The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1933
Page 4
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BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOtiER COURIER NEWS mm co., FDBUSHBMS •-.-. . 'O. B, BABCOOK, gdltor H.W. HMNHJ, Adwrtlslng Manager e «•»»•} Aitnrttoj (tcpiiKnUUm: Nii Bum*, Inc- New York, Chlttujo, Dttriit, 6t Louts, DiUu, Kinsu City, Uttl« PuWfchtd E\«y Afternoon Except SurxUy. Entered us second class muter at the pon- office si Blylherille, Arkansas, under act oi Congress October 9, 1»17. Served by the United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in uie City of Blyttievllle, IBc per- week or $650 per j-e»r In advance. B; mall within a radius oi 50 miles, 13.00 per y*»r, tl.60 lor «lx months. »c for three months; by mall In paste' zone* two to six, Inclusive, W.60 per year, in zones seven and eight, $10.00 \xr year, payable In adrancc. Constructive A news item from Kcnnctt, Mo., tells of the hiring .by tlic cotton gin- nevs of that city of* an expert dassisr, who will fix the value of cacti bale of cotton offered for sale to a sinner on the basis of grade and staple. This will be hard on the farmer of the Kennctt community who brings wet,'dirty, short staple cotton to town, but-it-mll-te-a-good-thing for the cotton. industry of lite KcnncU com- ifiuhity in general, for it will mean thai tho man who, produces a good bale of- .cotton will be rewarded while the man who .produces a poor one will be penalized. -. If Kennctt ginncrs slick to this plan farmers of that vicinity will soon be paying more attention to the (iii'ality of the seed they plant «wl hipre'iattention to the care with which'picked. Growers of jjood cotton" will benefitnit once, and ultimately tiic entire Community 'will benefit because Kennett cotton will achieve a reputation for quality that will be reflected in the price 'limits of cotton shippers buying in that territory. Some time ago a similar plitn wns suggested for Blytheville.' A majority of ginner.s favored it, but enough stood out against it to make it impractical to put it into effect. It would be <i good, thing for the cotton growers of this'.community, for the local ginning industry,' and for all of Blythi'ville, if arV.agreement on such n program could be reached. . When Optimism Failed Robert E. Farley, former prcsiilenl of the New York state Hotavy Club, was found hanging from a rafter in his home the other day. And what gave hia death R peculiarly tragic quality was the fact thai only three years ago he had written, for the Notary Club magazine, a code for living. In it he included these rule.s: "Don't worry—smile; laugh it oil; serve with sacrifice; do it now and have peace; relax—ease mind, nerves and muscles; do not get out of poise; get next-to God and stay there; think of the 'things that make you happy and not^of the things that make you .sad." * * » It.was a good code. Ho had it printed on- cards and hung them where he could ; see them constantly. And somehow;, when things went very badly wrong, the code stems to have been a broken reed. There arc philosophies lliat will curry a man through almost any despondency; this one, apparently, wasn't of that kind. And one is morai to wonder if OIL- code did not, perhaps, share a little loo greatly in a very common American fault—llio habit of persistently looking only on the bright side of ihings. Such admonitions as "laugh it <)li'" and "think of Hie things thai make, you happy" arc very line when all one's troubles are minor ours. Hut most of us aren't lucky enough to have only that kind of trouble. Sooner or later we get badly bumped: and when w;> do we are apt lo go under unless we liavc learned how to look (lie very worst in the fitt'c without Ilinchiiig. