The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1935
Page 7
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RUSSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale. pel', line for. live Insertions: : (Five average words- to a 1) Oiije time pci line TWO times jiei line per rfij Three time's per line per <i ij Six times per line per .day '. Month nue pei li IP Minimum drjrjje'-50c Ads ordotid lor thin, o tiit'ics ami stopiurt bffoii. 1 •-,./. 1 1 \r | I M 101 jot C3c «Gc .-05'd 60o ,AU"iO GLASS •: ARK-MO I.UiWEU CO. PHONE 10 >. of: c ao. AppcUi Dill nuQe. BA'ITERIES $2 00 UP fiECHARfliD Ipc GUARAM1 LD (Starter & Gcneiator Bemci. U««l Auto Pa its Cheap Phone 308—Road Seivico Haipei Auto Electuc Seivice Mile fiom Oatewny, Store on lilgluviy 18 M > tol 'l '* !-<1ach Hill I Trcal Vou Wliiuv fill Uji NI>»- ; ,JO!lN IJUCIIAN'AN - I'UON'ii IOT 'ARKS BROS. COAL CO, 1'IIONE 077 'FOR ' "Hi-l.q' Alabama" "Knorky Illinois" "Hindi Hoyal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL— LOW PIUCED AdySnisln/ ^"Pi om. residing j)iii- AII • olasEined suumiiivd' uy ijti ^iOv- ol lliu eky- uiuai Dti .t ^Miie^, »y casn: Icuiei.. in easily compuitd noin aoovu No responsibility' will be tnutn tor- more thaii one incorrect. in a.-iti«ii oi any cla^ilieo ad. huvvrtlsing ordered, tor iiTCjsuia llL:i;ntollo UltvC lilc OHO llKlL- lit-x;- h Undertaking Co In S1-R\ICF & QUALITY AMRUbANOF rt li me 2fi TOH HE, \UTIIUL 11.OORS IBM OUR nooi SAfron '\RKMO HIMRFR CO COME TO US AND When Vou Buy ;i Used Car, Air ways I.o« p in Prh'e, ' Ah\ ijs Dt Femljible ;md Desirable- All Makeb ami Models. > —SPECIAL—2 DAYS— WEIDWvG MACHINE •TRACTOR REPAIRING We Guarantee - ISvery Job Call 808 Day or"'"Night ) Blylheyiiie Machine'Woiks '•Exclusive figcnts loi 'the 'original yeiiiiinc Moutavallo Coal We: also sell UrllllanU Ark. Anlhrneite; Illinois .'and Kentucky Conts. --phone 411 WONDER. CITY COAlj CO, Why Byy Coai From Us? i—3,0 ycars^ liu'business. 2—Qri.ilily of. coal handled. , 3—Pforiipi .service." : 'i -Coui'tebns Ireatment. 5—You get nil. yon pay for. 'Quality Ofouii" "distributed b'y Gay & Billings ' ' I'liouc' 16 I'or Kciil LIGHT JiOUSuiKEEPINC; liOQMS,' 101 W. Ash. i-ck-lf 2 room FURNISHED niwrimeiil, •Unities free, 010 W. Miiln. Cull 2-J. lit-o-k-ir Modem 6 room I'UUNISHKD House, 'etiraei'. 1300 Ohlckastnvbn. Cull .280. ' , a'lli! ktf FRONT bed room, steam neat, hot batll. giiriiec. phono SCO. 30-c!:-tf Un/umlslicd ii|>iir(metit, •! room* with billh, Cull OT, Night 55. Partly turiilslicil APARTMENT will) (,'pod lieiitln;' system, Phone 107 or 5V1. IG-c-tf MOHERNLY IOIRN1SHEI3 ixpni't- mcnt, 3 rooms, balli: over Klr- uy Lirui; Co. K Simon, nhone fGI. 28-c-tl HJ)>LI UK, i;UXr. 1MN, 10;ia Model, New 1'aint,. Tires banic ;i a New—Motor in iixccllciit LcmliUqn. Special S'iS5 W;iny OMur^ To Choose From.; §-:,na»; i« L'urner Walnut & 1 irsl Sts. I'houc S13 a- ats HARNtSS! iiill Luic uigh orudo Dt-st 1'riccb in YOU HAVE THIRD THE REST; HOW I1UV THE BEST I FAMOUS itIAKKE ItED ASH COAI. NICELY Once You Try It, You Will Always,Buy It Two Furu,'..lK<(! Ik'rt Rooms. 1017 Wnlnnt. Phone 102. 