The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1937 BLYTHEVII-LE , (ARK.) COUBffiR JSTEWa ,'—-~ • Bui Nobccly Coil Form the Measure Finally Take - Predict V/i'l certain compromises already sug-' gestcd from one side, nnd other compromises likely to be suggested by the other. Between these is the virtual assurance that an asresment will be worked out sufficiently satisfactory nil around lo Insure passage of some Supreme Court legislation. From tlie beginning nearly every- ane articulate on the subject here has agreed that something should be done alxiut the court, the Con- i'litKlon or both, and now. pcr- l'.:t|K, it is Important to note that various compromise proposals have 'coins from senators who liave de- dured against the Roosevelt'plan. i Some senators committed to the j plan have sought a compromise, j loo, but the White House thus far has turned them down and lias BivDii IID sign that it Isn't certain out comjiromis^. Although no, red-hot dope Is | !ibHarcoV n promKr7is!i\ ; "«UI iivnllaMa for an accurate lot^Mi, , r , Dnnll -, Eoo , cvelt iy .; ,, a t Ivlthln IW, l ?,° C "V.^f new Justices to the coirl rather within which the game will -bei , hlm slx; u | s generally liliiyctl, ; lhat B to say, there arc j | uw tll!U if uoo.sevelt <*•>• Giants in Granite Grow-On'Rush more «y-RODNEY DDTCHKK WASHINGTON.—The Held open for speculation the ultimate compvomLse which will! ... _.„.. .. end the controversy over the 1'r.s- [ of victory with kicnt's Supreme Court plan. r vrnm ih>. mi •'" ' — red-hot dope ' ' ' believed agrje lu-.j i', • r.m . i-i- • • I'o »n. arrangement giving him Ivo; Sidneys Must Eliminate &<%^ ^fS^ fifiifc--Pftl<;ftnftllC feVflcfp "largin. 861112 o[KJosilion leaders in- KUU& rGibOnOUb llaSie ^si-t^s would be-no compromise, Kidney ailmenls won't wear but Just Ft.S OlltrngCOUS O.S they COI1- away — you've got to help '•-•.. ... . •> HiCse delicate organs (unction cropcrly ayain. It's the same 'way willi bladder trouble. " HcjlLhy Kidneys filler Ihe ck\ ar;d poisons and thru thn bladdc/ discharge them f/om Ihe body, ' Ask your druggist for a 35 cent box of safe, gentfc Ramon's Pills lor Ihc Kidjieys ON'S 'BROWNIE VlLLS sider the original proposal. One NSW Justice a Year It is atea necessary Lo consider the compromise proposal of .Sena'.or Hatch of New Mexico, espc Legal Tangle Kills Interest In Match of Mcxlioero Mailers BY IIAItliY CiHAVSON Spurts Kdllur, NKA Service NEW YORK—Max tSchmet keeps fciryhiu hack and forth across the Atlantic, muttering In what would be Ills beard, If lie had one. Joe Louis keeps on sleeping and eating himself out of house [nmt home, and wandering how Uuln Tignhs made but today. Jami'.s J. isiaddock hopefully and what he believes to he ilill- . Ki-nlly works to nil), the rust oil his aging frame ns he prepares foi fight with Louis In Chicago June 22. Meanwhile, the legal language pro and con and whereas and t wit and viz, Hows fast aild furl ously. The scrap's on. The bat lie's oir. liiaildock will meet E83R mlccil. I con seo ho* this is <i most mporlant problei.u to Sclnnellng, nd Also to nractdock. nnd I/nils. Der,.Moxle wants the'title, so Iml'he cmv ,strut! In the Vtitcr- njl. : , I/Mils'; and : , the Hearst A. C., which ils In back of him, want lie championship. With It Ihey ould control the hcnvywclght Itnntlpn In' (he 1 future, They fear hat Sehmellhg would knock Jrnddock olf and either retire vi'lh Hie crown or leave It In con- rpl of, Mncllscii .Square Garden. Diaddock wants the motity he'd ;et fighting Louts. That is all the Icrsey longshoreman Is Interested n. But. so far as posterity goesi;.\t •fally doesn't matter who.flghU* whom. All three are mediocre, iraddock is loo old and shop- vorn. Kehmellng Is-In Ihc same clnss. Louis ts too' sleepy 'and eals loo miite'-iV r < ," It Hurls When Nobody Carei^' Sclimellng. < liowever. has n"ot> permitted the»yfars to soften and fatten him like they have Braddock. The Prcbel Potindci neyjjr Js more lhan a few weeks of training <v*ay fiom a good fight. HAPPY HOUR "Hal while you live, anil live while you cat," Groceries & Meats .'ion W. .Main - - Phono 15 FHEK DELIVERY' clary^ncc Senntor Burke of _«e- j Swinging acro.