The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNKSDAY, OCTOBER •!, 193S BLVIHEVILLg, {ABK.) COURIER. NEWS PACE CIASSIFIED SECTION \ovKirnsii\G INt'OUMATlOiN naily rale IHT line lor coiiiccu- :i\c insertions: lo il r lvc avcrase u One time pet line .......... T.vo limi's ii.'i- line |i:-r day ; ne; linir-s |XT line per day :.-••; times per line per Uuy . Mcnth rale per line ....... Minimum charge 50e line) .. 1C-. . 06 . 051. liUc FOK SALE Ads ordered for three di 1 liinru iiml Monp.:ii before cxpi l 'tin vill be chalice, lor liie iinm- Lcr of limes tl c ail uuuearcil and adjustment ol bill martc. All Classified Advertising copy s.iHnillccl by ix-r;o:is residing outbid'; of the' i-.'.y must te accom- 1 allied by Idite.s may be racily conipuicd from alsovc table. .No robfionsnilily will be taken for more Hum one incorrect in- scition of unv chibbified ad. Advci Using ci-d-jrcd for irregular insertion;, lake. Hie ouu limi. i ate. . Phone 306 or 307 SiSS UIKliCTORY l.'n- KEEK wiw lire drlnklne BUI>- U'KISUt, hint of bullied Hcrr. 20c klO-20 KEAt, ESTATE I Come ir., list your real est.'itc i See nhut wV hive lo sell I-:, JI. Terry. Licensed Ueulcr, | Tciry-Warllimalon 1'Ulc Co. UMIicvillr I'honc .011 rje, k!0-'J3 WANT LAND-We have buyers [or 4U's. 80'a iinr Ini'Bcr tracts. Can tell HW tract. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. 29c k!2 I'nii tan buy a home In Blylhc- villc on niunlhly installments cr : r. limn il is renting for. I'd be ijlnd lo tell you how. li. JI. TEUUV, Aui'llt I'honc on or 346 Sc klO-8 lo t'eleknft • i in Montreal was" admitted in' an T *L fiV' ' nwn Cot* lo t'elent • i in Montreal was" admitted in' an L<lte lerni'l WAIJJV WALLA, Wash. <U_P)T- Interview here by Commnntlcr- For Kidnaping'si A celebration marking completion 1 General l.Ciils A. Johnson, highest Ihc 75th collCBC year will be runkliig olllccr In the Legion. held nl Whitman College In June, Johnson salil that Montreal will ftortc -quill ( oSUt'lH l:fr eye. Hi-- cenlly. at (lie Eastern stales Kx- l>qslUoii lirre. IliC quilt won her first . I school ofdclaU innouuee. \Vhlt- suggested us Hie 1935 rcndetvous | quilt Inul won prlws prize— $30— In the nnllime division- CKMiiinn tlirone wHhln Ihc next of the quill contest. Previously lhi> ! low years Is predicted Jiy H. llcn- I'mllcl.f KB* Ociiiiaji Kmplrr. . Iiitervicmd on Ills arrlrai here, MONTiiEAIi (UP)—The return [ Hciwclwl said that there Is a stroii? of a llolicn/ollorn falser, to the j inovemehl, particularly among Ger- mnn ColleRe, named after the mm added Una he pioneer missionary. Murcus Whit-! adoption probable, men. was founded In 1868. believed Its $100. iallHB sclii'l. son o[ the live jnamifacturei 1 locomo- Germnny. man yimth, for the restoration of tl:e Read Courier N«ws Want Mp, THIS CURIOUS WORLD - KOK SALE W Acres rigliL at town, on liai'i road, nice irsiclcnce, clectrirallj lishted. Price S75.00 acre, terms TI1OM.US LAND COMPANY 30c k Nciv anil l'.a :l 1 unnlurc Boum:i anil Soki Sluvci re^'-ircci— Any make A'vln iianly in W. As" 2U|) KlU-Jll "llatjiy (lavs ;irc liere again." I.Tinfc lk:i)\Vtl5ii:K, liine or bot- lir-l hci-r. 2Je ulu-^u VVatiT-Prcnr Tarpaulins "f:i 5^.75; axil) «.iO; 9s 12 3-1-35; tolS 56.CO; oilier iiz:-s and weights n;::clc to orclci. Carney Awning ' Co., 113 S. Firf. St. 18i) kiq-ld EXPERT Typr.srilnis iind AtWiny Machine ii<c'»i|-hvj. U. S. Blan- r.ensl-.ip, 1 1C T-:. Koic. Call 105-J. 21c klO-2l FOR RENT TWO Unildings on W. Main acroi street from Langc School suit able for residenee or business. Wi repair lo suit renter. Also no store building on S. Franklin, Fowler, call 450-J. 4ck VuJJSEKEEPIKG. front room, \-«k free. 914 Hearn St. 30p k OKE BEDROOM for rent, unfti: i:isliccl, reasonable. Call 5113. All dern 3 roo-.i furnished or ui .urnishcd iipr.rtmenls, newly dc /nucii, over K'rby Drug Co. AL buildiii'.' adjoining Tnca! re. p. Simon, 120 W. Dav J:iil 764. 27c. klO- Ucgislcrcd i'pcnccr Corsi'lierc Ml£. J. J. Davis 1'honc 1'il Me klO-20 FUKNITVKE Keu- and I'srtl R. J. Dsdsun 301 i:. Mail 2Gc klO-2 l,. ',:. .MUSS ?!lvtlie\i!lc'5 cut laic I'mlcrlakcr lUp hi0-11 C1.KA.MvUS, TAILORS^ rURNISHED Bedroom, prcfcrnt :'or nuiii, fin race heat. uH Main. Sc klO-o 'hnne 1-UHNISHED liedroom. Call after •1 o'clock. Mrs. Ed Hardln, 1017 2lc klO-2l A'.iraclivo Bedroom, G18 W. Main. "-•irs. MeMnlllns Phone 627-W. 21c klO-21 WANTKD TO RENT I'm (Jualily Clc.inins I'honc 180 tunics Nu\Vu Cleaners 12C klO-12 MODERN REPTDENCE. 6 or more "corns, permanent, reliable — •«-i!l exchange clicap rental Tily- llKwille. Reply to P. O. Box 231, ElVCJeville. 21c k5 St..EEPINri .ROOM, 2 msn. 2 beds. US' Foulli RnilroacI St. 2p k8 Hntr. Blocked L-JO:: I.IK;- New Pi-cnc HI Uniiirr Cleaning Ecrvicr 20c klO-20 WANTED TO BUY IWKSSIMAKING S'iWlKO. A:'. .-nations Vcry-nca-! sunrbl" MiK. Louise Cranp. Phone Eli. 22= ' :1C ^ GOODS COOD SECOND Hj\ND Clicvrolet or Ford D-ficli or Sedan. Ad- rti'css "S" Courier News. 30ck5 IllGHES'l 1 PRICES paid for tires, inner nibps, iron, metals, niaga- •_'iiiF?, hiile3, i-ar.s .to wreck. Wolf A:-:an. 153 E. Main, Phone 176. 9c klO-9 ML KINDS Men. Women and Children's used elothiug and '.neK. Highest cash price. Leigh- nn's. 320 E. Main. 9c klO-9 V,Y :ire roniiHiiiiis n«r O" .' :-:i!c. Ofltr— t'omc in and intjuirc about il- liulibxnl Hardware Co. 12c klU-12 i'lT frcmiit Battery Service WANTED -77 TIRE A-rATTERY STA Sic 1:10-25 JKXJS. i'KTS fin- m.