Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes Wi /ith a better understanding of the - transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper ef- forts—gcntle efforts—plcasantufforts—• Tightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms of aiekncss arc not due to an.y actual dis- e*ac. but simply to :i constipatedcond" tlon of the system, which the pleasant Jmittily laxative. Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is tho only Jwnedy with millions of families, and is •Terywherc esteemed so higMy by all who value good health. Its beneficial effects are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal «leanliness without debilitat-'ng the oreans on which it acts. It is therefore •11 important, in order to pet its bene- flcial effects, to note when you.pnr- «hasc, that you have the genuine arti- de which is raanufacuired by the Culi- lornia Fig Syrup Co. only nnd sold by »11 reputable dnipgists. II in the enjoyment of good health, mud the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If afflicted with any actual disease, one •lay be commended to the most skillful •physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should have tbe best, and with tbe -well-informed everywhere, Syrup of figs stands highest and is most largely •wed and gives most general satisfaction. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co. "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Over the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The •nperlor accommodations given the great number of patrons of the above train during tbe past tourist season, warrants tins announcement of plans for next season of finer service with equipment superior to anything yet known in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-inauguration of "SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. Tho Southern Pacific Co: "Sunset •fioute" in connection with the "Queen and Crescent ttouco" are running tbt ooly line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and .gan Francisco. Thesa excursions are specially Coa- •docted, and the object Is to enable those -•who do not care to buy tbe first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy a comfortable ride with sleeping car privileges and no change of cars at the •rery low second-class rate. For further Information, addresa W. •H. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. P. Co., Cincinnati, 0. W. G. NEIMYEE, G. W. Agt. S. P. •o., Chicago, 111. 8. F, MORSE, G. P. & T. Agt. S. P. •o., New Orleans, La. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th and continuing nntll about Sept. 30th tbe steamers of this lino will make two trips cacli way •Bally between St. Joseph, and Chicago, •D the following- schedule: Leave St. Joseph at -1:30 p. m. and 10:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m., dally, Including Sunday.. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 't a. m,, and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. HnnnlDg",tIme across laUc 4 hours. Trl-weekly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday mnd Friday evenings. The equipment oE this line includes tbe side wheel steamers City of Chicago •od City of Milwaukee (the largest and finest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt' propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with all Tandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all IVandalla Line stations. Chicago dock toot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Prea., Benton Harbor, Mich. "Wake up, Jacob, day is breaking!" BO said DeWltt's Little Early. Riser to the man who Jiad taken them to arouse tl« Sluggish liver.—Jno. M. Johnston. Children Cry for Csitprla* _ *••''• —'-'Ju*W 1 ^t*-.-. DEAD BY UAW. New Yorli Court* Ankcil to Lee 1 *!'? Rf ~ vivify a Hoturnuit Wmiilcror. 