The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 8
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\?AGB EIGHT _KJ J r:mi!;vn.,LF, 1 (Am.) He is.Ready lo Resign (f Necessary in Help Roosevoll nv RODNEV WASIirNClTON. ~ Humor, |Kr,l:y little pup, has sunk |f s t.-'riji | n u, the paws ot Donald Rifhbr-rr; nml dnr-sn'i intend to Ic-i go. I da not predict ;u this lime ilml Mr. Rirltljpi-ij will t>o iliroivn to the •liaiks or thai, lit will jump over- I o.inl voluntarily, though his apiie- iilc for punishment am\ martyrdom if; so insallablo that lin would just love to lake Hint leap if convinced such sacrifice would Hid ]ij s beloved filler, Mr. Hooscwll. Bui nichhrrji's sent on liio ]wo'i) d"ck bwomi-s increasingly liiicom- fortablp. Tim minor is a imcc healthy, persistent rumor such iis you can't kick olf into n corner and lell lo be (jittet. Such rumors, involving a gcni of top rank in the administration, arc nlirays camfully nourished by ;i fallows worst enemies, who know among other tilings, that constant repetition hoili disturbs n fellow's lioralc and cncoiirciRes his other ncinl"? to join the poison. s<juail Thrrr.'s I.ogl,: in Humor Sometimes, as Is partly mm In Hlchbei-g's case, » res IE nation rumor fits in ivitii what .seems the inevitable !o«ic or a situation. This ..Iso makes the rujiioj- llirire—nml induces canoy newspaper correspondents to pay it hc-cd. 'Hills tin nirhbrrg- rumor flourished almost inli-iitiilomly after it ^ ". milled Dial he iind tlircitt- I'lied Die S.iluixlny Evening I'ost with n Illiei suit hi rase aenrni lo'msoiis aitides were as nosey to him as he had lu'en told they winild te. Added to Hint an mnny mics <jf lien on, irritability and scnsl- llirness lo nuwspaper Movies. The health O f the "ussisinnt prwdrtpnl 1 ' Is not. any tno i>oo;t. 'l'i( ollui nti'lii, Mr. Hlohhwif np. pined Rilli Chairman chiy vVil-' II mis of the National Industrial R'Mny Hoard to tell newspaper. couespondent.H about tin: continuation or the nuloimiblli; code. Soon ho wn biwllng out competent iiL«MMp"rn»n tor their persist- Texas Coast Vast Cemetery as 50,000 Cattle Freeze T&URSDAY, vode a hovvHw. Mtan) m,i of I|K> /inrlli wliitf, struck will, record fm-y nloiiB « n HIP marshes nnil Indies over a wide area along the Gulf of Mexico . 11 if nnlinnlf. havinrr dlr-d by' hundreds ns n,oy huddled twilif,; vainly ground. Cattlemen estimate ihe loss, at hiore ' than """I" E "" n ' »» In rhln Bloomer Sponsor in ^ •': jCapitaT Will Retire . (UP)-Dr 'ie- bccca Sloneroad. -wlio liitrwliicr'd bloomers ,u> .Wpshln B ton' ? Sc retired Jan. 31 after 40 of school service - »r. Stonwoad ;?ervcci 45 'of .the 40 jeais as physical director or plil,- On these Uvo men, slio-n lls they left the White House after n con ference «,„ the future of dismal .section dice in ijuosllom which ivotu i"\n!cd I lie fact that, the mil oppo^rt the couc agreement and. that labor leaders hadn't be-u .lonsuleil about, it. trenn LW Orowa ( r » ax No« the A. K of L. b shrieking for Rlchbergs scalp, it's trite Hint Ihe A P ol L. leaders arc a sorry lot and Unit Roosevelt secretly c "'i shares Rlehbmg's contempt. lor his But labor's pollliciil .power Is 8"fif#i linn -iis 'economic, jwvcr