31-c-ll STEAM1I13ATEU bedroom In modem home to pfrjniiiwiit biisln cniiple or men. Phone 98 1 ! or 24 Buy t'nrno High .Qualify Feeds It- Fays To Feed the Best All makes turning plows and middle buster points, trace cnains; coila. paos, back bands, etc. FEE1J! SEED! EYcrytninij you will need -lor apriiiB Ptantlhg Oberst Store Co. BU\'~ FURNITURE NOW 1 PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms IIUIUUUU FUHNITUKE CO. Cash Feed Store Kuiu -LslUle FARM FOR- RENT, • W -'-Acres. , j. ;vi. "BADER: " • FARMS FOK SALE With itnmediate possession 80 acres, 5',w 'iniles west of SiUes: ton, Bcptl Coquly.'Mo. ' : Price 530 acre • , , ; :J 120 acres, 15 miles' 'northwest of Sikeston, in Stodtlard County, Mo. Price ^20 acre A. T. Earls & W. 0. Alexander Steele, Mo. \Ve, Pa for Poultry and complete Line of I'urimi Keen Ferry's Bn.k Garden Seed Fickl Heed i!2 E. Main Phone 154 Across From Old Posloffiee We Buy Corn & Soy Beans ' ' . - PHONE 127 . Farmers Cash'Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKER, Prop. . FumiliiL'e SEE'DOCK DAVIS, 2ND HAND TJRNI.TURE, 409 E. MAIN-. WE 'UY AND SELL ANYTHING. Fiirnlihccl AiKii'lmcnt Cheap. One wick fi'ce. CM Mean). Op kll One FlfRNISllKD ami one ON. FURNISHER nuartincHt. Prank C. Douislas. Phone 383 or •!=•!• Go- kt • 'BUY 'rjJRNITURE NOW PAY THIS PALL Get Our Terms IIUIUIAIII) FUUNITTJItK CO. Shoe Repairing '.. . VL J. KNOX tiaying made all kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair •hoes to correct AHNOItMAL lee;. o ihe Properly Owners In Paving Dislncls '.No, 2 and 3. Tile oulsUinillnu bo nils Hgiiinsl Ihcsf tll£ triet>> Hinoiints to $303,000.00. This is ii Hrst Hen on your properly urn! sooner or • inter must be patil, The Commissioners are now belli" offered sume lit these, bonils, (not nil of ihem, ncllliiT me tins' offered by Lesser Qoldtnsin Co.) nt 50c on the dollar. This Is a woiulcrliii oiinor- limHj 1 to set rid of 'n bnr-v ' (ten iluit every one Is tired of currying, but the amount", of bonds that nmy be'rcllred «t I his low figure will correspond exactly lo." liic nmoinit of cooperation the' commissioners rccolre from tlic tax payers. This Is your ubllEiulqii, there Is no way to nvol<l imymnit, except by the ioss of your property. So Ihe time to act Is now, it : 'tn'xc8 c.i\n .be collected ' now, i.nml bonds retired, It will bo 'entirely .possible lo reduce the yeaily puymctita besides winding up (bo wholo debt by 1943 IK \vns originally planned. The commissioners sincerely hojie lo have yonv cooperation In ibis matter, so •vital to you. , , C. J. Evrard. lion. George Smith, 1703 Ileuin icouiiisun iidduion. , Poultry ALL VARIETIES lliilelilni;. )>ona for llio Public MAHILV.N IIATCI1BIY ' , Ark. Code No. B(l HIGHEST MAKKET I'FtlClb plld . :or nil k\i\as of poultry m Maluin's Gin. | "' KICK Ss FIHHKIt jWc pay highest, cnsli price tor nil I kiiiiU o( poullry. Hud ol pavement, 315 K. Main. I B. T. WORTHY i ' .. - • • -.'\ • S la l ions Bu.vlon' Service Si ji I ion ''•••'ABtf'.; S}0. STATi: I.lNIi ' Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices SANDWICH SHOP' in tcrmci'tlon CHITON WiiviV "mill" o<H . SM.C IIS 101 .jyi^l liiiiuia QIUI'IIUU SH:K.MH-.IU<. i'of Sale 00 bushels shelled COHNOIIEAP. T. H. siiepliiirr), East', Main St. I Ins (•enters for the training o? llCISUi. '.'. 'if Of the -37 tiottere and pJiCQife here, Ncwbrook stable, on tied by H. Btncy Si'hltl), Nc«arl>, N. J, milliter, hav 11, fort Hoyal Faun, owned by Thomns Dunn, T'hlla- ' 'illilf, Ims .sis, ami Jlci'mnn Ty- ion, Meivrnxi, Del, who trains n public'slaulp, has 10 . Seven of the hones iinicr ly- wn's'.carc liiv o»n«l by the Hnn- over Shoe ,Furm,' Hanover, Pa., I live a belon;'. lo U.