The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY,'MAY 15, 1950 BLYTHEVH.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PARE SEVEN Control of Pennsylvania GOP Hinges on Primary PHILADELPHIA, May 15. (/!»>—Control of Pennsylvania Republican forces hinged todny on the outcome of the most furious primary election campaign in a decade. + — More thnn 2,800,COO Republican voter. 1 ; will have a chance tomorrow to choose between two opposing factions which have slated complete tickets for US. Senator, governor and other offices, fcajp'he result will be viewed closely Tff its possible impact on the 1952 ^residential election. The polls In the 8,341 precincts throughout the state will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. (EST). On one side Is ranged Gov. James H- Duff, a candidate for the nom- in-'tion for U.S. Senator, and his Jet Fighter Crashes into Four Houses pilbernatoria] running-inate, fanner Superior Court Judge John S. Fine, of Nanticokc. On the other is former U.S. Sen. Jo.senii R. Grundy, long-time power ill the GOP who is supporting Con?re 7 £man John C, Kunkel, of Har- ri.sburg, for U.S. Senator and Jay Cookc, Philadelphia, for governor. Duff ha.s described Grundy as a svmbol of "government by a few. for the benefit of a few, it the expense of the public." Grundy retorted that Duff "wants to be the party leader" and In attempting to do so 'has torn Republican Party to pieces." Taxes Are Issue the Duff has campaigned on his administration's record on stream clearance, mental hospital expansion and improved highways. The Kunkel-Cooke campaign cry has been against Increased taxes under the Duff administration and a declaration that the next governor will inherit a 493.000.000 deficit There's a third figure in the GOP gubernatorial picture besides Fine JIK Cooke. He's Judge Charles BOTH Williams of Lycoming County who has been slumping the state as an indcepndent candidate.' Registration books showed that 2.862.112 Republicans were eligible to vote tomorrow. In addition, there were 1.926,216 Democrats. Total registrations dropped off nearly 11,000 from 1949 totals. Democratic voters were confronted with only two statewide c/m- tosls. Richardson Dilworth, Philadelphia city treasurer and organization candidate for governor, had only token opposition In Henry Arthur Morris. Mahanoy City piano dealer. Michael A. Musmanno, Pittsburgh, slated candidate for lieutenant governor, is opposed by Mayor John F. Davis. Reading. U.S. Sen. Francis J. Myers was unopposed for his party's nomination. Both Republicans and Democrats will choose their candidates for all 33 seats in Congress. AURORA. Colo., May 15, {If)— A iet fighter roared out of control ,'estcrday and whipped broadside into a residential sector of this Den- rer suburb, killing the pilot and cutting a swath of flame and wreckage among four frame houses. A man working in a garden was jadly burned by the blast from .the .ail of the skimming torch. The pilot, 29-year-old 1st Lt. Paul Darling of Esthcrville. la., was catapulted into the kitchen of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Horrell where the plane exploded. The House was destroyed by fire and the airman's body charred beyond recognition. Witnesses said the plane took off from Denver's Lowry Air Force Base with another jet and climbed to about 1,000 feet before "something conked out." The faltering fighter cleanly clipped tops off a cluster of hardwood trees in a vacant field north of Colfax Avenue. Then it shared- off a telephone ploe, hit the ground about 100 feet south of east 10th avenue, digging a furrow about 75 feet long and a foot deep. The craft then bounced back into the air and across the street hito'the Horrell home. The family was away. .loe Gaidys. an insurance salesman, was in his nearby garden when the plane camr down. He received a scalp injury from the fly- Ing wreckage, as well as severe burns, and was hospitalized. Price Index Hits High for Year WASHINGTON, May 16. (>P)—The government's rial]}' index of prices hit a high for the year in the week ending May 9. The bureau of labor statistics entri the Inrtcx of 38 communities climbed two per cent during the week, or 259 per cent of the August 1939 Jevel. The agency said there has been a .steady itee in prices over fairly long period, adding that it is studying the picture to determine what significance the trend maj have. me this 13 day of M,iy 1930. Eunice lirugdon (Notary Public! My Commission expires: Jan. 16, 1951, BEES 1M HER BONNET—Wanda Wiggins, a hal factory employe at Garland, Tex., was startled to find a swarm of bees had moved in on one ot the hats on the production line during her absence. The invading army set the whole place buzzing. Two Nurses Who Testified in Sander 'Mercy Slaying' Trial Are Demoted State Waterway Projects OK'd WASHINGTON, May 15. (;P)—A Senate appropriations subcommittee has tentatively approved appropriations of $2^,800,000 for wa- .erways projects in Arkansas. The Arkansas total compares with budget recommendations of S25.720.000, and $19,150/100 in a passed by the House earlier last week. The Senate bill still Is subject to full committee approval. The Arkansas projects are Included in an overall total of about $715,000,000. This compares with budget recommendations of $198,482.000 and with $559,145,000 in the House-passed bill. The Senate group, added some planning funds In the bill—the House had allowed none—and approved a list of new projects, in- eluding $53,700 for Ozan Creek in Arkansas. GOFFSTOWN. N.H.. May 15. (/P> —Two nurses who appeared as defense witnesses for Dr. Hermann N. Sandei were demoted to floor duly after (he country physician's acquittal of a murder charge in the death of a cancer patient. One of the nurses, Mrs. Cecelia Smith, said last night she was replaced as head of the women's ward at Hillsborough County General Hospital and later resigned. The other nurse. Mrs. Eileen Moncrieff, reported she was relieved as head of the medical and surgical ward at the