Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 28, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 6
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|THE DECLINE or BUNCO. r' J • '_ Green-Goods and Sawdust as They Were and as They Are How a Great American Industry Was ]" Evolved, and How It llns JRctrogrndcd . —Oueor Stories of Shrewd Men Who Made Fortunes. ICOrVIUGBT, 1801.] ^ The time lias come when it is possible - to write the history of the decline and ' fall of a. great American industry.. It lias made men rich; it still furnishes - support to some; but its glory is de: parted. It will soon be forgotten l>y } the pubMc, unless its record is •written ? xvliilo memories are fresh, t I refer to the greenwoods industry, ^ and 1 shall try to point out-what sxieh a > iistory as I have suggested ought to in- .S elude. It would he interesting- morally, /_ cecause it -would contain a warning 'Vagainst eovetousness, and a proof of the ,,-'deceitfnlness of riches; it ivould be val- -^ wable scientifically as. .showing that „, some men are descended from sharks i- rather than monkeys. It would also x^EoVhow perfectly the la\vs of evolu- 5 jtion work in business affairs. £ It tvcraM begin with Tunbridgc. Liko -, Shakespeare he is too great a man to »: have more than one name in common '"use. The interesting -portion- of his ^•career began shortly after the war. I reheard the story from Lawyer Ambrose &H. Purdy, who was Assistant United ^ States District Attorney at the time. *Every bo£r knows about the green- tegoods business, but most people are as F.ignorant of its origin as I was before |'"my talk with Mr, Purdy. >7 "About the close of the war,' 1 lie said, ^-"counterfeiting was almost as common 5>-as lying. People were ignorant of the ^'-currency, and the 'queer' went almost *'ias well as the genuine. The counter'-loiters kept improving their work all Sthe time, tmtil at last, you remember, iiey imitated the United States 7-30 ds .so perfectly that Jay Cook & . and Vermilye & Co. got about $300, * 000 worth of them, which were so good |that they went clear to the redemption ^department in Washington before they «?wer6 detected as fraudulent. Then " ie the famous Government suits iagainst the firms mentioned; and, in hort, the counterfeiting business was Aty-well advertised. 'About this time canic Tunbridge jwith a bjg idea. He got out a circular saying that he could produce exact faa ssimiles of the currency of the Unitec ^States The letter was skillfully wordet fso that every reader would expec' "counterfeit money. He sent his price 5*- "rue next step in evolution was tn bunco. Ken wore enticed to the city, and all sorts of tricks were gotten up tc relieve them of their money. The mosl •icute crooks in the country exhausted their ingenuity in getting vip circulars which should evade the law. One of their tricks was to. have slips printed like newspaper clippings. On these slips would "be stories of men arrested and carried to the Tombs with their pockets full of money,'which they had bought. Then the story goes on. to say that Government agents were summoned and that they pronounced the money to be as good as the product of the United States presses. "In this stage of the game appeared ono Elias, a clever operator, who kept what purported to be a dollar store on Broadway. Me was an English Jew, tall and" impressive. We raided him one day and found a force of sixty girls in his storu engaged in doing up circulars. It was a clear green-goods game, but we couldn't do any tiling with him. A curious incident occurred in connection with the affair. Of course, the one thing which a green-goods man, a dealer in alleged counterfeit money, never allows to be in his possession is a counterfeit bill. Finding that in his place of business would mean conviction. Well, in examining the bundles _ of monev which Elias' dupes had sent him, •we discovered,- by good luck, just one lists—5.000 fives for so much; 5.000 tens for a little more—and be promised to forward the goqds by express imme- Btely- He got a barrel of orders and every man he sent little photographic ^productions of .ctu-rency.c They were vpt.counterfeits for nobody ;could.be do- "dved by them. Be, was finally ar- isted, but he claimed he wasn't doing ny thing wrong. He- was furnishing he-goods which he had promised. He ailed my .attention to the fact -that hese little reproductions were interesting* curiosities which any man might ike to have. I asked him .what he Sought anybody could want with 5,000 Juriosities of that kind, but,he only look his head gravely and remarked t there was no accounting for tastes, ow here was the evolution of the t green-goodfe game as it developed tithe brain of Tunbridge. The naxt was almost forced upon him. Order: rbm customers were so exceedingly aimerous that it became, impossible bT bim to supply the demand. His iresses wouldn't do the work. One day e found himseM without a single -fae ale, and with barrels of orders and lels of money. In despair he sent ikages of sawdust to his customers , ether he wanted them. to regarc lat too as-a valuable curiosity-I do riol "LOW. The point is that he had worked u e first sawdust game. Of course the tapes made no .protest, and Tunbridge ade a fortune." supplement Mr. Purdy s ac jnnt of Tunbridge by saying tha aancialiy he has prospered, but tha' "orally he has gone steadily downward rtil now he is a .Wall street broker. 