The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1950
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHRVTLLB, (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS Turks Oust President in Vote Upset ' I m^ .A. KK I • * A D A ^K • ,» T ''"""" ^_—— ' " ' .—III.. r -.— -i- ^ MONDAY, JfAY 15, 1950 Inonu's Regime Is Defeated by Democratic Party »y EDWIN B. GKEKNWAM) ISTANBUL, Turkey, May 15. <m— Turkish newspapers reported loriay that President Tsmet Inonu's regime had been burled under a sensiUEona] landslide of opposition votes apparently sU-mrnftip from popular rc- zfnlment against the country's economic ills. Inonu's government maintained a tifiht silence over the apparent tin expected political upset. But unofficial returns Rave Celal Br.ynr's five-year-old Democrat Party upward of 300 out of 481 seats In the new parliament. As vote coimtinp progressed, one high member of Inonu's ruling People's Party said It was plain the Democrats were wlnnlne. Another People's Party leader estimated that the opposition Democrats had won 343 scats by mid-morning. Inonu, who had been President since 1938, had been exoecled to lead his party to victory by a narrow margin. But today the Democrats claimed that even nine cabinet ministers had gone down in defeat. Whatever the outcome. Turkey's foreign policy Is expected to remain the same, with the country standing solidly on her opposition to Russia and her allegiance to the West. Issues Arc Domestic International issues played no rart In the heated campaign. The Democrats' campaign was baser! chiefly on the government's failure to cure Turkey's economic ills, which have boosted living costs and caused general discontent. Turkey, along with Greece, was the first to benefit from the Truman doctrine proclaimed by America's President to halt the spread of Communism In Europe and the Middle East. If official returns hear out the indicated upset, the People's Party is out of power for the first time In the Republic's history. Inonu has been looked on as the political heir of the late President Kemal Ataturk. who overthrew the old sultanate (monarchy) and was unanimously elected president in 1923. He held the post until 1938, when Inonu succeeded him. . Among the ministers who have been reported, defeated were Vice Premier Erlm Nihat, Finance Minister Hushtu Ismail, Customs Minister Sherafettin F'azil. Communication Minister Kemal- Salir and Ag- liculture Minister Cavit Oral. Nearly 80 per cent of the voters turned out for the election. No cidents were reported at the polls. Although the campaign had been the bitterest in the republic's history. ' Newspapers said more women .Toted than ever before. MORE PUNCH FOR AIR FORCE—Seen ai Farmmgdalc. N. Y., is the YF-96A. new sweplbatk version of (he F-84 Thunderjct. Designed to carry more fuel and more armament than Its 600- plus-miJes-per-hour predecessor, the new jet will be Bight tested this month at Edwards Air Force Base. Muroc. Calif. Possible Lead Towards Treatment Of Influenza Described by Scientist Siamese Twins Succumb Mtet Operation to S*Y*r Connecting Flesh EDMONTON, *'AHa., May 15. (/P) —Canada's Siamese twins—Beverly and Brenda—died on the operating table yesterday, a few minutes after a 12-man surgical team had severed the flesh which linked (heir vital organs. The babies, who would have been •In months old on Wednesday, died after a long, delicate operation during which physicians cut through the wall of flesh connecting their abdomens. Dr. Early S. Allin, who headed the surgical team, said Beverly died nrft at 10:45 a.m.—one hour and three quarters after the operation started in the Royal Alexandria Hospital. Brenda succumbed 45 minutes lat«r. E. O. (Bud) Townsend, 23-year- old father of the twins, said after It w«s over: "We firmly believe the medical profession did everything that was humanly possible under the circumstances." By FItANK CARIiV (As-soclalcd I'rcss Science Writer) BALTIMORE, May 15. (,Vj _ A assibe Dad towards a drug lieat- nent for the most prevalent type f human influenza and a costly disease of chickens was described today to the Society of American Bacteriologists. A California .scientist reported that a substance derived from a microbe found In hay proved capable—in laboratory experiments—of destroying viruses of human influenza "A" and of Newcastle Disease, a serious mnlady of chickens. Influenza "A" is the commonest of all known 'flu' types. At present there is no specific drug treatment for it or any other type of 'flu'. Neither is there a drug weapon against Newcastle Disease once it develops. Dr. A. J. Salic of the University of California at Los Angeles emphasized that his experiments have been limited to trials on viruses of both diseases purposely made to grow in hatching hen's eggs. There have been no experiments so far on virus-Infected animals— a necessary preliminary to any thought of human application in the case of influenza. But. Dr. Salle said the work constituted a forward step In that it marked the first time that any substance hart been able to destroy viruses of these types in a developing chick embryo without killing the embryo itself. Other scientists at the golden Jubilee meeting of the bacteriologists said the work had this further significance: Up to now, germs of the "virus" clause have proved virtually Invlu- nerable to all drugs—even the wonder drugs like penicillin. A few of the largest-sized viruses —such as the one that causes so- called "parrot fever" — can be knocked off. But scientists haven't gotten to first base in finding drugs agahist medium-sized viruses, like that of 'flu.' or against real tiny viruses like those that cause such great plagues as infantile paralysis. THOSI WEATHERED BROWN SPOTS New Kind of Hand Cream Specially Made to do it I ISOIERICA h thai no,v fl 1oui new Vind cf fionrf cream (or fading Ihoie brown ipfliS lhal niaka your hands loot old. *l*o fodej olhtr tuiface blcmiihei and roughnttij m a way no ordinary hand cream or lolion tan. ItaviJ hondi whiter, clearer, younger