The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 17, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TUX DOMINANT NRWHPAPRR Or MnUTHVAHT ARKtuaia . I.T, _„.__...._ VOL. XUV—NO. 97 DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOttTHFAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHJCABT MISSOURI BlythevUle Dally New* BJytberlU* Courte; BlythevUle Henld Mluiulppl HIATHKVII.UC, AUKANUAS, THURSDAY, JULY 17, 1!M7 CongreSS tO Get * 5 Children c j T D-II On Excursion ieCOnd lax Bill ^ re Drowned the wreckage in Hie before Veto Tomorrow House Members Set To Override Truman Within Two Hours CONGRESS TO GET— 3-1 . .. WASHINGTON, juiy 17. (U.P.) — The White House said today President Truman's second tax bill veto rlefinitely will be tiout to Cupitol Hill tomorrow, and Speaker Joseph W. Martin, Jr., predicted the House would override the veto within two hours. That would leave the matter up lo the Senate, where Republicans seem to be at least two votes shy of the necessary two-thirds majority to override the veto. Barring a serious an unexpected shift, that would I among Ihe kill the bill and end all hops of I known tax reduction at this session. The bill would reduce < personal income laxes from 1C-.5 lo 30 per cent effective Jan. l President Truman previously vetoed an identical bill which would have been effective last July 1, and the House sustained him. Earlier Martin had expressed tho hope that Mr. Truman would change his mind at the last minute and allow the revised tax reduction bill to . become law. He said Congress had twice demon- 1 strated overwhelmingly its desire for ihc vax bill. Rep. Thomas A. Jenkins, R., o., said that since Mr. Truman felt the Republicans wanted the "'wrong kind" of a cut at the "wrong time." lie should give Congress his views on the "proper way'' and the "proper time." Snyder Comments As if in reply, Secretary or the Treasury John w. Snyder said the administration might be able to decide in the next few months whether to start plugging its own "right kind" of income tax cut plan. He^dechned, however, to ..peculate on what it would involve o" just when it would be ready. "We have got to see thai the economy is settled down tu some degree -before we can make any decision," Snyder told.a-,ncw.s, con- 'ference.'"In'the neW few month, the answer should Ijc available to us to measure the propriety at fax adjustment." The GOP outlook' for overriding the promised veto wxs just gloomy as :t was after the Senate passed the tax bill by a majority two votes short of the two-thirds necessary to enact the bill over presidential objections. GENOA, Italy, July 17. (U.P. Ail excursion boat sank 150 yards! off shore last night, and u children and two adults >.lro\vncil. Ten other children were missing. The children were vacationing on the Italian Riviera as the uuesla of a charitable organisation. The tragedy occurred at Albenga, 45 miles southwest, of Genoa, when the boat struck a steel piling and sank almost immediately. About 82 children between 10 ud 12 years of age were aboaid. There were five adult ch,i|,ei'ones Tile ship went down in an isolated sector oft the coast, and ilic crying youngsters had to cling to i Truman Charged With Reversing Rivers Program SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Greek Guei .