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Let the Boy Alone Franklin D. Uoosi-vell, Jr., now a student at Harvard, sctius to lie learning what an unenviable position thai of president.'* sun can be. John Coolidge, Iniilcil across the Amhcrst' campus by a secret service mini .some years <|go, learned tin- .same lesson, and it's not llie pleasrmlrsl 'lesson a ' youth can learn'. . • • ,' • > Young Koos'evrilt planned to'go out for 'football. He drew his uniform, started out on the Held—and saw siich a crew of photographers awaiting him thai ho turned back and surrendered his outfit. Then he decided lo try out for the crew—and again (he photographers were awaking him. This lime lie threatened lo punch one cameraman in the nose. It's natural, of course, Unit tin; photographers should be eager to get lots of picture;; of the- hid. Hut it's a foul break for (he boy himself, lie has a right to a normal life at college—the pleasant obscurity that is every young undergraduate's birthright. It i.-'ii'l fair that he should !»• denied it just because his father is president of the United Slates. Six Rules For Football Drawn By College Committee This & Ihe firsl of u jerin of,;o ulsaouiues lhat last Ihroiisiio'it articles by Dr. Fbhbcin on "H»w life, although they may not seem fo Stay In the Game," by the i>re- at the time to be Important. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fiom the filet of the BIrtfaertUe Courier The Committee of the National'.,, Collegiate Athletic Association tcU forth six requirements in their Thursday, Oft. 4. 19U. One of the weighers at one of piau for Miitable attention to inert-1 1 ' 10 elns '? !d llie Courier ye ster- icnl care- <in *' " l ' 1t r " >e me " out °' ten. in- 1. There must be adequate ex- chiding negroes, who bent over' him ;,H while figuring the cotton weight, smelled of mule whisky. He is a KV I)R MOKItlS FISHBKIS- Kdllor, Journal of Ihe Ainerirni Mnilral AssotUlion, and of I! geU, the Ileilth Magazine nUouromzz s hrd slirdlu mb . „ , ... , . So much concern has boeni amfnatlo » s ' ° candidates for aroused by the records of Injuries | ""'««, '"nd amount of \ native and said he never noticei 1 -lie matter so generally as tills past and disabilities that have ocnrrcd od a committee of medical "S'w < - 1 , T '', erc sl , l , oul , d "* c. 0 " 513 " 41 * i study the situation. available medical supervision for; „,/ „„,,,, , , , ' members of athletic squads while The result of llielr study Is a „,, thc , nc | d handbook Jiisl issued under Ihe i 5 Thc mjL , ifs comillon to each cldcd. auspices of Dr. Edgar Pauver of' ,.„.., ml ,c t Weslcyan University. Dr. Augustus H be determined and Th nit um , "' ur -* u B« s » ls methods for protection dev I houidike^r of Hwvard. Unlvsr-! c . There must be ni-rnm ised. •rnngements sin' and Dr. Joseph E. Raycrofl of ' for Princeton University. This book i and is tlie first altcmnt to make avail- j the able for wide distribution a medl- I for proper "convalescences from !n- cal nnd training program based on j juric nd mncsses. years of experience in dealing with i « f « competitive athletics. I XE X T : The medical So much allcntion has been paid I jj t . n to coaching as a means of devcl : oping winning teams Our sister town of Manila don't have to declare martial law or convene llie legislature to Impeach her officer, i'. seems. Anyhow. A. E. Scolt. mayor of that village, was ousted from his office Wed- licalth aspects of trainliip. havc'rHSOner tSCaptd Jail th.u treatment of illness i nesrtay in a trial on complaint of injuries which occur during | dii elect of duty and allowing season, and arrniifiemems also, gambling to be practiced within - the cily's liniils. The trial came up before Ihc | city council, in which Kenneth examina-1 