The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1950
Page 13
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,--DECEMBER" t3, 1950 Adequate Reason Needed To Dodge Probe Queries By JAMES MARLOW «j ~nt'»B.a »».r»«*A/n itj answer on tne crOLIllds she miem WASHINGTON, Dec. 13. (AP). - incriminate herseff' WhJ? Beciuse In 1857, Congross basMd « itv, still the court said, she h«d reason to' standing, which savn! • fear Droseculinn MIIH*^ n,— e.,,ui. , standing, which says: . "No Himg, wnicn says: lear prosecution under 1 lhe Smith <o testimony given by > witness Act " she admitted membership ire a Congressional commitlee I". or knowledge'or, lhe Commun- used as. .evidence Jn any ' stl P ar ty. • ^ c • used as .evidence Jn any — •• . •Wmlntl proceeding* against nun , ?, Jl J'S" 1 now Jo' people stand In court." Indicted In w shinglon on a charge But this is no perfect protection. of contempt for,having -refused to 'or example: suppose you admit- answer Congressional -committees' ted to: a Congressional committee W" 1 *" 5 about Communism.. Does you had violated • federal law. Hi' f^rT* C ,° m ^ decls! °" ">« an True, what you 'said to the rom- "" *° vr "" m «>t will have.fc mitlee could never be used against ', , ch "J" ,»« a i'«t »« these you In,court. And you couldn't '- charged.with a crime on the bi^ of what, you .told the committee. .But the FBI could use what ybu SAid M a lead,, go out t dig.up evi- rtence on its own. Then you could be. charged,.and-.the FBI evidence, Uot your congressional '..testimony, would"be used at your trial. ... , What, "out"' [hen does. a' 4 m»n have if he's called before a Coi)- Sresslonal committee since.-he can b.e jailed for contempt If he refuses t<\ pnssver a committee question?, .There Is only one "out.". That's tJie .Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. It says no man can lw lorced to testify or give any evidence against himself. . . Musi Have Reason ,So if you hide behind that Fi/lh Amendment you can refuse lo ans- H<r on lhe grounds Ihat "What I say may tend to incriminate me (that.Is. lead to my arrest, trial and imprisonment). , But you can't even use that "out" unless you really have some reason for fearing your answer might incriminate yon. You just can't use it "a* a trick for refusing to answer". ' ' . And if'you use" it. and Congress doesn't think you have a good reason .fcr it. you can be cited for contempt a"nd tried.'Then It's up to a jury to decide whether ybii really nnVht have been Incriminated by answering.' It used to be that when a committee asked a witness if he was a Communist,' he could not refus* to answer, using the'Fifth Amendment, on the' grounds he might incriminate himself. There was no law affecting the Communist Party or making It a crime to belong. '; But in 1940 congwss'passed a law caller! 'lhe Smith Act. It said nothing about the party or that there was any 'crime in beolnging to it. The law said: . * • - • ItV.a ciiriie to teach Or advocate forceful overthrow of 'the government, lo help organize any 'group which teaches'it, or to be a mem- fifr of such a group, knowing Its purpose. ' "• • • Colorado Cut Cited ' • Finally the government tried and convicted 11 top Communists on-a charge of violating the Smith Act ,jg^ teaching "feverthrow or'the goV-" SKiment. Whether they were Justly convicted will now be decided by the supreme court. But. because of the Smith Acl and lhe conviction of the 11 leaders, membership in the party rnaj result In any member's beinj ch'arg- ed with violating 'the law! 1 v - " Meanwhile, a Colorado grand jurj tried lo question a Mrs. Patricia Blau about the party'« operations Ir Colorado.-' She refused to answer using th» Fifth Amendment, 01 the grounds she might 1 Iricrimtaat herself. . --.