The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on February 14, 1966 · Page 1
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 1

Brownsville, Texas
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Monday, February 14, 1966
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Was Tliis Trip Really Necessary County Dads Meet (Or Did They?), Accomplish Little BY K A Y Ml K I ' H V Kour Cameron County Commissioners met w i t h C o u n t y Judge Oscar C. Pancy today In a session which was supposed by those present to have been a' meeting of the Commissioners' Court. The meeting was never called to order, has not yet been adjourned, and may be a continuation of last Monday's session which was not adjourned, although on that occasion t h t meeting was called to order. The agenda passed to the commissioners by Judge Danry listed seven items to be considered by the court. Tr;'y were: "Bridge sign matter: Southern Pacific matter; Inlra · Coastal Canal matter; Hug-theC o a s t Highway matter; $250.000 on South P'sdre; Gateway Bridge matter: Surplus Commodity matter." As the (our precinct .commissioners initialed bills to be paid by the county the judge announced that "T h e Anderson Company has been awarded a contract to supply us with a loader." The judge then opened bids at approximately 10:05 a.m .and began reading the bids. One hour later, with msny a stop to include a dash, colon, ?nd in one case the comma between Brownsville and Texas in the address of one of the letters, the judge completed the reading of the bids. Bids were received from Anderson Equipment Co. o( 1'harr, James Mi-Noel Machinery Co. of San Antonio. R o y Klossner Co. of Donna. B D. Holt Co. of Weslaw »nd ard Machinery and Supply Co, of San Antonio, for two such tractor-loaders, with bids ranging from $31.230 to $26,5»4. The bids were turned over to t h e County Auditor and County Engineer for study. An undidenlified (because it was never built) road w a s closed in ITocinct ! on motion bv Commissioner Tamayo o( Brownsville. nn-onded by Port Isabel Commissioner T. R. Hunt before the description of the road was completed. Commissioner Guy Uggell of Ilarlingcn m o v e d to adopt a map of A l t o n Subdivision, "Somewhere a r o u n d Harlingen," »nd with Hunt's second, the court approved the. map unanimously. A "John Wall Subdivision" wan approved on motion by LegSttt and a *co»d by Hunt and got unanlmouc approval. No vote was taken but dl.vp- provil was apparent when a suggestion came up to DOR', m Gateway Bridge a regulation spelling out the restriction OK bringing into the U. S. untaxed cigarettes from Mexico. "U we start puttlnc signs te on that bridce like that H win k*t lift* im Urn*, County wrpiabwd tin ic marHr" a* i raqwM k* county for Swfen Pcdflr take town · utility pott. N MM fee WMlf kMdlf K, » Judft DMKT At Intn · C*Mttl CMM "p (Me CMJtVTT Pl|» * Hasta Manana Editions Are Going Rapidly wwn. Your Freedom New$p\ VOL. 71--NO. 193 DIAL LI 2-4331 BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1 .066 (10 PAGES) PBJCSta Apparently the 16,BM extra copies nf The Herald's special Hasta Manana Souvenir edition aren't going to last long. Early this morning the cooperating merchants were calling for copies of Ihe edition being requested by their customers. The Hasla Manana Issue Is designed for winter visitors to take home with them to show their friends. Free copies of the special edition, plus other material of Interest to potential tourists and permanent residents, have been packaged In envelopes hy the Greater Brownsville Commission and made available free at the GBC office, the Tourist Center in Rlnggold park, the chamber rf commerce, First National Bank, Pan American Bank, Brownsville Savings and Loan, El Centro Super Markets, (he Grande Theater, C. R. Anthony Co., King Mart, Minimal and Sears Roebuck and Co. The special section w a s made possible by those merchants and also the Riu Grande Valley Inn and Country Club, Trade Winds Co., Inc., Fort Brown Motor Hotel, In- ter-Conlinental Engine Service, Medley Electronics, J. C. Penney Co., and (he City of « Brownsville and the Public Utilities Board. The