The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1947
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (AMCJ COURIER NEWS FACE IONB ieorgian Raps : ederal Aid Plan Governor Says States Should Get Money On Basis of Needs By MURRAY M. -MOl.KR Illnittsl 1'rcss Stuff Correspondent) SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. July 13. ) .— Gov. M. E. Thompson of lieorgla recommended todny thai |ie federal government abandon "unfair mMi-lung system for al- atliip; fcdersi! grants In aid" and te a system of distributing mis on n uniform basis. He pro- losed a- federal "floor" of $30 a liontti for old age pensions. I Thompson planned to the J [rational Governors Conference •ere to light for a plan of dls- butinK federal funds on a basis need rather than "ability to hatch." Thompson said that under the •resent mutchlm; system Southern |tates have bcon deprived of inil- )iis of dollars because of failure raise funds through .state taxes. [ Gov. Jim Nance Me Cord of Ten- will preside at today's final esslou of tlie three-day confer- Ince. I The business of the conference 't be finished until an execu- ive business session is conducted |y Chairman Millard P. Caldwell, overnor of Florida. | A number of resolutions have -eeii prepared for consideration by he executives but most governors fave been secretive about the de- ails of their ideas. Gov. Beauford Jester of Texas as announced that lie will ask his ollciigucs to recommend that Co'n- jrcss give the states control of the il-rich tide lands. A recent Sueme Court divided decision gave f.trol of tliese lands to the fed- al government. On the Rocks—and Likes It Apparently blissfully comforUiblc dcspile bis hard resting plnce, this straw-hailed balhsr reclines atop the rocks which line the Lake Michigan shore at Chicago and enjoys a sun balh. Bales of Counterfeit $10 Bills Found by Nevada Truck Driver LAS VEGAS, Ncv., July 1G. (UP)* —A truck, driver found a cache of —. ~ . _ , "from $1.000.000 to $2.000.000" in Kl ° v»rande Potatoes Illinois, Oscar Rennebohm of Visconsin. John O. Pastorc of e Island, James E3avis of oulsiana, William Preston Lane ot Jlaryland. Roliert Bradford of Mass- Icliiisctts and Thompson. counterfeit $10 bilk In the des-^ri. j near St. George, Utah, last Friday, Police Chief George Thompson reported today. Las Vegas police believed the discovery of huge bales of bogjs money 150 miles northeast of tore I might be connected with the recenL gangland slaying of Benjumln (En(r- ] sy) Sicgel, in Beverly Hills. The nominating committee that I Cnlcf of Delecllvcs OIHe Cla'li ill pick Caldwelfs successor is £(litl> "it is quite possible tha' the imposed of Govs. Dwlght Green | llcat generated from Bugsy's ruu- out may have delayf! :h<: :v.v.-:'a- tirns of the ;o i U?L'rollers.'" Truck driver J. U. Brackc-i walked in'/.> police hcadqunv.eri here nnd presented Police Chief George Thompson with a sack containing S100.000 in counterfeit bills. He found p. cache of other such bills in a tree. "I believe the bills are. product- of a national ring.." Thompson said. Bracken related that he firsl found n handful of (be bills two weeks ago white driving his truck on the lonely desert highway. Then last wiiek h e saw one of the bill? fluttering In a tree. He plucked it. found another, and then the trail of the green sheave? led to "bales and bates and bales of it. . . - . Operatives said they would tak the counterfeit money to Salt Lake City when they were here Saturday. One agent had the entire back seat of his car filled with the "money." So far as could be determined, has been no rash of counter- teing Canned in Texas •EDCOUGH, Tex. (UP)—Canned otatoes is the product to IF YOUR CAR COULD TALK —it would (ell you a lot of thinga that 1 you should know. about Us condition and things that needed attention. cie- 'P/cd Piper of Wormdom' Docs It Without Digging CLEVELAND, (UP) — S. N. T.slcr of Indianapolis doesn't <lifj worms u'lu'n he goes fishing. He coaxes them out of the ground. "The Pied piper o f Wonmlom" docMi't use n magtc fluto or supersonic jillch pliie. inslcncl he has a sprinkling cnn and n powder culled. "Worms Galore." Islcr gave n demonstration nt Nation Urged To Put Stress On Citizenship SALT LAKE Cn-y, July' l(i. (DIM ~Gov. Kim Siller, of 'Michigan, yesterday told the nntuml govemorx conference that the rducnllonnl system must be strcngllfened to thwart communist Inspired "cockeyed fronts." Slgler. who nrtvnncpd lo the Ro- vernor's chalv after his prosecution or corrupt legislators. sl ,|,i ti, u t n \\ agitators should be exposed. "When stiidenls Imve not hiul Ihe advantages ol I lie American wny of life Impressed o,, (hciii nnd they Ihlnk that maybe some other country has somcthhiK belter." Slglci- said, "It Is no wonder they Join these cockeyed tronls," SlRlcr spoke to 40 other slule nnd lerrltorlal executives at the second days' sessions of the sola annual conference here during a round la- blc forum on educntlon. ' Clov. Clnrcuco w. Meadows of West Virginia presided nt the discussion. 