-iiih}' n«&_ '«•'•_'' Siller's Kiilii.ii ^ lluii'k i.uiu-li IIVHBAISD IIAKHWAUK CO. lie kin-n WANTED . . . Local agent to sell \Voruler Bread and Hostess Cake in Blyiheviile. Musi have truck. l,il>fTRl commissions. lifcliine joh for rif^ht man. Sec H. II. Sims. Hulcl Noble, iKtwccn '2 and 5 p. in 3pk6. Drink (be licit for tile same price, Ill.'inVKISKIi. king of hotlkd beer. 7.0cklO-20 Apply Fisher Coal Co. 3pk7 S.\ I.KSMEN \VANTED HIvKK'S TO TO UK CHAN'Cr-; _- -—K INDKI'ENDIiNT— Experienced sales in c n declare Clipper's ne\v 'ialc.s [ilon the best ever developed. WP arc hiring l<-.v crc\v mnna;crs. experienced 1 inlfsnien. and inen wl'.o oun cars rri'.ci arc willing lo get a psrman- r.i<! job thai pr.ys well, neferences icrjiiirccl. Wriii- K. B. Pieman, JQ70 Capper B!dt;.. Topcka. Kans. ANNOUNCEMENTS •WAI. I. r.M'F^K Sin-iK 1 : OKI lo'-s SI 00 •} f,!:0 rnUr. '.'-\i\ ]);iUcrrs ol Gr )'V'4 MAYfLG'.Vr.R Sine- W~ '-•< - n ~ i:. c. KoiiiSEot; LUMBER co.i | I huvr hcu 1 ;!!! tire Nicklc I.nnrh COAI< fi WOOD ami liavc lakcn.cliarfrc. I havrtlir. _ __ ' ... - . - . j >L»mr tnrfec. romp in ami try il. ' Sec L'i'Wtloal Cn. ! GKO. WKIOIIT. r.pklO Before ynn buy Coal—You can. .- — — f ..v<. ir.o:i;-y. Phnr.c 170. Corner! STRAYKD i,.iijin.>u .iii ' ' " " j3(. kiO-29 • Strayed 2 mules. 4 year-old, about "" i 15 hands high, clarl; hluc. mnlcli- \l : T().MOTIVF. - ra '- «ci?lit about MO. Strayed tro;n ' ' Hml'.ni!"pasture on i.iglway 61. ttn- (ialrnay Uaraii- ! tily HiahiT.l Mule Birn cr J. Jack- (;i!inl Jli'diaiiiir-lVork Ciwranlrcd ,s::i. 15ID West A:h. 3pko lr "" """' n " k " M ''iWashington Makes Plans ;K IM " 1>Un "' For Repeal Legislation \!:(;K^T STOCK i^ccn Mo'Miih 11 , ;iti.l SI. Lou .\:M> Aiilo (:!;<» -- Phone 65 .IACKSOX AUTO r.utTS co. OliYMPIA. Wash. lUPi — Waih Aiiln All Kirds Tin: Alt-.Mi) Installed l.iinihrr t'». ICi: 1:10-11) I-ill SW—Rctl's I'larr llfill. JIaii 1'i.r Aii111 I'uinlin^ llndy ami l-'cnricr Service iMiucrly \villi Shc.nsc-I.ilUc <-'o. 260 klO-2G inslon 1 ' rr l!(l«or prob- loms in much the bsmo manner as (lid Oregon, il was assumed here. Governor Clarence Martin intimated that he would appoint nn aclvitory committee within a few ORJ'S to ivork out some plan of control to be submitted to Ihc legislature. II repeal 15 luiFillcd by tlic lallcr part of the year, tl'.c governor tald he would call a special session to enact i utes. i I The state rencalcd prohibition' : last mouth by nearly a three to i one majority. A convention to D.ry i^ Nicht Scivicc Slaliou Coinplct?-Lire shell 1'rodncls Repair Wr>rk at Any Time Phono C05 . . Miitoi Stc-rnto'g i fonnally ratify the 2l;-t Amendment j 13c ktd-isl will be held Oct. 3. Kind Indian Squaw's SlifMon GLENWOOD,. Ark, IUPI —Iren- lllled by pliysloiuns i\s the re-1 mains or an Inrtlan \vo:nun. a preserved skeleton «'n.s uncnrllu-il )y a lininer near here. Old Quilt Won Priies Pick Montrnl SPRINOFlEljD, MaSJ. lUl'l (UP) —A slronB .'lliirteon years ngo, at Patricks M»y MONTREAL. likelihood that the