ai|d JOH unit evor tell-when II will feel Its been kicked in the 'face once too often. Unions.outside the A. P of L share, .the feeling ngulnst Tjlrhbori'' even'his old employers, the li'lroid unions. On top of that )«>ril leideivj-ivhom Roosevelt cant IIHIOIC—arc siding w iUi organized liboi against .'Rlohbcrg, on the Iheoi-j thai his policies would nelUei laboi Into.Ihe hands,of in* diistrv and it,; company unions. ,It is extremely! unfair for'tabor leaden, lo brand fjichberg -is a- traitor lo labor." when ruehb'erg Joined Johnson to build and ope-- -ite NBA he made It'very plain W nip friend-. Jhat he was going to represent the presldent-not labor. Richberg ^ Ksw - Da \ co-ord!na- lor, probnblj has done n s well ns job ic 'V cll!tl ( ' ? at 1 ' 11U ''Visible 1T(V ^"eency qo>inci)' nC sia"f worthy of the name and. althoiiBh taker attack ead or the 7-A/. h , 10 ,v concentrating . by organM labor. They arc Clay Willlam.s. left. N1RI3 and „ high exeenLlve of n,e uncodcd djanllo istry, and Donald Rlchbera, right, "aisbtma ' president " who vwtaa A. P. ot U Stocks been^o of hU part In npholdlns the Automobile Board ami extension of that. Imlu.slrys code ••••'«»•• i-Ti.ii > n-tmi mil, Lllllb tatus in Ihe New IX-nl won't ' cumlicd lo o spsech-inaVin fiichberg i) apparent mniiln for _ . felt these speeches vitalh, essential to (he New But, his friends, seeking to mils hmi 1UVC l ° W lllm ' hc? »'ns Slihies in Jf^rlyr Role When lie took his present high Ricnberg realized that he was > to be driven from it eventually But he has 6onc out ot his Kfly, as if to hasten the day tc bare his throat and 'chest to sh'alts that otherwise might hit Roosc- Tlns lovalty to the president has virtually approached martyrdom flM Richberj seems to love II A president must have his scapegoats! insiders Know-'th.u noo.seveit, (ells Richoerg -whit to do, not vice versa. A, I L c ' r L - Icncit!rs -non- sniping at R-chberg do so because it's rmich •pmidcm." Sh0 ° lin " <i ' rpcily Bt lhc i.i E k? pt m nlomi! " ls of irritation Kicnb^rg cDnlinucs tobj jolly dnii ociatic ind philosophical. J-fy thati^a year ago, many New MISERABJOEAK? JF your day Jfins u-illi backache, headache, or periodic .pains, you need a tonic like Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prcscrip- ! » \\- u >b, ^ on ' Mrs - H - W. "&. v 1 W c "rtncr of ill? lb V- P U«yerSi.,Uttle ^-~. N^J Rock..Ark., .<aid: , ... ,."1 was iu a run- dom wirf'l'on. sr.d had litjjacln d»y afur uay I had barel? ewugh stiengOi to do my lioi "tivort. Out lx>lllc rt Dr. Pititc's Fj. vonle Prc'cnphon holpol me wonderfully. at lhc hczdochc. The paini in my back lelt jne too N«sv s a, tabUu SO els., liQulj {too Site, lab? or 1 nmd SI 33 All drug tttitt III Tiuctl Cbn.c, Kufiilo, c-bangft d»)-hi|; |li(s Cress. of C'oh- Charges C. of C. Porters Broke Pitcher on Head CLEVELAND (UP) ' — K e 111 p t mlih. u .member, of Sigma Betn. higli school fraternity, wants the Chamber of-Commerce hen- io pay lilin -$5,000, because, . lie - idlcges purlers. »BcnU mid ulher cinployr's* or Ihe C. ol C. -beat struck n'li'rt kicked" hiir, New Year's Day' "• "• A suii. filed by his f n tiler, bind- one H. Smith, alleges " brnln, dizzy spells iiud n rlnRlnit : In the ears," -'•' .