The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1937
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li'fv \f' BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI VOL. XXXIV—NO. '13 Blythcvllte Cciirlcr Blythcville Dnlly News Blytheville Herald Mississippi Vnlley Lend.:: RLYTIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 7, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE WER FIRE III IE Pack Issues Nev. Tree Book at 80 Crowded When Show Fiaines Burst From Pro- jeclion Machine JOINER, Ark., May 1, —' Fire, nrljjInaUiii; In the operator's booth of the motion picture theater here, destroyed three buildings in. the business section of Joiner last night. Jinnnle Gore of Osceola, projection machine operator, received second degree burns on his hands and arms and a Mrs. Bowen was injured In the stampede to escape the flames. The fire broke out shortly before 8 o'clock. The house was packed and the show had just begun when names leaped from I the projection machine. There was a mad rush for the exits and a number of persons were bruised and trampled. Several women Tainted, Tire Spreads Quickly The flames spread qujckly to the Mitchell drug store and to the Willow Inn, n restaurant, where a banquet was in progress. Both were destroyed. Terry Mitchell, proprietor of the drug store, who lived with his family in an apartment •connected with the store, had time to save Ills; furniture and stock of drugs. He plans to reopen his store immediately In temporary quarters. The theater was one of a chain operated by Miss Emma Cox, Osceola, who reported her loss at about S3.500. The theater and . drug store buildings were owned by Jack Grossman and the res-j taurant building by Lyda Taylor, negro. None of the buildings were insured, .• •, Waterworks Authorized The-buildings face Highway 61, .which.yfrasf- blocked for'abbut' two j- hniirs during the fire.' Joiner has no fire protectio and it is believed that'only the fact that there was little wind prevented trie spread of the 1 flames to other buildings. The people' of the . town recently voted money for a waterworks system and work is to begin within a few weeks. j Three Injured \Vhcn ! Truck and Car Collide! ) . . - i,! 1 ' | Two Burdettc youths and their | girl companion .sustained: Injuries 1 when their automobile collided Iwith a truck, driven by R, Malian, Ion Highway til about four nille.s south of Blytheville, this niofn- Ing. ' • ' ' . Juanila Pord and Lonchle Clark, Hospitals (ol' whn ''''• <>ntt scl)ll < ] l at Luxdra.' and Lack of Care; Anarch- nnti >' ol '"t' Cli " k rcceivim; severe • . i i • • n ] I brul>:es and cuts while the Ford ISl Uprising Spreads i youth, driver of the automobile | .-:?:!pod with minor bruises. PERl'IGNAN, Franco, May 7i The truck, operated by Smith n pi—Three hundred persons, In- j and Youneblood, who have a 'Fanny in London for Coronation 'cr*h 1 I jured in Hie anarchist revolt '"'reel fighting, died over night in Barcelona hospitals from lack of string of racing and show horses stabled here, was going north,on the highway and the automobile medical care, frontier report;; suld j «-as traveling south. Young; Ford said he was driving his companions to the Liixora school after I today. Hundreds more were reported by the government to be dying at Paul hospital In Barcelona, vic- having brought them to Blythe- vllle on business. The automobile which! was heavily damaged and the- His 801h birthday nnd n new edition of the Forestry Primer come together this year for Charles Lytbrop Pack, above, president of the American Tree Association of Washington, D. C. The country's foremost forestry expert and enthusiast, Pack will have given iiway 4.500,000 copies of his famous primer with this latest edition. tims of the insurrection i flared anew today through all the 1 truck damaged to a 'utonoman-; Catalan state. j Issue Ultimatum I Anarchists, making a desperate «ri for power denied them in recent governments, were reported ''i have issued an ultimatum to j 'he two-day-old government, com-1 POoi'd of a four-man dictatorial i lI-»<>tDratc. | ni-band the government assault guards immediately, the anarchists said, ov face an attack by tanks t H noison gas, j French warships In Barcelona I harbor were asked to hand 2001 bluejackets as street rioh'.iiurl renne?s'ee House Refuses Ratification Amendment Federal threatened the r.afety of their Consulate. Extend Tlicir Power Anarchists, already in control