-H. Martz nriu Iph linyslioie, PotUnllie, and th' II.'Stacy Smith The maJorHy v of the trotters ben: arc roi'.j and are .being, brok- cn in by Sinjin, who Is one of the .IciuilHij nimitair- riders in the coiinlry. I'lWra, B at' ' •(KTO IKickngo of KliYS, . ..luri,. a. o, !(i>li; unit Uul. !i-uti-\) lloiiso KliY, smull key with lltlliia, on riiiR, doivn town 10 iliiys pso. REWAHU. .jurlug to courier wuwa. 5-ck-l Will Trade SPECIAL PRICES on repairing of nil kinds. Best materials used. Progressive Shoe Shop "lO'J S. 2nd St la years, in tile Shoe Repairing business; when others fail, try 31. imon P. L ee. Cottonwood'Point SeU Ferry I'AV TUIS FALL • Qcl Our Tcnnii iMiak< Iiisplici, Ail Sluctmls UOSTON. (UP)—Hostou Unlvctr illy uri students iluiw fioni «\u- slc. eenrs citiitifihct, plays lln> phonoguiph iccoids mrks the students on liie sketched vliich (he miible supposedly in- ph'es. „/ Pinehurst in Foreground As Horse Training Center 1'INEIiURST, N, C. IUI'(— With S7 troUura and pucers nntl. ^0 runners., qunrtcvpd hire for . the Mlnlcv,' Plnehiirsl, gradually ts'be- cmniiii; known'ns one of the Iciul- I Will I rude • 1030. DC Solo Scdim tires (>"d' buttery, "35 Ll- "ir ; two cood mules. John! mey, Dlythcvlllo Gin. If Salesmen Wanted' \VANTliD-Man with ciii~ Route cxperii'iicB pieferreil but not nn- ccssary. OiKUlnu now In South Uunklln, soi:lh MlssUslppi comi- Hes, Ulyllicrlllc. Kawlelah, Oc|il. iNROHO family wants 10 shnrccrop AKB-'27-ME, Meaiplils Tcnn. Wrlle •'next year. Two men and woman or see Davp Kdwuids. '•'•••• in family. ExcelleiH iccommciida- Ark. Aflo- Jlavina Dispwised With Services During Htyh \Yater Bervicu to 10 P. M.. Except Saturday. & Snndny. 12 P.. M. . 160-ACRE FARM ; FOR SALE All hi;. cilHIvujlOn—1«. inllo from city llinits and'.Wsli- vviiy., Lniu! iias tood coltoh coijlraut for 19;IS und bnyo'r can hiivi; poiscaslon imuicdl- n|cly. ?00 |icr acre. 0. G. CAUD1LL 1117 ITT9 Clark le CTIS born. ncislVrt' Son, American G/oomy Thought for Today i Huey rws Lefin does t expire until 1937. ,argcst & -Most Complete.! Stock ol .iiIijAWAhB m Noriheasi '. '~ yl&. •'• WilUES - K1UHT. Hubbaru Hdvv. Lo. 'GARAGE Garl'andJVl:. Morgan .' rmeily with Phillips Motor Coj CKineral Auto Repairing "V-B" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yartiro Road Farms 'For Sa!e ; ' ; With Immeaiate;, Pos^essipn. ,. 40 A. near BuraeUe/ MfesJ county, Ark. Price $UQ ..acre. 40 A. near Burilctte, : 'county, Ark. Price ' £60 acre. 80 A. near -BiirdeUe, ! Mis£., county; Ark. Price' 1 SCO' acre: • : ' '''-'< r •15 A. near Warden,. Pcmiscot ,. coimty, Mb. >• Price' S50 ,:aci - c.' ,' 65 A. near GidEon, New Madrid ! county,. Mo'. ' Prjce. S-IO.-.aprcV.; j •'• , lOB A. near Gideon; New Madrid r county, Mo. Price ,§45 acre. | 127 A. near Gideon, New i Ma'drfd i' count)'. Mo. -Vice S50 acre. I 107 A. near C't-.talou, New Madrid county. Mo. Price £10 acre. " ' j. W. Bader Blythevillc, Ark. FIRE & TORNAU'6 INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE AND INSURANCE SERVICE Monei' to Loan iVe arc in posHlon lo make yon K loan to refinance your presoiu •can. Terms tor repayment can oc made to your satisfaction, ven low Interest rates, this applies to city, as well :>« lann loans. W. M. Burns, Phones 243 ,- 212 ' FAUMsToif SA77E i Tevms Rciiaonnble ETHEL 11. THOMPSON ahiting ana Papciha AUtO Painting .