- : •V. : J. Plttlnrjer, In charce of clnbropms where' Ihe sroup.held. a' NevyvYeav^diiiice; Sfiia tlie'vo ,l«itl' bran a cUspiite-over clinrige'at^'tircT checkroom, :: ,' •',' • : • ' boost major fuel average- or live cents per uallbii nnd call fora 10 per-cent blend of alcohol with the gasoline. The blend will cut the mileage yield four per cent, Bureau of .'standards tests show, and -necessitate consump- tlon of more gas." .-'- ' -T- i The "bill \vas introduced' as an agency of farm relief:'- WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY ' COURT CHICKASAWBA D I 9 TR I c 'T MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. Alma Richardson, Plalnliir vs. No. 5880 ^fen•|n Richardson, Defendant. The defendant Mervin itlchard- son is wiivnixl to 'appear within thirty days in the .court named hi the caplion hereof and answer tlie -omplnlnt of the plaintiff Almn Richardson. • • • Dated this 23 day of January, 1035 H. M:'OR AID,-Clerk' By EliMibeih-Roddy, b. c Gene Bradley, -Ally' ad Lliem. 2-/-3I-7-H Expert Says Moon ; Looks Like Green Cheese WASHINGTON;. 'Vup) : _ sweet-; hearts may -(hid romance in' (lie.; moon, but' it's jiist'. another piece: or-green 'cheese lo Dr.'. Hurry Burton, astronomer at" the Naval Ob-' servntorjv '-,- . ; * ..' . ; Dr, .Burton views tne ™oon tliroilgh n 26-Inch..telescope. He said, tlie celestial .bo^ly is niatle of pumice ami volcanic ash,' ' Explaining why he thought the moon looked like green cheese, 'flic iislronomei- said Its upper quarter is Cull or holes, which are really extinct volcano craters. This part resembles Swiss cheese. Near the center, and Uie lower ilf of the orb, he-said, Ihe-surface Is smoother- and a darker green. This is caused by the set- ling ,.sun and 'stiadows cast by monnl.iliis. TO Dr. Dnrton 11 looks like green cheese mould. ' Rend Courier News \7ant 'Ads. . n ! so ,..,. wns ros l»n-'ilble 'for hatat": -Instruction, wl.leh hi health habit- mark, 'being placed on school reports she ,,Mbtc<l in tlie..developme,U ..eopme, of phjslcal- and. health education In UbMa, schools tliroughonuhe unit- d .States, and Is regarded a s one ' Too Much Vanilfo Made Family HI flOLYOKE, Mns.-.. (UP) — I/iuls Mcrcnro wanted to surprise his wile and family by making a cai-5 for them—his first experience The family ato tlie cake — the police ambulance arrived shorlly afteri'/ards. After a chemical analysis ii Ifliowcil too much- Vanilla. . The family recovered,'.however. Jack Doyle, above, heavyweight brKfr, Ls to laiinc)i on Amci-lcan campaign in Bwton next month. Camel O'Mahoaey,'below, heavy - TT • -"'Q H3M1 a u^i | HJ-JpafJVT.Hi CHNITI3M AU3ad.NlJ13933 J-SnW I , pioneers ' «l«ciiUon ncforc. Dr. Sloneroad Introduced 7*ii WMnen " t(;nbhcrK rcrerw(l bal (james in skirls w liieli .Iho noor. Meii, teacher, won- eyrn suits .rexclilng fr om en | n ,„ *'•««. wllh Blocking, beyond tme of the iwy.s i,o:e tights, wlille li, " E wor , fitonnoid is 70 'AiiiericaiK expended mately J5,COO,OflO,Ol>0 fnr In 1934, New Proposed Bill Will Boost Motoring Costs .WASHrNqTONrTuPi-'^Pass^ ii 11 hill now i before Congress''*!!! i"unm.s.. •. incrrase inolorhiB cosU $120,001).