« the precipitous face of granite Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills of South Dukoln l UllU - "radclock •should fight V^VM"VS O "IIC Jumcla^com-i'^ giganlle ngures, under the direction of noted" ^'""im) 8 ' rScll " lc! j ll!! , l j holl ' rt slny iniltcc is favorably Impressed by it Gutzon Borglum. At the left are the hends of Washington and Jefferson, not yet completed. Al the lie lln""^'J''/pend''"a oiinffor ""'"'• -""'•' " " ' "'"'" " len so tiny ns to be almost imperceptible are at work on the chin of Abraham Lincoln. " Hatch would permit the president to nnpolnt a new justice each cal- dorc Roosevelt's figure will he cut last, workmen, let down'over the face of attached to cables, carve with pnuimalle drills. (he mountain on .seals Provides ALLS BASIC SERVICES for complete home refrigeration 1. GREATER ICE-ABILITY 2. CHEATER STORfiGE-ABlLIIY 3. GREATER PROJECT-ABILITY 4. GREATER DEPEND-ABIHTY 5. GREATER SAVE-ABIHTY Only FRIGIDA1RE has the Cut i Current Cost to the Bone Simplest refrigerating mechanism ever bulltl Gives SUPER- DUTY at amazing saving. SEETHE PROOF M'ith an actual electric meter test. is made only by Generaf Mot AND SAVE MONEY FOR YEARS TO COMEI L B. GEE SALES CO., inc. lilylheville. Ark. justices over 70 who failed to retire. Although no whisper of compromise has come from the administration. lo?ic eomneh the deduction that It plans to bring out come proposal of the sort if only to pass Its bill by better than a tiny majority. A compromise also would make various persons feel better. The first proposal will b: designed as a face-saver for a few senators who might be willing to change Iheir position or to declare one for the first time. If it doesn't "take." presumably there will u; another, and it's not inconceivable lhat the eventual trade offered by Roosevelt will represent a major retreat rather than a pretense of compromise, as now planned, In which the President would make no actually Important concession. The administration's logical first step toward compromise, consider- in^ its present frams of mind, would be in the form of a proposal for a sliding-scnle Supreme Court who r e membership would In t'tne dwindle back to nine Might Get to Name 12 Th= Roosevelt bill now provides for a court whose justices would ; number nine plus a number equal j to the number of Incumbent Justices uVer 70 years of age who do not rcsion before the President makes new appointments. Thus, if the bill passed and no one resigned from the court, the President would be able to appoint six justices and membership of the court, under present provisions of the bill, would be permanently frozen at 15. Whereas, if the six justices over 70 resigned forthwith, Roosevelt would have six appointment--; to make and the sizs of Ihc court would be .permanently frozen at nine members. If no justices resigned, the President would have not only six appointments to make immediately ovt a. possibility of six or more vacancies to fill by reason of resi»- nation or death in the next tlire- years and eight months, inasmuch as five justices are now past their 75th birthday, it is not fantastic to aiopose that the bill in Its present form, if passed, might in effect give Roosevelt Ihe power to name 12 new justices before his te-in exnires. Thus the administration Li in a Phone (i7 Position to "compromiss" by pro' l )asm S that it be permitted to nam« Tlico- '" America. There'll be a boycott. Echmollnp' (mould.,.. It's beginning lo be u pain In the neck, like Schmellng's boat rldis, Every time yon turn around only six Justices during (he present I ;ed her Limit nose toward the Roosevelt term, that a new justice mooring mast the spliUr-like land-1 yo " Kt ' c l )lctlll ' cs of Der Moxlc la) be appointed for.each one now ovor. ing lines had been snaked downl ECl "" B clr " scow - <?'' (b> board- 10 who doesn't resign and that ns , from her the septuagenarians subsequently do resign there be no filling of va- \ cancles uiiLl) after the court gels back lo its present, membership of nine.. belly and the ground blasts ripped me snip as if she Ira two blasts, which came d °ss after a rabbit, 1 al 6:23 P. M, sent red and hlnck liames shootinjl high Into the evening sky, but men standing under the ship reported they felt virtually no concussion. The explosion's force, however, was felt little further away from the ship, "those in the ring of spectn- ors said. The disaster struck without the east warning. The ship had ang- crew hod grasped the ropes from the nose, when Ulie -t.