Amrrlcnn Le- burn. Ind.. Mrs. John H. Smith paid , gion will hold its 1935 convention ' $30 in borrowed money for n patch-11 OUR BOARDING HOUSE LADY UNRD UK.K WAS TH' PINGE'R ON SON^t GUVS AV-V.TH TitsAt 9-^-e>Lo\<e.s U\RE Nt>U /VM~ Mfc GET \NI OUR LACES, OR A-ROAES i HECK, I GET -BA-000 T-OISON1N' UP A, HORSE TOR LUCK? ^ VEH ? C4V4 NOU LUCK ? — I SELL THE PARROT TO OFFICER HAS THE DUATTED "BlWiTOR TWEN IT NAMES TUt SP\GOTTV THE WHOLE VOUtfc TOR OVEV? AV^A-R.ASTO 1DENTITY~-TWEN TUE "POLICE CAPTURE: THE WWOLE CAHS, GETS ^ WAMT>SOtv\E ALL. OF THAT MIGRATES fAsrtt- v/esr INSTEAD OF NORTH AND SOUTH/ IT NESTS IN THE INTERIOR OF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT AND AU&RAtES TO THE OCBAN COASTS. MAD SUCH A CAPT. OF THE ARMY AIR CORPS, TOOK A PICTURE OF AVT. RAINIER, IN , WHILE FLYLN& IN AN AIRPLANE 227 AMLES AWAY, IN THE STATE OF ORECSON. FAMOUS PEAKS OP BOTH STATES SHOWED IN THE PHOTO&RAPH. On her way to « llt» term In rilsoii. .Mrs. Lillian- Chessen Is B|IO\VTI 35 £lie lelt tba courlroom In Eiliranlavllle,- III., Hi the end of tier trial. tvitU Gve. others, for Die kidnaping of August 'Luer, Tl. Alton, 111., banker. DURING THE. DACK. AOeS IT WAS 6EL1CVBD THAT THE FOSSILS,SO FBEaUENTW UNSUCCESSFUL ATTBMPTJ OF NATURE... THB FOBMS HAVIN& BEEN S««ATEP. Paralytic Made Long Trip NEWTON, -Moss. IUP> —George Brown, a paralytic, can't \vnlk a recently- -drove Ills Not -so ninny hnnilieils of years Ago. It was bjlievcd llrat llylnp things could bo created 0111 of inorganic mutter. Some theologians 'deciarcU automobile across the continent. from California to Massachusetts. His is a specially-built automobile. tlmt fossils were inndels rejected by Hie Creator and left unfinished. NEXT: llmv inanj languages rue wtslcru Europe'.' with hand-controlled clutch, brake BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES EASY ISN'T WOUUIED! ..-.. WASH TUBBS THIS. SOU (-THIS is ft PRIVATE AFFAIR. / VJCLL, MR. / SOU CERTAINL'.' PUT / YOUR FOOT IN IT. I HftVEN'r^OU EVER . \ HERRD OF F1>/E ACES O'BRIEW? DUHNO , . Birr IF HE'S S'POSED TO BE ft FI6HTER MO FOR k (AlrJ-JTE IT PROMISES TO BE A SWELL R£HT, 6UF EASY KfWOS «k COUPLE OF THE- SIGGESr FELLOUS /.MO THL 1 OTH675 QUIT. CfcoNlES RUM TO O'BRIEN'S wo SOUNDS FAIR KNOUOH! SALESMAN SAM OUR. (JOuJ fiSKS. ftLt- SQUftReO OM Ttt' CIRCUS MftG- AFFWR-, UtTTUE THUJo- To R.e.uipiR.D oFFGftEO 1 HOSS THIEVE SMALL stjRs/KG otni'r A NEfZO AMy'MAME?. HE 1 i-6o:<iA t -3-Ri&^' AT FRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS JUffr AViORO, 8CWS.' 0,^5 UEM3E-B. OF tilE .ffQUAD DO»T GET THAT IMt6 YOlif! HEAD? I'M "gA'WIrte OM A LOT FRO:.'. •PLAYERS'W YEAR—AMD EX EVERY e REMMHSTUM" Oi^.LAST GAME VftS A HAT OUR 130V? DlDNT NEED O CHOW THEIR. REAL-STUFF. EVERY GAME .THE MORE

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