The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
Page 2
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FRIDAY, ^Social 'Cale I SAllJRDAy'S EVENTS , Mrs J T>> Pi) 111 IPS. and Miss'Alia BlsJhe hailng bridge pahy ft Phillips home MJS 0 W AlfllcK hauug bridge" luncheon » . I SUNDAY'S; EVENTS •> i Pl-arlico for baccalaureitc seivice muflc, at First Baptist chulcli, 3 p in O> E S will haie practicb for woiihs grand mail-oil's \lsil, 2 30 P M ' ' Sudbury P. T. A Installs* Oflk-crer-- - dmcers otithe £ttdbuu< .PiutyiL- rea"cher Assocl|l,ioh tor the. ney >cl¥>ol jcarMverc* fnstollecf ih a meeting Wednesday afternoon,, \vhtn the final prog rim of theijear va$ given ^ * •"•' Title ofhccrs, ere,' ,Mrs.f Marlon "Williams 'present, b\h9-\vaS rjj- elejted. H Tr Schiicc* vice president, Mrs MaU Tkfonngltnn rc- cortllng seerctarv Mrs Rajinotid Srrulh corresponding secretory, Miss Mary Cuminings, treasurer; Mri VV H Cole historian 1 Mrs Williams aiuiotmced these cornniitlce chairmen,'Mrs O J Rogers, nuance; Mrs: W.' J. Rogers' program Mrs Nclll need pub licijy; Mrs, R, P;,Paddlson, project) Mrs Cliftrlcs Blight music Mrs. Harvey • Morris;' hospitality Mr£. G. D. Hammock, member ship; Mrs J A Sftllba child uel fare; Mrs. John S;.Williams, maga T.his ])it)grain was given playlet 'The First Maj Bisket bj pupils oft Mrs. Fred; Pleciiiiin's room; phho solo Ancel Reed talk Tree Textbooks' w D McClurkln sii- •'perihlciidoht of schools. Mrs rieeman's room won the uoitai prize for the most mothers present yomcn of the Church ot Christ, used the fifth and sixth chapter's of Matthew for her tlieine In If IE. nrellng Wednesday afternoon, al liti tibiitc of Mrs. AddlSoii Sjirdtli, when the Beatitudes were studied. Tlic 12 present vyfcre dismissed ti) r Mrs. Bcnnlc Cook, ''•'..,. .'.' « .' »' ' Has Club rally Mrs. A. Q. Little entertained Ilic Thursday Luncheon club " tills week wheii Mrs, R. P. Klrshnci- Won the prize In the '•" bridge gaines which followed. The guests,,were scaled at the dining room table .which.was effectively ttecornted- with a-bowl of ^U lionsysuckle jiind. red, tapers Bits of News,. •:•'! i .-\\\S\ :i!'.:l>! Mostly rilglil from a visit In Tell city, Mrs a c Blankcnsnlp, fvlri. E M Eaton and Miss Heie'n ^irlnse hijent yesterday in Jfonesbpro as Ui guestj, 6f Mr and Mrs,'John Ty rone who /ormerlj' lived here, 1 hnfchcon cloth' anil the red dishes gd-al the home of Mrs. Chith- Mrs. George guest, tgames Mi's, jnmes Pollock Clark won flfel! and Mrs. O. C. LniiBstoiij second high. Yard flowers made an attractive sctllng for the party. Has Club ; ' Mi's. Carney Lasllc was guest ot Mrs. Floyd White when she entertained Ihe Tuesday .Bridge club this week. ; RAKERY . SPECIALS All Dav Krir- Sat. - Sun FRESH LEMON J.AYER. Ea. ... f'ECAN NUT BREAD; Loaf . COCONUT WAFKRSCC, 1)07 . W FUDGE-iVUl 1 - ' -jAC- BROWNIES Do/ 10 PECAN ROLLS IflC Do? IL Bufereg 'Hour Spcii.ils 5 to b P. M. Fnda> -BsitunUij -biintlay Colorful early suinhicr (lowers decorated the living room* where tlie small luncheon table's were arranged with roses for tlie centerpieces during the serving ot lunch. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims, and Mrs. W. Leon Smith won In' the card (juvsts at Club When Airs. Harry W. HalneS -lAC IU PRU IT-TWIST Doz. . , ., CHOC.