Rayncr appeared for the city and j Zal Harrison defended thc accused. Ira Walkins. cily clerk, ad- < vances to the office of mayor. In fan v-aii Thc county auditors made their i . orl lo lhc county tax p aycrs as . - • scciation Wednesday, showing' a ATHENS, Ohio. (UP)— Garbage . dc . nc it up to July 3 of 53,700. It cans liave tiieir uses, even if they j w;ls decided to levy an additional i been largely overlooked. The rent, I objective of athletics is to provide : • opportunity lo secure Found dcvel- : cpinenl of Ihe body, and the slim- I uliis of competitive ithlcit:s with i a minimum of risk nnd harm. j are used to escape from a county | tax of ten mills for general pnr- * ]all. j pcscs. from which It will be possi- Improner sanitary conditions !n I ' rfill»rd Grimes and Bert Var- I ble to erect new jails at both Itaining quarters and equipment ( eo, inmates at county jail here, i county seats. .frequently give rise to boils and. employed a garbage can to elfect i "You luinw HlM'trui I don't men lion it Ol'lon Imi 1 wasi skln ilirt ' cti °" s - Abrasion.; and in-, an escape. Grimes hid in the can; j A giant python at the Chicago lllTllv lurliv l() ffet von" ' I fee ted wounds, and injuries to Vargo ^carried • it outside the jail World's Fair measures 30 feet and • bones and joints sometimes lead yard. There both fled. : weighs 497 pounds. 1 am an actress and never ;nlcri'.}t niyhv'lf in — Marlcnc IJielrich. I Imvc learned that il is Invpossibk' to i:e part of Ihe country where one lives wilhouL having social identity with the nioup. —George Nelson Page, author «ud diplomat. + * * I would- love lo be a ncwfiiapcnuan because I love the classics and I love good literature. —Mayor John I'. O'Brien ot New York. f » T- II is man's intelligence that makes him !>;•- linvo more stupidly Ilian Ihe beasts. — Aidoas Huxley, nuthor. •t * * There arc loo many young .specialists. They come out of school and suddenly they arc specialists. —Dr. William J. Mayo, famous surgeon. + * * I have yet to meet anyone In Kuiupt 1 who looks forward to a world war. — I'rof. William R. Shepherd of Columbia. * * *• It seems to (lie that wha; i.s happcnlm: in Germany Li a clunuy lout's molu'.ion n'jani 1 .'. thor.glit. sanity anti books. — H. G. Wclib. CHURCH EXCUSES Hy Cicn. W. III:<;IM HRIII: TODAY 1 lllllt \\'i:s'l'll\. »un »I n mil- : . his l:]j]ii-r lili- iit:4iit. IOM-IV t^irl :uiil Irdrr ln-:irLl liulliliiii; a Huh trir» VI - I, , 'IN,- tlr] an It nrw tvx- In tlntl • (lie crnln Junior JOAN ivrr- III iniilhiT Inn i IIIJVL.- (lie thv r l.rforr fnnillr In I'A'I 1 . lirr n ji)T> •• flure nnd nrl li A yncd many vvuu; n::o 1 was ;\ •' H;ular church to:'r. In fact, t .H'!- lom ini-isr'd a serving In oiir Imrcli, :::nl T suppow that I wou!il :ave crnilhmcd KQinf: bul for on 1 bins: and at the lime il happened i dirt r.ol p.iy ro mncli attenlion but later on. this Billing Ijcgan lo "c.iiv me ai'j! I talked it iner with hi pastor and tliose in rliarse ni !;r atfaiiK of llie elnisch ami llu-y can't -say liial T did not warn liL'i:i of \vh,it most iikciy to br- :lir oulromc. and 1 suppose they j thought, tliis a mlulily little tiling for me In alluw 11 to affect mo. • lhal is. to llie i-slcnl th:<t I v.iiuU;' slay (jut nf il'r church I v::is r;ii-i\l in. lint if mil- will r.otiiT. it's i'"?: lilDo i!'.i!ip.« Hint .••caily ml,' n>:r' live:;, and. of cnursi'. most of them don't re illy happen Inn, iu my i case, it actually happened* and Ij h:i\v noi bc'j:i bar l;(o chiircii ; finer. 1 have nltcn .