- . '•; Piirniture Refuiishing All Work Guaraniecd. i Ffeemaii & Wheat Phone 143 for Estuiiaiej Kemoclei \o\ir Home \Vith a gciinine UllliUEIlOIU 1; '.V ' KOOF a% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders , :•.; : Supply Co. Phone 28 Automotive Special prices on Aijto Accessories. Tires and Tubci. Guaranteed Batteries $3.95. Avito Toini fc side- curtains 51.50. up. Alcohol T-c gal, Car heatei'ii $1.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mais. Srrajj iron 'im^l in dctiviutl iVUIAX - - US F.. Main «INlUf AIT1O SPKCTALS" Prestone, Alcohol. Healers, i)( Trgstcrs, ivinsrd I'.altcrics. LET US PRV77-ARE YOU I.'Ol WTNTEH Hublwrd Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE LJEPT. Phone 476 Phone FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben ..Cluiie : WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY •:'r HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete \ IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MQLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT l';iy Us A Visit And He Convinced •PAULBYRUM 120 East Main i.nn'cst ck Most Complete Stock ul ' HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas.. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. qorriiMVEATiiEu STRIP Saves fuel at small cos' Arknio Lumber Co. Coiil * Wood OP Us About Your Coal Blvtlu-viKe Gin Co. "Hndiant Alahama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2H • We crurv, Sell All tlie Coal, So We Just Sell the Best. .St. Bensrd, 1.000 Lbs. ...... S3.50 Blnck Diamond. 1.000 Lbs. .. S3.7S Sahara. 1.000 Lbs $100 Aclon Red Ash, 1,000 Us* .. S5.00 '. Phone 100 . - . , -^ ^ n-i-- i\ ^' 2C9 w. Ash^^-pV.bite s.- i - ,•>&;: C, Kob'mson-Lbiv'Cq, south Railroad St. IIHI'THS 01^ DKSPAIll! HPti Hrnnips H1OTHIWC," THiVT'S ALL HE'S VME 6WEM UP ALL HOPE OF,DO1N6 ANVXHW6 WITH I'M ASHAMED OF HIM ..'ASHAMED! 1 tEU, \OU HE'S A NO GOOD, WpWHLESS ,1(?lFUN&>-OEVIt- WASH-OUT !'&NO':HE ACTUALLY 6EEMS • j PROUD OF IT Ev/ER DOME V .. MQTl(lNG!! JUST RETURNGOFROM UNFMR! H£ DONE TO MftKE YOU t£EL I 2/NE OF " R.LEE'SPE OB5E&SIOW COLLEGE,.THE SIXTH OME H6S BEEN KICKED OUT OF 61NCE FALL i 8E HIS SON! LISTEN TO HIM RAVE W ; IMC. T. M. HEC. u. s. PAT. OFF.; F.ASV IS SATISFIED! WASH TUUI3S UT..WASH.IS HEVERTbO-'BUSytO DROP> BANOUEtS. 1ELLIW& HO\V\ e PLUS FROM TEAS ' WONDERPtlL. FROM SUCH CKARNp IMG NURSES AS I HAVE, PODMER. EVEN CASTOR OIL WOULD BE ATPEAT. BVTHH HOSPITAL. SWELL. CAM'T KILL AW OLD WARHORSE •UkE ME. THERE WE WAS, SURROUNDED P'/ THE ff BULQRAVJAM ARMY, "SURRENDER," i THEV CRIES. "LIKE HECkf SAYS WE. AMD BlhJSO 'EM RlGI-jt AND LEFT". WE STARTS KKtOCKIN HEV dlVe WASH EMCU6M MEDALS UNIFORMS "TO OUTFIT AK1 ARMV. SEBVjCe. IHC.'T. M. REC.'jjVs' SUIU'KISE, t)_U//4 SUKt'RISE! , tAISTER. THIS Le^THER jfvcKer is P>t-t_ 'COOL <VJD NOT TO SHRlJMK. 1 THE vtow VT NOTIC& OF THE. zippy Z-IP i DOM'T KMOW PI H'u «L.W(V-/S is ft. SALE.- SOU OUT THE- WOULDN'T 00 ME LOWO- SOUG- AM OP OUR. ' iT WEUT WITH fx BftWG-l FKICCKI.ES AM) HIS HUKNDS EXACTLY! I '"V- ^~~W) JEMSM8E&EO VOIt \ 1JOT i!^' U 6=1". TW TAKEN our FtbO M "IHE WAVy! QE- I>J FAt-T, JUST BEFORS I VVENT 1!J7O THS WAV^', I.COLJLD r-KfHT, BUT I S001J UEARKIED T'V/AS ' DOCKS. A TUS33AT- S-f I BECAUSE C O.IJAVS 50>'.!= CHILI'BEAMS,HOT ME YOU ALWAYS LIKED RECKLESS, TVIEt',! AftS YOU i ip HHAT'S CAVJSE,hJO MATTER HOV/ ' I STILL THE WRE- \ v/HAT YOU DEVIL THAT Yo J MEAN ! USED 7b 8E 'f J] OSCKI lAtJD, BbAT i S DAVLISHT3 OUT C-= Mr THERE'S ALWAYS SOMEOWE JUST A LtTTLE TOUCHES .'

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