special sections wfll be available until the supply is exhausted. Free, Annual Voter Registration Law Requested By Gov. Connally Agena Booster Failure Probed CAPE KENNEDY (DPI) The Air Force and federal space agency today led a top- priority investigation into the failure of an Agena rocket during critical ground firings needed to clear the rendezvous target for launch with Gemini 8 an explosive, next month. The failure, backfire - like start lhat damaged the Agena engine, was similar to one that caused the Gemini 6 Agena target rocket up In space last experiments with an Agena. "We don'l know how we stand," said an Air Force spokesman. "We don't know what impacl it will have on the program, nor are we in a position to speculate." Eight Die In Spain Air Crash GRANADA, Spain (UPI) -The wreckage of a U. S. Air Force C124 Cargpmaster transport missing since Saturday with eight crewmen was found (today in the snow-covered Navada mountains. The Spanish news agency Menclieta said all eight men were killed. A Spanish police official said a Guardian Civil (rural police) The Air Force, in reply to * corporal who led a parly of 20 query, discosed to UPI Sunday thai Ihe Agena failure occurred persons to ,the scene reported that the bodies were scattered to blow October. The latest malfunction was a severe blow to the space agency's plans to get the Agena ready for the first attempt to link " a Gemini capsuls with! another craft In space. An agency spokesman in Washington said a decision was nnl expected until after Wednesday on what effect the Agena te.s't failure will have on the upcoming Gemini 8 mission. A backup, makeshift space-! craft is on hand at Cape Kennedy, however, and may be used instead of the Agena for Ihe rendezvous and docking of Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott In mid-March. But the Impact on Saturday in the sixth in ajalon? the mouniain slopes, series of ground tesl firings at The plane had been the object the Arnold Engineering Develop- of an intensive land-air search ment Center at Tullahoma.j since it vanished Saturday on a Tenn. The first five firings ofiflighl from Moron Air Base in the modified Agena ' were successful. Three Hurt In Wreck Near Port Three persons were injured, one seriously, in a three-car accident on the Port Road near the Port of Brownsville I h i s Agena failure's the four other remaining Gemini space flights is now known. All four missions call for rendezvous and hook-up Rites Wednesday For GI Killed In Viet Nam SAN J U A N - Pvt. Richard G u i n n Crossland, 21. who was killed in combat Feb. 7 in Viet Nam. will be buried Wednesday wilh full military honors. The bodv will arrive by train i n llarlingen Tuesday, a f t e r being flown to Houston. Pvl. Crossland was Ihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crossland of San J u a n . Funeral services will be held al 111 a.m. Wednesday in t h e First Baptist Church of Alamo w i t h Hie Rev. Charles Barber officiating. Burial will be in Highland Memorial Park at Weslaco. engine!Seville to San Javier, the | airport nearest Ihe American base for the search for a U.S. nuclear bomb missing in the crash of a B52 last Jan. 17. Officials at Hunter Air Base identified the eight crewmem- bers as: Capt. William Cornwell of .Manchester, Ga.; Isl LI. John F. Arceneauz of Supreme, La , Capt. James P. Cisco ol Milwaukee: S-Sgt. Donald G. Gallitzin of Cleveland, Ohio; T- Sgt. James Thompson of morning. The Texas Highway Patrol said two eastbound cars sideswiped each other and then collided with a westbound car. Listed at Mercy Hospital as in "serious" condition a! noonj loday was Mrs. Domingo Acosta, 50, of SIM E. 14th St. Also hospitalized were Teddy Rentrop, 36, of 1504 Palomar, and Trinidad Cisneros, 43, of 2119 E. 12th St. All three were taken to Mercy Hospital by Garza ambulance. Te x a s Higway Parolman Bill Ennis said that Cisneros was driving west on SH48 when his car was hit head - on and sideswiped by cars driven by Hentrop and George Bushor, 42, a Brownsville construction worker. Ennis said the Rentrop and Mill Spring, N. C.: S-Sgt. Ronald W. Hickman of Portland, Ore , S-Sgl. Charles