The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1952
Page 3
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MAY 1 1952 HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN How Do You Kiss Your Wife in the Mornings? It Makes a Difference By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (Si HOW to say goodbye to your wife in (he morn- Ing? More and more thoughtful Americans believe this is the crucial matrimonial problem of modern times. At least I sometimes get, that Impression aft«r listening to wives discuss ihe subject. All agree that their husbands, thoughtful though thcv may be on other occasions, have neglected the nrt of delivering the daily farewell 'My husband is in a fog from the time he gets up until he goes out the door," one wife complained. "Sometimes I wish he would even beat, me— anything to realized I am alive." \V«fe Ol>j«ls to 1'cck Another wite objected to the neck on the cheek her mate gave her enroute to his coat and hat. "There Is no greater insult than an absent-minded kiss " she affirmed. Several more wives groused about the silent treatment accorded them by husbands with a chronic habit of reading the newspaper at breakfast. One wife said that whenever her husband laughed at something he was reading and she asked him what was funny, he just looked up with glazed eyes and said. "whoO" 3 Wives Vea Doomed The basic trouble in these situations appears to be that wives feel they are doomed to another lonely day in the home while hubby is off to another gay gallop at the office. The husbands on the other hand, don't intend to be thoughtless. They simply -aren't awake yei. No man ever really comes to his full senses before noon. But if a fellow can do his work all morning at the office while half-asleep, there is no reason whv wife a convincing goodbye In the same condition before leaving home. It just takes a lime graining. Look at a horse— he can sleep standing up. Decide, Then 1'racfire The first thing to decide is what kind of a goodbye will really Impress your wife. Then practice do- Ing it until it becomes automatic Young wives like the robust romantic touch. If you have one of these, simply wipe the egg from your mouth, bend her backward over the breakfast table, kiss her fervently and murmur — "Till dusk." u,,ju BUJII Naturally the spinal columns of show he j middle-aged wives might crack under this treatment — or your own .might, if you are a middle-aged husband. Perhaps, if you fall in this category, it would be simpler merely to grasp both her hands " and say fomily. "Life wouldn't be the same without you. hon." Taft Supports Cut in Truman Foreign Aid Bill Japan Hopes to Balance Trade With India After China Loss WC,YTHEVrU,B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By SKLIO S. IIAKH1SON NEW DELHI WV-japan is pinning high hopes on economic cooperation with India as the wav to counterbalance the laboo on trade with Red China. Fifteen Tokyo Industrialists now finishing'an Indian tour undor official auspices will return with glowing reports of raw material and market opportunities here. Privately, they find plenty of room for improvement in the" Indian governments reception to their Plnns. Most feel Indian officials will eventually mortify present policies Improvement of rail niiri port facilities to make way for laree- seale exports of Indian iron ore and other resources stands at ihe lop of Japan's demands. Relaxation of import restrictions goods comes next. "Frankly, we wish we could trade with Communist China " mission lender Taisho Izizaka told n Delhi press conference. "But it's' pretty difficult politically these days. That is why we are here." India pleads that the country can't afford the 200 billion rupee wllh the sbapers of India's import policies. ' on Japanese h , he would go million dollar) outlay needed to lay new railroad (racks and enlarge harbors. Nor can Japan make the investment at this time, Sel:i said. So both India and Japan are looking hopefully in ihe direction of the United States Embassy in Delhi for help. Embassy officials view an Export-Import Bank loan as the sole likely foreign backing. After a century of virtually unchallenged sway over the Indian market, British interests in India along | have watched the driv<? The Ohloan, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, told a reporter he would not Initiate a fight for this reduction but would support any move for it on the floor. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted Monday to cut the measure by one billion dollars The committee meets todav to co over the bill again and send it to The Navy Department was created by Act of Congress April 30, 1708. USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE— It perls all Ilie outrr skin and exposes Inmert run E l to kill It on conlacl. If , . n i Kls ." 1 IN ' ONE " OL ' R wl«l< In- stanl.dryln; T-l-l.. ,„,„ Wlr bark at i * slor ». Today al Klrby Broj. Fourth Grade Has First Claim on Volunteer For Marine Corps PHILADELPHIA (,P, _ Thomas Grady studied the u. s. Marine enlistment |x«ter and then helped himself to one of those postals expressing interest in enlistment. He fillfd it, out and mailed It without telling anyone. His mother, Mrs. John A, Orarty of suburban Abingtnn. was astonished when a Marine recruiilns sergeant phoned asking for Tom. "He's in school, with the other fourth graders," his mother told the sergeant. HE KNOWS YOUR CAR If you want lo entrust your c;ir to 1 a mechanic who will do his hrst (o fi.\ it properly — at a minimum cost to you — come to T. I. Scay Motor Co. Try us next time. Ti.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryslcr-riymoulh Dealer 1Z1 K. 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