The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1947
Page 12
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TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 WEDNESDAY, JULY 1C, J9.17 Coal Mine Owner Discusses Costs ....,. . .t - .Wage Hike Conforms To Pattern Set for Other Industries WASHINGTON. July 10. (UP) — George M. Humphrey, one of die nation's largest coal operators, said today that the miners' new »age Increase conforms to the 15- cent hourly wage raise pattern and should eventually result in "more coal at less cost " The chairman of the Pittsburgh Consolfdation Coal Co. Told the joint congressional economic committee there is "nothing wildly Inflationary or grossly unreasonable" In the SI 20 a day wage boost recently granted John L. Lewis' United Mine Workers. ' Recognizing that conl costs already have been increased 15 cents to $1 a ton, with some coal prices already boosted, Humphrey declarer!: I "If the co-operation which hns been promised by the miners' union is realized--- and it is much more apt to do so by satisfactory mutual agreement than by strikes and government controls — increasing production and increasing efficiency will surely mean more coal at less cost. " "It Is only reasonable to expect that these higher prices will gradually be adjusted downward when as n result of this agreement it becomes apparent that production will continue and a supply of coal will be currently available." he said. The coal man testified after the National Association ot Manufacturers asserted that prices h»ve kept "-well in line" since the end of price controls last year while production "most certainly has gone up." - And Gen. Robert E. Wood, board chairman ft! Sears Roebuck & Co , said that his company's Fall catalogue shows a small decline in prices for the first time in seven Heading for Century Mark/ Missco Bond Sales Near $70,000 Mark U. S. Savings Bonds Sales In Mississippi Comity during June amounted to $68,407 lor an achieve menl of S2.C percent of the county's yj'.'rly fc'oal. Forty-three other counties iils3 cxc-eeded flic half- ivay n:ark of Kiclr Roils by the end ol Hie first hill of this year. ncccrclinif to Federal DanV. reports released by the Treasury Department. The campaign to huir.tfi Uie Bond-a-Month Plan , , ,„,,,. and to cncouinge greater partlc-' lhe he!>d ot Ca l ;t - Ed<U ° ipation In the Payroll Savlngs'Plan bnckcr, atlr.n at sea during World •• • - -•- War II. probably •«<!,•> not a gull, but n tern, according to bird authorities, since; no gull ever had been reported from that area of the world. Lay Activities Board For Methodists Meets ])E3 MOINFS, la., July 1C. (UP) —Tiircc vacancies on the Graicral of Lay Activities of the Methodist Church were filled ito- tiay by clci-tions at the annual meeting 'here. Bishop HcbKi N. Brooks, New O'leans, was o'/cctcd to fi'l the o-ricy created by I'-he death of '-hcp Lorco> II. King test December. L?c: Davis, Nashville, Term., end William Jasper Smith, IBclhK, N. C.. were elected to fill ol'hor positions. Tern. Not Cull The lamom; gull Hint perched on Hearing his 91st birthday, Irish author and dramatist George I3ei- nard Show still works every day in his study at Ayot St. Luwrcnce, England. He will be 01 on July 26. Movie Actress Claims $5,400 Found in Swindler's Lockbox NEW YORK, July Movie Actress Sally 10. (UP) — *test!- \ , Aicvie Acuess ouuy uunie* LU.MI- \ -^ . __ . . He'd in Klnss County Court ^today- [ YOUrnS PIClu years- There are some price "maladjustments" today, Wood said, bill "most of (hem will bo- readjusted within the next two years '<— Itnf by line." Humphrey did not refer Hint everything found in a safe deposit box impounded during investigation of the Merganthnler Uno- lype Company swindle case beloin;- ed to her — except two cuff links. The tanned Hollywood actress said the cufr links were the proper- res,poi:sible for putting many •oimtlr-s In position to accomplish ycnrly goals wo't before the nd of lhe, C. K. Wllkencou, late Director of the Savings Dondb Program, staled. 