looking quick r/—olfen wilhin Ilia firif few doyi. Whili ESOTERICA loolj onj feelj like th« fineil non-greoiy voniiMng hand criom, i| hai en added clearing action. Produced In a laboratory lha[ ha» ilud'ed Ilie- eRcd of coimclia on ildrl pigmcnli for 25 yean. Thouionds gladly paid $5.00 for ESOTERICA. l-Jow 5n quanlily produclion, it <an be told lor $1.50, pfui tax. II you want clearer. whiler.le.oUng l>an<Ji. gel ESOTERICA. .Money back If the fill far deal not bring denied rciulli.l' KIRBY DRUG STORES Now, [or the first time, Dr. Salic has apparently found a dent in the armor of two medium-sized viruses. If his experiments with chick embryos can be rencated in experimental animals, there might then be hoj>o of practical application. Also, hope would bo advanced ol attacking other stubborn viruses. The substance used in the tests Is called "subtilln." H is an extract of a particular strain of "bacillus stibfilis"—a microbe that ts found In hay. Subtilln is classed medically as an "antibiotic"—thai is, a substan- Prisoner Plants Microphone To Record State Parole Meet Wt —An Iowa prisoner planted a microphone In the warden's conference room and made wire recordings of closed sessions of the state board transmitter within the walls of the of parole. He also built a powerful radio state men's reformatory at Anamosa, la. Before he vas able to broadcast his whole setup '*as discovered. Before his scheme wa.s squelched, however, the prisoner managed to smuggle some spools of his wire rc- conlings out of the institution. This story was disclosed by Jim Bormann, news director of radio station WMT, Cedar Rapids, in a copyrighted broadcast. Appolnlmen' Kept Borman said he came into possession of the recordings by keeping an appointment at the Chicago airport with an intermediary of the prisoner. Bormann said he identified himself "by a prearranged set of words" to get the spools. The prisoner who Indulged In the electric eavesdropping. Bormann said, was I'ete Hellyer. 47, of Waterloo, la. He said Hellyer was sentenced 19 years ago for a sex crime. Bormann related that Hellyer had help from other prisoners in his activities and that one of them planted the microphone which picked up the paro|e board's interviews with prisoners seeking clemency. In Charfe of Radio Hellyer was In charge of the handled the public address system which fed standard broadcasts to all parts of the prison. Bormann said Hellyer had been making the recordings for months He said the wire spools were smuggled out hidden In elaborate hand-tooled leather bags which Hellyer made it: prison and mailed Lo persons outside the walls. "The hidden mike," Bormann said, "was so sensitive it picked up the crackle of paper on the table, the shuffling of fet. the whisjierecl conversations between parole board members . . . even the breathing of parole officials." Warden Is Silent At Anamosa. Deputy Warden nay Purcell declined comment but said ce produced by living organism and then used to combat other living organisms. As with pcnlcilln and streptomycin, uhich are derived from molds. It's a case of bug-iights- bug. nn Dll -BOGGED DOWN but BD meant Black- Diaujjtit. the Irlendl? [ax- itlve that helps tlred ordin dl? [ax- ps dispel hcarlsches | f made ol Imported herbs. Time-prnvnl 1,7 thou- jandi. For children: Syrup oj BUck-DiAujilit. •ik at an; dealer'! lor BLACK,i DRAUGHT J Th« Family Laxotiv* BERLIN, May 15. I/Pi— The official Russian newspaper here. In its bitterest attack against the West in many months. Saturday accused the western allies of aiming to prolong the occupation to make West Germany an "advance base for a new war." The Soviet broadside appeared timed as a rebuff to the action of the Big Three foreign ministers in London, who are integrating Germany with a uniting western Europe. The Russia mouthpiece, Tacgh- liche Rundschau, said: "The British, American and French imperlal- Warden frYiss Davis knew about the recording incidents and the transmitter. Davis himsel;" was reported attending a warden's convention ill Colorado Springs. Colo Gov. William S. Be.'.rdsley naid in Des Moines it was all news to him. He said he would ask for an investigation. ARMSTRONG'S l'-t SPATTER LINOLEUM n JAMES VEST JOINS LANGSTON-McWATERS James Vest needs no Introduction to many people around Blytheville. A local man, James is now associated with Lnngston-McWaters Buick- Co. as a car salesman. So if you're looking for a new Bufck or a sound used car, we, invite you to come ii and see James. Adv *„.'••« and only Norge i ^ S Y S T. I NO MORE MUSS MORE FUSS! Now You Can Buy This Norge on EASY TERMS MODEL SOf-849 B.g 8-cubic-fom N'orgc with gian, jafcty-sonlcd side freezer. Ample su,n, K e <p., C e in all food storage zones to meet a Ur K e family's needs. Come in, let us show you all the features of this super dc luxe refrigerator wiih exclusive Self-D-Frostcr. 1st occupiers don't want to leave Germany because they are plundering it." K added: "A prolonged occupation of Germany serves the imperialist purpose of converting West Germany into nn advance base for a new Europe and lead West Germany to SEE NORGE BEFORE YOU BUY For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION In a majority of cases Investigated In several hospitals and clinks, subnormal Kidney fundlon vtoi improved, Bladder pain and dlscomforl reduced after I he use of Mountain Valley Water. If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional • Kidney impairment tills natural, un- Ireated mineral waler may be very beneficial. Try it for a lew weeks. [I is delicious, pure-tasting, and may be consumed freely. Crosstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division Mountain Valley J Water ——* war In whclh they aim to chain the slaughter." The newspaper claimed the western powers opposed Soviet proposals Co rthe early withdrawal of occupation forces and conclusion of a pence treaty with Germany. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si/cs up to 81 fn. 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