0!in Fuller, who disappeared from his home in OrlcunB county, New York state, four years ago, figures in a peculiar case now ponding before the supreme court in the Eighth judicial district. He hns gone to the. courts to prove that he is uJive. Hi« lawyer the other day told this story of tie uu.se. "Fuller has been declared by the courts, ami he must continue to be regarded ns dead, until the courts act. He is now 48 yon.ru old, and has added two vcnrs to his string since he was declared dead by law. His -father, David fuller, was a well-to-do farmer lu Orleans county. Bo hud real estate and personal property worth $30,000. The sion mysteriously disappeared in June, 1S92, and did riot reappear until a few months ago. Every effort wtis made to find him without success. Meanwhile his lather died, leaving- no will. When the (settlement ol the estate came up in the surrogate's court the son was still missing. His relatives and friends gave him up for dead, and his decease was officially declared, David Fuller's prop- crty then went to the son's wife and dauj? Utcr." "There was, of course, much surprise when the man thought to be dead came bncl; to his home a short time npo. He desired to reclaim his inheritance, but was unable to do BO because, so for as the law was concerned, he was a dead man. Then lie bogr-in proceedings in the supreme court to have his life restored. Tf fuller 1 wins his case it will be one of the few instances where n dead m:ui hns been brought back to lifebyaconrt order. rasUlo:iii.blo R'llllunlH. A novel match tit billiards v.-ns played recently at one of the West End. London, clubs. One player was attired in a full suit o[ armor and wore on his hands ten .Berlin gloves; i,he other wore boxing gloves. The g-ai:io was 1,000 up. each player giving the other OSO. The man with the "mittens" won. Knjjlluli BntUosliips. Of the nine great English battle ships builcling—tlic Majestic. MVig-iii/Jccut. Illustrious. Victorious. Mar*, .Tnpitnr, Prince Coorjrc, Osnr rind Hannibal— the last named is credited with the heaviest tonnage, for i'-s Olsplancment !i; rcrkoncd it 1.1.0-H. ROUND, .ROSY FACES Laughing eyes, frames full of vigor and elasticity, are blessings abta.Iu.iblo by the cadaverous, (lie haggard nntl the dyspeptic wli'o try t'.wit wisest oC experiments—ail experiment whose happy outcome is certified to by myriads—via., a course of nostcttcr's Stomach Bitters promptly bosun and steadily pursued. There Is uo tonic comparable to it in omcacy, none 'more ngi'ccaWf and speedily' beneficial. The nervous uud dypcptic, suffering from malaria, .rheumatism, constipation, biliousness • and kidney troubles are vapidly aided by the Bitters, and it is one o£ the best means oC counteracting the effects or excessive bodily or mental fatigue and exposure in wet or Inclcmcut weather. Persons of sedentary liabits find it n most useful vivifler and recuperator o£ exhausted energy. Use it in order to sleep well, eat heartily and digest thoroughly. Physicians ev.crywljere speak in high terms of it. Miss .Tauc Adams, -tlic founder of Hull House, Chicago, who has been ^pending sauite tiflitv suidyius the east end. ttl 1 TJOiiidon gfovw it as her opinion Mot London is moire wicked than Chi- CJIKO. • Whca wo consider tluit tlio intestines arc about five limes as long .is the body, wo can realize the intense suffering experienced wheu'they become inflamed. DeWilt's Colic not! Cholera Cure subdues inflammation at once and completely removes the difficulty.—Jno. M, Johnston. • CloiiH'Uit Younger, of Marlrwltc, \Vi.->., was. about a year ago, scratched by a hen lie was Drying 10 catcli. Partial pairajysssis from blood poisoning fol- lowxxl. A fc.w days a#o ho slightly luifri the p.iiiulyx.cd arm and died. Persons who have a coughing spell every iiltfht, on account of a tickling sonsatkra In the throat, rcny overcome it at once by a dose of One Minute Cough Core.—Jno. M. Johnston. "Can you lend . me 105 marker "X'lmit's n singular amount (o ask for. •yv.lisiit do yon want ot the odd five'?" "I wish to demomstotn >m.y licucst Intentions by pnjiing to yon at once lire marks on account,"—Fliogeude Blotter. 1C it required nn annual outlay of ?100,000 to Insure a family against auy serious consequences from an attack o£ bowel complaint during tlie year there arc many who would foci It their duty to pay it; that they could not afford to risk their lives, and those of their .family for such nn amount. Any one can got this insurance for 25 cents, that being the price of a bottle of. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In almost every neighbor- hood'some one has died from an. attack o*-bowel'.complaint before medicine could be procured or a physician summoned. One or two doses of this remedy will cure any ordinary case. It never falls. 