-:oid that thc pastor and thov. 1 in clmriu 1 of the i adaiis of ttif I'lniiTl! should \;i \ ralefnl and .yc Ilia', liotliiiu: c;m j happen lo offend ihi' members of . the congregation. If Iliey wcsukl | do this, they would foon li:id out j Uio seal, fi-elins shafeen .inil lianpy. lhat llie attendance would in-'. crc-nse. j l:illl lin.llly C" fur n ilrivr >.lii- Is (Eitliii^ In uil«ci-< IlirniiKli :i rlrli nmirlnRt. il ciiri-c. .li:itll\ I-IIIIIIKSTEK. n c,l lirr ,ni|,l.ijrr. (Mdi-r iitrniljcrN i,r llie WnrlMff rn'l !!•. nn Inilli'.ill-iii of .rrli.n. •rry u tl A|ioilril 'wl.lybor. !• llnijs .toiid. The? ulll, lihn. M)\V t;o ox wrrn THE i'roni CIIAPTEII VI [>OII did not l;ips Jonu. Ho only Miitl 'n a vnice, stirred by fc] tU);i. "Vdirro su-Let, Jnyn!" Tlun ho slarled Iho car ralhcl :ilnur;ly run! .loan rc-ln:,cil against l!:iil Cai-Rht • Oiler CiOljIJ MtACll. Ore dJl'i --Tin] Adams can^hi a ^a-.:(ll u\n;i in 1'^I lol rive:-, let il .s\vi:n 1:1 ilv v.H'.-r 1.1 niomeiu bcfa-.i- .'aiming it. a ticiuctulons jerk and Art.iiu^ s;i'.v his lish and !i.'.i<li l r tii--.ip|:car i:n the bank a ir-oinenl l.iUjr in '.!-e mculh of a big sea-o'.ter. Klu: w;ip ar.iaznl at her mixed emo lio]-.:;. SJie had wanted him to kip' lior and ycl r=!ic «as clatt, terrihtv Klail. Hint ho liadn't. If bo had shu v.mfd h::ic thciiulit of Fat and Jerry. Klio vv.i i .•.•-:ry for Pat— surry fur nil slrl-i who knew men litir. .!.'ny u!:i-i- ilierR were mec lil;c ii.ib in (lie v.-,.||d. ".\ in-:iuy fur ynnr tboushls Jiian." r;*>;lV •:ny." Her voice ii' t <|UL:I "Mayue t!i» ride will mak» . me teel better." 1 Pat chatted amiably. Joan scarro- I l.v listening. She was thinking this would be a good time to stop at Tony'a and get lettuce and celery. "1 saw tlial swnnky Barbara CourtDey downtown with the best looking man," I'at was raying. "Who's she?" Joan asked absently. Pat cliuckled. "1 wisli she could have heard that! Imagine not knowing wlio liarbara Courtney is! [She's the best dressed girl around •' | ttie-Ee parts. Goes everywhere arid ] always has a string of men along. ,, I Snooty. That's wuy I hata ber. : j Girls like lhat burn me np! ; ; ; j "Today slie was walking on air, I coming out of the Book Shelt and ' ! this good looking man was curry| ing some uooks. They got in tis | roadster and drove away." Joan smiled. "I can't place her," she said, "but 1 seem to remember the name—Courtney." "They haven't any money," Pat said, "but they think tliey'ra list j last word. Somo wealthy relatival educated Barbara In an exclusive Pal opcnoJ the door and //icn stood stari'ng £!nnt-/i - . vejjetaltles Hayes. lO 1 ^ President of tneu.s., torn. covers of politics cc\y crime. | Mnthsr w.i3 ratlier iielpie™ In , the kltcliea when it. came to ape- y, bat ttio tone cial evc||[a _ Joan counlc ,| „„ Ulo tasks lliat must be attended to. "Roast to watch, caho lo make, mayonnaisd — " "Well, nil rishl," said her raolktr. Are you sura be'a lliokind ial Kon't mind?" "Ot course!" said Join. "Ha wouldn't notice anything like & taMe clotli." She enumerated them on sloader "Two hours coachin; Paul and Mario Wilson. And it T have a miuiilo I'll run over on Union for .loan Inlro- j., s liampoo. Perliapa I'll be really extravagant and have a manicure." Slio fialocd by Benny's door, suddenly conlrite. Here siie was, oi- cited happy when Benny was really and frivolo:i3 afler all? The raoroius did not go smooth- To hesiu with, Stella sent word her bu:band was sick. Silo liaallj Tiio second misliap occurred a few minute: laler. There was a crash, a. terrlbl» crasa that sent Joan and. ber mother flying to the kitclion. Stella stood surveying a mass ot shining glass. "Slelia 1 ." gasiiccl Joan. "All the best glasses," mourneil Stella. "Honest, Miss Join, I don't know how I did il! I guess I was so worried nnd nervous about Jim." "Nevor mind," said Mrs. Waring kindly. "\Vasb llio old glasses in hot, soapy water aad rinsa tbem. Give lliem a good shine, too. Ac- ; scliool up north, took ber abroad i and llieu seni her back, honing | slio'd marry a ricb man. Siy. Ilia • airs that girl has! She can Icofc "iK'it through anyone liko us!" But Joan had lost inteitit. "Prop mo at Tony's," ih« »as s:iylug. "And pick me up on your waj back." BUo Ehopped capably. Tony delved deep into tho lettuce heads, arrived and presently Ibe flagrant jcUic:ils will happen." I riled on tho rack. He selected one, shook a si'i/zlcd bead and chosa an- oilier. "This b.