-fjloslon ronred out. scattering growid'crcw nnd spectators like frightened .sheep. The passuigers. who were waving gaily a minute before, from the observation windows that slit the belly of the dirigible, were so stunned they could not describe later what happened. Some Jumped . to Ihc snmly landing field along with members of Hie crew. ,' Olbers seemed lo have been plt- ohed from the careening sky liner ns it made its death plunge. i As the. flames raced forward 'along the fabric toward the passenger's lounge nnd the control car, the navy men of the ground crew "dove Into the flames like; State Aviation 'Commissioner Gill Robb Wilson said, voicing high praise of the ing one. New York photographers covering the water front are al their wits' rnd thinking tip new poses for the Ferocious Frankfurter In his ferry rides buck and forth to try to talk Ihe conrls nnd Uraddock Inlo plvlng him the first crack at the title. Photographers have pictured Ucr Moxle ' waving goodby and htllo and being waved at. They've had him sitting on a rail by himself, and silting on a rail will some slooge or oilier. .They've hat him In and out of his stateroom It Heully Doesn't Mutter But always Sehmellng Is In t bigger dilemma than he was or .he evening that he won Ihc hampionshlp in an atlair \vltl ack Sharkey while groveling or he floor. He's found .the problcn f making .Draddock fight him In- lead of Louis very perplexing Your ystem Money? Of course it docs. The modern equipment of the Blytlieville Water: Company cuts down costs'due t'o'ill-he'altlv'aiYd dig-' rescue heroism. ; Services at Little River T pMer w. P. Fltiwcrs wlir.preacl at the Little Rl\cr Baptist church Sunday morning, II d'clock, and 7:30 P. M. ; In illic.imorning ease, minimizes original fire hazard and stops the spread of fires, and cuts public tax expense as well as supplying you plentifully with pure water at the lowest possible cost. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Courteous, I'ersoncd Attention to Every Customer Phone SO 113 S. Broadway When you buy tires this year, makeitanfety .. FIRSTI There are more curs on th« ronil today than ever before—• nnd they travel faster, slop, quicker. Oflcn your lirca nro all that Bio ml between you and danger. Century Tirca are made for safely in modern traffic. They are reinforced und extra strong at every point where higher speeds throw greater strains. Century «!dewalls arc specially reinforced with full weight, full strength cord.Thii puta up to 30% zuorostrength i tit othU vital Hrca— overcome* daiigcr- OUB high ftpew flexing strain. ' v ^ Century )>«ad8 arc made of ruet-proof, 'Lhigh " ilgh tensile: Ble«! wire; welded. Into oatinuou'scihW.Thc'y can't ilrelch— ^on't break — are seven limes itro'ng«r J . ' tlmu actually needed. , ,\ . •' i ,;' ) The Century Spctd-Grip tread it deeper grooved for apMcdtntetIon. Thii assures , efficient; braking, /ecsr .handllngi-»a.. •' f' extra measure ornon-skid mileage. '••' .' Make it a point today lo drop in and see these (me Century Cushion Balloons. They offer you extra safety nnd extra •erMce at no wlditional cost. TIRES GUARANTEED \l 18 Months Against all Road Hazards A COMPLETE LINE OK IUTTERIES & ACCESSORIES HARRISON SERVICE STATION crvlce he will preach on "Moth pr's Day" and that night on "1 Baptism Essenlial to Salvation f Not, Why Not?" IN BLYTHEVILliE IT'S THE ' BAND BOX CLEANERS FOR GUARANTEED MOTH PROOFING The selection of (your name) as a MONITE licensee is a mark of distinction for which we feel pardonably; proud. This insured moth proofing process could not bo licensed to any but superior cleaning establishments. Excellent cleaning service and MONITE Moth Proofing Process go hand in' hand. A cleaning company that warrants MONITE license -also warrants patronage. , May we clean and MONITE your garment* at the price of the cleaning alone? Contrary lo o.«mnl opinion, mothi KI« (qutlly tftilructlve vttatl; nnd lummlrl MONITE MOTH PROOFING IS FREE YOU ONLY PAY 5OR CLEANING: Owned ami Operated !>v W. T. Morrison and Raymond Essary •111 \V. Main ! ' Phone 17L SOMETHING TO CHEW ON., , -When the evening's yet a pup ,. •;.;> *. Here's a thought you can't pass up: ' i Take ir easy, make i} light, |:i Use good judament and'buy right. Remember!—the better the whiskey, the better the cirink. So—call for Calvert—rich and mellow, Satin-smooih and satisfying in "your cocktail or'highball ... the f>erfe'cll> Uend'id whiskey for the {wrffct bkntfed drink. CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR WHISKIES HOW TO MftKE A SWEILWHISKEY SOUR Wirh the juice of 1 lemon mix a jigger of CALVfRf'S "RESERVE" or "SPECIAL" end } l« a spoonful of tugar, Ue, shaVe, end Info wMikey tour glaii. Acfd soda wafer a I de- si;ad. DecoraF*vrilS cherry and slletof orang« PHONE 198 Copr. 1637 OALVERT DISTILLERS CORP., DISTILLERIES: RELAY, MD, ' AND, LODISVILLE • KY, EiEODWVE Or- it i I*T p i it I V F . IOES: CHRYSLER BLDQ., N.T.O. OALVEST'S "RESERVE" BLENDED WHISjtBY— §0 PR6oF— slnlshl .whlikfy la JIAIN & ]/lI>ljl i Ibis prodnct Is S yeirt old. S2 per Mnt jtiatjht aMiliey 6 ycits old; 68 per c«nl drain neutr»! splrltj. CALVERT J "SrEGIAL" BLENDED WHISKEY— 00 1'ROOF— straight whllXitl In Hits product «re 2 yelrs 01 moio OH 10 pit "SrEGIAL" ''*'" «t«t|M 3 >e>ts old; 16 fetr Mel t juti 014; 70 per «nt Jnln n«u't«l >i>lril«,

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