'ZSothing could be done with Tun ir{dge," continued Mr. Purdy. "We ha " law then concerning the use of the for such purposes. He was dis ^ed. Bi^t the green-goods and. saw it secrets were out; and other-men pent iato the business. An act of Con ^ess WAS then passed making it unlaw •to send circulars advertising th =n-goods business through the mails ie act has been amended as the meth "of the green-goods, men.have im •ed, but they have generally-man- to keep just a little ahead of it. act, however,, is a curiosity af En- There is no way to describn practices except in the language fey the wen who engage in theni y the police, so all kinds of slang prjate to the subject got mcor- ited into the august statutes of. the Itecl States, and -tltas gained official ED. TAEMALEE JOXES. counterfeit five-dollar bill. It was an accident all around, no doubt. You never satv a man so chagrined as Ellas •was, to think that he had been caught •with counterfeit money. We had him indicted on the strength of that bill_and could have convicted him—the jury •would have found him gnilty on-general principles—but vrc thought it wasn't quite square. "The next game which the' green- goods men got up was to send for lists of names to postmasters. They got hold of these addresses; learned what men -•were gullible and then used the names over and over again. It's a curious fact hat the man who has been fooled once ,s the easiest man. to fool again. The, [Teen-goods man would work his list out, and then turn' it over to the gold watch, swindler who would cheat the ,ame people once more, and then give Jie names to some other sort of sharks. These long lists used to sell for a dollar a name from one swindler to another.^ "Wheat-he green-goods operator discovered a man of some intelligence and :ourage who really wanted to buy Counterfeit money, but was wary and shrewd, he had a trick which combined mechanical ingenuity with knowledge of human nature.. -Do you know that a bill can be split lengthwise, so- that the 3-ont and back will be two separate pieces?" I wouldn't have thought it possible. "Well, it can be done by a machine. The green-goods man works his game ,his way: He, takes a good bill,, splits it, and-pastes the face upon a piece'of ?aper. He sends this to 'his sinful correspondent 'Who -is looking for the 'queer 1 and writes a note- to the effect that the back plate isn't done, but he- sends the front as a sample. The-correspondent, especially if he-has any fnowledge .of engraving, is struck by the excellence of the work. By: and by- he gets the back of tjie'. same -bill pasted upon paper.' He sees that the work is equally good. "With it comes the query: How much .do, you. want? In a, good proportion of cases he wants all that he -can get, and he comes to New York after it -with the usual result. "In the old days, and, even now, for that matter, the greater part of the I said'before about ttie permanent gullibility of men—I defended the 'hand- shaker' of a gang which swindled a syndicate of three men from Havre de Grace. The 'hand-shaker,' you know, Is the man who meets the victim when he arrives in the city. The man who finally 'does the trick' is usually a young fellow disguised to Tools about sixty years old. In this case he sat right behind me in court while, the witnesses were telling about the 'old fellow of sixty' who had swindled them, and he was not recognized. "The three men from Havre de Grace had pooled their resources; had come up to this city, and had. been steered into the den of the green-goods men. They sat on one side of the table and tlie operator on the other. The goods were exhibited; the bargain made, and the money planked down. The operator ran it through rapidly. He paused at a twenty dollar bill. 'Wlacre'd you get that,' he said. 'From the bank _ at Havre de Grace,' he replied. 