-ilia darkness for several hours before rescue, Ijoius arrived. Rough seas and. exposure caused child after child to loosen hiis grip on timbers, and slip into the waters . Of the youngsters who survived, a score were sent to hospitals i" condition. Casualties ship's crew woro not Missco PGA Unit 'Lends $943,000 Semi-Annual Report Shows Gain in Size And Number of Loans CSCEOLA, July 17—Lloyd Gort- !ji, of OsL-eoH. secretary-treasurer of the Mississippi Cr.mvty branch of the Pointers Production Credit. Association, announced today tha.t tlie iPCA had made 234 loans to fanners of the county totaling S9S3.140.05 din-ins; th c first six montlis of 1947. This volume represents an in- reasc of 27 per cent in .the mttu- b"r of loans, and an increase cent in do''-':rs toaned ho '•I stated. "One of The major reasons for this increase in thc amount money loaned," suid Mr. .Godlcy Secretary-Treosurer of iMie asso- House Republicans Recall January Ban on New Projects WASHINGTON, July 17. (U.P.I —House Republicans charged today that President Truman was responsible for any delay in the flood control program. Thoy said that last January he ordered Army Engineers to withhold requests lor any projects. The crarges were made by Reps. Frederick A. Muhlcnucrg, Pa., and A. L. Miller, Nell. Both contended that tlie President's message n« 5MO.OCO.000 to launch a 10-year Mississippi Basin flood control program represented reversal" of Mr. Truman's January position. Mr. Truman's program nppeated to he headed for a congressional pigeonhole, nt least for this sea- ion. But nl least one prominent House Republican—Rep. Francis P. Case S. D.—thought Congress ought lo act now. Case told the House that Congress "should address itself al once to this question of flood control." "If it wants to," lie said, "the House can face the issues al this session." Though many Democrats am Republicans acclaimed thc President's master plan for the Mississippi River and its major tributaries, there was little disposition to rush through the huge appio- printlon in thc remaining eight working days of HID current ues- sion. The cost of Mr, ^Truman's program over a 10-year'.'period would exceed S6,COO,000,000.' ; ^For..'the next 12 months, the President requested nn initial $250,000,000, to De in addition to funds already voted or to be made available'- in thc Guerrilla Drive Big Three Parley Against loannina i n U-S- Not Likley, Reported Halted Observers Report Communist cuciTiltas such as this one, who wore a U. S. Army blouse whcij_ his picture was made at the Greek frontier vlllngo of Kaslan- ofiton. were reported facini; stubborn resistance from regular flood control bill. House leaders who control appropriations were inclined to shy away froni further coinnjilmcnts for flood control projects'.' They pointed out that work is under way on 70 projects, while pnother 30 arc" In the planning stages Osceo/o Gets Power Plant Generators OSCEOLA, July n.- -Work on thc improvement of the Osceola Municipal Light Plant will be resumed with the receipt of two new generators yesterday, it was announced today by J. I,. Glasgow, manager of thc light plant. Mr. Glasgow stated that thc task of unloading Ihe generators began today and installation work Is expected to got underway next week. The installation of the new generators will lake approximately four weeks, hc said. Three new 1250 horsepower motors were installed last month, but completion of thc work was held np elation, "is the,'fact that everything tH-it 'goes into the production ol livestock of crops costs the -farmer more money than li. did in previous years. In soti-s, i^ c^os coils a re-"it he hlghcsV-^in' 4 " history. i "In spite of thc fact that it. is costing more nnoney to produce 19JT crops and livestock, we fec-1 that our loans are bein^ kept on » sound basis beoiuse in making thc,'o loans our members anj the loan ir;nimittce of :the association are basing their repayment programs on conservative estimates with nniple safety margins." Mr. Cndle fyalso staled -that there had been a substantial 1 , increase in .Mic. anicunt of rtccl: which farmers own in the association. As of June 3H. GP3 member stockholders distributed throughout Mississippi County owned $77,f5 r ) of tlie c.