R. Anderson of Tacoma, Wash.: and Airman 2-C Kenneth C. Young of Butler, Pa Bushor cars, both eastbound, had sideswiped each other just before the Cisneros car was struck. Mrs. Acosta was a passenger in the Cisneros car. The accident o c c u r r e d at 7:51) a.m. today. At Mercy Hospital it was reported that Mrs. Acosta had come out of surgery just before noon and was in serious condition. The nature of her injuries could not be determined Wear Your g John* Charro Garb Prospeds for warm, sunny weather during Charro Days ap- eared poor today. The Weather Bureau said light to moderate rain and tempera- lures six to 10 degrees below normal will hang over the Valley through the week. Lighl rain this morning in Brownsville was expected to decrease tonight and stop altogether Tuesday. There's more in prospecl later in the week, the Weather Bureau said. A high of 65 is forecast here Tuesday, after a low of 45 tonight. The Agricultural Weather Service told farmers not planning to attend Charro Days here later in the week that they might as well stay inside anyway. It's going to be too cold and wet to plant cotton or vegetables, the forecasters said, and about t h e only gainful work Holders Of Poll Taxes Considered Registered AUSTIN (UPI) _ Gov. John Connally asked · special session of the Texas Legislature today lo enacl an emergency annual voler registration bill to replace the poll tax outlawed by federal court. In light of Hw court'i rullnj five days ago, the. govern said the bill should provid "Free registration for all volet otherwise qualified to vote." "Under this (court) ruling, is abundantly dear lhat a volt 4 Con Artist' Is Sentenced To 17 Years '"! THE MEXICAN ROPE DANCE is performed by Hector Zamarripa for t h e hundreds of spectators, many of them in costume and most with cameras in hand, who attended the "Baiie del Sol" in the Civic Center's sunken gardens Sunday afternoon. Brisk winds and leaden skies failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd for the traditional preview event of Charro Days. (Herald Photo) Rentrop was liPinu kepi impossible will be harvesting cit Ihp hospital for observation. Irus. LBJ Asks $55.8 Million To Start Three Projects WASHINGTON (UP!) -President Johnson today asked Congress for $55.8 million in supplemental funds to activate the National Teacher Corps and the rent supplement program, and to meet the cost ol increased draft calls. Congress last year authorized the Teacher Corps and the rent supplement program, but did not provide funds to put them into action. The President, in a letler to Speaker John W. McCormack, said the Teacher Corps and rent supplement p r o gr a rn s were "vital* to our efforts to TENCH A SLOSS , The law finally caughl up here loday with a dapper, well- dressed Mexican national, who authorities said fleeced a score of victims of more than J45.000 in Ihe past Iwo years. Alfonso Sanchez Flores, 36, of Mexico Cily, pleaded guilty lo light charges in U. S. Dislrict Court. Judge Reynaldo G. Garza gave him 17 years to serve on consecutive sentences rang- f from two years to six years. ,asl week he pleaded guilty lo five of the charges: jumping bail al C o r p u s Christ! and Brownsville, unlawfully personating another person and two charges of transporting false securities in foreign commerce, ludge Garza gave him Iwo years lo serve on each of Ihe first :hree charges and five years on the last charge. Olhcr Pleas Today, Sanchez Flores requested the court accept his juilty plea to the three add! Jonal charges. T h e s e were transporting falsely made and forged securities in foreign com merce, which he had pending in Amarillo, Tex., San Diego, Calif., and Tampa, Fla. He was given six years on each count to run concurrently, bul consecutive to prison terms given him in c a s e s in this court's district. Sanchez Flores was arrested six months ago. He was trans ferred from a Corpus Chrisli jail to Cameron County Jail here on Nov. 30. where he has been held without bond. Asst. U. S. Attorney Homer M. I,opez said that according to In his request loday for fiscaljimprove the quality of life in Il96fi, Johnson asked ?12.6]America." million for the Selective Service The Teacher Corps would PtlN PEDRO came Intn the newsroom wearing his natural shoulders scrape. "Arc you and the Hid going to move in on Charm Days'.'" asked thr City Kditor. "Tonight." said Ihe Don, "is (ho Valentine's Ball and I'otil- K'iet Commie Mines Kill At Least 47 South Vietnamese Rice Farmers SAIGON (UPI) --Scores of west of the big Da Nang b a s e i i n the mine blasts near Tuy .