11 rou^hout the sUttc bankers ,re cnccuragiii'j their .customers to iRn up for at 'least .one bond a nont-li on the avitoma.tic rand sys- cnitic Bond-a-Month Plan. The i Uerinls that they have sent out iirectly . to depositors, together nth '-he publicity that has been [.nri the p'-^n in local ncwsryi- [ds nn radio programs and hi iiullonnl'y circulated inaga/Ancs liave already accounted for many .irtidpanls in the plan. With almost a. full month Icf for the special effort, which wa iiiaUKUro.led by the Treasury DC p.irhncnt with the snpimrt of 111' American Bankers Association, in dilations are that business am professional people, farmers am others who ar : ; si'lf-i'mp'Oyed wil continue to sl^n up lor t'iicir owi future financial security, Mr. Wilk. erson aild. 'Lightning Joe' The Army's new deputy cliict o£ start is Lieut.-Geh. J. Lawton Collins, who answers to the nickname "Lightning Joe." Collins, who will assume his nciv duties Sept. 1, when he replaces Gen. Thomas T. Handy, v;as an outstanding corps commander in World War II. He has been mentioned as a possible successor to Gen. "Ike" Eisenhower as chiet o£'staff. fob"! NOW! Pride & Usrey GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phone 517 Highway 18 V/est at Pride Addition In High-diving or Gasoline... ty of Jimmy Collins, alias Julius Lobel, who is serving a 20 to 40 year prison sentence for his part in Die $80-1.001) swindle. The other contents, including fu.- i 400 in cash, were VjeiiiR held for directly to President Truman's re- j, cr by Collins as her New York n- quest that coal and steel concerns gcn t i snc SR ( C i. she asked the court hold off on price Increases until thev see the full effect of the wage boost. But he-said it was "entirely possible" that as the coal miners adjust ' themselves to shorter hours to order their return. Judge Louis Goldstein recessed the hearhu; after the actress testified at length of her relations with Collins. Ehc said she deputized Collins r,nd efficiency Increases, "the ton- ' „, | lcr E ., st coast agent lo handle nage per man per hour may In- 5lock mnr !(ct investments shc hnd crease and if so costs and prices may gradually be expected to decline." Traveler Commissioned .' LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. July lt>. (UP)—Lieut. 1 G'ov. .Nathan Gordon \yesterday presented Iiis first Arkansas Traveler commission-while tiding' governor ol the state. The commission went to Lieut. Col Walter H. Stephens of Mncon. Ga.. ' executive officer of the Marine Recruiting Service. j Safe, Easy Mew Permanent Civet Dttf, I»fl Imry Curls At Biwtifof at r «ir For a deeper, fofter luster wave, looso Bprincy curls with truly natural beauty. CliARM-KURLyour ).i\, >t homo . . . tonicnt I It'* a new CitEUR »-mvc, "l«l(e»" on all hair, even dycil. hlcachcil Of Hno hntr. Simple, easy, yet lull like $15 Itcauty shnn wavo or money bacV. Frrimmnt New Curlers whfi New Crema made after one of her six husbands, Comedian Hert Wheeler, gave her $32,000 as a divorce settlement.. Shc testified Hint she "shared'' a SSOO-a-month hotel apartment, with Collins and paid the rent but enied that che lived with him IIB man and wife." The actress said shc went on va- alton jaunts with Collins to Flori- I a In January, 1946, and to CaU- ornia in October, 1940. Miss Haincs raid an envelope ound In the ' safe deposit box .larked "Sally, $1,200" represented refund made to her by a furrier or a coat which was poorly inadi. Goldstein ordered all records of ,-hat he called "this fur de;<l" irought to court.' The actress testified Hint Chiylt-.s Morrison, owner of a Pnlm Sprint-,-,, Calif., night club, gave her a^ rc- cipt for $17,500 — made out in h-:.- lame — for money paid to Morrison by Collins. Shotgun Raid On Negro Scout Camp O1IARLK3TON, S. C., July lu (UP)—Three white youths licensed of firing volleys of buckshot dnr-1 in;; it -shoiyini raid on :L Nc'^ro, Bey Scout camp near here yesterday were scheduled for a pre- I'imincii'y hcai'lng on charges of<:u]t and battery witli intent to kill. Three s:out patrol leaders were wounded ir. the pre-dawn Sm'.day foray. •I'-he youd'is. Hollis K. t;hand- i'er. SO, Jolm .Murray, 19, and George MaMlice Pierce. "0. were um'er urrrst nu d'.diiiitted the shooting, deser : .bing it -:is "just a pr?:!k," police said. r l'lie Negroes were slightly wounded by the -hail of Inickshot from heavy KAnpe .shotguns but illirir comrades administered first nid pud then rushed tl-.e mto Cl'nrleslon for 'hrtpital treatment. TJ:c 2B p^tro! li.Mdrrs were sleep- in!; in a twt, n,t C,anvi Pinehney en an island In Uie lAshlcy Hiver near- Chnrlr.