of suburban Hospitalet, a city of 10.005 persons, adjoining Barcc- NASHVILLE, Tcnn., Mny 1. (UP) ! —The Tennessee house of represcn- 1 tatives today turned thumbs down on Ihc federal child labor a mend- •uent. lona. were reiwrtcd to ' have ex- Ths ilous - voted, 58 to 34, to ta'"'"'-"' " ......... ..... ' •' ' his LSVU ! • " :lion Cc Children Reach Safely LAS PALLICE, prance, May 7. (UP)—Basque children from war torn Bilbao, homesick, frightened and hungrr, landed today from the liner Ilabana to seek new'homes and friends in Prance. They were brought ashore in lighters, some crying. Their eyes widened when from the throats of hundreds of workmen, labor union- .ommlssioners ol Paving Districts Named Defendants Local Are tended their sway as far as the "'•-•* border. The frontier fortress city of Figueras, 13 miles northeast of Barcelona, and its neighbor, Junquera. were occupied' by- the an- I irchists. Renew Bilbao Attack GIBRALTAR, May 7 (UP) -^ The nationalists (rebels) have re- i [ opened operations-*on- the 'nilb'ao j frojit with a slashing drive on Basque' port in northern Dan G. Stout. C. J. Evrard. and M. Fitzsimmons, as commissioners of Paving Districts Two and Three, i have been named defendants in a suit filed in federal : district court at Jonesboro by Roy W. Palmer,' bondholder, to force payment of $10,000 in delinquent bonds. • Palmer,'in his suit filed by Wallace .Tdwnsend. Littb Rock his a resolution callimj for rati fication of the controversial amendment. The resolution had not bee introduced in the upper chamber. Today's action represented the fourth negative expression of successive Tennessee legislatures against the amendment since the burning issue was born in Washington 12 years ago, Representing rural districts whose lohEtiluents fear: adoption of .''me amendment would t'ak? Ihclr abb- bodied progeny out of the fields ..•hcral Terms and Good Living Conditions Make (or Stability Absentee ownership and the share-tenant, system of farm opera- tto.n In the cotton belt have become associated in the,public mind with a variety of .social and economic Hut for nisi hand c v I I i. evidence that they are not. Incompatible with stability of lannre, good ng conditions, and ceo- Three Bonds Forfeited Tiiree defendants failed to appear in municipal court this morning to answer to charges of public drunkenness and cash bonds they had posted were ord- :red forfeited^They are J. A. Payne, B. G. attorney, asks that the commls-| frn Mays, tioners be deemed receivers and* Turner and M. O. Turner. A similar charge was docketed against that a Trrit of mandamus Issue to compel them to apply funds isti and Communists, gathered at lllcy n \ n! ' m "' havc on'hand to the quays to meet them, came th-'' paJ 7 n ?" t - of tht d =»muent>bonds York. Cotton M ,..-j~ .»„ ...-_•_!. HJ^IH, VjtlUJC 111- ' _..,l - ' i L f _ , 11 U>»» I l_IJl C\., |V1, strains of the "Internationale." , nnc, interest from Oct. 1, 1036. !on closc(1 stcady Pnlmpr nmiM fnr/>o n,« ««, :- I ~j*.»< ^\ Within a few v moments tlierc came from the children in response to the Communist sang the clear notes of the Roman Catholic hymns they had learned In church. A fc\v of the older ones sang the "Internationale" themselves. Palmer would force the commis-j sioners to require payment of all delinquent taxes or make sales of tax delinquent properties and would have i them midcr an accounting in federal court of their activities and financial records. . He charges that District No. Two is in default on a $4,000 ' bond, I due Oct. 1. 1936. and that Dis-j trict No. Three is in default on a SG,000 bond due the same day. Frank C. Douglas, attorney fcr the district, said this 1 afternoon that the suit had been expected by the commissioners for some time. He' said the district is in default on bonds to the amount 1 of approximately $80.000 but pointed out that the district was __ not more than half that amount ~_^ behind in 'its schedule of payments,-funds having been used in Spain, according to reports receiv-! and kitche » s . 