-NUT WAFERS. Bo? ', HOT DONUTS Doz. PARKBRHOUSE ROLLS. Do?. .. 16' 3' 12 8 Special Jlolhcrs l>a> Cakes, Beaulifullj Decoraleil - 5l)c BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. entertained the MJd-\Veck Bridge club Thursday for liiiich and A bridge game, she also had as her guests, her liouscgliest, Mrs. Mln- ilc E. Halnes of praiid Island. •leb Mrs. 1 J; < Nlci: .Thomas, Mrs. W O Itig|ins6u, "VMriJ. Max li. teld and Mrs. Baker Wilson. Peonies predominated lii tlic colorful boiicuicls arranged in the Iving room, where lunch was served Mis W; 1.. Horiicr received a io\ of soap for the club prize and the guest prize, n handkerchief, wohVto Mrs. Thomas. e • • 'Number Nine Child Dies - E!' r iiL ~j~~\~ 'i : " ! ''''•' ' ~f¥B8i GSiiider, Iwo-ycnr-old daiiglilei f bl Mi-.-.Mm'd Mrs." iteft Conder, died at the family home in - the Number Nine community Wednesday night. Her dentil was attributed to colitis. Funeral services were held : yesterday attcrhoon at Number Nine cemetery where interment was made. The Cobb Funeral. .Home was in charge of funeral arrange- uelits. Mr. and Mrs. J.'.Neal.aescll will leave this .nfteriioo;i -rp'r.iNcw .Qi'- leans. where they ,^wjU. ppe'nd ( .'jlic weekend, . ,.••'. ',,v, Mr. and Mrs. C. .M. . hltc'it. rind daughter, Churchill.- wciit td'Hol 8|>rlnjt.s liKlay .to iiU«nd tile Btlv. Association convention: 'They will rciurh lomorrqjt' iiiglil. Mrs, Eiifl O'Nc.irfetllrlicd '((j her in Mehjplils telay itllOf a visit with her 'parents, MrV'nnil Mrs. C. M. BfiA. ; ;;,' .Mrs. Paul nriiv/h >ViB , vlsltai lii Kennett 'y'esl«r-day.' WnHcr Rosehthii aii(j 5. Joscpli ntleiidecl to business r ih .Memphis yf!stcrtliiy. "' Mrs. Uuiiv Dailey. ot Sleclc, shb]i- p'cd here icklay. '' Mifs niilh Wllllains. of Driver, lias heen the p'uest of ^1r. i j Mr. nnd Mrs. E.-' ti. 'liald "have Toiii Phillips Jr., for several (lays. As their giiest, Mrs.:'Clu!>-Cuniiiiig- haiii; ol Columbus, 'Miss. I Mrs. 0, E: Moore, ijf' Mbiiiiihis, Iliis arrived to visit lief 'daughters, Mrs. Toui Phl!llp!i -jf.'j Mrs. Eddie nogcnold, and fainillcii. i Mr. and Mrs. W.' n,.- Tiiiihu'r (liui son, Jlthnilc. of licieiia'i"'frill Srrtve' tqinnrrow to spt'Hd 'i i.)ay with Mi-s. f. J. .Mahiih ajiU family. • • '-':•' I Mr. and Mrs. rJharics'Pchll ivli go to Grenada, Mls.s.','l6iri6frb'\v fo": tlie weekend. • . - • C. F. Tucker, 13. S. 3lliiniqiu aiid ij. a. Nash welil lo Louisville tjy., yesterday for the' KchUitltj tJei-by. They will i-elili-h Sunday miss Frances Tucker of Wiish- tngtoh, p. c., who 'is yislUiiB her parenl.s, Mr. and Mrs. c. p. Tilek- cir, accompanied Mrs. J: A. and' \ilss Peggy McKeCl lo phis yesterday. (at, iaiul .C'lajiKSnllnc; I club at . Its fortnightly |u|i nceilng yeslcrday: at the high school building. : WMby Younj!, president, appo'nt- ed Cliartes Coicnian, Oeorge Doy! nnd n. C. Bryan,; n commitlcs n) confer with County Judg; S. L. Cila'JIsh regarding a new roa-J to be opened nnd a bridge built across Ditch 31, horthwesl of Victoria, The (Jill) voted lo sponsor ceola's parMcirmlipii in-' pis,- Me.m- plils Cotton Carnival',e!iih'year ill ic futiire. Tli5 'prosra'iii included ocal numbsrs by ithe negro. glei; .club'. | ., • ,,;,,'' i > 'cluLtrt'vWrn"w! iJ.'