-pital stock United Nations acthin to oust for;if the association; reserves amount-• cign troops and "military advisers ed to S/72«C022. and net cc-rnings ' • • • months' period were Poland Asks UN To Oust Troops Demand Submitted To Security Council Headed for Rejection LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., July 17. (UP)- Poland placed before the Unilcd Nations Security Council today a plea for a new coalition government in Greece combined with Bovcnuncn 1 . trtiops the guerrillas advanced in Kalpakl near the Albanian border, threatening the important business center of Yantna. (NEA Tulr-pliolo.) Bevin Pledges His Full Support To Marshall Plan for Europe l!y KOBEKT MUSKl, Unilcil Tress fctufl Corfnpiiinlrnl HASTINGS,' Kng., July-,17. (U.P.)— Forcl K n Secret nry Ernest Bcviti siiid today that he had Ijoon accused of "lending the world to Munich" by 'accepting the plan of Secretary ' lis Bcvin addressee! the Di itisl Transport and General Workers Union, which he founded. The union r Sliitn GCOI-KC C. Mtirshali'^or aiiliiiK Kuropc and is full support to it:. ;';';*• airs Cost $4,000 he was com I tain could work within thc plan and still lie independent. "I was told that T wus leading the world lo Munich," Ucvln said. "That has been dropped, now that Checho- slovakia went to Moscow. "I have been charged with try- The for ithr? six $ Directors of I'hc p.ssoDiiition arc: from that 'country. The Polish demands were submitted in an effort to ward off thc Western powers' plan for a long- D. S. Il'rc.v <and R. 0. Bryan of | range UN Border Commission to O.sccola, E. -B. Chiles. Sr. of er. W. E. Hacan and H. Gr'.l ot Blythcvllle. Physician Foils To Death From Hospital Window 'NEW ORLEANS. -July 17. '(UP1 —Dri G. H. Faeel. 55-yrnr-oM former director of the lair.cus car- Leprosarium, fell in his Osccola's lighting system considerably. ' VFW Commander Suspends Two Post Charters LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. July n. (UP) — Jim Merrill of McGchce slate department commander of the Veterans of Forei^i Wars, tod.v/ suspended the chur[<rj of two pos's where gambling evJpmcnt was found earlier this v;rrk. In a .statement issued from 3". partmcnt headquarters here, Merrill said, "the chants O f the two Veterans of Forcisn war posts Involved will be susnenrtcd. I ruvn taken appropriate action to this end. "Thc conduct of these posts does nol represent the aims. Ideals and cirl heart ntt'vks recently. They believed :ho had gone to J.lic window for (rrsh air when the accident occurred. Fagel headed the fleprcs3.riu.ii for more Ihsn six years. He was among the pioneers in the U'-.e of sulfi dni'-'s in the treatment of leprosy, cr Hanson's disease. Ho was succeeded as director at Carvillc last April by Dr. crick A. Johnnsen. J. W. Gordon Of Dell Dies m Hospital Here I Mrs. Dora Gordon of noil died this morning at thc Walls Hospital at 11:30 o'clock She was GE. She is survived by her husband. J. W. Gordon, one daughter. Mm. Hazel E- Bragg of Memphis, two sons, Harry Gordon of Dell anrl purposes of the Veterans of Foreis-i i Charles E. Gordon of West Mom, -, .,._ ,.._.. . _. *• p n i s , OI)C brother. cliRrles E. Brown of Greenwood. Miss., and one sister. Mrs. E W. Mctcalf of Doll. Funeral arrangements are incomplete Holt F-uneral Home is in charge. .loin-1 quiet trouble between Greece and No'ole' the Communist governments of Yu- 1 goslavia. Albania and Bulgaria. Thc Polish proposals were drawn from recommendations by the Coin- niunist-controllcd EAM coalition in Greece, calling for fresh elections designed to set up a coalition in tho troubled country and lighting off "the tensions and conflicts of International power politics" in the Balkans. Polish Delegate Oscar Langc said the Security Council had thc right and power to order "all foreign :i:nicd forces