'Can you afford to take the risk for so: small; an amount ?,. For sale SIMPLE AT FIRST. It is Foolish to Neglect Any Form of Piles-Cure TlKMii at the Beginning. Piles are staple In the bi'ginuiiiK and easily cured. They cnn be cured even in the worst stages, without pain or loss of blood, quickly, surely and completely There is only one remedy Hint will do It —Pyramid PUe Cure. It allays the inflammation Immediately, heals the. Irritated surface and with continued treatment reduces tbe swell- imp and prits the membranes into gooo, sound, healthy condition. The cure is thorough -and permanent. Here are sonic voluntary ami unsolicited testimonials we have lately received, Mrs. M. C. Hlnkly, G01 Mississippi St. Indianapolis, Ind., says: Have been a sufferer from tlie pain and annoyance of piles tor ufu-eii years, the Pyramid Pile Cure and 1'yramld Fills gave me immediate relief and in a short time a complete cure. Major Doim of Columbus, Ohio, says: I wish to add to the number of certificates as to the benellts derived from the Pyramid File Cure. I suffered from pi'les for forty years and from itchins piles for twenty years and two boxes of the Pyramid Pile Cure have effectually cured me. Most drn-gists sell Pyramid Pile Cure or will get U tor you It' yon ask tliem to. I-t is one dollar per package and is put np only by the Pyramid Drug Co., Albion, Mich. An idea of iiiie extent of tJie cat He business in sJoucheastern Arizona "ftiay bi> pa.tiherod from tlic foUo'Wlnj: njnuvs: TlKire wiiM shortly be shipped from Tucsc-n 000 ca.i*; from Wllcox, 1,200; train BOJISOU, 500; from Gcro-nlmo, 20U; a>nd .from Saoi Sl'man, 200. The average capacSny of a ca,r is tli'itty-flve Jierid, so •chat the :total sluiiimeut \v!ll amount to 0-i,500 liond. A VALtABLE PKESCR1PXIOK Eilitor Jtorrisou of Worlliington, Ind., ''Sun" writes "1'ou nave a valuable prescription in Electric Bitters, and I can cbcerPnlly rcco-mmeud it for constipation and sick headache, and as a general system tonic it hns no equal." Mrs. Annie StchJe 2C25 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, was all run down, could not eat -nor digast food, bad a backache which never left her and, felt tired and weary, but six bottles of Electric Bitters restored her hoal-tli and renewed Lev strength. Price CO cents and ?1.00. Get a bottle at B. F. Keeping's drug store. Hauswi. the Norwegian ski runner, is going 10 Hie iiiw Siberian islands to inspect t.lie dujwis of pvovisEons left there for Najiscm :uid to swrcli for true- OS of tlic expedition. It would be Iianl to convince a mnu suffering from bilious colic that bis agony is due to a miscrobe with an uu- pronounwblc oa-me. But one dose of DeWit'fs Colic and Cholera C\iro will convince him of its power to afford Instant relief.'it kills paiii.--.Tobn M.Jolm- ston. .A. ^Vlitonan (Mass.) tloricul-lnralist is being Inuglicd a-t because he planted the couitents of a box of pills In his garden instead of seed*, -aiml then wondered \vh-y 't'ncy didn't grow. Pass rlic good word along the lino. Piles can be quickly cured without an. operation by simply applying DcWItfs Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. .Tohnston. A liumfan.] Falls (Me.) physician, who was called ouit i-u the middle ol.' tin; night w!i.s mad w.lifu lie. h'.arnod the pa- ticivt was a d.og. However, Hie fee was just tlic same. Mr, James Perdue, an old soldier re siding at Monroe, M-icli., was severelj afflicted with iihoumat-lsm but recclvec prompt rcUef Cram pain by using Cham borlain's Ptun Balm. He says: "At flmos my back would ache so badly that I could liai'dly raise up. If •! bad not gotten relief I would not be here to write these Jew lines. Chamberlain's Pain Balm br.s done me a great deal o£ goal and I feel very thankful Cor it." For sale by B. F.JCeesLing. I-t -fcs saiid That a HoRIeu (Me,) £anncr, .wlto pcoposcs lo buj'kl a cyiJone cellar, lost tJn-ee h'cns, tweaKy-scven well-laden I'.rivBttrecfi. fourteen rows of prime peas, am acre of bcsi,DS, 104 ligh'-ts oC glass, two obiimmoys, a yciulHug calf :m<1 n yctu-'s growth during 'the recent gale and 1iti.il sitorm. Small in size, but great in results. DoWltt's Little Eai-Iy Risers net gently but thoroughly, curing Indigestion, dyspepsia and- constipation. S-mall pill, safe