- D='«cl this 23 day of January 1935 000 fimiually,-tlie Keystone •"•- ' ,,.-;.•„•».' _." u3ry ' IS ' iJ mobile club charges. , , wcigli twj-astier, L? attractliK Icntlon In Ihe east. Neither Swede. at Is- i> approxl- vacntloai WARNING OROKft N THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DIST III C T Airssrssippi COUNTY ARKANSAS. P. .1. Thomas, Plaintiff; vs. NoVr/891 '- : ' eulah s. Thomas', Diifeitdant The defendant Bcnlah s. Thomas is warned to appear ilthln thirty days In.'the 1 'court "named In Ihe caption hereof ''anil the iplaint of the plolntitT p J 1 H:-M. 'Craig, clerk By Elizabeth Roddy, n. C. measure, if- pas.wd.'.- will Ot. ne Bradley, AUy ad rjtom 24-31-7-H —WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL : LESSON =U= Petor Preaches at Pentecost t: Acls v,^^- -, »- NThi- International Uniform Sun- any School l>sson fo 10 ' ... , »... BY \nt. E. OtLROF, I). D. Editor of Advance The Peter of the 'Day: of happening was not that of nu'in-" tense clisciiiJeship,' bht who may, none the less, hnve been drawn by sufficient Interest to come under the Influence of:Peter's preachm" Apparently there was a. number of this .sort there, otherwise' Peter thiit' im been Ills following Pentecost, be -a world where most of its problem's could tic easily .solved. Business Forecaster Sees Increases During 1935 IN THE ORIIER CHANCERY COURT courage : arid thl DISTRt C T With the.rkliimtion.or Peter to Sh ^ ow lire circle of ^'^'">-" --••• --• wfi"-n. nov,, tnce of and love, and with the of. ^, t'O.S ttl&l nuiruu OUUU were added to" the .church, . , been definitely IN WARNING ORDP.B THE CHANCERY ^^^ ' cerk " Paui-Elaiii nnd'touls^ EiArn" et al Uefe.ralatils. - - - • .-••- Paid :.Elnm,'-'is warned- to appear' witlUn ninety . Iti • lhc : court' nariicd In Uic . caplion:-hereof nhd'aivsvvor'lhe com- IN «'«'-.- 1 . the plalntirr -j.-A: Owali- . . paled 'this 23':'day"or;aahliarjv 1035' H. M. CRAIG, Clerk •"'•' By Elizabeth-'Roddy, DO' Jesse Taylor," A.W""ntl"f.llem. ': '.': ;j?\ \ '.-' . 24-31-7-14 .£ING OIIDEU IN:--THE' 'CHANCERY- COURT .CHICKASAWBA DtSTBI C T : MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKAN- oAS. ' , ; Margaret MaeColo, Plaintiff. '-" : VS. NO. 588B *0 Magliolo. Defendant. Hie defendant Leo Migliolo Is warned to tippenr within thirty days in the court named In (h 0 caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Margaret Maglloto Dated this 23 day of January. 1335 H. M. CR'AIO. Clerk By Elizabeth-Roddy, D. C Gene. Bradley, Atty ad Ut'em. SPECIAL OFFER This Certificate Is Worth $3.31 FRIDAY ONLY 2 r. M. to a r. M. 49c Kirby Drug Store Corner Main and Second Only This Certificate Is Worth $•>.,-)] FRIDAY ONLY « 1'. M. to 5 P. M. SK by cducallonal authorltka. ^....^j^i „ ^j^ u A a l K l U l MlSSfSSfPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Claude Johnson, plaintiff •' : vs. No. 5890 Biirton Hessie-Jolmson, .Defendant The defendant Burton -ffessie Johnson li warned ^o JpHnson. Claude this faith him "on the tiay ' T'lie , margin might readily be increased ,..-•..'.-• .•-,'. — •.'•"»• i/ 1VI Llf V» ll'|| the. -spirit;, of: pprHjueal: mat lad ; : By EllKibeth.-Roddy. r> Ocpe Bnidlcy,. AUy.