The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 5, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1944
Page 8
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13LYTI1EV.ILLE (AUK.). COURIER NEWS More Sentenced For Army Riots - 13 Negro Soldiers Have Been Convicted At Camp Claiborne CAMP OLAIBORNE, Xo., Ocl. 5 IU.P.)—Three .move Negro soldiers were- convicted today, mnklnu n total of 13 couvicjtioiis out of 14 trials. In connection with tile Aug. 17.riot nt Cai»p clnlbonie, It was announced by BHg.-Gen. Louis P. Gurrc, 'commanding general. Pvt. WllIte'Gnlc, Porters, Texas; Pvt. Albert Young, 26, New Port News, Virginia; and Pvt, William Woodsoif, Cincinnati, Ohio, were sentenced, to 25 years nl hard ltUv>r for willful disobedience ol their superior officers and Cor Illegally carrying rides and nimmmitlon. The. trials completed the court- martials of the Negroes Involved In the August riot. The death penalty was given to Pvt. Leroy McGary, Chicago. Seven received life Imprisonment,- two received 30 years, "throe were sentenced to 25 years, one to nine years ami one was acquitted. Other soldiers who participated In the': riot were tried by lower courts for minor offenses. - ;Thc cases will be reviewed by the commanding general ol the Eighth Service Command ami the Judge Advocate's Department In Washington. ; • Cocoanut To Be Planted On State Capitof Lawn '. LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5 (UI>> — Secretary ot State C. G. Hull Is nl- w«5's willing to give nnytlilng a Iry. So he Is planling n cpcomniL, wlilch formerly, grew on n' South Pacific Island, on the lawn of the Arkansas State Capitol, and he's hoping that tlie i'"t grows into n tree. \ Hall said he's going lo plant H'C nut in Ihc mast favorable s|X>t that can be found. It's (joins lo uc plant- e^d In nti especially prepared container which will allow removal of the plant; if it survives, indoors' during the winter. "" Tile cocoanut \vns sent to £/»lc Highway Director W. W. Mitchell by Brigadier General J. W. I)nr;ielt of Clinton. Since its arrival in Little Rock, tlto mil began Ecrmitiatini! rind ha s give.-i off new shoots. Finance Officer Here Recalls Difficulties Of Post On Congo High finance in the Belgian Congo has been the experience of Lieut. Joe A. Evans, finance officer lierc. At a time when about one third of the Belgian Congo was occupied by the 9crmans, Amnlcaijs were at LcopoUivllle, on the Congo River, stationed as a safety measure. Ijleiitciiant Kvaiw, who wns then an enlisted ninn, was assigned to the finance detachment. The detachment was small, -and his work covered everything—enlisted men's pay, officers' pay, |x;r diem, and what not. The currency exchange rates fluctuated so often it kept them hopping, but "It was fun," At one time, they: hnd If different kinds bl currency to handle. It was so hot during the day, 130 degrees, that 'little recreation was possible. Swimming wus out of the question; the river was very swift nn ( i was nllve with crocodiles. Tlic men had little to do, an occasional show nnd the luxury of a small PX was about all they hnd for recreation. When they first arrived, goods In town were extremely cheap. It wasn't long, t|mugh, before the natives learned the men had money, ami chnjeert accordingly. Even then, living was really cheap there, ami the jibst offle was always busy with money orders. Lieutenant Evans left Africa In April, IQ43, to attend DCS, His (rip back by plane took him Just :i(i hours—his trip over by troop transport had taken M_ days. "I wouldn't ivjlnd going back," Lieutenant Evans said. However, It's no come-down to be stationed here In Ihc Stales, f have a good time anywhere—i like the Army!" Coal Production Less In State Than Year Ago LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 5. (UP) — Arkansas Coal Mine Inspector J. W. FUnjerrcIl today said there was n 105,000 decrease In the number of ions of con) mined In Arknnsns during the fiscal year ending June 30, as compared with the same period n year ago. Fltujerrcll, in his report lo Governor Homer Aclktns, siild 1,800.000 tons of coal was mined during the fiscal year. There also was a drop in Die number of men employed by the mines. The report shows that the mines employed 2,800 men during Ihc recent fiscal year, some 380 less than the number employed during the previous year. Filf.jccrell snys greater co-opern- l-lon from operntors and miners In Improving working conditions, especially