pill, best pill. TORTURED HIM TO DEATH. Ladies' bicycles are now turned out in England wMb dimming bags, hold- jing nwny Uatoty atrtldes, such as- mirror, powder-pull and perfume bottle. No British sovereign has vetoed a. Parlimentary bill during the last 185 years. • . . ' • Pltcher'0 Ca»torl» Alaikiv Chief Accnn«il IllH Kopbew of . .WLtchcrftft. In jail lit .'lunruii, Alaxkn, waiting triuJ on t-hc charge of murder. Is Chief Ye Tcctlech, the tyec of t-hc Hoonan Indians, -a small'tribe of about a liundrcd members occupying- riucaldkoff island, about a hundred miles south of Juncaii. The offense with which the old chief Is charged is the murder by torture of his nephew, whom he accused of witchcraft. The chief hnd a disease affectLr.g his right leg- which h;:d gradually eaten the greater part n.way. lie drcnmed ti'.nt his nephew hnd bewitched him, anil oil the strength of this he proceeded to inflict punishment cl lie the crimp- The victim's knees \veri> Vii-nt back and in this position he WHS 'oiind tiylilJy ton fre*?. An iron bnnd 11 quarter of nn inch thick wna then plnced uround his face. Rink- ing into the no.sc and 'covering the eyes, and this was also made fast to the tree, so that lie was unable to move his head in any direction, lie was left in (hispo- sition to starve to death. He lived five days. He wns 20 years of ago. FLOCKING TO THE EL DORADO. TttleH of Qulckly-Mudo JL'orJ.unfi* Senrt ThouKaiulri to Soutli Afrlciw The influx of immigrants into South Africa is continuing :it such a ra.pid rate that the Cape Times fears that before many months have, passed they will once more be face 1o face with the unemployed, tlifllcuJiy, Not even Uit 1 unex- nmplcd progress of Johannesburg can possibly keep pace with the weekly arrivals. Sooner or later there will be n serious glut in the labor market and a hfcfivy f;iJl in the remuneration of labor. Already, it seems, the tendency of wages, outside the rhiss of nrdsanS. !* in the downward direction. First-class men will, of course, aiwnys command pood pay in South Africa, because their ranks are by no means extensively recruited, from the flood of new arrivals. But t,he outlook for !Jiird-rate men is by no means favorable. 0;i7 <:or.- tcmpovary hears, for instance, of lol- crnbly cfiicicrit. clerks o.f the moclianical Order who are scraping along on the 7niserable pittance of five (shillings a day, which is a good deal less llinn one would call a "living- wage" ar. tin.- Cape. A Circular Yarn. A JlajiuhQslc-r (England) mun who picked up a. jrold i'iug in the-street (Ji-2 other day took it home and found, by singnlur coincidence, that it belonged to bis wife. The AutrolpLrSlcT^Trjuc lias its badges widely iltet.ributcd aiinong the. boys of New York City. -Wake up, .Tacob, day ks brcalting;" so slid DrtViitfs L'iiftilc Early Riser,-* to the man who bad taken -them to arouso life sLugglsli livor.—.lino. M. Johnston Sam—\Vlircr yo' ga-iit a.ll do hi,'U.=, .Tim? ,-)•;,,,_K;].is«] urn. Sam-J^im whar— eggs or coops?—Puck, THE IDEAL PANACEA. Tames L. Francis, Alderman, Chicago says: "I regard Dr. King's New Discovery as an Ideal Panacea for Coughs, Colds and Lung Complaints, liaviug used It iu my family for the last five years, to the exclusion of physician's prescription or other preparations." Rev, John Burgus, Kcokuk, Iowa, writes: "I have been, a' minister of the Methodist Episcopal church for 50 years or more and have never found anything so beneficial, or that gave me such speedy relief as Dr. King's" New Discovery." Try this Ideal Cough Remedy now. Trial Bottle free at B. F. Kcesiing's drug store. landing Ills tlait voo small to aecom- odate numcncms Iriends invited to a birlili-day 1'etist, Uic jaiiittor of a Presby^ •terian c'luinxih 'in- Clui-cago, took the l«,rty across ,lhe street. An tho church pa-rtor. Rce.r flowed freely aud flicre was a good time uiMil a. deacon hoard the rackctf a.ud stopped the baccbajia- Jian feast. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve in the world Toi cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rljemn, fever Bores, tcttei-s, chapped bands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price -25 cents per box. For sale by' B. F. Keesllng. A toboggan slide ait St. Marit/,, Swit- wrlia-Uid, to tlwe-qua.rtors of a mile long aud ilKKfn who use : ilt: -shoot from cad to and i'li sevciHty-oiiie seconds. ' We arc auxtons to do a little, good in this world and can tli'iiik of no pleasant- ei-.or better w.