[System to meet the substantially increased cost of higher inductions due to the war in Viet Nam. The President estimated lhat inductions for the fiscal year ending next June 30 would lolal tnamese rice lion for thr K l n r t n n n debutant- i k i l l p d or injured today wnr-iiinorth "f here. "Moderate' es lo be presented In society." ' ' . . . . . . "That might In IK- a sasser," jaid Ihe Cily Editor. "Si," replied Ihe Dun. "The trouble is that In Blnclonn It submitted about a year ago, the farmers were on thr coast "about 3SS miles I l l o a . 225 miles northeast o f i n u m b e r of estimated inductions about 260,000. appropriations When the request 1966 was Is impossible to assemble the 400 unless a certain number ul cats, dogs, chickens and hilly goals are Included In Ihe census. Adios." And out he went. Saigon. Twenty-seven civilians buses carrying them lo t h e i c a s i i a l l i o s w e r e inflicted on harvest hit Viet Cong m i n e s i M a r i n c s riding in the tractor 'killed when one mine hurled a along a road in Ihe Central; U. S. planes continued K i j b u s t a k i n c them lo rire fields | NF,W I for the fiscal year was I25.HOO. areas. The w e r e 1 " - " - - j w n u l d augmci consist of 3.700 experienced teachers and leaching interns to .serve in schools wilh concentrations of children from low - Income families. They would be made available upon request by local school hoards that are operating under the 1964 school aid bill in which they were given over SI billion lo improve education in poverty lold a Herald reporter. Mr Sanchez Flores was returning ' Mexico today, "Perhaps his sentence will t reduced and he can return horr soon with good behavior," Mr Sanchez Flores said. Seeks Pass Her husband was whisked back to county jail immediately after being sentenced. Mrs. Sanchez Flores was attempting to secure a pass lo visit her husband in jail before returning to Mexico later today or Tuesday. registration tie of IS enti « My other unoutt could bt mb}- ect to the s*mt InternrtUUm of constitutioniUty bj tkb court," Cooiully Mid to UK joint M*sion which cMivtMd it high noon. The pecial three-mi* Men! court said the poll tax a» i prerequisite to voting "infrbifes «· Ihe concept of liberty u protected by the due p r i c e clause" of th« U. S. CQMtitu- lion. Connally pointed nut * pr» = posed st«te constitutional amendment to be voted M aexl November st»t«* that "betnr* offering to vote at in election i voter shall hive ngtetend annually..." "I agree with your thai annual registration If the most logical means of preventing fraud and guaranteeing the purity of the ballot box," Connally told lawmakers -- tht same group which passed the proposed constitutional amendment last yev to repeal-the poll lax. He said a more compelling reason to pass the annual registration proposal is that a permanent registration system, as proposed by some, would be come unconstitutional If the pending amendment is adapted by voters in November. Cross Trial Opens AUSTIN, Tex. (UFI) -James C. Cross Jr., 23, a former university of Texas student, went on trial today on charges of strangling two coeds. His chief defense lawyer announced that he will offer evidence to show Cross wa s insane. Chief defense counsel Perry Jones said he not only will try lo show Cross was insane at the time of the double killing but also is insane now. Cross is accused of strangling Susan Rigsby and Shirley Ann Stark in his apartment during a an FBI report the defendant got sexual frenzy. a total of Hi.KiC.74 in a Iwo-j Jones asked the judge lo year period through f o rg e d ! submit the insanity issue to the checks w h i c h he passed a t j j u r y and declare a mistrial if Klngsville: Potter county, Tex.;!the jury finds Cross Insane now ent poll' tax payment period? San Diego. Calif., and Tampa, Fla., drawn on banks in Mala- moros, Rio Bravo, and Baja California. Amounts of the checks ranged in sums from $150 to $1,400. Rented Cars In addition, Lope?