and military advisers" from Greek territory as a measure to restore national unity. I-angc also called on thc council to make Greece end its olrl "state of war" wllS) Albania. Greece's insistence on maintaining that it still Is at war with Albania as a result of the 1040 attack liy Italy and Albania on thc Greeks. Poland claimed, is one of thc causes of current strife In Southeastern Europe. Most delegates believed Ilussia would use Its veto to prevent pass- nge of American proposals for long-range UN border patrol cm-1 powered to search out trouble and conciliate disputes between Greece and Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania. ; Russia's counterplnn, whereby thc UN would order all foreign troops out of Greece and establish a com- - . , Ing to divide Europe. I doii'l want b >' ca P t - Robert Hecdcr, command- to divide Europe or any part ofi.lh world, or America from Europe. Th Blylhcville Armory Is un- d "B° in K BciiErnl rcpalrs,,uy order . c state adjutant Rciieval and wi " cos '- " le state between JiyiiKj mc * ^^ iU ^- ^ was disclosed loda;, 1 ln ' : °ff'9 cr ot Company "M". A con'lrnct has been let to the planct is so small lhat we can't Joyce-Woolen construction Comun- afford divisions anywhere." j Ily or uu ,e Rock which Is cur- In effect, he said the United' rcntly engaged In remodeling the States told Lurope, "sec what you interior of the nrmory can do for yourselves and we will supplement it." 'I think that is right," Bcvin continued. "America made a great contribution lo victory, Imt wo fuel be. they should contribute to the with their great productivity. If the plan fails, it won't my fault." every word, Bovin said: "Nobody wants war nnllhcr us, the Uniled -Slate:;, Rns.-ia or France. I refuse lo think of a potential enemy and direct my policy that way. I won't Ihink of atomic bombs or anything else except things lhat v/ill mean several hundred At present, most of the work has been carried on in tho dressing rooms and offices upstairs, however, general repair work for the peace wil °lc building Is scheduled A second contract has been let . lo the Covington Rooting Comp.iny I for re-roofing of the bull-line whlcll Is lo be done UIHIII completion ul : present .work. Plans of the unit call for T two- week Summer oncamprnont August 3 nt Camp Robl.iwm, Ark. S;Sgl. Emil M. Damon, supply sergeant, announced lhal lie had received rjiiantitio? of at|ii,pinent Greeks Estimate 600 Invaders Killed, Wounded or Captured ATHENS, July 17. (UP) '— Greek Government forces, aided by civil- inns, have shattered a Riierrlllu drive on loannina (Yimlna), liul of the "Invaders" have escaped Into thickly-wooded hills, government sources roiiorlcd today. Members of other t'licTillla hands wore reported trickling through government lines toward Ml, Grrun- uios, where gum-Minis have !'»>: able lo hold olf government forces. On neiuby Ml. Gnintl:i. guerrillas were reported under heavy sliMllng from government plans lUxchiingc TeloRi-uph reporlod lhat guerilla niMiallles In Hghi days (dialed L'l!) killed, 150 wound•<l nnd i-io ciiplurcd. In Ihi: light Norlh of lonnlnim, 51 ttiicrrillas were killed, S wounded and 115 caplurcd. ' "I'luni," Hniadfast Hoard (A Kiirrllln radio operallng under Ihe nnme of "Kro c Cireccc" went on the air for Ihc first lime, and said a "mountain government" would bo formed, exchange tole- Rraph said. As gucrlllns control such n small area of Greece, there was speculation lhat the broadcast came from nulsidc Ihn country. (Mayors of :i(l villages In the Konllsa nrcji were reported to Imvc telegraphed Ihe United Nntlons nnd the Unilcd Stales, Great Drllnlii, franco iiml Russia n protest against the "Invasion." They nskod for iilllcd troops to safeguard Ihc frontier, the dlspalch said.) vas announced that MO Riicrrlllns Hrfrn.sit Minister Nnpolcon 7,ev- ili-lvlnf; fc'oiillfeward al'f.i (.