1 I Slgler attributed much of Ameri- ca's'labor trouble to Inspiration from agitators, "when men sny 'lc hell with the courts. 1 It show.-, n luck of equalities that Im.s mnrit the United States yreal," lie toll his colleagues, There Is n breakdown in the quality of citizenship, he said, "when those In authority cnn't or won't give citizens the facts." S/gler said the Kovernors must nld newspapers, radio stations nnd ',1- ucalors In convincing the people that "this Is n country of law and of men-" "We may even have to glimiour- Ize our teaching of American history to make It Interesting," he said, "but we must do it." Hits Army Trials Bed-Ridden Woman, 73, Wants Rattlesnake Oil OKFENE, Oklrt, (UP) — The Okecne Junior Ohiimber cl Cora-' mri'iic h:is received iv request from (i. < i!)-yc:ii i -old bed-rlddcu woman for some olu-IiLshloiiccl rattlesnake ojl. Mrs. Iilii Woofhmril, Tfori Smith, Ark,. Kild nibbliu; rattlesnake oil on ilnsr legs would help her walk n;^itn. 'I'iic Junior Chnrn'ocr .sponsor*; :in nuniiHl riillloximkc roundu|i nnd members Kiltl if Hie correct lorniula could lie found, they i \vwiltl lx>\t \ip ix tew raUlcvs ami tend Hie oil. Indiana's Sun. \Villi;ini K. Jcn- ncr, who rci'veil us :i rnpliiiM hi tin. 1 Army Air Fluffs during Ihu \vJir, hns jift'Usotl Ili2 Army oC "sdickinii" courts niiirliul usiiiiist onlisled jiu'ii in "shorUinj;" KMys. The llopublican .sutuilor's chai j;t*j were nmLiiiK-'d in a IHIcr to SecTcUiry of Win- I'. T:.t- tcrson, t.illini; fur Sliile-Ownril 1'ort Only American port where nil port (utilities, piers, wharves, terminals, and belt railway me under llio single ownership of the stale Is San Francisco. Contrary to poplny belief, specti of sound In air IK proportional to temperature viirintlons, not chiuii;i of density, Salesman Wanted Outside salesman to call on commercial and farm trade. Apply , . FIRESTONE STORE 207 W. Main Good Used Furniture, Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 113 r. Mala the Suortsmen Show here. For the benefit of unbelievers, he sprinkled the lawn In front of Cleveland's ome from the 'Lower Rio Grands Valley. O. McDanitv. v. shipper. :i<ied to can the "creamers," po-' public ball with the powder. Exacl- utocs too small for market, and |y one niimilu and 15 seconds later his canning plant has been turn- h \ K n,. s t W orm came out ot the Jig out 1.5QO cases daily. ground. Within 30 seconds 14 more "Our potatoes «re one of the few I followed. iroducls canned that come out, cf. Even Isler admits one defect In the can with beter flavor th'.m this .sceiiiinB boon for anglers. He ED FROM BEATING BATTERS P---TRY MA61C BIG BINGO! Thursday Night, July 17th GALAXY OF PRIZES (Including nri'sscU Chicken) American Legion Hut 8:00 p.m. , Admission 50c Sponsored by l,a<llrs of Catliollc Church ]iey had before Uicv went into it." McDmlcl aiid. "That is due u the solution used in canning." Secret Photo On Display in Chicago Club lays you hnve the worms are. to sprinkle where . Paddymclon Infoy, a. unlive melon. a kind of wnl- AustraU:.i, not. :i ^Expert Lubrication; Vh«n w« lubricate your car, we fcmafce 2 thorough inspection of it», kcondition and tell you things that, rare reeded to be done. No extra cost' tor obligation on your part . .. that's ipart of our expert auto service. We Pace lubrication specialists, insuring rrjerfect satisfaction. Drive m soon. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Walnut at Railroad St. Phone 578 eit bills turned. in liere. where Slegel's lavish Flamingo Club was sold after his burial. The death of Siegcl. still unsolved, has been attributed to a narcotics war.\ a battle - for race trnck wire service domination and his apparently-jumbled financial affairs at the Flamingo, where he reportedly was losing money "hand over fist." Surveyors' Oonlcr A s ma]lbron7c inate. set in '.ho prairies of Oslwrr.r.