same hospital but later was reinstated. Superintendent of Nurses Mrs. Marion Lemy said "it was not because they testified that they were demoted." Mrs. Smith said she resigned, effective last April 4. because "I wai Holmer Engineer Head WASHINGTON. May 15. (AP.) — Col. Hans W. Holmer has been named as new District Army Engineer for the Little Rock, Ark., .District. The Army said lie would take over not later than July 1. He now Is on duty in the office ol the chief of the Army Engineers here. LI. Col. otto J. Rhode has been acting District Engineer at Little Rock since January of this year. Jet to Hong Kong HONG KONG. May 15. (AP)—A Royal Air Force Vampire jet fighter plane was added Saturday to the 80th Squadron stationed at this British Crown colony. Pilot D. K. Freeman of London said it took little over two hours to fly the approximately 950 air miles from Cholon. Indochina. told I could not be trusted." "I co'.iiri nave kept on working at the hospital if I wanted to but things were unpleasant," she added. Mrs. Moncrieff said: "I have nothing to say. Things are all right at the hospital now." XOTICK OK FIMNO OK API'I.I- t'ATioN ran LIQUOR FUR MIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas for permit to sell and (license vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage lit retail on the prem- IM'.I described as 122 E. Main St, Blythevllle. Application is for a permit to be issued for operation beginning ou (tie 1st day of July 1950. and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951. Lcmlennic Fowler Jr. 5-15-50 KOTIC'K Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slate of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises describee! as 122',*; E. Main, blylheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states thnt he is a citizen of Arkansas, of goc-d moral i'haracter, that he has never beeti convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked with in five years last past; ; aiul that the undersigned has never been convicted of vioi.iling the laws of tins state, or any other state, rc- NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell [ and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as.Ill West A=h Street, Blythevllle, Mississippi County. .The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within Jive years tasi past; and that the undersigned lm.s never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1951. Mary Jean Fowler Subscribed and sworn to before PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores alive to (he sale of alcoholic Hq- lors. Application Is for permit to be ssued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July 1950, and to expire on the 30 day ol June, 1951 Lcndccmic Fowler St'. RuKsrribcri aurt sworn to before ine'this 13 day of May 1950, Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public My Commission expires: 3 0|53, ' WARNING OKIIKK The defendant, Patricia Jackson Dunn, Ls hereby warned to appear u the Chancery Court, Chltkasaw- tiered the mower for every Uwn/ ba District, Massl-slppl County,i Wl'.r.t.u my unnd M clerk ot said Arkansas, within tfolrly days, to I court, and the seal thereof this 2»th answer the complaint of plaintiff, William Owen Dunn, fllcrt against her In said court. Case No. 11,233, and upon dcfendcinl's failure so to do, said complaint will be taken a-s confe.ssed. day of April, 1950, Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magce, D. C. Reid and Roy. attys. for plaintiff. Oscar Pendler, ally, ad litem. S[l-8-lS-Z| Pow«r Uwn Mower Blytheville Machine Shop So. 2nd. 'hone 2828 to relieve 'PERIODIC' Alto nervous distress several days 'before' Do you suffer from monthly cramps, headache, backache — or do you, like so many women, start to suffer a few days Just before your period from strange, nervous, restless, weak, dragging feelings— due to this functional cniise? Thea start ln.king Lydla E. Flnlcliam's Vegetable Compound to relieve sucli symptoms, PlnX- ham'« Compound has such a comforting antlspasmodlc action on on*: o/ iceman's most important organs. Plnkham's Compound not only relieves this monthly pain but also annoying prc-porlod nervous, emotions of this nature. Regular use helps build up resistance agalustsuchfemale cits* tress. Women by the thousands have reported amazing benefits. Truly the woman's friend! fjfe. WOITC. Or TO.. m», P r-fr r LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S Vegetable Compound CHOOSE THE BEST... TO PROTECT YOUR FURS & WOOLENS The finest protection at the lowest rates in Blytheville. As a member of (he Certified Cold Fur Storage Association we can guarantee you positive proleclion for your furs and woolens . . : insurance against fire, theft, moths, mildew, etc. Yes, gel the best storage. Cull Hlytheville Laundry . . . 'M18 . . . for prompt pickup service. PHONE 4418 BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY-CLEANERS SPECIAL! 3 Piece Group Here's a terrific buy on handsome outdoor furniture for your porch or lawn this summer. The glider and 2 chairs are constructed entirely of steel and have tubular steel legs for lasting value. . .and the baked- on enamel resists any kind of weather for lifetime durability. Wonderfully comfortable, loo. Choose from red, green or yellow. 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BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Extremely early in fruiting and matures quick. Harvest 65 to SO per cent of crop at first picking. High gin turn out. Staple: 1-1 A12 to 1-5/32 inches. Three-year average at Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per acre. Other production reiords in 1919: At Marianna— 892 pounds per acre; At Hope—628 pounds per acre; In Craighcad County—722 pounds per acre. Hig boll. Predominately five-locked. Easy picked by hand or machine. Seed are of high germination. See Your Ginner or RAY F. PRICE 114 West Walnut Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2271...Long Distance 53

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