-honls of "On lo loaunlna I" nl one lime had a clear pulh lo tile town, the liii'Ccst In Northwestern Greece ncnr the Aibunlnn liurclcr. Clvllinns, hoft'evcr. turned out to harrnss lh ( - Irregular.*; uiiUl gov- rrnmnitt troops nrrlvcd and .scattered the b:-nd, •Zcrvnx said. War Mllllsli-r ltr|inrts War minister Anlolno Slr.itos, In liu> lirii', tlo-r siiinaiary o[ the On.'ok ,fi'.<hlins;. told (lie United Press (lint the I«>.nuli:-t i-.ticrrllla,-. were irnklnis foi. the Z:igarl hills ijorthoart ol Icannlmi. These are linked with the robe) s-irontiholds ol MU. araimros and 0| inlla. "Tlicy will 'ccntlini-)' (o cause conslderabb Ironble/" Slrntos said. -He fn\t\ lh(;>' probably \\'ould b" Joined l>v oilier .protips of guerillas K|-.V-Vlnii off tho nuln forc-5 which atncked . In the Konilsa- Ulilpaki men Sunday «id Mnn- dny. Athens bus rr>|:orlcil (lint tho "Invaders" were tratped, but tho inveifif'nrs nppnnintly wore nnnk- IHK Ihe brst ii-c of lieavy uncter- hr.isli and llio mountain .terrain to os:ii]ie Bovornmont encircling moves. £lmtr>s s:ild that tho "Invasion"' of 2.500 !!'!"r!:!as from Albania r.n Snr.dn.v cnii!.'ht the government liv surprise, as t!'i; Aiuny hud kept Itv oyo r,n the Yugoslav rronlini When I lie alitiick came, lie snld. By R. II. SIIACKFORU United Press SUfl Currejpundent '_ '"' '••"•"• WARllINGTON^July 17. (U.I 1 .)—President Truman is still mlniimiitly op|x»sccl to another I3ig Throe meeting unless Jo,s(!i' Stalin and Cloincnt Attlce come here to confer with him, il was learned today. . This VVIIH disclosed on thc second anniversary of the ill- rnlccl I'ot.sdiun Conference—n Big Three meeting"which was I'osKlunt Truman's first nnd prohahly last sally into high- level socnst intcriiiitioiiiil «<».«.i:..i:«.. Consumers Face Higher Food Cost Price of Corn, Fuel, Steel Dims Outlook , For Nation's Buyers (Hy tliilln! Press) Ulslni; c'lrn nnd ccnl prlce.t pro- mlsod today to hike the costs of tunny toed llcnw and most slwl products. It was almost corlali: Hint consumers not only would have to pay more for thc coal to heat lhar homes next »inter, hut also for many sloel consumer Items which con helps to make. Doth hltiimlnotis and mithracllc coul producers moved lo Increase coal prices by 45 cents to $2.26 n ton. despite President Truman's iip-l],, peal to hold nil price Increases to cover hlKlicr costs of n new wane' uurccmeiit with tho United Mine! Workers <ArU. j O.irn prices arc the key to many consumer fond costi — and the price of corn throughout July generally have been above thc $2-a-l>n- sliel level, nnd hnve hit several all- time hlyhs on thc supply of corn nnd Its price In relation to other products," said H. M. Conway, (or the National Livestock loduccrs Association. Hc warned that the souring corn prices would raise the coat of •itoak.i, chops, eggs and milk. II. • J. EgRort, Chicago, associate narkctlni! director of the American Went institute, told-thc Scnatc- Some leaders today frankly blame Ihc late Franklin D. Roosevelt's secret agreements for much of the' trouble In thc world today. Very few of the Potsdam agree- menl.s have been fulfilled because tlie MK powers have failed lo find nn accuplnble way for putting theni into operation, especially those on Germany. After two years of fruitless bickering and negotiation, tile Potsdam aBi-ccmcnls are In thc process ol L-ciiiK Junked — either In practice or formally — although each big power claims it still clings to their American officials .concede that the u. S. and the USSR are now cn- Bagcd In an all-out dlptyma^lc and economic war Soviet-American re- Intlons luivo been deteriorating at nn alarmingly rapid rate and may be headed for further nosc-dlvcs 'In the near future. Here Is the picture' Would lly-Pius Potsdam 1. The United States has propo.Kd I by-prmlng tho Potsdam plan for I treaty-making In the Far Eijst nnd UC{| a cull for a preliminary "peace conference" of n of peace for Europe, thc cradle of '" Preparation fui Ihc on •nmpmenl civilization." including three addillminl ton and a half trucks. 