-ytiiirs ol'st. Louis, • scout for His Et ,1/mis Browns, and Joe ulucslciii »i Mem- phis. Tlilrty-fivb present. ! Rend Courier News Want Ads valued at i S2l',9%6(W. : , Ho one 1 knows' : who - v land's national 1 ' anlhein.i Have the .KhiB." ,, . "uud Mrs. N, F. Khlglit is weekend In Me'in\ilils wllli itei filler, Mrs. M. E. West, <itiie Will Preach a Cooler COOTER, Mo.—The Rev. J., H. Thomas .will iireacii at tlic Cooler Baptist chtirch Sunday morning and e\chliifi. the daughl; Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Willie aiifl suns will spend .Siiudny hi Pilra' goiild with Mrs. While's mother, II. !l. Houciiilis lilans lo ic'ii today, for Futttiti, Mo., to spent Mother's Day with his• mother'.' Tlie condition oi F. D. Uiitter vVood: who Is critically ill at a Lit tic Rock hospital, Is illilmprovcc lortay. Tlie crisis is cxjj=tted . t bb reached today or tomorrow. Mrs. J. M. Hnssop, ol Mcridiai: Miss., will arrive tomorniw nigh for a visit with her son, J E Has son. and..Mrs, jinssoiK, , , '. Sl^i 1 ..who 'has". ix>'b ll-for' ' ' " ' " " Is 'now much Improved. Mrs. if. N. Swcarengen an daughlcr, Virginia Doris, .arc I MehipHs for two cia.ys wiiere Vii cinia Doris will undergo a tons Icctomy at noscmond's clinic. The wore accompanied by Mrs. M Deemnn anti ilaughter. Maxlnc Mrs. Jim p.- karivell and infai son were removed from the Biytl vllli! hospital to their home toda Mrs. James Hill, who lias bee 11 at a Iial Springs hospital a inter at her home here, has no recovered. •-, > Mr. nhd lytrs. George M. Uc ha relumed froin a visit In ti Springs. A. G. Little returned Wednesd -, Mrs,-. quite?|ll -foM Ujfer pVst 1 seVcn.'wjck ' Special Services ' Osceola " ' - Personal rORrctolu Cliil) > Ins Award ' * ' Announcement was ni-ldc loday at-ithc lOscc,ola : Pwgress'lvc , club, its auaidcd Hie pride (of Ilic bett rlnted year book at the biennial luncll of the Aikansjts retleration ' Women's club.s In their' session t Texarkana tills..week, ' The contest Is LbnJuctcd aniunl 1 among the one,hundred nii'tl lltiy :derated clubs lii the state, lii'lhe. class'ol hand-made year ooks tli: Cosmos club, 'Forrest ! lty, woirmal place.. ,../" , This Is (lie (Irst. time' the award as been won by n club in, this cctlon, it was statcd-'by Mrs.-It: [.iJones, president of ;lhc. Pro- essive club. . , .. • The year book committee re- ;)onslb!c for the arfaiiijemeht antl natcrlal contained ill It iticludec Irs. Joe E. Walker. Mrs. John V. Edrington and Mrs. R. C. Bryan. * * * •Mrs. Ed Pittman of Carson Lak as returned from a month's visit vllh her sister, Mrs. Ira plrtle and 1r. plHle In Madlsonvllle, Ky. Mrs. Tliad Tlndnll and daiigli cr, Mrs, Cnlharlne Carter wen VIcmpllis visitors yesterday, Cilarenc'e Clrlgsby. D. S. l/inev \ncl Hugh Craig attended -fcctera :ourt In joncslibro three days o his week. Cecil' Driver of Little Rock .was business visitor here yesterday ;Mis. J. B.:Mitchell and Mrs. H M. Lackncr are to be In charge of ticket sales tor the Osec'ola In liahs this season at all home con tests., John Doydi,. MjUcholl am Buddie Lnckncr will help with til i'crlisliij!. C. U Jenkins Is quite 111 tli week at his home in the J. B VlUciiell apartment. , « t » • . .. Pearl Cartwiighl. chosen, as Os cCola's Cotton Carnival Princes; and her maids: Marllui Janc.CarL wrlght, Marie Mayo, Conslanc ICdi COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE riione 100 MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP our Mother Flowers ;.'' On HHtt Dan \ coi'sagc, a box of roses, cut flowers, or a potted plant will make your mother 'has^py <on Mother's Day. Grave;,WrenIIis aie upjiropriale and iica'uliful dccoi'atlotLs in Her remembrance. ' • ' \Vcar a'llcwcr for your mother Sunday..' Kciutmlicr—^v ^ e Ttirgraiih riuw- ers Anyvvlicrc! Heaton's Home 2CO K.- : iKSTAHT, PERFECT AMERICAN ilECEP.tiOH,.WITH Think of dialing American stations more easily than you do an automatic telephone! That's how Phi'co Automatic Tuning works. Twirl the dial just once . .. and the station of your choice 's timed instantly and perfectly! We will replace the mythical oil letters shown above with those ' of your favorite stations. FINER FOREIGN RECEPTION WITH THE FOREST TffNiHi SYSTEM And think of timing foreign stations by name . . . and getting and enjoying twice us many of i. them! Yet that's how easy it is with the Phtico ' Foreign Tuning System, Spread-Hand Dial, High-HfGciency Acrialand many other features! only with Milco Aerial to 'insure greatest foreign ^ Liberal Trade-In Ailo\vance Easy Terms Lighter cakes, flakier fcastfy, ) crisper fried foods S " 6 tioEsfiBi'.E, loo. Gct-Snjy-'lmliiy. It's^liitcffsmbollicrj iillrcr. Mixes 'twicc'asfasl. fries without smoke; mates, lukcrl ariJ'lricil; toils dpUbly .delicious. . TeihM' anil a'ppio'vdil by; Gqo<l 11onsc-, -: keeping Insiltiiio.'Gct tlic. big 3-lb. can.^ '".' The new, purer RtL-v e 1 geta H * sfco rte ning -TRIPLE .CBfeAM£DI at l^itlle Kl'vcr Hnplist Chtlreh Mother's Day Sunday, 11 A. .M., and 7:3U P. M. Elder .w. P. Flov.'crs will preach AH 'are cordially invited "Go To Church [or. Mother" HOUSE CLEANING TIME \ is her6 - - - let the >, Singer Susier, S 5 u|{ion V ;H|ndiaciiinl^aner \-<^(C v i,:^ :, il ^ ( ^'d 'demonstration in Here An> \Your Summer Shoes. Shortback FOOT SAVERS Foot Ssivoi-s lit you perfectly, thiinks to their bxoltislyd Shortljack last. Are wonderfully com-- fnilablb fl ; piii-the moment you step into them. Arc so Jiiiihi-t you'd neycr sti.siiect their hitltleii virtue—a nietatarsiil stijiiiort. The. Nassau: Many ?caiur'cS cotrlihi- c4 to rn-tkc tills siiigcr ^ in ^ the" cnliffc ! 30 10 A Mo. I'llONE 535vi l*"o t Frto, I) cinoiiM rrtt i S*o otiligatlolis \ •K i Singer Sewing Machine Co. »408 W.' Main St. Bljthculle, Ark./ Slioun in. \Vliilr. tlril- Isli '1'aii, N.n-.r, and Grey' hllckn. 'llie Nnw-;tii inlro- •• dilces -spaced per- • [orations for sum"' mcr chic and miarl- ness ... A chnrm- ing sliou to go wiih tr/svn or country coslnmcs. No'need lo Irt,aching feel s|K>il ydnr sinntner : when yon ran choose- from Ulcsc smart w)i)W> : ,' Foot Savers.. ' , ' ' n u 'ijJti'i *••'-• SitOUT BACK II,. tsn'l a FOOT -y; \'VBK '1034 CHEVROLETr MASTER' CO/iOH—Tan 'paint jell of n«cn, mol'.air upholstery,' good tires. A car you can proud of. 1S35 CHEVBOLBr SEDAN— 4-door sedan for lliosc that •dcn't iii:c a two-door car and : ;il thp price of \\ two-door. OK in-every detail. Priced New At ..$375 1035 CHEVRCIBT STANDARD COUPE—Black Oiico finish like new, ucod tires. Motor pErfccl. Ycur buy any time i For Cnly ;$325 Here are |ust' a few of the amazing values we are offering this week \ HUE?,-, you' • j ir.ti.