'he majority reflected here from nationalist sources I " !e st!mtl ° f Governor Browiir ' uig, who has lonj been opposed *~~ 'o the amendment. Tennessee's action vlrtuaiTy •lightad the fast -glimmering hope •<f securing ratification this year. Approval of eight more states is needed to make federal regulation ".I f-e employment of persons un•ter 18 possible. To adopt the fed- 'ral amendment it would be nec»s- ™ry for some states to call special sessions of their legislature. Stout Participates In Raid On Piggott Still R. B. Stout, assistant state supervisor of revenues, was a member of a raiding party which Captured a 150 gallon still early 'oday. five miles east of Piggott. Trie still, hidden away in the hills, had 1000 gallons Qf mash -ind 50 gallons of whisky, which v.ns confiscated. Others who made the raid were: Dan McLeod. sheriff of Clay -oun'y. Jim Bare, chief of police! it, Piggott. Harry Adams chief :tat2 supervisor .of revenue, and inspectors. D. O. .Johnson, Ralph Mcllvaln, Carl White and E). L. Stanley. No arrests were made. The still i was found on land owned by two brothers, named Copcland. Tlic case has been turned over to the federal authorities. NEW YORK. May 1 (UP)—Cot- May Jul Oct Dec Jan VI a r open high low close 1312 1317 1292 1288 1292 1312 1317 1293 1288 1292 1295 1295 1300 1305 1283 1281 1284 1287 1305 1308 1285 1232 1285 1289 Spots closed stcady at 1358, off the purchase . at a discount bonds' due at future dates. of Wash- DtirgrcKs, United States I deputy marshal, was here this The picture business is a whole | afternoon, serving process on the lot like every other business in j commissioners of the districts. one respect. There is a lot of 1 . New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 7. (UP) — Cotton futures eased off ssven points today after the Liverpool market closed. open high low close May I29'lb 1303 1302 1293I> Jul 1306 130fi 1295 1297 nomlc progress it Is necessary to look no further than to the farms in Ih6 vicinity of Blytheville which are owned by Miss Lucia A. Rechlin of Evansvllle. Ind., daughter of the laic Theodore A. Hech- Un. Succeeding crop years bring few changes In the tenants on the Rcchtln farms. Last year there were only three and one of those moved oil to operate a farm of his own. Of the ,1,1 tenanls. n havc been on Rechtin farms for 15 years ahd M for nearly 10 years. A few years ago two tenants who had been on the Rechlin farms for several years bought farms of their own. Last year two others plan- ncd to buy and were prepared to make first payments, but finally decided In view of the satisfactory conditions under which (hey were working and the high price of land to remain where' tl:?y were, Itcnt Varies With Cotton I'rltc The rent paid on cotton land by Rcchtln tenants Is one-fourth of the crop, and the rent on all other land Is a variable rate of cash rent, depending on the average price of cotton. If cotton Is G cents or less per pound, the rent per acre is $G. If cotton Is. 8 cents per pound the .cash rent Is SB. If cotton Is 10 ! -cnts or over, tlio rate'of rent Is -10 per. crj"'ii.".'rlic.r8iii-'b3vijJi)L'J)t; wer S10. even though cotton niiiy be 15, cents. Under this arrangement the manager, Hav Little of Blylhevlllc, bcllsvcs that coopcra- tors in the soil conservation program are entitled to all of the soil conserving and bulldlu? payments, fuel when the' checks arrive, if there arc no debts pending, the landlord's part of the check Is given to the tenants. They nrs also permitted to defer the payment of n part of tlic cash'rent equal to one-half of the' entire soil conserving payment until the check nr - rlvcs. According to Mr. Little, this permitted several to finance themselves tills year who could not have done so had they paid the rent In full lust October. The managers of the farms and Especially the present one, Mr. Little, have always considered the tenant as fundamental to thj success of the farm and close coonera- lion has been given him. If he needs financing the land owner will provide it. .If for some ijanri reason he cannot pay out at the end of the year he Is given two more years in which to pay oil the loan. If the tenant, after a! least a year or two tenure, de(sires a permanent fixture such as a poultry house for sideline commercial eg? production, it Is built at no expense to the tenant. Four such houses have baen built this spring. If a tenant, not already overburdened witli som'o previous debt, needs a cow. the land owner finance He purchase. If he Mo Verdict inM'Donald Praud Case LITTLE ROCK. May 7 '. (PPi — ippnri'nlly deadlocked, ' the Jury t liberating, the case of I'd P. •.,. , ,, „ . , ,. ., McDonald, former !4«!ietnry of iWOI'Icl S VjieatCst AllSnlp lute, dun-fed -with'- friind In con- TV i i im it r- ••• , - . . .