'Well, it's no good,' said the operator, throwing it upon the floor, 'I made it myself.' He actually made one of the men go out and pawn his watch for the twenty dollars. "When the syndicate arrived at Havre de Grace they opened the bag supposed to contain green-goods with great secrosy and ceremony. It held a coupling pin and some cotton waste such as is used to clean locomotives. The men were furious. They wrote to the green-goods men and received a courteous reply, suggesting that railroad men must have rifled the bag on the road. The syndicate hadn't mentioned the contents of the bag in their letter, so that the green-goods man's reply looked like inspiration. More correspondence ensued and finally the three gulls came up to New York again and were swindled by the same gang that had worked them before. "It looks like a good business, doesn't it. Five million dollars has been made in this city alone out of such games. But more stringent laws and greater vigilance have spoiled the fun. There are only two active gangs in New York now, and their profits are nothing to what they used to be." Mr. Purdy didn't say any tiling about the connection of the police with the green-goods operations, though a good deal might be said on thepubject When the two Alabamians came up to the metropolis a few weeks ago and beat the green-goods men at their own game, there is no doubt that two policemen were hanging axound outside the crib ready to give aid to the wrong side. It was done not long ago in the case of a man who brought but one pistol with him, but the Alabamians had four, and the policemen discreetly retired. * After my talk with Mr. -Purdy, I called upon Anthony Comstock, post. office inspector and secretary of the Society for the Suppression of Vice. He corroborated my opinion that the green- goods industry was in the sere and yellow leaf—which doesn't mean, of course, that it .will - totally vanish from the path of crime, but that it is no longer flourishing and can never flourish again. The three most prominent gangs in the city are the Parmalee, the Maguire connection Uettveen opium and bunco?, and does the Eastern drug account for the flights of poetic imagination frequently noticeable in green-goods circulars? HOWARD FIEI/DING. —A lot of ten-year-olds were told by a teacher in a Presque Isle (Me.) school the.other day to write names of five persons of whom they had read. 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They naturally hadn't the same delicacy of conscience - about cheat-, ing Uncle Sam,.- for- the war feeling still, suryived. . I went -through the- South in 1S71,. and at many , railroad stations I saw placards with the 'advice: 'Don't send to New York for counterfeit money. It is all a. Yankee swindle.'- In ; .those .-days there was a. fortune in. tha business. The leader of almost every New York gang- has made himself rich. The giune was worked • openly, compared to what is possible now.. These green-broods men were not devoid of hu- inor, either, and there. are many funny incidents mingled with the tragic. -.. "For instance— and it illustrates what COMSTOCK' BAIDIXG A DEN. and the McNully,' gangs. Of the Ma- giiires, Mr. Comstock informed me, four are in the Tombs. "Brock" -Morton's gang is badly broken up.; "Brocky's" .brother and "W. C- Byrnes, another- member of the gang, are in jail. The Johnson Porter gang 'has- been hunted almost to the destruction .of its business. Perhaps.the most active.of the gangs in recent days, has been the Parmalee. It takes its title from the middle name of its distinguished head, Edward Parmalee Jones. It has "traveling companies" besides its metropolitan "stock company, to use_ theatrical language.-: Mr. Jones himself, recently opened an office in Jersey City, where he received mail under two.hundred and fifty .aliases. He had one or two young men with him, but his most trusted companions . were a bull-dog with an almost infinite jaw and a big- navy revolver. When- he got a "liay- seed" into the den.-tee ; frightened every dollar out of his clothes. "The principal discouragement to the business," said Mr.'Comstock, "is-the law making it an offense to use an alias in transacting such -business, by mail. We .can now seize letters addressed to green-goods men,vand ! thus cut off the profits of the business.' We recently oaught one of TJr'ocky' Morton's men- out in Albia, Mich., and seized five hundred and fifty letters. It is much more expensive than it used to be for these fellows. They have to do a large share, of their business by telegraph and they are so well watched that they can not work 'their game openly as they used to. Now..they : meet, their victims at. some suburban hotel and bring them lain ; closed carriages.. Altogether, -the more stringent law and the better enforcement of-it '.: 'he-means by which this bad .business ..as been reduced to its present, comparatively meager proportions." • . • .... •'• , •" By the way, Mr, Comstock also-told me. a curyyus fact which:might be of interest to students of 'psychology. It was this:. ; The "den of the sawdust-gang is always' an o'pium iointy - What isvtho R ADWAY'S PILLS, , u.^. — . 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