- county, Kan., marks the key station of the surveyors" network of Canada, Mexico, and the U-.ute'l States. Wood alcohol is known to chemists as incUmnol. over liirushwv.x. "Wnllis was the official vAnny photographer who took the. picture. He lock it M ml the others I with him when c was discharged from the service. CHICAGO July 1G, (UP)—A p'.io- ' to of tfae first "Atomic "GO:nb bUust at LDS A'amo.s, N. M.. hun» on. public display here yesterday even though the photographer who snapped ilhe shot was charged wit steering it nnd 200 otiher secret pictures pertaining .to the homb. The pifturc \vns presented to the Chicago Wrtinm's Club by B^ D. Wallis ,34. Chicago, one of two former army sergcan's charged with stealing atomic information from government Hies. other formier ncii-com Alexander von der Lv/,t, 21. Princetrn University student from Mt. Lebanon, Pa., a suburg of Pittsburgh. The two cases and are separate I but by coincidence the t\vo monj UTTO both arraigned yesterday. Waliis in Chicago and Von Der Luft in Pittsburgh. The mnn wove rclojscd on bonds of SIC 001 each and tihe cases continued. Wallij' ihc?.riiig was set for July 24. Von Der I-uft's was held over indefinitely. The picture hanging in the wo- Tnan's club junllcry there yesterday was similar to iri'liy of the cuts pvWcshed by newspapers after the first ainiouncemer-l that the bomb had been developed nnd lo-nsed , ON SAIE AT YOUR NfcWSSTANO TODAY. IT'S TIME FOR: quick and simple, yet allrac- livo meals. Tims for fresh serving ideas lo perk 'up willed summer appetites. So take note o[ ihese timely features in itie July Belter Homes & Gardens: JOLU M«LS TOR JULY DRESS UP YOUR FRESH-AIR MEJU4 ACCENT ON WOSKSflVERS Your July Boiler Homos 4 Gardens magazine is a gala issuo-benl on speeding you ihrii summer doldrums in spaiklirg good health and '•good humor. BfitlerHomcs ,• :. and Gardens 'A Cub In Size fV. but a BEAR for Work J JNTERNATEONAL HARVESTERS PRESENTS THE '• For all operations on farms of 40 crop ^ acres or Itti — and (ruck gardens. , / * For ipec/al operations on truck iarmt, • forlarge tatmsthal need an extra tractor. That's the Farmall Cub, the Hrsl tractor in hisiory that's tuilt right and priceif right for u ^rcat new group of tractor owners. v> •» • The Cub is the newest member of the famous 1'AFMAtL FAMILY. It brings the ndvnntagcs a( the TAHMALL* svs- JIM Of FARMING to ihe small, family firm. , ' It|l ^Clubjin size, but "n i)y,vn for work." You get big- 1'nrmnll quality nn'J deslgnj plus scaled-dowrT; small- tracior economy. And there is a full line ofjmatchcdV quick-change, cusy-to-comrol implements. (i'4MlflitMiM )fc The smooth-running 4-cyIindec engine develops »|£] Jirosimntcly 9Kl h.p. on the belt. It uses considerably ' less than a gallon of gasoline an hour. There's a com- 1 ' fortablc, roomy scat..,ample crop clearance under tha chassis ... and "Culti-Visioix" to give a clear, unobstructed view of your work, f^ . -jUSflft' ^A ^ 1'it the Cub into your farming operations. We'll hava one on hand soon, so you can climb in the scat and drivo it. You'll find it handles as easily as your car. ~~^ »* ' . ' Read Cavirier News Want Ads. A Kentile Floor For Modern Home Improvement Cleans like <i breeze with soup ;tii(l water. Looks like a million all Hie time. Never shows scuffs or scars— cigarcllu burns—spilled liquids. That's K UNTILE .... nnd a handsomer floor can't be found! DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" IHD K:is( Main SI. Phone -169 i Venetian Blinds of ^^^•^-^ ' f. • How often you've wished for .1 Venetian Blind liVe lhis...tff A/— * made of .1 special aluminum .iltoy, no heavier your hand to lift. r/r.vfA/f-bcnds to fit your brush .is you whisk the dust away, then snaps right back to place. Lardy—iu satin-smooth pl.istic finish blends with every color scheme, resists stains and soil. It's the Venetian Blind without a cleaning problem that's ptoof against the wear and teat of time—rust-proof, wca'r-proof, warp-proof, too, and will not crack, chip or peel. firing in your itrild'lw mc.imrctncnli and !rt ;/r ctwn-ftl Fltxtlltm's Ittul) lo }?Kr u-iaaoiii st smaller ion than )o«\l think ponil'le. DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Cenfer"J| ... ^ 109 East ftlain St. ' Phono 469 SEE IT DEMONSTRATED! We will give a demonstration of the FARMALL CUB Thursday and Friday at the HERMAN MATTHEWS HARM, !/2 Mile Southeast of Yarbro School. These demonstrations will be on the usage of Disk Harrows and cultivators. Don't Miss It! Bring your friends. Thursday 1:30 p.m. 'Delia \m 312 So. Second Street Friday 9:00 am: lemenls, (nc.ll Phone 863

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