••.:•'•':.. She wa« found : gul]tj or contempt «nd wntenced lo a year in Jai She appealed to lhe supreme cour And this week the court ruled- I She shouldn't have been held In I contempt and had * right to refuse to answer on the grounds she might , reason o rear prosecution under 1 the Smith Bro»der )» Ejample'' ; . Earl Browder, former head Communist, Is one. To some questions n* m0i-«lii ^«r*j ...iii_i'j'_i_: •* i_ , . e quesons he merely said—without 'using 'the Fifth Amendment—he wouldn't,'answer because he thought the committee was fishing for Information. The other 19 gave various rea- 1 sons for refusing to answer. Even in their case using the Fifth Amendment Is not necessarily- » good excuse-for refusing to answer. rFor this reason; . : -. Did they have reasonable grouvds —as the supreme court said Mrs. BJau did.-ror fearing tiicir answers might laud them in,Jail? So", usijig the Fifth Amendment Is not a complete , shield In .itself. There has to be a good reason for fearlns prosecution before using it. The u. S. District Attorney's office here said all 20 men will be brought to trial. Then it' will be up to the trial judge to decide whether the Fifth Amendment and the Supreme Court ruling'protects them from trial. Are you wondering a'bout-'tllose 10 Hollywood writers who were sent to Jai! for refusing to answer a committee question: "Are you or-have you been a, member of. (he Communist parly?" They didn't use/lne set'f-Incrim- I.natlon protection or the constitutions Fifth Amendment. They used the first. It guarantees freedom of speech.. They • said (he committee had no right to" ask the question because It violated lhe first amendment by interfering with their'right to any political belief. The higher courts ruled a question about Communist Party membership is- no violation of free speech or political belief. So'the 10 went to jail. The Arniy Air Force began Aug. I, 1907. as the Aeronautical "Division of the Army Signal Corps, and consisted of one officer and two enlisted men. When the United-'States entered World' War. I. the -Aviation' Service -later the AAP-had 55 planes and 65 officers. BI,YTHEV1I.I.R, -(ARK.) COUR.KR NEWS ac llo ^ al nst'-advancing chlse Boyle Asks End Of Partisanship NEW VODK, Dec. 13. Or 1 !— Democratic National Chairman William M. Boyle. Jr., called on the Republican. Party i as t night to declare a moratorium on partisan politics during the present International crisis. -, ' Boyle (old guests at, a $100-a- nlate dinner of lhe Democratic National Committee that his parly has no desire'for partisan political gain "as we join hands with loyal Republicans to give America its greatest strength." "When the security of this'na- tion is at slake, there is no finie for partisan polities'." he said. "Patriotism must cnjjio before politics and before profits." With the Courts Chancery: Dr. Wells S. Eastburn, et al, vs Pearl Mason and Sadie Eastburn Smith, petition suit to have property of deceased sold and money distributed among [he heirs. .Cuba Hutchinson vs. James Hulch- Inson, suit, for divorce. Thomas L. Cardwell vs Gertrude Cardwell, suit for divorce. Wanda Dyer vs. Edward Dyer suit for divorce. .Carl Wofford vs. Ruth Adams, suit for divorce. Catherine Oxford. Hayes vs. Cecil Thomas Hayes, suit for divorce. The waters of Paraguay's Parana River once .were believed to clear lhe throat and purify lhe voice. ONIY45C FOR THE BIG 100 TABLET BOTTLE in You Reach Mart People Through the Want Ads 9 q m wm opp<0 ' pdy.rtumg payabU in odronc. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER ': NEWS South African Pilots Like'to Keep Flying To Avoid Korean Cold .TOKYO. Dec. 13. l/h-Korea's cold. And the teeth of South African pilots have been clattering like Spanish cnstanets. Trmt's why they like to keep flyins. Their cockpits are nicely healed. That's what Lt. Edward Devillr- Jones of 600 Killarney Bricklioli Road. Durban, said today on his arrival for a -18-hour leave. Outside of the weather. Jones had only one complaint: No tea. And he misses it. American rations provide coffee, no lea The South Africans are making big plans for celebrating nin- -gaans Day. Dec. Ifi. That's a'legal holiday in South Africa commemorating the defeat of Dlngaan a Zulu chieftain, by Dutch 'immigrants in 1838. Homer Alton Enlists In United States Navy Homer Wesley Alton of 306 South Franklin St. has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and is en roule to Nara! Training Center at Snn Diego the Navy Recruiting Service at. City Hall announced today. Mr. Alton is the son of Mrs Arretta Doss of 300 south Franklin 31 Escape Death In PJane Crash SYIMEY, N. S.. DC,!. 13, •!/!>>-A D'S fawlss airliner sheared, off a suide light pole at the nearby reserve airport, todny and (hen skidded half a mile into a bog with only minor injuries lo several pas- board" " mong " le 31 'l!?''so»s a- coininjj | n (or rg f l]c ]i ng 011 R fllRlit from Switzerland to New York, (be twin-engined DC-4 struck 'lie pole, bounded Into'the marsh antl burst Into flames 15 minules after the passengers and crew mcm- wrs had been taken to safely. ' I'lieie v.ere 20 pas-seiiKers lind a ct 'C"x nt 11 aboard as the plarie came in for a landing on the fog- shroimcd field.. There was no Immediate-explanation of (he cause of the crash, Sfee/e Man Transferred To Corps of Engineers fict. Billy G. Gillette of Slccle Mo. lias been transferred to the Lorps of Ri];;iuccrs Replacement Center a t Forl Helvolr, v»., Camp Chnffee Headquarters loday an- nouncerj. Ret. Gillette Is lo receive additional training for riutj b- . e> "* l \ lti j- vi Jin HII ««i.e u on i in tiic 1051 li He was discharged from the U.S. j si'lf'wckfof b"si"- ('"M to " 1| "? U " 5 <° I'rol'lbit this practice. Army tyarch 2, 1950. e tralnl " g nt Use Koch Suffers New 'Collapse' AUGSIJimci, Germany. Dec. 13. W i—Red-haired Use Koeli collated «B«ln today nt her trial and'three doctors ngiwd she is temporarily not able to follow Hie proceedings Chief Judge George Moginot ordered the 43-year-old Mrs, Koch returned to nearby Aichiich Prison Hospital un(j| she calms down. She inlcmiptcd her trial for ,„- lesed Buclienwald concentration camp atrot.ties with hysterical sobs, int three doctors, who examined •n .? Cmn anteroom, reported he outburst was a - nervous state brought about by the dcfemlani The trial proceeded without lier a practice |iermil(-.J under Qcr- J 0,000-Ton Steamship Runs Out of Fuel 500 Miles from Alaskan Port •KOD1AK. Alnska, Hoc.'13 r,T,- •A'er run out of , :rts while drivl.iR yoiiv car? - Then you have a'.small Idea of now the 'skipper of the 10,000-lon steamship All,ii,||c stnr feels iris shi|> ran out rtf (, lcl nt SCA some son uulns soiu'i of here The steamship wns brought | 0 port' In-rc yeslorctny after ri six- day tow by two Navy lugs • The Atlantic Slur, of Pnna.nim- lan reglNiry, was en roule empty from Yokohama lo Vancouver. li.tx . pcoige Snmothknkls. a lirit'ish subject with 28 years maritime experience. Is the ship's skipper " On refueling here the Allantlc Star wns | o continue to Vancouver.- - - : Af-A Dues Poyinq System Ci-i tic i zed E JiOCK. Dec. 13. (AP) Rep. Paul Vim Dnlsem of Perrv County would prohibit a check off system for payment of dues lo the Arkansas Education Association In many schools dlslrlct.s, van DaLsem said, dues for AEA membership are deducted from teachers' salary checks nnd are remitted directly to the association Van Dalscm said he would Introduce a bill In the IBSl legislature hibit this practice. 