-, langlqd Mass ol rire- F.inny Ward,.who lias IMTM Ilin pCTcnnkil il;i|i|K.T int'ie ycais than mi>sl persons cnn i^inc-ni- bcr, is pU-turcd abrne ;u .'-he stepped olr the bo;ii in Knxlaml, ssvalhcd in furs nnd bound for London :ind the coronatmii. Her three iifiindchildion ;H:cuin- pnnic'-l her. u'dlon with purchases' of. Jnnl- crs' supplied for the state cnpl- ol, had not reached n"| decision (\le today. ' \. : 'Ihc Jurors, when called before Jlrcull Judyc Abner NtcGchce i\t inon before going to lunch, were rcjiu'.stcd to reach n 'verdict as con as possible. Tile case wns given to (he jury ast night shortly utter 8 o'clock nd the ]ury" was locked up for he nlBlit at 11 o'clock after it mil appeared In the courtroom nice to have the Judge's Instruc- loiis • re-read. Estimates of Mississippi River's Probable Crest Are .Raised TIPTONVILLE. Tcnn.. ' May 7 (UP)—A crew of 150 Works Progress. Administration workers today was assigned to duly on weakened levees in Lake county, where'the rising Mississippi threatened to Inundate newly planted crops. The weakest points on the levee were at Bessie, scene of one of the hardest fights against the February flood. Additional Civilian Conservation Corps and WPA workers also were mustered to bolster weakened points farther north on the Bird's Point-New Madrid. Mo., spillway levee when estimates for the-crest there rose. Rural moved Treasury Report Shows ll Above-Deadline Set by Roosevelt WASHINGTON, May 7. (UP)—i The national debt, rose today b5- yo;t:l the $35,02i).0!>!>.[;C!> u m |t nxorf by President Hoossvclt. ; • While congress sltugglfd with economy and the nation prepared for higher taxes, the treasury stalc- mcnl for loclny revealed that the nation's debt reached the unprecedented high mark of $35,039,955,335.40 ou May 5. The Indebtedness figure represented an upward uio'vcmjnt of 552,052.439.07 from the previous day, resulting principally from another step In the treasury's borrowing program of $50,000,000 weekly. •Much of the rcquit rapid Increase in the debt resulted from the treasury's eold "sterilization''.program through which gold Imports are tiurclniEcd at S35 per ounce and segregated In a separate Inactive fund to olfsct the credit" Inflationary effects of an Increasing gold supply. Gentry Files Claim, For Back Salary From State LITTLE ROCK, May 7. (UP) — U .A. Gentry, former "state insurance .commissioner, today tiled a claim for $4.033.33 back salary he alleged was due him as the difference between the sum the office called for under the legislative act creating it and the amount he received. Gentry saU he should havc received an annual-pay check for $5.- Sear'cd Wicckage ('film Iu Page 5 for Iclcpholo pictures cf the lllmlniuurg nlbi- astcr). NAVAL STATION, Lakchuist 'N J., May 7 (UP)—Revised compilations, today Ibtcd 32 known..dc'a'd or missing hi the flames,that' destroyed the 800-foot dirigible Hln- •.lenburg, pride of the Reich United Slates sailors, trained for dirigible disaster work, and stolid ivhlte-Jacketed suivlvors of Ihc German crew, poked among the tangkd tnd seated wieck.age for possible additional bodies, ., American.- avlallon authorities and Gel man officials meantime converged here to arrange foi formal Inquliics to Eeek the explanation of. tho spark 'Ihnti.'e'ii- scloped the hjdrogen-fllled all- ship In flames Just as she was landing . last. "lKht t onL plcllon of her 11 ' " oyayc this year Com- . • Cause Is Ambassador Hans Lul 'rom 'WmJilnglon to German icpresentcitlon Dr Jagg, new head of the Buiemi 6f". Air .Commerce, was qn htmd^toi ; the commerce depaitmenl UrnC' Admiral Cook chief of the Buieau ^f Naval Avhtlon new heie from Washington. As to the ' why" of the et- plaslon and file thnt biought dl-V nslcr to Germany's efficiency In ill-ship operation ovei many yonis the experts at the outset seemed is puzzled as did Captain Emest Lchmann, veteran Zeppelin navigator, who escaped from the flames murmuring, "I don't un- JcrsUnd, I don't understand,", , , . ,,I|V.