-iy to do it tban by recommending One Minute-Cough Cure as a preventive of pneumonia,, consumption and other serious lung troubles that follow neglected colds.—Jno. M. Johnston. The President of the Republic of Andorra im fih<? P.vronces, receives a salary of !?15 a year. .Tojvn of Arc was tive feet four inches it> height as' proved by measurement of a suit of armor worn by her. Vhtn Baby wu lick, w» gave her Cutcrte, Whsonliewiu* Child, sho cried'or CiutorU. Vbra she became Miss, she cluag to Cutorit, THE "IRON CHANCELUOR." lutercitlnK calmpsc of Prince lll«m»rclt— flonijotl with CttlloM. Prince Bismarck continues to be in fair health and high spirits and receives visitors at int«rvnls as formerly. It is nece-ssory, however, that the number of bis visitors should be greatly restricted, for if he should receive all who express a desire to call and pay their respects to him, the time of the aged ex-chancellor would be wholly occupied with receptions. A party 01 Mecklcnbnrgers M'sitcd ihe prince at Friedriclisru-he the other day and presented, him with n small model of the Frcidrich Fran/, monument. The ex-ohr.nccllor chatted in o. lively manner ivith his visitors, and related ninny reminisci'nws con- r.ectcd with Mcelck'nbnrg. IJngen Wolf, the explorer, hns jusi presented Prince Bismarck with -a collection of curios and natural mementos which he gathered in Madagascar. The princi- hue ordered the (-.ollection 10 be oxhib- iii-d in a tent in the park at 1'riedrichs- nihc. Prince )li.sniarck lal^ly ox-cited the discontent of the inhr.'.r.l.-r.'.s of tlie duchy of Lauenburg by his -ictioii in connection with the t.imc-!',ni:urcd Alay driy celebration in the dtfcliy. The Ony Jms JODK- been a li'gal cliure'i holiday, when prayers were offered up i:i t.h-i churches fbr n good harvest. Tim fes- tivn! is caller! the "llogelbittfeier." and on that day all farm labor is forbidden, 1'rincc Bismarck, for alleged economic reasons, procured the issuance of a decree roppaling t'he prohibition of farm labor on the festival day, but- the usual service-; were hold nevertheless. The. future of theholidnynowdepcnclsiipon the support of other land owners thfin Prince Bismarck. Reporters AsMiult Hocr Xumcf. '•- During tbe Jameson trial in London, (lie stenographic reporters had a, hard time with the Boer names that came tripping off the tongues of the witnesses. In one instance a place is mentioned which appears in the depositions as Van UithoouLs \YinkelspruJt- The nearest the Evening Standard reporter got to it was Van Nit Ilookiswinkel Sprint; the (Jlobe gentry modified this to Van Nit Hooriswinkel, while the Sun simplified it to Van Oudtshhoorn's, find the Evening News boldly made one fearsome word of it, thus: Vanoudtsclia- wanswinkle. Tbe rest of the reporters, like prudent wen, declined it altogether. _^___ Too J'rOHperou*. "Poor Bill," said the tramp, sorrowfully. •"U'ol's the matter?" asked his tattered companion. "Com 1 ." said the tramp. ".Tugged?" "Worse; but he died happy and prosperous." "Prosp'rous?" "Yep. That's why he died. fie couldn't; stand prosperity. He was accidentally locked in, a saloon over night."—Chicago Tost. . —To dream of nutting yor.r finger means you will shortly -have a low- mi t. will find Chamberlain' Cough Remedy especially valuable fo croup , and whooping cough. It- wil give prompt relief and is sa.fe and pleas ant. Wo have sold it for several year and it lias never fatted to give tic mos perfect satisfaction. G. TV. Richards Duqnesne, Pa. Sold by B. F. Keesllng druggist. A Baiigor (Me.) ,1«wi*ler says Ilie spreading lirolley mi-Aiis lots -more work for Mnfeo jc\vclc.ts in rlie way of de. I4mfli)ic>ci-i!. HAVE YOU IIHEUMATISM? Kalamaxoo. Micli., May 5, '00. I suffered greatJy with rlicwnatism for months. I tried numerous remedies, with no benefit. A friend wlio bad been helped by Dr. Jebb's Ehcumati- curc -persuaded me to tiy that. I obtained two bottles. Tbe effect surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me, and by the rime I had used tho second I was completely cured. I a-m careful as to wha.t I endorse, but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On