.fi>r. Terh-Ky. Purdue-Olilo II. S. Calif-Wash. Slate Tetnplf.CarncjIe T. HRAI'CIIKR 1'ICKS Nebraska' Cooniiu lU:ih Tex. Clirislinn Viiinlerbill rill Dartnumth Stinfiiril Aliituina Harvard Brnwn .Mim.rsoU Michigan ^eoruia Tech I'lirdue Wash. Slate CanicKi^i Tech SPOUTS KDIT01! foritint N t:\vs TICKS Nebraska Tula lie UUh Tev, ClirKtlaii Vamlerbilt fill Iliiiliiiiuill, SI inford Alakiiiu Kar,.,r,l llrtm,, iMiniirsulj MlcIHgan Oecreia Tcdi run) ue So. rallfornl.a Carnr^li Tech YOU PICK SfOKK . Slatc-Sl. Louis Alarqueitc-Ulscon. C?Hf.-Sl. Mary's S. M. U.-Tcx. Mines \otrc Dame-K.irL«is Iowa-Bradley Navy-Mercer - SI. Louis ^VIs^olvin California S. M. V.. N'olrr flamr lon-a \a\-y state Wisconsin S. M. V. N'oltc Dame Iowa Navy FOLLOW 4 BALL IN FAVORITE PLAYS OF FAMOUS COACHES HV ART KKKN7. NEA Servlcr Spe.rts Writer A newcomer to the liig Ten circuit last year already has mapped out. n succcsslul gronnd-yainine p'.ay after one season of watching defenses of Western Conference teams. He is Dernie Hierman. Minne HIKE Louisiana Oyster and has ° utstr ii>r»<i st. Louis as a „. . • can marketing center. -shrimp Industries Thrive] <6*_ Carrie II- uium c.a, Ic-aciillf FJltri, ii: ;i:c. [• WOMEN PITFH.M;!-: :. n ri i:--. 1.11.; IMS hetn |.fcsi<.'"in i.r ti\<- e ,\y^.i<-i:il ..... . Till' 1'nilci! IN AUIXONA. is Iho '.vivrlrl'^ -Ijirf^'st cn|i|n-r niin.^. |JKI,A\VAF!K'S Moilher.l }K>IIII(i»iy is virculiir i HOUMA, La. (UP) — Tiouma's : oyster ami .shrimp industries, both noted for the excellence of their • i.noilncus, are Ihe nininstav of this ! section. At Ihls season, r>03 shrimp boats : are busy fishing and 3.000 packers are employed in the canning ! plants. Foreign countries last year l-r.iii more than Sl.OGO.OCO for 58.- CCfl barrels o' shrimp from Terp ; bcnne Paribh packing plants, and l £?59.0Cfl fo-.- sim-rirird shrimp. i The oysters taken lie-re nre said : to br the finrsi in the world, j t;rovinj; in th? purest of waters," i and biini; in around S500.000 an-' nuallv. < 1 • Road Courier News Want Ads Coolest Spot In Town!' Last Time Today MAT. 10c-25c MTE I0c-35c .JOAN' HI.ONDK1X and : WARREN • WIL MAMS in 'GOODBYE AGAIN' NEWS - - COiMEDY i cake. .J-- sj^s I Thursday& Friday it willi^ r .». . „ nft , - . * I Pecan Crop Conil ~~'. BRAD','. Tex. (UP)—This section I. ng the ball from No. 2, while No. verily is nuttier than a fruit cake. ! fades wide ar. if to receive a The Pecan Pool, largest oteral. operative pecan marketing "No. 2. however, continues with in Texas, has miniated it" will !,,.„, ." ------,, he ball through the line, with ship approximately 800,000 pounds i •"-'*'• ICc-ZSC NfTE 10c-35c No. C and 7 blocking Ihe oppoa- of iu celebrated prcduct this year, j player 'D.' and No. 8 crossing Most of the crop will be sold in I iver to cross block 'C: No. 5 gels San Aiuonia which in recent years i through to block the back play- — ! 'ng close to the line, and back No. ' \. after shouldering the opposing tackle out of the way, continues iown to block out the opposing left half. -I.' Nos. 10 and 11 cu 'hrough for the safety. 'K.' "This play can be used in connection with companion plays. =iich as a lateral ficm No. S "to No. 1. or a pass play, with No. :( dropping but-:: In do (lie lllrow- At The Home Of The Mayo Clinic • •"idchcsler. Minn.) the health of- fi-er. Ur. D. C. Lorkliend. recently sa:tl in n •stntemen! through the press. "We In the health department are concerned about mill- f'l.m two a P.? If:,. Because It t •he best food obtainable, we want to see it consumed in "rent tpian- : ftirs. and beoius" of the pa«ibll- i;y of it.s sp-.-e:.ding disease. \vc vviini to know Ihul our local sup ,:Iy is prrrlncfvl under all the re- fnvmfnls of production rammer- .•Mllv po^sible niul that II be pas. luei-;?ed so tluit «e eati fi-.-ii-jnte' It safe." 'IVleptinno No. 71 Itcnncd's milk i< Mir<» — it's properly li.islcutizcd. Bennett's Dairy OXY Wed. and Thursday and N1TE—lOc - 25c: LOVE and ! 'LUXURY rer Itan To Insure Your Cotton Call 707 CaudiH's Affenr.y GENERAL IN'SC'RANCE 106 North Brn:\dirar °°l P eopv ,\Vie' p sola mentor, who tells me the piny described here is "one of my favorites." "The team lines up with the strong side of the line to the right." Blennan explains. "And here's what happens; j "The ball is passed to No. 2j I back. No. 5 pivots nnd fakes tnk- MtMORRHOins IPiles) cured without Ilic kr.Ifc. Skin cancer, varicoscd veins, tonsils removed non-surgically. DKS. MES and MES Office 514 Main Plume 98 •is Stone Home. Ell?.i Allan anil 1'hilllps Holmes in hDll LQOKIWG HAY, ERT ; •ONTGOI dncftk Mickey Mouse Cartoon Clark & McCulIough Comedy Pox News Comedy C 0 i\[ I N G Sunday and Monday ON THE STAGE IN I'ERSON Mitzi Shelton And Her All Girl Band XV

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