\i. ' PICK-UP — N c w Motor 'reworked. ....$245 "!:. l .$365 HHIt 1C U t FORD iailit job. Ires good. Tpscial 1935 FORD COUPE—E«iulpps:l With radio and heater. Only driven tew., thousand miles ity Verj clean ind a Real Buy > At, 1931 CHF.VHOH'71' PICK-UP— is: Ol^cd '• by our repair ent ti" very good. This truck ready to veil; fur onic one fccc Hub One 190 CiUVRriLI 1'i TON TKUCK—Bluc paint, job. :«\r, HD tires nr.ivlv new. Motor i-i OK. Our best, value. Spccial : Price 193C FCIiD 1'. TON 'I RUCK— Long ' w!)celb,isc, new (jrrcn paihl job,-.S^xO HI) tires. 'I hi;, Irvirk bnlv lived S moil- Ills Some Birs.xm CHKVRGLET 1'i T O M C—Shcrl vvhcilbaso. 7.03 x20. tires front and ' rear. Bill'-'' paint. Extra clean truck.d A Real Buy for Only M 1034 CHEVROL.KT TRUCK— I!-:- ton.-32x0 1ID tires. Trnofc in gontl condition in every way. U^cd on farm lor p,oncral furni use. (Special Trice- 11l:llK'.S »VK SI'KCMAI. FOK THIS WKKK: IW1 OtiEVUOl.fiT 1'j ,.'('O M 'UUTCK-.Tho cue we-hu\ r e tis><lrtl for yet. You won't have to do a thing lo lhi.> truck tu jict' many, tluuisaml miles nf .'crvicc. Owned by dly firm. sCcii it new. We'll tcl! yrtn tl>'- cri^inni owner. ^?*^QC Puy It For Clnly.. : .!.-.. «PtiO3 1!)M CilEVUOLE-T TIIUCK-- latc- modrl. new style-call and hydraulic brakes. 32x0 HI.) tires. 1035 FORD DE LUXE COUPE— Gre:n paint job.: Equipped with ruilio and is perfect in every detail. Car rcpcs.ic.sEnI. Accounting for low price ' iDao CHEVROU;T COACH— Look. Fishermen! Here's your cliance for a cheap car to lake fishing. Ready to go and plenty of service .left 1!>:IO FCHD for service'at i buy Ihis di:;: For Only ^..- f KX< CIIKVROL&r ...Tlii^ .car, vcrj'i cie^n. lirij-s, [?aint. like new. Molcr perfect. Only . 10^5 . CHEVROM-7I' I'ICK-UL'—' i < i-'iuc [Kiiiil. heavy duly llre.s on tuaV. Motor vprj- s<"-od!d^«JQ|^ Wt-rUi more cqA"|'A-!-I.'*;i«int' '": TOWN-iSEDAN-prccn incUil ( ,,i.'-., ,..•:,.>.i'tn. —•. r ' ' - 1035 FORD SEDAN—Finish in black co!or. Inside like new, nio- lor and (ires OK. Only one nv.-ner had Uiis car and it will show lie took best of care. Special Bargain .. < IMS CHEVROLET SEDAN— New pnint jcfc, nearly HEW lir&s. Mctor reworked. It looks good, it drives good and Oil, Look At The Price! • •'• 1935 CHEVROLET STANDARD SEDAN—4-door job. Very clean inside and out, motor OK. Just the right • size car for rural owner. Very economical (J* O O C lo optrale. Only <pOfet) 193G CHEVROLET STANDARD paint 'fiiiisli, large built- in Irunk. Motor (icrfcct. Car nyly year old and real iiiiy at this price .... "!D3. r > CHEVROLET' HE "LUXE COL'PE—Equipped with radio Mid, lots of accessories. Original '^. nic Buco p.iint looks like new. ivlotor OK and car a wonderful l:\iyj fcrr ;a ny o nc at 'I hio Low Trice c .. a -.$425 AND TRUCKS ALL MODELS \ .t •* ,1934 1,160,231 \ (iccploboi/sTilVjJcd^oH^ from Chcvifllcl JcafcTJ ' Id tfio United Stole* 193S i yinc ono pcopIjttKiglii u^cdcai' • ficniCtievrolcl doafcri '- • in Ihc United Siofci 7 "\ ••Ti'i ..', 1936 2,019,839 .• peopfc toUgKl uscdcott ' fram C^icvrolcl rfcaltrv inTKeUr.Ilcd Sfalcs T _Gt>Od Shoes & Hosiery "i|i? 1 'I' >•"••«:•< <•

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