my evidence several severe cases have tried it, and in every instance, so far as I know, it has produced a perfect cure. W. F. PARSONS, President Parsons' Business College and Short.ha.ud Institute. Sold on a positive guarantee by B. F. Kecsliug and Ben Fisher. Progress Ln the siifllemeut of Minnesota was never so nwrkixl as at present, the salosof Suite. Government and railTO'iul .lands being very h.'avy. NOTICE. Property owners on Bringuurst street are Hereby notified that at the regular session of tbe Ccummon Council' held May 20..JS9C, tbe following resolution was adopted, tow.it: Whereas, Bringtarst street is to bo paved wMi brick in accordance with 'the petition of tbe property owners along said street; therefore be it Resolved, That all parties interested will be prohibited from interfering with the progess of the improvements after June 20, 1S9G; and Hiat owners of lots on either side along said street are hereby notified to at once make all water, gas and scwcr connections In accordance with the city ordinance; also that the city clerk be and Is hereby Instructed to notify the property holders of the passage of tbe above, resolution. Property owners along the line of said improvement are hereby notified In ac-. cordance with the above resolution. JOHN B. WINTERS,, . '••'. •:, '; City ClerkofLoganspprt. '' ' ' '''"' Cures " Cures talk " in favor ••• | • _ ol Hood's Sareaparilla, • 3.1-if as for no other medi- • *™• ™" cine. It8 great cures recorded in truthful, convincing language ot grateful men and women, constitute its most eDective advertising. Many of these cures are nal- velous. They have won the confidence of the people; have given Hood's Sars»p»- rilla the largest sales ID the world, and., have made necessary lor its manufacture the greatest laboratory on earth. Hood's Sareaparilla is known by the cures it has made—cures of scrofula, salt rheum and eczema, cures ot rheumatism, neuralgia and weak nerves, cures ol dyspepsia, liver troubles, catarrh—cures which prove Hood's Sarsaparilla Is tlie best—In tact the One True Blood Purifier. .. .. «-k.«i cure liver ills; easy to HoOd S PlllS take, easy to operate. 26c. Evangelist D. T. Blick, Peorla. Illinois. Savbrook, 111.. Feb. 19, 1S94. Pepsin Syrup Co.: ' ' ; j Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordo, III., In my revival work, 1 purchased a bottle of your Syrup Pepsin. 1 regard it as most excellent. 1 cannot get it here in Saybroolv. !s it on sale In Peorla, 111. If so, at what store? If dot ou sale there, if you will send me a dollar bolfte then? this tveolj I will promptly remit. I will lie liomo this wivk. .Address 15 ov. D. T. Black. 100. 1 ; Staio St., IVoria, 111. Yours truly D. T, BLACK, FC-" salo by .B. V. Kecsl'mjr. "GOT IT" TRY FOUR "C" "Four C" has curcd.asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia ana ulcerated tonsiliUs. Ir» composition it is aifferont, is more powerful and active, in fact Is as different from any other lunpr remedy as molasses 1» different from vinegar. It Is a revelation. Best of all you talce no risk. The essence of the contract is, "Four C" must give satisfaction or money refunded.—B. P. - AH Br0.s«, Klckcl PUted m&d Dana ** ,Xi»ro«ene Oil. The Pathlight _ A beautiful, thoroughly m»d« »d > «nely finished Bicycle L»mp, j»lt ud > cyclone proof. * iaottonnY twrr.of th«conntrr(«»P' I J •»receipt of pnisi.ftf.iiO. umylw yon eyn , ) er/enrfua-U J.:/l>i.rr u ra;i-.Uolc««;Mjtliln> 1 ? THE PLAC; & TERRY MFG. CO., C4- 1 Cc ni.-e St., New York. A liiwle borax put in water in, "which §carlet napkins aud red bordered to-sv-l els aw to bo -\vaslicd wiM prevent tliem'J from DISEASES OF THE SKIN. The intense itching and smarting'inch I dent to eczema, tetter, salt-rheum, and oth« 1 diseases of the skin is instantly all»yed by I applying Chamberlain's Eye and Skin I Ointmenf- Many very bad cases have been! permanently cured by it. It is equally I efficient for itching piles and a favorite iem-1 edy for sore nipples; chapped hands, chit] blainss irost bites, and chronic sore eyM For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box;" Try Dr. Cady's Condition Povden,l sre just what a horse needs when in badcs^,,, tioo. ' Tonic, blood purifier rnJ vcrmiftigt|. ^

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