-Uie words of ''Cammaivter-a Charles E Roscndahl, chief of ' the Lakchuist natal air station niid .himself a survhor of, the Shenandoah disaster, all that was known definitely so far was "A flre appeared In the 'after part of the ship and worked pro- jressively forward The ship -settled to the ground, tail first, nnd was pracllcally completely abkwe for her entire length by the time 'he ground was reached." * Survivors Suffer :from Slfocfcil. What the Investigators primiuUy, nought, to determine was 'the source of the spark that set. fire- to the exploshe hydrogen • and ?asblcnc- within the great ship df It was only 200 feet from .the., earth. i According to the levlsed lists Issued by repiescntatives of the OCO for the three and one half (Zeppelin companj, out of 97 pcr- ycars he occupied the position un- sons, aboard the Hindenburg, most'' til removed early this year by Gov. Carl E. Bailey. He said for two years he received S3,COO and 54.200. The claim was filed with the slate auditor's office which is ex- peeled to refer the matter to the residents wcrc being re- i attorney general's office for ofli- from threatened areas. Oct 12SO 1290 1282 128.1 Dec 1297 1297 1290 1290 Jan 1299 1299 1292 1292 Mar 1303 1303 1292 1295 Spots closed quiet at 1338, off 7. people responsible for its -succes; that you never hear anything about. For instance you never hear anything about the 'technical Kd- visor. When yoii're makin' a Roman picture, they have a technical advisor who studies up on ihe early Roman period so he'll be able'to tell us jest what kind o spears they use—what kind saddles—and suits of armor—and j shields and things like that, and, even what they ate In those days. [ One producer out here was] ninkln' a religious picture and lie EAST ST. LOUIS 111- May 7 tiled to cut down expenses by not j (UP)—Hlgs: receipts.' 5000 Ammonia gas once was -known deer! Chicago Corn O\K\\ high low close " May 1333-4 135 1-2 132 7-8 133 5-8 'July 1205-8 121 119 5-8 119 3-4 Livestock Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Governor Bailey Will Attend Kentucky Derby LITTLE ROCK. May 7.- (UP)— .Gov. carl E. Bailey left his canitol office today for Hot Snrings where this afternoon he will address a meeting of the state bar association. lilrin' a technical advisor. Hej watched the director makin' one rccnc\ where they were using the twelve apostles and he leaned over nnd tapped the director on the shoulder and says "That scene looks pretty bare—you better put on about fifteen or twenty more Apostles." Top. 10.45. 170-230 Ibs. 10.25-10.40. 140-160 Ibs. 7.50-10.25. Bulk sows. 9.40-9.65. Cattle: receipts. 2.000. Steers. 9.00-9.25. Slaughter.steers, 7.00-15.75. range iu light dealings tcday and finished irregularly higher. BmrJs firmed, cotton was barely steady, rubber higher and grains lower. A. T. and T. 167 Anaconda Copper 52 1-2 Beth. ste:l 87 1-2 Chrysler 115 3-4 Cities Service Coca cola Gen'. 'Electric 3 1-2 161 53 3-4 Gen. Motors 59 1-2 Int. Harvester 10S 1-2 McKessou-Robblns 141-4 Montgomery Ward 53 5-8 N. Y. Central 48 3-8 Packard 97- Absolute zsro temperature is said o prevail in interstellar space. Phillip; I'd.' Hadio . St. L.-S. P. Simmons Beds 5.> 1-2 9 1-2 Breaks in Ihe levees—which United Stales army engincets believed they could avert—would result In ruin for "thousands of acres of new crops. Rains In the Obio valley brought [predictions of a 49-foot stage nt| Cairo, 111., and a 37-foot stage was cial attention. reau. the landlord will land him the fee if he needs it. Each ton- ant writes his own soil conscrva- tion pro?ram work sheet and com- Returning from Hot Soring* late | °,'P.™ 80 [or tc today, the governor will board a l l >l ™ 1 "Ss ""e an Big Lake Is rising at the rate of about a half-foot a day and Is now well above flood stage but unless further heavy rains occur In the next few days It will not 80 high enough to cause appre- .... hcnsion. John W. Meyer, District amount of crop rent that was paid, i 17 engineer, said this morning. 1 Houses Well Kept ! The stage at the Highway 18 Living conditions are above ihe i !> ri<t se this morning was 242.2. 3.2 j average for tenants. piles as he chooses. However, if he exceeds his base acreage, ns one of the 37 tenants did the rust year, he Is chareed with the dlffcrcrc: between the pcnaltv and the ;pecial train for Louisvllb. Ky., where ho will see the D3rby Saturday afternoon. He will entrain from Louisville lor Little Rock Snturdav ni?ht. arriving here Sunday afternoon. Monday the executive Is scheduled to go to Sublaco College at Subiaco for nn address that aftcr- Each year Cuts Throat With x Razor m Attempt at Suicide Tills svmmcr 10 will b; repaint;.!. Mr. Little believes in the livc-at- home program, and every tenant All of the tcct al) ove flood stage. Water now •ci and painted. '" s 'S nt ' Promises a crest early arc repainted "ext week at about 243.S. Levee patrols arc usually established when the lake reaches 245 but there Is no real danger until It must as soon as possible own n! ? ets !