in establishing safety measures, is needed. He said 11 miners were killed dining the fiscal yenr and 270 were Injured. Parkhursts Plan Reunion A reunion is planned for this weekend by I. E. IMrkhursl, when his brother, E. B, I'arkhurst of Chic cago, will be here, together with a nephetv, Dr. John Parkliurst of Humbolt, Kans., anil posslljlv a second nephew, Mlllard Parkhursl of Dallas, Texas. E. 11. Parkliurst arrived yesterday for his first visit with his brother In more than 10 years, while Dr. Pnrkhurst was exacted to arrive this afternoon. Arkansas Cattle Grower Dies At Lake Village \PORTLAND, Ark., Ocl. 4 (UP) — pne of the must extensive land owners, in Southeast Arkanseas and probably one of the most prominent rattle growers in the stale Is dead. • Seventy-one-year-old J. W. Pugli of Portland died at'a Lake Village hospital last night. 1 A native of Ashley County, Pugh spent h« entire life -in tlmt county. He had been president of the Portland bank [or'some 40 years. ..He.Is survived by his wife, two daughters, two granddaughters and two grandsons. \V;iilliiK Irks Taxpayer LAWRENCE, Muss. (Ill 1 ) — InUc iximycr Alexander Berimrcl was arrested on n disturbing the peace charge niter lie went to the Internal Revenue office here and threatened to remain indefinitely until his Income-lax rebate wits paid because he "couldn't watt any longer." Clear Lake News Members of the Women's Missionary Union of Clear Lake Baptist Church met Sunday afternoon foru program meeting nt the church. The next meeting will he held nexl Sunday night, C o'clock, when nil members arc invited to be present First rubber raincoats were worn by South American Indians, who xmcured their bodies with liquid rubber. IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno jiinmloa, cczonm, factory dermatitis, Kinipforingworm, letter, Mil rlu;iiiii, bumps, (blncldiemls), [ind imly brolccti- rmt flkin. Million rcliu\ r o ilufinig, burning ciml soreness of tlicso misc'nea with Bimjilo liomo treatment. Oocfl to work at unco. Aids lidding, works Iho untisciitio wny. Ifno Illiick nml Wliito Ointment only Hfl directed. lOc, iJ5c, (JUc aizca. 25 yeiiru* HUCecKH. Moiiny-bmik gimruntec. Vital in cleansing is KOOI! BOHIK Enjoy famous liloek nnd Whito Kkin Soap daily. Woman Sought In Kidnap Case Infant Mysteriously Disappears Yesterday From Hospital Crib MERIDIAN, Miss., Oct. 5 (UP)— Meridian and south Mississippi police today searched for an unidentified middle-aged while woman who is wanted for questioning In connection with the mysterious disappearance early yesterday morning of the Infant son born to Mis. Wll- llum II. Laws of Merklan at 0:30 a. m. In Rushs Infirmary. Officials said the child was taken from his oil) ai 2 a. in. Wednesday and mused by the inuthcr nt, tlmt time. The infant was returned to the hospital nursery an<i was not missed until the regular 3am nursing hour. A mysterious middle-aged white woman vlsilcd the hospital late liiesdny afternoon carrying a smnll mile baby blanket under her arm She discussed babies, particularly TIiUK»J)AY, OCTOBER G, JO 11 INTERNA,TI,ONAl .INTERNATIONAL 'INTERNATIONAL' N^ V V\A/V V V V V V VV GREATER PROFIT (tie INTERNATIONAL HO!! FEED The pig is the fastest growing farm animal. To get the biggest profit in Pork production, pigs ihould reach 250 Ibs. at an early age. Build the frame first, then weight follows easily. Adequate minerals is the solution for quick body development. INTERNATIONAL Hog Feeds are completely mineralized'. They are practical Feeds for thrifty hog raisers and produce low cost Pork. ALWAYS insist on INTERNATIONAL MEAL BUY INTERNATIONAL HOG FHDS At Your Dealer's /^/X/v/X/x feMfoiMpJSJqgffJl : 5OtD .1; :- > ;THEY.-MUSf BE: GOOD" DANCE TTiursday — Friday — ; And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 O'Clock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE 'Admission 65c Inch V \/ V O/ FARM O LOANS . Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE-koG. , PHONE 3131 Delicious" and vitamin-full the Laws baby, w lll> several persona in flic hospital. The exact nuqxise of Hie woman's visit to the hospital was not learned. No ransom note lias been louiul In the hospital nursery. Mrs. Laws Is the wife of a U. S. .soldier stationed at a camp in Gainesville, Pla. The child was delivered by Captain Max Suter, stationed at Key Field. The Infant weighed 01% approximalely five joimds and officials expressed the belief that without proper medical •tllenlloti and sustenance the child ciiiinot live for a very long period of time. It was reported today thai the federal ljurcaii of Investigation has R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NltSIITS Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 7:3(,. SATUK1MV8 * KUNIMV8 Box Office Opens 1 Bbow Starts 1:15 entered the ease. ScTEfdiit and Mr:;. Laws have one ot!;er child, who is two years old. The mother is the niece of Mrs. Glenn 1'hipps, prominent Meridian restaurant, owner and hud resided it-re for eight year-,. Although overcome nt Hie news, her condition vns reported satisfactory. Thursday and Friday "ALDFUCH PLAYS CUPID" Willi Jiininy I/ydoii as Henry Al- ilricli, Diana Lynn, Charles Smith John Olive, John l.ilel PARAMOUNT NEWS AND SELECTED SHORT A Wide Selection of —loose or mounted! Rings for men and women. USE YOUR CREDIT! JEWELRY STORES Blytheville — Osceola Caleb Smith, Farm Land Merchant, desires to announce that effective October 1st, 1944, he will have associated with him in the sale of FARM LANDS, TOWN PPvOPERTY Businesses and any or all real estate as well as the making of Farm Loans, Mr. C. E. Golladay Mr. Golhuhiy is no stranger to Soulliwisl Jlissoiirians nor to Southeast Missouri Heal estate us he has been in this business for the past several years. When you \vatit to buy, sell, or trade real estate or your business, let us serve you. Caleb Smitd & C. E. Golladay Farm Land Merchants Sikeston, Mo. 217 E. Malonc St. Phone 1192 and 197 I'ass Up Antiques K, Muss. (UP> — Thieves who l>mke Into thu Flintlock Antique; .Shop look only modern re- volvers nml sholinins Inil passed ui>] itntlque weapons of Krciit value. Courier News Want A<1». •NOW BRFATHE FREER; judliiQ relieves Neuralgia and I I Headache fast hecau^c U's liquid. Also I I nllaya the resulting nerve tension. Use I as directed. lOc. 3dc and COo E "? p3 '" cn<:! l nostril : k nicmbraiits; col.l « "tod IK*,; OPOU..W rQe. PENETROrtOSEDHOPS Gu«riinlei;d Kirby Drug Stores Do you feel lazy, grumpy and uncomfortable? /r so, here's a little advice that should help —;/ it doesn't you had better see your doctor. Most important is to get the proper amount of rest, eat well halanced meals, and schedule your living so you will have plenty of time for relaxation and enjoyment as well as tor work. Besides abiding by these rules take extra vitamins. X MULTIPLE VITAMINS Contain All Necessary Vitamins. 60 Days' Supply .......... 98 221 W. Main Phone 507 FOX All 5 V1ECES WOULD cosr SB.»O I! BOUOHT SIPARAIELT MEW IMPROVED 8-CUP 5944 MODE! MatiMng Sugar, Creamer & Mirrored P/asffc Tray Shimmering, sparkling, HEAT-RESISTING glassware. Carries a year's guarantee against flame breakage. KENT makes delicious coffee FASTER. Your Choice of 4 Goy Color Combination!! • Frsxttd Grt»n fiand witSOdd Slilplt • El t , Ca ,a „],!, OclJ SMpu • Veiled VJHte Band wild Oolrf S&lptt MEWS COFFEE ON MY GAS OK EIK1KIC RANGE uAHKffitEKae ?a.-iSs, ^-^^at^a BUKaOBi Ijmou, "riiv,,, Saicr" l')r« f.moui Double Vc , fm ,,„ molj |h phic. Hmcd edge kcopi duty. For b.king. s.ormg Jrc h< . ilproof Jn j „, ,l,o «""r,n. 10.,nch ,,,e an.) 5on,n S .Cmer makes nu)Ms perfccl( ... u nnh lunillcs. ffftcci pit pbic. j;, c . ' 6 l..irgc, Jeep ilisfi for hik- Ujkes dclicioui brcidj. Docj it better with e,liij. inj;. noting .ind u-nini;. fhho jnJ mwc dishti.l Itcjij cmlwsscj dcji'ga M.iny uics. S'/i x } inches tla^e iod serve. 9Vi x J'/i _^ inches tv'd • Jeep. inches ilccp. 19 TER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main Open 7:15 Show Starts 7:30 Last Time Today MCM's News (if Die liay Short Phone 515 Friday and Saturday 'Across the Sierras' will. Bill Kjlipll & Luann \V:illcrs SKKIAL: "Desert Hawk" Short New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M, Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Last Time Today "COBRA WOMAN" with . • Slarin Monies & Jon Hull Fox News & Short Friday "BOSS OF RAWHIDE" uilh Dave O'Brien i Jim Newell Serial CHICKASAW West Slain Near Zlst St Sal. slarls 1ZM5; gun. «UrU 1:45 NlRM shows 5:45 Except Moiit3ay r opens 6:45 Continuous sliowa Bat. and Snn. Lust Time Today Double Feature ' "REVEILLE WITH BEVERLY" with Ann JIMIcr, Unli Crosby anil His Uaml and 'PETTICOAT LARCENY' willi Kulh Warrick Friday and Saturday Double Feature "THE APACHE KID" with lion "Kctl" Harry < "YOKEL BOY" with Albert DcUkar A- Joan Davis SERIAL: "G-Mcn vs. the Ulack Dragon." Comedy I!

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