27 M-I rilles. 48 caii- bincs, 4G pistols, two bazookas. 4 caliber 30 machine Kiin.s. one caliber 50 machine Bun and one 81 mm. mortar. Sgt. Damon said hc expected twice as many machine Runs as Ihc company now lias, iiml a 75 turn, rccnlless rifle one of Ihc army's newest weapons. 93-Dcgree High Here Hirth tcinprrrn'.nre . in niythcvilU- was recorded as S3 desrers by n. E. BlRji'ock, official weattier Jb server. Mr. Blaylock c;ii ( | that 71 degrees was the lew for the 21- licnr period. tlie Orcck Auny had available «n!y one icompany |ol soldlevs ICrnitsa and some non-combat unitr, at loannina. Stn:>los said tlie Unilcd Sink cnutd .ipec<t penes 1 ' In Greece by /iiml.s-hlUK enough cniilpmnnL for a KlnndlnK 'Oreek Army of I men. wilh fiO,(,m additional reserves. Mississippion Says Bill Would Provoke Strife which no one wouH h.ivtr. to vet.) Tha Russians ,>avi! Indicated o.i.nn! sitlon but htr/o ir I. "yet formKlli' replied. '. ' ...'.' 2. The united S(MV* and:Brlta|n ere proceeding rapidly •• to' rebuild Western Qer.nany into a scronz- self-sustalnlni; .'Industrial 'state.- -.'X new Amcrlcnn policy directive on Germany tossed Vv>,ltorn,Germimy- Into the "Mnrsliall Plan" which tho Russians have refected:, 3- American leaders are extremely pessimistic about ever reaching any' nRreemenl.ulth Russia on Germany They've abandoned all but the most ~ louse economic committee In Wash" '"'Bering hope that the Big pour ugion, however, that n 15 per cent foreign minister meetings in New Increase In moiit supplies would ! YoMc ftl)tl London thii y«|i will do "moderately lower" prices I "'"re than make permanent the <K- thls Fall and winter. I vision of Germany — «nd possibly Kermll Eby, CIO education dl- 0'« world. rector, said Ihe national piirchashiR [lower hn<| dropped considerably as thc result of price increases. Hc snid a CIO survey showed 78 per cent of thc families Interviewed had cut down on milk consumption as n result of declining purchasing power while 73 per cent.•* ere buying fewer CRRS and 84 per cent were less clothing. On the brighter side, Henry Ford nv'''.',''^ 01 ' 05 II. president of the Pord Motor "i:,-. ltu ™If^' 4. The United States iihd t(fe Soviets nre at lopgerheids In the •United 'Nations over In dozen m»- J3r hstie.v nival FUns Prnented 5. The U. iSj and the U5SR sprarhead rlvvy |-rogH'rns for re- j hnbllitntlon of Europe—the "Mar- I f Ivnll Plan" (or West«rn •Europe I designed lo help Countries 'Which contribute to company, said his company planned ' lo malnlaln present prices. He said the $15 price reduction on Ford automobiles last winter would remain In force, although the new coal contract will raise mamilac- UirlUR cosls $10 a car. N. Missco4-H Members Plan Rally July 23 to thc Greeks was believed for overwhelming defeat. Lange said last night hc contemplated no new proposals and no attempts to amend the American plan. Wars of the United States The posts of the slate will not be permitted to engage in such practice. The posts suspended were Lltll= Hock post No 77 and the Admiral! Eberle Post No. 2036 al Fort Smith Weather 'ARKANSAS—nirtly cloudy to- iVght and Friday. Scattsred thun- drrshoivers and not quite so warm in Northwest jwiiion Friday, N. O. Cotton NEW YORK, July 17. (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low clo;o March 3415 3.134 3M!