'Teacher members would have to remit Iheir own dlics. ' : UN dole*,,. Jarob. Eight Deacons Ordained At Number 9 Church Eight deacons of [juptlst cliun-hw, in Number a, woodland corner and yarbro ucu: ordnlnrd iii S er- vice.s con.lucte.l at the Number » Tiic RPV- p. j. Richardson, pastor of the Yurbr.j Baptist church, gava thu i-harso uddress and the Rev; i Alvin (.frm,-, 1,1 aasncll B BVC the dts- i-:ial pt'.lyc-r. Church aotFd a s morteraior durin? the sen-lues all(l t l, n R( , v , liu I.-, !,,i r , ir the hnst chureli, «ns Hie cxninhien Now.-.lo rtli'cvu lislrosswHhuut dosiny,- rub on,.. .n it's totll*o<i to ncll- valuS'.ilii.-vl.-itu ni-tion for better, mnru of- fi'i? ' 11 f " l ' r t!f BO V l ' rro o tlrsl b ° l if not sntlotitij. Oon't wnlt— xtf^r ITS BUiHF \ \ tra>if!>orl< ltio " exact [ \ Get are. _ M IOU« 6 0>tSU TRUCKS no not sntlotitij. Oon't wnlt— to your drug Etaro — B et C-Z223. e'trtater haulin HORNER,WILSON MOT© 309 East Main Z22 You'll J« fc.H.r on o u,»d Iruck wilh your CMC <Wer Phonc 2056 Mr. Nonftan, Chrlstoiilio'r,' 2344 Cimil-rlmtl Houston TcM-i vorks lot thp IVitci Coiitiact Division of Ihr int> of Hofiston and ho r sa>'i Hie houvetop.s' n'ren't hlglr-enough? i vr thn days long enough for him to prate HADACOL. He says slnca he haa lintn inking HADACOL ha Wits mlirhly • Rund. He found his deficient in Vitamins HI. u:-, Nlnctii anil Iron. Mr. Chrlstnplfer snys: "After I Sol nuVofUru! Army I was unfler- wei'ihi, iiervmis. couldn't sleep anrf hud a tumble lime getting food-'to vlth me. When I would' waka- |lp In the inornliig I would always at- sick'ul uiy stomach—I coilld ncv-' er cut breakfast—Imagine having'to wait unlil uonn ' before eating the' rural t ,f the clay. Even then just n-fnv iiuiuthfuls of food would nil me up, At night I couldn't sleep' -I would just roll and loss all night; t foil ini,,:. r .-(ble. Molding- seemed to' hrip me iirUI I started taking HAD- ACOL. -After the' third bottle' of HADACOI, f could tell a clillcrenco In my ntm^ and sleeping habits. NOW all -T. a year's (i,,, 6 of takiiiij HADACOL I have Rained almost 20 fioiinrls. I .sk-cp '.yeli-aiid the most wnntlPi-.ful (hiii-j—I can enjoy 3 full iiical'i a dny. Tliorc: Is no way I can <i">'<-rlb! (he 'Iremc'ndous improve- iii':it 111 my appetite. I have start-' tl my wife inking HADACOI, and MIC. too. h fooling wonderful. 1 If ere is linyhorly who doubts my ird nboiit v.'l, ; ,i f lu .vc ™M about MADACOI,. I'nr-y rfl ,, u | f | have seen "l ( : bffnro f 'Mnrlfd Hiking HADA:OI,. I sincerely riJcomnjcHd HAD- CCH, to all my fnands and urge ; Ihem to tukc TIADACOL I All AHM Can il c H E |,, c ,i HADACOL is simply remarkable, 'in.' w-.iy it-has helped folks of Ml ir-'i.,-_yr... l.huii.s-.-iiid.s of men. women me! children who li,ive deficiencies if Vilitmii:--'! Ul. ii->, Niacln anil Iron' iJAJJACOL i ; , t.i i: .| v..>ii.!i'rlul new <ri'|M!,, m i.ins; blessed re- H'f ('it stoinurh ilisties;.. ncrvous- •iiv.>. n tvic-trf i,y , m i, i)S 2t stomach, -:ii:ue ittiii - and pains, or a gen- •:al r«!i-c!:jv.-n cr,:i(i:tion, when thcv 'ii' <<«(• ('> M.uii riendciici's I'.imcinl.r'r, IIADACOI, is ,,„[ a |ul<>-.-iiilhip: prwiuct lhat ' only ^i., ticks Hi" symptoms nl the mis- '•"!•.;. bin iiUuaHy rriiovcs the real Mivr:' ;'f piiin v -j. K i aches ilue to Mich «oti.:i.-i.cif.K. YI-.S. nnd contin- •f ll.MJACOL helps prer H ir.MIAC'OI, ?\nly "-'h li-V putting' up '- }'"ii ?as gains'; ri^:;u\> ;u;er meals', «i.'! not [ rood duo to Jar-k of. Vi5- ;i^on and iron, you the deficiencies .^n- r.MCMM:: ilic^e miseries i^:i,- H.UMCOL which con- I3r-- ;ut-i;ioii-- Vitamins. Swri t.knu HADACOL right away-, .nut i: von do not sci the rc- -;ili.- yi-'ii rxj.'1'rt j\)ijr money will be im'tit'il-.'.iMv K i'iiiticd. liADACOD o.-'.- iiily f! .'j ;<i|- -i triat-siio oot- 'lc t.,H-::e I.Mnily oc !l",>;>>tn! -jizc, •nir-rc i rtilv : one true- '.uu| gc n-' "lie'or, if your ilruggibt lots i:..| h..v r ;•...\ix-\coi. order'it lirci-i n JIM 'liiii I,?B!aiic Corpora. ii/n. E/^ityt-iit 1 Jx>ui>'nnn. Corpuratlc-n

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