- said. Sanchez Flores rented six cars H I G H A N D LOW YORK (i!PI) --The Teacher Corps!from rental services and none that program, were seen again. "By his own The rent supplement program admission to FBI agents he said would provide federal assis-|he made $23,000 during the two and outwardly looked calm. but sane last July when the girls Vere killed. Jones made his request as attorneys started questioning prospective jurors. He said Cross told him of having "dreams and sexual fantasies" before the girls were killed. Cross wore a dark brown suit, black tie and white shirt. He sat quietly at his counsel's table in the crowded courtroom Highlands. In military a c t i o n . j p i i u n d targets in Communist U.S. and Allied forces claimed North Viol N a m . h i l l i n g roads, 138 Communist troops killed in bridges and military storage a series of battles. areas. Overcast weather made A I' tractor i n t o a canal and ripped an'lowest temperature reported j lance for those in some areasiy e a r s, averaging J12..MII a eight-font hole in the road. Later, while a crane was lifting the bus from the water, a smal S. Marine amphibious l i t almost impossible to assess ithree-whedod bus skirling thejbelow also ran i n t o a i t h e results. icrwd hit another pressure!Falls, this morning In Ihe U.S. \Veather Bureau, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, was 20 zero at M i n n . International least 47 farmers were i t ommunisi-pianieQ mine on a /M IC^M -a innm-is \u-it: i i m n r , Miiing ^ road about jeven mUej north-Iknown dead and revea injured;injuring ievea. 20 persons and The highest reported Sunday was 82 degrees I dwellings and 25 per cent of Ihe at Wut Palm Beach, Fla, loccupant'i Incom*. of low-income housing. Thejyear." Lopez said, government would make up the Sanchez Flores' wife and sis- difference between the market ( e ! rcnl for modestly designed he was sentenced. Mrs. Sanchez Flores said that her husband had been a salesman in Mexico. "Wi feavi tour null etildm," Cross' father, a Fort Worth advertising executive, and his mother arrived a few minutes before the trial started. They were startled by a crowd of waiting photographers and went lo another courtroom entrance to avoid them. Specific The governor specifically charged lawmakers to pass a temporary v o t e r registration bili for the IJW elections U be effeclivc if the poll tax is finally declared unconstitutional effective this year. Their second jab, then, will be lo "establish procedures for voter registration in subsequent elections in lieu of the poll tar if the poll tajc is finally declared unconstitutional or fc re · pealed." Before the session was called to order, state Sen. Grady Hat- lewood of Amarillo announced te would cany the governor'! bill in the Senate, for annual registration. Hazlewood said he has always been lor the poll lax. Like Present System , Hazlewood's bill, companion to one in the House to be sponsored by Rep Gene Fondren of Taylor, would have voters register yearly, as outlined by Coo- nally. It would be almost Identical to the poll tax system, without payment o* any fee. The governor specificmDj called, under his annual registration plan for a 129-day registration period from OcL 1 ti Jan. 31, the same as the prea- To allow fnr special registration thia year for those who did not pay the poll tax, he rec · ommended a 15-day period '» the latter part of March to register all who desire to do so. He said the registration act shoud further provide that those who paid the pod tax t« vote this year "are automatically registered to vole in the IM elections without further acUoa on their p; 1." The temporary registraUoi period would provide coodttimi. al eligibility to vote pending · ruling by the supreme court, the governor said. Connally has estimated UN' cost of · special MUioa *r

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