> 3:iT) Spots closed 3827; down 01. Six Members of Airline Crew Killed NcarBaghdad Army Develops Parasite Fighter Plane to Protect Heavy Bombers BY WIM.IAM K. nWUEN-AMTN I atomic bomb to any inhabited United 1 stiiff Correspondent region In Mio world and return V'ASHIN'GTON. Ju'y 17. <UPi--| home wlihout refueling. It has a Tho Army Air Forcer, have under inrma] ranee of 10,000 ir.'los with production a now tync lighter: IO.OOS pnunds of bombs without plane lhat can bo carried in the extra :fiicl tanks bcreb bay of a ip,-36 heavy fcomb- Tlie extreme r.-inse of llio 15-36 or and launched in midJiir i« ( irhkci i!. vir'ua'.ly (mpos-sib'e to fight off enemy alack, H, was. design n fiohtcr plane that, o-ui or" is now under con.slr.iclion at, were dcsinncri it would b? slow tl-.o M.-noneil Aircraft M->i'iifa-'.in- nnd not able lo compete against in? Plant in St. Vnils, Mo. H is ,sh-.-.l r.inso jet fishtcrs. dosigiiatcd thc XPC5. So thc 'AAP decided lo dnsipn i Tho smil) fiBhicr plnnc his a fir.hlcr plane Hint eou'd be cnrrictl jet engine and is expected to have within Ihe bomber. The result, is a sp:cd npprciichir.g lhal of the|'the XF^o. . P-81 that recently sot a wrMJ The AAF officers refused lo ro- speed rc:crci for the AAF at Mu-j vcr' Just how l.hc nnd^ot fighter plnno wou'ri be launched anrl vo- c.rivcd back by its mcllier ship. Tho huge -B-3B motlicr rclanc will hc the mainptay of Iho AAP's WAP.'-'iTN'GTOf, .Iillv 17. < G-v. 'Fielding I,. WriRht of flMlpnl snld tpdny Mint an anli- dlsc.rlTninntlcn bill could never DO enfcr:"d and would provoke "strif.-., ccnfusion nnd cvcnblootl- Thc Rovonor alfjicked a bill bv Sen. IrviiiR M. Ivor,. H., N. Y., lo prevent discrimination in employment bo; h aitse of race, color or r.rood .is "contnipy to 'the :av.s of n,-.'i:rc nnd t.n the laws of God." "Furthcrnun'o.-' ho l^'d a Sou- ate f.nbor mid Public Welfare Subcommittee. "Ilio-rc is r.o dlscrim- Imtion in Missiwippi." ',' llio bill "the irosl dan- Plans for an nil-day rally of mcm- i>ers of the 4-1! clubs »f Norlh Mis- MLs- sisBlppl County to be licld at Walker I'ark July 23. wore announced today by w. O. Ilazclbaker, assistant county niicnl. Mnpibcrs of Ihc 20-odd clubs that compose the North Mississippi Comity district will RiHhcr at thc park nl 0:30 lo begin Ihe day's activities which will Include games, roc. Cat. Thc AAP would not comment, Jon tho criaraclcrir-Yos ol tin piano BAGHDAD, July 17. (UP)—Six either as lo its si?.?, pcrforrr.ince. crewmen were killed and 12 pas- 1 ranse or freed. But 'AAF officer; lorn; innstc stretealc striking force. sengcrs were injured seriously r'-'d it would be launched in rtiid- i W'ht-n a Ycric Airliner of the iBrlt-!»ir and 1!. would ieti:rn to Ihe 1 ish Overseas Airways crashed, mnt.hcr plane, while landing in a sandstorm l'»stl Thc iB-?6 fc^n-'-.or a rJx-rnilnc night al Subair. South of Bas-'p'inc conrtrucled uy -Cflii c olidated- la jl- I Vi'.'tec. has underRC-ne its Initial rue four-engmed .'iner was fly- Il'ght and is now preparing lo be tni? from London to India. It was Pivon grcmiri .tests nt the Wrigh', •srficdulcd to Sand at Bnsr-rh, hut Fiolcl. wris m-ftercd away because thc T.IO I1-3H lioir.'ior a xix-cnginc iiol<l was shrouded by fij'ing Sand. I Hie AAP S:kl :ould c.inv the ivcntnally rcp'iclng the B-2), Irngcst range bomber now in cp- cr-»tion. It liss a 163-loot fii-eln(?c and a wing sp?n of 230 fcci,. TAic V\AF siys i', H-s a maximum speed of 300 iri'lcs per Tlie wing tanks nlone hold 21.116 eallons cf oilne nnd 1.200 Dillons of oil or cnon^h lo SOITC llio uVera^e motorist about 20 years. .„..,..,,, ..,„, .,,, i,,,. ,,... Jn "«"- B ,iosl of honor r,'. thc rally i i:H:"rsE'S =ss~s »-• -lever bo onforrod bocon?c no Inw can ho enforced which thc people dele-'—we've seen lea ninny iiv<;rles of l.h;'i a'rcidy.'' P— 1 130 US TEACHERRS—12 swiminlni', races, nnd ft slunt pro- Brain. A picnic lunch will bo served at noon. Ench member will bo required lo bring his or her own lunch. Mr. Hnzelbnkcr said. D. S. Uinlrip. of mile Rock, slnlc director of 4-H clubs, will b» thc of honor r.'