-tiLili!" ha said. "Xics avacado from FJoridu," be templed, Joan recklessly purchased'two. Pat was back, honking tho liorn inipalienlly, and Joan, ptckag6- laden, Inirricd outside. "You act like we're njtlllonalrej," Pat said. "Heavens, you mult bar* fallen hard!" pAT was fiist ilrojsed that tit- ot Oii3. ot Ihe Eooil cakes I Joan ued to the living room. Why (lid Stella's husband have lo ha i fllU-il Hie air. A little later Mrs. VTari'.i; came TlflftEGUE ning. Slio woro a browa crepe, cut sick loilay o( all dayr" \Vliy did ! Eracofully. U wai an lnexp«u«lT« frock but bcconilut. -loan thought to tlio kitcbca door «il!i a dis- ra o;hs have to attack the best table I sl;0 llil " 1 ncvcr sce " 1>at looiing | ircned look on her face. Kl:s was ! dolli wlicn tlierc were plenty ot ^ w «ter and nodded approval, jholdius out llie snowy linen clolli • old ones? tliiil W.M her pride. A large liolo — lvvo larBe j 10 j e3 i _ s - UO weil leaped nut ot bed p] a )|,| v . anil d' tl;e shulllug • -j] 0 t U 3." gbs s-iiil trajlcally. |).\T had r.Miic in fur lunch. ; lixi'rc v.orricd," siio said. I "rivprylhins's gono wro^s, 1 ' . Yon "Will t do?" I'Jt asked, |iirou«t- ting. 'vC.?.VL^' ? . 1.AIIIM-I!! (ill lliii-k I'.i^rl o:;t the rre:=a, cold Fobvinry flir. S!-,c wa 1 ; suili!e:i!y nerruiis. Ssrcn- thirty aar) a million things to do. rat liarl finished Ijrcakfasl and was ou her n-«y down town. Joan s!i|i|ie:l hurriedly Into ber clothes. There were Ilia (all crystal glasses to be cashed and Ilia boat ble D ( ipkin3 and damask clotb to t>e pressed. Bill mutt SO for Stella who worked by tlie day and was always pressed Inlo service on epft- t-i.'.l occasions. "I'll . KCI .sonn . dozers down town," Joan planned. "\Yo really <.'i)'l s!i'ord M;cm bui 1 do »ant Ibe i.ilile to look crcll/." "ttV.l, darn it," said Joan,- art- |l°M ber. 'Tat. bsfore yon go back ding quickly. "No. daclias, I'm not ' (towcl town could you run the car using bad words. Can't you ilani ; to (be garage nnd hate sotr.o gas tlica]^" . ;riitin? I have a million things to "It would laks loo hus," said I do this afternoon." tier mother. "And a ineaaeil cloth!"' "I-oti ot troubla for a sales- "Xerer mind." slid Joaa, taking i man-" Pat began, the clolh aud spreading It out. "I'll j ""o's not a Mlesman. It's torn*wash and press it Ifllle Uneu cen- terrlecs. Tbls large bolo is Just about In the middle wliero the lo do frith a mil)," Joan said vaguely. "Well, I don't know why things "Von look lovely. Ko\v run aloas and see, It erorylliing's running smoothly in t'uo kitcben. I'll bo down In fire minutes." But Stella had co use f'.r 1'at In the kitchen. Sha went hack upstairs to speak lo Bill, gnmiblln? as bo struggled willi his Us. "Whal do we hava company for tonlghl when I—" Pat fled. Slie was li.ilfway rto*a thtt stairs when (!JB doort'll rang. flowers will be and we can put a I™-! be to Cn6 for this mill man, 1 small celery tray over llie olhr.r. | ''-it She vent 1C tho garage, We'll 1-ave two trays aad we won'l l>wM til? o!d cjr out, racing tu9 tha one ovtr the hole. We'll leii(iu<!. "1 bslk'B I'll go willi you," Joau Pat burrled forward, the door and then stood slarlnt blink- ly for ft moment. The young nun bstors her was the ono «he "«c! sesn a few l bars tlmirl n (To ij-t bc/nre fltN C«nllni)eiH

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