-toii when the raiders swornrd down rn the camp, slionl- in» :-Tirl shool'ivr. pn ; ce were told. Poli-e iLt. Julinn Williams DJi lhe sront cnnucil declimd to pros ecutn tout tint coin-.'.y police swore out the warranls. The three youths wi'l be 'crmnd over to i^eiienil Ses| si-M"i C-m-l frr; trial in ficptewhcr Ifnj'o.iln" yesterday's heariiiB, iWil- Hanss said. Subjects Prefer Lavish Wedding for Princess Confusing The Douglas fir is not n fir, ami the tree's scientific name doesn'l ell what the tree is, but what It :sn't. The name "Pscudotsugn Taxlfolia," means "imitation hem lock with yew leaves." It is also commonly called Douglas ,s|/uce and many lumbermen sell it a Oregon pine. Phillips 66 is CONTROLLED* For Uniform, All-Season Performance! Executing a perfect like this from a 15-foot hoard takes some control! And it takes plenty of control to give you a gasoline as well-suited to all-season driving as Phillips 66! Phillips does it by the careful selective blending of high- quality gasoline components. The result is a gasoline designed to give smooth performance every season of the year. Try "controlled" gasoline in your car. Get it at your Phillips 66 Dealer! See the difference for yourself. */>H/UIP$ 66 /S S£t£CTW£LY BEN WHITE & SONS :"•'.;**«;•*.: •- : :. . ' • GENERAU&QNTRAOTORS .'•'•' •"' /v.f'.^'-^V'-;* v -. •> • MAIN plJFIC^^T-NORTH. TENTH FOR SALE Concrete Building BSocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Chime 09 PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE CLEAN RESl ROOMS AT PHILLIPS 66 STATIONS Wrist, pocket and fob watches are restored to beauty and usefulness with our i'ine repair .service. Tlic finest r«i»liiccn>ent parls used, and j'easonable prices charged for depen- I able workmanship. You get the finished product when \ve promise it—no delays. 7 DAY SERVICE Pat O'Bryant JEWELER Main at Second Phone 32ot Day Phone 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. Vlytlicvillc, Ark. Estimates Gladly Given SUPREME Home Permanent Wove Ki« **»& ll» r,~ IOCK-II1E CURURS tV, *1— KIT (.iwcvi,,) 1 !?' SUBJECTS PREFER 12 LONDON ,July 1C. (UP) — Voters in n newspaper poll piled up a 6 to 1 bnlliit ycslerdny In favor of n lavish wedding for princess Eli^.'.- beth and Lt. Philip Mountbaltcn. who arc scheduled to marry this Pall. Tlie.Dally Express, which conducted the poll by postcard.*, said typical reply was: "Av.-ny Wil'' Austerity. Let us make it a day Ihn': shc — and all of us — v.'ill rcmcir.- ber." The Princess and her fiance were cheered lustily in •Edinburgh y<».-- j terday ns they arrived wish thr Kln:i iinrt quceu on the Royal rarni'y • annual trip to Eroll.-inri. Elirabclh nucl Philip rodo in a s.'iwiri'.e railway car behind t)\e one whirh car- 1 .cd tbc king nnd qncc'i e.iui Priri- ccss Margaret. ft* R£Al MttCVRy SWVICC ALWAYS h or,,,, K irby nros nru a ana a! uruj; stores and cosmetic while state In the world with the notlons ™«» Ullltctl Siatcs rai C SALE HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST PHONE 515 Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer •hone 3-17!) Ulvthcvillc Ark. 112 Walnut St . MILTON E. WEHU Oplotnclribt i y **>"*"•"»"•"»">"«; '*'>"»"»"»""*"»"«'V '•"•"• "»"•"•"•"•">"•"»">*>">"•">">; '»"»"• *"*•"*"»" ........ ........... Payroll and Income Tax Service and General Secretarial Service >! LARRY KNEAS Public Accountant & Auditor Coke for me j; 10!) K. Main !*«Hlythcvillc, Ark. Res. I'honc 3715 .; Office Phonclfin ; KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 IOIUID UNDIR A.U1HOSHY OF IrtE COCA-COLA COMPANY It G. O. POETZ COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. ot BLYFHEVILLE T«r 8«.r« .f PKTROT.RUM Dependable 8er?lce I'RODUCTS RR at Cherrr

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