> '. x>vc 24 8- At the crest of cow. hogs, and some chickens. All ! IaKt winter's flood the stage_at of them have excellent gardens. lllc inkc was The cropping systems arc very Gaulney Cautions Bar Against Waste of Taxes HOT SPRINGOS. Ark.. May 7. (UP>—Members of the state bar association were cautioned today about waste in taxes by J. <F. Gautney. Jonssboro,'president ^;of the stale association,'lat" its annual meeting. - '" ,';•; ; -' - ;: "Instead of decreasing,.taxes',"- he said, "we find an increase without corresponds grcduction ,\n; public debts. They tell us that the lawyers are in the majority, irl the legislature and If that Is. true, we should do something. about It." Girl of 6 Rates Mentally As 15-Year-Old Child >f them Europeans, 60 werc'knowiii o be alive. The "GG comprised ' 24 of-the 36 passengcis and 42 of'tn'e crew of 61. • ., " In . addition to those afn'ortg v the ship's company who perished, one civilian member of the'Ixike-* iiurst ground crew died ' ;frbh\: burns suffered when he was'un- able to get out from under the- falling, flaming craft. , ' This made a total of 32 known- dead or unaccounted for today ; and. there seemed little chance for six listed as "not accounted for.' Compilation of. -a. final death list was hindered by_ the fact that the .-seriously Injured had been taken to'several hospitals In nearly-towns as well as toilhe air sla- 'ion's dtspensary. 'Arnpng the seriously injured we're bapt. Max Pruss, commander of '•• th« Hindenburg, ^ and Capr Lchmann, who" commanded her last year but was nn advisor .on this fatal voyage. "Both men—in. fact- all the survivors—are. suffering from shocki" we official at the air station said. "They're punch drunk. The luestlon is whether they will re- SOUTHAMPTON, Eng. (UP) -- cover from shock more than from Child-psychologists and doctors] their burns mucri like those found on farms operated by owners. Tile lou? ton- ute makes possible such croos as alfalfa and permanent pastures. .Tenants who havc suitable land have alfalfa meadows, and most of the remainder havc l:si>:>deza. Sov- boans ars <;ro«'n fcr hay. pasturage, and for commercial Mixed heifers and yearlings. 7.50- Standard of N j D - so - |Texas Co. .. Slaughter hetfrr s .7.00-11.50. ' n. S. SmcUin»" •" B;ef cows. 5.50-7.25. ' V. S. Steel .';;. Cutters and b«- cutters, 3.75-5.25. Zcnite ....!':. KEISER, Ark.—The condition of j Last year Bvcfv ac rc of corn was Arvil Griffin, who attempted sui-; Interplanted with soybeans. About 40 1-8 cide by cutting his throat with a ] 5.COO bushels wcrc harvested, prin- 671-4 ra?.ov Tuesday , afternoon, is re-| cipally for seed. This year several 81 1-2.ported fair. He.was taken to the tenants plan to plnut'an acreage 86 1-2! Baptist hospital at Memphis after. nlbne for commercial oil proJii;- 104 1-2 ( tlie bleeding had been checked by|tlon. if a sufficient acreage is 03-3 Dr.-J, T.-Polk.'- (Continued on IMge 5) Noble Eats 15 Lobsters and Is Acclaimed Champ ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.-Crawford Noble of Jonesboro, Ark., stood today adjudged the champion lobster eater of these parts. He ate 15 whole lobstcre in the fourth animal contest staged by the New Jersey Hotelmen's Association to amuse—and stuff—visiting holclmen from other states; Gerald P. O'Neill of Pittsburgh won second place, falling a little diort of Noble's mark, r-old Gillian Cooper, of Wool- fton, .Southampton. She could read a newspaper at 4. wrote poetry at 5, and now dips Into the Encyclopaedia Britannica for recreation. She Is far ahead of every pupil hi the school she attends— though she is one of the youngest. Her work is set as an example to girls of 15, In one month, she mastered a i whole year's school work. Scries of Explosions Authorities said there were two explosions, in the air, followed by several lesser ones after the. stricken ship settled on the ground. The lesser explosions were believed due to detonating fuel tanks. The (Continued on page three) Chicago Wheat open high low close May 1293-8 129 5-8 120 7-8 126 7-8 July 119 1191-8117 117 1-8 te/ttperature 62 to 66. WEATHER I Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight I and Saturday, probably local | thundershowcrs In northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair- id- night. Saturday partly cloudy, little change in temperature; lowest

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