. thc rally nnd win e group Highlighting Ihe day's activities will he an all-slar Softball game bc- ;"'- i.wcon loams composed of members '"tot clubs on thc West side of Big [ Lake nnd clubs on tlie East side of i Dig Lake. Winner of the contest will .' bo awarded a prize, Hazelbaker staled. I This is Ihc first rally lo be held FuTior-iY':irrvYc'cs'arc"l'>cins planner) !"> Norlh Mississippi County since -. .._,_ ^. — . > 1944, he said, and plans arc being formulated to make it one of the largest rallies ever held in this vicinity. Auto Kills 3-Year-Old OV5AHK, Ark. Julv 17. (UPI iioro today for Floyd Clary. Jr who was killed whon si ruck by an automobile nour his 1'Oinc yo.s- (ert'.n-. Ho dic<l in a G'arksvillo hospital a few hairs aflcr thc accident. T.hi hri celebrated his third birthday en Tuesday. monts Interlacing not only countries behind .the iron curtain but PJ'SO trying to Iriyolvc'o'theis. . . Another measure of .the- non- ioolli:g "war" between tfie -Fast nnd West Is thc President's continued determination <tb javoid ani- olhcr nig Three meeting juiiicsa. by change, bol-h I>remter Sialin :1 OJrltlsh Prime. Minister Attlee come here at IHie sxmt time—a . m^si, unUkoly event. . The .'nst lime President Truman wi.-, asked nbcut ftirthcr-(8is Ilirce i mtotlncs he renhed curtly Hiat hc would be clad to receive the head of fitly stale who v^mted to come here. Tho last time Stnlin commenftft was in Jan lititcrview with Eliot Roosevelt when he said that there should not be just one more Bi£ Three lircetln? "but several of them." "If t)',~re were several," Stalin said, "they would serve a very useful purpose." 'A yri-r ago Mr. Truman disclosed that Stalin had decline;! two Trinrnn invitations to come to tho UniUxi Stales for a social visit bccriuse his doctors advised against rn lona a journey on lacooiint of his health. N. Y. Stocks New Chief Designated NORTH LITTLE ROCK, An:., July 17. <UP>—Jack Pylo hesds the Noilh LUV'.c Rcrk Police Dcpart- n-ent today, after Diking over his pest pi midnlghl last \ilght. He succeeds J. H. AnrTrrson. who nv flancd bccausa cf ill health. iP.v>? h?s been a member of tlit Norlli Lllj'c iRock foico since 1934 nnd has arlrd n s chiof sovora Closing Stock A T & T Aincr Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric .... Prices: 157 1-4 76 1-4 373-4 00 1-2 62 3-8 383-8 Gen Nfolors ......... ..... SO 3-4 Nfontgomery Ward . ....... 623-4 N Y Central .............. tG 5-8 Hit Harvester ............ si North Am Aviation ...... a 1-4 Republic Steel .......... 23 1-8 Jldullo ................... 13 1-2 Youths Arrested Here Face Trial in Helena HFLPNA, Ark., July 17. <UP) — Three vcul-hs today face circuit court chorees of kidnappins following ' R hearinc In municipal court here yesterday. Th-> .lads -were nrrfrted In Mississippi County sluly 7 after a 90- mlle-an hour cl-asc ind are iden- t-ififd an John L. Sui'ivan, 21. formerly of «?>".-% and A.' I* Boddie ''nri Rny-- Claboni, boiti IB and both of Mellwocd. /The ft-cutbs waived hearrn^ on both the kidnaping charore and on two counts ol grand Jhrecny ngainst SuEivan nnd One against each of the others. Th? kidnapln? charge arose after Katlo T\-ye Purke, 12. of Mos- b\- p.iM Vivian Collefn Chamness, 15. of Wa'5v>sh, testified that the\' were forced to txke a two-dat ride ttircuRh Easlern Arkansas. Tiie girls were with the boys when tr'Cv were urrested netr , l«»cr> Robert Lei .TenfcUrs of ; accised wWi . SuMivn .of stealing sn fnUoinoblle ln : .Oklchitfir4, also walvrd examination ««<ikl B*"l CHvbcrn, brother of Wove*, »ht> I? cll-rzed with rccclvinu slolen

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