-ai(. : .Utein 24-31-7-14 WARNING ORDEK THE CHANCERY COURT .CHICK ASA WB A" DISTRICT = MISSISSH'PI COUNTY ARKANSAS. : '-.'•• H. B: Wcllenkottcr, Plaintiff • : • No. 5875 • vs. '" . ' '" ! * Edna Wellcnkotter. befehdanl, '' '-The Uefendaiit, Edna Wellen* ko ter, I S warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in -the caption hereof and anssrer «ie complaint of ^ the plaintlir, H. B. Welletitotter. "Rated this isth day of Jan., )935/ H. ^r. CRAIG, Clerk, By Eteabelh Roddy, D C Neil Reed. Atty. Art Lltein. (lint America's s here fore- husiness lii n 1935 should average at least fl ner rent above 193-1. Sloan, who pohitoil out that his concern' eosild not afford "to be either bullish or bearish," said. "The business avenge should bo at least 5 per ceiu greater, and with only moderately "nddilional ..jr ' ••*•'•- •"-- y*.. .»-«i*iiur«ii , ijiaii Jijlti InspirediiU'eni "in -their first cora- ing- ; to: Jesus ;: aiid;jiielf-acceptance ---'' ' , The- -world;, fqr^the most part h Novy ;'-oh'_.;the: .hay.'.'.of. • poiifecist^ o. - arc ;^told, .:th'ey/ were'-'galhercd '!'. S t ?'?.' : i)lacb •fyHiV'Mc. iiccofd; old jealoiisles'rtnd 'ajiib'lf-ions were for- Botten Mir, th'eVBjofy^pf .'the, things Lll&t fltlrirl.. I Vi A! »".*-.. _.-.*-.'-' . • ! • -i . l|pn--.-:of.> 'their --.-:o.> 'eir -rei earneslne^'-Vand' -interest , os - . - . , BbttenMa; tlie\ B ipf^pf .'the., things ™LS"; cf ^'.^i 1 ""e™at : mil- that . ^l6rt..|he,ir:",soHfs;'-'-ouU-ara<S^ C f:- rell Bj<>!« 6™^,- wlth-Its mnnirestntlons M-the! terise spirit 1 ^",, 5" 1 er "l?iiBlnsm; '.would not that moved'tthem-fonly inefeawri L :mtll ? y -" of "'"".modern: prob- the spirit-of .exjwjclalion and en- Siw- - D w C- '*° n —^ "^ tim " Ihuslasm.'-: x.".;'.',-, wlellier .such problems:; can >.; ever , i- , - i—v.Mwuio ,.i.i[[i. tvtIL be -; solved • exce n t; as; men; arid' wo- tloh -of. Jesiiv in »ic founding: o( To Peter fell the' responsibility . ,. -^'"".".^1, Ji- u'oiim matter --little • -what -'forms- the • sochl change-might-take.' ... ...... j,m u lc re5poiisiuiut,y • -.-. ....jj i ... .. and privilege of.'being-the. chief , u l n/n, ,.°1 ," ! « elfi -'*iwss. «six!tthcr on the occasion. The.ex- i - tl " iiig (Ils c'Pl« displayed " T. •"• »••*• vA-i.i».^LUIi. j,nc act nature bf the scene and . .. ---••:-. »• ...^ .n,tinj .IIIIL i)i ilie atidletice. is not. Indicated bill apparently there ' were'. many on- 17-24-31-1. lookers whose InterMl in what wa<; Spring Hats that are * byron I'roscnts The "Yodel"- A new, light weight Criishpr 'with fell hiinil. The "Pork-Pie" With narrow hand and telescope crown. 1950 ' MEAD CLOTHING CO. Thursday & Mday MAT—2:00 NITE—6:.J5 lOc & 25c 10c & 3ac ' ^^ ^ *^ ^mrm^rmrm *^*^h ALL OTHERS .A W.'S. VAN DYK Produdioa Dumbell. Letters Comedy ona favorable development's, Ihe 1935 Wnshliigton.' and' cvcii' fpoiflo 1 ; considered "in-e- sponsible, nrc'.' fiilJy alive 'to'. IK- dangers .and don't"-. HjOXY last Time Todaf MAT. & NFTE—10c . 25e RUSS COLUMBO ROttER PRYOR and ; '.TUNB KNIGHT : hi ' -'WAKE UP AND DREAM' ' : ; - Po.v News Three Sfonges Comedy Friday & Saturday Oincted by Glenn fryon. tinJio S. SXO.tAOIo'f.curj Cnrloou Serial— "iMystery. Squadron"

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